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Mabinl, Power Behind Aguin
aldo, a Prisoner.
Barraadar to Him of Cagajan ProTlaoo,
Taken With Holdlngi nf MacArtliur
and Young-, Tat Northern End uf Luzon
Technically la Oar loMeslon,
AHiitOTOt, Deo. 14. The secretary
of viar regarded tho information cou
Tejcd in General OiIb' dispatches ns the
most important that lias coma to haud
tor monthi past. The ciptnro of Mabinl
reported by MnoArthur front B.iyani
bant?, was especially gratifying. It is
believed that tho Filipino leader was
trying to make his way across country
from Baugued, where he had been
obliged to part company with Agnlnalda
a fortnight ui:o, to tho cast coatt of
Lnzon. Tho mninbera of tho Philippine,
commission now in Washington ileclaro
without rescne that Alabinl was tno
bond and front of thu tnsurruotlon.
Aguiuuldowusonly n ilanrohcul. Ma
binl was nlfo thu ilnancial strength of
the movement, us without his backing
Agalnaldo wonld have had no crodlt.
Next in lniportancu to the capture of
Mitbliil in tho developments of tho
campaign was tho bold btioke of Can
tain MoOalli of tho Newark lu captur
ing the whole provluoo nf Cagayau.
With MacArtliur holding the pravincu
of Isabcllu, adjoining, and Young's
holdings on tho opposite or u otorn
shout of thfi uuper tioniusula, tho
American forces are now lu ii.ehnlcal
occupation of tho whole northern end
of Luzon from a point just uoithof
tho gulf of Llng.lyen. McOalla posted
at the port ot Aparrl, the only pood
port on tho northern end of tho island,
commands tho greater part of tho wliolo
length of tho Hlo Urania, affording en
trant 0 by boats to a full third of tho
Interior of tho ikland. It is up this
river that Captain McCallu is Beudiug
steam launches carrylug euppllos to
Major liatchelor.
The latter nlllcer, with a fow negro
soldiers of tho Twenty-fourth infantry,
has just completed one of tho most dor
lug inarches connected with the present
campaign, Dotachlng his little force
from Moo Arthur a week ago, ho drove
straight through tho centre of tho Island
northward, cutting loose from his com
munications anil bound to reach Aporri
or bo captured or killed In the attouipt.
Captain McCalla's advance indicates
that he has succeeded, being now within
touch of the navy on the north shore.
Baton' report from tho southern archi
pelago has allayed tho apprebenelou ox
cited for the security of things thore
J rowing out of the agitation by the mis
coding publications of Important insur
gent victories.
Tat or til Acretmtnt TrntmUleil to
lb rnt-BUrU of th HulUn
uil th Sob-ChUf.
WABiiiNOTOX, Deo. 14. The follow
ing U the text of tho agreement botweuu
General Bates and tho Bultuu of Jolo,
better known as tho Jolo treaty, which
has boea flout to tho aunato by tho profit
Between Brigadier General John G. U&tn,
roprcittnttnii the Unit a HUttx of th uus
part, nd hi h1hn4l the nulUn of Join, tho
Duto lUJtkl. Miida.tl. Da to Attllt, thu lltta
llbi,nd tuo Data Joknaln, of tha utlior
part. It lfturuiulritouJ that lUU uitrmiiiui I
will bo In full forco only whan approved by
Ua vovuruor tfeueral of thu I'htllppiiiM ,tandi
und con finned bj tint prMlrtent uf tho Unllcxl
bUtei vnil will Le eubject to fa turn inoJIJlo ,
tlonn by tho mutual uuiiNent of the partluuln
Artltlu 1 The orer:itjr of tho Unltnl
fttatow over tho whole art-hlpthiKO uf Jnlu uu
1U dnpndemli In dt-cliirud unit uokimwl
rdgwd. Artlf!o2-TL Uultwl btatttx lUj will Lu
um(i1 in the art'lsiflni:o of Join und Id do
jwndfiicli h un land and hdu.
Artiolo a Tbo riclitn nnd difnllh ir hi,
bfKhnoMi, thu nultaii and h!n tlatiw, nhi.ll b
full nnUtli the Murim nhall not b Intwr
fttreil with on laccuunt of tlio,r rellifioii; all
their rellfctmu (uitnuta nhU be iinptiiHed;
and no one thill bo )rmoculed on aououiitof
hi religion.
Artlciu 4 While thu Unitml Htntea miiy ((0.
oupj and contrul vueh polnu In thu hruhiwl
IQ of Join mimbllu lutcriMtatitmtiii tn doinund,
encroarlunent will not b niodo upon the
IimiU tmiuiHlUluly ubut tho n'ldiii',t of hiii
hlittinPM, the Httltan, unlnt)intlltiiy iMinnmlty
rvi4Utlu-iHUcli4R-uputlii lit rati or utr with
ufuiotitn iwur, nnduliaro ll.u iirupirty of
Individ milii li nUn, dim tttm,miiiuloi. wilt
be tawle In rttch ci.ttt.
Any iHrwmrani)urv.uv4o Unui hilhnurohl
pfjaiiuof Jfila unl Inul tin 1.1111 J b ubtal i
Inn thi roi imi of th uUnn ami onmluK to a
auUMfactory (iKrifim nl with tho owur or the
buhl, and auuh punbaio alull liutiittdUtely be
rozutuml In the firnper utllcn or tho Unltt-d
bfatfH ggvornment
Attloin 6 All tnutiln Uonuttilla iiroduotn o(
thu archl clUKo f Join, whun caritu 1 on by
the unit 111 and bin iieopto with any p irt of thu
rhillpptno laUuidH and whnn ounditctinl tin lur
Uin Aiuerlcj.il flJif alikll bi f rra, uiiIIiiiUihI and
Article P.The BuHanof Jolo alisll lw allowed
loooiumunlcutodlruvtwlth the irovttrnor k'on
ral (if iho rhlllppluu lit nidi in m i4ink rmn
plaint ataliut the ooinniuu llntf olllour nf Julu,
or afalnut any naval ittiminuuvter.
Article" -'Ihe IntrtMlmtlMibf ,lrnirnunnd
wr material I forbidden, vitvpt under pit
elflo authority of the guvt-rnur ccueral of tho
l'hlllj)plin utaiuU
Article s-llracjr muit lm bupnimHedand
the MUliuu And hln dittos nmeo u hiartlly to
oiralo wfihlhe Unitml rotate nuthurllioato
thatendaul tomukb cvory jowlhlii vflurt lo
arreit uiut brtnK to Jiuttce nJl imthij on
tftfuiln l.lraoy,
ArtluleD Whri crime, nml otTcniei nrc
roDimirtrU f Morou. ituuliut Sluron, the guy
truuiMituf tho nultaii vIM briiitf to titul nmt
pnnlthn ent tho criminal and cannier, whn
uillUidullvrrt-d to the CovviuukiiI of the
ult in l'i the UuliM .itivtc uuthorltlm If In
th"lr ioa-Mialoii, In all other cari prrioia
nburfc'fd Hlth crlnirn or ollrtmu vinido
Uvered to the United Matte aathorltlt for
trial mid punUhmmt
ArliclolO-Aiiya:ur In tho nrciiliK.lii.oC
Jolo fchi.ll bvu the right tupurchu.t Iridium
by payiuit tu thu iniutf r tha uiuul murltul
Artlcln U-Iu tiaoof kur troubtn wltheut
irotl of the Mutton the American ituthorlUie
is live un.no win iw liiitructvd to mahu oaro
ral InroittlRatlon before reaurtlutf tohamh
aeaun4, an tn moist canea aerloua trouble
can thu be an-lded.
Aitklu It At preaeut Angrlcun or for
rltfnera wiahlnir tu go Into the oountry ahould
ttata their wUhee tu the Mora authnrltlea and
i-ak for an eecort, but It ! hoited that thl will
bocqino unii(ciary ae we hnow ea;h other
Article 13. Tho United Matre slll )Uefull
pToteotlon to the eultan and nil tmbict In caue
WJ foreign nation hbuuld attempt to linpe
ipon them.
Article U-The Unlte-l Btaten will not veil
thelilandaof Jolo or any other lilandof the
Folo archipelago to any foreign nation without
the consent of the ealtau of Jolo,
Article 15, Th United HUto ifovprnmeut
ivlll Jay thelUowiog monthly aalarioa:
Alex leu it Dollar.
To the eultna, JW.
To Oato Italah Ma-la, (72.
ToDatoAttlk, 100.
To Unto (ill Li. J75.
To Dato Joakaualn, ITS.
To Oato Fuyo, tfW.
To Dato Amir Huiln( ISO.
To Hadji Dutu, .
To Habib Mura, liX
To8t.rifBguin. J13.
filnged lu trlplloate, In EJiclls'i and Hula, al
tolo, this )Ui day of August. A. D ISlH.
(Arabnll Ahll 1317).
J. a Hates,
Drtcadlor General United mates Volun
Hultan of Jolo.
Dato Ilajah Mutla,
Dato C ilbl,
Dato JoaltnMnj
,tll AdiI U'at.on Sent Sferhaicoii Litttor
Atcrlboil Tlrona's Harromler In
rntrlullo -Atntlvci.
WAsniNQTOv, Deo. 14. General Otis
cent dispatches containing tho follow
ing: "Manila, Dec. 13. Fifty men of tho
navy and GO men of tho army trans
ported by tho navy, took Litug on the
lUtu inst. Uiuernl young, with stair.
followed the uoit d.iy. Ho roports
llowzo, with a mtullau of tho Thirty-
fourth, followed by a portion of the
Thirty-third Infantry, passed north to
l'ldiliiig, cast of Uioig. .March's bat
talion of tho Thirty-fourth was at
Oayan, provlnco of Leganto, on tho 7th
Inst. Tho Third cavalry was along tho
coast and in tho mountains pursuln?
the enemy, young states his extreme
northern forco passed over tho moun
tains, driving the insurgents under
General TIno, who was badly woundod,
hilling CO and wounding many. Ua
made largo captures of rides nud prop
erty, with all Insurgent trnnsportitlou,
nud released nil tho Spanish prisoners
in that section, to Iho number of about
2,000. Our casualties wero two wonnd
ul. Our troops aro still pursuing ths
remnant of Tiiio'x command.
"Colonel March'ri hattullou of thu
Thirty-third roportcd from Cayan, lo
junto provlnco, on the 7th inst. timt ho
had destroyed Agulualdo's bodyguard,
killed Genoral Uiegorio Pilar, reoeivod
tho surrender of Uoucral Ooncepolou
nml stair, killed nud mounded fij in
surgents, roloascd 573 (Spanish prison
ers, iuoludiug ICO friars, aud oap
tureil considerable propel ty. His loss
was two Killed nud uiuo wounded. My.
information is that Agumaldo has dis
guised his individuality, nbaudoiiod Ills
troops, aud is In hiding in tho province
of Iieugucc."
"Manila, Deo. 13. Admiral Watson
informs mo that the province of Cagayau
surreudoiod unconditionally to Captain
McCulla of the Nowark on tho 1 T.i inst.,
all arms being surrendered. Major
IUtcheldor is HO miles south of Aparrl,
aud his command is in good condition.
Navy will tako supplies to noteholder
in a lannoh at once. This surrender
doubtless Includes tho province o( Isa
bels. "General Bates at Zambnanga roports
affairs there satisfactory. Noarly nil
rifles surrendered; MaoArthur, at Boy
umbang, reports that he holds ns pris
oner of war Mabiui, tho ablest of insur
gents and founder of tho lato govern
ment." Two cablegrams from Admiral Wat
son, at Cavite, read as follows:
"Oaviii, Deo. 13. liurwoll roports
that the Wheeling laudeil a naval forco
and a detachment of troops, Kniscr
commanding, 10 miles uorthwost of
Luzon, and attacked tho city, yostor
day, releasing 1,600 Spaniards. Am
holding at the request ot Goneral
Young. No casualties.
"Oaviti, Deo. 18. Oencral Tirana,
commanding Filipinos, unconditionally
surroudored Aparrl aud Oagayan prov
ince to Captain McCnlia of tho Nowark
on Dee. U. Prluoeton and Helena at
present In tho river. All arms and am
munition surrendered, Tiroua surren
dered from patrotlo motlvos to prevent
furtbor blondshod. Ho wus appointod
civil govoruor by McOalla, subjeot to
tho approval of Otis. Helena was ills
gatched up tho river with stores for
noteholder's troops, Vii miles south of
Apurri. Aparri and Luganu light
houses relighted, Watson."
Hurr.nd.r With Honors of War,
Manila, Duo. 14. General Tlrnnu
surrendered to Cantalu MlCuIIa with
all the honors of war.
Captain McOall i reviewed tho insur
gents, and General Tiroua roviowed
the naval forcos. Tho Americans pro
eeutodurms while tho insurgents wore
stacking theirs.
Culraso Oeta H-MeKlnley mill M. K.
ti C'hiirih trltUUeil.
GlilUAOO, Deo. II. Tho Prohibition
national oonvontioii will bo held iu
Chicago on .hi no 27 of next year. Tho
resignation ot National Chairman
Samuel Dleklo of Michigan was oc
cepti d and 0). W, Stow ,u t, i halrmaii ot
thu Illinois Mate committee, was elected.
In presenting thu claims ot Colum
bus tor thd convention, Comuilteoumu
Diniicrof Ohio cliiiiu dthe Anti-Saloon
Lenguo of that statu had dona much to
rutard and lujuau thu prohibition t.ausu
In Cllnu. Uiimmltleunmn Cark,idon of
West Virginia and Committeeman
Smith of town criticised President Mo
Kluloy mid thu Methodist church, Com
mitteeman Hulltli asiirlllig that tho
-Methodist chiiruh was dm biggest Hum
bling block tu tho way uf tho prohibi
tion movoiuout In Iowa.
r,e(Tiiuor Man shot .lenel.r,
0iu, Doo. 8. CI. O. Pnrtor, a
noY7apapi.r coriiis)udcul, shot anil
dangerously wounded Albart Kdholm,
nno of tho loading jewelers of this
city, Atter tho shooting Porter cov
orud tho men iu tho storu who nt
tempted tu detain him with his rcvohcr
and es-nped, The shooting grew out
of a liubluoHi illllcroiicp,
ll'llra nml l.ilrl.ui.l,. Imlhleil.
Piui.ami.pjua, Did. II. Tho federal
gniud Jury roturned tmo hills of iudltt
muht lu the vam ot T humus O'Dea and
Hairy .1, UiiibauUs, charged with nt
temntliig to corruptly liilluouto the jury
bofuro which ex-Unltcd States District
Attorney llllerv P, IiikIiiiu and ox-As.
.Utuiit united St ites Dijulct Attorney
Harvey 1C. Newltt wciu tried.
Sirs. LoRlii 1 1 rt I'nr Wett.
YOUXllSrOWN. ().. Deo. 14 Mra
John A. Logan, widow ot Major Logan,
and children, accompanied by her
mother, Mrs. O. II. Andrews, left for
Coronndo, Oal., wlicio they willnwiit
tho aiTival ot thu remains nf Major
txigau from tho Philippines. Tho fam
ily is fully satislh d that tho n port thnt
tho majot was Itillul by one ot his own
men was fictitious.
llroolt. Iteiiortrd lvt l).itlhi.
Wahunoio.n, Doo. 14. ilon, llrooke,
at Havana, l-upurtcd tho death at Sanla
Clara, on tho 1 1th inst,, of fcorneant
Charles A. Leanway, a musician In
tho baud ot tho Second cavalry, of
heart failure, aud that of Andrew Pul
hir, a civilian, whu died on tho 10th
lust at Santiago ot yellow fuer.
I'leuilnc to iiijmii.
Osjaua, Deo. II. A dlspitoh from
Llucolu said that Governor I'oynter said
that he had heard from Mr, Ilryau sluco
the appointment and tint Dryan had
exprossed great satiafuctlou with tho se
loctlou of Allen,
wm aouos
Desperate Fighting In Pursuit
of Agulnaldo.
Tell rrotn n Sharpshooter Ilallct Willi.
' Trying to Oct Ills Men Make n
Slanil Marnh nml Ills Men OT.rcome
Fearful Obstacles.
Manila, Deo. 14. A dispatch dated
Cervantes, Deo. !, was received from a
correspondent of Tho Associated l'ross
with Major March's battalion, which
laid in part:
"ilajor March., with Captains Jenkin
ton nud Cunningham, Lieutenants
Tompkins, Ruckcr, McClelland and
Powers and K'.j meu, is altont stirtlug
tor lionteco through an absolutely deso
late country and over a mountain 10,0110
feet high. He is pursuing Agulualdo,
whose escort, now reduced to HI) men,
is known to be there).
"According to the natives, Agalualdo
intends to disguise himself and to tako
a circuitous trail toward liayomboug,
pioviuco of Nuovu ViVoayn.
Major -March, with 300 men, ai rived At
Cervantes about 110 hours behind Aguln
nldo, who had believed ho had found
an inaccessible rofnge. On December .,3
thu American commander had u won
derful light in a clund'onveloped moun
tain pass, 3,000 feet tvbovo thu se,
completely routing General Gregorio
dil Hlar'a forco of 201 yiclted meu in n
notltiou almost strong enough to rival
"Geuerol Pilar died at tho front of
his men, urging them to mako a stand
until tho ball of n sharpshooter pleiced
his head. His follow i rs tried to socuro
his body but were compelled to loa n it.
"Two of tlio Americans wero killod
and wero buried by their comiades
where they foil. Tho others, carrying
nluo wounded, camped for tho night on
top of tho mountain, nn eminence of
4,000 foot, suffering greatly from the
cold blasts. Iu tho morning they
moved down the trail to Dugaqui,
whero they loarutd that Agalualdo,
with a sew men nud threo women, all
carried on litters borne by Igorrotoi,
had passed along tho same trail to Cer
vantes, where ho was tturing tho light.
A rumor had brought him tho nows of
tho death of his chief of stalf. Ho
was greatly affcUod cud prouared In
Ntautly for flight.
"General Ooncepolon, with six of
floors, who hud deserted Agulualdo,
surrondortd when Major March reached
Cayau, province of Lopanto
"On nrriving at Cervantes, Major
March's battalion was without food, ox
copt rice, and had only a Buiall suoply
of ammunition. Major March eeciin d
ilxe days' rations, made arrangements
for his sick and woundod and, having
chosen 23 mountod and 100 unmounted
men, resumed tho chase at daybreak."
Iiefeuil.it th. "-Innilul1
WAimNaTON, Deo. 14. Howard Pago,
vice president and manager of tho
Union Tank Line Company was be
fore the industrial commission aud de
nied tho statement made by Georgo
Hlce, ot Ohio, that the Standard had
reoolved $200,001 fiom the Cottonseed
Oil cr-muauy for its secret trust ugreo
went. Ho also characterized as t.ilsn
tho statement that the railroad, by pur
1 chase of Galeua oils, are aiviim a
freight dlscriiuluutloninfavor of Stand
ard. l'liunlltr nf Hart,
Boston, Deo. 14. Revised returns
from all tho wards aud precincts in thu
city showed that Thomas N, Hart, tho
Republican candidate for mayor, was
clouted hoio by a plurality of 2,084.
To tall. Unl Mere Trooni,
Lommjn, Deo. 14 Tho war olllco do
chkd to ui'ibllUo an Eighth division iu
rcsoivouud to send the Hovcuth division
to thu Cape,
Oenerat Leonaril Wnoil Apnolut.4 to th.
Wasiiisotox, Deo. 1 1 General Leon-
aril Wood nssigutd as military com-
nitmitAL wood,
tiattder rouimauder ol Oubi r.nd fjov
ruur of the Island.
Oporutors ami llnarit IMrfer.
CLCAttrtrus Pa., Djo. 14. At the
bituminous mtuor's ooiiveutlou held
hero resoliitleus woro udopted ilenuud
lug nn udtumu in wages of lOo per ton
lu pick mining, lao pv.r ion on ma
fhiuo limdlug and 20 p?r cent on nil
othei kinds of label aud for maohluo
untllugaudiicrapiug, ail tliu Imnoases
to go into olteot Jan. 1, 11)00. Tho
hpeia'ors rctusu ni.y ndvaucu until
Alirll 1 in nciurilaiicu thoy claim, with
tgrucmcut mado lat April.
13 To Vute for t'urroncjr lltll Ilelmt.
Coullutleil Holiday llevoss, lleo.
JO to Jnn, 3.
WAsiitsaTON, Doe. 1 1. Tho pressure
fortimoto sponk ou the enneucy bill
in the houco cutilltmed, us most of tho
ruenibors desired to mako contributions
tn thu literature of thu occasion. Much
of it, however, sioiued to bo for homo
As far us uioviu U Democrats, eight
from Now York, two fiom Peiinsjlva
uaia and ouo uucli from Maryla.ul aud
MuBsachrsotta, will voto for tho btll,
Among tho spnuktrs wire Messrs. Fow
ler of Now Jersoy, Licuy of lawa,
Oushraau of Washington, Ha.nllton of
Michigan aud Ilurtou of Ohio, Repub
licans, lor thu bill, aud Messrs. Hruud
lugo of Arkiuisos, Wueolor of Ken
lucky, BtLtou ot illeeouri. Fox ot
Mississippi. Piorcoot I'cumssoo. Sulier
of New York, Oowhord of Missouri.
in! of f pi
There Are Also Many Others.
of Equal Force.
Good Qualities That Put the Stamp
of Excellence Upon This
Thore nre manny reasons why you
should tnlco Morrow's Kld-no-olds In
preference to any other kidney prep
aration. First, Kld-ne-olds tiro a
Bclentinc preparation. Second, thoy
nre tublets, wlilch Is the sclentlilc
form of preparing medicine. Third,
there are never any bad after ollocts
from their use. Fourth, thoy net
dlreotly upon tho kldnoys; thoy nre
strictly n kidney cure nnd nerve
tonic. Fifth, you do not hnve to
quit work whllq using Kld-ne-olds.
A fifty-cent box contains enough for
about two weeks' treatment. Pooplo
uie Kldrnb-olds because -thoy cure
kidney nihiionts.
Mr. J. n. Thomas, 214 South
Spencorst., Akron, Ohio, soys: "I
havo been very much distressed
with pnln ncro.s tho small of my
lmck for a numbor of years. Soine
tltiifs tho pain would extend down
Into my hip Joints which 1 suppused
to be lumbntfo. I also lind other
symptoms of disordered kidneys; I
neniu aoout iiorrow.u iviu-no-oiu
and decided to try them. I was sur
prised to lind m.vself srrontly reliev
ed of my trouhlo nnd their continued
ush nns completely cuReu me."
Morrow's Kld-no-olds lira not pills.
but yellow tablets nnd soil nt fifty
couts a box at nil drug stores nnd nt
John I.nmpnrtor & Co.'s drug storo.
Mailed on receipt of price. Manu
factured by John Morrow & Co.,
chemists, Springfield, Ohio.
Otoy of Virginia, Gains of Toxas,
Democrats, and Mr. Hell of Colorado,
Populist, agalns: it.
'ibu house adopted a resolution for a
holiday rccass truiu Wcduosday, Deo.
20, tu Wednesday, Jau. !1. Mr. Rich
ardson, thu minority leader, askfrl that
tho house adjourn over today to give
the members on ooportuulty to partici
pate iu thu Washington memorial oxer
c.scj, but Mr. 1'uyns. tho majority
leader, objected, saying Goorge Wash
lngtou, it alive, ho thought would bo iu
favor of the house proceeding with tho
transaction of its busiuess.
At tho night session last night tho
feature was a oharacti rlstlo speech by
Mr. Ltuuoy (Hop., N. O.l, tho only Re
publican who voted for tho Teller ileso
lutlou in tho Fitty-fourth congress, lu
explanation of his chuugo of position
iu lavor ot tho gold standard. The
gold standard lind stood the test ot ex
perience, ho claimed, and hud proved
Itself tho idial standard. Tho other
spoauers wero Mossrs. Robinson (Don.,
Ind.), Klcbsrg (Dein., Tex.), Rlxey
(Dem., Vu,), Cuoulo (Dam., Mo.J,
Zenor (Dem., Ind.), Kitchen (Dom.,
N. C.) and. Henry (Dem., Tux.), all
against the bill.
Allen Sent Hack to Ilia Old I'lao. by
"'"'"tlov. I'oynter.
OiiAiiA, Doo. 14. Governor Poyntor
appointed ox-Sciutor Allen to liU the
senatorial vacancy caused by tho death
ot Havward.
lrruiitlulout Union Lubrlf,
Cincinnati, Doo. 14. A telegram
came to thu chief ofllccrs of tho Omar
makers,' union hero from National
Organizer James announcing that at
Reading, Pa., ho had unearthed an en
tire plaut mauufucturiug union cigar
labels, most ot which fouud a market
lu Cincinnati.
ltltitillmii Lcnsuo Committee,
WlLtTIVllT.IU linn It Tnn a...nllu
committee of tho National Republican
.ciaguu eiioiuueu lis session uere. Its
nlembors who received at tho Whlto
nfumbers wao recelvi
House by thu president
They All Say So.
Not Only In Akron But In
Every City and Town In
the Union.
If the render Ion): the timo nnd
trouble to nsk lil follow residents of
Akron tho slmplo question given bo
low, ho mild nhlnlii tho oitu nnswor.
It lio wntild rcml tho stntoinontH now
being published in Akron which ro
tor to this imswer, it would surprise
him to unto that thoy number so
ninny. As many' more could bo and
limy be published, but lu the. mnun
Hinons.: tho first liTson yo'u nicot
whnt cures hnckncheV Tho unswiir
will bo, Do.in's Kidney Pills. Here
is a cltien ho oiulorses our olnlm :
Mrs. Cli.'is. K. llunnko.af ,'112 (liivn
hogn St., suyst "I know woll tho
merits of Dunn's Kidney Pills ns 1
havo InKoiihovt'ral boijesniul Inovor
bofora hud any luedlolno or prescrip
tion do me so imioli good, I sullored
from the most ngonl.lng pnins lu my
buck nnd nt times thu slightest
movement cutisod BiilTerliig, eBpeo
lally If I eerlisd niys ,lf or did much
walking. A courao ot trcntmnnt
with Dunn's Kidney pills whloh wo
priicureil from Lampartor's drug
storo strengtheiird my kidneys, bun
ished thu bnckncho and provonteil
iho lnuguor nud Uoprehalon whloh I
iilwuvs felt .liiormiiiTB. I could dn
my housework without sultering
nun i regninc-n my usual ouergy nutl
Doan's Kidney rills nro for sain In-
alldealers. PrlceBOj. Mnllnd byFos-ter-Mllburn
Co., HiiUnlo, N.Y. Solo
agents fur tho U. S. Romoinbor
the nnmo Doan's and tako no sub
coups' wiped oot.
Battle at Magersfontcin Fear,
fully Bloody.
Dnrchers Held Their roiltlon, Trom
Which the Koxtili W.r. Unabl. to Ul
loilge Them The Lots of th. llrltlth
Was Uztrem.lj Heavy,
Londov, Deo. 14. General Forcstlor
Walker, telegraphing from Capo Town,
sent a dispatch from Lord Methuen
dated Modder River, Deo. 12, which
contains the following:
"As tho Rocrs occupied their tronchos
strongly this morning I retired In per
foct order here, where I am iu security.
"I have gathered from soino of tho
prlsoucrs aud from our men with tho
ambulances, who talked with the Boors,
that tho enemy's losses were torrible,
somo corps being completely wipsd out
Tho ISoers have been most kind to my
A dispatch from General Mothucn.
dated Dec. 12, contained tho following:
"Our artillery shelled a very strong
position held by the enemy in a long,
high kopje, from 4 until dusk, Sunday.
It rained hard last night. The High
land brigade attacked at daybreak on
Mouday the south end of tho kopio.
Tho attack was properly timod, but
failed. The guards wero ordered to
protect the Highlands' right and rear.
"Tho cavalry nnd mounted lnfnutry,
with a howitzer artillery battery, at
tacked tho enemy on tho right and tho
guards ou tho left, supported by field ar
tillery imd howitzer artillery. Tlioy
shelled the position from daybreak and
at 1:15 1 sent tho Gordons to support
the Highland brigade. The trcops held
their own iu front of the enemy's en
trenchments uutil dusk, the positions
extending, including the kopje, for t.
dlstnnco of six miles toward the Modder
river. Today I am holding my position
and entrenohlug myself. I had to face
at least 12,000 men. Our loss was
Tho war oniuo reoolved a dispntob.
from General Forcstler-Walker, dated
Capo Town, Tuesday, Deo. 13, contain
ing tho following:
"Methuen wires that Genoral Wau
chop) was killed iu action veBtorday."
Major General Andrew 11. Waucuope,
O. II., O. M. G., entered tho army in
180S, was promoted colonel iu 1838,
served in tho Ashauti war in 18711, in
the 1gyptluu war lu 1882, in the Soudan
expedition ot 1UI, and In thu Nllo ex
pedition of 1834.8a. He was iu com
mand of the First brigado of tho Egyp
tian expeditionary force in 1803. Gen
eral Wauchopu had been woundod four
times, threo times severely.
A dispatch from Orauge River con
tained tho following: "Threo hundred
nud wounded men havo arrived here
from tho Modder river."
London, Deo. 14. Julian Ralph, de
scribing tho battle at Mngersfonteln in
a special dispatch to The Daily Mail
"Tho Boers were entrenched nt Ma
Cersfontein, four miles north of Modder
river. At dawn Monday the Highland
ers, advancing across tho veldt, were
suddenly subjected to a murderous tiro
from tho tronchos about ZOO yards iu
front. The greater part ot tho fearful
loss of the dav wus tnus suffered in a
aluglo mluuto.
"Startled aud overwhelmed, tho bri
gado retired quicaly, but soon rallied
nud retained their position. This was
on tho left.
"On tho right tho Guards' brigado ad
vanced across tho veldt against other
trenches and funght an Invisible fos for
IS hours.
"At 11 in the morning tho Gordon
Highlanders wero none lorward. Tho
Doors allowed them to pass ouo line ot
treuoheft aud then cnflladod them. Wo
raked tho Boor treuuhes with artillery
tl -oughout tho day. Tno lighting only
oeased with nightfall."
FitEliB Oaui, Katal, Tuesday, Doc.
tho Boers nro still shelling Ladysmitb.
Tho heot is terrific.
Modiiek HlvLii, Tuesday, Doo. 12.
Tno British casualties included tho
Marquis of Winchester, major of tho
Second battalion Coldstream Guards,
who was killed, aud Colonel Down
ham -of tho First battalion Gordon
Highlaudois, who was mortally
Whou tho Highlanders met the mur
derous poiutblank flro of tho Boors,
about 200 woro mown down. Tho
Black Watch regiment, on reinforcing,
was able to muster only lllu men. The
Boers lost heavily in the trenches aud
also iu the wire eutaugloineuts when
they came Into the open iu an attempt
to mako a flan It attack on the British.
Waihlnxtou 1'retbytery Ailjourus.
Wur.ELlxa, Dec. 14. The Washing
ton presbyteiy adjourned fur thu spring
meeting, to be held iu Wellsburg, V.
Va. A miiiuto of respect was adopted
on thu death of Rev. Di. Browusou of
Washington, Pa , and resolutions wero
udopted lu Indorsement ot the light
lnatlo for better Subbath observauco, etc.
Threat to Destroy Towu.
Pauis, Ky., Doo. 14. 1-cttera havo
boon reclvi d by County Judge Puruull
and County Attorney Duubom, threat
ening io blow up tho court housu aud
town with dyuamltuif Purest Laug, n
Erisoner charged with murder, is not
Tlnpliito tlnhrnral Kjpecteil.
IsriANAi'OLis, Deo. 14. An upheaval
among manufacturer), of tiupluto Is pro
posed shortly, with an early change in
thu marLut, tho overthrow of tho new
trust and tl.o formation ot somo kind of
an urbanization to take its place.
ln.uiuuoe I'altl ou live Muo.
Milwaukee. Doo. 11. Robert O.
Grady, supposed dead und buried iu a
unicago cemotery nun paiu xor oy an
iusnruiieo company, is allvo nud at
present an lumato of tho National Sol-
uiers iiome in mis city.
o S.at For Hell.
Dxtuoit, Dec. 14. Tho American
Federation of Lbor refused n scat in
tho couvfuilon to W. H. Bell buoauso
ho la of the "Lafayette motion."
llrltf fcedklon of Seuate.
Wasiiinoiun. Dec. 14. Tho session
of tho senate consumed only a few min
utes, homo routine busiuess was trans
acted, bnt bsjond the introduction of
bills, nothing of coujenuenco was ac
complished. Sloui.tiilueer Kllleil.
LouibviL'wK, Dec. 14. Tho Ooinraor
llnl received from Whltesburg, Ky n
story that four mountaineers were
killed near there a tew days ago lu a
fight themsolvos.
Antl-Truit Conference Calletl,
Ohiqaqo, Deo. 14. .The proposod na-
Jos. Finch's
The Banner
Liquor House
Cor. Main and Exchange Sts.
Is tho plnco whoro you nlwayB And the largest stook of
soleoted brandsjif
Whiskies, Brandies, Wines
And all kinds of imported goods.
Is a dollclous, wholcsomo whisky. Tho whisky without a
Per Gallon,
Hondst Quart:, -
' Nearly old onough to rote.
Per Gal. 90c. 13)8 Per Quart 25c.
TWAll packages delivered free In the city und vlolnlty, benrintr
no marks on tl.o outslclo, Indicating the contents.
The Banner
Liquor House
Cor. Main and Exchange Sts.
tional antl trust conference was called
to meet in Chicigo ou tho annivcrs iry
of the birthday of Abraham Lincoln,
1'ub. ID, l'jjo. ,
A Negro I.yorlivil, I
Pine Bluff, Ark., Doo. 14. a nerrro,
whose name is not known, was banned
tn a telegraph polo at Jones, La., by n
mob. His crime was assault ou a whitu
Tour Meu Killed.
Allentown, Pa., Deo, Is. A Control
New Jersey passsngor train struck n
coal train near bictffWod. Fourni.u
wees killed.
A Ilenlul by I'alme).
Howell, Mich., Doo. 8. A letter was
received here from Hon. John M.
Palmer, dated Springfield, Ills., denying
an alleited interview that ho camu out
for Iiryan. Ho said Ilryau would lota
Illinois by 100,000 votes.
Memorial horTlce Ilelil.
Loci Haven, Pa., Deo. 14. Upward
of 000 grangers aro in attendauco nt this
year's sessien of the atato Grange, the
largest attendance in years. Memorial
servioss wero held.
Tor Library Kite.
East LlVEitroOL, O., Deo. 14. Tho
city council has authorized City Clerk
J. N. Hanley to purchase tho Dradshaw
property for a Caruoglo library site for
t .10,000.
New Ulihob for Maine.
Portland, Me., Deo. 14. Robert
Cosnian, Jr., pastor of at. John's
church, Boston, was choseu bishop ot
tho Protectant Kpisoopal diocese ot
Irlili Will Help lloers.
Olevelam), Doc. 13. A party of 25
punjr Irlsh-Auicrioan left this city to
loin Iho Boers. At Now York they will
)iu about C00 other Irishmen, und tno
mtlraparty will sail from New York
tin Saturday tor Paris.
T,or.rs Killed by n Train.
PllTSiiuitu, Dec. 14. Deltkor Lamsky,
Red 20. and Ella Meugel, aged 13, lov
ers, wmre killed by a train at Tareutum,
UMeball Iauijqo Movtlnff.
New a'auK, Deo. 11. The meetlus
of tho National league of profosiou.il
baseball clubs was oontluuud and tho
leaguo represeutativos will probably bo
in sctslcu until Saturday. Innumer
able perplexing quostlnus nave como uo
for solution, anil ovuu utter the close ot
the six-hoar session today, it was offl
cl illy announced that nothing had been
Context for Hermblkan Convention.
Wamilnqtok, . Deo. 14. Ropresouta
fives of tho rival titles wpick seeic tho
honor ot entertaining tho next Repub
lican uatiaualconveution began active
work. About 20 members of tho Ham
ilton club, ot Chicago, reached hem.
Tho Philodelphians who uro already
lure express themselves as dolightcd
with tholr three-days' cnny.iM iu Wash
ington, aud say tuey,beliovo Philadel
thla will bo selected.
Corpnatlon Got Hallways.
SruiXOFiELD, 'J., Dec. 14. Negotia
tions woro comploted by which the
American Railway company, n New
Jersty corporation, capitalized at $25,
000,0m awiulro 1 thu opriugtielp Street
Railway and Sprlnglltld Light nud
V v iPJ
fe 1 "Mta-
Onc-balf the cost of making: beer Is paid for labor. The emrloy
nient of labor at good wages, by her Institutions, Is the life of any city.
Why not then, If you drink beer
Drink Renner'sSiata1:: Lager Beer
And keep th: money that you pay for It In circulation at home?
Golden pand Bottled Beer, in pintsor quarts . Tel 30.
1'ower company plant. It isalso an
nounced that the I'eoplo's street rail
Way of Dayton has boeu ajtiuired,
Pitisouro, Deo. 13.
WnEAT-Nn. J rod, Mc.
COH.Vbbe lied yellow No. 2, E3(0c: high
lnlxxl do, b7($(1o: mixed, 9011'a; No. Zyol
loir ear, JOVi'glloi htch m.xwl. 80 SiOol mixed,
ItftJtlcj low mixed. 37aTHc: No. & yellow ear
corn, niw, SS'J3o; No. 2 yellow sholled eorn.
new, aiJ.'Jic
OATH No. I whlto, DOJiMUfo; No. 2 whlto.
i)SUC extra Ho. 8. 2Jiipa0oi No. 0, 23
IIAY-No 1 timothy. 13.2;313.M; No. 2 Hm
othj. Ill 6-J(3tJ.tO, No 3 tlmotliy. 110 00311.00;
Na 1 clover mixed, 112 00g)12.V; No. 1 clover,
tULUtH SO, No. 1 prairio. J3.t5d.3tX): No. 2
pralrlo. )7.;53S.!3: No. b prairie, 1.UM) 00, No.
prairie. S7.uOa7.!U, packbis har, S7.0046.0J:
No. 1 tlmothr from country wagons, tis.00tja
POULBTY-Llve-Lre chickens, GWlSo
per pair; small, 4yili0c: spring chickens, 2Bua
41c as to size! ducks, Sllo per pound; tnr
kes, OlOo. geese, &.470. Dressed chickens
Old, lOitKlta per pound; spring, 12l8c;
ducks. lOT0llc; turkeys, 134Uo, geese, M5C.
UAMB llabblts, drawn, 2j&i)ci pheasants,
I7 0OJJ7.51 per doz-n; quail, !1.71'2.00 pes
dozen : gray squirrels, T&ijOsVII 00 per dozen.
BUTTElt-Elgln prtnti, 29Hcl extra
creamery, 2it'i(VS,tc; Ohio fano creamery, ZS
($2oo, eoautry roll, 1020o; low grade and
cooking, lOftlSo. O
CHKK3E-rall cream. Ohio, new, 1018c;
three-quarters 12124c; New York atato fall
cream, new. ladlOlio, Wlaeonsln. UHOIoo;
2. pound brtck, Sulgi ltU(c; llmbnrgerj
new, liU'ctlla.
EOU-1trlolly fresh, Pcnmylvanta and!
Ohio, lncasos, jlUo, storage. 171So; (loal-;
Cltiunal four candling ) - r1
PiTTsnuno, Deo. IS. I
C ATTLI5 Tho supply on hand for today was
light: market Htfady. We qnote: Extra, tj.75
(40 03. prime, 13 COtS 75: good. 15 00v3 115; tidy,
Sit&iolO, fair, 4 -lOiCt TO: good butihers. IVii
15J; common, J! IWSlOOi liolfors, IJi?t;0;
oxen, S2.t0475; bolls nnd atags, t 60(0160:
common to good fat cows, tl 73($1.3. good
treh cows. S40j(i0. fair cows and springers.
SS Hi bologna cos, tluffS-U
IIOUS-Rectipts fair, about 12 load" on enlel
market active on pig: stoody mi other
grades We quote: Prime heavy, 14.10(9
4.2o mediums and heavy Yorkers, S412:
llglit Yorkers and pigs, Sl.1211.15, roughs,
H1ILKP AND LAMBS Supply light, market
steady. We quote: Choice wethers, 14 86(34.4?;
good, tl -M(gl IU, fair mixed 13 26.41 00, com
mon, SI 6UjW 60. cholco lambs. S3.2ua03 06, oom
mon to good, SI VX25 16: veal oalvos, S7.0019
7 to , heavy and thin, SI 0j6 00.
Cincinnati. Deo. 13.
HOGS Market active at S3 60 0I.IS.
OATTLE-Market dull and lower atS3.TC
Sinjil AND LAMBS Market for aheep
Itcady at ti t0'(ta.tl5. Lambs Market slow
ma eay nt J.6aA3 io.
Nsw Yons. Deo. 13.
WnnATySpot market flrnier: No. 9 rwlj
710 f. o. I,. afloat: No. 1 northern Duluth.
79.0 f. o. b. afloat to arrive (prompt); No. I
hard Daluth, So?;o f. o. b. afloat (nearby);
ftorou ,2io in eiovator.
Legal Notice.
Gilbert II. Hnssell, whoso residence is un
knot h.w 111 tuko notice that uu tho 12th
day o( December, 1m, Muinlo B. Hussell
tllrt her petition ngntnit the enld Ollbert 1).
huKsull in thu Court of Unnunon I'leaol
Buuunlt county, Ohio, belntf cnunn NoWW,
prnvlnff for dh orce, nllmony and Tor reato
rftilon to her malUtM. nnnie.
The tnlil Gilbert U, Uuasell In required to
unaver themkl potUbm In sntd notion not
lator thfin Plx wekB from the 12th day of
DitL-rmuvr, jHO.or thoprayerof sata petftlqn
will be granted.
By Attorhott, Marvin A Uoj-era hor uttor-
iViioi4 21SftJon4ns
. - 1
cutlery For tne Hollflay
We Bell tho best and most reliable
maltea In
Caryine Sets
Knives and Forks
And nil kinds of Outlary.
HemiqunrtorB for
Skaies, Horse Blankets, Lop rodgs ana wtiips.
Loaded Shells of all kinds.;
Sporting goods of every
Rohrbacher & Allen:
Hulldcrs' Hardware, Wails, 2
Paints, Glass, Oil, Etc. Z
Tfl. 70. 170 S. Howard tt
ir ','
wfu.a,,!,! i.rf,cs-, Ltuf
' ftJW Jff n

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