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1899 Cameras 1899
Great variety, lowest prices. In
struction and darkroom FREE.
Photo supplies of every descrip
tion. Geo. S. Dales & Son, 228 S. Mil SI.
Dispensed at our store will not
disappoint the doctor. Ask him
about us and by all means 1 ollcw
his advice.
HARPER'S Arcade Drug Store.
. s-r j- .
Will be a Candidate
Whether It Suits Hanna
or Not.
Hanna's Money and
Bossism," Says He,
Ruining the Republican
Has Good Justification for Advocating
Dr. E. Conn of Akron, announced
today that he will be a candidate for
the Republican nomination for Rep
resentative. "I shall be a candidate except on
one condition," said the doctor to
day. "If Mr. F. W. Myers of Moga
dore, my colleague hi the Legislature
four years ago, is really a candidate
for the nomination, T shall retire in
his favor. He is older than I and
deserves the nomination."
"Don't you know that you will" be
opposed by every politician in Sum
mit county who is controlled by tho
Hanna MachiiiP?"' was the question
the Democrat pul to ox-Representative
Conn this morning.
"I can toll more about that later
on," was the reply. "My friends are
in the majority in Summit county.
By friends, I 'mean those Republi
cans who honestly believe that
Mark Hanna's bossism and money
is ruining their party."
"Isn't it true that you have-favor-bi-metallism
for the last 25 years?"
"I have," was the frank reply.
"Then how can you expect a nom
ination from a party that advocates
maintenance of the single gold stand
ard?" "The declarations of tho St. Louis
platform give me the right to advo
cate bi metallism, and if I assert this
right no man can gainsay my Repub
licanism," said the doctor. ''That
platform specifically declared in
favor of restoring bi-metallism,
IfctWnHiB III iHWllll.ll IMI rWWTi TIW10KStmf
I Hot
ice to
In order to introduce into all homes in the city of Akron in the short
est possible time the use of Natural Gas, The East Ohio Gas Company will
A Discount, from the Present Fixed Rates, of
Five Cents for Each 1,000 Cubic Feet
Of gas used for domestic purposes during the year commencing July 1st, 1899,
and ending July 1st, 1900.
As the company is making all house connections at actual cost of mate
rials and labor, it believes that this saving in the price of gas will go largely
towards the expense of piping the houses and will give the company the advan
tage of having every citizen (even the poorest) as a consumer, thus affording to
all the best and cheapest fuel.
To encourage the use of gas by manufacturers, special rates will be given
on application at the office.
gj on application at the office. jg
I E. STRONG, President. I
wmmwm&Mwmmmmm i hhhhhhhhm
and the president elected upon It
sent aj:onimission to Europe to help
America get rid V the single gold '
j standard. I say that those men in i
j the Republican party who, heedless j
of the public good or their party's"
platform of principles, boldly advo
cate the single gold standard, and
not those who honestly favor a res
toration of bi-metallism, are at
variance with their party's best in
terests and sentiments. I. for one,
shall not permit my Republicanism
to be assailed while the St. Louis,
platform remains to guaranty my
right to favor bi-metallism."
Dr. Conn served in the Legislature
for lS9S-"97. He says the impression
that, he was turned down for the
nomination two years ago by the.
local Republican Machine is incor
rect, as he was not a candidate. A
number of his Republican friends
have urged him to enter the race for
the re-nomination this year.
Crowd Enjoyed Lawn Fete
Friday Evening.
A large crowd was present Friday
evening in attendance upon theshow
and lawn fete, given for the second
evening under the auspices of the
Ladies' Aid society of St. Mary's
church. Prof. Casey's freaks and
curios delighted the visitors to the
show, and the refreshments served
were dainty.
Barberton Straw Board Plant to Be
, gin Operations October 1.
A large force of men have been a
work all week making repairs on the
plant of the Straw Board Mill com
pany at Barberton.
The boilers and other machinery
are being put in good shape, and the
compauy's ofllce will be handsomely
fitted up.
It is said upon good authority that
the plant will begin operations about
October 1.
Will be
a Feature at
Elks' Street
Since the original program for the
Elks' Street Fair was completed, it
has been decided by the executive
committee to establish and conduct
a museum in which will be displayed
all things strange or curious in Sum
mit county. The buildiug will be SO
feet long and 12 feet wide.
the Citizens
Report County Clerk.
Material Increase
Costs of Prosecution.
Statistics For the Past
two Years.
Business Transacted In Com
mon Pleas Court.
Civil Judgements. Inquests
" The complete report of County
Clerk Hershey for the last fiscal year
is interesting when compared with
that of 1S9S.
It shows a material increase in the
costs of criminal prosecutions and a
reduction in the jury fees. More in
dictments have been returned and
fewer prisoners sent to the peniten
tiary. The reduction in civil cases
filed is marked. Less actions have
been disposed of while the number
pending is larger. The increase in
the number of divorce cases filed is
small, but the number pending is al
most double that of a year ago.
Comparative Statement.
A comparative statement of (ho
business lor the two years follows:
1899 1W)S
Fines ... $ 121 00 $140 00
Costs $2,7l 10 $831 61
Jury fees $3,475 00 $4 ,152 1 00
Indictments 51 13
Sent to peniten
tiary 12 ir
Sent to jail 3 1
Fined 4 5
Inquests 46 42
Cases filed 534 668
Disposed of ' 375 561
Pending 612 480
Divorce cases filed. 104 97
decided ""48 99
" "pending 96 40
Civil Judgments.
1899 189S
Number rendered. 480 358
For money only ... 237 350
Money included 121 150
Amount judgments, f 198S6S $219246
Average judgment .. $555 $456.76
Final decrease .. . 156 174
Intemperance is assigned as the
cause, in part at least of 37 cases, in
which the Coroner has held inquests.
Homicide 2, suicide 8, accident 23,
causes unknown or natural 13. Total
46. Males 33, females 11, colored 2,
native born 37, foreign born 7, un-
of Akron
known 2, superinduced by intemper
ance 37.
More Indictments.
Seven indictments were returned
during the year for the alleged viola
tion of the 'laws in reference to of
fenses against jfublic peace, public
policy, morality, etc., as follows-:
Indictments Bribery 2, liquor
laws 2, incest 2, all other offenses 1.
Total 7. Number persons 7.
Indictments disposed of Fines 1,
quashed 2. Total 4.
Indictments pending Bribery 2,
other offenses 1. Total 3.
Crimes committed under influence
of liquor 2.
Grade of Crime Reduced.
Convictions for crimes or ofTenses
f.a lower grade than charged in the
Edgar Johnson, indicted for mur
der in the first degree, convicted of
manslaughter. Sentence, imprison
ment for life.
Arthur Powell, indicted for mur
der in the second decree, convicted
of manslaughter. Ohio State Re
formatory. Frank Geheran, indicted for as
sault with intent to commit rapo,
convicted assault and battery.' Sen
tence, workhouse three mouths.
Fined $20 and costs.
Common Pleas Court.
Cases pending July 1, 480; filed
during year, 534; total, 1,014; taken to
Circuit court, 27; disposed of, 375;
still pending, 612.
Circuit Court.
Cases pending July 1, 1898, 11;
filed during year, 27; total, 38; cases
disposed of, 21; taken to Supreme
court, 5; pending July 1, 1899, 12.
To Hear Many Cases.
Efforts to Reduce Actions
the Docket.
Much More Business Can
be Transacted.
Will of Jeremiah A. Long
Manage Her Own
Court News.
At the next term of Common Pleas
court an extra effort will be made to
reduce the number of cases on the
During the last fiscal year there
has been a noticeable increase in lit
igation. More cases of importance
have been filed than during any sim
ilar period in the history of the
The attorneys and Judge Kohler
realize that some special action must
be taken. It has therefore been de
cided to refer as many ot the cases
as possible to a referee. The same
party will not actactiu thatcapacity
in any number of actions. By doing
this muck time can be saved and a
greater amount of business tran
sacted! The referee will hear all the
testimonny and make a report to the
Court, who will either approve or re
ject the same. In a very large ma
jority of cases heard by referees the
report is approved and this ends
the case, unless a new trial is
granted or the decision reversed by
Circuit or Supreme courts.
Will Filed.
The will of Jeremiah A. Long was
filed in Probate court Saturday. He
gives all his property to his wife,
Mary A. Long, who is named as ex
ecutrix. Application Dismissed.
The application for tho appoint
ment of a guardian for Eliza Garl
has been dismissed by Judge Ander
son at the request of Nathaniel Garl.
It was alleged that Mrs. Garl was an
imbecile. The children and other
relatives have decided that she is
able to take care of her property and
for that reason the application was
Executor. Appointed.
Samuel Cooper has been appointed
executor of the estate of "the late
John Edge. Bond $300. '
Marriage Licenses.
"Wash Carpenter, Akron
. 35
Beithu Li. uoon, AKron
Bank Clearances.
Akron again leads tho Ohio cities
alleged to bo in her class in bank
clearances. The report for the past
week is as follows: Akron $473,400,
Youngstown $401,734, Springfield
$358,901, Canton $230,700.
For sale, fine driving mare. A. B.
Smith, 220 South Main st.
Elks' Parade.
Parade will form on Main right
resting on Mill. Line of march:
North on Main to Market, counter
inarch on Main to Mill, west on Mill
to Howard, north on Howard to
Market, east on Market to grounds.
Showers tonight and Sunday.
Improvements on Erie.
Vice President Merrill
Makes a Statement.
Confirms News of Reduc
tion of Grades.
ProjecUo Move Depot Is Not
I Abandoned,
Fourteen New Passenger Engines
A special car having for passengers
omciaieoi tne iine railroad passed
through the city Friday. The car
arrived about 12 o'clock and left the
city at 1. The party was composed
ot vice resilient Merrill of JSew
York; General Superintendent J. C.
Moorhead, of Cleveland; Division
Superintendent C. A. Allen and Di
vision Engineer W. P. Kimball, of
Galion. Tne officials were returning
from Chicago, where they had been
in attendance upon .a meeting of
Western Indiana railroad men.
Mr. Merrill said to a Dkmockat
reporter that business had never
heen better witli Hie Erie, and that
he thought the tuture of the road
was particulary bright.
"We are now thinking more ser
iously than ever of making extensive
improvements on the road." con
tinued (Mr. Merrill. "Just what
these improvements willinvolve, I
amnotpreparedtosay, butamongthe
first things done will be improve
ments on grades and lineinents. We,
of course, contemplate extensions of
tho line, but as to when that will be
done, we have not yet decided."
When asked what had become of
the project of converting the present
Erie passenger station at this city
into a freight station, and running
the passenger trains into the Union
depot, Superintendent Allen said
that not much had been thought of
the matter lately. He, however,
did not'ayJJiat the project had been
"Before the end of the year we may
make quite a number of improve
ments on the division," continued
Mr. Allen.
It is said upon good authority that
among the first entensive improve
ments to be made by the Erie rail
road will be a reduction of the grades
on the second and third divisions,
between Meadville, Pa., and Galion,
O. These grades are distributed
along the line for a distance of 200
miles.and some of them have a rise
of G9 feet to the mile. Work of
reducing the grades may commence
about the first of the year.
It is now announced that by the
first of October the fourteen new pas
senger engines of the Atlantic type,
recently ordered by the Erie, will
have been delivered. These engines
will be sent out in installments and
the first one is expected in the very
near future.
The advent of this now equipment
means that the road will be able to
increase its time with larger loads
than it is now able to caary. This
does not necessarily signify that the
equipment oii the road at present is
too light for the amount of business
to be done, but it does mean that tho
new engines aro adapted for heavier
work at a faster rate of speed than
any engine which has yet been put
on the market.
It is said that when these engines
have been received the Erie will at
once introduce a new time schedule
that will put it on the basis of the
standard roads. This need not be
expected before the first of the year,
but the Erie, having shaped all its
efforts to that end, will be able to de
clare itself equal to all roads for time
and service by the advent of tho new
century. It is also hoped by the
time these engines are out on the
road to have some of the grades cut
down and some of thecurves straigh
tened, so that the road can make
faster time with less exertion than it
is now able to do.
Presiding Elder Seager Delivered An
Excellent Address.
Itov. L. If. Seager of Cleveland,
presiding elder for this district, con
ducted the quarterly conference at
the Calvary Evangelical church Fri
day evening. Reports were read and
notice given of tho annual conference
at Ashland on September 7.
Rev. Seager, who formerly hold a
charge here, delivered an excellent
At Some Places Food Is Not Sold
"to the Foreigners.
At home places along tho local di
vision of tho Erio the Italian section
hands aro not popular with trades
people. At towns they have dilll
eulty in securing bread and other ne
cessaries of life, as some of tho bak
ers will not sell to them.
Tho provisions for I In- I taliaiw aro
usually purchased by Supervisor
Lusk of tho division. Mr. faisksays
that the Italians aic improving rap
idly and are Mow doing pretty good
!St Furvy Qs-j
IVlic!vtfa;y Attractions
July 17, 18, 19, SO, 21, 22
Mafia, j
M wWC Ska Aa & $H ax
Hi S&jr' Ur W'S c"55?" fjr siPP
iii The Streets of Cairo
lj illustrated. Trained Elephants
w FINE DISPLAY OF AKRON MANUFACTURERS' PRODUCTS. Grand Street Parade and Free Show every day at 10 o'clock
i'l THfi Great Seai'ChliflhtAX.mtir?w'a&1,e?m uPn the whole attraction that will make
W IHGUICfll tjeaiCIIHlflii, the affair sparkle as if an ocean of diamonds.
iLf - r-.caj7
iS !
Sentence For the Assail
ant of John Kane.
Man or Woman Could Not Furnish
Bond Police Court.
Howard Searight, of Fredericks
burg, who has been working in
Wooster, was flnad $15 and costs and
sentenced to SO days in the work
house by Mayor Young Saturday
morning. He pleaded guilty to a
charge of assault and battery.
Searight is the fellow who as
saulted John Kain Sunday night on
Main st. Kane's upper jaw was
broken, two teeth were knocked out
and his lip severely cut.
Etta M., wife of Win. Friend, and
Glenn Dexter, are arraigned in Po
lice court on charges of adultery.
Both pleaded not guilty and the
cases were continued until next
Wednesday. They were unable to
furnish $100 and will remain in jail.
It is alleged Mrs. Friend and Dex
ter have been living as husband and
wife since April 1, on South High st.
After couit Dexter and Mrs.
Friend, changed their pleas to guilty.
Dexter was fined $50 and costs. Mrs.
P'riend got $25 and costs.
James Campbell was tried on the
charge of assaulting Joseph Gotinet.
Tho case was continued until Mon
day. Frank Brancher got $2 and costs
for intoxication.
Of Consolidated Company to Open In
Akron Monday.
Manager L. E. Bcilstein and Sec
rotary C. F. Moore, of the Xorthern
Ohio Traction company, went to
Cleveland Siturday. They will
make arrangements by which ollice
headquarters of the consolidated
company will be removed to Akron
Monday. On August 5 will be hold
tho meeting of tho company to elect
Special Meeting Local Club.
There will be a special meeting of
the Akron Democratic club at head
quarters next Tuesday night. Im
portant action in connection with the
Ohio Association of Democratic
clubs will be taken. Every Demo
crat is urged to attend.
John McBimde,
Sold at Public Auction Good Prem
ium Obtained.
The $10,000 school bonds sold at
auction Saturday morning by the
Board of Kducation were purchased
by Dnnison, Prior & Co. of l'li,i
hind, who woio the highest bidders
tho premiums paid being $.!(K).
Other bidders were: V. . I. Hayes
(t Son of Cleveland, Lampreclit
Htos. ot Clovelantl, Seasongood V
Maver of Cincinnati, and Briggs,
Totld &. Co., aj.so of Cincinnati.
of Entertainment
reet Fair
I Streets of India with Genuine Indian Magicians, Fakirs,
ing Dancers, Native Huts, Tea Industry of Cevlon. will 1
Camels, Imported Sacred Dunkovs, Burros, etc.
-b vsrcanuieur ot
l2S OS '- VS
3tMSs5 - - 5 -
W. C. T. U. MEETING There
wtll be a special business meeting of
the Woman's Christian Temperance
union at the rooms Monday after
noon at 3 o'clock. A full attendance
is desired.
WILL PICNIC The annual pic
nic of the Sundayschool of the Cal
vary Evangelical churchjwill beheld
at Silver lake Wednesday, July 19.
OUTING About 100 members of
the Sundayschool of the United
Brethren church enjoyed an outing
at Silver lake Friday.
Justice Hard's court Friday, Justus
Shepard was granted iudsrment
against the city of Akron, et aL. for
a labor claim of $17.50.
picnics will be held at Randolph
park, next week. On Tuesday, the
Cleveland Drug Clerks association ;
Wednesday, the Evangelical Al
liance and Lutheran Sunday schools
of Akron; Thursday, the employes of
the Ohio Paper Box company of
Cleveland; Friday, the merchants of
of Hudson, O.
mittee appointed by the Summit
County Agricultural society to de
cide on the matter of buildintr a
cattle barn atthefairgrounds.viewed
sites Friday, but deferred definite
decision until Saturday of next week
when the members of tho committee
will meet at tlioagriculturalsocletv's
on Main st., near Market.
Snyder, aged 72 years, of Hinklcv.
west of Richfield township, died Fri
day night. Funeral Sunday at 3
o'clock in Bath Center.
riam, who recently resigned as prin
cipal of Spicer school, is summering
at Randolph, O. In the fall he will
go to Albany, N. Y., where he will
be a critic teacher in the Albany
Normal college.
WANTED A few boys for stood
paying positions. Enterprise Mfg.
charge made against Dr. C. C. Dav
ison by Sanitary Policeman Hoye,
has been withdrawn. The warrant.
it is said was issued under misappre
hension of tho facts.
CANNOT AGREE The prospects
for the proposed debato between
Rev. J. S. Ruthledgo. of the Glen
ville M. E. Church and O. C.Pinnoy,
solicitor of the village, upon the
question of the responsibility for the
non-enforcement of Sunday laws in
Glenville, are not bright. Tho men
cannot agree on details.
on a corrugating machino, issued to
Chas. Traxler, lias been transferred
to the American HardRubbor Co.
FUNERAL The funeral of Mary
L. Whittenberger, will be hold Sun
day at 2 o'clock, at the house in
Coventry township.
aV4i Baking
Stakes the food more delicious and wholesome
Unparalleled Enjoyment (f
the live Ion? Week (ft
The Midway wil' be the H
most novel and startling scene j!i
since the "World's Fair. fl
ft- 4U Bfl (ft
uii me miuwcay ($.
130 People 130
Japanese Theater, Oriental m
Theater, Philippines, Wild ""
West Shows, Moorish Theater, f
Porto Ricans, American thea- n
ter, Cubans streets of India, "
Congress of National Dancing tfi
Girls, Jl Arabs. These theaters
to be peopled by peoplo from
our new possessions, with a
full equipment of scenery to
equip a street aoo feet long.
be fully
. irea'cion
J,a.JJ' - -
119 South Howard, St.
Lunches of All Kinds.
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars
Edmund T. Skeliy, prop.
Talent Was Dumped
On the Third Heat of the
Fast Trot.
Temper Was Picked as a
Sure Thing.
Bicycle Road Race Postponed
Two Weeks.
Amateur Will Challenge Winner
Sporting News.
The most successful and interest
ing race meet ever held in Akron
closed Friday at Fountain park. The
attendance numbered over 2,500.
The betting was lively. About
$800 was dropped by Akronians on
Temper, an Akron horse formerly
owned by W. W. Richardson, but
now the property of W. M. Cummer,
of Cleveland. This money was lost
in the third heat after Temper had
won two straight heats, and the bet
ting was 2 to 3 against her. Tho
bookmakers reaped the harvest, but
lost on many other heats, breaking a
little the loser. Temper took the
fourth heat and won the race.
Chas. Oberlin's bay mare, Vict
Continued on Second Page.
bama "Craokerjacks," a negro con
cert company composed of seven
singers, will conduct a concert at
Randolph park Sunday.
tt J.L -- J-x-Ji m. - w

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