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fclc than tho rest,- sot drums and parod
fcd tho streets, .
Tho returns were received by tbo
,. County Board bf Electlouss In Andreas
&Whlttemdre's office In ft very quiet
manner, fo& at ho tlnio during tho
evening .were tho rooms crowded with
jmen. eager to, learn U10 news.
At 10:07; tho first returns wcro
brought In from a country precinct
tho East of Portage.
Shoitly after 11 Sheriff Kelly called
and several congratulated him ou his
rc-clectlonr Sir. Kelly expicsscd hlra
self ns highly satisfied with the re
turns up 'to 11 o'clock and was con.
fldent that ho would bo elected.
It required but a very few minutes
for the rain to let tho bottom out of
most of tho Interest taken In tbo re
turns which were thrown on various
sheets of canvass at different down
town points. Those who could find
ebeltcr within a reasonable distance,
.remained In tho Vicinity of the signs
nnd an occasional yell or hoarse howl
from throat or llslhorn would an
nounce that the enthusiasts were not
yet all off tho streets.
Reviews tho Result of the Election
Not Unexpected.
Mr. S. O. Itogers, chairman of tho
Summit County Democratic Esecutlvo
Committee, wild last night, after con
ceding tho county to tho Republicans:
"The result In Summit county and tho
nation, wbllo a surprise to the commit
tee, will bo accepted wjth common
placunce. The oommmltteo was pre
pared for surprises and so iudlcated
to tlio voters before election. Tho
lamlblldo did not happen to bo on our
side. Tho result shows that tho people
nro satisfied with tho existing commer
cial conditions and d!d not dcslro n
change. By re-electing McKInley they
have rovcrscd nil precedents that have
obtained slnco the time of Grant, when
tho people havo refused to glvo a Pres
ident a second term. Tho silent vote,
which counted for so much this year,
was, wjth tho Itepubllcau paity, and
tbo responsibility is uow upon that
partj tp niako good Its promises. Tho
administration will havo tho right to
rogard tho result us a nattering en
dorsement of its policies, domestic,
nnd foreign, and the peoplo must bo
satisfied with tho icsult. Mr. Bryan
find'hla friends made n gallant fight,
but tho odds, as tho election shows,
wore against them."
Ton Much I.iitMitde.
With a bright smile tho beautiful
Eskimo girl left us to Join the merry
throng hi tho ballroom. ,
"Yolir daughter Is a gay butterfly!"
I exclaimed, desltlng to bo very com
plimentary. "For my part, I don't think much
of this social lift'," leplled tho mother.
With sudden vehemence. "Tho Idea of
dancing mory night till away along
lu Match and then lying In bed next
day mull Aug, 1 or such a matter!"
It Was ou my tonguo to wiy that
JhoBp rouug people had too much lati
tude, but 1 cheeked myself. Detroit
Turned Into Trade.
A retired eheeHeuiougei', who hated
an allusion to the business that hud
enriched him. said to Charles l.amb lu
the course of a dlHeusstuu on tho poor
laws, "You 'must hear In ralud. sir.
that I have got lid of that sort of
stuff whlqli ou poets call 'the milk of
htimau kindness,' "
Lumb lool.nl at him steaijlly nod
gavo his aeqlilesreueo In these pit li v
words: "Yes. I am awaie or that. You
turned It all Into cheese severul years
Uolp wanted or houso for rent? Try
the Democrat's want columns.
Largest ICxoluslvo
Goods Btoro in Akron.
See Us For
Etc., Etc.
&mI m Lare Assortments
r- MT I Reliable Goods
'Mbym Lowest Prices W
$r;Ht I 165'm B- Hwnrd ft. B
il H' - H Arctdo Block.
Elect Their Entire Sum
mit County Ticket
air. McKinley's Plurality Will Exceed 1,500-
. Total Vote Nearly 19,000 Suprised
the People.
Tho entire Republican county ticket
has been elected oy pluralities ranging
from 1,000 to 1,500. Sixteen precincts
were missing In tho entlro county at
the time the Democrat wcut to press,
four in tho city and 12 In tho county,
but It was estimated that Mr. McKin
ley 's plurality In tho whole county
would rcncli nearly 2,000. Mr. Mc
KInley carried the city by about 800.
Mr. Borger for Treasurer had tho
largest plurality of ,nuy candidate In
the city.
The, Democrat has mado no effort to
(Continued fiom first Psc.
night Henry Payne, VIco Chairman Re
publican National committee, said:
"McKInley has surely carried every
stato claimed by mo with tho posslblo
exception of Kentucky, and tho returns
Indlcato that wo havo beaten Bryan In
Chairman Jones of the National
Democratic Committee, at 10.05, bald:
"Fiour tho returns now coming in,
New York Is still anybody's."
Mr. Bryan's Statement.
Lincoln, Neb,, Nov. 0.-(Spl.)-At 12
o'clock Mr. Bryan told' tho newspaper
correbpondents that lc. Avoultl havo no
statement to make beforo tomorrow.
Washington Confidont.
Wnshlngotn. Nov. C.-(Spl.)-Ropub-llcaus
havo tho presidency and Con
gress beyond a doubt. At midnight
nothing Imd been received to change
tho cpufidonco In n eoraploto Ropubll
cati victory. Secretary Gagd at 10:3
sent a tolegram congratulating McKIn
ley. Omaha, Nov. 0.-(8pl.)-Tho Omaha
World, Dmocratlo, predicts that
Dnnphy, tho fusion candidate for Gov
ernor, will have a small majority,
probably about 3,000. Tho s.toto Is
eioso as botweou McKInley and Brynn.
Dick's Claims.
Chairman Dick of tho Republican
stAto committee,, says roturns up to 11
p. m. Justify tho claim that Ohio has
given McKInley a plutallty of from
75,0000 to 80,000 and tho olection of
17 and pobslbly 18 out of 21 Congiess--men,
bolng a gain of two and probab
ly tin co members,
Later From Illinois.
Chicago, 111 , Nov. 7. (Spl,) Sovcn
hundred nud twenty precincts lu Illi
nois, outside, of Cook county, gavo Mc
KInley 101,1127; Brynn, 108,700. Same
utl T'-"l'M.rffiin'lvfm
The Leader of a Worthy Cause,
obtain complete 'precinct reports of
the county elections owing to tho tar
diness of tho reports of the many pre
cincts. It Is estimated that tho total
vote polled In Summit county will bo
nearly 10,000. Tho Democrat will
publish a detailed report in a. later
edition. Early last evening Chairman
Rogers conceded Summit county to tho
Republicans by 800.
No New Court House.
The proposition to build a now Court
IIouso und Jail has been defeated.
in '00, gavo McKInley 148,701; Bryan
Co'orado Democratic.
Denver, Col., Nov. 7. (Spl.) Seven
bundled and twenty precincts outside
of Denver gave Bryan 15,207; McKIn
ley 12,500.
Close In Cleveland.
Cleveland, O., Nov. C (Spl.)-
hundred nnd seventy precincts give
McKInley 33,007; Bryan, 33,100. The
samo Jn 1800 gavo McKJnley 02,312;
Bryan 28,707.
Sure For Bryan.
Donvcr, Col., Nov. 7. (Spl.)-From
present Indications Bryau carries Col
orado by 40,000 majority. At midnight
tho Indications are that Orrunn, Goct
nor, elected by fusion party.
Gives Him Enough.
Clevclnnd, O., Nov, 7.-(SpI.)-Onc
hundred nnd olghty-flvo precincts havo
reported. McKInley has 30,800 and
Brynn 30,438, a plutaljty for-McKinley
of 427.
Indiana's Plurality.' t
Indianapolis, Ind., Nov.' '7.-(Spl.)
FJvo bundled and fifty precincts give
McKlrih?y 021850, Bryan 51,200. Same
In 1800, 'gavo JIcKlnloy 00,373, Bryan
51,034, a not Republican gain of 2805.
Cleveland Republican.
Clovolond, Nov. 7,-(Spl,)-Ono bun
dree proelncts gavo McKInley 38,005,
Bryan 37,71(3. Tho samo. In 1800 gave
McKInley 30,380, Bryau 82,702.
Columbus Republican.
Columbus, O., Nqv. 7.-(Sp'l.)-Elghfy
nine prepluots out of 00 In tho city, In
dicntes thnt McKInley carries Colum
bus by about 3300.
i ' '
' In Ohio.
Canton, 0 Nov. 7.-(Spl,)-Twcnty.
two out' of 20 precincts gavo McKInley
4,000, Bryan 3,100.
Republican Gain,
Columbus, Q., Noy. 7. (Spl.) Thico
ns Popular lu Dofeat is Vlclory.
.xg5Ss!l!l 3
hundreds of Hamilton Cuyahoga,
Franklin nnd Lucas counties gavo. Mc
KInley 74,440, Bryan 018"ll.
Franklin For McKInley.
Columbus, O., Nov. 7. (Spl.) Eighty
precincts In Franklin county glvo Mc
KInley 31,818, Brynn 12,72 1 '
Claimed Nebraska.
Omaha, Nob., Nov. C Tho Propri
etor of thofOmaha Bee, Republican,
sanys all indications point to the clee
tlbVo'f Dlctcrlcir the Republican can
didate for '-Governor, by 3,000.
-iKansas by 40,000.
Topeko,- Kns., Nov. 0. (Spl.) Tlu)
Kansas . Republican, committee still
claims the State for McKInley by 40,-
000, and tho election of the entire Re
publican Congressional delegation.
Dick Beits Lentz.
Columbus, O., Now 7. (Spl.j Chair
man D.ck of tho state committee claims
Tompkins, ilqpnbllcnn for Congress,
elected over Lentz, Deinociat, by 200
Democratic Ga'n.
Cleveland, Nov. 7. (Spl.) At 4 a.
m., 200 precincts give McKInley 40,470,
Brynn 30,803.
Ahead In Country.
Columbus, O., Nov. 7. (Spl.) Four
hundred and forty precincts outsido
of Hamilton, Cuyahoga, Ftanklln and
Lucas counties, gave McKInley, 04,250;
Bryan 70,025. Samo In 1800 gave tMc
Kluloy 01,084, Brynn, 82,201
Nevin Elected. ' .
IT 14
Dayton, O., Nov. 0. (Spl.)-Chalr-innu
of tho County committee says
thnt Novlu, he Republican candidate
for Congress, will probably have about
2,000 majority In Monrgomory county.
Chairman Republican committee
claims Nevlu Is elected lu disttict by
small majority.
t ,
Rep blican Gain.
Indlannapolls, Ind., Nov. 0. (Spl.)
At one o'clock returns from 500 pre
cincts show1 a' riot Republican gain of
2,452. This would indlcato a plurality
for McKlulcyrof ,a.bont 31,000 In the
: r'. .
Gajn In Illinois.
Chicago, UlsNov. 0. (Spl.) Seven
hundred and twonty precincts of Cook
county, give McKInley 140,741, 'Bry
an 100,76. "'Satnor In" 1800 gavo Mc-'
Klnley 138,800. Bryan 100,020.
Nip and Tuck.
Snn Ernnclsco", Call, Nof. 0. (Spl.)
In California OS precincts outsido of
San Francisco, glvo McKInley 1,020,
Brynn 1,303. The same In '00 gavo
McKInley 1,720, Bryan 1,000.
1 General Elec- 1
tion Results.
Newburg, N. Y Nov. tt.-(Spl.)-Mr.
Odell tonight sent tho following to
President McKlnloy at Canton: "Now
York has endorsed your Administra
tion by a majority of at least 150,000.
Please accept hearty congratulations
upon tho result.'
Philadelphia, Pa Nov. ( 0.-(Spl.)-Estlnintes
from one half of the coun
ties in Pennsylvania Indicate n plural
ity for McKInley of over 200,000. In
this otty tho fuslou of the Doraocrnts
with the municipal league cut down
tho Republican county ticket, but J.
Hnmp'tou Mooie, for City Treasurer,
and Jacob Singer for Register pf
Wills, aro elected by moro than 0,000
plurality. In Montgomery und Chester
counties where the fuslonlsts made u
strong light they suffered a severe sot
back, tho regular Republicans winning
byflargo majoiltles. Tho Ponnsylvn
ula delegation In tho next Congress,
will uot bo less than 21 Republicans!
to 0 Democrats, as agnlnsl 20 Republl.
cans and'lO Demounts In tho present
Now York, Nov. 7. (Spl,) A Journal
hpoclal from Wilmington, Del. say's
the Republicans curry tho stnto by
1000 to 2000. The Associated I'icss
gives McKInley a plurality of 135,200
In New Yorlc state, based on tho re
turns received up to 1:30 a. rn, '
Wilmington, Dt?l., Nov. (J.-(Spl.)-i
While only scattering roturns have
been received from tho country dlst
trlcts tho Democrats aro confidont thnt
they havo carried a majority of the
Dolawaro Legislature.
White River Junction, Vn., Nov. 0.
(Spl.) Returns from 175 towns with
71 more to hear from glvo McKlnloy
33,810, Bryan 10,002. This Js a net
gain of 20 and 1-10 por cent for Brynn
and a net loss of 17 per cent for Mc
Klnley, returns coming very slowly,
Tho missing towns aro mainly In small
agrJfculturnl'itowns Which nro likely to
Incrcnso Republican -plurality to about
Cloveland, O., Ndv. 7.i-(Bpl.)-Mo-
Klulcy cnrrlqs the cjty by a. 1,000.
One hundred and sevcnt.v-flvc nroclncta
reported glvo McKInley 35,01$, Bryan
Canton, O., Nov. 0. (Spl.) Chairman
Hanhn wires Cornelius Bliss that Ohio
and Illinois are .safely Republican.
Tho Philadelphia Enquirer claims
Pennsylvania by 225,000 for'.Ictynley
Senator Piatt says Kcf -York Is safe
ly Republican. Tho New York'-Jour-ual
says Bryan wins 'by" 8000 'In Ne
.binska. These are McKlnley's prl
vato advices.
Cleveland, O., Nov. C.-(Spl.) Flvo
city precincts glvo McKInley 475, Bry
an, 781; naict gain for Bryan over '00
of 3"2 per precinct. This latio, If kept,
would glvo tho city to Bryan by 2000.
It is doubtful If It will keep up, how
over. Chicago, Nov. 0. (Spl.) Tho follow
ing stntcmeut. was Issued by Mr.
Payne, vice chairman of tho Republi
can committee: "I claim Now, York
state, which assures tho election of
McKInley, by a hundred and ten thou
sand, to a hundred and twonty thou
sand. Privato advices from Maryland
Indlcato that tho state bits' gono for
McKInley, Cook county Is Republican
byfrom 25,000 to 28,000. That win
give us the stato by 75,000. Indica
tions are that Ohio will go Republican
by 60,000. Thero arc not enough re
turns from Indiana on which to base
nn Intelligent estimate, but enough
havo been received to jitbtify us In
claiming tho state. Wo have received
no ic turns from 'the west"
Chairman Jouc's said that dispatches
had been received that Now York had
gone Republican, but that ho was not
ready to concede tho State as there
were heavy Democratic districts not
heard from.
Toledo, O., Nov. 0. (Spl.) Returns
aro slow. The election of Southard,
the Republican Congressman of Mayor
Jones' district, and the entlro Repub
lican ticket is as good as conceded by
thp Democrats. Mayor Jones concedes
tho elcctlou of McKlnloy. Returns
from city nud county Indicate that
McKInley will carry the county by
2500. Four years ago It was nearly
30,000. It looks as If Jones' Republi
can following had forsaken him, Tho
death of tho centennial did not enter
Into tho campaign ns nn Issue.
Chicago, -111.', Nov. 0. (Spl.) There
hardly seems to bo a reasonable doubt
of McKlnley's election. Gloom pre
vails at Democintic headquarters and
though defeat Is not admitted by
word of mouth, It Is plainly written on
tho features of thoso In charge from
Jones down. Maryland, Indiana, Now
York, South Dakota, JUInols nud Ohio
are all counted In tho Republican col
umn with almost absolute suioty. Ev
en Pettlgrow, tho South Dakota Sen
ator, bus apparently gono down in do
fent. Daily this ovenlng reports seem:
ed to ludlcato that Kentucky had gono
Democratic, but from later claims of
Republicans, It was placed In the Mc
Klnloy column. Roturns at this hour
show that Yules', will carry tho state,
hut has run behind McKInley about
40,000. Republican Vlco Chairman
Payne received a mossiigo from Sluox
Falls stating that tho city, which Is
the homo of Pettlgrow, has gone for
McKInley by an increased majority.
All returns so far receUed Indlcato
that Bryan's voto throughout flic
United States will bo largor than in
'DO. but his electoral vote will bo
Chicago, Nov. l).-(Spl.)-At 0:30
Chairman Jones conceded Now York,
haying It was lost to IJryan. As to
Ohio, ho said reports weio not full
enough to Justify 'an estimate but he
admitted that Bryan has not polled as
heavy a voto as ho expected. Indiana
holds out little bopo to tlm Demounts.
Regarding tho geiieuil situation,
Ghnli man Jones refused to talk, but
ndniTttcd tho outlook not losy, addlug
howover, that ho had uot conceded
Biynn's defeat. .
Llncolu, Neb., Nov. 0. (Spl.)-Tho
National headquarters 'phoned Mr.
Bryau nt 0 o'clock that Indiana was
safely Democratic.
Cleveland, O., Nov, 0.-(Spl.)-Only
I Hill II j limif MIlWlW ltaK&ni..lieltiit,.., n 1
Chairman of tho Democratic NatlonalCommlttco, and a Good Clalmcr.
two precincts in this county had been
henrd from at 8 p,m,. They were both
in the city, giving McKInley 220, Bry
an 108, a net Republican gain over
1800 of 0.
Cincinnati, O., Nov. 0. (Spl.) Sixty
precincts put of 200 In Hamilton coun
ty givo McKInley 11,000, Bryau 8,071.
The same in '00 gave McKInley 12,
045, Bryan 0,100. Gab about 13 per
Bryan must make a gain of 10 per
Now York, Nov. 0. (Spl.) Maine
has gono Republican by a plurality of
23,000. Frcdonla, Ky.,, gives McKln
loy 30, Bryan 02.
Brooklyn, N.' Y.,Nov. 0. (Spl.) Four
hundred and forty districts glvo Mc
KInley 00,008, Bryan 88,287. Tho Re.
publicans claims "West Virginia. Bry
an's plurality lu Texas Is 225,000.
Canton, 0 Nov. C.-(Spl.)-Tho Now
Yoik Herald flashes that there la a
landslide for McKlnloy. Chairman
Jones Bays: "I don't concede tho vic
tory ' to Republicans."
McKInley claims Now York Stato hi
110,000, but concedpsJ Now York city
to Democrats. Connecticut is surely
Republican, both national and Stato
Now Jersoy Indications show a
Republican mnjorlty of 05,000. Tho
Republican, JNatlpnal commltfeo claims
Cook county, Illinois, by 25,000, and
Stato of Illinois by 75,000.
Chicago, Ills., Nov. 0.-(Spl.)-As this
ovenlng woro on tho early enthusiasm
In Democratic headquarters begau to
disappear" whilo at Republican head
quarters tho enthusiasm Increased,
Perry Heath came in abput.' 7 from In
dlnna full of confidence. He said thero
was no possible chanco for McKInley
getting less than 273 electoral votcs
Confidence Increased when reports
were received from Maryland, . At
Democratic headquarters Chairman
Joucs absented himself. In tho mean
time telegrams camo from Indiana
that Increased tho gloom. At 7:30 thp
Chicago American,' Democratic, sent
up red bombs indicating tho election
of McKlJiloy. ijj
.- 4 ...TMHt
Lincoln, NcK - Nov. 0.-(Spl.)-Mr.
Bryan awoko from a nap but declined
to niako a statomout until the rcsultu
wero more definitely known.
Chicago, Ills., Nov. (l.-(Spl.)-Thnt
McKInley Is re-elected thero bcoms to
bo no doubt at Renubl(cnn headquar
tors. Tho claims, based on tho teports
from Now York nro to tho effect that
Tammany conceded tho Stato to the
Republicans by 00,00O "Now York
has gono for McKlnloy, und that sot
tics It, said they." With New York
hi our column nothing can piovent tho
ro-iuauguratlon of McKlnloy next
March." At Democratic headquarters
great faith was placed In Massaucu
setts Inuonscd voto for Biyau. ' Detn.
ocratlc Dxccutlvo Chairman Johnson
received long distance telephone mes
sage from ludjann .thlil evening that
made him feel confident that tho
Stato had gone Democratic, Cook
county, at this hour,-Is still In doubt,
though claimed for McKluley by 15,
000. , '
Today tako Foley's, non'ey nnd Tar.
It positively ilrovents pneumonia, or
other serious results from colds. It
may bo ton Jato tquionovr.
J. M. Luffor, X Lampnrter & -Co.,
A. Warner.
The Money In H!o rocket.
A young Plttsburgor arose from bl3
fed one morning nnd. dressing, went
town stalls to breaUfnst. As ho sat at
tho table he carelessly put his right
land Into his trousers pocket and was
lurprlsed to find $7.25. Ho knew that
when he retired for the night he had
just 25 cents and had fallen asleep
while wondeilDg where he eolild bor
row money the nest morning. -He was
highly elated over the discovery, for,
although he thought long and hard,
he could uot remember how, he had
4omo Into tho possession of the money.
After worl; that day he took a friend
to the opeia and later to supper. When
he returned home about midnight, a
brother stepped Into his room and said,
"Harry, did you pay that bill for mo
The yonng man was almost dum
founded. It all camp to him at once.
Shortly nfter he had retired the pre
vious night his brother had entered tho
room and. placing the money In Ills
trousers pocket, said: "Say, old man,
when you go down town tomorrow, I
wish you would pay Mr. . that bill
I owe him. I piomlsed to let him hnvo
It by tomorrow."
The young man was dozing nt tho
time, and that accounts for his failure
to remember what his brother had said
to him. He was kept busy borrowing
from friends to make up the amount
the next day, and he declares that
hereafter his brother will have to pay
his own billsi-Plttsburg Chronicle
An Sim Drserllird It.
, It was the first day of school. Tho
bell had tnppcd, and the little children
j of the secondary primary were .sitting.
uiji'ikui iu uier. seats, nanus properly:
folded add with' rotintf 'eyes fixed on'
the new teacher, taking a mental Inventory-
Sho was a bit nervous. It was her
first school. The children made hpr
"fidgety," they stared at her so hard
and watched her so narrowly
She began to feel like n mouse that
la wlthfn the clutches of a cat Sha
cast about wildly In her mind for somo
oceupatlou to begin tho flist day. She
regtetted bltteily that sho had not ar
ranged some definite plan of campaign.
Then her face brightened. She would
find out what tho chlldreu ahenoy
know. Question follower! nlinstlnn.
touchlug on divers subjects.
"Now, who knows what a skeleton
Is?" asked tho teacher, smiling coax
lngly. . .
Tho little girl wearing the pink ging
ham apron and occupying the back
seat waved her hand wildly and work
ed her mouth lu frantic endeavor to get ,
"teacher" to look at her.
' "Well, what is It?"
"A skeleton," sad the tot, twisting
her apron In her fingers, "is a man
who has his insldes outside and his
nutsldes oli" "Denver T'mes,
After exposure or when yon feel a
cold coming on, tako Foloy's Houey
nnd Tar. It never falls to "cure, und
will prevent pneumonia or consumn-'
tion If taken lu time.
J. "M, Laffcr, J. Laniparter & Co.,
A. Warner.
We have some
new ideas
in Couches
and Davenports
that must
interest you,
if you are
a prospective
buyer of any
thing in that
line, this fall.
We would take
great pleasure
in showing
you the goods,
whether you
are a buyer
or not.
124-126 S. Howard St.
rts I

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