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Akron daily Democrat. (Akron, Ohio) 1892-1902, November 07, 1900, Image 1

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Elected by an Even Great
-L V, 7&T.
St 1
Than Was His Good Fortune of Four
Years Ago.
Carried All of the Close States, and Will
Very Likely Gain Others---Mr. Bryan
Gained In Popular Vote.
The Silent Vote Was With President 41cl(inley,
Which Tells the Story EntireRepub-
lican County Ticket Elected;'
President McKinley more than hcldhis own in the - election yesterday,
gaining several of the States that werofor Mr. Bryan in 1890.
' B,ofh of the'candldatcs received pop-ular votes in oxcessofthat cast for
them in . 1800.
fea..j ... i . ,a UV ' ,
' '" Mr.fcMcKinleyfcarrledlallheTRrtTOn'remes
Maryland, Indiana, Now York, Kansasand South Dakota, While the Republi-
can committee claims that the elcctor-al votes of Kentucky and even Ne
braska -will bo cast for McKinley.
Never has an Administration received a more general-' endorsement of
the American people, and the result cf the election has fullyJnstlfied the
most extravagant claims that were made by ttie Republican "National com
mittee in behalf of its ticket. ,,
Tho indications aro also that the Republican party "makes 'very sub
etantial gains in the House of Representatives. Congressman Lentz, of
Columbus, was defeated, and tho Democrats lost other members of the
Ohio delegation. At tho time tho Democrat -went to press the result of the
election in the Twentieth Ohio District 'was in doubt.
New York gives its vote to Mr. MoKlnley by a plura(ty of 150,00O
Ohio will be Republican by about the samo plurality which was given to
Mr. McKinley four years ago in tho neighborhood of 50000. Mr. Bryan
gained not one State which had been claimed for Mr. MoKlnley.
Indications at tho tlmo that the Democrat went to press wre that Mr.
5 'i J
McKinley had carried New York, South Dakota, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois,
Wisconsin, Kentucky, Minnesota and New Jersey. jt
Following is a complete summary of the result of the election In the
various States' whorein tho contest was of interest J 1 ,
. TT
V i v
?" Illl, ...I - I I I II "J
CowTrffht, WOO, bjr Prcod, JJ, Y.
May be Defeated In the Twentieth
Medina, O., Nov. G.-(SpI.)-Fourteen
precincts of Medina county give Mc
Kinley 2102, Bryan 1701, Bcidler 1170.
Harrington (Dem.) 1050, Phillips (Ind.
Rep.) 856. The indications are that Mr.
Harrington, the Democratic candidate
for Congress, will bo eleoted, Cuya
hoga county having glvon 1500 plur
ality against Beidlor.
Cleveland, O., Nov. 6. (Spl.) Candl
date Bcidler carried Lake county but
ran 1,300 votes bobind- his ticket in
Cuyahofca County. At the time tho
Democrat's extra went to press his
election was still in doubt, depending
upon tho action of the Medina county
voters, from whom returns were tardj
in arriving.
Cleveland, O., Nov. 6. (Snl.) At 4
"T--7l-r,S-J' , ,, -'
a.m; uuynnoga county was sail in
doubt, although the Republican com
mlttee claimed it for Mr. McKinley by
2,000. They claimed tho city of Cleve
land by COO. The Democratic commit-
tee claims tho county is still doubt
The election of Judge U. L. Marvin,
of Akron, 'to. succed .himself as Circuit
Judge-is nssured. . His plurality lr
Summit, Lorain and Medina counties
will give him a substantial plurality
in tho district.
Lentz Defeated.
Columbus, O., Nov. 6. (Spl.) Con
gressman Lentz was defeated for re.
election to Congress by a small plur
ality. Oregon For McKinley.
Portland, Ore., Nov, 0. (Spl.) In
Oregon J34 precincts out of 752 gave
McKinley 10,172, Bryan 0,150. This
ratio will hold throughout the State.
Greater New York.
New York, Nov. C.-(Spl.)-Presl.
dential returns received from all but
122 of the total of election dlhtrlcts In
Greater New York give McKinley
230,209, Bryau 283,030.
New Hampshire by 15,000.
Concoid, N. H., Nov. fl. (Spl,) Sec
retary Thos. H. Madlgan, Jr., of tho
Democratic State committee, concedes
that tho Republicans have carried the
State by a plurality of lK-,000.
Frankfort, Ky., Isov. C.-(Spl.) Thf.
best estimate on ICeu(u.j ...uientoa
tho certain election of the plght Dem
ociatic Congressmen out of 11. Bri
an's plurality is likely to reach 15,000.
Lincoln, Neb., Nov. 0. (Spl.) Spoclal
fusion managers assert that Bryau
will have at least 8,000 majority.
Bryan's precinct went for McKlnloy
208, Bryan 105.
Massachusetts Slumped.
Boston, Mass., Nov. 0. (Spl.) An
usual In Presidential years, Masaurbu,
setts went Republican today by a sup.
stantlal but considerably ri duced ma
Jorlty, giving to PresldentF'McKinley
15 votes In tho electoral c llego while
W; Murray Crane was re-elected Gov
ernor, ij
New Haven, Conn., Now C (Spl.)
10:55 p. in. With only thcTlarger cities
and, less than a dozen towns in Con
necticut missing, the retains at 11 o'
clock Indicate the election of McKtn
ley Electors by a pluralfty of 12,000
votes, and the return offall four Re
publican Congiessmen.
' Baltimore, Md., Nov. 0MSpl.)-Mur
ray Van Do Vcre, Chairman of the
Democratic state committee concedes
Maryland to McKinley.
Tho Baltimore-American claims
Maryland for McKinley Toy 25,000 ma
Jorlty, and a full Republican Con-
gressional delegation.
Quay Wfns.Out.
Phlladelplha, Pa., Nov.lC.-(Spl.)-A
bitter contest between-the Quay and
aht-Quay forces in thfl fifth Senator
ial district, made up of sis! wards in
tbis city, resulted In a victory for Wm.
. i ? , .
1. .Berklebach, the .Quay candidate
-telt.SXWw''' aSVk
ij imiuui ou,njw-'auujuijij,j'iuay 4U1S
(voi; out throughout tho entire stdte.
' Arkansas.
..Little Ro3k Ark.,oNoy.f C (Spl.)
There was 'a "light vote.. The vote is
coming in ' slowly. The Democrats
claim the entire Congressional delega
tion is elected.
, Indiana.
Indianapolis, Ind., Nov. G. (Spl.)
10 o'clock tonight returns aro coming
very slowly. Meagre reports received
Indicate Republican majority. A very
heavy ballot was cast.
Topeko, Kas., Nov. B. (Spl.) There
Is'nbsblutoly nothing on which to base
nu estimate of Kansas. Only two
Small precincts have been completed.
These show very Httlo change.
Wilmington, Del., Nov. 6.-(Spl.)-Twenty
districts out of 05 in the city
Of Wilmington, give McKinley 2.004,
Bryan l,P.r5. Tho morning Nowe, In
aq extra, announces the election of tho
whole Republican ticket in the State.
West Virginia.
Parkoisburg, W. Va., Nov, O.-fSpl.)-Ihe
Republican State committee nays
tWo entire Republican ticket elected
by u clean swep.
South Dakota.
'Tanktown, S. Dakota, Nov. 6. (Spl.)
Returns this far bIiow a heavy Re
publican gain over four, years ago.
Now Yolk, Nov. 0. (Spl.) Tho Jour
nal's Pierre South Dakota special
says thot estimates on returns, so far
received, would Indicate Republican
majority of ten thousand In State.
Milwaukee, Wis., Nov. C (Spl.)
Gop. Bryant, chairman of the Repub.
ijcan State Central committee claims
McKfniey will carry the State by
about 115,000.
' Chicago, Ills., Nov. .-(Spl.)-ChaIr-
Ou? Piesldent for
Washington, Nov. 6 (Sjil.) Seven precincts In Washington give Mc
Klnloy 713, Bryan 317.' Indications at 4 o'clock were"1hat Mckinley has
carried the following States: Connecticut? Delaware, Illinois Indiana, Iowa,
Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire,
New Jersey, New York. Ohio, South
Vermont, West- Virginia, Wisconsin,
Four years ago M,r. McKlnley's electoral vote -n as 271.
fman Bow.cvbf-itbet.State Republican
l - -jw . ,-.
committee claims 80,000' Republican
plurality outside, of Cook county, and
25,000 majority In Cook county.
North Dakota.
Fargo, N. Dak., Nov. G.-(Spl.)
Thirty-two precinctsi in the State give
McKinley 2,08", Bryan 1,377. The
came In 1800 gave MoKinloy 2,433,
Bryan 1,737. Chairman of tho Demo,
cratlc Stato committee concedes elec
tlon of MoKlnley. Ho carries the Stato
by Co.000 majority.. ' i
Nebraska In Doubt.
Lincoln, Nob. Nov. 0, (Spl.) Re
turns Indicate that Nebraska has gone
Republican unless the western end of
the state comes to' the rescue with a
heavy vote, , .
Rhode Island.
Providence, R. I., 'Nov. 0. (Spl.)
McKinley has carled Rhodo Island by
about 17,000 plurality.
Lexington, Ky., Nov. fl. (Spl.) Nlne-ty-slx
precincts give MoKlnley 1,101,
Bryan S80, a Ropubllcaii galu of 400.
Canton Republican.
At midnight tho Democrat received
a dispatch from Canton announcing
that tho entire Republican ticket had
been elected by pluralities exceeding
1,500. President McKfniey carried
Canton by 700, Stark county by 2,000.
Congressman Taj lor was, re-elected by
a large plurality.
Gain Republican Co .cssmen.
Washington! NOT. C-(Spl.) Senator
Quay states that thero will l)o a gain
of 0 Republican Congrc?smen-In Penn
sylvania. .. - j
Even Broak In Now Jersey.
Trenton, N. J Nov. C (Spl.) At
midnight full returns bear out tho
statement that Ne,w Jersey will give
McKinley and Rooseyolt 50,000 plur
allty. The Dtmocrats haro succeeded
in carrying seveq out of 21 counties,
including Hudson, Hunter, Essex and
Warren, Th,ey Ijavq made a not Iofs
of 3 membrrs In-tbp Upper house of the
four years More.
Dakota, Pennsjlvanla, Rhode Island,
witn a total of 247 electoral votes.
legislature. The new Senate will
stand 10 Republicans to 4 Democrats.
and tho house will contain 44 Republi
cans and 15 Democrats, 6a.me as be
Wires Congratulations to President
McKinley Early.
Executive Mansion, Canton, O., Nov.
0. (Spl.) The President's Orst con
gratulatlohs from headquarters came
from Ma nicy at New York, as follows:
"Praise God from whom all blessings
flow." Your triumphant re-election is
conceded by Democratic managers.. I
tender my earnest congratulations.
We are very happy at headquarters."
Canton, O., Nov. C (Spl.) The Pres
ident ii'b&httii&fo receive c"fin&tu.
latlons on his re-election.
Claimed by the Republican Executive
Committee Had Been Realized.
Chicago, ?fov. 0.-(Spl.)-At 11:15 to-
(Contlnued on second page.)
lfc, i If
tWmwwmWW lv St
Who Will Insist Upon Having tho LI on's Share of Credit for th Victory,
Made Rome Howl
Celebrating Their Creat
Was a Great,
And Mr. Bryan's Friends Wero
Quick to Tumble.
Daily Democrat Bulletins Were Most
Thousands of eager, anxious voteis,
among whom weie many ladles, weio
on the streets eaily in the evening to
leccive the returns.
A number of places had been adver
tised where election news would bo
received and the majority of tho peo
pie sought those places.
Probably the largest number of peo
ple between 0 and 11 o'clock wore as
sembled In front of the Democrat of
fice, where the election returns weiot
thrown on a large canvas by magio
Tully 10,000 people were assembled
here at 10 o'clock and the air was rent
with cheers by both sides when they
read returns favorable to their re
spective candidates.
The Beacon Journal also" gave'-'thor
returns'by aid of stereopricon views.
The Central Union Telephono com
pany gave returns on a large canvas
in front of its block. Hundreds oC
people received them at this place.
When the returns.began to come Inj
and showed that McKinley was mak-
Ing gains, tho Republican ExecutUo
committee hired AsseriJbly hall, and
in a. short time that place was niled
with Jubilant, shouting Republicans.
Attorney A. J. Rowley read the re
turns, while a great many leading Re
publican politicians of Alu'oti weib
seated on the platform.
At 12:30 whoa the returns beonlfed to1
show that McKinley wa le-electud, '
tho enthusiasm of ttie" Republicans
kpow'no bounds They shouted them
selves hoarse, they threw their bats
and canes In the air, while niauy small
boys' in 'hall, with tin horns, made a
gieat din. Afterwaid a bond was
hired to celebrate tho victory.
On the streets ciowds of MoKlnley
tooteis were much in evllteilee, imd
ieeinl young fellows, moie cuthusias-
ir. .A-
J .t
-!L.jaUaSj jJau&niiA
h i! 4 , &k& Taite-fi'

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