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- - - ' ' -J-
Used in Millions of Homes!
Accept no substitute !
Insist on LION COFFEE, in 1 lb. pkgs.
These articles mulled FREE in
exchange for lion heads cut from
front ofx lb. LION COFFimpkgs.
Silk Umbrella (either Lady's
Sent by eiprcss
Midi, lor 170
icnanccs pro
lien heads and
a 2-cent tamp.
Avery fine umbrella, madonluulonsllk taffctaj
QC-lDch frame with seven ribs ; steel rwl end slim
Congo handle. Would cost 82.00 ut the store.
Dress-Pin Set.
Jlalled free for IS
lion hcaJs and a 2
cent stomp, lbreo
flus In the set (larger
han shown), com
posed of lino rolled
cold, with handsome
rub-colorcd set
tliiRs. Sultablo for
waist pins, cutT-plns,
ncck'plns or ai a
child's set.
Sash-Belt and Buckle.
Mailed free for 15 Hon heads cut from
Lion Coffee wrappers and n 2-cent stamp.
Latest it jlo of Imported Mick Sw Is pros'
Kriiii riuuon ut'iimir:
gnin ribbon belilni
6tllsti imitation
oxidized silver buckle
ncui, Biroup ana
Silver Napkin-Ring.
Tor 15 Hon heada and
2-ccnt stamp. Neat and
substantial. Mado of dur
able metal, heavily sllver
platod Two dldercnt
Tor 15 Hon heads and
a 2-cent stamp. Color,
dark brown Ktmln nr
lino kid leather i cham
ois lining; nickeled
frame, with strong suap
fastcnlng. Ladles Pen-Knife.
For 15 Hon heads cut from
Lion Coffee wrappers and a 2c.
stamp.' Large st7ei tood ma
terial; handle nicely decorated
nnd assorted colors.
NH 1 .' Mention your Km
Bji X waist-measure lill ,f!!r
shortly appear In this paper I Don't miss It I The Erandelt list ol premiums over
Vou alwoj a know LION CorrCB by tho wrarper. It Is sealed pack
our, Ith tlio lion's head In front. It is absolutely puro II tho- pock.jo
Is unbroken. LION COFFBB Is roasted the day It leaves the factory.
Some Inafnnren nt tlir sltusiilur lit
feel. I'roduc-ctl I'jinn tfit 111ml liy
tlualus; StPiifltly nt it Crjalnl Por
KQttcn llicltlcuf. llccallt'tL
Tho qneer freaks of memory are
cuustant riiucslo to those who study
psychical phenomena. Who has not
been driven to tha vergo of didtructlon
by tho total inability lo recall n nai.-.o
nhcuan elTort waa tnadf) to do ho and
when tho occasion for sjcU iei:i m
branco was past had ths tnlajln;; nnino
flash into tho mind apparently of its
own volition?
Great rniiida liavo wrestlcd'to find an
explanation tor tho pranks th.it memory
plays and havo had to givo np tho
effort In tho courso of a By6tematlo at
tempt to nrrivo pt somo under.'ttaudlnK
with rogard to tho wondeia of memory
n very valnablo and nnlquo body of
testimony h.u been obtained. Tho fol
lowing qnestlona havo been pnfc to 200
American university stndtnts and pro
fessional persons. 151 boing men aud
40 being women. Tlio answers uro heru
given with tho questions
Question 1. Whenyoa cannot recall
o name, yon want, does it Doom to coino
back spontaneously without being sug
gested by uuy perceived association of
ideas? To this 11 per cent answered
"No" and 81 por cent "Yes."
Question S. Docs such recovery ever
come daring sleop? To this 17 per cent
answered "No" and 28 per cent "Yoa, "
Somo examples given
1 TJiis morning I tried to recall the
name of a character I had read of the
night before in ono of Seott'a novels and
failod. I taught a class, and walking
nomo in tne arternoon all tho names re
curred to mo without effort
fl. I tried to recall tho naino of n
book. Gave It up Half an hour later,
while talking of something else, blurted
it out without conscious volition
Question 3. On seeing n sight or
bearing a sound for the first time, havo
yoa ever felt that you had seen (or
heard) the same before? Fifty-nine per
The Easy Foofi
. Easy to Buv.
Easy to Cook,
Easy to Eat,
Easy to Digest.
tinker Oats
&$ At all groccJil
in 2-lb. pkgi.
r Ik&ra
- - "- ' w w j w
a ?v'i''t)w,?; vc c- KzmsaseaBBi
or dents)
"Knickerbocker" Watch.
Given for 175 Hon
hcrids and a 2-cent
stump, Neat nppenr
lnjt uud an excellent
lime keeper. Solid
nickel slher case, with
ornamental bnctc.
Nickel movements,
escapoiriiMit fully
Jeweled The famous
v, atch.
Ladies' Watch Chain.
A double strnnd ol best silk coM, united
at Intervals w 1th colored IwtvU I neat aud
Btibstanthl. Tor 15 Hon heads and a
2ccnt stamp.
Hon heads and a
2-cent sump. Tlio
telebrateit " Ingcr
foil" watch: stem
ound and stem
plated caso: each
atch accompany
led by ruarautco
ol the maker. A re
liable tlmc-kceir.
Ladies Pocket-Book.
Large size and
latest shapo. lllaclc
seal -grain leather.
with live separate
a tuck pmket wltll
Cap to hold visiting
canla secure
Oh en for 25 Hon
heads from Lion
Coftoc wrapper
and a 2c. stamp.
Table Cover.
Including fancy fringed bonier Alalled
free for 25 Hon heads and a 2c. stamp.
cent answered "Yes. "
Tho action of unconscious memory
during sleep is lllnstratcd by further
Quojtion -1, Do yoti dream ? Ninety
four per cent answered "Yes. "
Question fl. Can you walco nt n given
hour determined before going to sleop
without waking up many times btfoio?
Fifty-nlno per cent answered "Yes."
Thirty-ono rer cent answered "No."
Question 0. If you can, how about
failnro? Slxty-ulso per cent soldom
failed; 25 per cent often.
Qnestion 7. Do j on camo direct from
oblivion iutoconsclonsness? Sixty-four
per cent answered "Yes" nnd 10 per
cent "Gradually."
1. I had to givo mediclno overy two
hours exactly to my wife I liui u vory
sound sleeper, but for nix weeks I n oko
up every two hours and never missed
giving tho medicine
2. I am always nwaka flvo minutes
beforo tho honr I sot tho alarm.
8 I had had littlo sleep for ton days
and went to bed nt 0, asking to be
called at midnight I fell asleep at
onco. I roso and dressed as tho clock
stuck 12, and could not believe I had
not been called.
A strange phenomenon hii3 como to
light in tho courso of t,he inqniry into
tho mystery of memory It has been
discovered that by gazing steadily at a
crystal consciousness is partly lost. In
to tho void thus prodncod thoso who
havo practiced crystal gazing Dnd that
there enter unbidden forgotten incidents
and lost memories. To give n few in.
stances A lady in crystal gazing s.iw a,
bit of dark wall covered with white
flowers. Slio was conscious fclio must
have Been it somowhere, but had no
recollection where. Site walked over tho
ground eho had just traversed and
found tho wall, which she had passed
unnoticed. fl
Sho tool: out her bankbook another
day Shortly afterward eho was gazing
at the crystal, and saw nothing but the
number ono. She thought it was some
heck number, but, takingup the bank
book, found to her surprlso it was the
number of the account.
At another time sho destroyed u let
ter without noting the address. She
could only reniembor the (own After
gazing at tho crystal some thno sho
saw "321 Jefferson uvonue.'' Sho ad
dressed tho letter fhoro, adding the
town, and found t was right
A lady sat In a room to 5vrito where
sho had eat eight years before, Sho felt
her feet moving restlessly under tho ta
ble nnd then remembered that eight
years beforo sho always had a footstool
It was this her feet wero seeking
Psychical research brings to light
many cases of similar strange tricks of
memory, it ja easy to find instances
1 tebi?W: ii i
1 WMWpitJBwwS llSSr
sl JI!!3EranrmiirriflS!lE y
flyf uAb
(Iff w 1 MYft
Iflh B 3) )
rswssvirA'ix uiwi..i
w - w ww- . w w
Best Coffee
Try LION COFFEE and you will never use (
any otner.
Coffee and
Hkwri'SKS i Fancy Oold
These rlngi are genuine rollM-cnM yaic, having the exact r
Appcarnnco nnd qualities of tolld cold, nnd guaranteed y )
pat tor oi fcud very
Pair of Lace Handkerchiefs.
Two extra fine
cambric hand
kcrchlcfo, with,
beautiful Im
ported lace me
dallion Inser
tions In the cor
ners. Hall inch
hem, machine
stylish and dur
able. A polrol
thee hand k era
chiefs given for 18 lion heads cut from
Lion Coffee wrappers and a 2c. stamp.
Children's Picture Book.
Given for 10 Hon
heads and a 2-ccnt
stamp. Sixteen
largo pages of Mo.
t her Goobo Melodies
illustrated and with
nicely lithographed
cocr. Wo havo
different books, so
jou can get ru as
sortment. ami
x, ill
Century Cook-Book.
868 pages of valu
able cxking re
ceipts, alhO treatise
on tho labor of the
kltcheu, dining
room.laundrj , sick
room, and remedies
for the more com
mon dlcenscs
Oh en for 15 Hon
heads and a, 2-cent
Boys' Pocket-Knlfe.
For 12 Hon heads and a 2;. stamp.
list will
oflered I
5 y wctininnr fia
n3aaviBaBaiaaitaaB3k. "he "Ea7
lMffroiBBBBrA Opener" t
InJpBBWHFfMn strung, sharp
v-l W1 ?-' "Sr blado;
Cbj red-wood
(When writing for premiums send
iakiait wtm iuoiiuiuit.ua, ii mvn)
sate postage by trimming down the
iMuiMutvu iluiiuui itaii nuuicu
WOOLSON SP10E CO., Tolado, Ohio.
tnat Bervo to deepen tho uvystory It is
not bo easy to give an explanation Tho
cleverest men w'ho havo attempted to
do so havo had to admit dofeut. Wash
ington Post.
Queer I'ocketa nnd Thins. T.llori
lime to Iut lu Clariuent..
"No special."
With that remark to the assistant
who took down tho measurements tha
tailor dismissed his patron aud said
that tho unit would bo flulshcd "sure"
on a certain day.
"What did you mean by saying 'no
ipeclnl' to your clerk?" nsked tho cus
tomer. "Well, that mcam that yon want
your clothes made all right and without
my cianlc things about them. Pockets
are tho great speciaR Wo have cus
tomers who want, besidos tho regnlar
pockets, places in their waistcoats for
pencils, oyoglasBos and all sorts of
things. Somo pencil pockets ulo mado
to hold only ono pencil nnd some for a
bnnch. Eyeglass pockets nro also or
dered in keeping with tho shapo and
stylo of tho glasses, and pockets for
cigars are ordered for all sizes, from the
littlo half pencil shape to tho great
big pcrfecto Freak pockets, insldo of
other pockets, are also in demand, and
chamois lined pockets, which we usual
ly mako for tho watch Bide of tho waist
coat, aro ordered often for trousers by
men who carry silver trinkets in thorn. '
Another class of special customers
nro thoso whose garments are mado
with a view to the wearer's health.
Many children look too
old for their years. They
go about with thin faces and
sober manners not in keep
ing with robust childhood.
If , it's your boy or girl, give
'Twill fill out the hollow
places, increase the weight,
and bring a healthy color
to the cheeks. The im
provement continues long
after they cease using the
Emulsion. Get Scott's.
Soc. and S i oo, all druigiill.
SCOTT & BOWNB, Clicmbu, Ntw Ywk.
Old OEiiren
v- UW U JW' W tjfc own
for the Money!
(t is absolutely pure
nothing but Coffee.
'itVBy.-aa,.-,; j.. lw .y j
Genuine nubySctttno
lioia illno.
To determine the Size.
ror2Sllon jML
headland S?
ft 2-ccnt (C"vYnj
tamp. fc- ,.y
Clltaittlii of thick twtxt o Ihat'thflondi will I
exitUlrmut when tlruwu tightly around second
Jolntof thollnger. Lnyonueinl ontlili dlngrnui
at tlio o and order the number the other cod I
Arl Picture, "Easter
Oh en for 8
Hon heads cut
from Lion Cof
fee wrappers
and a 2-cent
A highly
art iit Id picture,
that will giace
tho finest draw
ing room. Tho
background of
royal dark-blue
furnishes an
contrast to tho
littlo gill nnd
her whlto rast
er lilies, faize,
For 10 lion bends
3 cents v,o
sand It tinned ready for hanging.
Flower Picture.
For 8 Hon heads and a 2c. stamp.
American Itcautv Roses and Lilies of-
the-Valley. Site, 11x21 inches. Bright
artistic coloring.
"The Dancing Lesson.'
Tho (rten grawunn'ttca.'liie llltld
broMU kitten and. the Rlrl's enQH-Mblto
dress torm it pleasloe combination of col
ore. 810, 15x21 Inclici flailed tree lor
8 lion heads and a 2-ccnt stamp.
your letter In the fame envelope or 1
man io tion ncaus arc seni, yoq can
margin. Ask jour grocer for large I
oil idler IU (IID
Many men have an lnnor band of rod
flannel put on tho waist of their trou
sers us nemo for lhcumatisin, and somo
driving coats nro inado so that sheets
of stout paper may bo slipped between
tho breast lining and tho cloth when
driving against tho wind.
"On tho whole," said tho tailor, "a
man in my business has tho best oppor
tunity to find out tho 'kinks and queer
points about men, not only as to their
persons, but their minds." Now York
It nronwlit l'rnt.e From the l'reaelier
Who IJIilit't Deliver It,
Beforo ex-Congiessman John Finerty
became famous as tho grcat.Auierlcan
British lion tail twister ho was one of
tho best reporters in Chicago Ho was
on The Tribune, and one day u certain
city editor (best known to tamo as the
man who always woio a straw hat and
smoked a corncob pipe) decided that
Mr. Finerty should be dlsripllned.
It was Satnrday, nnd some time after
midnight Mr. Finerty was assigned to
report tho morning sermon of an ob
scure minister way down on tho South
Bide Finerty was tlio 'senior, and his
associates wero thunderstruck They
expected an explosion, at least, but
Finerty reninit.eil calm and dignified,
although u triflo palo "Then ho will
resign,' they thought, but Finerty
walked out and mado no sign To tho
curpriso of overy one, ho reported tho
noxt day as usual and turned in an ab
stract of the sermon Uvery one read it
on Monday morning, and It was cer
tainly an eloquent and carefully report
ed sermon 1
That afternoon a man of clerical cut
called on tho city editor nnd asked to
see tho young man who had reported
his Bormon tho morning beforo Mr.
Finerty was Introduced. The man of
tho clerical cut would like to see Mr
Finerty ulono for a few momenta Out
in tho hallway ho asked. "Of conrso,
you weio not at my church yesterdiiy
'No, " replied Finerty.
"Well, I simply stopped to thank you
for tho sermon. It was far more elo
quent than the ono I preached. '
Finerty had composed the sermon In
a neighboring cellar beer saloon on
Saturday night. Lippincott'B Magazine-
Vou In I'liolotrrnlihy.
One icrinus and at tho sanio timo un
suspected sourco of fog in photography
la often due to tho faot that tho black.
lug has slightly worn off tho lens
uionnl and thuro Is n rollectlou which
results in a loss of brllliauoy iu tho
negative!. Constant use and eudless
cleaning, of the lens In time wear tha
blacking' off, aud this should be attend
ed to and all metal parts kept well
Hacked. Where Ititits aro mounted in
aluminium still more caro Is uecosiary
lu this respoct, as, wherever in such
canes tho blacking wears off, white light
Instead of yellow light is reflected Into
tbu lens.
Sometimes diaphragms of ibo Iris
pattern nro greatly nt fault In this re
spect By rearoii nf Its construction tho
loaves or vanes In this diaphragm aro In
oniiitaut friction while being set, and
thus become polished and reflective, for
which reason some photographers avoid
having iris diaphragms in their lenses,
notwithstanding their convenience. A
careful examination of the apparatus
wilt insure safety In this m.ittcr. Stops
of tho ordinary pattern becomo in time
littlo btitter than bare metal, especially
at tho edges of tho aperture,
nrltl.h Shrill Which ltnlae llnrno
Alnntnr the Hoeri,
One of the methods adopted by tbo
Btltlsh In their warfare on the Boers In
this latest outbreak hits been the cfuecr
CTplosItt' known as lyddite, au delusive
ly British eleuieut of ammuoltlon.
It Is a peculiar development of picrate
acid, the Invention of one Tttrpln, who
sold It to the Armrtrons;s for the use of
the British only In their several and fr-
quent sporadic experiments in freak wnr
forc. Tho Chinese stinkpot, evidently
enoueh, fns its inspiration, for the prin
ciple is quite the same, that of downing
the enemy with smells.
loddite is placed Inside of a shell and
fired from nn oidinary caunon by propul
hm of ordinary ordnance powder. When
the bhell tncloslug the fiendish prepara
tion explodts, the lyddite flies over every
thing within reach and suflocates the en
emy with its deadly fumes. It kills by
smell at very lone lauge and is said to be
morn deadly than the shell which kills by
7nnirwlll'. aloft Street DooU.
Just before Israel Zaugwlll, author
et the "Children of tho Ghetto," sail
id back In dlsguBt to Europe ho was
tnkeu by a paity of Bohemian friends
down Into Chluatown. Ho went tho
usual rounds of the Chinese lestau
innt, tho Chinese theater mil tho
opium Joints and wound up In tho joss
house. Ho seemed very much Inter
ested In all he saw. Ho made copious
notes during tho evening nnd asked
a great many question.
boinebody asked him what ho
thought of It ail,
"Wonderfull" ho replied. "And nil
these tinfoitunato people live in tho
neighborhood of Mott street, do they7
"Well, iu that caso I think I'll writo
another book nil about these poor
wretches. Ai!d I think, too, I will call
It tho "Chlldron of tho Motto!" New
York World.
Alcohol was first distilled by tho Ara
bians, and when we talk about coffee
aud alcohol wo arc using Arabic words.
Catarrh Is Not a Local Disease.
Although physicians linvo known
for years that catarrh was not a local
disease but n constitutional or blood
(liboider, yot the mass of tlio people
still continue) to bellove It Is simply n
local troublo nnd try to cure It with
puroly local remedies, llko powders,
snulTs, ointments nnd lnhnleis.
These local remedies If thov ac
complish anything at nil, simply
glvo a very temporary rollof and It is
tiouutiui ii n poimauent euro of ca
tarrh lias over been accomplished by
locnl sprays, wnshes antl Inhalers.
Thoy may olenr tlio mucous mem
brnno from tho oxcesslvo secretion
but it returns in a few hours ns bad
as over, nnd tho result can hardly bo
otherwise because the blood Is load
ed with catarrhal poison and It re
quires no nrgumont to convince any
one that local washes and sprays
havo nbBolutely no eiTeot on the
Dr. Alnsworth says: "I have long
sineo discontinued tno use or sprays
and washes for catarrh of head antl
throat, because they simply relieve
aud tlo not euro,
For somo time past I have used
only one treatment for all forms of
catarrh and the results hnve been
uniformly good, the remedy I use
and recommend is Etunrt's Catarrh
Tablets, n, plensunt and harmless
preparation sold by druggists nt r0c
but my experience has proven ono
packngo of Stunrt's Catarrh Tablots
to be worth adozeu local treatments.
Tlio tablets are comnosed of Hv-
drastln, Sungulnarla, Bed Gum,
Gtialacol ami other safe antiseptics
and any catarrh sufferer can use
them with full assurance that thev
contain no poisonous opiates nnd
that thoy uro the most reasonable,
and successful treatment for radical
cure of catarrh at present known to
tho profession,"
Btuait s uatarrn 'tablets nro largo
ilensnnt tnstlugSO grain lozenges, to
io dissolved In the mouth nnd reach
tlio delicate membrnnes of throat
and trachea, and Immediately re
lievo any Irritation, while their dual
action on the blond removes; tlio ca
tarrhal poison from the whole sys
ttm. All druggists sell them nt CO
cts. for comploto treatment.
Ktlll HALH Olt KXCHAKOn-Hven ncro
truck farm near Akron, lth Rood house,
five loin, North lllll.nt UUJCacll.lt sold
Now S room homo nnr pavement and
str.clrnrs.H bargain nt II, IV).
N.wArooin house York St., nearly new,
Money lo loan at lowest rates' of Interest,
V. II, J0.NK8. Tel. HO.
For Sale Oa Easy Terms.
The most eloRftnt stihurhnn home In Hum
rnlt county; Inrue house of 0 roens, hard
wood nnlsh, trnod cellar, hnler. good barn,
Hxnrr.sol Innd. Mtreet cars pnss door.
This properly Is beyond question tbe nnest
properly on the market. Will sell for less
than cot of bulhllni. A bnrsuln.
THOU. I.. OHIMIH. Attorney.
Walsh lilxck.
10 10AN SVro In sums Ui suit borrower.
J, I llachtcl, IWHoutll Howard. 170 If
MONKY TO LOAN Vrom lino nrt nn.
ward on household goods or Any chiittle se
curity and nllow the ncxls to renrnln In
four possession. Canrep-iyus In month ly
tistnllmcnts. Itnom II, Arcade block. Of-
ncenourr, s:wio n:;s, n. m.. i: io& p. m.
W'ANTKll A mnn In wnrtr In n f rim nml
deliver; one ivhnunderitfthds cutting meat.
juiiuiru Lurjivr rurgu nnu Area its. .
VANTi;i) Tiro nrllcers. None but i-
pirlei.td bandi iiceii apply. India Kubl-cr
yum jmiij. stlj,7J)
WANIIID Ono or two flrst-elfius as Ira-
men In eacti htato to aril a buIocii and cltrar
more upecjauy on article or merit itna n
hot lelWT. htriiltrht milnrv in oruirt tnnn
Wrltc'iulch. Hni utamp for reply. ( hlcago
WANTED Horses to kep out vi Inter.
Prices miuniinblf. Good Mails and plenty
of kk1 foul. Ilrfcrence, Fred Laubor 1T.
McUourt. Addrrsi It. J. Jlyde, Jr.. Chtp-
WAN'THD-Mnn tn Ir-nrn tmrli,. trnrla
Nfiexp?fiiiftlf ou will work for u. 1'Anhl
u?ekn eompii'tu. JuU adopted plan that
KunrmUffH f'h monthly, Thli proposition
neer inndn before. Only open to gradu
ate. Write today for particulars. Moler
iiarunr uoiiege, umcutjo, m. xjl-vn-
W ANTKD AKntn In eery county to
bundle "Coin on Money," nold exclusively
through noetitn. For further Information,
addrent Coin l'liblUhlnif company, 5 ittudlo
llldgs., corner Htuto and Ohio st., Cnleo.ro.
LOST Ladles' small gold is atch, on treft
mr, via ruuiu 10 j jr vnurcn 01 unriUi
Finder plenso communlcnto with F. M. 11
bW H,.Maln st. 3U-.KA
IiOsT A female fox terrlor, six mouths
old: H not ted black and white: little bi-own
pott hImivo fach eye. A llticral reword for
luionnuuou 01 us wiiertabouts. m. V
Dralmo, ih Joint's st. VA-AA
FOH HKNT Front room, clown stairs,
ft.rnlihod, furnace heat, near business part
oftowtu Apply to L.J. Hoskln, Democrat
uuiw. 'Jl II
I will buy all tho old horses and mares
thatjou donotwant to keep over winter.
It. 0. Tlmmcrman,21iJ Furnace stM Akron,
Ohio. TcI.U2il. 14 tr
Real Estate and Insurance.
If you want to buy a house.
If you want to sell a house.
If you want to borrow money.
If jou want to loan jour money.
Call nn L. M. YOUNG, Room 81 Akron Sav
ing's Dank lilac k,. Phone VC.
Vlkf. t-. COLEtVIAN
Justice of the Peaco and Notary,
Suii W'ooutor avenue.
Houses nn monthly payments, choice lots
on W'ooster av. will ba sold nta sac ri nee,
also green bnufiQ equipments cheap. A ii
horse-power boiler, almoit new. I have thu
nnestallotmentln Akron. Lots 60x175 from
I10U to JJuu, Come to see me.
FOR sale:
If you want a first-class driving
nors0,mie.ymateu coacu or carnage
team, call nt Steiner'B Stock Barn.
No. 1S50 South Main st. Nothing hut
ursi-cuiEB norses Kept in ewok.
N. R. STISINER. Pron.. Tol. 1734.
John Q. Martin, JJgr. Mch 18, 1900
Which wlllle better snd lonrer appreclsted
than many a costlier elftt
An Aetna Lite, Endowment
or Accident Policy...
A thODghtfal token of your test affection.
District Arent, Everett buUiUji tel. iu.
$1,000 to ,3,000 at 6 per cent
for term of years If security U
gilt edge. Inquire at once.
Halo 2t Coatoa
Everett block. Tel. 1623
I Ct-
Stoem Laundry
Now machlnorv. new location.
AVe guarantee our work. High .
l'Iobs or domoBtlo finish.
phono taaa '
N03. 182-1B7 North Howard st.
Mannfaoturor of all kindaof brushes,
Orders promptly attended to.
Rltohlo Coal o,
Has a good house for rent.
Also coal to sell. Wo aro
not In the combine
IIO Af. INiorfcco St.
Family Vanhlnes
Our specialty. Special rates. We
fabrics. Will call for and deliver
goods. One trial Is all we nsk.
40S East Eicbante st.
rhone m E k Eeed, Props.
IV1ool-i3rie Shop
General Maohlne Work of All Kinds
Olay Working Moohlnery for
Stoneware a Bpeoialty.
Oro wore ofXlno
Catawba Pure, Catawba A, Port,
Sweet, Ives SecJllng-...
Always on fcind. All ordin promptly fUlea.
Special attention riven t. all mall orders.
Kelly's Island, 0.
Winter Tourist Tickets
Now on sale via O., A. & O. Ily. to
tlio south and southwest. For tick
ets und full Information see O, I),
Honodle. rnllioad aud steamshln
ugont, Union depot.
Prom us on your own terms, also
seo us about that INBUIIANOC
P. P. BOCK 3 CO.
Olv o I Moving Vans, Teaming
QflJ and Transferring. ''Kill
J your coal bins now and
nvold tho rush." Olllco,
Cor. Cherry ana Canal sts. Tel. 251".
s Castings
For Every Purpose.
i2i. Adarnson,
Exchange and Water Streets.
The Dixon Transfer Co.
' Coal, Tr&ntier end Uvcry
Packing, moving and storing of
goods. Conches, coupes and carriages
for funerals, weddings, parties and
12 Mi 12S Carroll st. Tel. Ko. 306
AflinflV rorrln .N
to nimutii, viaiutu j
W ..Europaan Rostaurant.,
iS 200-M3E.Marietst.
iti Refreshments .( all Ins. Th
IW celebrated Anleaser Eoscli leer
uways on axasc&t. Meals at all
nsors at reasonable prices.
Clve ns a c:ul
We will ptease yen.
. .-- j
"W ' -S ia US v V5S a iSs UJ Sf
Tk. Finest Itsilaurant In Akron.
Wcs-t O'oodo C Olcorsa
Salor Central Savlncs Sank.
ii , .,, !., hi i, . i, i in a ii, nnhiiii.rs
rrlniary. Heconilury or Tertiary Illood
1'olsor, lVrmonently Cured. You Clin h
ik.iidui u uiiuor sumo Kunrnnty. ji
Sm taken mercury, lortlilo potash, nnd
Still 11HVA fit.ha nnri ..,,,. l..Z,.a ti i
In mouth, Hore Thront, I'lraples. Copper
Colony! Hpols, ITli'era on nny port of the
Jv llJV- '.ll.'f , Sr.I::5'!'rcm fnlllns; out, rlto
COOK ItEMEDV CO., ISO Mnsotilo Temple.
V-Slm?0t,.1"",!.r.',J,x,f ' ?ur.M- Capital
ti. , "ninii. mis inoHt nn.unaie ea.es.
.. ,i,i. o nuiru inn .vuraL cabts in ia toso
flujs. lttpai;o Hook Free.
Dou't wait nor waste your money
In building, when ynu can buv that,
brand now South Main st. dwelling,
just nt ond of pavement for about
2M less than it would coit vou to
build. J. I. HAOHTEI,,
163 South Howard st.
g-gaa oil.
Per GcwIbk Ma-
Firs A rets, t;c. Tho
iiieneit unce. uct it
froa your dealer. c
1 Oaimd nno., COi
Winter In tho South.
Tho season approaches when ones
thoughts turn toward n place whore
tho inconveniences of u Northern
winter may bo escaped. No section
of this country oners suoh ideal
spots as the Gulf Coast on the line of
the Loulsvillo At Nashville railroad
between Mobile nnd Now Orleans.
It possesses a mild climate, pure air,
ovon temperature and facilities for
hunting nnd Ashing enjoyed by no
other section. Accommodations for
visitors are first-class, and can be so
cured at moderate prices. Tho L. &
N. It. B. Is the only line by which It
can be reached In through cars from
Northern cities. Through carsched
ulos to nil points In Florida by this
lino are also perfect. Writo for
folders, etc, to Jackson Smith. D, I'.
A., Cincinnati, O.
Tho B, & 0. ft. Ft. Is tho Shortest
And rmlckest route Akron to Chi
cago and points west. For tickets
and full Inrurmatlou see C. D. Hon
odle, railroad and steamship agent.
Union depot.
MJS! till
a nsiiiauassAcx jm
M JM iHa LDonn W sj
Honrch Polish
I Hf H I0 rumtture, r-iinoi, f For tlio by ,
1 HH TlUar, llMdwooUFlaibli sll Defers.
ill OSISD DUO.. . CO. Ed CLCVtUMO. o.
Vj . lftw?J,hl.,S5&4tf
-,Uii.aii,v. w.
CT-V ......

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