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Buys the best Kid
Gloves in the
Grand Opening of
Santa Claus Has Arrived
Buys the Demorest Sew
ing Machine. Guar
anteed 10 Years
Ho will malco his Headquarters with us and has delivered his entiro Caravan at our Store ; altogether the greatest and grandest collection of Xmas Novelties ovor shown in the Boston Store.
Christmas time here this year will bo far more than it over was before. With this fact assured we have every confidence that our little friends and big ones will be satisfied. Everything in this exquisite dis
play you'll find, at the smallest possible prices, something to just fit your purse, no matter what the size. Hero's a generous list of Christmas gifts, one that is worth preserving :
Dolls! Dolls!!
Such an array of Dolls. What
child doeBon't want a Doll for Christ
mas? Whero's the little one that
don't deservo a doll! Here's plenty
for all.
Undressed kid body Dolls, sweet
faces, light and dark hair, blue eyes,
20o to $2.50. Dressed Dolls, that go
to sleep and stay awake ; some are
dressed to go shopping in Jnly, some
for Christmas shopping, brides and
widows, 25c to $2 60. Dollyvardens,
the kind that don't break, also little
colored dolls, 25o to 60o each.
Toys, Picture
Books and Games.
"Anything and everything in metal
toys, wood toys, the kind that don't
break. Picture books with Mother
Goose Stories. ABO Blocks, games
that oan be played by the oldor folks
as 'well as the young.
Hill Climbers, Ti oily Cars, Driving
Teams. Railroad Trulns, Magic Lan
terns, Pianos, Blackboards, Desks,
Shpoflys, ,Doll Beds and Cradles,
Man-o-war, and Torpedo Boats.
Fancy China.
We have provided some romarka
ble values in fine decorated China
for this Christmas trade? The prices
are away down. Imported Japan
ware in Cracker Jars. Toilet articles,
fancy Vaces from 26o up. Opal ware
in Toilet sets, hand painted, from
$1.00 up.
For bedroom, diuingroom and par
lor. Medallions in photo3 or colored
photos, 12Vo to 8 60; hanging pict
ured, COc to $3 60.
Is one of tho most important of our
holiday lines. The very newest pat
terns and choicest wares have found
their way to our counters. Large
urns, MKjrpId gilt, warranted not
to tarnish, $3.76 and $3.00 each.
Fanoy novelties in sterling silver
ware, 25c to $3 60, comprising Tooth
brushes, fanoy Boxes, Brush and
Comb sets, etc; Pooketbooks with
silver mountings, 60a to $1.60 each.
Elngs ti 1th or without settings.
Warm Underwear
Would never be refusod If given as
a Christmas present. Boys' fleeced
lined Underwoar, all sizes, 25c, 6 to
16 years. Gents' all wool Under
wear in Camel's Hair, "Co to $1.25 a
garment. Ladies' wool Underwear
in vests and pants, $1,60 a Butt.
Childrens' Underwear in wool and
fieeced-lined, all sizes.
A lasting gift that all gentlemen
enjoy. Tho very latent in string and
tecks, 26o eaob. Our puff is a new
shape in bright colors, 60c each.
Fancy sutpenders 25o a pair.
Wo have taken particular care that
our Hosiery stock should be all that
you could wish.
Children's hoivy stockings, the
kind that wears, 25o a pair. Ladles'
hose, fleeced lined, lOo to 25c. Fancy
hosiery, with oolored tops, 25c a pair.
Fancy Notions.
Small itoms of service and dura
bility that can be given as presents
to young and old. Fancy garters ih
glass boxes, 25c a pair. All kinds Of
fanoy combs, 25c to 50o eaoh. '
This is the handkerchief time of
the whole year and here are tho
daintiest bits of lawn, cambric and
linen at prices not a penny more than
though no one wanted hankerchlefs.
Japonette Hnnderchiefs with silk
initial, look like silk, 12Kc.
Fancy embrolderled Handker
chiefs 10c, 12Jc, to 25c each.
Gents all Linen Handkerchiefs
12c to 87Jo each.
A full line of Sill. Handfcerchlofs
and Silk Mufflers.
Scarcely a day passes we don't add
to our already large assortment of
gloves, "but we have to" when you
consider the great selling we do in
this line.
Our $1.00 Glove is a wonder. If
you try one pair you will buy again.
All shades, 2 clasps or hook.
We have a Glove at $1.60 : our trado
increases on this Glove because it is
a good one. We suit and fit you In
Splendid quality all silk satin Rib
bons in every shade and every neces
sary width to put the finishing
touches to tho neat little basket, box
or bit of embroidery that you'ro go
ing to gl e away.
Taney Hair Bibbons 6c, 7c to 10c.
Keck Bibbons In fancy colors, also
plain, 17o to 23c.
Baby Bibbons in all colors with
fancy edges 2c a yard.
This 1b the season of Perfumery.
Our stock 1b large and of Immense
High grade Perfumes 55c and 60s
an ounce.
Perfumes in fancy bottles 25c up.
Dress Patterns.
Where Is the lady that would re
fuse one of our ALL WOOL
keeping the DONOR in the mind of
Black crepons in silk and wool
Mohair effects, $1 00 to $2 00 a yard.
Wo get credit for having the best
line of black goods in town. See our
black Poplin, Serges, Cheviots,
Broadcloths, ranging in prices from
60c to $1.00 a jard. Fancy novelty
dress goods from 25c up.
If you are at a loss to know what
to buy for a handsome gift, we sug
gest a silk waist pattern; all shades
here. Fancy striped and plaid silks,
the kind that don't rip, 76c, S9c, $1.00
a yard. Black silks in Poplins,
peau-de-sole Armures for dresses,
$1.00 to $1.60 a yard. All silk black
satin 76c to $1.60 a yard.
Every good housewife enjoys fine
linen. Christmas will soon bs here,
and by purchasing that piece of fine
linen for your friends it will bo
brought into use for tho Christmas
dinner; 2-Inch heavy double Dam
ask, with napkins to match, $1.25 a
yard; 72-inch heavy Damask, in
beautiful patterns with napkins to
match. $1.00 a yard. Beautiful nap
kins in all linen, 75c to $4.00 a dozen.
CoUarettes and Scarfs.
Plenty of ladies would be pleased
to find one of these handsome Col
larettes among her other presents
ChrlstmaB morning. A sample line
is here to pick from, $2.00 to $20.00 a
, See the House that Jack Built in Ouf Show Window, With the Live Animals.
The Coffee Kitchen
Now ready to serve Meals or Lunches at all hours. First-class
cooking the rule.
Oysters in Every S'fcyle
A Quick Lunch, A Nice Dairy Lunch,
Or can cook you a SPLENDID MEAL TO ORDER. Regular
Meals, Breakfast, Dlnnor and Supper. Confectionery Department
most complete. Home Mndo Bread and Choice Baked Goods a
122 South Main Street.
Tel. 312.
Columbia and Edison's
Phonographs and Graphophones !
Laigest assoittnont of Itecoicls
in tho city.
Call and hoar tho GRAND.llio
owlor of tho closing roulury.
Wo nro closing out a largo
stock of
Guitars, Mandolins, Violins,
Accordeons, Banjos, Etc.
Greatly Reduced Prices.
J5Call and see us.
Seventeen New Members
St. Paul's Church.
Bishop W. A. Leonard Conducted the
Services Inspiring Sermons.
A class of 17 was comflrmdd at St.
Paul's Episcopal church Wednesday
evonlng by Bishop W. A. Leonard.
The confirmation service was (pi
lowod by an inspiring sermon. Tho
new communicants of tho church
are: Dr. and Mrs. Edward Mothers,
Mrs. Ruth Louise Sheldon ,Robert F.
Powell, Alvln Frieby, Eugene V.
Ferrlot, James Buchanan, Mrs. W.
O. Rutherford, Miss Cannon, Misses
Helen and Bessie Balrd, Geo. A.
Now ton, Miss Rhea Huglll, Mrs. P.
W. Leavitt, Arthur Leavitt, Mrs. 8.
B. Lafferty, Miss Lafferty.
Not a Surprlt.
It w!Hnotbe a surprise to any who
are at all familiar with the good
qualities of Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy, to know that people every
where take pleasure in relating their
experience in the use of that splen
did medicine and In telling of the
benefit they bavo received from it,
of bad colds it has cured, of threat
ened attacks of pneumonia it has
averted and of the ohjldren it has
saved from attacks of croup and
whooping cough. If it a grand, good
medicine. For sale by all druggists.
E. Stelnbaoher & Co., wholesale
J. J. Sullivan has received his
commission as United States attor
ney for the Northern dtstrlctof Ohio.
The annual Christmas services of
St. Paul's and St. Androw's Sunday
schools will be held In St. Paul's
church on Sunday, Dec. 24, 0;30p.m.
Poor Director Kendall sent George
Moore to his home in North Balti
more, Wednesday. Hoora rooently
had his foot crushed by a railway
train in the Old Forge.
The bond of Webster, Camp &
Lano, in tho company's agreement
with the city, has been approved by
the City Commissioners. The bond
is $1,000, and bondsmen John Mc
Gregor and S. H. Pitkin, officials of
the company.
The lodge of Heptasophs met for
the first time In Us own hall Tues
day evening. The hall is in tho
Dyas block, South Howard St., and
has been rented for six years.
By a decision of the State Supreme
Court telephones of the Bell com
pany are held to be taxable at their
rental value, $2.33 each, Instead of
their actual cost, $3 40 each.
It is announced that George J.
Goyger, of Alliance, will bo appoint
ed Adjutant General by Govornor
elect Nash.
No further changes are to be made
on the Valley, by the B & O. for
some time.
Another well to bo dug at the Ritt
man salt works will (nqraasa the
capacity to 1,800 barrels per day.
Descriptions of Akron's automobile
patrol wagon are given in the cur
rent issues of tho "Motor Vehlolo
Review" of Cleveland and the Au
tomobile" of New York.
The Lake Township Mutual In.
suranco company, which operates in
the townships of Springfield, Suf
flold, Lake and Greon,met at Union
town and elected officers for the en
suing year as follows: President,
N. B. BIddleman; secretary, Dr. M.
M. Bauer; treasurer, Jacob Metzger j
director, Chas. Bolander; apprais
ers, O. J. Swlnehart, David Kline,
Ira Sbanefelt and Levi Wise. About
100 members wore present, and spir
ited contests ocourred for some of
the positions.
lar appropriate sermon by tho pas
tor, the quartette hai e made unusual
preparations to render some excel
lent Christmas music. A large con
gregation is always present, but we
predict that many others will attend.
A new commendable departure will
be instituted, that of bringing some
gift to be given to the poor.
' Those little Rod Shoes arebeau
iso. O. A. HO LLOWAY
H. L. Wagoner, postmaster at
Krumroy, met with a serious acci
dent Sunday. Whllo coming out of
his house onto the porch he slipped
m the ioy floor falling heavily
striking his arms and head upon the
threshhold. The injuries are of a
painful nature and may pme
Evangelistic services closed at tho
First Church of Christ last night,
and Messrs. Scoville and Huston
havo returned homo to rest until
after the holidays. The services
were very successful.
Louis Ernst, the B. & O, postal
olerk, who was recently assaulted
and robbed on the streets of Chicago,
has recovered sufficiently to resume
his duties as postal clerk. He has
beon transferred to the Wheeling &
Chicago run and will movo from
The carpenters of the olty, Cuya
hoga Tails and Barberton are ondeav
orlng to establish a uniform scalo of
wages and nine hour work day.
They are now working ton hours a
day. Tho meeting to be held Friday
night In Modern Woodmen hall is
for tho discussion of these subjects.
For several years it has become
customary to hold services in Trinity
Lutheran church at fl o'clock Clulst
mas morning. Upon inquiry -e
learn that the service to be held
next Monday morning is to be more
elaborate and inviting than usual.
The church Is to be handsomely dec
orated, and in addition to the regu-
Residence of John J. Cook Destroyed
Loss Aggregates $15,000.
At 8:50 Wednesday night nn alarm
was sent In from bos 10, No. 3 engtno
house. P. J. Cummins had discov
eied a fire in the large frame resi
dence of John J. Cook, 507 W. Mar
ket st. No one was at home at the
time and the cause of the fire Is a
mystery. The hose carts from de
partments 1, 2 and 3, and truck and
chemical from the Central were sen
to the blaze, The fire had gained
great headway, tho Interior of the
residence, being a mass of llarucs
before any work was commenced by
the department. Nothingwas saved,
the residence and all the contents
being destroyed. Mr. Cook esti
mates his loss at $15,000. Of this
$S,000 Is on the house and $7,000 on
contents. The total Insurance is
For reliable Shoos at bottom prices
call on C. A. HOLLO WAY.
Notice Co. F., 0, N, G.
Members of Co. F., Eighth regi
ment, Q.N O., are requested to meot
a' their armory for regimental elec
tion on Saturday, Doc. 23, between
the hours of 4:80 and 8:80 p m.
Herman Werner,
Capt. Commanding Co.
For Holiday Slippers, all styles
kinds, sizes and prices, cnll on
FOUltKNT-A six room house, 120 North
U'Mnnit with good well ana cistern, fur
nace audgm, oil In good repalri Address,
Harriet Jinll. 107 Frank st. 2W-2U
...The Problem Solved...
T IS QUITE A PROBLE3I for those of limited means and
generous disposition to make the money reach over tne
Holidays. Look at our lino of all kinds of
...Holiday Goods...
Suitable for presents, and our prices are bo LOW that the
problem solves itself. Fancy Goods, Art Works in Litera.
turo, Classics, Christmas Cards and Calendars, Decorative
Material, Games, Story Books in large quantities and varied
..Robinson's Book Store..
Great Reductions in Millinery
Trlday and Saturday, Dec. 22 and 23, we place on sale OO
Trimmed Hato AT JUST HALF PRICE, Hatsform
erly sold at S8 00, now $1 00; Hats formerly sold at $6 00, now S3 00;
Hats formerly sold at S5 00, now $2 50; Hats formerly sold at 11.00,
now $2 00. Many bargains nevor equaled heretofore in this city.
Tams and Bough Elders below cost. Feathers and Mllllnory
Goods at Marked-down prices.
iss BV1. E. Durkin
122 S. Howard st. Rooms over Held Bros. Shoe Store.
Mr. Frank Moore and Miss Annie
Osborn were united In marriage last
night by Rev. C. J. Tannar at his
study in the Tlrst Church of Christ.
Tbey will reside at 101 Division st.
Merryll Greenwood, of the Culver
Military Acadomy, is spending tho
holidays with his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. F. H. Greenwood of 110 Adolph
The Damon Social olub danced at
XXth Century ball Wednesday
An enjoyable book social was hold
Wednesday evening at the home of
Mrs. O. S. Hart, South Arlington st.
Jesse J. Yeomans and Miss Sarah
J. Wilton were united in marriage
Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock, at
the residence of the bride, 229 Secpnd
av. J. W. Kerns, pastor of the Broad
Street Church of Christ, officiating.
Mr. and Mrs. Yeomans will visit
friends in Youngstown during the
FRIDAY, Dec. 22
Dr. Bieelow's
next data at AK
nON and WADS
VOHTH. Yon can
see bim at tho Em
filre Home. Akron,
rom 8 84 ajn. to 13m
and at the Koptln
Uouae, Wadiworth,
from 1 to 4 pm.,
lamo day. On the
above date the
Doctor will do naln
less extracting FHKE, Try him for one
tooth at least and be suro to call early an
hi. ttmn f. limited. Cleveland office. SIS
Arcade. Toledo office, lis Summit it.
Foliage Plants
Cut Flowers
Have a fine selection for
Xmas Presonts.
E. J. Bolanz,
222 South Main street.
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