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Anton's Citizens Have
Burdens of life are many.
J3omo people have more than their
Pretty-hard to bear the burdons of
a bad back.
Its aches and pains make you
Learn tho cause and remove the
Most backaches pains come from
sick kidneys.
Must cure tho kidneys to cure the
Doan's Kidney Fills will do it.
Lots of Akron proof that this Is so.
Bead what a oftlzen says:
Mr. Peter Gauthler, of 205 Living
ston street, stone outter, says : "An
acquaintance told mo about Doan's
Kidney Pills, and I Went to Lam
parter A Co.'s drug store on Bouth
Howard gtroet and procured them.
I had a great deal of pain In my
side and when bending over as is
necessary at my work, the aching
was most distressing. My kidneys
were not aotlvo, a feeling of weari
ness weighed me down and the kid
ney secretions wero thick and turbid.
'Doan's Kidney Pills removed tho
nohlngand In a short time rendered
the kidney secretions normal. I was
Invigorated in other ways by tho uso
of this valuable romedy."
Doan's Kidney Pills are for sale by
all dealers. Price BO s. or mailed by
Foster-Mllbnrn Co., Buflalo, N.Y.
Sole agents for the U.S. Remember
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By presenting this coupon to us
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. . . OP . . .
- . - W5HT ROBES . v. i
-, .CLOVES "
And everything Imag
inable in the Gents' Fur
nishing Goods line.
Ferbsteln's Old Stand.
Of getting anything but tho
Best Made Bread, Cakes
and Rolls
Of all kinds when you give us
your order.
The South Main St. Bakery
Has but one grade and there's no
better goods baked in Akron.
We ask you to try our home
made bread, white and ryo broad,
fresh every day.
Cakes, rplls, pies and dough
nuts, the best In the city.
New England Bread every
Wednesday and Saturday. It is
conceded this Is the BEST BREAD
made In the city.
All Telephone Orders Promptly
Dellveiel. Give Us a Trial.
Rubier Si Beck Block
500 S. Main st. Tel. ?85
Public Sale.
Tho underslitncd, tnite In bankruptcy
of thnMtataofCleume U, Jluglll, will offer
for mle nt publlo miction ut tlie canl inrcl nt
J. H Blmmoiis.usiMt, formerly llufMM'atonl
nru,on Doo.so.ut 10 oYcclc,all tlio prop
erty remaining on his baruU, belonging to
Term of Bale Cnnh.
. . ClIAnijK1T.Or.ANT,
Deo 11 TauBtoe,
Count Complete,
Grand Master Ives Hughes and
Grand Seoretnry Charles Lyman of
the I?0. O. F. have completed tho
count of votes for representatives tn
Jthe grand lodga of Ohio. John Starr
apd Fred Kuhlke
of Al.iou were
both elected.
BUCHTEl in ruins.
Continued from first page.
Ko ono was caught In the not, but It
Is said an investigation will follow.
Campui Ruined.
Wotor siroamfng over tho campus,
and crowds tramping to and fro,
converted portions of tho beautiful
grounds into veritable mud holes.
No Acoldenti.
Not n single acoldent occurred.
Tho nearest approach to Injury by
Are was when Edson M. Boblnson
crushed In the '(loots of the Delta
Gamma fraternity hAlii and rescued
the charter.' Tho room was filled
With smoke and flamo.'and Mr. Bob
lnson was slightly mimed about tho
face, ills rescue of the charter
made him the hero of the occasion
among the' girls 'of that ifraterpity,
who soy that were It not for Mr.
Robinson's ,rltky act the charter
would undoubtedly have been lost.
Narrow Eicapo.
Captain John B. Senlous of Fire
deportment No. l,and Firemen Wm.
Woehler, John Dletz, Horatio Wash
er and Fronk A,Nlghswonder had a
narrow escape, at the southwestern
part of the building. They were up
near the top when Are broko out
beneath them, and it was with con
siderable difficulty that they es
caped. Equipment Inadequate.
While tho flremen did all that
could bo dono, and worked with a
vigor and persistency, thaequipmont
was inadequate. Had an aerial
truck boen provided, the firemen say
the building would not have been
Might Havo Been Controlled.
Janitor Loomls, of tho College,
was on the ground shortly after tho
discovery of tho fire. To a Demo
ohat reporter he said: "Tho fire
wns burning Just cast of tho chnpel
when tho depajtmeufarrlvcd. I on
deavored'to have tho mou take a line
ofhosoup to tho chnpel and com
mence playing on tho Are from with
in, but this they refused to do. Had
they acted upon my suggestion I ho-
Iteve the flames might have been
Low Keenly, Folt.
The loss of the splendid Collego
building is keenly felt, not only by
those directly Interested, but by
every citizen of Akron. It is a
oalamlty whoso qualities are many
and varied. The entire city (eels the
less. So do all who constitute the
great army of persons who hare been
students at Buchtel and those who
have graduated from the Institu
tion. In all parts of this country
are persons who with genuine sorrow
and regret read the news of the de
struction of the buflding.
Reildfnces Caught From Spirki.
For a tlmo It vas thought that the
houses on Buohtel avenue would bo
deBtroyod, Sparks and burning em
bers were flying Inajl directions.
The residences ot Mies S. 3 Brown
nnd A. J. 'Symes, at, the corner of
Buchtel avc. and Collego St., took
fire, but wor,o soon extinguished.
Flss Alarm.
When the fjfro 'was at Its holght
some unprincipled person turned In
a false alarm froiflbox 81, at tho cor
ner of Uqrynrd und Thornton sts.
The chemical engine and one hoso
cart wero fletuljcii to mako tho run.
To Adjust tho Lost.
Beprrse)tat!veiJ of the different
c6mpanlea will bo hear in a few days
to adjust the loss. Tho case is a
peculiar one, an the contents largely,
v 1 I
' . ' 31 If
l(.'T"Ua l.1 , LliUT-- VjK !-- a - ET. 1 ZFT7J t.' Tl X- r-Ui.Un S '"l lilj.iti dE j j T. TJm E '- J1 'Z i ' irtl . S C."i . A. I UT.i'W7i JW.
bore a valuo whlrh have no cash
Collection! Loil.
Among tho many collections d
stroj ed were throe that can novor bo
replaced, namoly a collection of
Pennsylvania fossils; a collection of
vnrlous specimen of coal from the
Ohio Holds and a collection of Marine
shells. Tluse wore arranged and
catalogued by Dr. E. W. Claypoln,
and represented years of carefull re
search. The loss In this department
Is estimated at $50,000. .
Tho woather records kopt by Prof.
H. V. Egbert wore also destroyed.
Arrangement For Next Term.
Tho yottug ladles' dormitory next
term will bo located In Jthe Lawrenco
houso adjoining tho campus on tho
east facing Buohtel ov. Miss L.
Elmle Warner will bo in charge' and
will return from her vacation In time
to superintend the furnishing of the
Large Structure.
Tho burned structure was of stone
and brick, 400 feet long by 65ftot
wide. It was four stories high with
n large basement. Crouso gymius
lum, the observatory and tho presi
dent's house, nlthough a short dls
tonce away wore In danger at no
time. Prof. O. E. Olln belloves that
the Are started from tho largo chim
ney in the center of tho building; and
worked eastward under the roof.
It probably smoldorod for sevei.il
hours beforo bolng discovered.
Messages ot Sympathy.
Many messages wero received
Thursday by President Ira A. Priest.
Dr. John Henry Bariows, piesldcnt
of Oborlln collego, telogrnphod as
follows! "Have hoard with groat
sorrow of yoar loss. My deepest
Dr. Chnrles F. Timing, president
of Western Itcsorvo University,
wlrd: "Be assured of the lioaitft.lt
djinpathyof Western Roserve col
lege, In this greit loss. Command
mo personally mid officially for any
bcrvlco I can render."
Of Buchlel Collego Met Thursday
Will Do Rebuilt.
Promptly otD o'clock chnpel exor
cises were held at tho First Unlvor
snllst church, and impromptu re
marks of sympathy wiro made by
miny leading citizens. An opening
hymn was sung, and Dr. Priest read
1871 ; Cost Upwards of $125,000;
a Psalm and offered proyor.
Following tho prayer he talked on
the great misfortune occasioned by
the Are, but assured tho students
that on January 8, they woujd find,
nil members of tho faculty in their
places. "We look through the mist
of tears, and what we see makes us
hopeful. Providence has guided us,
thuB far, and will contlnuo to guide
us in the days to come. College
work will be conducted In one of
theso three buildings the Flrst
Uulversallst church, tho old posl
ofllco building or Crouse gymna
sium." ,
Students Will Return.
Edson M, Boblnson, of tho Senior
class wns called to platform. f,Pr.
Priest," he said, "you havo assured
us that tho faculty membors wjll bo
in their places January I), I waut,'to
assure j ou that tho studonts wlll;bo
there, too. Cheers. Tho students.'
love of BuclUol college Is not'nlohe
concentrated qu tho building. What
It Is and what It has boen ns an in
stitution makes it dearer to us tlinn
Ttords cau express, nnd wJlh all (tn
hitcred memories and precepts Wo
love old Buchlel today us we havo
never lovod It before.1''
Gerald Hi Brown, president of the
Senior class, was also called upon
for remaiks Ho said! "Wo will
nil bo hero January Ji, prepared to do
what wo can for tho upbuilding of
tho collego, and ready to submit
cheerfully to every inconvenience
occasioned by the flro,"
Trustees Will Assist.
Hon. George W. Crouso, president
of tho board of trustees "I cer
tainly glory In tho spirit shown by
(ho faculty and students. I have a
feeling of pride, and tako fresh
courago in humanity when I seo
how nobly the friends of tho collego
stand by It In this dark hour. The
trustoes will do all within their
power to provide accommodations
for the studonts when they return
for the winter term. I trust that
the Anal result of the movement
started by thlsmeetlng will be the
rebuilding of tho college.
A Mtgnlflcenl New Structure.
"It is practical to do this, and tho
city of Akron owes something to tho
fund to be raised for that purpose.
Becently we have been talking of a
plan by which $25,000 maybe secured
from Akron's citlzons, I feel suro
that this can be done, and soon
there will bo reared upon the foun
dation of tho old building a struc
ture mora magnlflceut than the ono
Akron's Duty.
Postmaster L. S. Ebrlght "It is
the duty of Akron's citizens to con
tribute what tbey can to the rebuild
ing of tho collego If not cash,
assistance In whatever other manner
Dr. T. E. Monroe, pastor of tho
First Congregational church "Bro.
Ciouse Is good for oil ho says, and
thoro Is no doubt but that he will so
ture his ?25'000. Buchtel college
must be rebuilt, and I am suro that
it will.
Heroic Spirit Manifested.
Dr. 0. E. Kellei, pistor of Trinity
Lutheran church"! havo fallh in
Atlron and her people, nnd am con
fident that the building will bo re
constructed. I am glad, indeed, to
notice tho horolc spirit spirit mani
fested by bqth fncuUv.aild students.
Ho or Bhe would bo tho rankest kind
of a coward who would desert a
friend in misfortune, and I want to
say, that Buohtol coUeae would ho
Totally Destroyed-by Tiro Dec.
benefitted by tho desertion of a
student cowardly enough to forsako
it qow." Cheers followed Mr. Kel
ler's' remarks.
t Not Misunderstood.
CoJ, George T. Perkins "My time
tlmo has not yet come." These
words were too significant to bo mis
understood and cheer after cheer
oohqed through tho room.
Bev, F. B. Haddock, pastor of tho
First M.K. church: "Akron cannot
afford to do naythlng else than re
build tho collego. She has got good
sense enough to recognize her best
College Yell.
Following those remarks tho stu
dents gave, the collego yoll. Bev.
Haddock was tho first person to tele
phone to Dr. Priest, oxprosslng sym
pathy for the collego in this disaster.
Senator J. Furk Aloxandor: "My
heart, sou and hands will bo used
in ' helping to bring about the re
building o( tho college."
Founder's Brother.
Wm. Buohtol, brothor of John B.
Buchtel, founder of tho college.
When ho arose, cheers and the col
lege yejl wero given: "I'll see you
later," was all ho si(d and again
cheorswero universally give.
Should Be No Difficulty.
W.T.Sawyer, Esq., member of the
Alumni "In a larger senio Buchtel
college is entirely separate from the
building. Nos for a moment will
wo entertain the thought that the
structure w 111 not be rebuilt. In this
city of 50,000 Inhabitants there should
no difficulty In securing from tho
citizens a fund of $100,000."
Cheered Instructors.
The collego Instructors were then
luvucu jorwara. wnen tney ap
peared before tho students, cheers
many and loud were given.
Hpeaklng for the instructors, Prof.
ManaPaesonisald: "Wo are proud
of our students."
Nearly all members of the Alumni
residing in the city were present,
besides many prominent cltlzons.
Among those noticed in the audlenoe
were: Judge N. D. Tibbala, M,
O'Nell, Supt. Thomas of the public
schools, N. 0. Stone, Dr. A. K.
Fouser and members of the Board of
Education and City Council. Dr.
A. A. Sherman"of Kent, who was In
terested in the building of the col
lege, ws also present.
Class Meeting.
The senior olats held a meeting at
11 o'clock at the church, and de
clared ilt as their intention of re
maining Armly by tho college and
doing what they could to further It
MIsb Estolle Musson, teacher of
muslo, will hoar her class recite at
tho gymnasium Friday morning.
Miss L. VAmie Warner held a meet
ing with the girls at the college tub
afternoon. The meotlng was In
formal and talks wero had rolatli
to the coming term.
Fiod. H, Sypher, a student who
roomed In No. 53, on tho fourth floor
lost somo clothes, books nnd a watch
Loss, $50.
Not of tho Past.
But Buchtel college Is not alone
constructed of brick and mortar
Too dear hove become its oxlsteuct
to Akron; Its treasured associations
memories nnd history to admit of iti
being regarded as a thing of tho past
even though the buldlng is destroy -
Continued on Fourth Pago.
Col. Goorge R. Gyger of Alliance,
has been appointed adjutant general
of tho Ohio National Guard by Governor-Meet
20, 1809.
Elected Treasurer.
At the mee tine of the board of di
rectors of (be Columbian Cathollo
summer bqIjooI In Chicago Wednes
day, D. H. MoBride of this city was
elected treasurer, Thenct annual
meoiing win no ueia in Detroit, be
ginning July 10, and ending August
Pofloe Court,
Intoxication Wm. Murphy and
Wilson Agnr, 'each $2 and costs.
Jamos Flynn, intoxication, $2 and
costs. Flynn has also been arrested
on another oliafe"' of Intoxication.
Hearing Jrr'aay morning. Chas.
Blsson, assault anil battery, $2 and
,, -"'t-t-He
Wua Slipft Qn JjUnci, but Decid
edly LopsT MU Nerve
The yoifni; nian was cither an op
tlmlst or the pjsiesaor of a liuncylzed
steel arumr plutitl nerve. Perhaps bo
was a little of both.
A shott tlwp ago lie come to the con
cliislou that he Mould like tQ Insure his
life. AVIth'fiils oUJuetw1 vlop- ho made
application to a proailuenl company,
Aftei plllni; 'up tiio necessary form be
lecctved nh linltutluu to tall upon the
medical pilleei- ot the conymuy and
undcigo the' usual luodfcal erunlua-
Bi"i iipifyiWs'j
A lady writes ttsi " We had
lately mat we tried a sample pound of hmp) ess lea, ,
wiiei gave petfeet satisfaction"
(Formosa, Oolong, Cngtlah Broakfaat or Japan)
BOo, 60o anil BOo nor lb.
Tea and Coffee Dept.
Mil Nfll A7 III Whol.Ml.Ag.at.,
Surprising sale of suits, top coats.overcoats and men's
furnishings. Great Xmas sale of boys'
and children's clothing. "
Don't delay, come at once. Come here first, after you
havo marlo your. purchase-here j-qu will find j ou Jiavo saved
a considerable amount. Th.it counts when there "are others"
you w ant to make happy with j. Xmas present.
Elegant Suits at . . 53 and upwards
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Top Coats at &s.Q and upwards
Kc-ikwoar sold elsewhere .it 00c, our special Xma prices
25o. Our 73c and $1 Neckwear, special Xmas pneo
J'emembor you will find John here at the
Big 134 Clothing House
mt . . J ' A.
JJi!ji1ia. tin tlT3i TiSr p
Nothing could he morn acceptable as a Christmas present thaa i
We are showing n el pant lino of notions at very reasonable prices. ,
Best brands of cigar kept Iwre. I
S"UES cAnn-atiT ccirsn.iD. t 21P5JlgJ5 J
J. M. LAFFER, Druggist,
tlon. la due courte he ireatutod him
self at the offlco ot the examining phy
sician. Hequestlng the young man to remove
his coat and vent, the doctor produced
a stethoscope and began bla examina
tion. AH at once be stopped and re
garded the candidate with an expres
sion of alarm.
"Touiig man," he said, "do you tblnlc
you ion bear a eboik?"
"Ob, I think so!" was the cheerM re
sponse. 'Tire away and let me hear
the worst."
"You litno only one lung," announc
ed tl.e doctor solemnly.
"Well, what of that?" retorted the
candidate, w'lth tho utmost composure.
"I neTer told you I had any more,
did I?"
"Whit," exclaimed the doctor, "do
you mean to say you were awa of
your condition?"
"Of course I was. Bo you suppose
a men could have only one lung with
out being aware of the fact?"
"And yet," said the doctor, "you ap
ply to a respectable company for a poli
cy of life Insurance. Do you expect to
get It?"
"I certainly do. Not only that, but I
think I oujht to get It at a substantial
l eduction In the premium.'
"Upon what ground, may I ask? '
"Upon the ground that, baring only
one luug, I am CO per cent leas liable to
contract consumption than If I bad
two lungs." Blval.
The State of Attain 814 to Ellit In
the OoTerntneni SerTlee,
"Why Is It that women art practical
ly debarred from receiving promotions
to the higher places (n tho government
sen Ice?" asked a government c)erW of
a quarter of a century's experience.
Tho question wns put tn several Isdles
In the tieasury department. Beforo
any one of them had tme to reply tho
questioner proceeded to answer his
own Interrogatory.
"It Is became they are held back by
members of their own etz," be said.
"Some time ago a lady In one division
I know of wb t.o favorably rrgirdcd
that she would barn been made chief
of that dlIsIon, but as soou n"l her
prcpects bpcnmeliiivn her fellow
clerks ot the same sex became Indig
nant an,l united In n protest, 'locy de
clired that they could twer woiK un
der her; that they would a thousand
times rather hare a miu tlinn a womin
to 'boss' them. They wouldn't nllow
her to 'loid It oer thciu,'
"That Is only a sample of many
cases. Women can bo di'pemWrt upon
to antagonize 'Ytnntcu binder such cir
cumstances. Not only Ai they do so
In tho en I haie cited, tint thuy nc
tunlly eae tho marble In-art nnd tho
Ic bund to this woman nftor they de
feated bur prospects of a promotion.
I fln a iflsQcd that use ot tho most In-
3 '
been gating such terribly poor tea
181 front St., Hew York.
Cutlery For the Holiday
We sell the best and most reliable a
maxes in
Carvinjr Sets
Knives and Forks 2
And all kinds of Outlory,
Headquarters for J?
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Sporting goods of every!
Rohrbacher S Alien 1
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Paints, Glass, Oil, Etc.
Til. 70. 170 S. Howard t
JT-- ... .ft 'V' O
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Only reliable goods sold at
LOWEST PRICES. All kinds 2
of Ammunition nnd Hunters
X Supplies.
Louis E3lo.kl
2 Phone 638 SU South Main
I Natural . I
Of Children and Adults
quickly arranged by. ,,
The Natural Artist
and Photographer.
Your portrait skotohed
from life or photo at tho
studio, Z
186 S. Howard x
nemlm obstacles to women In their
effort to secure equal recognition with
men comes from their own sex."
The man who asked nnd answered
the question then moied off "before bla
audience of lady clerks hail an opportu
nity to reply to his assertious. Wash
ington Star.
OntBTom It,
'Taw," asked Tommy, "what be
comes of a cowboy when he grows
"I presuire be becomes a horseman,
my son," replied Mr. Tucker. "Don't
bother me with foolish questions."
Chicago Tribune.
A rielnalor,
Mr. Korthsldo (omorglqg from tele
phono box) That girl at "Centiul"
must bo a rnglng beauty.
Mr. Blind side How do you know?
Mi. Korthsldo She cuts people out
so easily. Pittsbuig Chrouklo-Tele-graph.
"Srall I slug 'Uecaue I Love Your
asktd Mis. Dnrley as tho stated hcr
self at the piano
"u." replied Mr Dnilfy who Is U
brute. "If you lore uu, dou't Blug."-',
(Jctrult X'ttu 1'xcss.
i i'tfu. i, cr'M i'$ts$ ?
it . M j i,i

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