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-vv" -i. i
I $&u
On Goes the
Gigantic j
Like a mighty torrent,
sweeping prices of Dry
Goods down to such low
figures that
Everybody Buys Freely
See Those 7c
Dark percales, 3G-in. wide, the
best qualities, sold everywhere at
See Those 4c
Comfort calicoes in large figures,
thevame kind as you pay Kii for.
See Those 4-4c
Calicoes, the best makes in good
calicoes for wrappers or comfort
See Those 12i.c
Bright plaids for Children's
dresses or ladies' waists, the same
as you pay loc for.
See Those 10c
Mill end piques and skirting
white goods, same as you pay 20c
See Those 50c
Pique skirts, also trimmed duck
skirts, regular price $1.
Wednesday Morning
See Those 50c Wrappers
Same as sold for $1.
150-152 South Howard St.
S. & It's. 30c Ceylou and In
dia tea contains food proper
ties that are nourishing. A
glass of this tea refreshes you
while many trashy teas ener
vates. Mil l sutler.
I64S. Howards!.
'I I' In MM HTB"rT7-,BK!u',-'
John G. Engoltart. Wa T. Eotart
Engelhart & Eckart
Plumbers, &.
Mire, oltht Engelhf.rt Hot Wtter
311 E. Mill St. Tel. 45
Opposition Mi-cling: or Democrats Held
and 31oemeut started.
Bowijng Gkeen, Ky., Jnly 25. The
anti-Gcebel meeting hero was largely
attended. Ex-Congressman Yy. C.
Owens sent a letter condemning the
nomination of Goebel lor governor.
The meeting adopted resolutions con
'demuim; the movement inaugurated by
EO-called Democrats in eastern states to
abandon the principles of the Chieago
platform; endorsing William ,T. Bryan
for president, and charging that the
state convention in Louisville, which
nominated Goebel, was perverted from
its true purpose by corruption, fraud
and force, by intrigue and treachery,
by infamous rulings of the acting chair
man, etc.
The rebolntions deny that the ticket
is entitled to or should receive the sup
port of the party in this state.
A "provisional executive committee"
of li was requested to meet at Lexing
ton Aug. (J.
Very Seldom Vlnltn Xurerj.
Mrs. De Style Has your baby cut
any teeth yet?
Mrs. De fashion Really, now, 1
haven't heard the nurse sav. Ohio
State Journal.
Slate Roofing
Gravel Roofing
Tin Roofing
And Eoofin
of all
Job Work
Of all kinds in Tin
and Shoot Metal
promptly attended to.
er 8 go.
216-218 South Main st.
IF w
1 1
Wiii, ma
75,000,000 OF US.
Ko Sinn That AVe Are Growinsr Lens
In Nnmhrn or Clmracter Menltlty
Etfrct of Ilextrlctcd ImiuiKrntion.
Grontli of LcnillnK Cities.
Special Correspondence.
WAsniMSTOx, July 24. The pessi
mistic prophecy which gained cur
lency some weeks ago that our ratio of
Increase In population had not been
maintained during the past few years
is not verified by facts. It was alleged
that the increase in the population of
the United States since 1S90 would not
be greater in 1000 than 10,000,000,
which, added to the total in 1S00,
would bring up the total to 72,000.000.
Closer observation shows that while
the increase lu population since 1SV0
has been put generally at 1,200,000 a
year, it wao iu fact less at the begin
ning of the period and more at the
cloe. From 1S70 to 1SS0 the annual
gain In population in the United States
averaged 1,100,000, In the ten years
between 1SS0 and 1S90 the annual gain
averaged 1,240,000. It is quite true
that for the whole period of 20 years
the average annual increase was
l,200.f-"0, but the gain In the second
ten years was materially larger than
during the first There Is no reason
whatever yet furnished why the pop
ulation of the United States between
1S90 and 1900 should in its growth be
gauged by the ten years following the
close of the civil war, some of the un
favorable effects of which continued
to be reflected for many years after
ward. Again the restrictions imposed
on immigration, while they have re
duced the total number of newcomers,
have reduced them In a way to have
least influence oil the growth of pop
ulation. The decrepit, the infirm, the
ailing, the needy and the criminal have
been excluded, but those who add to
the wealth and contribute to the bene
fit of a country have been admitted on
the same terms as heretofore.
Sanitary regulations in the large
cities have materially decreased the
death rate, and it is a gratifying fact
that the increase of urban population
Is accompanied by an elevation of the
character of the people. The statistics
of city population of 1S90 are Interest
ing in this connection.
Below are the gross increases in
their order in the 23 leading American
cities; also the increase In the pre
ceding decade for comparative pur
poses, as well as their total popula
tion in 1S00:
Increase. Increase. Total Pop.
1SS0-1S90. 1S70-1S80. 1890.
Chicago 596,665
New York 309,002
Brooklju 239.6S0
Philadelphia 1!),7!N
Minneapolis 117.S51
Omaha 109,934
Baltimore 102,126
St. Louis 101,252
Cleicland 101,20?
Buffalo 100,530
St. Paul 91.6S3
204,208 1,093,850
261,007 1,515,301
170,501 800,313
173,148 1,016,961
33,821 164,738
11,135 140,152
W,959 131,433
S9.651 151,770
3S.900 201,353
37,130 255,661
21,443 133,155
36,763 205,876
11,117 204.1C8
112,313 118,177
70,313 23S.017
23,525 132,716
30,870 108,713
S1,1S6 203,997
SS,091 230,392
31,110 181,830
26.9S0 1S3.S9S
33,176 163,003
38,900 290,903
23,O0 101,129
26,812 105,136
33,653 132,146
25,502 105,287
25,672 242,039
Detroit 89,536
Milwaukee S8,8S1
Boston 83.C3S
Pittsburg 82,223
Kansas City 76,931
Demer 71,051
San rrancisco 65,033
Washington 52,768
Newark 15,322
Rochester 41,530
Jersey City 12,231
Cincinnati 11,769.
Louisrille 37,371
Indianapolis 30,350
Providence 27,289
Alleghany 26,605
New Orleans 25,919
This exhibit Includes all the cities In
the United States exceeding 100,000 in
population In 1S90. But a number of
others with less population also made
notable Increases in the last decade,
exceeding some of those enumerated.
According to the last federal census
there were approximately 35,000,000
white inhabitants of the United Suites,
7,500,000 colored inhabitants, 100,000
.Mongolians and 58,000 civilized In
dians. The ratio of increase among
the Chinese compared with the pre
vious census was only 1 per cent The
civilized Indians showed a falling off,
while the increase among the colored
population of the country was only 13
per cent, as against 25 per cent in the
total number of inhabitants. In other
words, the Increase of the white popu
lation Is about double that of the col
ored population, and, as each year the
proportion of white population grows
larger aud Uie proportion of colored
population iu the country grows corre
spondingly k-.v5, it is likely that the
rate of iucieiise iu the whole popula
tion grows larger from this cause. As
suming the increase of the colored pop
ulation of the country to be in accord
ance witli the same percentage as
ruled before the last national census,
the total number of colored inhabitants
as returned in 1900 would be 8,475,000,
and If tlie increase of the white popu
lation maintains the same proportion
as prior to lo'.SO the total number of
white inhabitants will be rG,400,00O,
and, witli the Chinese and civilized
Indians added the uncivilized Indiana
are not included in the cnsus the
total would be about 73,000.000,
Oiltl Companions.
The Kennebec Journal tells ot a man
who has a fox and a hound that arc
boon companions. When both animals
were In the pup stage, they were plac
ed together r.nd have now enjoyed a
year of eacli other's society in peace
and harmony. They sleep together and
play witli each other much after the
manner of two frolicsome pups. The
fox has perfect freedom of action, com
ing and going at will, but he always re
turns at night to share the dog's bed.
Strictly, there is no such thing as the
pursuit of happiness; we simply dodgo
unhapplness. Detroit Journal.
ftague Bro
Summer Clearance
Summer goods must
All summer fabrics will be
speedily close them out.
Wash Dress Goods, White Goods,
Embroideries, All-Overs
and Insertings,
Summer Underwear,
Muslin Underwear,
Parasols, Gloves and Mitts,
Skirts, Jackets, Wrappers and Suits,
Shirt Waists and Silk Waists.
Now is Your Opportunity
ague Bro
'The AlCHOX DAJIjV Dkmockvt
shows commendable enterprise in its
souvenir edition issued in honor of
the Elks of that city, who are now
conducting their second annual
street fair and carnival. The paper
is finely embellished throughout
with half tone cuts of some of Ak
ron's handsome men printed in the
colors of the order. Akron and es
pecially the Elks to whom the sou
venir edition is dedicated have a
right to feel proud of the enterprise
displayed by the Daily Dkmock.vt
of their wide-awake city." Canton
Burglars In Evidence.
.Burglars have been in evidence on
Spiccr st. for several nights. The
refrigerator at the home of Dr. 1. B.
Sisler -was opened and considerable
food Molen. Several altrmpU were
made to enter the residence f
County Clerk E. A. Hershey.
Keaji To Mr. and
Ream, 536 Raymond
Airs. John M.
st., Sunday,
July 23, a son.
TwYXHAii To Mr. and Mrs,
H. Twynliani, 174,J. Benjamin
Saturday. July 22, a son.
JLrvin To Mr. and Airs. Win. ?r-
vin, North Howard st. ext., batur
dav, July 22, a daughter.
Oviatt Elmer, aged 10 days, son
of Mr. and Mrs. Leon R. Oviatt, of
200 Adams st., died Monday, July
24, of spasms. The funeral was held
this afternoon. Interment took
place in West Richfield.
Bkabdslky. Mills H. Beaidsley,
aged r3 years, 0 months and 21 days,
formerly of Akron, died at Oakland,
Cal., Friday, July 14, of cancer of
the stomach. Funeral Thursday at
2 o'clock at Memorial Chapel in
Glendale cemetery.
Swigakt Herman Swigart, of
Copley road, Copley tp., aged 2S
years and 2T days, died Tuesday,
July 2-"i, of indigestion, after a three
days' illness. Funeral Friday at. I
o'clock at tlie M. E. church. Burial
in Copley.
Candidate for Recorder.
Win. F. Lantz of 107 Ivling ft., an
nounced today that lie will be a can
didate for the Democratic nomina
tion for County Recorder.
I lot ladies' 83
to S4.r0 tan and
black shoes, good
styles, almost all
sizes, we'will close
The 'Dorsi
ker,' best
made, every pair
a jrentlenien'sslioe
out on
j 99C 1 lot ladies'
Sl.oO to $3.50 but
. I ton and lace shoes
i mi counter
Oxfords, Oxfords
all prices
80c to
Dels a r t e
m South
The sell ;.t i.oO
i''"i v I.M'ie. Sole
";Milt! I'ftr Ak''on.
tLax Prices EVSteari Your Gain
$STerms Cash During: This Sale.
be closed for I hf
marked til prices
that will
Candidate for Commissioner.
V. E. Burke of Coventry .informed
the De.mockat today that he will be
a candidate for the Democratic nom
ination for County Commissioner.
Dr. Hies, chiropodist of Vouugs
town is at the Hotel JJuchtel for
two days only.
Maccabeo Excursion.
Excursion to Uniontown, Thurs
day evening, July 27, under direction
of District Camp No. 6. K.O.T.M.
Special train will leave Howard
street depot at "p.m., Standard time.
The K.O.T.M. band will accompany
the excursion. 30e round trip.
Colored Camp Meeting.
Sunday, July 30, Aug. (, 1.1, 20, 27,
Boston Ledges.
lie. ml and :i .Mei'l in; llclil Id
jMnA.v.vwus, July 23. Tho board of
control ol the Epworth Lu.iguu met to
beat lepor is awl consider nutters per
taining ti tho Jiuguc.
Oi.-JiO . X. iudo, Detroit, presi
dent "i tiio board, presided. Tho re
port oi Uov. Kiiwm a. scheli, secr-etary
of tho i pworth League, was submitted.
lieN.i' L Naglur, Cincinnati, Ger
man aistiuit secretary of the league,
presented u repot i of the German
A tepoit of the league's work among
the colored people was presented ly
colored Secretarv Rev. Irvine G. Peiin
of Atlanta. 1
Tho board will probably bj m session
several days.
Tho t'pn and Down.
"I v-oulfl !:i down my life for you!"
lie p,-iteM",l. "' -..
The orphan girl looked wistfully Into
his eye-!.
"But whoa it comes to laying up
anything you aren't there!" she ex
clajmed sadly.
Happily, she knew what It was to be
poor. Detroit Journal.
A Denil Loh.
"'ou look sad."
"I aiu. My wife helped to get up a
lawn fete, but I played off sick and got
out of going."
"Well, it seems to me that was for
tunate." "Yes, hut Winslow borrowed 510
from me, and I learned next day that
he had been there. I might have had
the credit for spending that money
myself." Chicago Times-Herald.
A Dinned VIctv.
"The idea," aid Mr. Blykius, "of mak
ing all this to do because George Wash
ington's father didn't punish him for
chopping the cherry tree!"
"Well," said his wife, "some fathers
would Ime been quite severe."
"Xot if lliey were men of any intel
ligence. Any boy who shows the slight
est disposition to go out aud cut wood
now and then ought to bo encouraged."
Local News &
- h
sltoe Ladies' Bicvcle
boots $2.50, Duck
T o T n n n o w
$1.80, S3.50 kid 30
in. boots $2.40.
SI. 73 linen Ox
fords now
Men's Tennis Ox-
fords 45c,
English S3,
cuts now
0 low
Misses' and
dren's strap
Big stock of
Ladies, ask to see
those new Enamel
Kid Boots and Ox
fords. They will
not break.
Price $3.50
Invention of a Sixteen
Year Old Boy.
Throws Clear White Light 500 Feet
Patent Applied For.
Merle, lfi-year-old son of Superin
tendent Chas. Bien, of the A. & C. F.
R. T. company, of 303 State St., has
invented a headlight for street cars
and yacht, which promises to be a
good thing.
Tlie young man, who is already
quite an electrician, doing odd jobs
about the Rapid Transit company's
office, has been at work on the in
vention for about three vears and the
results are very satisfactory.
Experiments with the light have
shown that it will throw a strong
white light for a distance of 500
feet. Tho light is much better than
that made by oil, being instead pro
duced by carbideof calcium. It isso
arranged that tlie light can be either
turned up or down.
A patent has been applied for and
indications are that it will be grant
ed soon.
The United States Head Light Co
of Chicago, hare written to the young
man in reference to handling tlie
light should it prore to be as good as
present indications show it to be.
Cure that ingrown toe nail by using
"JJr. Marvel's ingrown Toe JNaii
Remedy" price 25c. For sale by all
Steamer for L.L. park 8 an d 1 daily
Hear Jubilee Singers,
Boston Ledges next Sunday.
For Arrest of Incendiaries Much
Smoke Little Fire.
Some incendiary set fire to a quan
tity of rope owned by the Thomas
Phillips Paper Co., stored away in a
building in the rear of tho Vogt
block, corner of Main and Buchtel
avc., Monday night at 9:50. -
Companies 1 and 4 responded aud
had trouble in extinguishing the
flames on account of dense smoke.
The damage will not exceed $30.
A family resides on tlie third iloor
of tlie building.
The paper company oilers a reward
of $25 for the apprehension of the
fire bugs.
liKLCiiAM's PUN for dlslrefi tiner vutln;;.
His Humorous Sketches Published
In '"Railroad Telegrapher.-'
Kirk L. Russell, operator at tlie
Erie passenger station, is an artist of
considerable ability. Humorous
subjects are his best field.
In a recent issue of the Railroad
Telegrapher, a magazine and official
orgnn of the Order of Railroad Tele
graphy, published at Peoria, 111., ten
humorous illustrations of 'incidents
occurring at tlie national conrentiou
of telegraphers, held at Peoria in
May appear on one of the pages,
over the explanatory note "Russell's
Reminiscences of the Convention."
The sketches are cleverly drawn,
showing a great deal of ability in the
Hunt tlie world over and you can
not find a better remedy for bowel
complaints than Chamberlain's Colic
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. In
fact people from all over the world
send to America for this medicine.
For sale by all druggists.
Camp Meeting,
Boston Ledges next Sunday.
Summit Lake Park.
The large casino at this resort was
crowded last evoning, and judging
from tlie continual applause, the au
dience was well pleased. Melntyre
and Kice captivated and held the
audience from tlie start in their usu
al manner, being entertainers, who
are certainly above the average.
Devere and Kenwick, who made
their first appearance last erening
before an Akron audience, certainly
did themselves credit.
The trick violin playing of Mr. De
vere and tlie dancing of Miss Ken
wick deserve -special mention. Of
Mr. Harry Siielden little need be said
as the Akron theater-goers are fa
miliar with his work by reason of his
connection for the past three seasons
witli tho Al. G. Field minstrels, be
ing tho principal soloist witli that
popular institution. Ho possesses a
voice of unusual range and sweetness
and won the audience very easily
with his stylish and graceful work.
Last, but not least, is the wonderful
Ladem, a hand-balanco and contor
tionist of much merit, introducing
some of tho most diflicult tricks
known to the profession. Tho Casino
should lie packed every night this
week, as this is one of the high class
entertainments which never fall to
Southern Camp Meeting,
BostonLedgcs,'Sunday, July 30.
The Jahan
Gents Enter our order
ordered from now until January
Gentlemen We are pleased to acknowledge receipt of your valued order of the 20th inst.,
for 100 Climax Cooks and Ranges, which we have entered and will make delivery of all by Decem
ber 1st. We thank you very much for your courteous order, and wishing you a most prosperous
season's business, we remain, Yours respectfully,
We placed an order
IINSG STOVES which we will have on our floors by
We invite the public to call and see this exhibit, feeling
be able to see a better or larger selection.
jTIIG J 3 flU lit GOJ
I 166 South Howard S3:re-b. 1
For Employing Girls to Sell Beer
Police Court.
Mayor Young found Adolph
Becker guilty in Police court Tues
day morning of employing girls to
dispense beer at the German Village
at tho Elks' fair last week. He was
fined IS aud costs.
Tho defense had no witnesses.
Tlie witnesses for the prosecution,
which was brought by the "W.C.T.U.,
were Mr. and Mrs. Alexander
Adainson, Her. A. B. Church, Mrs.
Bmil Gammeter, D. W. Gammell
and S. H. Mantell. The AV. C. T. XT.
was represented by Attorney John
C. Frank and L. fc?. Pardee was
Becker's attorney.
The caso against P. AV. Myers for
blowing an engine whistle inside the
citr limits was continued.
Held In Readiness Assembled
Pursuant to the call issued Mon
day afternoon Company F assembled
at its quarters orer 109 S. Howard st.
last evenintr to await orders from
At a late hour in the evening Cap
tain Herman Werner obtained the
addressess of the 50 members. He
permitted them to go home. They
were ordered to be ready to respond
at a moment's notice to do duty to
quell the riots in Cleveland.
Four Act Drama Well Presented at
"Trodden Down, or Life for Life,"
is the subject of a very pretty four
act drama being presented at the
Randolph park theater. The audi
ence in attendance upon its opening
presentation Monday night was
largo and appreciative. The caste of
characters in the play is good, each
performer playing well his or her
part. This play will continue until
Wednesday night. On Thursday
night a now play will be put on the
Patrol Called to Fountain Street No
Arrests Made.
Tlie patrol wagon was called to
Fountain st. Monday night, where it
was reported a man was chasing his
wife and children around tho yard,
brandishing a razor and threatening
to take their lires.
Tlie ofllcers could secure no defi
nite information and made no ar
Street Railway Extension Will be
Completed August 1.
The extension being built on West
Exchange St., between Market and
Maple sts., by the Northern Ohio
Traction company, will, it is said, be
completed by August 1. Tlie work
lias been greatly delayed owimr to
difficulty in securing material.
Local News ?
Order For Stoves
for 100 Climax Steel Ranges and
1st, 1900. Yours truly,
.O O E F-TA r O E
Akron, Ohio, July 2lst, 1899.
Thursday, July the 6th for so
Smith St Toopgo
Special Prices H
During July and August on our stock of Trim-
S a-riod EV3illirry. You will find very
s tempting prices if you call now. A new stock of I I
IMerw F"oi" Hats
Will arrive tomorrow. s j
rmitH && Teeple
EJSo. J-S S. rVJain St.
Our Expansion Sale thus far has been rerr satis
factory. HAVE YOU STOPPEDT0 FIGURE what the dilier
ence will be Avhen you get one-ath off on everything?
1-5 OFF on a S20 suit makes it ". $16.00
1-5 OFF on an SIS suit makes it $14.40
1-5 OFF on a $12 suit -. . .-. . . .m $9.60
All our wool 7.30 suits are now-. . . .. $6.00
"We give you a good crash suit for $2.40
Our celebrated wool crash suit for $ 4.00
A negligee shirt, with cuffstvvo collars for .. 40c
A good straw hat for 40c, 60c or 80c, etc
nys-To g iVlyers
Reliable Clothiers, Hatters and Furnishers,
IIS arcci 120 South EV3ain Street
Notice ot Sale.
The very desirable property known
as 113 Adolph av., belonging to the
estate of W. V. Rood, deceased, will
be offered at public sale on the
premises at 1 o'clock p.m., July 27,
1899. Here is a rare bargain for some
one. Said property is appraised at
t Pay;
During the month of July: also offering
Special Discountson Corsets during
130 South
"--."---.- -- .-- ---
lie Best lie to mi Your Dwelling Is Rill Nov
When placing vour order remember J. 31. LAFPER
handles the best brands ofd process WHITE LEAD OBd LINSEED
OIL as well as strictly pure colors, VARNISHES, GLASS, etc.
Enamel Your Bicycle For 15c Any Color
Renrerril3r- "tho place
We aro receiving almost daily
This year many now novelties are
to say you can buy goods a mouth
true. .Ladies' furnishings and children's wear oi an Kinds
$ jv a n-T-t l"
Akron, Ohio, July 20, 1899.
Cook Stoves, to be delivered as
September 1st.
confident that nowhere will you
Notice of Appointment.
Estate of "William lloran, deceased.
The undersigned hns been appointed by
the probate court of Summit county. Ohio,
as administrator of the estate of William
Jloran. deceased. All persons Indebted to
snid estate are requested to mate Imme
diate payment; and all persons having
claims against said estate are requested to
present the same for allowance or rejec
tion. James v. -welsh.
Bated this 12th day of July A. D. 1!W.
July 25 Augl-S
To take advantage of our reduced prices in
Howard St.
----"---'--- "" Klin.
Clarendon Hotel Block.
the new things as. they appear. .
out for July. It's useless ror us
old at a very cheap price, yet it I
vrv v
101 .Qn,fli Ar..t of

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