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BT- ' t'Avff
Wash the ffisshos igwmkffyF
You can if yon
use Gold Dust.
It does most of
the work. It
saves time,moii
ey and labor.
fond for tr booklet " OoMen Sal
(or Tloutwork"
Catcara S(.LoU NcwTork Bolloa
finrionlnaras It Is Performed by Various
Special of Mammals.
Ventilation, or rather tho want of It,
inust bo a difficulty la tbo undorgronntl
life of almost oil inainnmls. Tho rabbit
mid tho rat' tecuro n current of aid by
terming a bolt holo in connection with
tnolr ojKteru of passages, but the fox,
tbo badger and many of tbo Hold voles
unci mice Boom indifferent to any sneb
precaution. There la no donbt that
whatever gayo tbo first luipnlso to bur
row, many animals loot: upon this, to
08 most unpleasant exertion, as n form
of actual amuseinont. It also confers a
right of property.
Prairie dogs constantly set to work to
dig holes merely for the lovtN of tbo
thing. If they cannot havo a suitable
place to oxerolse their talent in, they
will gnaw into boxes or chests of draw
ers, and there burrow, to the groat det
riment of tho clothes therein contained.
In an inclosed prairie dog "town" they
havo been known to mine until the su
perincumbent earth collapsed and buried
the greater nnmber. A yoaug prairie
dog, let loose in a small, gravel floored
house, Instantly dugn holo largo enough
to sit in, turuod round in it and bit tbo
first person who attempted to touch
him. Property gavo him oourago, for
beforo ho bad boon as meek as a mouse.
It is noticeablo that the two weakest
and least numerous of our mice, tbo
dormouso and tbo harvest mouse, do not,
burrow, but mako nests, and that tbesu
do not multiply or maintain their num
bers, like tbo burrowing lnlco and voles.
But tho fact that thero aro members of
very olosoly allied species, fcomo of
which do burrow, while others do not,
seems to Indicate that tho habit is un
acquired one.
In this connection it Is worth noting
tbat many animals which do not bur
row at other times form burrows in
which to conceal and protect their
young, or, it they do burrow, muiiu u
different kind of a mora elaborate char
aetor. Among these nursery burrows
are tboso of tho dog, tbo fox and sand
martin, tbo kingfisher and tbo shel
drake Foxhound litters cover do so
woll as when tho mother is allowed to
make a burrow on tho sunny sldo of a
straw stack. In timo ebo will work this
five or six feet into tbo stack anil keep
tho puppies at tho far end, wbilo she
lies la the entrance. Vixens either dig
or approprlato a clean burrow for their
luougni. oi
the ordeal
birth to
pregnancy ao prepare! the system for the event that it Is sa f ely pawed
without anv discomfort whatever. This liniment his carried thoimmts
of women through this great crisis without suffering, and they declare
It a godsend to women fiend for free book containing Information of
priceless value. Address, Brad field Regulator Co., Attauta, Ca,
Mme. Ruppert's Specialties!
Mme. Ruppert's World-Renowned Remedies
..T .. ...1 Plooeera or rM complexion preparations, haTlnir been
uSiS.d hJ'V loncer (lian any other. Tlier "re .i.ra and rro
l" people, l .d alnajra (Ire complete .atl.tno-
(i'flJ.tT.Vf.iiI'e S.n,r a-e'iulne. natnral beantlflera, (onnded on .clen.
!!.. fllES .'!'.!;. ",'.'l" about them -Inspire, confidence. Aliao
L.m ' Vi..'2'I" ' 'ven numberlcaa time l.j Mme. imp.
pert. Ho other Sp.clall.t ha. over siren ocnlnr demon. Irnllon..
Owlna Is The, Well-Bitabllihed Pacts. We Give Mme. Ruppert'a
Rcmadlca This Woll. Corned Prominence.
thi orrzn is bona fide and cvcryone can have a bottle
Madam, lluppert'j rue Bleach li not a new. untried remedy. 1U asa assures a
vrk':cL,'i",h.'s.ilp,ic.:iVnTc.0.' u",m' n'- " " vr..rc'
Hook "HOW TO SB UnnUTIFUL" Pree.
Erery caller at tbla department will bt glrea tbla ualeue hoakl.t rnrr i An,.in.
afl tbo.. mil. toenu oi tb. toilet .0 iwiPPJ w" 1v. '
below a list of bozo, of Uadame Aupptrt'a Tolltt Requisites
Mme. rtupptrt's Golden
Hair Toole slvea new lift
to and stops failing balr.,,$t W
Mme. Ttuppert'a Wonder
ful Depilatory removes iu
rerfiuoui bair without In
my to afcln In S minutes,, ltx
Unit RllDDert'a Qrav
Hair Restorative Is not a
dye. but returns jray balr
to Iti natural color,, ,.,,.,,, I to
Mme. nuppert'i Pearl
Cauael causes tbt skin to
assume a, girlish loveliness,
mainly for evening use 100
Mmt. Ruppert's White
Rose Fact Powder, an ex
cjlilte powder., ., GO
13 aft S. IVIe.ir. St., Akron, O.
m& &$5&&ms3r
cubx.'whieli Is a natural habit, or, nt
any rato, one acquired previously to tho
uso of earth by adult foxos. Loudon
Tlie Determined Womau Wanted lllm to
Flud lie1 Nephew.
alio had a look of determination in
her faco ns sho stood on tbo comer of
Main und Court streets in Auburn and
signaled for nn clectrla car.
Tbo car stopped and tho woman ad
vanced to the etepi.
"Where bo you (join?" said she.
"Figure 8," said tbo oonductor.
"Ehl" '
"Figaro 8,"
"Ato what?" said sho. "Who said
anything about oatln? Be you goln past
my nephew James Btrout's bouso?"
"Duiiuo," said tbo couduotor, "All
" Vou hoi' on, young mon," said the
woman. "Don't you get oxcited. Don't
you know Jim Strout? Ho lives on Hu
ral avenuo, and bo's expoctln mo today. "
"WogoCollego street," said tho oon
ductor. In tbo mcautiino tbo motormnu was
stamping on tbo gong and passengers
wcro gottlng interested.
"All aboard," was tho oourtcous sug
gestion of tho conductor. "If you are
going with me, madam, get aboard. Wo
don't keep u directory and wo don't sell
otnmps, and I am not acquainted with
James .Strout of Rural avonuo, but if
yon want to rldo around tho figure 8,
all aboard,"
"Well, I uoverl" said tbo woman.
"Well, young man, thero's one thing
yon kin do. Vou can bold your horses
till I git my gripsack."
And they did, oud tho conductor
helped her aboard with it, and on Col
lege street, near Skinner, sho saw a
family in a team, and sho gavo n yell
that Bhut off the electricity quicker than
a cat catches a rat.
It was her nephew.
Such aro the tender ministrations of
fato that watch over resolute women.
Lewiston Journal.
Children lien? So Mnch.
Teacher Pi onouns, you say. are di
vided Into three persons. How do you
explain the third person?,.
Pupil It Is the person who Is In tbs
way of the other two. Boston Tran
No womin't happiness ran be complete without children i
it U her nature to love and want them. The dreadful ordeal
through which the expectant motlier must pa "a, howetcr,
is so fraught with pain. Buttering and danger, that the very
ii nun iicr
of child
be either
nr dnnorer
The use of
Friend du tin r
f (Mme.
Rupperfa Our
trice. Price
Mme. Ruppert's Almond
Oil CotDDteilon Soan: a. cpr.
feet aoap, a combination of
almond oil and was. oot a
boiled soap and contains no
Mmt, Ruppert's World
Renowned Face Bleacb,
large bottle, clears tut skin
or any discoloratlco and
beautifies tbe complexion
naturally ,,...,..12.00
Ruppert't Eviv-
tlsn Balm, a valuable skit
food and used in connec
tion witn me mcacn re
moves wrinkles. ,,,.. 1.M
vIII sell a b.UU af
- $1,65
A. Roman Candle nombardment Tl.at
filampeiled the Three nundrnil DrnTtl
and Started Them ou a Run That Lait
ed Into the Next Pay.
"Wo nevor called Rnouoy by tho
nnmo of .Tnck, although his Christina
nauio wna John, mid In tho cattlo conn
try tboy was fow mcii namcil after
Uhrlst'fl chief cllnclplo who was not
known nn Jaok. Wo nlways called him
Johu IlOonoy. Tho last I ever hooid of
him ho wcro living up In Nebraska, not
far from Osallala, on tho sooth fork of
tho Platto, iatt after tho atroam leaves
tho Colorado lino."
Thus discoursed n former cattleman,
vbo is now parealoR a poacsfnl and
soramonplaca Ufa in ICanrtis City, the
other eveulDR. Ho'was tilkln of life
on tho his cattle range in tbo days when
tho famo of Dodgo City, Abilene, Hayes
City ami Rills was on thewano as tough
towns of Kansas and their upbnllding as
law abiding communities had begun.
"In them days," bo contlnnod, "our
openings for fan was less freqnent than
national holidays are at present. It was
mostly hard riding, and lots of it. It
gives lis all a eortor yearning to bust
loose tho cinches and rnlfo hell at the
first opportunity, and sometimes tho
way wo did It was as uniquo as they
was startling. Tbo tlmo I speak of in
this pcrtlcklor yam wo was grazing a
big bunch of cattle, mostly long boms, in
tho Cherokeo strip, along tho north
fork of tho Canadian river, within a
day's riding of old Fort Supply. Tho
OsagcBand some other tribes used to
coma in thero for their green com und
harvest dances and havo blgbfallootlu
olo times in general. We all remarks
this and speaks of it sorter scornful be
cause wo did not liko Injuns much no
how. When I say this, 1 don't mean
tbat Iloonoy was tho ouo to put tbo
quirt to tho Injuns. Ha wai overquiet
on tho subject. Ho generally was peaco
fulllko and cu'm. He was a thinker,
Rooney was. and with some schooling
and a little politics would have been a
great man in tbe city I 'low.
"Aliont jtliis timo tho camp begins to
got short on grnb, and.somo four or five
of tho boys was sent taMedlciuo Iiodgo,
across tho Kansas lino, with wagons to
bring back a supply of necossaries. Kan
sas was not n prohibition stato then,
and yon could get most nuy kind of
stimulant in Medlcino Lodge tbat is
to say, tboy had ryo and Uonrbon whis
ky, and I suppose they also bad beer.
In them dayu 1 novor could ceo the vir
tues of beer,
"As I was saying, you could get
about any kind of liquor you wanted in
Mcdiclno Lodge, and so wa kept pretty
well wet Rooney here displayed his
sagacity. While wo all bad forgotten
all about tbem pesky Injuns he comes
in ono day wo was to leave and puts in
to tho wagon about SO of them big ro
nton candles that shoot ten times, yon
know, each Bhot a big ball of yellow,
red or bluish flame.
" 'What yon going to do with them
Fourth of July fixings uo'w?' we all asks,
seeing ns bow it was getting closer to
" 'Never you mind that,' said John,
kinder winking his oyo southeast.
"So wo all was mighty curious during
tho trip back to the Canadian, but says
nothing. A fow days after wo gets baok
them Injuns begins gathering for a an
nual feast of soma kind, and then ono
night tbey prepares for one of thorn
dances. Of course, nil of tho bays what
could bo Eparcd wanted off to seo tbo
monkey business of tbem redskins.
Then John Rooney, ho called a council
of war and unfolded tho secret of them
roman candles what ho bought at Mcd
icino Lodgo. Ho tells all tho boys, some
IS in number, to stay with him, and
leads tho way to tho timber, where the
ghost dance was going on. Wa nil takes
ono of them roman candles and no one
speaks a word or coughs or makes any
loud signs.
" When them 800 braves was a-tearing
np tho ground and yelling nt the height
of tho danco, wo gets tho word from
Rooney and lights up them caudles
simultaneous, and they begin shooting
flro aud brimstono into them Injuns
euro enough. Tho boys wasn't used to
shooting off them things nud was about
half scared theireolvos at the devilish
hissing and tho sparks, but thorn Injuns
well, 1 oan't say what thoy thought,
but It was plain how tbey acted. Some
of 'em took to tho othor sldo of tho
woods, Eomo jumped straight np, a lot
went for tho north fork of tho Canadian,
ruuuiug so fast it 'ud take four men tq
seo 'cm. Stop then? Well, I guess not.
They jumped right in aud swum for
dear llfo. They never stopped to see
that tbo blamed flro bad quit, and fel
lers workiug on tho rango tho othor
eido of the fork said tbey saw them
running th,o noxt morning when thoy
was just starting their day's riding.
"That night's devilment liko to got
us all into trouble, though, and tho
most of us discreetly struck out for
Kansas to avoid any unploasant conso
queneos. Bat laugh say, I novor laugh
ed so in my life." Kansas City Star.
A Good Lavr.
A law has just been passed In Franc
forbidding any ono to glvo solid food to
infants under a year old without the
written authority of a physieian. In
Fiance, too, tho long rnbber tubes to
feodlng bottles aro forbidden under
heavy penaltios Every where people aro
warned not to use them, tbo reason bo
lug that it Is impossible to keep tbem
properly sterilized.
Orlclnal Sources.
ilrs. Do Stylo Dear rue) What a lo(
of society news yon'vo got nold oi
svou to a full description of Miss Tip
Sop's Paris trousseau I Where did you
hear it all?
Miss Do Style At tbo symphony con
cert Now York Weekly
Tho onlv Eonn wlilnh thn Htnrinn. nt
tho orthodox typo omploy is niudo on-
tlrnlv nt vpontnhln nrnilnrfa Rn emm
is little used lu India, boing almost au
unxnown luxury wnu tne natives.
A stupid fnmnln frnn will nrrwlnnn
VOOn Pfni nt n tltmi Wmna ci.!..lu ....
insects, und are themselves devoured by
a variety ot otber nulmuJa.
Bridge Company Granted Chart,"
Hakiusbuho;,. Pec 20, Among tho
charters leaned at the state department
was this one: The (ilassport Ilridgs
company, McKeesport, capital flO,POo.
It Is scientifically affirmed, that In tho
thirty years which follow the change from
the girl to the wwtM', beginning nt fifteen
and ciullnir at forty-five, tlitfaitrnL'e womin
spendn ten enr of that time la pliyaic.il
luilerlng caused by .Irregular
far I 1 r-isl I'llairrr'ataxtlilak Artium l"i
wale troubles, or otliecdcraiWc
menu of tlie functions of the
delicate female orgs.
Think of it 1 Onc-thlid of the
best y cum -of -ii woman's life
flpcut w a strugsle with pain.
It Is no wonder that women everywhere
arc full of 'unbounded praise and gratitude
for Dr. Pierce's I'avorite Prescription. It
doc away with all suffering due to the dis
eases of the organs peculiarly feminine It
regulates the period, stops the disagreeable
drains heals inflamed and ulcerated con
ditious, and cures female weakness. It
brings all the delicate entile organs into
natural, healthy and harmonious action
There is no opium or other naicotic,
and no alcohol, whisky or other alcoholic
stimulant in "Favorite Prescription,"
Sick women are invited to consult Dr.
Pierce by letter, without charge Write
freely livery letter is treated as strictly
private and sacredly confidential.
Mrs. M. V. Ionj7. of I.e Jmp, Franklin Co ,
Runs, writes: MVortln cannot exprena how
pate Till I ani for yonr kind advice and good
lUfdlclnes I havebccitin poor health more or
lest alt my life lu tbe past nine ears grew
worne, and two years ftjro I wao poorly could
hardly drag around, f consulted a special.:.,
and he said I ha 1 ulceration and that an opera
tion would hare to be performed This did not
seem necessary to me, no time went by, and I
at la wrote to Dr. Tierce niklnt; notice I
Iwjjjht two bottles of ' favorite Prescription,'
two of the Discovery' and twoialioftlic Tel
let as adviwd. When commencinz I weighed
uol pcuuda and after taMutf one bottle of each
I was like n new womau. In one month I gained
elllht pounds. AftertaUug two bottles each of
the medicines named. X bfgin to look like a
woman and not like n wasted skeleton That
wenry tired feeling all leit tnc, and it did seem
as though, 'lie nai worth living"
Dr. 1'iercc'fl relicts cleanse the skin.
Iiomcs of tbo Anthracite At I tier.
A group of papers Utaliug with tbo
Pennsylvania coal regions apptmrs in
Tbo Coutnry. Jay HuuHiidgORhes "Au
Artist's Impression- of tho Colliery I.o
(fon." Mr. Ilambidgofaysof oneof tbe
"patches" wbero tho miners lho: Euoh
little hoDKti, with tho boxes, cabhy
boles and fences about it, bas been built
by tho man who lives in it. And he is
a laborer, astrugglerforinerecxifitouco,
not deft in tho usoof tool;, nor with an
eyofortuo symmetrical, nor uitb nu
appreciation for anything beyond tbo
most primal facts ot (living Tbo roofs
of tbe bnlldluKfti slant at all angles,
with no two sides of the samo length or
deflection. Ono portion will havo caves,
wbilo its companion will scorn tbo lux
ury. Tbo eatno iucongraity prevails ev
erywhere, Some of tbe small openings
used for windows nrohigb, while others
aro low. Ono door will open in and an
other ont. Tbo binges havo evidently
come from tbo company bcrap pile, and
tbo staples aud latches and looks from
tbo eamo source.jr.$gmeof tboroofi bavo
Ebiuglcs, others tv.eJtberhu.iru's. wbilo
others aro formed of great pieces of
rusty sheet inm.-
Ocoree Got Ilia Wheel.
Goorgo bud wanted a bicycla for a
long tlmo. Lust yimr liis, birthday was
embittered by tboif act'' tbat bo did not
get the-mneb oovatcd wbeol, nod bo bo
awaited tbo dn'tbU'tinieTitb mack
DurliiR tbo week beforo bo regularly
and earnetitly resorted to prayer tbat bo
might bavo his desira granted. His par
ents really feared for bin faithjtlioulil
bo ngaiu bo disappointed. Tbcrcftdro on
tbo morning of hiu' birthday ho fooud
u alliums turn by, his bedsidoa Ueantifal
now wheel. ,r.
When bis rnotlicr onrerod tbo room,
she found him dolljilitcdly gazing unou
"Woll," bo called oat cheerfully, "I
thought tbo Lord wouldn't buvo tbo
ncru to rt.funo tbla timo. "Sovf York
Still In tho trad.
"Is it truo, auntie, that you havo ro
fused Blukeiu every jour for tho last U0
"Yes, my dear."
"Do you mind telling me why?"
"Not at all. Tho first timo I refused
him I told him tbat ho was not good
enough for mo, and I'm not tbe woman
to admit tbat ho has grown better any
faster tban I have." Detroit Froo
"I bareLcen ualnsr CAHOATSt.TS andus
a mild ami effect. to laxatlro tbry aro ntniplr won
derrul. My daughter and I wore botlieruu witn
tick stomach ami our breath wacrcrytmd Alter
Ukliitf a tew doses of Caicaretn we hurt? imnrOTod
wonderfully, Tlicy aro u croat help In tbo family,
WlLHEMIiVA N.ilfl.
1137 UlttSDtiouso St., Uoclunati, Oulo.
nSj'S!11"' S,LtabJS "". Jasto Good. Do
uood, NeTer blcken, WeaLcn. ot Gripe. 10c. Zx, Mo.
..fine nnuoTiniv.A.1
wwnc wwn i .i- i U,. ,
Surll.f U.w.Jy Cwptai. flit.,.. M.mr.t, y.. y.rfc. M
fI0T0nAfi Bold and pnoriintwed by alldniff
I4U" I UUAU guts iq-Cvul, Tobacco liablt.
Elena most rioiti" anttv w
play most effectively over ft
yic3Uve eccncvucuuiroTrn sl
by waicn candles. g
The light that liclfjhtens 5
"."U.J um..u. lUU.JILHIUG
1 charm, that gncsllie f
touch to the draw inn H
r dining room, 13 the B
glow of
room or
inclloir glow
Sold In all colore aud ehudes
to Larnionlrc with anv Interior
iianginc-v or ciecorauons.
juanuiaoinrea vy
trot pais everywuere. 0j
Fffoi, tsaoi auiM Pioarrie'0'jjs''
! VEM8
TTben Fanehon to her clinflnf dish
..rpatrii and light tho aleohol.
We look for ml rod on and with
That fato may let us hhartf tbem all
Though not to gluttony lnclln!,
Wo laugh with RMtrononifo nice,
.And each luys plans with ttocret mind
To eat tidbits enough for thro.
For Fnnclion is a cook aprem
Of dainties which the dlili may hold.
A erne I ous goddess of the steam
Whoso Ixmutioft please ns more thtn gold.
II cr finnan huddle and croquettes
Ato portus of dellclonftness.
Her ojuttrs and her omelets
Achlof e tho climax of success,
And yet 1 wonder can It bo
That Fnnclion 's skill Is so unique.
1 know what snror all for mo
Are her bright eyes and glowing cheek.
Well, Fa neb en, cater to tbo men
And to the maids whom men dctdre, 1
But don't get scorched, young lady, when
You'ro playing with the dainty flro.
Chicago Jtecora.
now a ilrnokljrn fiacraiuent Service la
rrolecl.fl Prom Thieve.
It la generally accepted aa n fact that
tbo most cinenaho aud olaborato taber
naclo for tbo services in this country In
tbat belonging to St. Augustine's
church, Brooklyn. Tormcd entirely of
gold and silver and studded with pre
cious stonos, it would provo n rich baul
for tbe daring but sacrllogiona marauder.
This fact was fully appreciated by tbo
church authorities, who bavo devised n
plan ot protection which is as near per
fect as can be. It is on electrio system,
unique aud effective, and now when tho
oangrcgation ariivcs tho taberuaclo is
in full view, but as soon as tbo congre
gation lu dismissed tho tabernacle dis
appears completely, apparently without
human nid.
Two great, heavy barvoylzcd iron
doors, which bavo been covered witn
gold leaf, roll forward at the press of
an olectrio button and completely con
ceal aud protect -the costly chancei.
TIiceo folding doors meet in a domo at
tbo top to alford protection in that dirco
tlon. Tbo motion ot tbo doors is clow
and easy, special apparatus being de
vised for tbe purpose tho doors moviug
ou heavy roller bearings. The motion
is imparted to tbem by means of u sys
tem of gears, actuated by an electric
motor installed directly beneath in tbo
cellar. lu order that no one should bave
nccoss to tbe actuating push buttons
tbesu aro placed In a regulation lire and
burglar proof vault of massivo construc
tion, tho combination to which is
known only to tbe rector aud bis asso
ciates. All tho wires leading to tbo mo
tor from tbe nourco of supply aro con
nected at various points to tho local po
llco aud burglar alarm bervice, so tbat
should any ouo tamper with tho wires
uotilicatlon would bo given immediate
ly. Tho safo doon aro so censtrncted
tbat should nuy ono attempt to drill
through them otber electrio circuits
would be closed and tho alarm giveu.
When tbe doors before tho tabornacle
aro closed, it is completely inclosed iu
heavy iron on all sides, so tbat it is
milch safer than if au armed guard
stood watch boforo it. Cleveland I'lain
The Dead LoTe,
"Mr. James McJauics, Baraboo.
Wis.," said the clerk at tho express of
fice, readlug tbe address on tbe little
package. "What are the contents,
I madam?"
I "A solitairo diamond ring, " replied
tne youug woman coldly.
"What is tho valuel"
"Nothing to me," sbo said, still
more coldly. Chicago Tribune.
You can buy, of your
grocer, Fcls-Naptha soap at
5c a bar, and wash with it;
then, if it don't save half the
work and wash whiter than
usual, tell your grocer ; and
he will return your 5c, and
send to us for it it costs us
9c, including the postage.
r.U & Co, raaben, rhlEadctpbU.
iev hi va
fnArllriil Iritritv-irt.
and faiva cured thoutaodi of
caiei of Nervous Ulteaiei, luca
as Debility, Ouilnetf, bleepleti
neu and Varicocele, Auopny,&o
Theyclearthe bruin, itrenr.thea
too circulation, make dfcettioa
perfect and Impart a healthy
vigor to the whole being. All
drains and loitei are checked
Strnn?4?aln. '':""'"'' "5,e.,,.RVle.l
tton often worrlei themlDtoIaaaalty, Coniump
lioe or Death. Mailed aealed. Price Si per boi;
6 boKef, with Iron did lest gilaranlee to cure or
refund themonev,fj oo SeM forfreebook.
Addren, PEAL MEDICINE CO., Clcrelind, W.
A. Warner, druggist, 208 B. Market.
Ct.laa.NMra CksUab Duuti BrwiA.
itntvn-! rii4 in t-w uj CvU Inti.HU1
IJOIsW HalNlllODininiWI.
'tivni4tiiutitn4 A.UfHti,ni ,
i t Htm pi lor tsV'souiii.. iwnriiBiua r.m
llfall.t aa.a T mAI- InUlU alt avctaivai
IT UavD. tahifOU T"tttMtilal JTM rBr
kf il I-U 1-CUM 'IIIUU.'
Winter In lho South.
Tho seaEon approaches when ones
thoughts turn towurd a place where
tho inconvenlencee of a Northern
winter inny he escaped. No section
of this country oilers such Ideal
spots as the Gulf Const on tbe line of
the Louisville & Nashville railroad
botween Mobile mid New Orloans.
It possesses a mild climate, pure air,
even temperature and facilities for
hunting and Ashing; onjoyed by no
other section. Accommodations for
visitors are flrst-oIasB, and can be se
cured nt inodorato prices. Tho L. &
N. B. R. is the only lino by which it
can bo reached In through cars from
Northern cities. Through carsched
ulos to all points in Florida by this
line aro also perfect. Write for
folders, etc., to Jaokson Smith, I). P.
Winter Tourist Ticket!
Now on sale via 0,, A. & City, to
the south and southwest. For tick
ets and full Information see O. I).
Ilouodle, railroad and steamship
agent, Union depot.
Holiday Special,
For the accommodation of Christ
mas travelers fl) Erie B. It. will run
a special train on No. Ill's time on
December 25, 20 and January I and
which leavesAkron at 13:22 p. m.
Ci llMl lir
R w
j ii
truck farm nenrAkron.wlth sood houae.
Xlvolou,Iiortli 11)11, nt IIMench.lt told
New a rrxm houf-o near pat ement and
ttrect enra, a tmrgnln nttl,l.V.
M Newflrooin houao York ,t., nearly new,
for ),
Mon.r to lonn at lowest rnt.a of Int. real.
C. II. JMNKrJ. lei. SOI.
For Sale On Easy Termi.
Tbe moat decant atiburltnn home In Kum-
imi rounty; inrKf lioua n u rooms, nnro
wfKMl flnuti, (rood cf liar, healer, good Imrn.
.lx ficren of land. Htrcet enra pnaa door.
This property Is beyond qtiestlon tbn finest
property on ttintiinrket. Will sell for less
titan cost of litilldlnRs. A tmrttaln,
T1IOH. 1 OHILDM. Atiorn-r.
Walsh lllock.
1 hnvo MfM to loan on lmpnnod property
at li per cent.
EI. IVI. Youne:,
Iloom No. :i, Akron Hmlngs lllock.
.T0 10AN.'..f01iisnms to suit borrower
j.j liacutel, iwtuoutn Hotranl. 170 tf
PROM tiw to liojono to loan at 0 per cent.
eimi a. rjuwyer, uiiornt'ys uoi ie oinca.
-MONUY TO LOAK-Krom 15.00 and np
irnrrl ou household goods or fcny chattle se
curlty and allow the goods to remain II
rouriiossesslon. Cnnrtpnjrus In monthl;
Inatalllnentn. Iloom 14, Arcnde block. Of
nco hours, :) lo lltio n. m., !:. to B p. m.
,wAJtTnD A R"'"1 tinner. Apply at
Vnlsli & lo., corner Main and Jackson sts.
217-1 V
WAM-KUllellahle hustllnit manlnev
eryclty of oer l(4 population tosellour
lens etc. to consumers, dood Inducement..
Address American Tea Co , Pittsburg. l"a.
WANTHD Agents In every county to
hnndlconlnon Money," sold esclusltels
through agents. Kor further Inforinatlon.
'""'." vjin l uuiisiuiiK comuauy, o ntuuili
Uldgs., corner mate and Ohio at.. Chlcugo.
QWAMI.D A girl for general house work
llrs. A. lionsledt, SIT N. Arlington street.
I nlll buy all tho old horses and mures
thai nudonotvant to keep oer winter
II. ('. Tlmmcrnmn, 211 Kurnaco at., Akron,
....i.. a.ji.-u. im II
LOST On Wrrfneailnv. Tth nn s?fninnnn
faco gold julcli. Iteturn or send word to
.uy xiunu jnunury nna recelorennrd.
roUND Female dog. ub ner can reclaim
y proMnii property und paying expenses
ut tm$ H. High st. J1021!
Notice ol Appolntmcnl.
Krtnte of Eliza McColgnn, deceased.
The undersigned bus been appointed hy
Ihe rrobato court of rjummlt county, Ohio,
us etucutor of lho tsluto of tllzu Mc
Colgnn, deceased. All persons fndebted
to snid estate nru requested to mul.o lm
medltaupiomcnt land all persons having
claims ugnlnst sold ostnlo nre requested to
present tho saute foralloMituee or rejected.
. I. A. MCL-OI.&AN.
Dnted thlsdSth day of Dec. A. IJ. isua.
U(.c. ID, la, JO"
IENCE Is tho record made by the
Aetna Life Insurance Co.
The lnrepst company In the world
writing Life, AccUcnt and Health Insur
ance. Over 111) million dollurs paid
nolIcy-liolUers lnrn 1850.
District Armt. Everett Imlldinr; tel. ill.
Justice ot the Peace and Notary.
2ii3 Wooster avenue,
nouses on tnontlily payinenu, choice lots
rn Wnoster nr.wlfl be sold at a sacrifice,
ftlso greeuhoufiA equlpmentfi cheap, A Ci
horsepower lx)ller. almoatnew. I have the
fnotnllotment In Akron. IjOts(V)xl75 from
(ltWto$.W. Come to Bee me.
If you want a first-class driving
horse, finely mated conch or carriage
team, call at Stolncr's Stock Barn,
No. 1360 South Main Bt. Nothing but
Qrst-class horses kept In stock.
N. It. STEINEB, Prop.. Tel. 1734.
Tolin Q. Martin, Mgr. Mch 18, 1000
Machine Shop
General Mnchlno AVork of AU Kinds.
Clay Working Machinery for
Stonewnre a Specialty.
1,000 to 13,000 at Speroent
for term of years if security if
gilt edge. Inquire at once.
Halo .
Everett block.
Tel. 1K3
iTHOBieL. E3F30S3.
Stoam Iaurtjc4ry
New maohlnery, new location.
We iruarantee our work. Hitrh
1 gloss or domes tlo Onisb.
Phono 1433
Nos. 182-187 North Howard st,
Manufacturer ot all klndsof brushes.
OrderB promptly attended to.
rei-fcohlo Coal Co.
Has a good house for rent.
Also coal to soli. Wo aro
not in tho combine,
IIO Jf. Market St.
pamlly WaohlnEs
Our specialty. Spocial rates. Wo
wnsh clean, good Jlutsb, don't ruin
fabrics. Will cnll for and deliver
goeds. One trial is all wo ask.
iQS Esat KTchanra at.
none T2
u & Reed, Props.
Orowora of"Aln2
Catawba Pure, Cattwbj A, Port,
Sweet) Ives Seedling'...
Always on hand. All sraers vrorapUy f!ue4.
SxcUl stwatloa rirca ta til mall orders.
KeUj's bland, 0.
From us on your own tf rms. also
boo us about thnt INSURANCE
youliavo expiring soon.
P. P. BOCK & CO.
Moving Vans, Teaming
and Transferring. "Fill
J vour coal blnR now ami
avoid the rush." Office,
Cor. Cherry and Canal sis. Tel. 2ST.
For Erery Purpose.
A. Adamson.
Exchange and Water Streets.
The Dixon Transfer Co.
Coal, Tr&ntfir and Livery
.Packing, moving and storing of
'oods. Coaches, coupes and carriages
for funerals, weddings, parties and
123 and 125 Carroll it. Tel. no. 306
S You Must Eat to
Way not come where
tie BEST MEALS it all hoars?
k European Restaurant
200-202 E. Harket St.
Th. Finest IUslanrant in Akron.
rati mrotTzs aits bokzstxc
VAo-fc Ooodt & Olecaara
Uater Ceatril Sarlars Baait.
POP Sew In r Mi
tniHoi, tjpwriiarf.
Flro Ami etc Tb
Hlffbril OrtAa. Oat It
Iroa your dealer
Cirviutio. o.
fonarch Uolish
I For rnrttitiire, Pttnoa.
TUmg, lUtdwood Unisi
Primary, b.condary or Tertiary Hlood
1'olson Permanently Curod. You can be
treated at home unncr samo guaranty. It
ou ba e taken mercury. Iodide potash, and
still hn aches and palds. Mucus Patches
In mouth, Hore Throat, rimples, Copper
Colortl Hpots. Ulcers on anv part of the
bodv, llatr or Kvebrows falling out, write
CtlOlC ltllMBDY CO., I2B Jlasonlo Temple,
Chlcauo, 111., for proofs of euros. Capital
STiOo 000. we solicit the most obstinate cases.
Wo havo cured tho worst cases in 15 to 81
da 3 s. lotvpage Boole Free.
Faster than ever
to California
Chicago-Union Pacific &
North'Western Line
Chicago 6.30 p.m. dally, arrives
San Francisco S.1S afternoon of third
day and Los Angeles early next morn
Ing. No change of cars; all meals In
Dining Cars. Buffet Smoking and
Library Cars with barber. The best
of everything. The Pacific Express
leaves 1030 p. m. dally. Tourist
Sleepers every day and personally
conducted excursions every Thurs
day. Illustrated book free. Cation
any agent or address Chicago &
North-Weslern fly.
fxirf.a, .r.rl I J !..(, CfnfsaaU
.0 CAia't St . FhllidMlsklj I 107 Bmllhrid ft-nttUara
S83VahlngtonSU lten I frr Tkt Jtreads, CAMaas.
aviataat. . . Buffnia ireamsas srsnMs. uttmt
Live 2
roa ret 1
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1 2-j,'e5:3i'"iicVl6bi&tf'l&" '" - "
.v. ,t,i,viwaiLf4Aiii
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