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'7'"" jiM- 'TSfh'r ny?r ' vjt, t; rv
RAIN 'Tomorrow.
Spectacles and Eye Glasses
A(rcr low price rt nnd
now wn wrnn niyou.
In Western States;
be Forwarded
V "ifiii'.-i",Uptfr" ' - Jirr.iiTTvTr ,j. , piyj r , ; ,TEfT f",
National Headquarters
Go to Chicago.
Little Effort to Carry
Eastern States.
Bryan Receives Congratula
tions of His Friends.
Delegates Have All 'DeserlciT Kansas
City Convention Aftermath.
Kansas Olty, Mo., July 7.-(Spl.)
'National Committeeman Johnson,
who will be nt the heart of tin Esecu
tlvo committee, wild today that tho
headquarters would lie In the Unity
building. Chicago, and that tho chief
campaign vork would bo lu the West
en; States. No branch headquarters
will bo opened In New York or nuy
other Eastern 01110!? and no effort will
he made to carry any of Ihu Stales
East of Ohio.
Tho conference committee from tho
Silver Republicans, the Democrats and
tho Populists, In session until early
this morning agreed on a plan of cam
paign whereby their respect ho polit
ical work Is lo bo run in harmony.
An advisory committee of three
members, from each of the three par
ties was iipjibinicilHuil this committee,
Wherever possible, will work to effect
fusion on State and Congressional
ticket). r, , . . '. -
It Is;, reported Mint" Chairman .Tones,
liiuls I o. appoint an advisory com
mittee of which ox-Governor Altgold
of l(llnols, is to bo made u member.
Coventor Altgeld il is said is lo be
urged lo taKo an aetho part in the
It was :iIm said Chairman Jones in
tends to appoint Senator Teller, of Col
orado, and Charles A. Towne, of Min
nesota, on the advisory committee.
When Notied of His Nomination
Stevenson Talks.
Minneapolis, Minn., July 7. (Spl.)
When notified of his nomination for
Vltv I'lcsldcnt, Adhti E. Stovcuson
Working In a Good Cause.
"In the institution whpio 1 am cm
ployed mi nurse (Tlio Ilc'iini! for Aged
Women we Ilml man- ladles suffering
from gastric trouble caused by coffee.
My own pesonal experience, is that
since a child I hitwt bten a moderate
drinker of coll en but most of the lat
ter yearn have suffered from acidity
of tho htomaeh, sluggish liver ami nor
vousness. I linally gave up coffee entirely,
about three years ago, using hoi w.iter
In lis place. Of course, after removing
the c.iu.se, tho symptoms disappeared,
bid 1 seemed to peed a bovomgo mote
strengthening than hot water, as my
occupation of nurse required consid
ernble excrljon. 1 began to look about
for a suitable breakfast buvorngo and
undertook the preparation of one by
browning souii; wheat berries and us
ing that as coffee, but the result was
far from satisfactory. Finally I
canto across Postum Food Coffee, on
a visit tit my home in Rosalie, N. J.,
and foiiud It exactly fitted tho case.
"1 imvo been using It regularly and
introduced It to our Institution. When
It was llrst served, it was not satisfac
tory, but 1 looked Into the matter and
Insisted upon having It boiled fully
fifteen minutes after tho actual boll,
lng had started, K't oouutlng the time
that It was on the stove before boiling
began. The next time It appeared you
would not thltik It was the same arti
cle, It was so much Improved. Several
of the patients decided to use It to the
exclusion of coffee and I found that
Its life reduced the number of cases
of iudlgostlon. The result has beou
very gratifying, and for two years
now, Postum Food Coffee has heen in
dally uso nt the Home.
"Mrs. Matilda Senver and Miss Anna
Merrill nto desirous that their nnines
be used to help forward tlio good
cause. My mother has becu jjreatly
helped by the discontinuance of cof
fee, She was formerly subject to
cramps but they have entirely dlbiip.
peared since she has abandoned coffee
nnd taken up Postum Food Coffee.
Respectfully." MIps E. Stryker, Kite
nlieth N .'
was at Lake Mliiuetonka with the
family of Ids soii-u-hiw. He said:
"This comes as di great surprise to
me. 1 was not a candidate at any
time, and never expected to be. nomi
nated. Hut, of course, Ishall accept
tlio call of my party.
"Indorse tlio platform? J Of course
I shall. How else could I accept? 1
baliovu ihu Democrats generally will
support the ticket. I had epeced to
do some, campaigning any way, but
now I bhttjl do it greal ileal more?'
Kansas City Has Resumed It Crush
at Depots.
Kansas City, Mo July 7. (Spl.)
Tho delegates to the great National
Democratic convcnton have practical
ly all left I ho city.' Thero werp few
who cared to remain after the adjourn
ment had taken place. The city has
again resumed Its-nprmitl every day
life. Tim convention was n gold initio
for the hotels nnd merchants whoso
bank acottnts have beou swelled to gi
gantic proportions as n result of tho
visit of so many slrnnjjers.
Tho Jam and' crush that has existed
during tho last Ihreo days In the great
convention hall was transferred to
the Union depot, where, tlio delegates
gathered in -great Qniuds-wnillug for
their trains. Before tho convention
ban actually adjourned .many of tlio
delegates had left tlio hall and were
making a rush for thelivrallroad tick
et offices and to their' hotels for their
Tlio he.it during tie last three days
haft been quite oppressive, and there
was no time lost by' ihu member who
thought they had u. better cJlinnto at
home, In making preparations toleave.
ny nlghtf.tll nearly two-thirds of tlio
crowd had left tho, "city, 'and by noou
today Kansas City wa's deserted.
Ohio Cast Hcr's Solid For Judge
Patrick '
Kansas City, MoV, July 7.-(Spl.)--The
voles cast for Vice- President by
tho different States wits hr fojlows:
For Stevenson Alabama, !i; Arkan
sas, It; California, 15 Colorado, 8;
Connecticut, 0; Delaware, 4 Fjorlrta,
4; lleorgla, 2tj Idaho,. ; Illinois, JS;
Iowa, 2tf; Iudfana, i; Kuusas, J); Ken
tucky, 2(1; Louisiana, ;S-; Molne, It);
Maryland, ; Massachusetts, U; Mich
igan, S3; Minnesota, h; Mississippi,
18; Missouri, 20; Mpntnnn, 2; Nebraska,
0; Nevada, ; Now Hampshire, 8;
Now Jersey, ; Now York, ; North
Carolina, ; North Dakota, ; Ohio,
; Oregon, 5; Pennsylvania, 01; Itbodu
Islaud, 8; South Cqrolltia, 18; South
Dakota, 2; Tennessee, -; Toxjih, uj
Utah, (I; Vermont, 8; Virginia, 21;
Washington, -; Wit Virginia, J2;
Wisconsin, 2); Wyoiiiln?,' ; Ahiska, (I;
Arizona, 5; Indian Territory, tij Now
Moxlco, &; Oklahoma, 3Vii District of
Columbia, (1; Hawalf; -." Total 'o50',6.
for Tun-in. Uktipsiis, ri; California,
:i; Coiineellcitt, S; ldi(ho, 2; Indiana,
2; .Maine, 2; .Massachusetts, il; Mich
igan, 0; Minnesota, i8; Missouri, ti;
Nebraska, 10; Nevada, 2; Oregon, 1;
South Dakota. (1: Washington. 8: Wis
consin, Jl; Arizona, 1; Oklahoma, 2'.
Total, 8il&
For Patrick", Ohio, 1(1. Total 11!.
For Cn rr Molilalia, 1; North Caro
lina, 22. Total, 211.
For Smllli-Marylanil, 10. Total, 1G.
For Hogg Missouri, 1.-
For Dauriu-lh-lMlssouri, l".
For Hill Alabama. 3i); Delaware. 2;
Florida, 1; Idaho, II;' Louisiana, 10;
Massachusetts, III; Mibsotiri, li; Mon
tana, !S; Nevada, ; New Jersey, 20;
New York, '72; North Dakota, 0; Ore
gon, 2; Tennessee, 21; Hawaii, 0.
Tolnl, 200.
Many Call to Offer Congratulations
Message to Stevenson.
Lincoln, Neb., July 7.-(Sp1.) Mr.
Hryuii had a number of callers today,
all coming to extend congratulations
and express gratification over his nom
ination. Tlieio was inorp interest lo-,
cully In the outcome of tlio struggle for
second plaou than lu Mr. Bryan's nom
ination. When the bulletin citmo an
nouncing tlie selection of Hoi). Adlnl
E. Stevenson, Mr. Bryan expressed his
pleasure, and uoou after dictated the
"Mr. Stevenson Is an excellent man
for the place. lie supported the ticket
in ISOO and can defend the platform of
100O. Towne would have strengthened
tho ticket In the stales where there Is'
fusion bulwoen tho Democrats, Popu
lists, and Sliver Republicans, but tin;
support given Mr. Stevenson shows the
convention thought Mr. Stmenson tlio
more available mini. The cliulco tins
fallen upon 0110 who Is in every re
spect worthy of the position."
Mr.- Bryan then sent the following
"Lincoln, Neb., July (I, 11)00.
,"lIou. Adlal Slovoiuon, rtlooinlngtoii,
"Accept congratulations upon your
nomlnatloti. It was 11 deservei recog
nition of party service. W. J. Bryan."
All through the day telegrams of
.congratulation poured lu on the Pies
identlal candidate, among tliein being
'messages from O. H. P. Belmont, W.
It, Hnerst, Norman K. Mack, of Buffa
lo, N. Y. Amoug Mr. Bryan's callers
were H. B. Paul ami J. S. Spilth, of
Now Jersey, who camo in from Kansas
City. They told Mr. Bryan thn Demo
crats were hopeful of carrying th(
statu for him, and tliey believed Now
York without doubt, would be Demo
Re-Elected Chairman of Democratic
National Committee.
Kansas City, Mo., July 7. -(Spl.)-
The national committee met almost, Iny
mediately after the adjounimmit of
the Democratic convention.
Thomas Taggart, of Indiana, who
has been mentioned as a possible chair
man, noinlunlod Senator Jones for re
election, and ho received the unani
mous vote. The Senator was sent for
and In accepting the chairmanship,
said that the committee entered the
campaign In fundi better shape than
four years ago. Then the members
were all uew and untried in party af
fairs, whleji hjijjJ.wiWtf-tho.'haiii of-
men wliu woro'ovoi'tluowit in tho great
Ihuck dominating (lie 1MMI volition.
Now they had a complete organization
and were ready lo go ahead and make
the best fight possible He compliment
ed tic action of tlio coi'neiition both as
to platfoim and the candidates
The matter of selecting tlio execu
tive committee was left to Chairman
Jones, who will iuiiko the appoint
ments after ho has time for considera
tion. It is understood that many mem
bers, qf the. Inst 'committee will lie
chosen. A committee composed of
Messrs. Tillman, Johnson, Osborne,
nnd Wilson was appointed to confer
wth repi'eM'iitatlves of the Populist
and Silver Republican parlies as to the
best plan of campaign.
A delegation from Columbus, O., pre
sented tho claims of that city for the
headquarters of the campaign. The
matter was leferred to the executive,
committee, but Senator Jones told the
delegation that tho city which present
ed ihe best IncllHIcs for carrying on
the campaign would bo selected wheth
er the committee liked tho city or not.
Tie uatioual committee met Friday
evening and adjourned to give tho sub
committees from the three parties time
lo confer. These subcommittees then
entered upon a general discussion of
I lie slluatlou which tho three coiimmi
tlons had created. Tim Populists and
Silver Republicans want lepreseuliillou
on (he. c.iecullvn couimitlee which Is
to lmu the mauagen'ieut of the cam
National Committee Elected C. D.
Tillotson Chairman.
Kansas Cily, Mo., July 7. (Spl.)
The National committee of tho Silver
Republicans organized, by electlug D.
C, Tillotson, of Kansas, chairman, and
leiieral E. S. Corser, of Minnesota,
secretary and treasurer. The (-election
of an oxeuutho commit (00 was defer
red, Senator Dubois offered a resolution
asking tho support of tho Silver Ru
publicans to Adlnl H. Slovenson, hut
there was opposition and action was
postpoip-d until after n conference with
tiu committee appointed by tho Demo
cratic couveiillou.
Tlio National coinmlttoo of the Silver
Republicans decided late last night to
nildorsu Kleu'iisou. The Populist com
mltjefi Isll lu session.
Tho only Akron pnpur that wears no
collar ln'tho Democrat; H's worth read-
Sister In Akron.
Guest of Her Daughter,
RIrs. H. V Snyder.
Says His Nomination
Was Unsolicited.
Was Urged to Accept Nomina
tion For Governor.
His Political Career Has Been Very
Mrs. E. S. McCiiigliey, of Chicago, is
visiting her daughter, Mrs. Harry L.
Snyder, of 111 .qucdiict st.
Mrs. McCnugioy Is the only siMcr of
Hon. Adlal E. tjtoventipn, who was
uomiu.'ileij by (he Democratic parly
for Vice President of the United Slates
nt Kansas Oily, Friday. Mrs. lli
Ciiligliey was seen by a reporter lor
Dm Democrat, Saturday. She Is a tall,
stalely woman Wli silver hair and
bears a noinbliinco to her distinguish
ed brother. To tlio reporter Mrs. Me-,
Caitgliey talked pleasantly of her
brother's domestic life, touching but
lightly upon iis successful career.
"My brother islted me in Chicago
about three weeks, nKO," said Mrs.
McCaughpy. ''At that. 1lmo he spoku
about livlpg the remainder of Ids life
In retirement mid l ildnk tho nomina
tion was a Mtrni'ihu to 'lilin. Ho cor
tiiinly entertained no such Idea befon
tlio convention, nnil tlio honor eamo to
him unsolicited. Since his term as
Vice President (upll'ert ,om" ypnl'H "K
lie has Jlyed quietly In Blooinliigtou,
Ills., and has no taken ap uolh'o inter
est in politics. He has retired from (lie
practice of law, ll Isgul sen Ices Inn
ing been ictained b'y mi Eastern com
pany. President McKluloy appointed
hint 11 iniMilber of ho Monetary Com
mission, mid after his dt(les were
finished, his fapilly Jollied hlm In
Europe and tlmy fin wiled m tho conti
nent." Tho foljinvlug brief biography was
given by the ss(or of lli ex-Presldeni;
Mr. Stevenson, was born in Christian
county, Ky., 01 years ago, Al tho age
of 10, accouipaijlcd by ids parents he
came to Blooilllllgloti, Ills, lie at
tended Centre college, Danville, K,,
while liji're Jifi ipet Mjss Letltla
Oreene, dnuHhtor,of pr, (ireene, pre,
ident of Uie college', nnd she afterward
became his wife. They have two
daughters, .Mrs. Hardin, wife of Rev.
Martin Hardin, of Minneapolis, and
.Miss Let II In Stcven-un. An ony son,
Mr. Louis Stevenson, formerly his fath
er's prhato secretary, is In New Mex
ico. Mr. Stevenson was elected ,io Con
gtess from a stnpigly Republican dis
trict, lie served witli President Me
Klnley In the House and iliey are
warm friends. He is a member of tho
Presbyterian church. He Is a Mason
anil nKo boloiigS to Hie Pill Delia
Theln college fraternity.' "" "
Tlio Democrats of Illinois recently
urged Mr. Stevenson to accept titc gub
ernatorial nomination in that State,
but he lefused.
Tlio First M. E. church will renew
their Summer Vesper services Sun
day evening at 7:.'SU o'clock. A special
musical piogrnni will be presented.
L. C. Van Ness, of the late firm of
Hadgcr, Van Ness & Company, has
accepted 11 position in tho store of I.
S. Myers A; Company. He will be In
charge of the hat department.
Operators at the city iigual station,
will wear the lcgul.itioii head dress
of tlio police olhccrs.
The Board of City Commissioners on
Saturday morning accepted plans sub
mitted by the Mechanical Engineer,
piuvidiug for tlie placing pf Cty wires
tu conduits of tlio Central Uuun Tele
phone company.
m m
John Keeley of Cleveland, deputy
Culled Slntes Marshall, is in the ct.
w a v
The employes of Webster, Camp .t
Lane are picnicking, nt Randolph park
Shu 1 Sale, Hadgcr Van Ness & Co.,
!?1 r( Emery Shirt Sl.OO. Blauk Rear
Hat Stoic.
Cures nil STOMACH, KOWlor, mid
BLADDKK disorders, euros ECZE
MA, puriltos the BLOOD, regulates
tho LIVER mid KIDNEYS, obliter
ates CONSTIPATION, anil romoves
nil kinds of WORMS.
Korak Oil
cures nil pa In. Price SOe. Fo
salo by nl druggists.
Wholebule Agents.
To China as Soon as It
Is Possible.
Conference of Officers
and Sec. Hay.
Boxers Will Try to Starve Out
the Legations.
Nothing Encouraging .In Any Reports
Received Today.
Washington, July 7. -(Spl.) Secre
tary Root had uti important conference
wllh Major Ceu. Otis 011 the question '
of sending a large military force to
China and on the general conditions lu
the Philippine.. The question of with
drawing Hoops from tlie Philippines
for sen leu in China was the most Im
portant under discussion. Ceueral Mc
Arthur lias protested to the Secietary
of War iiz.iiust a further reduction nt
tills time of his military force and
complained that the withdrawal of tho
Ninth infantry might affect the freu
acceptance of tho muiicty proclama
tion already Issued. Cenernl Otis .sus
tained Cenernl McArthur in tho po
sition that the tioops should not lie
withdrawn from the Philippines ami
it was decided that General MacAr
thur's force will not be further drawn
upon to supply tioops for service la
China. This conclusion is considered
vitally necessary at this time as the
Filipinos have had under considera
tion for several weeks tlie general am
nesty proclamation nmLnny withdraw-
al would, In the opinion of General
.McArthur and General Otis, be follow
ed by efforts on the part of the insur
gent leaders to reorganize their forces
and open hostilities anew.
Plans for sending additional troop
to China, under tentative orders for
the Philippines are still under consid
eration by the Secretary of AVar. Ad
jutant General Corbin announced thla
morning that the order designating
certain troops for service in the Phil
ippines to go by way of Nagasaki, Ja
pan, would be mode public today, but
nt a late hour yesterday Secretary Root
decided not to approve tlie schedule
submitted by General Coibln until ho
con fen ed with Major General Milca
and General Otis.
Legations Were Standing.
"Washington, July 7. (Spl.)- The folt
lowing bulletin was posted this nioril"
big by the department of state:
"A dispatch has been received this
morning at the state department from
tsnlM eC.Iro op A.cI.D, ytlc. ..Erlda.
Minister Goodnow, cpnsnl general at
Shanghai, saying that the legations
were still standing July ;:. and thnt tho
recent attacks of the Hovers have been
slight. They seem disposed to adopt
starvation methods."
It appears from tho conference hect
last night between Secietary Root and
Major General Otis that the United"
States will not wait for action by tho
other powers before Increasing Jts inl
Itnry force in China It has lieen llm
opinion of cabinet olllceis that tho
United States had sent to China ap
adequate military toree comHsed of
tlie mnilnes, the Ninth Infantry from
Manila and the Sixth cavalry from this
country, but the Ootorciilnatiou to send
additional regiments Is biibed on lu
formation received within tlio past twa
days that tlie revolt is likely to spread
lo southern China and Involve tho eu
tire Chinese umpire. To lie prepared
to meet such a serious situation, it itf
considered necessary to send a much
larger force mid tlio conference last
night was to determine If pirt of tills a
force should go from tlio Philippines on
from tlie United States. ,
It lias noiv been deiei mined to nrdcij
the entile regiment of the l.'lh infant
try to Nagasaki Instead of only twl
battailous as was contemplated fn 'lh
older Issued Thursday,
American Legation, Safe
Tien Tsln. June tii. Noon, Via Che
fit, July 1, ami Shanghai July 8.-ri;.t r
11. m.- (Spl.i Commissioner Drew has
just recehed by special runlie'r ft njenv Jj
. . J&ikte&l, & ,,,n : .
V' ,."t-:"
U- 'l.
-g'!- ' " &
- - v ijfK

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