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Baer's Lancaster Almanac
Bit Arrived t
104 K. Market St.
Fred Laub's Specials for
Thursday, Dec. 14
Hruro Illfw, TontlTlolm, nolle
0.t-r. 2T,o pr qt. Turkfji nnd
Hll Jitndicf IJromml Poultry
People's Cash Meat Market,
I17N. IlowarJst.
Of Romulus Cotell.
Attorneys Expect to
Establish the Same.
An Important Affidavit
In the Case.
Overheard Conversation
Strong and Sister.
Will Go Before Stato Board of
Pardons Soon.
"We are working la the Interests
of Romulus Cotell, because we be
lieve be Is Innocent."
Attorney Harvey Musser made the
above statement to a reporter for tbo
Democrat Tuesday. Continuing ho
said, "There is not the shadow of a
doubt In ray mind, that he Is con
fined In the penitentiary for the
crime of another. Mr. Vorls and
myself will go before the Board of
Pardons at one of Its coining meet
ings, and ask for the pardon of Co
tell. We expect to show that tho
evidence, on which he wasconvioted
was insufficient. We have new evi
dence tending to prove this."
The attorneys for Cotell have no
,hope(of any,.renumeratlon for their
iervioesWey are active In his be-
, ran oeoauie w la weir oeiiai mat. ne
wwwiwiwiMwuiy wiiinn LUuujuiUM4tuu.uu-
ths. Stone farnvDurlng the' conver
sation with a Democrat reporter
Mr. Musser said that tboy had re
cured an affidavit wbicli would be
presented with the application for a
pardon. Tho affidavit is now in tho
possession of Detoctlve Ed Duun.
JSThe party who makes the sworn
statement, says that hn overheard a
conversation between Anson B.
Strong and his sister, at the house of
tho last named In Ravenna, in which
Strong referred to Detective Dunn
and his visit to Itavenna, a fow days
after the murder was committed. It
will be remembered that a suit of
clothes, owned by Strong, was found
at the house of his sister. The gar
ments were covered with mud and
horse hairs. The night of the Stone
murder a horse was stolen from tho
barn of a neighboring farmer. De
tectlve Dunn traced tho horse to
Kent. He found evidence of the
fact that Strong was in the village
earlier In the evonlng. Strong did
not deny that he was in Kent at tbo
In tho affidavit it is alleged that
Strong, in conversation with his sis
ter, said that Detootlvo Dunn track
ed tho stolen horse on the wrong
streets, that ho was not on those
whioh the detoctlve claimed. There
are other important details of the af
fidavit which the attornoys do not
wish made public at the preBont
time. They aro hopeful of estab
lishing Cotell's Innocence and will
work vigorously to that end. Mr.
Musser expects to go to Ravenna in
a few days.
Reference Made to Its Condition In
State Bulletin.
In the last issue of the Ohio Bulle
tin of Charities and Correction, pub
lished by tho Ohio Board of State
Charities, tho following referonco is
made to the Summit county Jail,
"Very bad. Special committee ap
pointed from grand Jury urging the
County Commissioners to -make tho
neoessary improvements."
Derrick Blown Down.
The 100-foot derrlok of Well No. 2,
Just North of the Akron Salt Co.'s
plant, was blown down by the high
wind last night. The well had never
been UBed on account of tools having
been lost in it and never recovered.
We are open evenings. A. B.
Smith. No. 222 South Main et.
"Be tt ever so hum
ble, there's no place
like home."
But remember that
the pleasures of home
are enhanced most
wonderfully by the ad
dition occasionally of
new articles of Furni
ture, Rugs, Draperies,
a pretty Lamp or some
of the many articles to
be found in a well ap
pointed house furnish
in g establishment.
Also remember that
Is just the best time to
make such additions.
There's nothing finer
for gifts.
Seller of everything to fur
nish a house,
South Howard street.
"Sharp Knife.
Louis Ley Objected to Being Accused
of Theft Police Court.
When Ofllcors John T. Mahony
and Joseph Kempel arrived at the
home of John R. Carr, on S. Main
St., Tuesday evening at 0 o'clock, a
big fight between Louis Ley and
Carr waH In progress. Carr accused
Ley of taking his watch, and tho
latter struck him with a knife.
Carr'snoscnas almost cut off, and
has a gash on his nook near tho
thront, and his upper lip is also cut.
The caso will be heurd Thursday
Edward Hcaly has filed an affida
vit against Ley, accusing him of
stealing a inufller and pair of gloves.
Walter Delremple, accused of
grand larceny, waived a preliminary
examination and was bound over to
Common Pleas court. Bond (500.
George Thomas and Georgo Wash
ington Hancock, accused of stealing
two pairs of boots from tho store of
J. W. Hollander, and a pair of scis
sors and some combs from Vorwerk
& Reese's barber shop, were each
fined $10 and costs and sentenced 80
days to tho works.
Case against Anthony Waldvogle,
accused of selling liquor on Sunday,
continued to Doc. 16.
Ernest Bernott, for escaping from
tho street gang, was fined $5 and
costs and sentenced 10 days to the
Vagranoy Jooob Seamen 5 and
costs and flvo days to tho works.
Intoxication H. F, Kcnney, John
Detrick, Tim Werllng and James
Bentley eacli $3 and costs.
Canal Men Are Kept Busy New
Coal Pits.
Two large coal pits bays boon
opened near Trenton, O., GS miles
bouth of Akron, andlooal canal boat
men say that this means a good coal
traffic trade for them this winter.
Owing to tho scarcity of freight cars
tho coal tradq with tho canal boat
men has been pretty brisk of late.
Captain Martin, one of the oldest
canal boatmpn In this city Hld Tues
day evening that at least 75 extra
boats could do well on the canal at
Fair; colder tonight; continued
cold Thursday.
Project Approved.
Chamber of Commerce
Urges Prompt Action.
Favors Building of an
Special Committee Will
For Subscriptions.
Resolutions on Dnath of J. W. Little
Were Adopted.
At the Initial meeting of the
Chamber of Commerce, under the
administration of President Stelner,
the members unanimously expressed
themselves In favor of annexation.
Upon motion of D. A. Doyle the
president appointed a commltteo of
six to meet with the County Com
missioners Wednesday and urge im
mediate action. Tho committee is as
follows: Georgo O. Berry, chair
man; Hon. Geo. W. Grouse, R. H.
Wright, J. T. Diehm, Houry Perkins
and H. A. KaBson.
In introducing the matter, Mr.
Doyle Bald ho believed there was an
Inclination upon the part of the
Commissioners to grant tho potltlon
for annexation, but that it bohooved
the Chamber of Commerce to take
up the matter at once. Mr. Doyle
duties were of a semi-judicial char
acter and hlle lobbying would not
bo tolerated, an active intorost
should be shown.
It was spggested that the fact that
tho decenial appraisers have been
olected would raiso an objection
against annexation. Mr. Doyle said
that obstacles were ever present and
the whole motter would solve itself.
"Tho law makes provisions nnd there
is no uso of straining at a gnat," said
Mr. Doyle. "Somebody is throwing
these objections In tho way. Tho
thing to do is to go ahoad and anne::
the territory."
Hall Project Endorsed,
Mr. D. P. Wheeler offered the fol
lowing resolutions :
"Whereas, the City of Akron for a
long time has been, and now is,
without n proper and suitable build
ing in which conventions, concerts,
public meetings and gatherings of a
like nature might bo held, and
whereas, the mombers of the Ger
man societies of this oity and other
citizens are now endeavoring to
secure the oreetlon of an auditorium,
"Whereas, the nature of tho enter
prise merits tho co-operation and
enthusiastic support of all citizens
of Akron;
"Now therefore, be it resolved that
the Akron Chamber of Commeroo
does hereby express Its hearty np
proval of the movement thus com
menced, and declare its Intention to
render every assistance possible;
"And be It further resolved that
the president bo instructed to np
point a committee of ten members
who shall assist In seourlngsubsorlp-
tlons to tho capital stock of tho
corporations about to boorganlzod,"
The Commllloo.
The resolutions were adopted and
tho committee folio ws : Capt. II, O.
Feederle, chairman; D. P. Wheeler,
B. L. Dodgo, R. M. Pillmoro, James
T. Diehm, R. T. Dobson, Emll Gam
meter, W. A. Upbam, William By.
rider and W. E. Young.
Mr. R. H. Wright movod that it bo
tho sense of 'tho Chamber to make
tho shares for stock in the proposed
building $10 Instead of (100 and cor
respondingly increase tho numbor of
shares. Carried.
Municipal Code.
Mr. Berry moved that the legisla
tive committee make arrangements
to bring a speaker to Akron to ad
dress the citizens upon the proposed
u Largest Exclusive Bj
E Dry Goods Store jj
r In Akron. fefj
j Holiday
1 Goods 1
1 Galore 1
Thn vnrv n.lmif-n nnil K
new novelties and fancy Eg
goods in largo assortment
Toilet Sets, Manicure
Sets, Writing: Sets, Shaving
Sets, Glove and Handker
chief Boxes, Collar and Cuff
Boxes, Sterling Sliver Nov
elties of all kinds, Bric-a-Brac
Jewelry, Purses,
Dolls, etc.
Dry Goods
Suitable for HOLIDAY
GIPTS, in largo assort
ments, of tho most de
sirable, selected with
gi eat care, especially for
Christmas trade.
Handkerchiefs, Mufflers,
Furs, Cloaks, Suits, Silks,
Dress Goods, Silk Waists,
Petticoats, Umbrellas, Kid
Gloves, Mittens, Blankets,
Quilts, Towels, Napkins,
Table Linens Etc., tc.
'Open Evenings
Beginning Tonight.
Bouth Howard street.
Municipal Codo which Is now agi
tating all who are interested In mun
icipal reform. Tho motion prevailed.
The question of increasing the
membership was discussed. Now
members -w III bo sought and both old
and new members will subscribe
anew to membership.
Mr. Joseph Bonner was elected
treasurer in the place of E.H. Adams,
who refused to sorve.
Secretary Snyder reported that
several .matters were being consid
ered by tho manufacturing commit
toe. Resolutions Adopted.
Messrs. Emll Gammeter and T. C.
Raynolds, appointed by tho Cham
ber of Commerco to draft resolutions
upon the death of the lato J. W.
Little reported as follows:
"Tho Akion Chamber of Com
merce feollng that in the death of
Joseph W. Little this city has lobt
one of its most useful citizens in life
and example, and this body ono of
Its most valuablo members, desires
to add Its heartfelt tribute to those
of all who havo known him.
"He wa6 ever faithful and zealous
in the work of tho Chamber and un
tiring in nil tilings that would help
this community morally or material
ly. The aim of his life is well stated
in his own words nt our last meeting
In October, 'Everything that Is for
the good of tho city affects every
person In tho city, and ovorythlng
that Is bad In the city also affects
every person In tho city.'
"If this thought could be fixed in
tho mind of every man In Akron It
would he an Imperishable stimulus
to tho proper publlo spirit and truest
possible memorial to our brother
whose call home has been so cad a
lots to .every circle in whioh he
Card ot Thanks.
We desire to express our thanks to
all of our kind friends for sympathy
and assistance during tho sickness
and burial of our beloved husband
and fathnr; also to the pastors and
singers anavVultman & Miller Co.'s
and Enterprise Mfg. Co.'s employes,
and church societies for their beau
tiful floral offerings.
ynd family.
Of the Prosecutor
Increased by the County
Claimed That His Duties
Are Greater
Than When He First Took His
Hereafter He Will Receive $870 Per
Year, Besides Fees.
At the session of the County Com
missioners Monday the salary of
Prosocuting Attorney R. M. Wana
maker was increased J370 per year.
The Increaso was authorized by a
resolution, which received tho unan
imous voto of the Board. It was not
in the nature of a surprise to tho
Prosecutor, as he had asked that it
be granted.
Heretofore he has received (500
per year. With the etra allowance
his salary amounts to $870. In ad
ditlon to this ho Is allowed fees for
tho preparation and trial of criminal
cases, making bis total salary about
$2,000 per year.
Mr. Wanamakor claims that the
duties have multiplied rapidly since
he took the office, and that he has
been called upon to counsel with the
commissioners in many important
matters. The resolution was not
made public. It Is entered, however,
in the minutes of the Board. The
increase dates from Dee. 1, 1899.
nual meeting of the B. & O. will be
held Friday.
Church, paBtor of the First Unlver
salist church, will preach to tho Ho.
brow Reformed congregation Friday
evening at 7:30. Rabbi I.E. Phllo,
on nccount ot Mrs. Phllo's illness, is
unable to occupy the pulpit as UBual.
To cases of whooping cough in
family of James Christy, Jr., 617 E.
Uuohtel ave.j scarlet fever, Georgo
M. Doriokson, 483) East Center St.;
membraneous croup, Cbas. A. Ries,
1017 Bowery st.,-and R. Chandler,
110 Halstead et.
regular meeting of tho Akion Under
writers' association Tuesday after
noon nothing but routine business
was transacted.
WILL BUILD Charles Chapman
will build an elegant new home on
East Markot St.
colony of six families have movod to
Akron from Athens county. They
aro located in the Sixth ward.
Evoy's famous original Hlbernlcon
and Comedy company will on Thurs
day nnd Friday evenings, Doc. 14
and 15, appoar at St. Mary's hall.
Thomas A. Russell, of New York,
the great Irish comedian, will also
bo present. The event will be full of
Interest and humor.
eve, nt Market House ball, tbo See
oud Bonevolent society, will oouduct
a Christmas tree and dance; at the
same hall Christmas night the
Badonser veretn will conduct a
similar event; and the Saengerbuud
society will also conduct a Christ
mas tree and dauco at the same hall
Now Year's eve.
RECITAL The recital given at
Tip Top hall Tuesday night, under
tho audioes of the K. O. T. M. by
A. A . Farland of New York, bangoist,
assisted by (he Schubert Mandolin
club, local, was well attended and
successful. All tho performers wuie
possessed ot fine, ability, and Mr.
Forland's performance on the banjo
was Buperb, and the music produced
delightful and harmonious,
Emanuel Moderelli, 60 years of nge,
was killed by a P. A W- train at
Youngs (own Tuesday.
brick being used in erecting F. E,
Mvers & Bros.' new bulldinsr at Ash
land, were.rnade in Akron.
IVi. G'lMEIlL, a GO,
IVJealn Floor Annox.
Special Exhibit and Sale
For Christmas.
Latest Styles for Men, Women and Children.
IVORY HANDLES, mounted und plain. Handles of Horn,
mounted and plain. Furze, Boxwood and I'earl Handles, and
Covers of all tiio newest colors, both plain and with borders, at
prices within the reach of everybody.
Wlon'o Umbrollas BOo up.
Lndlos' Umbrollas SOo up.
Ohildron's Umbrellas AOo up.
Leather Dress Suit Cases, Telescopes, Traveling Bags, Etc.
Inspect our decant selections of Holidav Linen6.
Tho GREAT HOLIDAY JEWELRY SALE is going on in the
bamo annex.
1 I January 1 , 1900,
A I but will continue
price established in 3 898, which is the pres
ent price. Every one is aw aro of the large
increased prices of all iron goods within tho past year.
Applications filed at tho office prior to January 1, will re
ceive our prompt attention at the old prices
Streets not already piped, if sufficient applications come
in to justify tho piping, will bo piped early in the spring,
and all applications made will bo entitled to same rate for
material and fitting, as those streets already piped.
The East Ohio Gas Company.
.r , , E. jTROHG, Ganaral Manager.
Half a Mile With Crushed
Remarkable Nerve of an Injured Man
He Cannot Recover.
The condition of Jay Sherbondy.
injured while passing through the
Dodge woods on Sherbondy hill
Tuesday Is so serious that the phy
sicians in attendance say he cannot
Yecover. There is a fracture of tho
skull at the baso of tho brain.
Although It is not definitely
known, It is believed that he was
struck by a falling limb, blown from
a treo by tho high winds. He must
have been unconscious for some time.
Later lie recovered sufficiently to
walk to the homo of Ell IIurter,some
distance away. When he reached
the house, he was unable to glvo any
account of the accident, his remarks
being fow and incoherent. Ho was
recognised and immediately taken
to his home on Wooster ave., a Bhort
distance south of tho city limits. In
tho woods nt the foot of ono of the
trees, a large limb was found. Near
It was a pool of blood. This is be
lieved to bo the place where Sher
bondy was Injured.
By Members to Hand In
Pastor and His People Da Not Agree
No Action.
Rov. Jacob Dahlman, pastor of
the German Reformed churoh insists
that ho has not resigned.
Rev. Dahlman admitted that his
resignation had been asked for, but
said ho had not yet decided what ac
tion ho would take.
Rev. D.ahlman's torm of service
dates back 10 years. It is said that
his congregation desiros a change of
juemuers umim mat iae caurcn
has not been making sufficient ad
vancement, while on the other hand
Rev. Dahlman maintains that the
3 51
GAS CO. will charge after
cost price for all natural gas,
until that time at tho cost
church membership has increased
"There is always some dissatisfac
tion in every church organization"
said I'.or. Dahlman Wednesday.
A member of the consistory said
that the congregation desired a new
minuter, but beyond that point was
ery reticent.
To Colonel Dick Will be
Lieut. Col. Vollrath Will Have no
Opposition Other Officers.
Lieut. Col. Edward Vollrath, of
IMicyrus, will be Colonel Dick's suc
cessor. Tho nominating convention,
which consists of a delegate for each
company and one from the field and
staff officers will meet next Monday.
Lieut. Col. Vollrath's promotion will
leave a vacancy, and Majors A. B.
Crltchfleld of Shrove, and C. C.
Woybrecht of Alliance, will un
doubtedly be nominated. Which
ever one is elected it will create a
vacancy in the list of majors, and
the orders just issued provide for the
election of n third major, one more
than at present. Thus candidates
for two positions as majors nill bj
Capt. F. S. Marquis of Mansfield,
is tho ranking captafu and has been
spoken of for the placo. Who th
other candidates will be is mere con.
Jecturo, as tho orders were only is
sued Tuesday.
Docision of Supreme Court In Insur
anco Cases Pending.
Tho Supremo court gave Its decis
ion Tuesday In the insurance trust
cases. Attorney General Monnetl
asked that 11 companies bo ousted
from doing business in the State,
The court hold with tho companies
Tho action against the Akron Un
derwriters association is still pend
ing. Tills wilt test the question of
whether such associations aro illegal
under Ohio laws.
Serious Injur.
Mr. Gottlieb Reichertof Cuyahogi
St., near the covered bridgo fell oi
tho ico and hmko bis right leg, at thi
hip. His condition Is qulto serious
Ho Is the father of Mrs. Wm. P
Plappert, E. Exchange.
--....yftlfr Ux 'h,.

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