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Edw. S. Karter Frd W,
Editors and Manigtn.
Ed H. Di La. COUBT, Met. JLdrrrtltlni; Drpt
Democrat Block, Xoi. lis and UT Haln it,
&OXS OISTAJfCX thoxb 180.
Freildent .
oniciis aicd siKscroxs.
lrm Vr f3l wn
.....I in .A T . X4A.AA.
Eow. 8. fisTZB. Jho. IIcNailaka
ED. 11. 1)E IjA UOUBT.
Entered at the Postofflce at Akron, Ohio, as
Second-CUu Mall Matter.
Delivered Every Erenlnr by Carrier Boy
ByilalllSXO - - - 1JS for Blx Months
Official Paper of thi City of
NO. 180.
The Deader of Thursday, in its
fulsome praise of Mr. Sullivan, Mark
Hanna's new District Attorney,
"He represented Mr. Hanna as
attorney during the life of the con
spiracy which had been formed for
the purpose of impugning the Senator'
method of obtaining his election."
As Mr. "Wackford Squeers re
marked when he presented the mug
of watered milk to the bound-out
boy, "here's richness !"
"Impugning" is especially good
and ought to be copyrighted.
Any man who has read the repon
of the committee which did thi
"impugning," with an honest desin
to learn the truth, knows just whai
"the Senator's method" was, ana
that nothing more disreptuable orei
6mirched the election Henry of B.
Payne or Calvin S. Brice disrepu
table as these were.
"We, however, call attention to th(
fact that the services of Mr. HannaV
attorney in the "impugning" busi
ness, were limited to instructing
witnesses, who had been sworn ti
tell the whole truth, not to answei
Ab a prosecuting officer, chargec
with exposing and punishing crime
Mr. Sullivan will, no doubt, profi
by this valuable experience. O
course he will be satisfied when
criminal, on the advice of his lawyer
refuses to answer, and will pursiu
the inquiry no further, butwill agre
that the whole thing is nothing bu
n "conspiracy," gotten up for th
purpose of "impugning" Mr. Bil
Smith's peculiar "method" of burg
ling or tapping tills.
Later on this same experience will
perhaps fit him for the duties of hi
office in enforcing the federal anti
trust laws. Declining to answei
questions is right in the trust line,
and as Senator Hanna says he nevei
has seen a trust, Mr. Sullivan's modi
of getting the truth out of witnesse
by advising them not to speak it
may keep Mr. Hanna from eve
getting sight of a trust, a thing
greatly to be wished, as the spectack
might frighten him.
If some poor devil of a striker i;
caught talking with his neighbor oj.
the street corner, and is "haled
before the Judge" for it, and hie
attorney tells him to keep mute, ol
course Sullivan will agree that
silence is not contempt and all at
tempts to get the truth outof him are
only so many conspiracies "formed
for the purpose of impugning" hit
"methods" of striking.
Seriously, considering Sullivan's
known connection with Hanna's
election and the "impugning" of the
"method" of it, the appointment is
one of the most grisly sarcasms
upon the administrations of public
(S.: t T- sr. i- T k-C'C'Vv
iS iS iJS :5 i2 - r vS . :i iSt -"i ff
The Proper
Thin? For
Young Ladies.
116 South Howard st.
Senator Thurston, and a host of
others are each contending for the
honor of having written the gold
plank of the St. Louis platform. A
trifle more than three years ago
these same gentlemen were falling
over themselves trying to get out
from under the responsibility for the
There has been no abatement of
the Hon. Cbas. Grosvenor'6 zeal to
be recognized as President McKin
ley's spokesman in Congress.
Of Next Year's Team.
The pie counter continues to lie the
center of attraction at "Washington
no longer equal to each other, and a
"logical" axiom is violated.
Since the above was in type wc
have learned that at the caucus ol
the Ohio Congressional delegation,
held Thursday night, E. L. Lampson
of Ashtabula county was agreed
upon as reading clerk of the House.
Lampson is another of the steppers
isido in favor of the "logical candi
Jate," and he too has his reward.
But the stoppors from Summi:
county stepped earlier and louder,
md there are more of them than
'rom all the other counties put to
gether. Perhaps they may be taken
are of later. Just now, however.
Dick seems to be taking care of "for
:ign labor," instead of "protecting
aome industry." This must be ac
counted a sin in McKinley's eyes.
But maybe our home talent is no!
pressing its claims. Speak up, gen
lemen; don't be backward about
joining forward; be on hand whou
Dick calls "next."
Presented at the Bazaar
Made a Hit.
Annual Sale of Mary Day Nursery
Pretty Articles In Booths.
The annual bazaar for the
benefit of the Mary Day Kursery
opened Friday in Militant hall. It
will close Saturday evening. The
interior of the hall proper has been
artistically decorated. Upon three
sides booths have been arranged and
many articles, ornamental and use
ful, are for sale.
At the north side of the hall a
stage has been erected and before it
Friday evening awaited a large au
Jience of Akron's society people
'The Man from Arizona," is the
aameofa charming little play pre
sented by Fred "Work, "W. B. Doyle
Miss Elizabeth Alden and Miss Bes
ie Mason. It was well received and
trill be repeated tonight.
Ralph Chamberlain Was
Unanimous Choice.
Interest In Athletics
High School.
tween the Eureka and Peerless
teams. The former won by 1G3 pins.
Score Eureka 891; Peerless 725.
The Eurekas broke the alley record
for five-men teams. It was formerly
held by the Peerless club, who
bowled 871 last year. "Wolf. of. the
Eurekas has the highest individual
score in the tournament. He bowled
203 in Friday night's contest.
The Tip Top Cycle club bowled a
practice game at Berrndin's Friday
night. After the game Henry Dech,
the prize winner, treated the club to
Great Game.
The question of the foot ball cham
pionship of the West is being settled
to-day on the gridiron at Madison,
Wis., where the teams of the Uni
versity of Chicago and the Univers
ity of "Wisconsin are struggling for
the title.
Exhibition Bouts Pleased Crowd
Friday Night.
Alfred Rose Challenged Simms
Local Sporting News.
By the way: Sullivan, as soon as
Mr. Korthway was dead, saw in Dick
the "logical candidate" for his place.
He stepped aside for the "logical
candidate," and verily he has his
Judge Tibbals of Akron also recog
nized Mr. Dick as the "logical candi
date," and he too stood to one side,
although he inwardly sort of thought
he had some claim to the place
Since Dick was admitted on all
hands to be'the "logical candidate,''
the transaction, put in logical form,
would stand thus:
Sullivan thought Dick was the
"logical candidate."
So did Judge Tibbals.
Sullivan cheerfully stepped aside.
So did the Judge.
Sullivan gets a fat job.
But the Judge remains, and is
likely to, in the outer darkness of
Things equal to the same thing are
Speaking of Judge Tibbals, a BatL
ownship man told us the other da
hat in the campaign of 1896 tht
fudge asked him how the Bath folk1
elt on the money question.
Tho man replied that they wer
iretty much all bi-metallists oi
rinciple. ,
The Judge said he was too: tha
he St. Louis platform pledged thi
Republican party to that cause, and
hat McKinley was the honestes'
u-metallist anywhere.
Now that the party has throwi
side all pretenses of bi-metallism.
.nd bills aro before Congress at Mc
vinley's instigation, declaring foi
singlo gold standard, we wondei
.ow the Judge will explain tho thin?
o tho Bath man when he meets him
Then again, it is not so many yean
'go that Judge Tibbals was praising
he Republican party for paying ofi
he national debt so rapidly, ano
tromising its speedy extinction ii
he same party could be continued iii
ower a few years.
The Bath township man may want
o know what he thinks of this same
)iil which provides for keeping tht
lebt perpetual in the shape of long
'ime bonds, bonds which cannot be
redeemed, because they are to re
main as a permanent security for the
notes of the national banks, in favor
of which, and for the profit of which,
the government is to abdicate its
functions of finance and go out of the
banking business by thus furnishing
the capital for, .private enterprise to
go into the banking business; in
othor words, it goes out by forever
keeping in.
.ror Immense New Brew House
Heavy Sales Reported.
"Work of building the foundation
or Renner's new brew house hat
)een begun. Ten men, are at work
hi the foundation. The building
vill be completed by next June.
Mr. Ernest C. Deibel, superin
tendent and brew master at Renner's,
-aid 25,000 barrels of beer had been
sold during the past year.
Police Court.
James Simms, assault and battery.
40 and costs and 30 days. Plaintifi
ii. J. Baum.
Andrew Lehman, assault in a men
icing manner, $5 and costs and 0.
lays. Plaintiff, Miss Herman Eber
Dan Murray, vagrancy, 20 days and
Charge of potit larceny agaiusi
Louise Bergman dismissed at cost o
plaintiff, Peter Taken.
Ernest Kine, accused of driving
hrough a funeral procession. Hear
ng December 11.
Pat Sullivan, intoxication, $2 and
Woodmen's Officers.
Officers for the coming year have
een elected by Seourity camp, M
W. of A., as follows:
Venerable consul, H. A. Harring
ton; worthy adviser, A. A. Replogle:
jlerk, H. R. Russell; banker, "Wm.
vTcBarnes; escort, E. E. Chilcote.
.vatchman, A. Dolphen; sentry, P.
oelzer; physician, E. J. Cauffleld;
manager, C. E. Halter.
Masonic Officers.
Washington Chapter, Royal Arch
Masons, elected officers as followt
Friday night: "W. E. "Waugh.
high priest; Judson Thomas, king;
Dr. E. Humphrey, scribe; R. B
Wilson, captain of the host; Henrj
Bonstedt, royal arch captain; A. E.
Roach, secretary; W. A. McCellan.
treasurer; Harry F. Runyeon, g. in.
3 v.; E. L. Billow, g. m. 2 v.: O. A.
Nelson, g. m. 1 v.; J. J. Hunsicker,
Every citizen of Akron ought to be
interested in the address that is now
being sent out by the "Executive
Committee of the Chamber of Com
merce, urging Akron people to a
greater degree of sympathy and co
operation with the work of the
"It is our desire," says the Com
mittee, "to make the Akron Cham
ber of Commerce such an organiza
tion as the needs of our city require.
It therefore becomes the duty of
every business man to loyally support
such an' institution as tho Chamber
of Commerce, which labors for tho
public good."
First build up the Chamber of
Commerce, then make it an organ
ized force in behalf of Akron's wel
fare. Tho Executive Committee has
therightidea. Its work Bhould meet
with liberal encouragement, for
never has there been greater need
nor greater opportunities for intelli
gent and well directed work in
Akron's behalf than at the present
Editor .Kohlsaat, of the Chicago
Times-Herald, Senator Foraker,
Kelly December 7, to Mr. and
Mrs. Chas. Kelly, 605J AV. Exchange
st., a son.
Gallagher December 6, to Mr.
and Mrs. Mike Gallagher, 11G Lods
st., a son.
fn Dojing the remedy "To Cnre n Cold In (In
e euro the signatures of tho Inventor
ippears on etch packajto. Many worthies Imlta
lona aropat np under similar nainea and are
"aJcnlated to deceive tbo public
Card ot Thanks.
We offer our sincerest thanks to
all our friends and neighbors for the
assistance, love and sympathy which
was so freely given during the sick
ness and death of our dear and only
boy.to all those who sent the beauti
ful floral trlbutps; to the singers for
their sweet songs and to the pastor
for his words of comfort and hope,
we can only say we thank you all.
Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Irvin.
Card of Thanks.
"We desiro to express our thanks to
all our kind friends for sympathy
and assistance during the 'sickness
niiri Hmlnl nf ntir Holnvro1 tntka.t
also to the pastors and Bine-era and
Granite Lodge, I.O.O.F.. and Co
lumbia Lodge. D. of R.
.airs. ii.. wintz ana Family.
The athletic committee of the Ak
ron High school will meet Tuesday
to make arrangements for next year.
It is the intention to place a base
ball team in the field and to close
lates with High school and academy
teams in this section of the state. A
crack team is also proposed.
Annual field day exercises will be
':eld in June 1900, either at Fountain
oark or Buchtel field. This event
las proved to be a popular one with
he pupils, who take an active inter
est in all branches of athletics.
Ralph Chamberlain has been re
jected captain of the foot ball team.
Te expressed some doubt as to his
attending school next year. If he
ioes not, "William "Buck" "Washer
.vill direct the plays of the eleven.
The High school will lose six of this
year's team by graduation. There
vere a number of players on this
gear's second team who will be cau
lidates for the first team next fall.
The second team played three games,
.vinning all of them. Akron High
will have a first class eleven next
Pool Tournament.
The pool tournament at the KIrfc
vood club is exciting much atten
tion. The Winners during the past
18 hours were L. B. Lymans, R. J.
Jhalmers, G. F."5firestone, B. B.
McNeil, F. C. Kasckand C. P. Frain.
Two Defeats.
The B team won two games from
he A team on the Kirkwood alleys
7riday evening., jTe second game
vas won by one pinj The score: A
228, 1438, total 2666; B 1257, 1439,
oral 2696.
Exhibition Bouts.
The '"smoker" girn by the North
3nd Athletic club, Friday night, was
v success in everyl"fr&y. About 125
sports were present. Several excit
ng bouts were pulled off but iuter
st centered chiefly in the last one
u the program. Art Simms went
n against Johnny Dennison of
Jleveland. Dennison is the man
iimms knocked out at Rockport.
The men brushed three rounds, in
vhich Simms had clearly the best of
he contest. "Art seems to be in the
link of condition, and it is expected
hat Monday night's meet with Tom
ny White will boost him several
ounds up the pugilistic ladder. In
ntroducing the boxers, Referee
Jeorge Touhey, said that White was
mdoubtedly the world's champion,
ut he saw a new champion in Art
simms. As Simms and Dennison
stepped into the ring a stranger at
he ringside arose and said: "I
challenge either of these men to
3ght within four weeks."
"Who is the challenger?" inquired
ilr. Touhey.
"I am Alfred Rose of New York,"
.vas the reply, and tho referee said
tie might be accommodated.
The "barrel bout" between George
strap and Geo. Jenkins was a laugh
able affair with the boys evenly
matched. The N. E. A. C. qjartetto
jomposed of Fred Shank, Milo Wil
liams, Henry Stevens and Frank
Seely sang between bouts.
Four clever rounds were boxed by
George Church, colored, of Chicago,
and Jack Palmer, of Akron. Tho
rounds were fast and afforded a
great deal of genuine amusement.
Both men made many excellent
plays. Palmer forced the work and
the colored lad cleverly blocked
most of the blows. Altogether it
was one of the best exhibitions of
the evening.
A "white and black" scrap created
plenty of merriment among the spec
tators. George Shrader and Heze
kiah Alexander, both of Akron, were
the actors. The gloves of .one were
blackened while the other were
white. An exchange of blows left
coloring upon tho men and at the
close of the contest the honors were
about evenly divided.
Bill McDetrick and Jim Alexan
der, colored, gave a three-round ex
hibition. Bowling.
The bowling tournament on tho
Howard st. alleys stands as follows:
Eureka, 5 games, 3781 pins.
Crown, 5 games, 3592 pins.
Cereal, 4 games, 2929 pins.
Summit, 4 games, 2865 pins.
Peerless, 4 games, 2857 pins.
Each team will play eight games.
The contest Friday night was be-
Ninetieth Anniversary.
The Ninetieth anniversary of the
North Springfield Presbytrrian
church was celebrated today. It is
the oldest church in the county.
Jj- Oik-Is' and Boys'
$ Wirtr
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EElb-fcSo Man's Shoos
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rittibnrjr Iloucht the Tick of LouIbtIHo
l'lyers Tor 023,000.
New York, Dec. 9. W. W. Kerr
and P. L. Auten, owners of the Pitts
bargteani, paid to Harry Pulliam, presi
dent of the Louisville club, 25,090 for
the pick of the Kentucky team.
At the conference were P. L. Auten,
Barney Dreyfus, W. W. Kerr, Harry
Pulliam and Fred Clarke, and two
hours wero spent in discussing the de
tails. At the conclusion of the confer
euco Harry Pulliam was authorized to
make a statement to the public. He
"Mr. Dreyfus, who is not connected
with tho Louisville clnb now, has en
tered into partnership with Messrs. Kerr
and Auten and Fred Clarke has been
made manager of the Pittsburg team,
which has paid me $25,000 for the pick
of my team. I have the check in my
pocket and will tako it to Louisville. In
addition to this consideration the Pitts
burg club has released to mo the follow
ing players:
Gould, Dowling, Wilhelm, Chesbro,
Magee, pitchers; Fox, Deal, catchers;
Wills, first; O'Brien, second; Madison,
third; Clingman, short, aud nctcham,
Hoy and Dexter.
Tho Louisville players selected by
Pittsburg are: Waddell, Phillipi, Cun
ningham, Flaherty, Doy.d, Woods,
pitchers; Zimmer, Lattimer, catchers;
Leach, Ritchey, Kelly, infielders; Clarke
and Wagner, outfielders.
The Mollneux Trial.
N-v York, Dec. 9. In connection
with the trial of Roland B. Molineux
for the murder of Mrs. Katherino J. Ad
ams, Mamie Mullands,theyoungwoman
who cared fbr Mohneux s rooms at
Newark, through a ruse was induced to
cross the state line from New JoTsey to
Buffalo, and was placed under an-tst
and brought to New York city. It is
said that she will be compelled to testify
that Molineux was accustomed to use
the now famous bine paper surmounted
by the three interlaced crescents. Dur
ing the course of the trial the defense
admitted the identity of a certain letter
as having been written by the defend
ant, written upon blue paper with the
crescents. Expert Kinsley testified that
in his opinion Molineux wrote the ad
dress on the poison package sent to
Harry Cornish.
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Open evenings. Sundays from 10 to 3.
Policeman Charles L. Hensle and a
young woman said to be Mamie Jack
son, were found dead in a room of a
Houston street hotel, New York. They
had been killed by gas, the two jets in
the room beine found turned on. All
windows were closed tightly and the
transom ever the door was shut.
"Whether it was an accident or suicide is
not known.
A suburban passenger train on the
Burlington road ran down a handcar
bearing five men, west of the bridge at
Alton, Ills., killing two men outright
and fatally injuring two. The fifth
man escaped by jumping before the
collision came.
George W. Horton was hanged in the
district jail at Washington, D. 0., far
the murder of Jane Nicholson.
Samuel Johnson, colored, aged 22.
was hanged in the jailyard at Hagers
town, Md., for rape. He assaulted in
Jnly last Annie Kerfoot. tho 14-year-old
daughter ol a iarmer living near Wiii
iamsport, "Washington county, a few
miles from Hagerstovyn. ,
rormer City Employe Arrested.
Clevixaxd, Dec. 9. Samuel G.
Brooker, who was a clerk in the city
auditor's department during the last
city administration, under Mayor Mc
Kisson, was arrested on indictments
charging him with obtaining moneys
from the city upon false bills. This is
tne fifth arrest caused by the city coun
cil investi gation no w under way. Three
secret indictments were returned by tho
grand jury.
Habeas Corpm Writ For Keesc.
St. Louis, Dec. 9. Judge Thayer in
tho United States court granted a writ
of habeas corpus in the. case of John
Reese, one of tho members of tho execu
tive council of the United Mine Work
ers of Iowa, in jail in Fort Scott. Bour
bon county, Kan., for contempt of court.
Tho writ vfas made returrable Dec. 27.
Bail was fixed at $3,000.
Demoustratlon Against Americans.
Santiago de Cuba, Dec. 0. A meet
ing held at the Antonio Maceo clnb
to celebrato the anniversary of the death
of Maceo developed a violent demonstra
tion agaiust the Americans.
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I Cold Wave
-Also the finest line of-
Josepu C. Itonclanrt Dead.
New York, Dec 9. Joseph O. Hoag
laud, the founder aud president of the
Koyal Baking Powder company, died
in this city from acute luduey trouble,
Ioudu Man Confessed Murder.
Detroit, Dec. 9. Harry HamberRor,
the 20-year-old youth arrested on sus
picion of being the murderer of John
M. Reiudel, confessed the crime.
Lord Salisbury Was Better.
London, Pec. 9. The cabinet held a
session. Ljrd Salisbury has recovered
his health atfflcicntly to preside.
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Big 134 Clothing House
Building Permits.
December 4 E. M. Ganyard,frame
addition to dwelling in Myrtle place.
December 4 Chas. Nelan, frame
house, corner of State and Center
sts.; also two frame houses on "West
State st.
' December 8 "Whitman & Barnes
Manufacturing company, brick ad
dition to plant on Buchtel ave.
Two Innocent Tenons Killed.
Adairsville, Ga., Dec. 9. Lucy
Carbon and her child in arms were
killed hero by Jim ilayfleid. Frank
Bird was also wounded by tho same
shot. The murderer escaped.
Drs. L. G. and J. M. Thorp
Have opened a new
In their new block,
Corner Market and Summit streets
Washington, Dec. 9. The cruiser
Detroit bailt" from Corthageua for
Colou, where sh will await orders, tho
revolutionary .iiovomcnt iu Colombia
having boeu regarded as at an end.
The cuptaiu reported that tho Colom
bian goverument was massing troops
on tho Venezuelan border and tho uu
derstaudiug is that thoy aro about to
attack General Castro's forces iu ro
veugo for tho assistauce which tho gen
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186 S. Howard St.
Telephone 2S3.
Geo. H. Ruggles,
-: dealer nr
Magnolia Coal.
Office: RWjrc St., 3 doors east of
R. Howard st.,'near Valley Depot,
Salti Made to Order. Satisfaction Guaranteed
Frank Ullrich, Tailor
Cleaning, Repairing and Pressing;
For Ckeap Prices, Come and See He.
240 S. Howard s-t.
Over Mrs. Swartz's Clear Store.
VI. AS EIN, Prop.
Ko. 534 South Main Street.
Heaitnarters for German Laaiwearvertln.
Domestic and Imported Wines, Lienors and
:U .
"'"1'flU. I!1!'

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