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Natives Occupied Strongly For
tified Ridge.
uuitGiir.ns cabmed rosmos.
Lost Tlirto Killed And Flvo Wonmletl
lloeri Reported Attack ly Xlrllljh fin
Fort Menr .Mnfekl.ii:, Willi S3 Kiijllili
Io Other War 7icTi.
PnirtowA, Tuesday, Deo. 20. ljy way
of LocrcnZo Jlivrqnos, Thursday, Doo.
S3. Commandant Swart reports from
(ho laatfer tit Alowvns hop, uoar Zo
crust, that lio had nu engagement on
rriday, Dec 22, with Kaillrs in tho
neighborhood of Denlorpoort. Tho Kaf
firs occupied a strongly fortified ridgo
and wcro well prepared for emergen
cies. After heavy fighting tho Burghers
captured tho Kaftlrposttion, losing throo
killed and flvo wounded.
I'litTOMA, Tuefdny, Dec. 20, by way
of Lonrciizo Marques, Thursday, Dec.
28. Commandant rJuymau reports as
follows from Molopo:
"On Monday morning tlio enemy
from Ualcklug attacked cue of our
forts In force, with cannon, Maxims
nu uruiortd train, and so persistently
that thcro was lighting right on the
walls of tho fort. But wo liavo' re
timed our fort. Tho British loss is re
ported as 65."
Tho other commandoes report "all
quiet" with tho exception of tho usual
bombardmont of Ladysinith.
Gouoral Lucas Meyer lias recovered
and returned to tho front.
London, Dec. ill).- Tho Marseilles cor.
respondent of thu Daily Mail teh graphed
tho substnuco of an lutcrrlow with thu
llusslan liencml (iouruo, eldest con of
tho famous Uourko, who was about to
start for Pretoria, who said in part:
"1 huvo been offered tho coimmiud of
n Bour army corps. In my owu mind I
urn nbMiltitely couildcut nf tho success
of thu Bourn. You may take my word
for it tliat (Iioutuiuls of Ktimlum uru
now lighting under CicneralJoubort."
Thu text of Uolouel Hailoii.l'owell'o
liroclamatiou to tho Burghers besieging
Mufeking. thu gUt of which hasulroady
been cablod, came from Lonreiuo Mar
ques. After nscrtiug that thu republics
cannot hopo for loicigu intervention,
and pretending to relatu thu uxuet uttl
tudo of nil tho Biiropeau powers, luclud
lng Kmperor William who, thu lolotiol
kalil, "fully sviiip.Ulil.ies with ling
land," B.tduii-1'owoll mado tho estraor
dinary btatomeut that "tlm American
government has warned thu others of
her intuition to sido with Bugland
thoald uuy of them interfere "
Advices from O.ipu Town, dated Doc.
21, said no investigation showed that
tho reported illinftection iimnug tho
Dutch ill tho Victoria West district had
toon overdrawn. Thu farmers. It was
polntod out, wore mostly landowners
and would not ihk thu loss of their
farms by rising.
A dispatch trom Lourcuzo Marques,
dated Duo. 2J, said a curious story was
current, emanating from Boor sources,
that Mutt Btoyn, urothcr of thu presi
dent of tho Ornugo Freo Statu, and U00
l'rco Stutcrs had dolluitcly refused to
coutiuuo tho war. Matt Htoyii, acting
ns Hpokusuion of tho party, watuoportcd
to have told thu president that ho was
only authorized to iutcrveno In tno in
terest of peace, and that thu Burghers
did not feel tliey woro bound by his
"umvarrautahlu conduct," especially an
they ran tho risk of tho confiscation of
their property, and thoy simply desired
to bo iierinltted to farm in po.iuu ami
proposed to lmiuudi.itoly return to their
1'ii.ri.itMAiUTiiuiui, 'Wednesdaj, Deo.
27. A tlisiutcu from Luilysuiitli, dated
Deu. -J, said:
"Tho Boers havo innuutcd another
howitzer ou Bciprlso hill, luplaolug tho
gun captured in tho turtle of thu ritlo
brigade. Wlillo they v.Uoh mi nightly
with a nearchlight and bombard tho
phoo ilally thoy show no "signs of as
saulting thu urn n. Thoy probably think
they can etiirvn us out, but wo havo
nieuiy of inoviiioiis.
"Tlio total casualties since tho slcgo
began uro 70 men killed mid 1UU wound-
I'HETOitiA, Dec. 25 Monday. Gen
eral acliiilK-Burghcr leported, under
itato of D(o. 2::, that trains wcro vuu
ulug to (.Joleiiso, iiidicititig that the
Boeia had built u connection around
Uuner.il Uroujo reported from tha
Mixlder river. Deo. 21, that tho lloois
captured two llritlsh forts lit Kuruuinn,
Deo. 17,
It was rumoiod that CJuamal Moth
neii's big naval gun hud uxplodod.
Ijo.miv, Deo. !I0. A war olllco die
IKitcli fioiu Colonel Badeu.l'owtll.ilatod
Deo, 12, after iiuilouiiuluj that Lady
Uarali WIUuu lud uirlvvtl iuio and well
at MafiUug, added tli.it tho hoiuD.uil.
uioiilnnd musketry lira continued dally
on all slduii mid lii.n the health and
spirits of thu garrison were vry satis,
KuiiiHii.KV, IVlchy, Deo. it. via Mod.
tier liver, Wednesday, Deo. 27. Before
uoou today a detachment nf tho mounted
forces, with aitlllcrynnd light Infantry,
motet! out in a westerly direction.
IU r artillery from Kaniperdam opened
flro nt Ottos kopje, Kliubeiloy foit re
plying with twenty shells.
l'hu Uritlhh force roconiioltu'iM .rat.
posts nlong Uijirotto ridge, lla Kucr
patrols retreating.
llAtius ucTOiupllslicd this and huvliig
discovered Doer n liiforcemeut tin.
proaohlua from WinibloJon rliUo, Colo
nel Olmralor. t itli thu ltoyal artillery,
rxcliauged n do.iou shells m soon as tho
ituns ootild l-o lliutieml up. Muiuu mo
Xljei-s potirtil In a heavy lire fnuii their
earthworks, thu BritUh ilnnlly retiring
tilth tho loss of uuo horse.
The movement showed that thu Boers
wero still keeping their guns in tho vi
cinity o' Ki.iibcrley and ttero ablo to
summon icliitorcemcuts rapldy. It also
iJioweil their p.oacums to vactto a jh).
sltlou lii'iucdiatoly wliuii wo-ticer than
thn uppotli!,; forco,
Lauysmitk. Dec. 21. tial'letermurltx.
burg Ueuoral Whito lias had a slight
auacu ui i ever, nut no is now convales
cent. Tha Boer shell lire h is boon vurr dam.
agiugicrently. On l'riday one choll
killed six int u anil wounded nine. The
cauiu nilsailo killed 14 horse. Another
jut mined tho Fifth Ijincers' llnej.
slightly wounding six olllueri. liovcral
bells bavH fallen nlnn tn (lnurfi
White's houto, compelling tho removal
3f lieatlquarters to another twlut.
Lo.ndon, Deo. 110. Tho Timoj pub
lishes thu following dispatch from
Ohiovcloy camp, dated Deo. it;
"Parties of Boors upproachod today
within throo miles of Ohlovoley camp,
threatening our watering partios. who
are compelled to go somu two miles ow
ing to tho scarcity of water,
"It is reported that tho Ladysinith
garrison mado a sortie on Thursday and
captured a kill."
UArr. Town, Deo. 80. A dispatch,
from CraddocV reported heavy filing in
the direction of Stormbcrc. It was'iuc-
poeed this was .ccanccted with General
"V" '
fti.. -.-. "- .
Try Grasn-O !
Try Qrain-O!
Ask your Orocor to-day to show
ton a p ickugo of QRAIX.O, tho now
food drink thnt takes tlio placo of
Tho children may drink it without
injury ns well as tho adult. AH who
try It, liko it. OliA.IN-0 luis that
rich Deal brown of Mocha or Jata,
but It is nindo from pure grains, and
tho most delicate stomach I ceeives it
without distress. thopilcoof coffee.
15 coals and 25 (cuts per package.
Bold by all grocers.
TaBtos liko CorToo
Looks liko CofToo
2DlUttlistour;rocirclTC97Pa GRAIN O
Accept to Imitation.
Oatocre's attempt to leo, en communi
cation with tho 1 lid we collieries.
Ipov, Dec. !I0. A dispatch iii
ceived by tho war olllco dated Capo
Town Dec. 23 said thcro was no change
in tho situation so fur ns Generals Oat
aero and French aro concerned.
Tho war ollko received n dispatch
from Capo Town, dated Deo. 8, con
taining tho following: "Tho Indwo col
liery lino Is now working again."
.ocurnl Upper Ilanil In JIucldls and
bimilar Crei-1 Valloys Cortfl
OOLUunci, Dec. !I0. A telcphouomes.
sage from New York gavo information
on tho ToledoandOhloCeutral-IIocklug
Valloy deal and Bet at rest all question
that tho Morgan interests havo secured
control of tho co il titnatton in the Hock
ing mid Sunday Creek valleys.
Thu mis-ago, which is trom ono of
tho high olllciuls lu tho deal, gavo the
olectiou of ollicers for tho Toledo ttud
Ohio Central and tlio Kanawha anil
Michigan railroads, control of which
has just beon secured
Decatur Axtell was cliosou president
of thu Toledo uad Ohio Central, N
Monsarratt first vico president nudDlias.
C. illckox socoud tieu piesidout. N.
Monsarratt, pros dent of tho Hocking
Vnllcy lnllroad, wai chosen president ot
tho Kanawha and Michigan, Decatur
Atell tlrst vico president uud llalpli V.
Uickux second vice president.
Some ttmo next week it is oxpectod
that tho nowly-olccted ollicers will go
(iter Iho Toledo and Ohio Central ou uii
inspection tour.
lie Wns n Stniuirh tlnlonUt DurliiK tlio
lt'nr u Ihn U,iL1I1iiii,
Nkw Voiik, Dee. HO. Iter. Sylvester
Malono, pnstor ot tlio ltouiau Catholic
church of Saints l'oler and Paul,
Brooklyn, and a inomlicr of tho board
of regents of the University of Now
York, dlad, nged 70 years. Ho luia
been lu tailing health for somo time
just and tw.il: to his bed uoout three
weeks ago.
In 1851 Father Malono visited Eu
ropo, mid tvliilu thorn wltnesswl the
council of bishops which l'iux IX con
voiied lit Home lor tho purimso of -proclaiming
tho dogma of tho immaculate
conception. Whilo ho was absent u
mob, stirred by thu political and roll
ffiom passions which then fcrniontcd
Wllllaintburg, nttackod his churoh and
would have burned it but for tho
prompt Interference of tho authorities.
At tho beglnulug ot thn Civil war
Father Malouo hoistod a Union Hag ou
his church splro and I hero it nim.iincil
until it was taken down in order that it
might bo earned to tho front by Will
iamsburg me.i, it was lcpLioed by an
other Hug which tho citizens presented.
All thrnuirh tlio war iiu hiboied un!u.
ouily lu hiihulf of tho Union cansu,
couiriunriug generously uocn in money
uud uAcrtlou.
Wftk Had Itlm U i Through bremi uf
tliu I'tilHoulus:,
Cincinnati, Deo. HO. Kitlier a sun.
ponslou of navigation ou tho Ohio rltor
tironi l'ltttbui'g to Cincinnati or a con.
sidorabio obstruction hum limiting ko
is in olof o prospect, Tho river Is lall
lug from Filtiburg to ImuIsvIUo except
at I'olnt l'lcasattt, whero hichwiiter
from a dam aiui-cd a rlso. Tlio Big
Sandy Is cloiod at Cntlottshurg and lit
l'oitsmnutli oiia-lhlnl of tho snifiieonf
thu water Is filled with Halting lco.
Whon Cornish wns on the staud Mr.
Weeks asked tho w itnosa to stop f roci
tho stand, fit down at tlu oud of tho
tablu occupied by tho ntloinnysfor tho
tnto, go through the perfoi manco ot
opening tho bottlo of bromo soltxer,
show how ho knocked tlio oontents into
tlio glibs, how ho iioured thu water
from one glass to another, being cirotul
to get tho H.UUO amount of water that he
used ill tho pioparatlon of thu tatal doo
on tlio illuming of tliu murder of Mrs.
Adiims. It was not until Mr. Wuuks
.likud the wltuuH to ilrlnlc thj water
that thu recorder stopped it.
Alllrhrll Kultl Thorn tVorn ,tiii.iii(ies It
tt'uiilil llr 111 milt il,
IxniANAl'ons, Dec. !10. John ..Mitch
ell, picsldont uf tho United Mluu Work
ers, sttdi "Thoconiingcuntoiition will
deim'.ud and delogatos fully (XHict tore
ueivu u substaiitl.il ndvaiicu lu wages for
coal milling. There is otery assurance
that wu shall havo our demands granted
by thoDpuutors."
HI. coming the report nt ustilkolutlie
Genual i'ciinylvaiiln district ho said in
parti "1 hope tlieru will bu no trimblo
tliero. lu Tioga comity thorn has boon
it strike Involving l.ouo men for a good
while, and thu operators wuiu glveu un
til Deo. 211 to grant certain advances lu
wages, with the understanding that a
failure to do so would liuolt o u gouoral
strike and dm calling out or 10,000 min
im in thu district of wiueh Clearfield is
lUu neuter, "
3liul Not Itorritlt I'm- Ituc-rs.
Cincinnati, Deu. au. Muaslour Pic
rot was atraigncd beforo United States
Attomoy W. K. Biindy on a chargo of
tlolatlug the laws or neiilialitv. M.
I'icrot lias beou kuuwit as a lecrultiug
nllleer hers for the Dorrs for somo time,
Momieur Piurot said hu did no, enlist
tho men, Ho simply looked at them
and sent tiiim to Com Paul's uuphetv,
You AltOW. tv 10 Is in ClliclmmH. IVln.
uei jjunay, notvover, warned Monsieur
rietrot auu reaa to nun tho law.
he Easy Foofl
Easy to Buy,
Easy to Cook,
Easy to Eat,
Easy to Digest.
uaker Oats
At all groctaii
in 2-lb. pkp-A
M iv
tm n
Probable Mission of Cruiser
llertod In London That the Unlteil
glutei uud (Iri-nt llrlUIn Mar Au
riniien l Dcllnu tlio I'iKiiiitary llrail
ford Urjzeit Conlluie Slatlnns.
London, Deo. CO. It was learned that
the United States crnlser Montgomery's
vi'lt to Liberia was apparently tho io
suit of ovcrtnros made to Washington
by tli.it republic. Though tho British
government was said to bo in Ignoranca
of tlio purposoof the Moutgomory'n mis
sion, thu ostablithmciit ot n coaling sta
tion in Liberia by tho United States
was regarded ns scarcely juobablc, as, it
Is iis-.(rted, no Liberiuu port has any fa
cilities for coaling, all of tlioiu being
open and sur .ioutid.
Thu Associated Press roprcsuitativo
learned, however, that a tar inoro im
portant steji was uudor consideration.
It consisted in a joint request of tho
tho United States and Ureat Briton
upon France to define thn boundary bo.
ttvceu tho territory sho clalmuund thai
elalmod by Liberia. This stop was not
yet decided upon, but Great Britain
only awaited tlio United Statos nssoul
to becomo u party to such it request.
It was alleged that France, for many
yeurs, has been encroaching on Liberia
and it was only by a strenuous protest
of tho United States that she wns pro
vented hum appropriating u largo slioo
of Liberia in lHVi.
According to tho Hon. Arthur Pon
sonby, managing director of tho Liberia
rubber syndicate, which recently guar
anteed tlio interest of Liberia's publio
debt, tho Montgomery's visit was proba
bly prompted by a desiro to ascertain
tho extent of French activity. Mr. Pon
sonby suld In part:
"Bishop Haruoll, whilo lu Monrovia
this your, strougly urged the govern
ment to interest tlio United Statos in
preserving tlio boundaries, with tlio re
salt that Liberia appointed a mission to
Washington. I believe it has already
mndo representation, and prcsumo tho
cominnuder of tlio Montgomery luvosti
guted botli this uud the posnibllltv of a
coaling station."
Wabhinoton, Deo. 30. As to tho
real objects of tho Montgomery's criilse,
It was beliovcd that tho navy depart
ment luvl Us eyo upon a jiossible coaling
station on tlio wost coast. Before uud
during tlio civil war tho United States
had no Ices than threu coaling stations
on that coast. Thoy wero practically
abandoned whou tho Wost African sta
tion was dropped from tlio list, bat the
chief of tlio oquipniout bureau, Admiral
Uradford.'has strougly urgod that thoy
bo re-established, so ns to Insuro our
naval vosseis it sonrco of coil supply
whon passing from the eastern Atlautlo
statos nround to iho Philippine and
China, In the ovcut that thu Mioz. canal
should ho closod ngaiust them. Tho
Llberiau government ultvuys has been
willing, and oven anxious, that tlio sta
tion ou its coast should bo kopt up, if'
oulyasa manitcst.itlou of tho interest
of tho United States hi tho colony it
created, nud to prolog it by our moral
influence against Kuropean iiggiusslou,
(Lntl-doehelltea Aiiureullr Nut United
Aanlu.t lllm Itepiililltiini
Uepllcd to Domnorntff.
FilikNKFOiiT, Ky Deo, DO, Tho rjd
drcss of tho Iteprblicau leaders in reply,
to tlio recent address of tlio Clocbol
lenders indorsing tho contesting candi
dates ou tho Dtmiocintlu state ticket was
given out. It replies specillually to the
Uoiuoomtio cliargoi of fraud and makes
somo sensational counter charges. It
was signed by Governor Taylor, Chair
man Buruott, Senator Detiou, Congress
man Page and others, Including nil
iiuinbors of the statu central coiumltteu
Though somo or thu autl-Goebel lead
ors tiro lighting haul to bring their
forces against Blackburn as well us
against Goolipl, tho uutl-Blaokhuru
movement does not appear to bo strong
nud, uules'i It (Mil gather strength us a
result of thu taiiglaoverlhostato con.
tosts, Blaokburii will win for United
States senator with tho ease lusiiiuua
gets hato bueu claiming for htm.
I'rnui Ilcport Itooelteil tVjmim 131.1 Nut
Cou.lder bltilutlon Cilllcl.1,
Nr.w Yoiiir, Deo. CO. Tliu following
telegram was received by tho supervis
ing surgoou general of tho United
Stutcn mill tno hospital scrvieo fioiu
Suigeou D. A.Caiiuioluol, ut Honolulu,
II. f.:
"HoNOLtn.u, II. I , Deo. 20, via Victo
ria, B. 0 Deo. -M, IB'W. Thero aro two
cases of reported pliuuo ut Honolulu.
Two deaths Doe. ID. No now cases to
Dee. 2U. Quarantine ugalu.t iufootlou
talwulDco. 1U."
Surgeon General Wyiunn.in referring
to tlu dlipttuli, Mid lie did not consider
tho tltuaiion critical lu any lospeot.
MiurvItU tu llu t'mn t nun llalcd,
WAfiiiMiTON, Dou. 110. Thn war do
partineiit uecopted tho clialloiigo of
Oapiaiu It. W, dliufoldt, U. S. A., re
tired, uud him trtiUMiilttcdnlltho pajicii
reterilngtu thocaso of tho ollloer to
Major General Morrltt for uourtmaitlal
pioeeodlngs. Several days ago tho ad
jutant general, bvdlrettiou or tho sea.
rctury of war, erdi-red Captain Shufeldt
to jilaeo himself within tlio jurisdiction
of thu elt 11 courts of Maryland, botore
which that olllcur was tho defoudaut in
dlvoico proceedings. Hu refused. It
was said ho kopt nwny to avoid paying
.tluy .lulu u Hloel Coiuhlne.
SciUNTO.v, Pu Deo. 30. Tlio stock
holders ot tliu Lackawanna Iron uud
Steel OOIUU.IUV voted in I'tivnr nf in
creuilug thu uiptal stock trom r'l,?50,000
T.i.l,wv,uou, II was sua to uu to put
tho company lu u position to tako ud-
vuutago or uuy opportunity that might
imisum usuii mr ootteriug m e-uuui-tluu.
Thu lieuenil lmnriutinii hprn lu
tnat tlio company is gutting into shape
to become a part of tlio big $50,000,000
oiovi concern oiguniznig in Jluirjlo.
riiilireu heat u, Meisaffe,
Lansino, Mloh,, Doe. 30. Tho honso
rotused to adopt tho senate's lusolutlou
to end thu oxtra bossiou ut n certain
iinio ami votcn to imjoavu next Tues
day, lu response to the defeat lu tho
eeuato oi ins equal taxation amend
nioiit )iud lu lieu thereof, Oaveruor
Piugroe sout to the loi.Uti A t mes
sage nrglug tho spocitia rat f . taxa
Hon ulider whiuli tho rallroado are now
t-utod bu lueruaiwd.
Cold tt'vntlior In .lllcMcau.
Detuoit, Deo. 30 At Hast T-twas
Iho thcrmoineter registered 18 bilotv
nro. Ten degrees bvlotv is icoorted
from Suult Sto Marie and other uouet
peplmalr iioluts.
Rebels Abused Friendly Fili
pinos and Chinamen.
tie Wat Unahle, llnivTer, tu Drlng na
nu Kneasemont Colonel ltnre, l'ollow
luc n i'urly of Alurrlcuu 1'riiouers,
1-ost Tlutlc of Them,
Manila, Doc. 80. Tho insurgents
Who evacuated the coast towns between
Dagupan and Vlgan, fleeing to tho
mountains belore tho advancing Ameri
cans, returned lu tmall bauds to tho
towns tho American do not occupy,
terrorizing the natives and Chluamcu
who showed friendship for thu Arucri
ctiH, The natives and Chinamen sought
tlio protection of tho American garri
sons. Colouel Whltscll's cavalry, whilo
eiouting in tho vicinity of Trinidad,
found evidence of Filipino soldiers being
in that vicinity, hut it was impossible to
bring about an engagement.
Tho recent increase in tno garrison of
Ifamncpacan, against a threatened rebel
attack on Christmas day, averted trouble.
Colonol Luther 11. Haroof tho Thirty,
third infantry, who had been following
o. party ot American prisonors, lost
tr.irk for about three days, Deo. SJ0, of
such signs and evidences of their pass,
ago that they customarily left behind
them. It was thought tho prlsonerr
wero separated and conveved to romoti
farts of tho mountains. This probablj
ucreased tho dillicultios nf Genera
Young's troops to olfict a rei.'ue.
Genoral Wheeler, who wns recently
in Manila requesting an appointment
south In tho Hue of tho expected cam
paign, was at Paniquo.
Wabhi.noto.v, Doc. 30. The adjutant
goueral reccivod a cablo message trom
General Otis containing the following:
"Manila, Doc. 20.
iljutant Oenersl, War Department, Wash
ington: "Colonol Lockctt with regiment, two
li-ttallous Forty-sixth (Colonel Schuy
ler); ono Forty-fifth (Colonel Dorst)
oud compauy Twenty-seventh Infantry,
two guns. Captain Van Uuesen, at
tacked enemy (100 strong ou mountain
stronghold boyond Moutalban, northoast
Snu Muteo. Largo number killed aud
wounded; 4 taken prisoners. Lockott
captured ono oilmen, 10 rifles, 20.00J
rounds ammunition, COO pounds powder,
arsenal forttHcatious, nil food suppllos,
and considerable other property. This
captured point located ou mountain
trail nud formerly supposed to bo Im
pregnable. Our oasualtios Lieutenant
Kuslotv, Eleventh cavalry, and flvo en
listed nieu wounded, mostly slight,
Private Matsoli, Forty-fifth Infantry,
drowned.- Otis."
llcjolc llrnbeninn Cut On Ills Gitp
Jjcg tu (let Tree.
Dr.Nvcn, Do'o. 80. The, Cheyenne
flyer on tho Union Pacific" railroad
crashed into the Boulder' valley' train at
Brighton, Colo.' 'Ono man was killed
and eleven perrons Injured. William
nuudlcmaninfiggagomau on tho Chey
enne train, was killed.
Fred Lewfs.'triikoman on tho Boulder
talley trnliiAwaJi" making 'a coupling
wuen luo 'oijiou oconrren. tie was
thrown down upd a wheel ran upon lih
leg, plhulng-lilin down. His cries foi
help wero not heard, and he drow a
kutfuifrnut his pocket, cut olf his log
uud crawled from uudcr tiie car, His
recovery-is doubtful. .
Hut Ihn l'liyalrlmi tulil lluutellfi MleM
It.uiver Health,
Bostov, Doe. 30. To thoso who iu
qulicd after tho condition of Congress
man Boutclio at tho McLoau asylum
tho reply was that ho was getting ulont
nicely uud was improving in strength
Dr. Daniel A. Hobiiison, tho physiolau
who camo from Buugor to attend hiii
nfter ho was stricken at Young's hotel
said that whilo tlio congressman in::
recover his physical health and vigor,
is passible that ho may never bo t,
sanio ugaiu mentally.
Croher'e Neplieir rrnmotcd.
Kr.tv Youk, Deo. 30. Firo Commi
sinner Scauuell promoted Deputy Chi.
Kdtvard F. Ciolter to bo chief of tt
Now York city fire department at it sa
nry of f(l,(W0 u year. Tho roiumlsslone
roeelved tho certified list of the ch
servieo showing that Mr. Oroker had
pcrcuutagu of 07.30. Tho now chief 1
a nephew of ltlchard CroLcr.
Killed hy u llyiitiinlto Ksplo.lun,
Lock Haven, Ph., Dec. 30. Oraut
Daehurst, assistant postmaster at Rote
this count)', was killed nud two othe
persons were lujurod by an ncoldontit
explosion of dyiinmito in tlio weigh
master's olllco of iho Dcllofoute Limo
ttoiio (onipauy ut Saloua, eight mllea
frum this ciiy.
Aeclileiitiill)- hhot III. tt'lfo,
Nkw Yokk, Deo. 30. Alfrow Morrl
,sou, a piofessor of languages, mistook
ins wuu lor a burglar (luring tno utgni
uud sliot her, ut their homo in Mouu
Vernon, N. Y. The bullet entered hoi
loft shoulder ttud Is lodged near tin
lung. Shu was iu a critical ouudltioi
uud may die.
reuii.yhnnlu State Tio.tmiry rund,
lUr.-tisnuin, Doe. SO. Tho staU.
trousurir roportod that at tho closool
business for December thero was 1,S0j,.
fiUS.W lu the general fund. During the
month tho honoring ut many school
warrants reduced tho funds materially.
'riumiii. MlloKellftr Heart.
Kcllar, senior member of tho firm o
MucKollar, Smith & Jordan tvpu foun
dry, dlod of pueuiuoiiln ut his homo iu
Gcrinantotvu. Mr. MaoKoller was u
printer, poet nud author.
The lxnton Fund.
WASiuxnTov, Deo. 80, Adjutant
General Corblu reported that the con
tributious to the Lawton fund to Frl
duy amount to $30,5 23. 11), bolug uu In
creuso of about $1,000 Uucu the last
previous reuoit.
A llujr iudlr Hurt. ,
TiTtisviLLE, Pu., Deo. 80. Albcr
Mnlveliill, aged 18 years, was caught il
tt rovolvlng Biiaft at a tannery and re
eclved injuries wlnehwill prove tatal.
.1 A, Audreirs filed, -
Euik, Ills., Doo. 30. J, A. Auilrewn,
tho old time "watermelon man" of tnt
Ilaverly Minstrel company, died at tht
Uglu usyluni, aged 01 yoars,
tVllIlnui J. Mahmify Ileud.
Boon,- Deo. 30. William J, ,Ma
bonoy, well known to sportluB men in
promoter of boxing, died, aged 40 years.
" : '
From a Prominent Physician About
the Treatment of Kidney
Dr. Leopold says that nlno-tontbs
of tlio hutnnn ailments can bo traced
directly to a disordered condition of
the kidnoys. The kidneys are tha
filters of the ontlre system; if they
becomo clogged or In any way do
not perform tbolr natural funotloDB,
tho clement reaching the kidnoys
through somo other channel Immed
iately returns to that channel which
U Unnatural mid causes trouble. A
slight backache, nervousness and
restlessness should not bo left to con
tinue; a mild kidney remedy should
bo nt once administered, and tho
best combination ot remedies Is
found In Morrow'rt Kld-no-olds.
I'lioy net gently, though quickly, ro
moving nil sediment from tlio kid
neys nud urlno and set tlio system in
proper working condition.
Mrs. Mnry l-orst, 001 South High
st,, Akron, O., cays: "I havo noth
ing but words of prnlso for Morrow's
Kld-no-olds becanso thoy rellovo me
of pain across the mnnll of my-back,
which had troubled me for two yoars.
I was also nllllcted with nervousness
and rheumatism. I tried several
kinds of medicines which were re
commended to mo, but none did me
ns much good ns MorrowVKId-ne-olds.
Thoy relieved mo In a few
days. I shall continue to take them
until i urn entirely cured."
Morrow's Kld-no-olds are not pills,
"it vellow tablets and soil nt fifty
rents a box at all drug stores and
iiiun Ainmparter ec uo.'a cirug
lulled on receipt of price. Manti
ottired by John Morrow & Co..
chemists, Springfield, Ohio.
To Hake a right on Trntts.
New York, Deo. 80. Hoadquartors
In New York of the Commercial Trov
ers aud Hotel Mon's Anti-Trust League
woro opeucd by William Hogo, secre
tary and treasurer of tho league, Mr.
Hogo said a vigorous campaign is to bo
urged among the different commercial
travelers' associations and also among
organizations of hotel men to organize
them against trusts. A membership of
about 12,000 has been enrolled.
One rtrother feouu Folluired Iu Death,
HAHtlihBUita, Deo. 80. Nelson Lee, a
well-kuown merchant and brother of
Stuto Senator D, H. Leo and Samuel
te, who was burled Thursday, was
found dead Friday in his Bhop. Thero
wi.s every indication that death resulted
from heart trouble. Tlio extromu cold
wentnor is believed to have hastened his
death. Leo w as 70 years old.
Employes tu Have a Chance.
St. Paul, Dec. 80. Under it plan rec
ommeuded to the stockholders of tho
Ureat Northern railway by President
James J, Hill and tlio management, the
capital stock of the road will bo in
creased 10 per cent in February, nud tho
employes of the road git en an an op
poituuity to luvest iu tho issue at par.
Lieutenant Tujlor Killed.
Washington, Deo. SO. General Otis
at Manila cablod the war department
that Fltst Lloutonant Ed ward It, Tay
lor, Twelfth infantry, was run over by
a train crossing tho Agno river near
Bautista on tho 28th lust, aud died in a
few hours.
Neufeldt henteneed to Death,
New York, Dec. 80. Thn jury in tho
triul of William Noufoldt for tho killing
of his consm, Mrs. Nathan Kronmou,
leturncd u tcrdlct of guilty of murder
iu tho first degree Ho was seutouccd
to death, tho execution to tako place in
the week beginning Fob. 13.
lluruuce llljtlri'-Ulnckley Married.
8an FitANCiit-o, Deo. 80, Florenco
Blytho-Iliiickley, helross to sovcral mil
lion dollars left by her fathor, Thomas
Dlytho, which wcro awarded to her
after protracted litigation, was quietly
married to A. A. Moore, Jr., deputy
iittoruey general of this stato.
ltehel I under Wu In Kllcht.
Caiucas. Veiieniola, Deo. 30 (via
liiytlan cable). Hernandez, the revo
litionist, was fleeing with 800 men to
'ho Colombian boundary. Tho govern
ment troops uud tho minister of war,
General Pulldo, wero back at Caracas.
,1. Terr Vunlleet Dead.
Tow-anus, Ph., Deo. 30. J. Perry
,'uuncot, who sltico 1813, with tho er
uption of ouu term as sheriff, had boon
loputy shorltr of Bradford county, died
io his homo, nged 00 yoars. Consump
tion was tho eauso of death. His wile
Firo In New Ynin,
New Youk, Dec. 30. Tho two sovon
story buildings nt 425 to -135 East
Twenty-fourth street, occupied prinm.
pally by tho wall paper factory of Wil
liam CauiDbell & Co., woro destroyed
by liro. Tho lo is fully 500,000.
Many People In Akron Learning to
What n blessing it Is.
.Sought uftor by thousands.
Akron Is finding It out.
.Many n miserable man Is hnppv
Nights of unrest, dnyu of trouble.
tuy Itching sklu disease means
i tolling piles menu It.
lCcr.emn just ns bad and Just as bad
to cure.
But Doan's Olntmant relieves nl
nice, nud cures nil Itchiness of the
A blessing to n suffering public.
Here's Akron proof to hack our
.tntoinent: '
Mr. Stephen nognn, of 213 North
lnplo street, employed at O'Nell &
o., tnys: "I onnnot too etrongly
'xpross my admlrutlou and gnitl
tutle for Doan's Olntmont wlifoh w is
prootiroel at John Lampartor & Co.V
Irug store. Years ago whilo mining
in Colorado, I contracted a rootnl
roublo which roslsted every remed,t
L was ablo to get and tho agony I
have endured cannot be described.
C sulferod from the most exasperat
ing Irritation not only during tlio
day but nt nights mid efforts to re
.train tho itching only increased it
mil I could not refrain from rubbing
-viilcii only mntie matters worse.
Doan's Ointment relieved mo at
nice and In a short tlino removed
Mio soronoss, I havo to thank thle
vnluablo preparation for releasing
niuirom misery, l couiti rest ami
sleep well nfter using it nnd did not
suHer In any way from tho amioylng
ind rmbnrrnsslin: nllllctlon."
Doan's Ointment for sale by all
dealers: price CO cents n box. Mailed
iin receipt of prlco by FosterrMllburn
Co., BUlIulo, N. Y. Sole agents for
the U. S. Remember the' name
1 4)onnn aa tako no otho,
Dan's Review Halil It Was Thoroughly
Safe in Splie of the tlot- k
toil Failures. . M
New Tome, Deo. 80. R. G. Dun &
Oo.'s weekly reviow of trade issued to
day, said in part: i
Ho correct report of fsllnreS in 1800 can be
mado until the year has closud. A collapse ot
speculation In copuer stocks has swelled the
eggrojate at Boston alone Over S13,003,UOO
within a fow days, and might yet add to tho
record. The failures thus far reported are
fower In number than In any jear sinco 181,
anil smaller In amount ot coinmerrtal liabili
ties than in any year since 1831. Tha ag-gre.
gate ot defaulted liabilities ll I12O.10O.0OJ, but
nearly two thirds of the banking liabilities
were added within a fow days, the aggregato
reaching about IJO.0OJ.O0O. Tho commercial
liabilities have been about 8(U,aX),IXX), though
exact returns for n few recent failures are not
yet obtainable. Na other year except 1891,
with defaultid liabilities of 13t,IU,DJj, and
IS), with I'lnti'UOJ, have failures been as
small sinco the agency cummenced quarterly
returns in 1373. Tho average of liabilities per
faUuro la less than 13,5.10, tho smallest fn any
year of the 23, a gratifying evldeace that com
meriittl lUblUtle aro furthor removed than
usual from tho point of danger.
Iho week has been exciting only at Boston,
whero the failures growing out of specuuatlon
and the efforts to re establish banks and Arms
suspended have not given tho week a holidar
character: Vet general business is thorough
ly safe and prosperous and no important firms
havo failed sivu some which were Individu
ally connected with concerns Involved In
Too suoculntlvo troublos come because the
volume of legltlmato boilnujs, and the un
precedented distribution of profits, lutorest
and dividends, made It no longer poaslblo to
eoary some stocss on borruwod money. Pros
perity itself placed a chock on specntatlro
Whtat and cotton spooulatlon has taken a
holiday, prices scaroely varying, and. thu
movement of b3th U surprlslagly small. The
corn exports continue about as Urge as lost
The Industries are oloslng tho most remark
ablo year of the-lr history. Long ostabliahod
branches have undergone a veritable recon
struction, vastly Increasing their capacity,
while new lnaustries, which scarcely existed
a year or two ago, have unlisted a vait capi
tal, alterod modes of business and of produc
tion lu almost every direction and improved
oundltions for tho future almost beyond cal
culation. Electrical developments In light,
heut and power, in making cuturact work,
performing wonders in production of materi
als and provldfng transportation all over tho
land, dCRerve eepecial attention.
For such reconstruction tho increase in de
tnsnd for Iron and steel produots U the great
feature of thu year. With Il3,7il3 tons undold
and il.fils produced weekly Jan. 1, hindered
by scvero weather so that the output Alarcu
1 dropped 1S,UU0 tons, but oxpandlng In every
month aftorwardsL the lnduitry Is now pro
ducing about IX1J.0JJ tons woekly, and unsold
Ltock are reduced to l-.oiu tons, snl yet or
ders unfilled will require six to nine months'
ti ork from most of toe establishments. Prlcus
have not changed tlio pust week, though do
maud for somu products improved a little.
The averao of prices elonui 110 5 per ocnt
higher than Jan. 1 for pig and 102.8 per cent
higher for products.
industilei which depend on Individual con
sumption havo gained loss, though more than
population. WujI has been raised by specu
lation b per cont, but has boun yery largely
consumed with grct demand for goods, wh-cli
have advanced, bat 17 per cent, titockt now
hold aro said to be 167,2lM,B7D pounds.
Failures for the week nave beeu Jl In the
United btates, against 11 last year, and H In
Canada, against i'i last year.
llow the Trnttf bhould- lie KegulAteiL.
Tha I'hlllpylura' I'olloy'.
Si'iuNonEi.t), Ills., Doc. W. Charles
G. Dawes, combtroller of the currency,
mado a speech at tho Ropublfcan state
lovefcast in tlio assembly hall, which
Wasregarded try many us outlining the
policy of the 'administration ou twq
points, tho Philippine policy and the
attitudo at tho Republican party toward
Speaking on trusts, Mr. Dawes said it
was tho duty of the- Republican party
to conserve pnbllo ititerests. Wherever
trusts proved thomselves inimical to
tho publio weal they must be restrained
and controlled, and if necessary laws
passed that would so much encourago
active competition us to bring about the
disintegiatiouof the trusts.
Mr. Dawos asserted that encourage
ment received from outi-ininorialists
had much to do with the prolongation
of the war in the Philippines, lio said
that President McKiuloy would refuse
to be turned from his courso in regard
to tho Philippines hy tho protests of
tho nnti-iiupcriallsts.
Wife murderer Illfchurged.
Baltimore, Dec. 30. Eranklln B.
Livingston, tho blind man, who late
on Ohristuiau night strangled his wife,
Dora Livingston, and on the following
day paid a man II to lead him to the
police station, was discharged from
oustody by Judgo Stookbridgo. The
evidenco boforo the oorouer's jury
shotvod that Livingston bad been at
titckeU iu tho middle of tho night by
his wifo nud that ho chokod her to
death to save his own lifo.
Testified Against Multneux.
New Youk, Dec. 80. Iu tho Molln
eux poisoning caso John D. Adams ot
thu Knickerbocker Athlotio club said bo
was not a hnndwrltiug expert, bat that
he was familiar with tho handwriting
of Mollueux, nnd that whon tho case
first appeared iu tho newspapers ho was
struck with the resemblance between
Molineux's writiug aud tho address of
tho poison package. lie said that bo
was sure the poison package was ad
dressed by Molineux.
Tarvlu auil Tursney to Speak.
Toledo, O., Deo. 30. Jackson day,
Jan. 8, will be colebratod by the Jackson
league of Toledo with a dollar dinner at
Memorial hall. Judge James P. Tarvlu
of Kentucky and Hon. Timothy Tajbuoy
of Miohigan will be speakers.
To lteerult' at Cletelaud.
Wasiiinuto.v, Doo. 30. Tho navy de
partment decided to open a recruiting
reudozvpus a; Cleveland in accordance
with its policy of enlisting men from
tho interior as far as possible.
Almoit 3,000,000 Itecelved Keller.
Calcutta, Dec. SO. Almost 3,000,000
persons wero receiving famine relief.
Reported All Well on Ilosra.
Wasiilvoton. Deo. SO. The adju
tant goueral rcoolved a dispatch saying
that tho transport Logan, currying tho
l'orty-flrit volnntoer infantry, arrived
it Singapore with all well on board, en
route to Manila,
cACTiojr to oca headers
In During the remedy "To Can. nColdlnOn.
e sura the signature ef the inventor ""
jnt urn pni n pnrtfr tmllnr limn nnd ar
Thosreatromedj lor norvous
1 11 ". j i4aas uiuiMiuni, uuiuiui nrrurs, ncOLQI W Omf . tDZefRKlVM ncn
of Tobttflooor Dniam. which lnA tA(Vntininrinn n- iJ..-..'' ".T,H.B.lTO UBa
J5 prUor wu rub rant eo to euro or relund tho money, flow at il oo J2J Sw
bozo for Cft.OO. DK.nuTT)S MiTii.iiYOiii".iyyJ,0Ii,.o'r
Vor mq b J. CDny & Oo 210 W
To Help the lloerij,
' Pitu.AiKM'itiA, Doc 80. Over 400
lolcgates roprosenting.OO divisions of
ltioJ Ancient Order of Hibernians of
Philadelphiawith a total membership
of 20,00t), held a socret meeting In in
dustrial hall for tho purpose of tking
somo action with a view to Jielpiug tho
Boers in their war with Groat Britain.
It was said that delegates would be as
cessod (3.G0 apiece to send hospital ship
lo Boers.
Not Home Out hy llollU' Report.
WAsniNaTON, Deo. 80. Tho reports
that tho Boor authorities havo threat
ened to rcduoo tho rations of the Brit
ish prisoners at Protoria in caso Great
Britain stops the entry of food supplies
at Delagoa bay was not borne out by tha
bfflclal communications ol United Statos
Consul Hollls at Pretoria.
Not a Surprise.
It will not be n surprise to any who
are at all familiar with the good
qualities of Ohamberlaln's Cough
Remedy,. to know that people every
where take pleasure in relating their
experience in tlio use of that splen
did medicine and in telling of tho
benefit they have received from it,
of bad colds it lias cured, of threat
ened attacks of pneumonia it has
averted and of the children it, has
saved from attacks of croup and
whooping- cough. It is a grand, good
medicine. For sale by all druggists.
E. Stelnbacher & Co., wholesale
SHAW'S PURE MALT. Perfect as a
bevorage or medicine It prevents
chills and tones np the system. I
exh Berates and does not poison
Sold by Win. Washer, Akron, O.
Hun tors
Only reliable poods sold at
of Ammunition and Hunters
511 South Main st.
How wo can put such perfect work
manship on a shirt front, collar oi
ouil Is what eVoryorie'says thaf '
nmlncs our faultless laundry-work.
No spot or fray to mar the beauty of
the irreproachablo color and finish
put upon it that dofles competition
by any laundry In this twn, Om
laundry work has reached tho top
notch of perfection that has yot been
150 S. High St., Tel. 07.
Ladies' Hair Dressing
Dolls, Wigs and Watch
Chains made of ladles' own
hair for Xmas trade.
Treatment of Scalp a
No.111 Mill Street
Botwoon Howard and Main sts.
"Tel. StSO.
- Billow & Sons
..fun ras Dlraotor
Warehouse, Ash st.
Ptflcc Ash tt, foot af MIL,
tfioBIgCJ for unnatural
lrrtutlom or ulceration.
of utuooni membranM.
PaJnlMt. una nnt ftatrltia
EvAeljCHluicuCo. sout or poikumoiw.
rWlNCmHATI(0.Efia SO,a ,"' ""WlM.
or wa la piaia wrarpr.
ML?" ww .Prepaid. lor
If 00, or S l-ottlea, J.7fl,
Circular Mat on ranmiit.
A oordlal i&Tltatlon
li extended to all to CALL AT
" The Cottage"
Full line of Domaitlo and Im
ported goods. '
709 S. (VI a In m.
Talaphona 1B1J.
Cures, "Colds" In any part of bodr.
Kfliv- AXVPoHtrh ,n m hrttir.
Whr other meaiclna falls thUwlllbrLnr
a Cur Taktu belor eipopur nrevcata
Orlp,"Colda," lUsBuroatlaniVcrou p, "
Mj saBWtmMMKMilsDtHiHiaH
Innucnia. Whuoptng- Cough. H iHaler
Tbotoc U bjuialltwj I'reiloata.l.: Y
prostration ana all diseases ot tho cenerailva
t Phone 38
jfljlf la 1 1 6 dayi, V
l,,g not la rietar.
"W Pnsntl flaittaaiAei
Market n.
ww r-Ti mvLaiv
jjjLL'tim&m&my.t ,,
.?, &JMtifo!&&i. M u

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