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Mi. ii ,,f inililtiir mil rif till' nice and wim
Ljil'll hopeful Unit lii! might obtain the
i-iioiiiliiutloii. r .&
I'lii- opposition to the silver Rppubll.
can candidate Is composed lnfaVly of
Earned by Delegates to Greatest Convention In
marched ami sang (hey distributed
their Mil badges, "llrjan and Tonne."
Starting lit the Contra house tho pro
cession moved down on Savoy. He
ncnth the window of' room M, the band
southern mill eastern Domuciats who fctoppod and played "A Hot Time."
h.i.v Hint il IXMilocrat muse oc2Jinmc(i
tor sccuud'nla'eo on tlio ticket? Their
ono objection to Towni) is refiner po
lllical nlllllitthilis. Till' opposfiAii h.m
turiii'il to Adlai
lllilll tl) lcilll till'
tangle. All night and eaiij tijw moin
lug tliovi! were conferem-crf, im up to
Id o'clock today tin's sltuntfoiftrpiuiiln
cil as It had been for two ius the
Hold against Townc. Then; fa a feel
liiK nuioiig lutiiij1 delegates .tjiut tin
l-'rom tho Siivoy tlio Toivno boomers
wont to Hie Rnltlmore iind Invaded the
hotel. Thry sang "Towne, Towne.
''hurlcs A. Townr," until tho place
wns IIUo liodlitin Iind then headed for
i In .Mldhiuil. While the hand swept
iirolind the Midland, Dnufoith stood Iii
hI di; till' lobby.
I.nto last night Mr. Danforth wild the
slluiillun wiiu so complicated he did
not li-cl suilicicntly Involved to say
whether or not he would lie In the race
oilvoulion should nominate yitW east i todny. He had no supporter on the
Candidates Are Firmly Pledged to Work For Overthrow of
Imperialism and Trusts,
Straight Forward Free Silver Plank Was included In the Report of
Committee on Resolutions.
HI IS, 11)11 IIIHI II ill! wuiihi jijf.unu ins
rieiuls to arrange It. he' Holild be
unlimited for second plncrcjguu tho
Irst ballot. There wns" earn- this
Adopted With Splendid Display of Patriotic Enthusiasm---Hill Would Not
Accept Nomination For Vice President.
Convention Hall, Kansas City, Mo., July 6, (Special). Adlai E. Stevenson, of
Illinois, was nominated for Vice President on the first ballot. The vote stood: Stevenson
583 1-2, Towne 69 1-2, Smith 16, Patrick 46, Carr 23, Danforth 1, Hogg 1. The nom
ination was made unanimous.
It was 2:21 when the nominating and seconding speeches were concluded and the
roll call of states was commenced. Before,balloting Hamilton Lewis withdrew his name
as a candidate for Vice President, seconding the nomination of Mr. Stevenson.
em inan Jusl to show tlmt.MjV Rryan
is not tho whole show. Alt tin; real en
thitslasui of the convention 4 for Da
ld H. IU1I ami If ho would jij-yinil his
morning iiuii'h talk of a sliiuTppde to
Hill, buL his friends discouraged the
plan. There wns also tal:Jof going
back to Elliott Duiiforlli, but muiiy of
the delegates appeared Indifferent
about tho (.ecoiul on the ticket and II
seemed Impossible, to ma toy' a corubi
tlon of uiueH strength oil tuiy candi
date. Tliore wiih some fear lyiioug the
leaders that If a candidate could not
be selected In advance n protracted day
and night Hussion of the convention
might result. The conference between
commltteeB representing tin; Humeral
If and Silver Republican conventions
nud the I'opulist party fulled to leach
an agreement at the hour fixed foi' the
convention to meet.
( i.ntcreiice eynvailttoo he wild, notwith
standing this. H was ngieed when the
roll was called this morning Al.ibauia
would yield the lloor to Florida, nud
that state would put In nomination, 101
llott F. Danforth of New York.
Some claim Hill's name will be plac
ed before the convention at an oppor
tune moment on effort will be made
to stampede the convention for him.
It Is known thnt Towne Is I he only
man acceptable to the radicals and to
day the Hrynn-Allgeld-WUHnins con
tingent declares the M'nnosotn man
will win.
' -VNominatlons For Vice Presidpnt.
Convention Hull, .Inly l!. - (Spl.) Tho comentlon was enlled lo order at
10.4." liy Clialrniau Itlehardson and when the delegates liecailie (piU'l, Senator
Tlllmnu, of South Carolina, chairman of the committee appointed lo confer
Willi the ropullsts and Silver Republicans, came forward to leporl. Mr.
rillinan slated that the committee had been unable to njxreo upon a candidate
for Vice I'resldeut. Tim 'roll call was ordered lor I he nomination of Vice.
I'resldeni, Congressman .1. It. Williams, of Illinois, nominated Adlai K.
Stevenson. At I'Jiti'J u'eloek, Congressman Williams started to speak. Ho
was compelled to. wait for order. Tin convention was very disorderly when
Williams arose and even I he delegates directly in front of htm could Hot
hear hhn. The Congreshiiiau took Hie platform to nominate Adlai K. Stev
enson. Chairman Richardson suspended business until .the delegates and
spectators could bo seated. The noise and disorder was nmro marked than
nt any previous soslon and persons but a short distance away could not
hear those speaking upon the platform. When he named Seveusoli, the
delegates from Illinois got up and did what they could lo start a cheer.
The, wore allied by I'etiiisylvauia. The nomination fell Hal, hoeer, and It
imis evident Ihat'steveusou was not a hot favorite.
Townc of Minnesota Named.
At 11:18 li. A. Rossing of Mluneso ta nominated Towne. The announce
ment was received with enthusiasm in Hie galleries and the delegates
cheered loud ami long. '
At 1I:."7 Coicruor Thomas, of ('(dorado, seconded Towno's nomination.
The onlhusiuMii at the mention of Towne showed thai ho was hi the lead.
Hill Refused to be Nominated.
At 1 1 i.'lfi Thomas (irmly nominated o.vSenalor Hill of New York.
There were cries for Hill and when his naiiui was announced, the ex-Senator
was escorted to the platform, lie acknowledged Hie (lemouHtnilioii ill ills
honor, but declined Hie honor, ami said he could notnccept.lt. lie , was cheer
ed by the Towne men. ho though! Mint his course was favorable to their
liiiin. Hutchinson, of (loorgln, seconded the noml'iullim of Stevenson.
Homer S. Cumnilngs, of Connecticut, seconded the nnmluiitlou of Towne.
Win. Kennedy, chairman of the Connecticut delegation, look thy platform and
Feeonded the Humiliation of Stevenson.
Other Names Bcforo Convention.
At lii:-'."', Inimphy of Washington, nominated ,1 UnmHton I.owK I-k-r,ocrnor
MoCleary of Kentucky, seconded the nonilnatiou'of Stoveiison. At
this point the Towne men began t'l become a little down licintei!, for It wns
lojii- Hun the Croker-Harrlsou combination aided by Pennsylvania, was.
trying to force an niillSllver, anll-Itryan man on (lie tlekcC l.eo Knoll, of
Miirjland, nominated .lohu Walter Smith, of .Maryland, (leu. ,x red II.
Pain's seconded I he nomination of Tow ne. '
Patrick's Name Presented. . ,.
When MlR.6url was called, Cov. H. W. Stephenn M.irln'r lo (
ond Stevenson, but' e.-Cioorndr Stone beat him to tho platform. Stone
wound up by nominating Stevenson. Senator Money seconded Ktrveunoii.
CongiesMiianUalv or New .lersey nominated Huvld II. Hll. V. M. Uousli
erlv of Ohio nominated A. W. Patrick. Washington yielded to Idaho, but
Idaho did not appear. St. Clair of West Virginia neeonded toouaom Coop
er of Wisconsin nominated Townc.
Will Remain In Lincoln.
Lincoln. Neb., .Inly (1,-fSplO-nryiin Is home and ho will riot go to the
Kansas Cltv convention. His uiaiiagers are prcpaiing for n hurrah at lioino
and It Is expected Hint 30,001) KnnsiiK City comentlotiert. wjll visit Lincoln to
see Bryan.
Inly C (Spl.)-(Jiily one task Ifl left
to the liemocratlc national convention
now that Hrynn has been nominated
for President ami a platform adopted
and that is the nomination of n candi
date for Vice President. Tin; conven
tion reassembled at 10:15 o'clock this
morning, Kansas City' lime, for that
Tlio leading eaiidldalo for second
place is Charles A. Towne. Adlai H.
Stevenson boom Is forced by s.omo
Democrats who hope by nominating
hint to capture the votes of n few
friends of Crovcr Cleveland. Most
of Hie Democrats seem lo favor
Townc, mid his nomination 'ih ardently
desired by the Populists and Silver
Republicans, jvho 1iro here. There are
also booms for Hill mid (ioveruor
Smith of Maryland. The Keller boom
is laughed at and the Sul.er boom
has gone astray.
Parade the Streets With Banners
and Bands.
Kansas City, Mo., .Inly (J. (Spl.)
Tlio last day of the Demon utlc con
vention opens with a light bet ween
three candidates for the lioroluatloii of
vice president. ( y .
Charles A. Towne wautSlt, so does
Adlai 10. Stevelisou, so lues Elliott
Danforth, whose boom has suddenly
revived No one knows what Hill will
Very Utile nttentiou Is jiald to tiie
movemeii'ttt In fiiYoiMJf John W.-KeUer
.:. in nii'Min.,.nnt;;Trir.4uivv'iiii...iaitciv
I of Washington state. Their names,
however will be presented lo the con
vention. Stevenson Is not on the ground, but
his booril is.- So while Ills supporters
talked last night the Towne men work
ed. They got the Lincoln baud, Induced
10 or 5,0 members of the Traveling
Men's Association to Uko their red,
white and blue umbrellas with them
and parado the city. With their own
hlrmigth, vhleli was not moro than 50,
this procession started out. It began
its monotone, "Towne, Towne, Charles
A. Towne,'' at the Coates house, sang
It to tho "Hoi Time" tune, and as the
baud played "Did Kentucky Home,"
spread it out so that It came In with
tho time of a cake wall: and as they
Knew No Bounds When Nomination
Was Announced.
Kansas City, July (I. (Spl.) -It was
Just 8:50 o'clock Thursday night when
tho announcement whs made that Wil
liam .leanings Rrynn had been nomi
iifilcd for President of the United
States. The demonstration which fol
lowed has never been equalled In niiy
convention In the history of the United
States. Tiie crowds cheered, the bands
plnjod and tliere was ti general re
joiclng all over the hall. The nomi
nating speech was inado by Mryan's
friend, Willis D. Oldham, of Lincoln.
Ho' began his mhjris at tl:10 o'clock-.
He wns frequently Interrupted by ap
plause. When he had llnlshed there
was the wildest enthusiasm. Dele
gales paraded the Door carrying Hr.
an's port rail, lings and most every
thing they could lay llielr hands on.
Mr. .Oldham wns followed by David R.
Hill, of New York. He was given an
i,iiiiluJ1.1ijJu' i10!p' There were soim
delegates wm nisseo niu nicy wiae
ory largely in the minority. He sec
onded the noinlnallon of Rryan. iRoth
speeches will be found In full In anoth
er chimn.
Tin; reading of the resolution",' by
Senator Tillman, of South Carolina,
was the signal for tio llrst great dis
play of enthusiasm, This occurred
a short lime, utter the convention as
sembled Thursday afternoon. The
platform as reported was adopted.
(It will be round under a separate
head.) Webster Davis made a speech
in which he nnnoiiueed himself as n
supporter of Rrynn. It was a pro
Roer address. AHrr the nomination
of William J, IJryaii tho convention
adjourned until Friday morning at
Kansas City, Mo., .Inly 6. (Spl.)-4Iero are wine or tho
opinions of well known Democrats on Hryan'a selection and
the platform:
Ororgp Kred WllllaniH, of MasMiclnmettB: "There is no
protesting Miiee against the platform and tho selection of
Rryan. There will be nosubordlnatlon of the silver question,
but It Is evident to everybody that the great xneuaco of tho
times Is the Impel lalistic policy of tlu; present Administra
tion. I think tho party will be. very much stronger every
where for Hip. action of the committee on roolutlons. All
who tely and of necessity must rely on Rryan for leadership
will admit Ids masterly and Insuperable qualities ns a leader,
and they arc fortuuatu to be able to put him In command on
the platform that was agreed to. The platform emphasizes
tho leadership of Riyan and preages victory In November."
V.x Governor John P. Altgeld: "I regard the platform as
the strongest ever adopted In the country. We have started
a tldul tio of auinlsm which will sweep from ocean to
ocean. With the tides of November, militarism, Imperialism,
MeKltileyiisin and Ilanunlsm will pass from America forever.
Rryan will be the next President."
.Senator Daniel, of Virginia: "The platform will be the
bond which will reunite the Democracy of the country. It
will prove satisfactory to Democrats of whatever opinion
regarding the llnancla I question. It Is ery strong and wllh
meet with approval everywhere."
Richard Croker, of New Yoik: "The platform is all right.
It Is splendid. I hare not studied it carefully, but I heard
every word of It as Senator Tillman read it. It suits me; It
Is big enough and broad enough for all Democrats and I be
lieve It will suit all Democrats.. It Is good enough for all to
stand upon. I could not. say more If I tried. As for our can
didate, Rryan, he Is goln; lo win. Wo will carry New York
Slate for him surely and I predict now that he will be elected
President of the United States-."
Carter Harrison, of Chicago: "I am perfectly atistled.
Making antl-imperlalHiu the paramount issue for the coming
campaign is eien better that what we wrrc lighting for in the
committee on resolutions. All that we asked was that the
convention should not specifically reaflirm the old money
plank of the Chicago platform because all feared it would be
made the dominant Issue In the campaign."
Conference took the lloor and announc
tliat the commltte.e was still In confer
ence, but, said he. there is no reason
whv we should not nominate Rryan.
Rrynn in point of fact, was nominated
by' us a year ago. Rryau's name was
presented by Teller at 10:55.
Towne Fears That Unit Rule
Defeat Him.
Kansas'' City, Mo., .Inly 0. (Spl.)
I'or tiie llrst lime since he arriwd
here last Saturda.i, Charles A. Towne
lids morning expressed doubt (1 his
ability tn capture Hie Democratic nom
ination for vice president. Ho said
tlio unit uile which prevails with most
(legations would deprive him of Kill
oles and that certain leadeis here had
evidently determined to hack 1 1 III at
any cost and by mi) means. At the
kiiii ctliiie, Mr. Towne said lie iind no
ill m '
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I nTa nTnniflnTII UUIaS. A
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n 155-157 S. Howard nt I . j
wmmmmmmmmmm wmmmmmmmmmmm
Nominated William J. Bryan For
President Friday Morning.
Kansas City, .Mo., July (i.-(Spl.)
Tlio Sliver Repuii('ans convention wns
called to order at l;r5. At 11:58 Rry
an was nominated for President.
Chairman Tlllotospn of Toiwka at once
read a report of the committee on
platform. Many planks have been tak
en from tin Democratic convention.
Senator Teller from the Committee on
Will Fot Visit Convention.
Lincoln. Neb.. July i.(Spl.)-Rrynu
will not go to Kansas City unless In
vited by the convention. No such in
vitation has been received by him. He
said this morning he saw no reason
why he should go.
Having: bought the Badg-er, Van
Ness & Co. store, we are closing: it
out in our room. We bought this
stock at good reduction and as we
want it to interfere as little as
possible with our stock we will for
the next 30 days have some excep
tional values in shirts, neckwearr
underwear, hats, caps, bags and the
many articles that went to makeup
this unusually fine stock.
Selected as Chairman of Committee
of Conferee's.
Convention Hall, Kansas City, July
(I (Spl.) Tho conference comniltleo
appointed by the Democrats, populists
and Silver Republicans to discuss tho
vice presidency met ill the parlors of
the Kansas City club. The session to
day, was a sevrel one. Senator Till
man of South Carolina, who favors
the nomination of Towne was made
chairman of the conference. Tim com
inrtlecmaii representing the Populists
apd Silver Republicans did most of Hit
talking the Democrats being attentive
listeners. The selection of Tillman
as chairman of the convention con
ferenco was regarded iiH favorable
to Towne. Tir conference was still
in session at J0;15 o'clock with no
prospect uf mi agreement, for some
time. The result. Is was -said would
not bo made public, uulil the Demo
crat le conferees report to their convention.
Either Stovenspn Pr Towne
Sillier Not In It.
Coinontiou Hall, Kaunas City, Mo.,
Kft" t""'1"1""1""11''"
I have today had
the Central Union
telephone removed
from my store
and residence,
thein with
No. 95 and No. 97
of the
New Company.
Learn to use
the new, phones.
Willis D. Oldham of Lincoln .Names
Col. Bryan.
The speech delivered by "Willis D.
Oldham, of Lincoln, in placing William
.1. Rrvan in nomination for President,
was received with a gicat display of
enthusiasm. It is printed In full below:
Mr. Chairman: More than a hundred
years ago the Continental Congress of
America adopted a declaration which
had been drafted by the founder of the
Democratic party, and the joyous tones
of the old liberty bell which greeted
the act announced to a waiting world
that a nation had been born.
With hearts unchllled by the seir-
llsh sentiments of cold commercialism,
you have respouded patriotically to
(ach sentiment contained in Democ
racy's first platform as It was read to
a on at the opening of this convention,
and In view of Hie radical departure
which the party In power has made
from the principles set forth In that
historic document, It is meet that we
true believers In the republic of old-
should, when choosing a Held and form-
lug our lines for the bloodless name
of ballots now impending, say In the
language of one of the loved patriots
of long ngor
"Read this declaration at the head of
tho army and -every sword shall be
drawn from Us scabbard, and a sol
emn vow taken to maintain II or to
perish on the bed of honor."
Much of history for this republic
shall be either made or marred by tho
action of tills convention. You, as
leprosentaUves o.f the only party which
is coexistent Willi the nation Itself; the
(Continued on page live.)
headless .body of a woman, identified
as that of Miss Haney, was found near
New Vienna today. The woman was
last seen alive last night and her death
is shrouded in mystery.
Catrow Will Win.
Dayton, O., July C (Spl.) Returns
received up lo -0 p.m. tonight indicate
the election of Capt. II. ti. Catrow, of
MianiNuurg, over T. J. Kirkpulrick, of
Springfield, as major of the Third reg
iment, O. N. ti. A bitter tight was
waged. The regiment consists of nine
companies located In central and south
ern Ohio towns.
Mr. Hugo Schumacher Secures
In the South.
Mr. Hugo Schumacher. will eou co
to Ilarrlman, Tenii., where ho has
been elected general manager of the
Harrliiian Land Company. Mr. Ferdi
nand Schumacher is the founder of ihe
Tennessee town and owns large inter
ests lu the land syndicate. Mr. Schu
macher's family will not go south until
For Suffierers.'
At a special meeting helil In the
North Springfield church, presorted over
by P. W. Myers, of Mogttdore, Sf0.S5
was ral&e'd for the famine strlckeu
sufferers of India. There were -50
people In attendance.
B. S
220 South Main.
i nnmmiwf'i''n'
Body Found.
Ml. Vei non, O., July .- (Spl.)-Tho
bodv of a mini supposed to be C. H.
Harrington of No. Klill Adams st.,
Chicago, was found along the R. &
I), iracks north of here today. There
was nothing to Indicate foul play. It
Is thought the man eltlior fell from a
passenger train or died from siiiislioko.
Two Sudden Deaths.
Ashlaluila, 0 July fi.-(Sil.)-Jolin
Reynolds, a P., 0. tc A. section man,
dropped dead as he started homo from
work Thursday evening fiom heart
disease, John S.rauUa, ji Slav ore
shoveleiylled Thursday al'ler.uuoti from
Headless Bodies.
Wilmington, O., July (!. (Bpl.)
Successful Experiment With Food.
A gentleman in Oak Park, Oal.,
Henry Poekman, took up the question
of food, to see If ho eonld recover from
an old case of dyspepsia, from which
mix vomica, pepsin, and other reme
dies gave him no relief.
He started lu with (irapo-Nuts break,
fast food, and his dyspepsia quickly
disappeared. Ho also left off the use
of coffee and took Postum Food Coffeo
lu its place. Ho writes that ho has
been put rlslil, perfectly well, and go
ing to remain so by continuing tho uso
of the (irape-Nuts food ami Pohtutni t
Coffee. i1
It Is worth any one's trial, who do. 1
sires to be well, to rhango the illef, j
and particularly to leave off qoffe.
Grape-Nuts food contains elements. r
that rebuild tho grey matter lu tho
nerve ceuteis and brain und Rive, ono
a feeling of reserve strength and vigr
or. Tills food Is perfectly cooked at
tho factory, can be served Instantly, j
and Is on bale at all Ural-class gio j
tol'iVtotWit;,lfauAA'l S&Mfi$i .
. .)' 1..
ij J?A$4 J ,1-

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