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i; s fe- ?.ilgl A The finest in the l
I world to be found 5
5 i AT
;. I Also a fine variety of moderate m price s i
I STREET HATS and always Ht h b S"t l
i j in ' - I
I Trimmed Goods and Pattern Hats
' No. 172 S. Main St.
Hoo oo nrvi!d
Wo know our soap is far superior to the "ordinary yellow laundry
soap," but to be convinced, you will have to try it yourself.
no cno
It is a white laundry soap and costs no mora than the ordinary.
Manufactured by Akron Soap Co.
A Satisfaction.
"What are you going to do for amuse
ment today?"
"I think," answered the hero, "that
I'll go to a dime museum and see the
armless phenomenon."
"I didn't know you were interested in
curiosities of that kind."
"I wasn't formerly, but it will be a
great satisfaction to meet somebody
who I'm dead sure isn't going to shake
hands with me." Washington Star.
to tisually so full of suffering and danger that she looks forward to the critical hour with appre
hension and dread. Mother's Friend, by its penetrating and soothing properties, allays nausea,
nervousness and all unpleasant feelings, and so prepares the system that she passes through the
event safely with but little suffering, as numbers have testified and said, " it is worth its weicht
1 uii t. i. i a , .. j,
iu uiu. Ak u auiu uy &u drug
gists. Book containing valua
ble information to all, mailed
free, upon application to the
Eradfield Regulator Com
rAMV. Atlanta, Georgia.
sHE&'r'f-tiSsB r
Heatsrag and Cooking
Largest Line. Prices and Styles
Will Suit You
May & Fiebeger
1 12-1 14-1 16 North Howard st. Akron, O.
Over 200 Second-hand Stoves
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Builders' Hardware; Nails, I
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Pipe and fitting's, Factory $
Rohrhacher & Allen
Tel. 70. 170 S. Howard st
Our Course In Life.
We oujjbt to buoy for ourselves in our
course as we buoy a harbor. Off this
shoal a black buoy floats and says to
1bosc who sail by as plainly as if. spoken
in all languages. "Keep to the right here."
And orer against it floats another and
says, "Keep to the left here." Now in
life's ocean, wherever we know the
quicksands arc, wherever we have ouce
been stranded, let us sink the buoy an3
anchor the memory and ksep to the right
nr to the left, as the bhoal may be.
Weekly Bouquet.
Is to love children, and ne
home can be completely hap
py without them, yet the
ordeal through which th
exoectaxlt mother must nasi
Mother's Friend
eiect From
Here For Foraker.
WantsaRepublican Legis
lature Elected.
No Interest In Balance
of Ticket.
He Addressed Large Crowd In
Assembly Hall.
Words For Toledo Jones
Well Staged.
Senator J. B. Foraker was given
an enthusiastic reception by his Be
publican friends Friday afternoon
and evening. He arrived at 4:15 and
was escorted from Union station to
Buchtel hotel by 50 citizens. A num
ber of friends called on Mr. Foraker
at the hotel.
The speaker wis escorted to As
sembly hall by members of the
Yonng Men's Republican club and
others. Assembly hall was well
Henry Perkins was chairman and
almost 100 old soldiers were on the
stage as vice presidents. Upon
reaching the stage members of the
executive committee handed small
flags to the soldiers. They were to
wave the flags frequently and they
did. A band was present; so was a
vocal quartette.
In all generosity it must be said
that the performance was staged al
most as perfectly as though a the
atrical manager had it in charge.
"We didn't pull down the flag in
the Sixties, and we'll not do it now,"
said Chairman Perkins, turning to
address the concluding part of the
sentence to the soldiers "Will we,
"Kb! no!" was the chorus, and the
maze of shaken flags produced a su
perb effect, whil at a given cue'
the quartette arose and sang,
"Kally 'Round the Flag Boys." The
audience was much pleased with
this bit of extravaganza, and ap
plauded vigorously.
Senator Foraker, in beginning his
address, paid Akron citizens a fine
compliment and thanked all for the
generous reception he was accorded.
It was very evident that he was
not here as much in the interests of
Candidate Ivash as he was for those
of J. B. Foraker. The able states
man wants re-election to the Senate,
and so of late he has been traveling
about the state urging the election of
all the Republican candidates for
the Legislature. This is a necessity
to effective government, he cited ex
amples where legislative endorse
ment was lacking, and chief execu
tives bereft of power especially
Cleveland in his first administration
and McKinley's first years of reign
with a Democratic senate.
He also talked on prosperity and
the outlook of the campaign for 1900.
To bring about Mr. McKinley's re
election Mr. Nash must be elected,
he said.
"And then Jones well Jones is a
big-hearted man I believe that he
is sincere, but he has no moro chance
of winning than he has of jumping
over the moon the fight is between
Nash and McLean. (Vigorous ap
plause for Jones.)
"I've got justabout as much inter
esliu this election as the men who
are shouting for Jones. I am merely
here as a citizen to talk with you.
"I don't want to see John R. Mc
Lean elected, because he's aDemo-
cratand I am a Republican."
Mr. Foraker did not abuse the
Democratic candidate in the meas
ure it was hoped he might. The
Senator has a personality of his
own; he was here for his own inter
est, and the proud spirit has not
bended in abjection to the Hanna
rule. Oh, no! Foraker was here for
Foraker, to exploit the necessity of
electing every Republican candidate
for the office of Legislator.
K. and L. of H. Dance.
The Knights and Ladies of Honor
will give an entertainment and
dance in Foresters' hall, Wednesday
evening, Nov. 8. Admission 10c;
dancing 25c per couple.
Workingmen, g&
At Churches Sunday.
Interesting Topics to be
Prohibition Address by
Hon. Samuel Dickey,
At Main Street !!. E. Church
in the Morning.
South African Missionary
Talk Sunday Afternoon-
W. C. Wilcox, who has been con
nected fo 18 years with the Americai
Zulu mission in Natal, South Africa
will give an address in Alliance hall
Uibey block, at 2 p. m. Subject
'War for the Faith in South Africa.'
Mid-week prayer meeting Wednes
day evening, 7 p. m. Junior Allianct
Saturday at 2 p.m. All are welcome.
Trinity Lutheran Church.
9 a.m., Sunday school; 10:30 a.m.
and 7 p.m., preaching service; 5:4
p.m., Luther league; 7:15 p.m.
Thursday, prayer service. Aweloomt
for all. Freo seats.
Woodland H. E. Church.
Cor. S. Balch and Crosby sts., Rev
Thos. J. Post, pastor. Sunday school
9:15 a.m., S. Kile, superintendent-;
Epworth league, 6 p.m., H. W. Le-
lansky, leader;' public worship at
10:30 a.m. and7 p.m. At the evening
hour an Old Folks' service will be
held, to which all elderly persons
especially are invited.
First Presbyterian.
"Hidden Treasures, or Where to
Find Riches," is the subject for the
morning sermon at the First Presby
terian church, of which Rev. Linde
muth is pastor. The evening theme
will be "Nothing but Leaves." Sun
day school at 9:15 a.m., C. E-at G
p.m. Everybody welcome.
Main St. Methodist.
Samuel Dickey, the famous tem
perance orator, will speak at the
Main St. Methodist Episcopal church
in the morning. The pastor will
preach at night.
Luther League.
Luther League at 5:45; Miss Dora
Roepke will lead. Topic, "The
Resurrection of the Body." All
members and friends are earnestly
urged to he present.
St. Paul's Parish,
Rev. Jas. H. W. Blake, rector.
St. Paul's church 9:00 a.m., morn
ing prayer and catechism with the
school; 10:30 a.m.. Litany sermon
and holy communion; 7:00 p. m.,
evening prayer and sermon.
St. Andrew's chapel 8:30 a.m.,
Sunday school.
First Congregational Church.
Morning service 10:30, the baptism
of children, the reception of mem
bers and the holy communion; even
ing service 7, monthly praise serv
ice. Seats free. All persons cour
teously invited.
Wabash Ave. Disciple Church.
The pastor, B. C. Caywood, will
preach on the text, "Be Ye Also
Beady." His evening subject will
be "Religion, the Only Preservative
Against Social Putrlfaction."
First Disciple.
"The Sunday School" will be the
subject of C. J. Tannar's morning ser
mon in the First Church of Christ.
Night topic, "The Ballot Box."
Calvary Evangelical Church.
Corner Bartges and Coburu sts.
Rev. J. W. Heininger, pastor. The
annual joint meeting of the Wom
an'rt and Men's Missionary societies
will be held Sunday at 10:30 a.m.
Exercises consisting of special mu
sic and several addresses will make
the service one of more than usual
interest. Sunday school at 9 a.m.
W. M. S. thank oiTering meeting at
2:30 p.m. Young Peoples' meeting
at 6. Preaching". All are invited.
Coburn St. Lutheran Church.
Sunday school at 9 :30 a.m. Preach
ing at 10:30 a.m. and at 7 p.m. On
next Sunday evening the pastor will
preach at Creston.
Universalis! Church.
9:15 Sunday school; 10:30, subject,
"The General Convention and the
Forward Movement of the Univer-
salist Church;" 6 public praise and
conference meeting of the Y.P.C. U..
subject, "Modern Apostles."
Central Presbyterian Church.
East State near Main sts. Rev.
John Herron.pastor. Sunday school
9:15; Christian Endeavor 6:00. Pub
lic worship 10:30 and 7. Morningsub-
jeot: "Tho wages of sin." Evening
subject, "Eternal life."
United Brethren.
The pastor, Rev. O. W. Slusser,
will preach at 10:30 n. m from the
theme, "Divine Illumination," at 7
p.m. on the theme, "Nearly in the
Kingdom of God." Tho congrega-
extend a hearty welcome to all who
may wish to worship with them.
Grace Reformed.
Kev. S. E. Neikirk of Wooster will
preach at 10:30 a.m. and? p. m. in
an exchange of pulpit.-, with the pastor.
Topic For the Week IlcuriuniiiK JTos.
5 Comment by Kev. S. II. Doyle.
Tone. A new cime. Cen. xxxii. 24-2U: Rrv.
li. 17.
Among lae oriental nations great im
portance ts attached to names. The
Jews, for instance, in naming children
.elected the names for important rea
sons, because of some incident connect
ta with the birth of the child or in an
attempt to describe the character of the
child. It is also customary to mark
one's entrance into a new relation by a
new name, the acceptance of the name
signifying the acceptance of the new
sovereignty and the obligations con
tained therein. It is easy to tee, there
fore, why God would signalize the en
trance of His people into new relations
with Him by giving them a new name,
as He did to Abram, to Sarai, to Jacob
and to others, and it is also eas-y to see
the appropriateness of designating the
new relation to God in heaven bv the
giving of a new name.
A new name given by God signifies
that we have come into a new relation
with God. It signifies that we have
passed through a crisis in life, have had
some new religions experience as a re
sult, of which wo have come closer to
God, have got a better conception of
God and have consecrated ourselves
anew to God. Jacob's new name had
such significance. At Jabbok. where he
wrestled with the angel until he re
ceived the blessing, his name was
changed from Jacob (snpplanter) to
Israel (prince of God). At Jabbok
Jacob had a new experience he passed !
through a crisis in his Mo, he got a
new and exalted conception of God and
undoubtedly came into a new relation
of consecration to God. He was entire
ly changed by the power of God. Jacob
stood for his old life and character and
Israel for the new. God gives to. all His
people at such times a new name. It is
His own name. When onr lives are
changed, when we come into a new re
lation to God, God's name is stamped
upon ns. We are God's people, God's
children, and our highest aim shonld
be to keep the new name we hear un
sullied by being faithful to the new re
lation. The heavenly new name spoken of in
Revelation has largely the same signifi
cation as the earthly new name. It
stands for our new relation to God. and
it also must be iu some way the name
of God. "To him tliat overcometh
I will write upon him the name of my
God" (Rev. iii. 12). Jnst what the
heavenly new name is, just what it
signifies, we do not know, but what is
more important here, how the new
name may be obtained, we do know. It
is better for us to know how to get the
new name than to know so much about
it The all important question in this
life is. How may we obtain the new
name t And this is the way we must
overcome in Christ's name. "To him
that overcometh will I give tc eat of
the hidden manna and will give him a
white stone, and in the stone a new
name written, which no man knoweth,
saving he that "receiveth it." If we
overcome self, the world and sin, God
will feed us upon the hidden manna.
spiritual blessings impossible of attain
ment on earth. He will give us the
white stone of acquittal on which will
be inscribed the new name. Let us go
forth in the power and strength of God
in Christ to overcome, that wo may be
assured that we will experience thi3
rich heavenly blessing.
Bible' Readings. Gen. xvii, 1-6;
xxxv, 10; Ex. xxiii, 20,'J1 ; Neh. ix,
8-10; Prov. xxii, 1; Eccl. vii. l;Luke
x, 18-20; Acts xi, 25, 26; xiii, 9; Phil,
iv, 1-3; Rev. iii, 12; xix, 11, 12.
A Menttee to GotlliiievN.
Far more dangerous to true godliness
is that spirit among Christians which
loves to mingle with the world and con
forms itself to it. And this is the great
temptation of Christians today. They
allow themselves to be lost in the
world's pleasures and concerns and have
no time for secret meditation. Caught
np by the whirl of this busy, giddy life,
they have no desire for communion
with God and do not know the value of
solicitude. They find no time to think
on things" that are- "lovely" and of
good report. They have turned th3ir
ears to the noises of this world and are
deaf to the message of the ft still small
voice. " Lutheran.
With n True Lisht.
We nre indebted to the faithfnl souls
who have shone with such a true light
dmid the darkness, gloom and conflicts
of the past, and we love to contemplate
their lives and honor their memories
many in our own church and onr
hearts are encouraged and inspired to
to be steadfast, nnmovable, always
abounding in the love and grace and
walking in the beautiful light of God.
American Friend.
God'M Fumnce.
Sweetness of character and life comes
out of sanctilipd triaL Testing softens
under divine grace. God's furnace ii
intended to refine and purify. It is not
for us to repine nuder His chastening
and molding operation". Ho knows best
how to rnb off the rough angles, to
Sweeten the temper, to subdue the way
ward spirit and to bring into meetnoxs
for heaven. Presbyterian.
Unanswered Prner.
Many of our prayers are unanswered
simply because they are against God's
way of doing. We ask to be taken out
of the world not by death, but by deliv
erance. Onr desire is to live, but apart
from real life. Such is not tho divine
purpose. Jesus Himself submitted to
every human condition. Presbyterian
The Little Thlnea.
It is while you aro patiently toiling
at the little tasks of life that the mean
ing and shape of the great whole of life
dawn upon you. It is while you are re
sisting littlo temptations that you are
growing stronger. Phillips Brooks.
Hotf n Crack Shot Deonmc indebted
to an Irlib. Sergeant.
"They tell a funny story in the army
about Captain Patillo, the crack shot,"
saidone of a party of late diners. "Ac-
cording to the yarn General Miles and
a high Washington official once visited
a western post where the captain was
stationed and sent word that they
would like to see a little exhibition of
his skill. Patillo happened to be quite
sick at the time, but he couldn't very
well refuse and presently appeared on
the long distance range. He blazed
away, and an Irish bergeaut. who bad
been sent out to act as marker waved
a small flag. 'What does that mean':'
asked the distinguished visitor. "It
mean.-, I missed the whole target,' re
plied Patillo gloomily. He tried again,
with the same result. 'I don't know
what's the matter with me!' he ex
claimed in deep mortification. '1 never
did such work In my life.'
"At the third shot the distant figure
varied the wigwagging, and the as
teirWcd officers applauded. The sig
nal icoaiit a bullseye. Thereupon he
fired 2; consecmhe rounds, and each
time the flag waved back the uews
that he had pierced the inuer circle. It
was a marvelous record, an unparal
leled score. The distinguished visitor
was very gracious in his congratula
tions. - "Later on Patillo, still beaming, met
the marker crossing the parade
grounds. 'Hello, sergeant!' he said,
"I wonder what the deuce made me
mis the target those first two shots?'
'Whist, captain!' replied the Irishman,
drawing close. "Tis divil the tolme ye
hit it at all. at all!' 'Didn't hit it at
all!' cried Patillo in amazement. 'Then
why did you signal all those bulls
eyeY' 'Faith, sor.' said the sergeant
reproachfully, 'I knew yer ripytation
was at stake.' "New Orleans Times
Loaned It to His Friend, and Xo- It
Is Burled In the Grave.
"So. 1 am not going out In the even
ings just now to anything but strictly
informal affairs." remarked a friend of
the saunterer the other day. "Why?
Well, because just ndw I am not the
possessor of a dress suit and lack the
wherewithal to purchase another. It
happened tiiis way: I had a frieud, a
jrood fellow, who came to me one night
and aked me if I wouldn't lend him
my swallowtail. I consented, but I
to!d him 1 wanted the clothes back the
next week, as 1 had a function to at
tend myself.
"Well, to make a long story short.
the week went by and not a word
from my friend or not a sign of my
evening duds. 1 had to cross my date
and was pretty mad, but I didn't say
anything. Another week went by and
still no word. Tlieu I decided to go out
and hunt up my friend and find out if
lie intended to keep my clothes forever.
"I called at his boarding house and
rang the bell. His landlady came to
the door. When I asked tf my friend
was in, she gave a gasp of astonish
ment and exclaimed, 'Why, didn't you
know he was dead and buried?
"It was my turn to be knocked out.
After I recovered my breath, I explain
ed that I had not heard the news and
had merely called to take back my
dress suit. It would doubtless be found
among my friend's effects. I explained.
"The landlady turned pink, white
and then pink again. 'Why,' she gasp
ed, 'that must have been the suit we
buried him iu. It was the only good
one we found among his wardrobe.'
"So you see tho reason why I say
no to U. S. V. P. notes just now."
Philadelphia Inquirer.
"Family" In the Cesiaa.
There are some queer features about
the census use of the word "family."
It means practically those who eat at
the same table. A hotel is a family.
The Memorial Hall Dining association
at Cambridge is a family; so is the
Danvers Lunatic asj-lum. A stray man
who keeps bachelor's hall Is a family.
The necessity for tins use of the term
came with the question of enumerat
ing domestic servants. It was found
absolutely Impossible to attach them
to their own families, .scattered as they
are. They had to go with the family
they were llvimr with. This led to a
continuation of the principle, with the
result mentloued. As it works out, the
census family differs from the actual
family iu size only by a small fraction
of one person. New Tork Post
"What Cocaine la.
Cocaine is an alkaloid of a small
shrub found In Peru and Bolivia. The
offlciaVname of the drug as used In med
icine Is cocaine sulphate, a salt derived
from the shrub treated with sulphuric
acid. Cocaine is composed of carbon,
hydrogen and nitrosyl reduced to a sul
phate. Each element of the compound
has a direct influence on the nervous
system, blood and lymphatics. It pos
sesses the singular property of killing
all sensation of pain in the parts where
it is locally applied while elevating the
mind of the patient to a pitch of ex
altation absolutely '.".t parallel.
Chicago Chronicle.
The Fnther Knew.
Mrs. Worth-John, I think this gold
pen would be the most appiopriate ar
ticle we could send Harvey for a birth
day present.
Mr. Worth No, uo; if we sent him
that, the first use he'd make of ,it
would be to write home for money, so
we'll send him cash and make an end
of it Jewelers' Weekly.
The Plnnl Touch.
Ready for all that might befall, the
female detective prepared to venture
forth on the track of the desperate
criminal. At the threshold she paused
and cast one more look back.
"Is my disguise on straight?" she
asked. Philadelphia North American.
llinv Mr. Otl Skinner Manmfed
Mnkc Some Money.
"Otis Skinner, the actor, was stand
ing In frout jf the Tulane theater,"
said an attache of the house, "when a
somewhat seedy luoklug stranger rush
ed up and seized him by the hand.
' 'My dear fellow! I'm delighted to
bee you!' he exclaimed in a hoarse
toice. indicative of prolonged drought.
'1 noticed Iu the papers you were com
ing, and I've been on the lookout for
you ever since your bills were up.'
" 'That's very good of you,' mur
mured Mr. Skinner, doing his best to
simulate joy nnd recalling the man as
a decidedly casual acquaintance of a
preceding visit. 'I was a littlo preoccu
pied when you came up and'
"'Oh, not a word I' Interrupted the
other heartily. 'It's all right, me boy!
Not in Africa but right here in
Akron, and it will be "War to
the Knife on High Prices."
"A Hot One"
1 Mascot Rye
4 years old
full quart.
'For Good Clieer'
Genuine Freport
12 years old
full quart.. ..
We sell the best brands of
and whiskies for family and modicinal use.
Banner Liquor House, &3;
The fact is I can only stop for a mo
ment and want you to do me a bit of a
favor. 1 see a chance to make ?2.30
tonight if I have $10. Can you oblige
me with the amount until tomorrow
morning? It will be 2.50 in my pocket
and not a cent out of yours.'-
"The actor pondered for a moment
and then produced two silver dollars
and a half.
"'I'll do better than that,' he said,
handing over the coins. 'Xow you've
made $2.50, and I've made S7.50.'
"Mr. Skinner was born in Hartfora,
and when he was a boy lie took firsi
prize In arithmetic." New Orleans
Trne to Principle.
Constance, the beautiful maiden,
struggles desperately In the water.
"Save me!" she shrii-ks.
Haloid, tin brae youth, standing
upon the shore, throws aside his coat.
"Are you sinking for the third time?"
he asks anxiously.
"Oh. dear! I forgot to count! How
stupid of me!" cries Constance in much
Harold is a brave as. a lion truly,
but he will scarcely risk violating what
Is perhaps the most c uerished conven
tion of romance. Detroit Journal.
Stickle's Dancing Accademy.
This is official. Wednesday even
ing Nov. 8 will be the opening of the
new hall. All former pupils and
friends are invited. Season tickets
not good on that occasion, $1.00 per
counieana 50 cents for ladies, will
be the price of tickets. Gentlemen
aro politely reouested to provide
themselves with suitable dancing
shoes as no street shoes will be al
lowed on the floor. Stickle's full
orchestra will furnish the music.
Beginners class Thursday evening,
Nov. 9. Children's class Saturday
afternoon, Nov. 10 at 2 p. m.
Yours Respectfullv,
W. F. Stickle.
TO 10ATJ $5,000 In sums to suit borrower.
J. 1 uaciitei, lbs boiitn liownrd. no tf
FOK SALE A fine large bay mare, eight
yeiirs old, weight mo pounds, sound and nil
right. Enquire 1Q-J LaUe at. 170-172
FOK SALE OR TRADE: acres with
good buildings aim fenees, rich tillable lund,
watered bv springs nnd brook, line fish
pond, orchitrd and sugar bush; close to
Akron; price less than $2,500. J. I. Buchtel,
Insurance and loans, 1M South Howard st.
170 tf
FOR SALE No. 106 Otis st.,7 rooms house,
largo barn, lot 02xl5, JIi!73 cost i200; 5
room house. Silver St., modern improve
ments. $SCO. with S room house in rear.
$1,100; 0 room house, with large lot, big
oargnin at Jiwa; 8 room house nenr uuchtet
College. $1,300: 3 feet front. "Wooster ave..
$2,TO0; desirable city lot in Haynes allot
ment, just on oi S3. .Main st.. as lowasszuu:
very desirable lot "W. Miller ave.. $300: houses !
and building lots In nil parts of the city. I
j. i. isAVjjiiiiL, jnj . novara si. i
'' -
lie Is! lie to Pit Dwelling is Hill Now I
When placing your order remember J. ii. LAFFER
handles the best brands old process WHITE LEAD and LINSEED
OIL as well as strictly pure colors, .VARNISHES, GLASS, etc
- Enamel Your Bicycle For 15c Any Color
Rsmers-abo;- the place...
M i JUTITirSl R'ssnffii&3
a Sill mmnx fl Rag
uchot, Hiurasicicei" & Oo.'s
Hardware and Stove Store.
Have You Tried" That Sample of KLEANIT?
"A Corker"
Old Oscar Pepper
Blood Makers
California and
Blackberry A!
Per bottle . "T
and domestic wines, liquors
Recent Clever Invention
of Akron IVlan.
Peculiar Circumstances Leading to It's
Origin Told by Mr. Garl.
Matthias Garl, the electrician,
whose recent invention, the burglar
gun, has created lmich favorable
comment, first demonstrated the
practicability of his invention by
rigging up one of the machine lo
guard his father'b watermelon patch.
He connected the apparatus with a
long string in such a manner that an
intending marauder would brush
against the string and cause the
gun's charge to explode. The thiof,
not knowing what had happened,
would imagine that some one was
"laying for" and had shot at him,
and would straightway depart for
more congenial climes.
Mr. Garl, senior, reports an excep
tionally large watermelon crop" that
Of Tuesday Musical Club Opens Next
Tuesday Afternoon.
The concert season of the Tuesday
Musical club will be formally opened
next Tuesday a fternoon in the Sun
day school room the First Baptist
church. At that time the study sec
tion will have a song recital by Mrs.
Seabury C. Ford of Cleveland. The
preparations for the afternoon re
citals of this season are moro elab
orate than has ever been attempted
in the past. The club management
also announces that tho limited num
ber of tickets for these recitahThas
been exhausted.
H. Conwell delivered a splendid lec
ture at the First M. E. church Fri
day evening. This was the first en
tertainment in the Peoples' Lecture
course. A large audience was pres
ent. Ha WI &fi(UUa&
Clarendon Hotel Blocfcc.
Sample Floor, and
No Two Alike!
See Our Line of
Natural Gas
Stoves and Ranges
We can also supply you with
Second-Hand Stoves if desired.
Everything in tho stove line at
2 1 6-2 1 8 S. Wain st.
Be sure and try it in
Washing the
Cleans Quick
Easy to Rub Off
Contains No Grease
Never Scratches
Will Clean Anything
Try one cakejit your
grocers or write
--fa&SfeISS.faU&3ltaiigg til iMnifri :
:?, ap Jjajfr tf, j

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