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T3TS :Tl9yasggIs55fP,l3V v rtVT tn-""" -i"i ' s-VeVv' "
- j'Sc-,-tc" i'i.--ii!sj?35
" s.i. 35SSHr "?" " "
Real Estate Security, Farms, Houses, Lots, also on Furniture, Pianos,
Offce Fixtures, Ilorscs, Wagons, Diamonds, Jewelry, Insurance Policies
Or upon anything: of value from $1 to $5,000. I also buy Mortgage Notes.
Room 47, Central Building. (Old Beacon Block.)
TO R .SALE A good piano for sale chenp
at SOS Sherman st. 15S-160
FOR SALE No. 124 Bare St., 9 room, fur
nace, grate, barn nnd fruit, also cottage, Ave
rooms, will sell as n whole or separate. For
particulars, G. W. Grldley, 43 Central build
ing. Tel. 516. 92tf
FOR SALE Farm of 81 acres. Uood
buildings, miles west of city on tho Smith
nuo. ur. i j . iiaugnman, .Montrose, O.
FOR SALE House and barn on Stirling
nv. Property In good repair; six rooms In
house. Sold nt a bargain If sold soon. In
quire 101" Bowery st. 15S-16S
Sacraflce salo of four lots, 50x152 feet on
High St., near Crosier St., only J175 each.
Six room house. North Hill, nearly new,
hard wood finish, $1,000.
Good 50 acre farm, near Akron, for sale,
would take city property In exchange.
Money to loan at 6 per cent.
O- W Jones Tel. 866
FOR... C
p The Pnrest and Finest
BEER Imported .
pschorr- iwr I
(Muenchen) always on draught.
Cor. Mala ana E. Market Sts. 2
Wc want you to know
Fels-Naptha soap 5c a bar
your grocer returns the 5c,
if not satisfactory. Keep the
Ft! a Co. rail -r. Phila-1-lrhia.
FOR SALE New 9-rooui house, with
slate roof, cemented cellar, bath, furnace
and other modern conveniences, only ?2,O00.
Business property, consisting of store room,
fourteen living rooms and 58 feet Trout S.
Mnlnst. Will pay 12 per cent on Invest
ment. J. I. Bachtf 1,
18S S. Howard St.
TO LOAN $300. J500, S00. $1,000 and $2,000.
J. I. Bachtel, 188 8. Howard st. flltf
MONEY TO LOAN Abundance nt 5 per
cent on residences, business propertj" or
farms. Privilege of partial payments after
ono year. Chas. A. Blackford, ISO South
Main st. Oct. 14:1 mo.
JIONEY TO LOAN From $5.00 nnd up
v,ard on household goods, or nuy-rlinttle se
curity and allow the goods to remain In
your possession. Run repay us In monthly
Installment. Room 14, Arcade block. Of
fice hours, :) to II :30a. m.', 1:30 ton p. m.
The Finest Restaurant In Akron.
jeals served at all hours.
iVe-fc Goods & Cigars
Under Central Savings Bank,
A Ci-i-fcical Eye
There are faults to be detected In all
things, and laundry work Is no exception.
We dou't send out bad work. We some
times get a bad lot of work through our
machines, but no don't let our customer get
It. We do It over and -nnke It right, lou
may be as critical as jou choose with the
work you get from us, but you will And that
It Is right nnd that it suits jou.
405 East Exchange st.
Phone 729 Etz & Heed, Props.
The meat
eG. 1 "nJ Tt
a.n.... .-.. -T1-., . " "
aerrc tome and blood purifier. ' M"ibk.
': creates solid flesh, muscle and STRENGTH,
jlears the brain, makes the blood pure and nch
and causes a general feeling of health, power
ind renewed vitality, while the generative organs
'J0 hc,e! regain their normal powers, and
he sufferer is quicl.lv made conscious of direct
JCnCllU OllO KIT Will irnrl- wnnHnn. -J u..i
aerfectaeurc. 60cts.A BOX ; 6 boxes'. St50. For
,! m ui utKist ci emn prp. nrirminii cnToH
Jii receipt of jmce. Address DRS. IJAKTON
VJ.D IiEXGOX.3j.Bar-Ileii Hloek. Cleveland. O
ft IVi '1
7 - ;'iiV-J
t Jerr J
Beantifnl it Temple at Boaton.
Trcntleb-oaril Desif&iis.
The new Masonic temple, Boston, is
low completed and is one of the finest
sample of iiKidtni aicliitectme in the
:ity. The structure covers an aiea of
10,125 square feet. It rises 125 feet
Ibovc tiie sidewalk anil extends below it
:o a depth of about 32 feet, its contents
aeiug 1 .57i,000 cubic feet. There nie
iine full stories above the street and two
oelow. The available tioor aiea in the
tvhole building amounts to 1)1,000 bquaie
feet. It lias leqmied about two jears
!o build it. The exteiior of the building
Gold dust
The Kif&fatfgd Sink
TO EXCHANGE A first clnss four horse
power electric motor for a ten horse power
motor, yiti
WANTED Good rellnblo men to sell teas,
baking powder, coffee, etc.,-to consumers;
good inducements. Address Ed.J. Ornold,
Krnnklln House, Lorain, O. 137-109
II- A . T,t.T , .. .1 , ......I
at the restaurant opposite the Werner Com
pany's works on ST. Union st. L'mstead
WANTED By young lady, well f urnishtd
room nnd board with highly respectable
family; bath, library, ami must be within 10
minute? walk of P.O. Address nt once giv
ing full particulars. Lock Box li. City.
Justice of the Peaco and Notary.
3)3 Wnostr n'nue.
Houses on monthly paj tn-nits. choice lots
oii-Woostnr nv. will be sold ntn eacrlllce,
aW6 greenhouse equipments cheap. A 48
horse-power bailer, almost now. I hn the
finest allotment In Akron. Lois 09x175 from
I(M to 130). Come to tee nm.
"1"h lowest rt-fc ost of
similar policies Is the fcr-i eoono
mlo -ttas-t between reliable companies
and Is the basis of our comparisons. THE
Ncwcomb, District Agent, Everett Build
ing. I have n f(jw desirable lots at low
prices In good residence parts of tho city.
If you want
M Oiste i Crate
Call at corner of Canal
and West Market sts
Ritchie Coal
(f . i Gloving Vans, Teaming
U038B and Transferring. "Fill
w 3 your coal bins now and
avoid the rnsli." Oflice,
Cor. Cherry and Canal sts. Tel. 257.
IVlstei-iIno Shop
General Machine Work of All Kinds
Clay Working Machinery for a
Stoneware a Specialty.
Why the Stont Man ProtenteaAKninat
a Tendency In .ucl.
"Aiiropof. of thi beastly hot weath
er," said a fat man between gap,
"did y' ever notice how confoundedly
eay it i f0r jieoiile in novels to teduce
their temperature? The facility with
which they do it is perfectly madden
ing to a fellow who ! trying to dodge
apoplexy vrlth the tliennonieter at 'J7
In the shade. I was reading a popular
romance last night and took the trou
ble to Jot down a few passages bear
ing on the subject. Ilete they are:
" 'Footsteps sounded in the corridor,
and I turned cold with apprehension.'
'"She fioA! me with a look. "Sir!"
fche ciied.'
"'The baie thought chilled me with
" 'I opened Hie door, and an icy shock
passed through my veins.'
" 'Mabel received mo coolly; evident
ly she knew all.'
"When I stiuck that last passage, the
one about the haughty Mabel, I got mad
and chucked the book through the win
dow. Emotions have no such effect on
me. 1 nexer turn cold with appieben
sion. On the coutraryv it makes me
sweat Honor doesn't chill me worth
a cent; it simply wilts my collar. I'm
thinking of writing a protest against
fake lealiMii in American literature."
New Orleans 'rimes-Democrat.
Should not breed
diseases like
typhoid fever or
It will not if
you use Gold Dust
Sd for free booklet "Golden Rules
for Homework."
Chluio Si. Louis NewVork Boston
bsea mwI
11' ,' f JBvi
curing by tlieir eilotts moie than $11,000
for the Odd Teller s' home.
It is estimated that there wcie 7,000
Patiiarchs Militant in line at Detioit.
ed f lorn other states as the growth of the
order demands.
The sunieme president, Dr. Ernest
Wende, is seiving his seecad term as
health commissioner of Buffalo.
ik:o BMo-ti
Look for us at aaq
S. Howard st. &9
Insurance and Loan Agents.
riaiiK. li. rutiib, lraiiMcr g
C)al, transfer and general teaming,
rubber tire coaches for funerals. 3
I weddings, dances, moving vans,
wagonettes, nana wagons.
106 i.tncnin st.. Tel. 54-
j ..
If you want a first-class driving
horse, finely mated coach or carriage
team, call at Steiner's Stock Barn,
No. 1350 South Main sfc. Nothing but
first-class horses kept in stock.
K. B. STEINBR, Prop., Tel. 1734.
Toh n Q. Martin , Mgr. Mch 18, 1900
$1,000 to $3,000 at 6 per cent
for term of years if security is
gilt edge. Inquire at once.
Ha!e St Ooa-fcos
Everett block. Tel. 1523
Catawba Pure, Catawba A, Port,
Sweet, Ives Seedling...
Always on hand. All orders promptly filled.
Special attention rfven to all mall orders.
. Kelly's Island, 0.
Office, Second floor, Palmer Block.
No. 168 S. Main st.
First stairway north of the I.O.O.F.
oaam baunarjr
New machinery, new location.
We guarantee our work. High
gloss or domestic finish.
fKono 1432
Nos. 132-137 North Howard st.
Successors to J. E. Peterson
Groin. Hoy, tiiii Feed, cerai, Lime, tic.
Tel. 1M Peterson & Wrieht
A pnro whiskey agrees with any
food, in fact aids digestion. It tones
the stomach, increases the flow of
gastric juices and so promotes
trength and flesh. A pure whiskey
liko HARPER Whiskey. SOLD BY
144 S. Howard st., Akron, O.
ed, all fine fruit and largo
bunches. New crop of nuts of
every variety just received.
Phono 2S9. 162 S. Howard st.
and 552 South Howard street
Opposite city Bcildinjr.
We have a largo amount of money
to loan on good real estate security.
Low rate of Interest. Terms most
149 S. Howard St., Phones 582ani593
Manufacturer of all kinds of brushes.
Orders promptly attended to.
For Every Purpose.
. .dam
Exchange and Water Streets.
he Easy Food
Easy to Buy,
Easy to Cook,
Easy to Eat,
Easy to Digest.
uaker Oats
At all grocer
in 2-Ib. pkgSo
s tA ?3?.sr$"yacn
:-!n Ma
:-.ro A7n'; c:c Tho
K.'-Iirst tsreac. Got tt
frcr.i i-jr dealer.
:is.i(i, 0.
IPS, 'FepProrJr
The Dixon Transfer Co.
Coal, Transfer and Livery
Packing, moving and storing ol
goods. Coaches, coupes and carnagef
for funerals, weddings, parties and
1 23 and 1 25 Carroll st. Tel. Ho. 30.
For Drags, Prescriptions, Fancy
aiuuh ana cigars come to tne
IMexiv Drue Store
At Ho. II2I S. Mala st., Tel. 1372
ROSS BALYEAT, Proprietor
The Buccaneers.
The original "boucauiers" weie a
wild and picturesque gang. To the
waist they were generally clothed In
a sunburned aud weather beaten skin,
and they w'ore pantaloons of a coarse
linen, dyed and stiffened with the blood
of bulls aud pigs and held up by a belt
of rawhide, stuck full of deadly knhes.
Their apparel terminated with pigskin
boots and no stockings, and they car
tied a long barreled firelock, loaded
with ounce balls of lead.
They were animated with a common
hatred of the Spaniard, which In their
eyes justified any attack upon his per
son or property, aud by a wild sort of
attachment to each other in their peril
ous lives, which led to their being
known ns the "Brethren of tho Coast."
When the Spaniards drove them Into
the career of marauders upon the
sea. the word buccaueer took a new
meaning, though they were also known
as fieebooters. This was a mongrel
English word, "buiten" being Dutch
nnd "bueteu" German for plunder. Of
this woul the French made "frihus
ter." with the s silent, and then soften
ed it to "filibustier." which the Span
lards modified into fillbustero. So wa
finally got the word back, with a new
meaning and a special application ns
'filibuster." "The West Indies," by
Amos Kidder FIske.
"How happy 'he Dabney-Joneses
look this evening. It must be their
wedding anniversary."
"No; they've got their old cook back."
Detroit Free Press,
Retail Prices.
Oct. 23, 3 p. m. Butter, creamery
30c, country 25c, lard 10c; eggs 23c
22o; chickens, 15c per lb. dressed,
spring chicken. 15c a lb.
Corn, oar 25c pr bushel,
shelled -18c ; oats 30c; hay fi5 (o 70c
a hundred; straw 35c a hundred.
.Lettuce 12 to 15c iwr pound. Head
lettuce 15c.
Radishes, two bunches for 5e.
Celery 10c a bunch.
Tomatoes, homo grown 20c a 2 qt.
I'otatoos, 65c a bu.
Homo grown cabbage, 5 Id 12e. bond
Wholesale Prices.
Wheal t59c; oars 25o; corn,
ear, 20c; corn, shelled, 37c; hay,
P 10:50 to fit ; rye, 55c.
Butter, creamery, 25tCc; country
15 to 20c; lard, 6 to6Jcf eggs, 19c;
chickens, live 7 to 8c, dressed lie.
Havy beans, $1.60; marrowfat
beans $1.90.
Potatoes 35 to 40c.
Cured hides, No. 1, $ No. 2, 8Jc,
green,No. 1, 7c, No. 2 6Jc, cured
calf skins, No. 1, 10'.j, No. 2, 9c;
crreen, No. 1, 9c; No. 2, 8c; tallow,
No. 1, 4c ; sheep pelts, 40 to 65c ; lamb
skins 45c,
Pork, dressed, o to 6 live 4 to 5c;
beef, dressed, 6c to 8)c, live
5c; mutton, live. 4c to 5c;
dressed, 8c to 9c; spring lamb,
10c; pork, loins, 10c; veal, live
3 to 5jc, dressed, 9 to 10c.
Sugar-curedH.ham, 10c to llc;
shoulder, 6 to 7c; California ham,
G to 7c; bacon, 8 to 9c; dried beef,
jo to 18c; lard, simou pure, 7
in tub; 7Jc in tierces; country
kettle 6c; pure lard, 6c.
Hemlock bill stuff $18 per m
Norway bill stuff $22 per m
Yellow pine siding No. 1 $27 per m
Yellow pine flooring No. 1 common
$23 per m
Yellow pine ceiling No. 1 $27 per m
"White pine lath No. 1, $5.80 per m
White pine lath No. 2 $5.40 per 1000
Clear red cedar shingles $3.50 per
Clear hemlock shingles $2.75 per
rs in a cla-ic stjle o architecture, sim
ole in treatment, with giauite facades of
Hallowell srnnite and with the rear in
eiay face biick. The interior construc
tion is of steel, witii steel partitions and
steel lathing. The building is provided
with elevators and an electric lighting
system, with duplicate boilers and en
gines, all of the most modern and ap
proved pattern. In completeness and
elaborateness it is unsurpassed.
Many suspension for nonpayment of
dues are doubtless due to the fact that
grand lodge dues must he paid on delin
quent membeis. In not a few cases the
50 cent tax is the straw that breaks the
camel's batk aud makes an unaffiliate of
i brother who might otherwise lie kept
on the roil.
The grand lodge of Illinois has decided
that any form of life membership is un
wise. Actinc Grand Master George E. Wag
npr of Pennsylvania, with the grand offi
cers of the state, was piesent at the dedi
cation of the new Masonic hall at Get
tysburg. It is the exception in England for pio
vincial grand secretaries to be paid for
their important and valuable services.
There is a pleasure in testing the mem
ory and recalling almost forgotten lessons
of truth. Men go to the lodge to see how
one brother or another does his work.
The grand lodge of Texas stands third
on the list in the United States as to
number of constituent lodges, 626, while
New York has 743 and Illinois 722.
The thirty-third decree vas conferred
upon 40 candidates at the recent session
of the supreme council, A. A. S. It., at
Philadi Ipbia.
After a sutpeusion of four years the
grand lodge of Porto Rico has again re
sumed operations.
Change In Slethod of KppresentHtlon.
Alone the Trail.
At the it-tent session of the great coun
cil of the United States held at Washing
ton an imponaiit change in the method
of lepresentation was adopted. IJereto
foie the lepieseutation was limited to
one delegate for each 1,000 members, hut
fioin now on there will only lie one dele
gate Tor each 1,500, the total number of
delegates fiom each gieat reset ntiou not
to exceed eight. I
Chattahoochee tiibe of Philadelphia is
a hustler. Dmiug the last three months '
it-has adopted over 130 palefaces.
Tiaditiou lias it Jhat the ancestors of
the Red Men of today weie the founders
of Tammany Hall in 1813, ns it is said
Cliniicn rrlentl.
Governor Mount of Indiana aud Mayor
Taggatt of Indianapolis delivered ad-dte-M"
of welcome to the supicme coun
cil at its leeeut session in that city.
Supreme Councilor Morse, who has
htuod at till-, highe-t tiust of honor for 16
ye.ils. is the right man for the right
place. He is in in.iu l expects an extra
ordinarj character, lie is intensely pop
u!.ii ill the ordei and has been a pillar of
sliength to it.
Ivuigrl'tn anil Ladies of Honor.
The sc-iuijiiiiu.ii lepoits of the subordi
nate lodges of Missouri show a member
ship of 5,600.
The total niembct hip of the order at
last icpoit was 70,457.
Nineveh believed God, repented of "their
sins, and God staid off the threatened
destruction of the city. But Jonah, for
political reasons, was displeased at his
own success, an anomaly in this respect.
God will still bless the faithful efforts
of His servants to win the world for
Him. The task seems tremendously
difficult, tho work impossible of com
pletion, and yet nothing is impossible
with God. With one missionary God
could bring the great, v?icked Nineveh
to its knees, and God is jnst as power
ful and just as willing to bless His word
today as in the days of Jonah.
Jonah's fidelity and success should
encourage all who are interested in mis
sion work. It shows that it is not im
possible to win the world for God in
Jesus Christ.
Bible Readings. Ex. iii. 1-10; Isa.
vi, 1-10: lii. 7; Nah. i, 15: Math, ix,
33-38: xxviii. 18-20; Mark iii. 14-19;
Luke x, 1-12; John i, 38-51; iv, 25-30;
Actsvi. 1-7; viii, 26-40; xiii, l-3;xvi.
8-12: Rom. x, 14, 13.
that the Sous of Liberty joiued the St. ' The next session of the supieme lodge
Tnmiuis soeiety of Mew Yolk, fiom of this outer, which will be the twelfth,
which the gie.it political organization de-, will he held in Indianapolis on Oct. 10.
rived its name. j .
Record ICeepem Slay Become Piiat
Commanders Tent Notes.
Those faithful and indefatigable woik
crs the tecoid keepeis, have been rccog
uized by the supieme tent and will now,
after three jeais of senice, upon a prop
er resolution of their tent, have the hon
ois of past commander confencd upon
them. May they live long and prosper,
for as long as they livcaud pursue the
same glorious woik in which they have
been engaged the order will continue to
thiive. Bee Hive.
The cettificate fee for the special cer
tificate issued to members of defunct
tents is now 50 cents.
The new prize peiiod began Sept. 1 and
is for the four months of September, Oc
tober, November and December.
That trinity of Maccabecism, the su
preme tent, the supreme hive aud the
supreme division uniform rank, aie in
deed of one mind in pushing foiwaid and
onwatd the gieat order whose cause all
have espoused.
All social members holding sick and fu
neral aud accident benefit certificates in
the supieme tent should be classed as
beneficial membeis and given all lights
and privileges now enjojed by life benefit
In 1S13-10 the Society of Red Men was
formed, and in 1833 the Improved Order
of Red Men began its existence.
The fiist great council of the Older was
convened in Uucas wigwam iu Baltimore
in 1S47.
Logan tribe, No. 1, was the first tribe
and was organized at Baltimoie March
12, 1!34. The motto of this tribe. "Piee-
dom, Friendship and Charity," became
the motto of the whole older.
The leport of the finance committee
shows that the gieat council of the Unit
ed States is in fiist class financial stand
Woodmen of the World.
A number of new camps weie estab
lished iu Iowa: also a very huge addi
tion to the order comes from Texas.
liming tho past month the order has
added nluut 5.OJ0 new members.
Rcmnrknhle lrosicrltj of the Order.
Workshop GleHuintrK.
Fiom the 1st of January to Julj 1 the
A. O. U. W. has admitted 20,288 mem
bers, making a net gain over losbes by
lapse and death of 13,250. This lecoid
for the iir-t si months of 39!) is euual
to the bet w hole jcir in its pievious his
tory. Willi such a ivcoid the birtluen
should feci pioud of their oiganiatiou
and should make it a point of hotioi to
keep up tlieir share ot the work.
TIip attendance of members at the
meetings of lodges is beginning to in
crease with the advent of cool weather.
During the tuj-t half of September Mas
sachusetts ireeived 272 applications.
Tho'supieine lodge has paid ?10,000
out of the war i cliff fund to the bene
ficiaries of Nebraska soldieis who weie
killed or died in tho seiviee of the United
The older is glowing steadily in .Maine.
In seveial of the counties the district
deputies, master woiknicn and past mas
ter woiknieu have held meetings to boom
the fraternitj.
lloal Arennnm.
Ilk hland council of Nashville increased
its membership from 21 to OS during the
fiist si months of this year.
lively dollar of the emergency fund of
the Koval Aieanum is available for the
pajuicut of death claims. Its one pur
pose is to piovide a fund by which the
rate of mortality thai must come to every
order and evvy insuiance company may
Le met am' the pajments remain at a
fixed sum.
The Children In Church.
"Here am I and the children thou
hast given me. " That is well. That is
as it should be the children at church
and in the family pew. They nnder
stand more than yon suppose, and they
are solemnly impressed by the occasion,
even if they cannot understand the ser
mon. ''But they will got so tired going
to school and then to Sunday school. '
Not so very tired as you suppose. They
rise up and change posture dnring sing
ing. The service is only about an hour
and a quarter long. Then comes a re
cess to go into Sunday school, then
only about an hour there, and no such
hard study as in school. Really, do yon
see? Any half day at school is more
severe than a whole service at .church,
including the Sunday school. Besides,
if they cannot attend both, the Sunday
school can be omitted. Our very best
Sunday tcliool workers will tell you that
the church is worth more to the chil
dren than the school. If he can have
but the one, give him the church. But
do not be whimsical. He can have both.
It will not hurt him. Bring the chil
dren. Central Church.
HbbbbbSHbIbVbK '
?2?--&lJ? i
Ur Jj,ii!BSiMr:-l3
The first fustinct of
the mother-heart is
to preserve
her little- one.
Its life and
Ileal th take
C even over her
own. The
common dread
bs which women
who are look-
ine forward to
the coming of a new and precious baby
into the world first feel, is that they may
not themselves be able to go "safely
through the trying ordeal, and secondlv
comes the fear that the darling little
baby's life or health or general well
being may somehow be sacrificed.
But there is no real need of apprehen
sion in either direction.' If anj- woman
who is expecting to become a mother
will follow the, example of Mrs. Orrin
Stiles, of Downing, Dunn Co., Wis., the
most perfect confidence may be felt in
the happy outcome of this critical period,
both for the mother and the child.
' I have been intending to write to -ou ever
since ray baby was born," says Mrs. Stiles in
an interesting letter to Dr. R. v. Pierce or Buf
falo. X. v.. " in regard to what jour "Favorite
Prescription has done for me. I nnnnt nraio
it enough, for I have not been as well for five
yean, as I now am. In Jnlv last I had a baby
boy. weight li lbs. I was sick onlva short time,
and since I got up I have not had "one sick day.
I hav e not had any womb trouble since I got op.
I was not only surprised myself but all of my
friends here are surprised to see me so well,"
The properties of this grand "Pre
scription " and what it has accomplished
for thousands of women, are more fully
described in one chapter of the People's
Common Sense Medical Adviser by R. V.
Pierce, M. D.?a splendid thousand-page
illustrated volume. It will be sent free
paper-lJound, for i one-cent stamps to
pay the cost of mailing only; or, cloth
bound for 3 1 stamps.
The ' Favorite Prescription " is eutirely free
from alcohol; unlike nearly all other proprietary
medicines for women which merelv give a tem
porary stimulation and are hkelvto induce a
morbid, unhealthy cravinar. The "Favorite
Prescription" gives encrgvnnd nerve-tone that
is real, healthy and permanent.
Dally; all others dally except Sunday;.
Central Standard Time.
In exchange for
The Hankey Lumber Co.
1036 S. Main St., Akron, 0.
Interesting; Statistics of the Order.
The grand secretary sumniaii.es the
condition of the Older as follows: Sover
eign grand lodge, 1; independent grand
lodges (Australasia, Denmark. Germany,
Sweden and Svvit7eiland), 5; suboidiuate
grand lodges, 03; subordinate grand en
campments. 55; .subordinate lodges, 11,
V9G; suboidinate encampments, 2,(541;
lodge membeis, S5!),S)2!1; encampment
membeis, 128,2G7; Rehekah lodges, 5.071;
members of Hebekah lodges. ' 3i:;,l(i3.
The total increase in all branches of the
order for the year was 30,225. The le
port showed the lelief expendituies by
lodges to be 3,12G,050, relief by encamp
ments ?24!),78(i and by Uebekah lodges
$47,149, making a total of ?3,422,9SG.
There are 25,500 Kebekahs in Massa
chusetts, a gain of 57G over last icpoit;
available assets, 572,948, an increase of
?3,709 for the year.
At the election for Ohio giand lodge
olliceis over 7,000 votes were cast.
The Independent Older of Odd I'ellows
has more homes for the widows and or
phans than any other organisation in ex
istence. '
There no longer hangs a cloud of doubt
as to the successful completion of the
Indiana Odd Fellows' home at Greens
burg. P. S. Smith of Little Rock has been
appointed by Grard Master Theodore
Treadway of Arkansas to fill the va
cancy as grand secretary caused by the
death of Grand Secretary J. IJ. Fried
hcim. Kevv ofhceis should not be installed
when they nie not in good standing in
the order.
If a member is not entitled to benefits
when taken sick, he cannot become bene
ficiary during that sickness.
The rule as well ns the law, of Odd
Fellowship is that honors in the order
shall he earned or won by meritorious
Tho one fact that the Odd Fellows
have mote homes for their oiphnns, wid
ows and aged members than nuy other
fraternal organization is in itself suffi
cient evidence of its superior worth as a
benevolent and fraternal order.
The Rebekahs of Indiana have demon
strated their interest, zeal and fidelity to
the noblest, purposes of the order by se-
Modorn Woodmen.
Duiiug the first seven months of this
year 65,099 teitilicates weie written, an
aveiage of over 12,000 a month.
One aheady a member of another camp
cannot become a chatter 'member of a
new camp.
All membeis who do not pay their as
sessments on or before the 1st of the
mouth follow ing the notice of assessment
must be lepoitcd in suspension by the
Ij:ghtv-si cauips and 1,900 members
weie delinquent on assessment Xo. 5 last,
payable on Aug. 1, and 212 camps and
5.89S membeis weie delinquent on per
capita due Aug. 1.
A lotal camp can by adopting a byi.ivv
to that eflect levy extia assessments up
on the membeis of the camp to provide a
special fund of not moie than $1 per
Order of Iroqnni.
This young and piogiessive fraternal
society was incoiporated under the strin
gent laws of Xew Yoik on Feb. 1G, 1S9S.
It was admitted by the insuiance de
pal tmciits of Pcnnslvauia, Ohio, Con
necticut, New Jersey aud the District of
Columbia, while permits will be obtain-
?titiio For the Week JlCKluniiic; Oct.
22 Comment ly Ite. fr. II. Dojlc.
rone An old time nns-.-onar. Jonah iii,
10 (V nnsMunary incetimr.)
Jonah was the son of Amittai and a
native of Gath-hepher. He prophesied
in tho reign of Jeroboam II. God sent
him on a ppecinl mission to Nineveh.
Jonah disliked the misdon and tried to
iscapn to Tnishish, but God, by His
providence, brought him to a lealiza
tion of his mistake. He commanded
him a second time to go on the mission
to Nineveh, and that time he obeyed.
The story of his going is found in the
topical reference.
Jonah preaching in Nineveh was a
typical foreign missionary.
1. Jonah was sent from God. The
Loitl said unto him, "Arise, goto Nine
veh, that great city, and preach unto
it. " Missionaries ninst be sent of God.
When Paul says in Rom. x, ID, "How
shall they preach except they be sent?"
he refers not to man sending forth mis
sionaries, but to God's sending forth
missionaries. Ono who aspires to mission
work should feel called of God to the
work, and all who are interested in
missions should earnestly pray to God to
3end forth laborers into His vineyards.
2. Jonah had a message from God
and proclaimed it to the people. The
Lord said. "Preach unto it the preach
ing that I bid thee." And Jonah deliv
ered the message of God. Fearlessly,
earnestly, he announced to the people
the threatened destruction of the city,
ciying upon tho streets, "Yet 40 days
and Nineveh shall be overthrown. " The
missionary, whether at home or abroad,
mut get his message from God, and
boldly mnst he proclaim the truth, and
the whole truth, not only holding out
overtures of mercy to all who will be
lieve and repent, but warning men of
their snre destruction if they refuse to
repent and to accept the mercy of God.
3. God blessed his messenger and his
message faithfully delivered, and suc
cess crowned his efforts. The ueople of
Fearless Speech.
It is pleasant to say smooth things in
this easy going, time Eerving age, but
it may not be thg wisest. A tendency
to point out the good things in the
characters and lives of wicked men and
worldly Christians and pass over their
sins and defects is one cause of the
failure of the church to keep its hold
on the masses. The Bible hides no sin
or fault of the servants of God. It is
admired because of its candor and fidel
ity to the truth. Thoso ministers of the
gospel and religions teachers who talk
out straight to their people, hewing to
the line, speaking the truth in love,
hare the largest hearing and the most
vigorous membership. God pity a min
istry that cries ''Peace, peace!" when
there is no peace. A loving, fearless,
direct appeal to sinful men, laying open
their sins and showing them a better
way, is the kind of preaching and
teaching the times demand. Religions
Over Present Worlc.
Enthusiasm over present work, not
over future accomplishments, means
the largest practical results day by day
in the Lord's service. Earnestness is
not a quality for special performances,
but for daily use. It covers life as it is
and as it comes accotding to divine ap
pointment. Presbyterian.
Union Depot. Market bt.
Going North.
Colunihus express .
From Jlillprsbur!; ,.nlv
Columbus fast mail .."
Going South.
Col.-Cln. fast mail
To ilillersburg only.
Xo. 35
2fo. 3f
Xo. If
(:. nm
4:15 pm
Xo. 2Sf Col.-Cln. express (f)
4:45 pm
'J:07 pm
Erie Depot, Mill it.
Time Card: Dec. 11, 1898.
Going "Weat.
No 1 Express........
No St Limited vestibule !LL
No IGf To Akron only .
o 13 Huntington special (ff )"
No 3f Pacific express ..
No 37 Accommodatlon.....
Going East.
No 8 Limited vestibule
No 12 Express
No 4 New York special
Xo 18t Chautauqua express
n yj oo .fLc'uomirioaniion .
8:S pm
.. 7:nn nm
.. 9:.T, am
.12:22 pm
6:52 pm
6:40 nm
. 1:29 am
. Sat nm
12:50 pni
4:s pm
4:00 pm
(-H-1 Excent MondAVAnd dnv nfrp,- imit
A Light Attrnctlntr Other.
If I in my own person and daily walk
qnietly resist heaviness of custom, cold
ness of hope, timidity of faith, then
without wishing, contriving or even
knowing it I am a light silently draw
ings many as have vision and are fit
to walk in the same path. John Mor
ley in "Essay on Emerson."
The Dny of Settlement.
You can, of course, do as you please,
but you will haTe to settle the matter
with yonr God fmo day. Lutheran.
A White Life Saver.
Myron T. Herrlck, Robert Buckenjderfer,
receivers. Time card: Nov. 17,1898.
Nol Not No3
Toledo (Union depot)Lv 7:15
Spencer , 10:15
.Mxii 10:81
Creston .......
OrrvllIe... ..
Vnlley Junction.
Valley Junctlon.
Masslllon ....
Orrvllle .
ax 3:25
No 4
No 6
10:00 am
12:55 pm
Snencer io;i.i
Toledo (Union depot)Ar 1:20 pm
. General Trafflc Manager,
Assistant General Passenger Agent.
"I have used your valuable CA5CA-
RETS and find them perfect. Couldn't do
without them. I have used them forsome time
for indigestion andbiliousness and am now com
pletely cured. Recommend them, to every one
Once tried, you will never be without them In
the family." Edw. A. MAnx, Albany, N. Y.
Pleatant. Palatable. Potent. Taste Good, no
Good, NcTer Sicken. Weaken, or Gripe. 10c. 25c. 50c.
Sterling Itrmedj Company, Clilraffo, nonlrral. 5fw vrk. 321
NUmTO-BAn Sold and enarantrort by all drag-
w -w n Kluiu m
21UCE Tobacco Ilabit.
g9993Mf tO8HMI
Ask you Grocer to-day to show you
a packageof GKAIN-O, tho new food
drink that takes the placo of coffee.
Tho children may drink it without
injury as well as the adult. All who
try it, liko it. GEAIN-0 has that
rich seal brown of llocha or Java,
but it ia made from puro grains, aud
iho most delicate stomach receivcii it
without distress. : the prico of coffee.
P 15 cents and 23 cents per packa-je.
Sold by all grocers.
Tastes like Coffee
Looks like Coffee
Accept no imitation.
It was a poor outlook for Tony, the
bootblack, in Ubyjlland
Bor a SUaOEJR CRUISJS talec tho
The Greatest Perf action
yet attained in Boat Con
struction: Luxurious . .
Equipment, Artistic Fur
nishing, Dacoration and
Efficient Service.
C, T. & V. R. R.
Going North.
How. St. Union East
Depot. Depot. Akron.
......'.. ii:l-5nm 6:25 am 6:08 am
9:20 nm 9:05 am 9:10 am
1:10 pm 1:00 pm 12:41 pm
5:1.1pm 4:55 pm 4:58pm
8:25 pm 8:12 pm 8:17pm
Going South.
8:42 am 9:05 am 9:19 nm
12:01pm 12:lSpm 12:27 pm
4:20pm 4:55pm 5:07pm
10:51pm 11:15 pm 11:26pm
7:35 nm 7:50 nm fi;fln nm
-j-Dnily except Sunday from Union Depot.
No 46f ....
No 4f ...
No 6 ....
No lof ....
No S ....
No 7-r ..
No 3 .,
No 9
No 5f..
No 47t ....
Union Depot, Market street.
Leave for the East.
No. t Vestibule limited 1:55am
No. lijf Pittsburg express 6:10 am
No. 4 rittsburcmall I:liipm
No. Ill Washington T:pres, from C.
T.& V. R.R.Ilovvant st. station 1:20 pm
Arrive from the East.
No. S Western mnil 11:5.5 nm
No. 47 Chicago expresss 7:25 pm
No. 5 Vestibule limited 11:09 pm
No. tCIeve. Express, nr. C. T.& V.
It. Howard st. station !:.1)nm
this. New
To Detroit, Mackinac, Georgian Bay, Petoskcy, Chicago
No other Line oBcn a lanoraiUkt ot JG0 imlvji vt riiat variety anil interest.
Fear Tripi ptr TTtek Betwtrn
Toledo, Detroit and Mackinac
tASTt RITES la rtetimqis Huttnu 4
RelBTV, iBeladlng ( nnd Ortnn. Anprnil.
nut tint fns ClnTriud, $9.10 from
rol.do, ie.Zl (ns Detroit, 111.75.
a . SuKiotS. Detroit turn eifi.ei(H fimiigdn compet
r M . l. BM4Ut, Ikt. Aft, UnUndepot.
Titrj lay ari
Mjhl llclwrrn
Put-in -Cay
and Toledo.
Piy nntl MjtM Rfrtf Itttwrvit
"' SI .50 r.MMrrrlln.
lrth., Wc, 91. filntrrvnn, $1.75.
Connections Are mado at Clnvrlatid with
Kirhpst Trains for all points East. Foutu
n nd Nouttmct. andatDctroitforall points
North and ifortbwrnt.
Sunday Trips Jnar, Jnlj, Ancast,
fcrplf mbrr and October Valy.
Went Prepared.
"Have I got to wear a full dross
suit," asked tho guest, "iu order to eat
dinner at this hotel?"
"That is our invariable role," said
the flunky who had stopped him at
the door of the dining room.
"Ah? Then escu&e me one moment,
Whereupon the lightning change art
ist of the Sure Thing Vaudeville com
pany stepped behind the door and in
six seconds emerged therefrom to all
appearances a gentleman and clearly
entitled to admission. Chicago Tribune.
Union Depot.
Depart West.
No. Bt Vestibule limited 11:15am
No. 7 Akron-Chicago fast mall 10:10 am
No. 47f Chicato express 7:50 pm
Arrive from the west.
No. 6t Vestibule limited 1:50 am
No. 46 Pittsburg express . 8:05 am
No. 8 Chicago-Akron fast mall 8:10 pm
Time Card. Dec. 19,1398.
Depot North Main Street.
Depart No. I 7:50 am
" No. 11 5:00 pm
Arrive No. 2... . 4:20 pm
' No. 12. 12:15 am
" , The A., B. & C. Route.
Waiting Room, North Howard St.
TlmoCard. May27,lS99.
Cars leave Akron 5:30 a.m., every half
hour; 6:30 a.m. until 7 p.m. nnd at 8, 9 and
10:30 pm.
Leave Cleveland 5 a.m.. everv half hour:
6 nan. until 8 p.m and at 9, 10 nnd 11:10 p.m.
The "Home Benutlfnl."
1'nir Countess I wish to get some
rugs, something really artistic and
aesthetic, you know, but 1 can't afford
to pay a very high price.
Holiest Dealer Right this way. Here,
madam, are some antique Turkish ruga
just in from the factory. Take them
home, smear them with grease and to
bacco juice, then wash them a little,
dry them in an oren, lay tbein for
three days in the sun uud they'll look
as faded nnd antique as the genuine
imported article costing ten times as
much. New York Weekly. ,
A Handsome Publication, -'The Empire of the
South," Issued by the Southern Railway.
"The Empire of tho South," a 200
page book, handsomely illustrated,
with most complete information ever
compiled regarding the South aud
its industries is a valuable addition
to any library.
This book is issued by the South
ern Railway, having been compiled
at a large expense, and it is tho
handsomest publication of the kind
over gotten out.
Copy will bo forwarded promptly
to any address upon application to
W. A. Turk.genoral passenger agent,
"Washington!"!). C, with 15 cents to
cover postage.
Hunting and fisliins: books, "X.aiul
of the Sky" pamphlets, maps and
other illustrated literature mailed
free to any address by,
J. C. Beam, Jr., 2C. "SV. 1 A., Si
Adams St., Chicago, 111.
C. A. Baird, 21G Fourth ave., Xionis
villo, Ky.
"Win. H. Tayloe, Asst. Genor.il
Passenger Agent, Louisvillo, Ky.
$6.50 Cincinnati and Return.
Via C. A. & C. By, Oct. '2i and' 26;
good returning until 27th inclusive

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