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"Ed. S. Hirhir . FrIW.Gyer
Extort nd Nuqtrt.
SdU Be la. Oopbt, Mgr. Advertliln. Dept
Democrat Block, JTo. us ul m Ibtmt.
ijoaaMaTAsox phosb iso.
President Jatm v. Wt-tjhi
Vice-President... . A iTrcir
1 I,, - x rJUM
-...Fsed W. Gatir
.WrLT.TAV T. Biwns
Bb. H. Da LiCOUBT.
Entered at the Postoffloe at Akron, Ohio, as
' Beoond-Clagg Mall Matter.
Delivered Every Evening by Carrier Boy
ByMaU2J0 - . . jujtorSlx Months
Official Paper of the City of
NO. 180.
Since the collapse of the Franklin
syndicate, a number of concerns that
were organized on similar lines have
considered, it expedient to go out of
business. This is one blessing for
which a great many people have rea
son to be thankful.
An UNUSUAiiiiY large proportion
of the members of Ohio's new Gen
eral Assembly will be lawyers. "With
such an array of talent in control of
the law-making function,there ought
lo be no unconstitutional legislation
this time.
If zt's notlese majesty, theDEMO
Cbat suggests that a new depart
ment be added to the public service.
Xet the government send out bulle
tins announcing the daily changes in
the official titles of Colonel Dick.
On and after tomorrow don't forget
that it -will be Major General Dick.
Just to be in fashion, Cuyahoga
county's Republican delegation to
the Legislature is hopelessly divided
because of Senator Hanna's attempt
to dictate how the delegation shall
organize. Cuyahoga county will cut
about as much figure in the Legisla
lature as it does in political conven
tions. The Jackson Day Banquet that
is being planned by the Akron Dem
ocratic Club for the evening of Jan
uary 8, will be well worth attending.
Local Democrats should attend the
meeting at City Hall next "Wednes
day night, when the preliminary ar
Tangements for the banquet will bg
Editor Eaynolds of the Sunday
"World weeps with Adjutant General
Axline because ho did not get the
nomination for Major General of the
Ohio National Guard, and at the
same time rejoices with Col. Dick
because ha got it at Axline's ex
pense. Here is non-partisanism with
a double head.
It is announced that Ex-Marshal
Haskill of Ashtabula thinks he has
such a cinch upon the appointment
as U. S. District Marshal thathehas
already chosen his deputies, W. E.
Cook of Ashtabula and Robert Hi
lands of Cuyahoga county. As there
is no record of Mr. Haskill's having
sent anything to Col. Dick, not even
a pony, his friends are wondering
upon what particular pull he hangs
his confidence.
v The Democrat is informed that
Capt. Aaron "Wagoner of Akron will
be the new chairman of the Board of
"Control, Ohio Penitentiary. Ths is
one' of the most influential and
responsible positions of public trust
whichit is the privilege of Governor
elect Nash 'to confer upon his friends.
The appointment of Capt. Aaron
Wagoner wouid be a guaranty to the
-people of Ohio that the chairman
ship is incompetent and trustworthy
If Judge NAsh and the National
Administration continue the great
and good work of promising jobs to
Summit county's deserving Repub
licans, the Democrats ought to have
things pretty much their own way,
especially after the promises are all
redeemed and the three hundred or
more favored ones go away to take
their offices. And in the trip-hammer
language of the Beacon, who
but "a small, narrow-minded and
jaundiced individual" would even
BUggest that all of the promises will
not "be redeemed?
6ITR APES (a iff ) (X3U N C I U3
. The best soap to wash with
(or for a grocer to sell) is Fels
Naptha ; because it washes
better with half the usual
work, and the grocer returns
the money, if not.
Fcls & Cc. makers, Philadelphia.
Philadelphia After the Convention.
Philadelphia, Dec. A. Within the
week every effort will be made by the
Citizens' Republican National Conven
tion association to organize the city to
raise the campaign fund of 8100.000 re
quired to induce the Republican Na
uoial Committee to select Phildelphia
for the convention nest year.
Colonel Mccrnnx to (3omo Home.
Washington-, Decs 4.-United States
Consul Macram, af-Pretona, has been
tempoEK-LT ftEEP-inte.O. ,
"We desire "to say a few words to
our patrons on the subject of en
graving. Sterling Silver
Articles '
Have become very popular for
HOLIDAY GIFTS and nearly every
article 60 purchased is to be en
graved. Although we have three
engravers on our Xmas work, we
have never been able to do all of
the work that we have been asked to
do and certainly this year will be no
exception. The only help for this
that we can suggest, is to make
your selections in this lino as early
as possible. "We will take care of
them for you until the day before
Xmas if desired.
J. B. Storer & Co.
116 South Howard Street
Continued From First Page.
the financial arrangement is so satis
factory that the lodge has already
begun to grow, and the old members
take a new interest in all its affairs.
The team will again drill this week.
The music during initiation is espec
ially fine. Sewing society this Wed
nesday. Come early as the para
phernalia of the team is to be cleaned
and much sewing is to be done.
Sons of St. George.
Akron Lodge Sons of St. George
held a well attended meeting and
elected the following officers for the
ensuing term: President, Joseph
Bryant; vice-president, Jos. Wigley ;
financial secretary, Wm. B. Cook;
assistant secretary, Thomas Bell;
treasurer, Jos. Hugill; mess, Harry
Brownsward. Every brother should
turn out Wednesday nightjfor instal
lation. Important business is before
the lodge.
Royal Arcanum.
Provident Council will hold an im
portant meeting next Wednesday
evening at 7 :30 o'clock. Especial at
tention is called for this meeting as
officers are nominated for the ensu
ing year.
M. W. of A.
Akron Camp M. W. of A. met last
Monday and nominated officers for
the election to be held Monday. M.
P. Brunner was reported on the sick
list, and neighbor Warner is on the
mend and soon will be able to go to
work again. The camp will give
their annual dance and banquet soon.
Our head council, W. A. Northcott,
""will give a lecture in Canton Wed
nesday evening and a large number
of Akron Woodmen will attend the
same and all who go will be well
paid for their trouble.
K. 0. T. M.
Many of the Sir Knights will at
tend the reception to be given by the
L. O. T. M. to Supreme Commander
Lillian M. Hollister and Supreme
Record Keeper Bina M. West, of
Port Huron, at McHherson Hall
Tuesday night.
I. 0. F.
Court Pride met Tuesday evening
with a good attendance. One candi
date was given the degree of Fores
try. Wo have several candidates to
initiate and other important matters
to attend to at our next meeting.
TSvcry member should be present, as
this is the time for the election of of
ficers and in order to secure a good
staff every member should partici
pate. Daughters cf St. George.
Daughters of St. George will meet
in their hall Friday. All members
are requested to be present, as it is
nomination of officers. Sewing so
ciety will meet all day to sew.,
Abraham Lincoln U. V. U.
A. Dincoln Command had a large
attendance at its last meeting, it
being election night. The following
officers were elected: Colonel, Wm.
McNeil; Lieut. Col., S. M. Buck
master; Major Abbitt, Q. M., A. F.
Hawn; chaplain, Michael Capper;
officer of the day, Com. Goodin; of
fie'erof theguard,Com. Clawson. In
stallation will take place Jan 6. Gen.
N. B. Mason is expected here to in
stall the officers. There will be no
meeting of the command Saturday,
Jan. 9, as the W. V. R. U. will serve
an oyster supper on that occasion,
from 4 to 8 o'clock, at which time
the public will be invited.
The Cure that Cures
Whooping Cough, Asthma,
Bronchitis and Incipient
Consumption, Is
The German remedy
CUT4S fevoA.'MvA Vw AtettB
iS4iJja Amivste. 25c50tVs
by Force
That Jinny Given Out as Being Killed
and Wounde I at the right at the liver.
HIS Uattle Expected at Coleno, Boera
Belts' Slasssd There Tor Resistance.
Loroox, Dec. 4. The war cilica pub
lishes the following dispatch from Capo
"The transport Ismore is ashore on
tne rocks in St. Helena bay. The troops
have been safely lauded, but the horses
are still on board. H. M. S. Doris and
Niobe, with the transport Columbian,
have gone to her assistance.
"Colonel Kekewich reports undei
date of Thursday, Nov. 30, that the
Bechuanalanu police captured the Boei
laager west of Kimberley, Tuesday,
Nov. 23.
"Communication by searchlight with
Kimberley has been established from
ilodder river." ,
As surmised, tne British dead and
wounded at the hard fought battle
of ilodder river numbers hundreds.
Only the bare total, 452, of which num
ber 76 wero killed, had been given oat.
The revised list of casualties, nou
commissioned officers and men, is di
vided as follows: Ninth Laucers, 1
wounded; engineers, 2 wounded; artil
lery, 3 killed, 25 wounded; Second
Coldstreams, 10 killed, 5G wounded;
third Grenadiers, 9 killed, 3S wounded,
4 missing; Scots Guards, 10 killed, 37
wounded. ,1 missing; Northumberland
Fusiliers, 11 killed, 34 wounded; First
Northumberlands, 3 wounded; Second
Yorkshire, 9 killed, 44 wennded; First
North Lancashire. 3 killpd, 16 wounded,
Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, la
killed, 91 wounded, 2 missing; First
Coldstreams, 20 wounded; South Afri
can reserve, 1 wounded; medical corps,
1 wounded; Remington guides, 3
Durban, Natal, Tuesday, Nov. 2S.-
The Natal Mercury published the foL
lowing dispatch from its correspondent
at irere:
"The Bosrs have reconcentrated at
their old positions near Colenso. back oi
Groblers Kloof, aud every thine points to
a determined attemDt to nrevent tlia
British "crossiuc the Tugela river.
"The reports of wanton destruction of
property by Boer looters are confirmed."
Pretoria, Monday, Nov. 27, via Lou
renso Marques, Dec. 3. Commandant
Delarey has reported to President Kru
ger that the Burghers, in spite of their
determined defeuse at Gras Pan. Nov.
25, wero completely surrounded by the
British and were compelled to retire.
Pretoria, M6uday, Nov. 27. The
Boer commander on the western border
reports tnat 12 Burghers were killed
and 40 wounded in the fighting at Bel
mout. Pretoria, Sunday, Nov. 28. Com
mandant Dutmot (probably Dutoit)
sent the following report to the council
of war from Kimberley:
"Early yesterday the British made a
sortie, supported by cannon and Max
ims. Under cover of darkness they ad
vanced in the direction ot Blosmhof.
Two hundred Burghers encountered
them and I brought up an additional
100. Nina Burghers were killed and 17
wounded. The British left two on the
grouud, but an ambulance removed
Pretoria, Tuesday, Nov. 28. The
Boer laager at Derderpoort was at
tacked last Saturday by a stong force of
the. Natal mounted police. Mr. Bar
nard, a member of the volksraad, was
Losdox, Dec 4. Dispatch reached
London announcing' that Lord Methuen
was agun in the field, and it was also
said that Count Gleichen, who was
wounded in 'tha fighting at Modder
river, was struck by a bullet -in the
Serious news came from the northern
sections of Capo Colouy. The'whole
border district, between Colesborg aud
Bnrghersdorp declared for the Boers,
In Nentersted alone more than 2,000
joined the rebellion. The farmers
formed a commaudering committee and
talked confidently of a triumphant
march on Cape Town. Gen. Buller's
proclamation was torn down and tram
pled upon and the loyalists were bidden
Second Wert Yorkshire regiment
to hurry to Cape Town to prepare ceSEee
for the rebels.
The official list showed that a modifi
ration was made in the command of the
Sixth division. Instead of Lieutenant
Sir Charles Mausfield Clarke, the' com
mander will be Major General Thomas
Kelley-Kenney, inspector general of
auxiliary forces and recruiting, with
Major General Knox and Major General
Clements as brigade commanders.
Four Steamers Detained.
New Xprk, Dec. 4. Four steamers
frnm; Santos, Brazil, with coffee, are de
tamed at Quarantine, having come trom
a bubonic plaguo port. They are the J.
W. Taylor, Roman Prince, Lasseh and
"Regusa. j
Joseph lSrotvn Dead.
St. Louis, Dec. 4. Joseph Brown,
ex-mayor of St. Louis, died here of 3
complication of diseases, aged 57 years.
Before he entered politics ho was prob
ably the most prominent steamboatmaa
on western waters.
rennsjliania Railroads.
HAitKiSBUitQ, Dec. 4. The total mile
age of the steam railway companies
operating in Pennsylvania for the fiscal
ypar ended Juno , SU last, as shown by the
forthcoming annual report ot the bureau
of railways, was 10,30S.95 miles, while
the number reported tor last year was
10,29-MS miles. The increase ot milo
age within fhe state as tho result of the
new lines, constructed is "76.01 miles.
An Easy Way io Keep Well.
It is easy to keep well if we would
only observe each day a few simple
rules of health.
The all important thing is to keep
the stomach right and to do this it is
not necessary to diet or to follow a
set rule or bill of fare. Such pamper
ing simply makes a capricious appe
tite and a feeling that certain favor
ite articles of food must be avoided.
Prof. Wiechold gives pretty good
advice on this subject, he says: "I
am OS years old and have never had
a serious illness, and at the same
time my life has been largely an in
door one, but I early discovered that
the way to keep healthy was to keep
a healthy stomach, not by eating
Dran crackers or dieting of any sort;
on the contrary I always eat what my
appetite craves, but for the past
eight years I have made it a daily
practice to take one or two of Stu
arfs Dyspepsia Tablets after each
meal andl attribute my robust health
for a man of my age to the regular
daily use of Stuart's Tablets.
My physician first advised me to
use them because he said they were
perfectly harmless and were not a
secret patent medicine,but contained
only the natural digestives, peptones
and diastase, and after using them a
few weeks I have never ceased to
thank him for his advice.
I honestly believe the habit of
taking Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets
after meals is the real health habit,
because their use brings health to the
sick and ailing and preserves health
to the well and strong.
Men and women past fifty years of
age need a safe digestive after meals
to insure a perfect digestion and to
ward off disease, and the Bafest. best
known and most widely used is Stu
art's Dyspepsia Tablets.
They are lound in every well regu
lated household from Maine to Cali
fornia and in Great Britain and Aus
tralia are rapidly pushing their way
into popular favor.
All druggists sell Stuart's Dyspep
sia Tablets, full sized pkcrs. at 50c
and for a weak stomach a fifty cent
package will often do fifty dollars
worth of good.
To Kelease Labor Leaden.
Indianapolis. Dec. 4. President
Mitchell of the United Mine Workers of
America said that the organization
would put up any amount of bond re
quired for tne release of National Or
ganizer Kelley, who was arrested at
Springfield, Ills. He said habeas corpus
proceedings had been instituted for the
ielease oi National Executive Commit
ruau Reese.
Want Curlew at Toledo.
Toledo, Dec. 4. Membera of the
Woman's Christian Temperance union,
clergymen and other church workers
called a meeting for Tuesday afternoon
Bt one of the local churches to memori
alize the common council to pass a cur
lew ordinance. Nine o'clock' was agreed
as the time limit for minors to be ou the
streets at night.
Retail Prices.
Dec. 4, 3 p. m. Butter, creamery
30c. country 2oc, lara lUc; eggs 24c
to 28c; chickens, 14c per lh. dressed,
spring chicken. 14c a lb.
Corn, ear 20c per1 bushel,
shelled 40c; oats 30 to 32c; hay 75c
a hundred; straw 35c a hundred.
Lettuce 19 tQ 20c per pound. Head
lettuce 25c.
Radishes, three bunches for'lOc. ,
Cucumbers 15c apiece,,
Tomatoes 25c a lb.
Celery 10c a bunch. r
Potatoes, 50c a bu.
Home grown cabbage,5 to 12c head
Caulifower, 10 to 25c a head.
Hubbard squash, 2c a lb.
Parsnips 25c a peck.
Turnips, 15c a peck.
Vegetable oysters 7c a bunch.
Turkeys, dressed 12 to 14.
Ducks, dressed 12 to 14.
Wholesale Prices.
Wheat 67c; oats 26c; corn,
ear, 15 to 17c, corn, shelled, 35c; hay,
13; rye, 58c.
Butter, creamery, 26)c; country
18 to 20c; lard, 6to6Jc; eggs, 22c;
chickens, live 7 to 8c, dressed 10 tollc.
Navy beans, $1.75; marrowfat
beans $2.40.
Potatoes 40c.
Cured hides. No. 1, 10iNo. 2, 9c,
green,No. 1, 8c, No. 2 73c, cured
calf skins. No. 1, lie. No. 2, 9Kc:
green, No. 1, 9c; No. 2, 10c ; tallow,
No. 1,43 to 4Kc ; sheep pelts, 76c to $1,
sheep skins, 75c to $1.
Pork, dressed, 5 to SHve 3 to 4c ;
beef, dressed, 6o to 8Jc, live
3 to 6c; mutton, live. 3)c to4e;
dressed, 6c to 8o; spring lamb,
8Kt9c pork, loins, 8c; veal, live
4 to Gc, dressed, 8 to 8c.
Sugar-cured ham, 9o to 10c;
shoulder, 7 to 7Jc; California ham,
S to 7c; bacon, 8 to 9c; dried beef,
10 to 16c; lard, simon pure, yt
in tub; 6jc in tierces; country
kettle 6c; pure lard, 6c. ,
Hemlock bill stuff $19 per m
Norway bill stuff $23 per m
Yellow pine siding No. 1 $27 per m
Yellow pine flooring No. 1 common
$25 per m
Yellow pine ceiling No. 1 $27 per m
White pine lath No. 1, $6.00 per m
White pine lath No. 2 $5.G0 per 1000
Clear red cedar shingles $d.50 per
Clear hemlock shingles $2.75 per
Until you get our prices and see
our grades.
The Hankey Lumber Co.,
"Wholesale and retail dealers In
.. l-U!SV!se:r..
And manufacturers ot
Sash, Doors, Blinds, Etc.
1036 South -Main St. - Akron, O.
Phone 29.
Billow & Sons
..FuneraJ Dlrcotors..
Warehouse, Ash st.
Office. Ash t foot of Mill.
Homo Seekers Excursions
To the south, southwest, west and
northwest. Dec. 5 and 19. See C. D.
Honodle. Union depot, Akron, Ohio,
steamship and railroad agent, for
rates and full information.
Deposit Co.
Becomes surety on bonds of Contrac
tors, Officers and Employees of
banks. Mercantile Houses, Railroad,
Express and Telegraph Companies,
Officials of States, Cities and
Graham I
Central Office Block
Phone 279
GEORGE C HUGILL has opened a
coal office at 625 East Mill St., (old
stand of T.W.McCue), and solicits
the trado of all his friends and
former patrons. Estimates on all
kinds of stone work cheerfully given
Jobbing promptly done. Telephone
- 5- Friess
Imported & Domestic Wines
Recommended by physicians for
medical ana table use.
Money ftaf
In any amount. 5 to 7 per .cent. Rate
of interest depends on amount want
ed and security offered. Call up 15
and find out our terms. No delay, if
you want money quick.
Plumbing and Heating.
Repairing steam and hot water sys
tems and steam fitting a specialty.
Engelhart & Eskari
311 Mill S.
Don't GO Out of Town
to get tickets printed. My system of print
ing tickets without loss to the customer is
not excelled bj- any printer on earth. Per
sonal supervision of the entire work by the
proprietor himself Is the way It Is done at
this office.
Give mo your next order, largo or s,mall.
I will guarantee satisfaction. In " other
words, I will pay cash valun for tickets
printed at this offlco which wero not sold
by authorized persons.
1-1 rating
Safety Ticket Printer, 105 Main st.
Everett Building. Tel. 24i.
MniTAirr dahcthg academy.
Beginners' Class Monday evenings,
8 o'clock: Advance Class Wednesdav
evenings, 8 o'clock. Private Instruc
tions by appointment. Muslo fur
nished for parties, etc. Hall can be
rented for dances, concerts, etc.
Call at Academy between 0 nnd 11
a.m. and 1:80 to 4:SO p.m. W. A.
Barron, residence, No. 701 East Mill
SHAW'S PURE MALT. Perfect as a
beverage or medicine. It prevents
chills and tones up the system. It
exhilerates and does not poison.
Sold by Wm. Washer, Akron, O.
Grand Opera House
Wilbur F. Stickle, Mgr.
The Irving-FrenchCo., three nights
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
Monday, Dec. 4, "A Runaway
Popular prices 10c, 20c and 30c.
Ladies'frree tho opening night, if
accompanied by an escort with one
paid 30 cent ticket.
If you want scientific Shoeing see
Prof. RICH
The best of help. Kind Treatment
and all work guaranteed.
If you have lame horses, let us
cure them.
RICH, The Horseshoer,
Phone 832. . 411 South main st
a cordial invitation
is extended to all to CALL AT
Full line of Domaitio and Im
ported goods.
709 S. ftlain st.
Telephone 1511.
otlce is hereby gu en thnt an estimated
assessment of tho cost and expense of con
structing a locul sewer In Harvard street,
from Thornton street lo Russell aCenuo,
hn been mode upon the lots and lands
benellted by the improvement,. and men
tioned in an ordiimnco providing therfor.
passed October 2, ltOT, and 13 nov.- file In the
office of tho city clerk for the inspection
and examination of tho persons Interested
By order of tho City Council.
City Clerk.
Nov 27 Dec 1 11
Homcscokcrs' Excursion.
Tickets on sale Dec. 5 and 19. to
many points -in tho northwest, south
and southwest. See W. E. Lngdon
for routes, rates and any informa
Fidelity &
City Notice
John Canfield, millionaire lumber
man, died at Nistce, Mich., aged 03
Mrs. Alpheus B. SricKnoy, wife of the
president of the Chicago Great Western
railway, died at her home iu St. Paul
after au illuess ot two years.
Abraham A. Van Vorst, who was
mayor ot Schenectady, N. VT., tor two
years, nied iu liis U4tn year.
Charles Potter, Jr.. tho printing press
inventor, died at his home in flaiuneld,
N. J., aged 75 years.
At Akron, O., Mrs. Nora Cargould,
aged 60, fell down a flight of stairs ano
broke her neck.
At Keystone, W. Va., Abraham Col
iins was shot and probably fatally in
lured by Eph Mounts, over a card
David Dickson, a wealthy farmer' ot
Burg Hill, near Sharon, Pa., was
waylaid by footpads, who took his
watch and niouey.
At Warren, O., E. P. Robinson, a De
troit traveling man, was takeu siuit and
went to Bristol, where it developed that
he is suuermg trom smallpox.
Claude Tnttle, a merchant ot Green
Serines, near TilHu, O, died suddenly
in company with a stranger, and the
coroner will investigate tho case.
One of the workmen iu the new Ells
worth coal lield, near Beutleyville, Pa.,
was held up by three negroes, who. re
lieved him of j50 and about $S0 iu orders.
Near Greensburg, Pa., Jerry Butz
was held up and robbed by two un
known men, who took his watch and a
small sum of money and then tied him
'to a telegraph pole."
A disastrous wreck occurred at Tiffin,
O., iu tho Baltimore and Ohio yards,
two freights coming together, demolish
ing both engines aud many cars. The
damage is estimated at 5J0.O00. lo one
was injured.
A wreck on the Nehart branch of the
Great Northern resulted in tha death of
three men aud the destructioirof au en
gine and 10 cars. The dead are: En
gineer L. A. Daniels, Fireman Patrick
J. Riley and Brateman Ednunston.
Health Officer Doty removed to Swin
burne island for observation Third En
giheer Story of the steamer J. W. Tay
lor from Santos. It is suspected that he
has tho bubonic plague. Plaguo pa
tients wero reported dohiR well.
In London Mrs. Lobengula, who was
Miss Jewell before she married the al
leged son cf tho African king, Loben
gula, having become infatuated with
him at the time of the Earlbcourt South
African exhibition in August, had Lo
bengula arrested for robbery and as-
EaUlt. --'ft3r
An attempt was made to wreck a
Northwestern eastbound Colorado spe
cial at State Center, la., but it was frus
trated by the watchfulness of the tower
operator, who observed two men plac
ing ties on the track, and flagged the
tram. The ties were removed and the
train proceeded without any damage be
ing done.
Chairman John S- Rilling, of the
Democratic state committee announced
that in pursuance of the resolution
passed by the Democratic executive
committee in this city a week ago ho
has appointed as a committee to investi
gate the falling off of the Democratic
vote the following: J. F. Ancona,
Reading; William R. Briuton, Lan
caster, and Johu Cavanaugh, West
While walking along the river shore
at Pipe creek, 15 miles below Wheeling,
Edward Martin, a young farmer, found
in tne river a small wooden box. with
slats nailed across the box. which was
floating near the shore, in which "he dis
covered a humau leg and foot; which
had been carefully wrapped in paper.
A physician declared it was not tite.
work of a surgeon. Foul playissus-J
Appreciation Shown for Fastor.
Detkoit, Dec. 4. Rev. Lee S, Mc
Collester, who recently received a call
to the pastorate of the Universalist
church in Worcester, Mass.. had in
formed the trustees of the church of
Our Father that he would forego ac
ceptance if the indebtedness of upwards
of $20,000 was cleared at once. It was
announced to Sunday's congregation
that one of the wealthy members had
offered to give S15.000. Jlore than
53,000 was subscribed by those present
and the balance is expected.
Increrso For Mexican Veterans.
Lexington, Kr.. Dec. 4.-General
Wilbur R. SmnJ se retary ot the Na
tional Associatio: ot dexican War "Vet
erans, wrote lettt s to prominent men
nsmng their assistance with congress
for increased pensions for Mexican vet
erans, who numbered about 9,000 and
were passing away at the rate of almost
1,000 per yeav.
Orlentnl Hnznor.
Some of the similes used by oriental
advertisers are as remarkable for hu
mor and naivete as even those of the
immortal Sam Weller. Here are one
or two specimens which have recently
appeared In eastern newspapers:
"Goods dispatched as expeditiously
as-a cannon ball."
"Parcels done up with as much care
as that bestowed on her husband by a
loving wife."
"Paper tough as elephant's hide."
"The print of our books is clear as
crystal; the matter elegant as a sing
ing girl."
"Customers treated as politely as by
the rival steamship companies."
"Silks and satins smooth as a lady's
cheek and colored like the rainbow."
London Answers.
She SHenccU Greeley.
Horace Greeley once had a discus
sion with an advocate of women's
suffrage shortly before the American
civil war. He was using as his final
argument the Inability of women to
fight. "What would you do, for in
stance," he asked nis friend, "in the
event of war?"
"Just what you would do, Mr. Gree
ley." she replied promptly. "I should
ftay in an office aud write articles urg
ing other people to go and fight."
Question ot Love.
"I wonder," he said, "if I ought to be
"What's happened?" asked his frlena.
"Why, I went to her father and saJd
that, because of my deep love for his
daughter, I wanted to marry her."
"Well, he said that, because of his
deep love for his daughter, he wouldn't
permit it. Sow, do you think that 1
ought to be mad or just disappointed?"
Chicago Post.
Disposed to Dc DItter.
"If there is anything I despise," said
one diplomat, "it Is a practical Joke."
"I feel the same way about It," an
swered the other, as he laid down his
newspaper, "and I know what I'm
talking about. I was a delegate to the
peace conference at The Hague."
Washington Star. -
Telephone 4T8. 127 North Howard st.
One-iialf the cost of making beer is paid for labor. The employ
ment of labor at good wages, by her institutions, is the life of any city.
Why not then, if you drink beer
Drink Renner'stS: Lager Beer
ud keep the money that you pay for it in circulation at home?
Golden Band Bottled Beer, in pints or quarts . - . Tel. 30
Full line of Chandoliers for Gas and Electric Light, Porta
bles, Brackets, Globes, Shades, "Wellsbach Lamp for Natural
and Artificial Gas. Largest and newest stock in the city.
Call and sec before buying;
203 E. Market st. Tel.
Dou't wait nor waste your money
in building, when you can buy that
brand new South Main st. dwelling,
just at end of pavement for about
$250 less than it 'would cost you to
build. J. I. BACHTEL,
188 South Howard st.
Fresh and Pure
You can well depend on the quality
of our drugs. Yoa can also de
pend on the way we put them to
gether. Our compounbing insures perfect
medicines. "
"We have some standard remedies
which we prepare for market, and
tho best.of the proprietary medicines
at all times.
He Didn't Darrnce.
He Do you dawnce?
She (Tvho has been Informed that he
Is a bore-No.
He Neither do I. Let's spend the
evening.just talking to each other.
Thero never was a portrait made of
Ethan Allen. The heroic style of statno
of the hero in the national capitol is an
PCMthMter JCaxUil 9tum Smnf.
W HSTV Original and unlrwenalnc
unrein ror caiAstr ngiu ma .
moiU Brand la IE! ud fcU mruUta
boM.w&UJirlttfalatritftoa. Tale
naathcr. Jttfutt dancercu 5 nm
Hon, attnt (nuMfioft. At Drurrtaia. ar ml la.
la tuns fr vrtjaalw. tetimcUl ta
"Uellef for Laillca, n ttic-r. k, retvrm
WWiULMuOrumu MlUAU.a-. t
U Sewing
Far Sowlnir Ma.
ccies, i jrewriters.
Firs Arms, etc The
Hlsiiest Crcic. Get It
from your dealer.
vd - 8
tLl LSff I
F7 3
V Pw
If you are interested In
Crown and Bridge "Work, can't be beat.
Prices are consistent. Gold fillings $1
and up. Best teeth $8.00.
Philadelphia Dental Rooms
126 South Main st
Open ovenings. Sundays 10 to 1.
195. Res. 74T.
Cutlery For the Holidayf
"We sell the best and most reliable
makes in &
Carving Sets I
Knives and Forlis I
And all kinds of C u -fc I o ry.
Rifles, Guns, Revolvers
and Ammunition.
Loaded Shells of all kinds.
Sporting goods of every
Rohrbacher & Allen!
Builders' Hardware, Nails,
Paints, Glass, Oil, Etc. 1
Tel. 70. 170 S. Howard sL f
I Are You Going to Have I
I Your Picture Taken I
Or one -enlarged or copied? If
you are don't fail to look over
our mammoth display bpfore
you have it done.
We have the Photographs
We have the Crayons
We have the Pastels 2
We have the Water Colors Z
All artisticallyarranged on our x
walls, the best that money can $
buy, and last but not least we g
are the people to buy of, be- x
cause you will get the highest
quality and best satisfaction.
x Photographer and
Portrait Artist.
First Clas
Akron Photo Eng. Co.
G03 South Main st.
Walsh & Co!)
Is the place to buy
Climax Stoves, Ranges
and House Furnish
ing Goods.
Un trims, Ammunition .ana
Hunting Coats.
llrtnfw VJn "....-I -.
.us sine iu
the principles of
Hot Air Furnace
You will say. like others
have said : "it is the BEST
in the market."
No. 10S0 South Main st.
Near Hankoy Lumber Co.
Phono 1C41.
f. V2.
, TE. "- 'il
r "-!- ,'tM
. "if
J. .
. - -3 .
, V-J

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