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rrfff" rT"STOf
tfi x
r til '
Of Supposed Swin
dlers Indicted.
Grand Jury Acts on
Norris' Suggestion.
The Detective Obtained
$200 From Kepler.
Says He Once Had Both Swin
dlers Under Arrest.
Harry Hull, alius about 11 oilier
names, and Harry Me.ul, alias Harry
Worthlngton, etc. wore Indicted by tho
Grand Jury on charge of fiwludlliiB
Huston Keillor out of $5,000. 1'rne
tlcally speaking, tho pictures of tho
men were, liullctcil, ami Detective John
T. Nonis has gone to bring the origin
nls. Detective Nonls has obtained $200
from Mi. Kepler, with which to pay
car fare and other Incidentals while
bilnglng the men to Akiou to stand
trial. JIc claims to have had exper
ience in capturing these men once be
fore on a swindling- charge. "Itell," he
unjd, "once foifelted a bond, and
skipped out after I had him. arrested.
.Mr. Kepler s 1 1 lends are still worry
lug over tho fact that ho gave so
many dllTcient descriptions of- the
fiwlndlei-b and dually settled upon tho
pictures shown by Detective NorrW.
Tho photos give an appearance very
illflerent from that Mr. Kepler gave
of the men.
It fs mid that Liveryman Camron,
from whom the swindlers obtained
rigs, was not called to Identify tho pic
(Continued from l-'list Page.)
Uculty, nud censed. Mis. Stelner nuu
daughter Hazel, who were Mr. Stoln
er'H most patient and thorough nurses,
,wqru with him when death cnino.
Funeral services will bo Jield Sat
uulay ufteinooii ut 2:30 o'clock from
his Into home.
Noah H. Btelner was 47 years old.
Ho was born lit Milton to wnshu.), Wayne
county, 0 lu 1831, and lived tho llfo
of u boy on a farm. His educational
ndvuutugcs wciu coiitlued to the coun
try schools, until, by his own etforts,
lie entered Cornell College at Cedar
Rapids, la., whither he had gone upon
becoming of age. Them ho made his
lioinu for live years uud nftenvald
spent three years' In Ml. Vernon, In,
whora ho was engaged in teaching. Af
terward liu became a tiavellng sales-
man, and also for three years runic
sented the Union Central 1,1 Co liisur.
anco Co. of Cincinnati. Kor somu time
lie taught, also, lu Wayne county, uud
later conducted u clothing stole ut
It was us u poor iiiuii comparatively
that Mr. Ktolucr camo to Akiou lu
l&SM). lint his credit was soon estan
llshod and ho began real estate trails
uctloiis on a huge sculo lu Houlh Ak
ron. That section of tho city, under
hg work, grow rapidly. It was pros,
poring greatly when Uio panic of 18011
enmo. To weather that ilimiiclnl stonu
required all of Mr. Htuluer's ability
and ttreiigth, but he saw It through,
That's tho way it begins, Utile
things disturb jou. You aro liiltuble,
ticstlebS and wouy over trifle. Your
hcatt Jumps and palpitates at every
noise, you can't coneentintii your mind
on your woik, your memory falls uud
you do not sleep well nt night. In tho
morning you feel w'eak and exhausted,
with no appetite for food ami no am
bition for exertion of auy kind. Net,
vous prostration lus no terrors for
tlioso who Uo ItAIt-llKN HU8TOUA.
It stops tho nervousness, boothes tho
irritation, ijuicitens the pulse, stlinu,
Jates tho digestion, Induces lefreshlng
sleep uud Infuses snap, energy and
vigor Into tho whole system. Har.
Ben Is cupeclnlly eillcacloiis for weak
women. Write for free fciwijplo, All
druggists CO cents, or mailed ou re
ceipt of price,
.Cleveland, f).
ftm WM&MT
' V X ,1 AW Uff V
though carrying nn enormous load.
Heforc and after thnt crisis ho secured
factoilcs for Akron, about 20 In all,
which though they hencllted him some
what, benefited the city nt largo torn
times as much. Acres of farm laud,
under his push and energy wcro trans
formed Into city property.
After South Akron, Mr. Stelner's next
undertaking of magnitude was tho
White City, and then, moio recently
camo Keumorc.
Mr. Stelner was also u principal
founder of the l'uthlluder, In lbWS,
of which order he was the supremo
piesldeut. Ho helped to oiganlzo the
Homo Hulldlug At Loan Association
of which ho was a director. Ho was
'also Instrumental lu tho erection of
tho Main SI. M. E. church, of whlcu
he was a trustee. Tho Akron ltealty
Co., Which has done much for Akron
lu tho past J ear, was organized by
him and he was Its president. Prob
ably uo ouo man, at least In recent
years, has done more for Akron than
Mr. Stelner. As a member of the
Chamber of Commerco and uftorward
as Its president, he was faithful In
tho woik early and late.
Mr. Stelner was a member of tho
Itoynl Arcanum for 10 yeais, and a
member of tho Modern Woodmen of
America, Tho Elks, Ben Hur, Protect
ed Home Cltcle, Home Guards
uud the i'uthfluder. Ho gave
liberally to many charitable undertak
ings, and could always be relied upon
to put a shoulder to tho wheel In auy
movement which would advance tho
city's' lutei csts. He was tho frleau
of the poor and of the rich, alike,
lie took no netlvo part In politics, but
was a Republican.
lu 1882 Mr. .Stelner was married to
Miss Eliznbolh May, of Blultton, O.
Their home for it couple of years fol
lowing was at Sterling, O., when Mr.
Stelner was for a tlmu eugaged lu
the clothing business. Mrs. Stonier
and two daughters, Hazel and Helen,
survive tho huf.band and father. Miss
Helen has been In school In Cin
cinnati since September.
Has Been Blown Up Three Times,
But Wiil Try Again.
Kokomo, Ind,, Oct. 17. (Spl.) John
H. Mason, who.io saloons have three
times been blown up at Husslavlllo
and Sudullu, Is being tried lu tnu How-
iiril( Circuit Couitk on, 10 Indictments
for the Illegal sale of liquor, Ho de
claims ils Intention of running a sa
loon at Husslavlllo If It cost him ev
cry dollar he Is worth.
TuUo LiuiiUvo llioinn Qulnlnu fiibluts
All ilrnuuUti rotund Uio uiminv If it fulli ir
euro, K. W. Grovu's ilgnuturu In ou each
Recently Discovered Ancient Law
Destroys His Hope.
Philadelphia, Oct. 17.-(Spl.)A 1on.
don dlhpaleh to the North American
says William Waldorf AMor's hopes
for a title were rudely disposed of
by a publication in tho law journal yes.
lei day. The periodical reproduces an
ancient law ot England which pro
hlblts Jo' elovatlon to tho peorago
ot a unturullzed alleu.
Unusual Activity Reported Among
the Boers,
London, Oct. 17,-(Hpl,)-A Capo
Town dispatch repot tn that a floor
I I'oiuitiaud of f00 men has readied the
sea, arriving in tho vicinity of Hope
Held, They have secured many ro
emits and a quantity of supplies.
, General Fiench has gone hi puisult.
Hopefleld Is -10 miles from Cape Town.
The Pope's Health Remains
lloiue, Oct 17,-(Spl.)-Tho J'ono's
health Is repotted as uusatlsfaeloiy.
His condition, however, Is not con
bldered ulaiiulng,
Jonas Tioyor, ot Hunt Akron, who
was taken to thu asjluin for Insane
ut Massillon throe weeks ago, walked
Into tho Hherllfs olllee Thursday 1110111
Ing uud askvd lo bu locked up, This
wus done, ufter. an order was uivmi
by Judge Audei'bon, Troyer escaped
tiom iue iisyiuni a week ago. He will
bo returned,
First Snow.
Tuesday.it witnessed tho Urst fall of
snow for thu winter, although the full
wus exceedingly light aud soon chang
cd to rulu,
Dr. Camel's
Congo Compound
Guaranteed to Cure Liver
. Disorders.
Vfin knntv Wvp wll linw VOU feel
v - " '- '"-.. -.-.-
when your liver don't act. Bile col
lects u the blood, bowols become
constipated and your whole system
Is poisoned. A disordered liver la nn
invitation for a thousand pains nnd
achea to comeand dwell with you.
Your life becomes one loug measuru
of irritability nud despondency and
bad feeling, Dr. Cornel's Congo Com-
nnunil !iet illlfotlv nn tllfl liver and
bowels, cleanslncr. purifying, revitaliz
ing every portion of tho liver, driving
nil thn bile from the blond, as Is BOOll
shown by Increased lappetlto for
food, power to digest It and strcngtu
to throw off tho waste.
For sale by all druggists or
Sole Agents
183 S. Howard st.
Great Lot of Coal
Another Move Toward
the Trust.
Pocahontas Company Among the
Last to Organize.
Philadelphia, Oct. 17,-(Spl.)-Tbo
Pocahontas Coak and Coko Co., has
bought property from the Coul Land
association for $10,500,006 and pay-
rnent In cash wll bo made In Philadel
phia noxt wook.
With the consummation of this deal
another big step forward lu the pro
posed gieat soft coal trust will havo
beeu accomplished,
The Pocahontas Coal and Coke Co,
with Its ,f 10,000,000 capital lis the last
to be organized of- several great cor
porations into which has been consol
idated all tho more doslrablo soft coal
properties In their respective stations.
Announced the Death of- His
Mr. Mdurlco "Itegonsteln of tho Sur
prise store, rcco)red a telegram Thurs
day inoi tilnq announcing" tho death
of his father, a prominent retired citi
zen of Atlanta, Ga. He at ouco left
for that city.
Two men answering the description
of the swindlers who fleeced Huston
Kepler, arrived in Cleveland Wednes
day night. Police In that city aro
said to havo followed tho men but no
results havo as yet been communicat
ed to Akron olllcers.
Burncri to Death
Bradford, Conn,, Oct 17,-fSpl.)-Durlng
a lire In tho house occupied
by Frank lloynolds oboit 8 o'clock
hist night, ,Irs. Margaiot Jloyiiolds,
II.') years old, moilior of Fiank, wu
burned to death.
Choose the Best
There, urq aomo poil features
in all stool vnngoe, hut
The Jewel
contains tho most, Costs less to
run it thni) uny other stovoinuilo.
U.V its siiviiiK of fuel, a Jewel
soon paya for itself. The prices
are fiom
$25 to $52.TS
CASH, If you have It.
CREDIT, If you deslrTlt.
c Kirk Co.
Everything: for the I'orae.
125-127 South Howard St.
Voterstoay Reg
ister;; Till 9-
1 '$&$!
Mayor Tom May Not
Speak Hee.
All voting booths will be open to
night until 0 o'clock for the regiatm-i
tlon of now voters and those who must
secure, transfer of registration. If
they have moved. No voter should
neglect to see that he is properly Reg
istered. Tho Denioeratla committee has re
ceived word that Mayor Torn Johnson
will probably be unable to speak here
If ho cannot bo seemed some other
prominent nuiu will be called Upon.
Sixth ward Democrats will meet for
conference at headnuarters tonight
Thiid ward Democrats meet tomorrow
There will be nn Important meeting
of the Democratic County and Central
committee and county candidates Sat
in day oftornoon. Other Democrat!
aro invited.
Prosecutor Wanauiaker of Akron,
and Congressman Burton, of Oloveland,
will open tho Erlo cpunty campaign nt
Sandusky next Saturday. The Sen
dusky Iteglster gives a half column
editorial to the coming event, aud
udvertlses Mr. Wannmaker an "an ex
cellent speaker,"
George D. Crurarlno, a grocer , at
218 Kiist Market st. was forced into
involuntary bankruptcy Wednesday
by creditors representing $1000 of an
an indobtoduoss of about $-500, who
filed a petition in United States Court
in Cleveland. Attorney t'E. Whttto-
more was appointed receiver untlk
creditors meet and elect a trustee.
Tho assets aro estimated at $1500. Tho
grocery was formerly conducted by
Grelsmer & Crumrine, Mr. Grelsmer
having retired about a year ago.
The onleo of tho Kasch Kooliug Co(
was entered Woducsday night and an
attempt made to brink Into tho safe.
It Is presumed the oik-was done by
boys, There wnsiouly six cents in tho
Mr. A. A. Ilohui, of Cleveland, spent
Wednesday with Akron friends.
Mr. Jonathan Taylor Is n Alllanco
for a eouplu of days on business.
Mrs. E. J. Humphrey and Mrs. M.
B. Klttlnger are at tho PHU-Amerlcau.
Tho Goodrich club will give the tirst
of a series of dances Saturday even
ing. .
Mr. Will Iiunn, of this city, has ro
tunioti from 11 two-month' visit lu
Denver, Col.
Au onjoynblo autumn social was glv
en Tuesday ovenlng by ladles of Graco
Heformed church.
Dr. Wm. I Stahl, of Pittsburg, spent
thu past few days visiting J. W. Stur
geon, of tills city.
Tho l'rogiess club will open tho so
cial season with a banquet aud dunce
Wednesday uvonlug.
Mrs. C. I. tinnier, of 100 Arch st
cutei tallied a number of ft lends ut tea
Wednesday afternoon.
Mr. 0. F, Moore, secretary of tho
N, 0. T. Co., left Wednesday ovejing
for the J'lueAnierk'iui Exposition.'
Mrs. D. G. Wltmer, and Mrs. A. W.
Clatfer of Summit st. left Tuesday
coning for Atlanta, Gu., uud other
points lu the bouth,
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Witters, Mrs.
Welmcr and Miss Hyatt, drove to Ca
nal Fulton and spent Wednesdoy with
Rov. H. U. W'llllaid aud family.
Mr. Geo, Ilenuebcrger, of this city,
Is setlously 111 of typhoid fever at In
dianapolis. Ho is In the Diamond
Hospital. Mr. llennebergcr is connect
with tho Lyceum lecture bureau.
There wus a social of the Reserve
Corps of ilia Flt'st Congiegatlonnl
church at tho homo of Pr. J. tt. Grant,
105 S. Forgo St., Woduesdny night.
The ovenlng was snont In Informal so
clabllity by tho crowd who attcudc-if
and music was 11 feature of the enter
tnliimeut. An onjevahlo reception wis given
Wednesday evening In Grace M, 15,
clturch for Uev. J, 0. Smith, tho pas
tor, and his wife. Tho pleasant rela
tions between the pastor nnd Ills con
gregation was novev more maied.
Mr. D. A. Hibbatd, of tho Arm of
J, D, Storer & Co., lins Jut totuvued
from New Yoik.
Col. Geo. W. Uiiln, who wiil lecture
to the W. O. T. u. at the First uuritlst
ohurch Friday ovenlng, will bo the
guest of Mr. and Mis. Ferdinand
Schumacher, of 702 Baft .Mnrket St.,
while In Akion.
Rev. Edson Relfsnyder, of Danvers,
Mass., who will preach at the Unlver
sullst church Sunday, will arrive In
this city Saturday morning. While
hero ho will bo the guost of Mr, uud
Mis. H, K. Austin, of Case ave,
A reception will be given by Miss
May Banford, Instructor in art In
Duclitel college this evening for a num.
ber of her friends. The studo will
bo oppn to tho public Friday at SiU
urdoy af tot noon and ovenlng.
The first dance of tho Cotillion club,
wus held In Militant hnll Wndnei)y
night, 30 couples attending. The club
will dance each alternate Wednesday
James Hanlon, an Akron man, who
for three years has been bugler of
Company h, 22ud Infantry, lu tho
Philippine service, arrived home Wed
ncsday night, having beeu mustered
out In Presidio, Cal. Mr, Hanlon was
busy all day Thursday shaking hands
wtth friends. He plans to make Ak
ron His permanent home. It Is a re
tnarliablo fact that throughout his
long abseuco from Akrou Mr. Hanlon
did not miss receiving a' aluglo copy
of tho Democrat
Sentenced In Mayor's
Accused of Assaulting Non
Union Men.
In Mayor's court Thuisday morning
Tohu Garlow, Edwatfl Gustner and
Albeit Paige, striking electrical woik
ere accused of assaulting non-union
employes of the tolephono companies,
changed their pleas from not guilty
to guilty, Gustner was fined $10 and
costs, and Garlow $5 and costs. Sen
tence In tho case of Paige was r6
eived till Friday.
J. J. Forester, accused of assault
aud battery upon Oscar Helnman, was
fined $5 and costs. Helnman also de
clared that Forester had called Uiui
an Anarchist.
On charge of not kocDlnc a child in
school, John Callahan was fined $5
nnd costs. Soutenco was suspended
ou provision that Callahan send the
child to school.
Thomas Dwyer, intoxication, $2 and
Martin Matt was arraigned on
charge of non-support. He pleaded
not guilty. Hearing Monday.
Indicted by the
Grand Jury
Wil! be Arraigned Fri
, day and Monday.
All prisoners In the county Jail, un
der Indictment and all persons In
dicted, who are out on bond, and can
be reached, will be arraigned In Com
mon X'leas court Friday, at 0 a.m.
Tho othors under Indictment will bo
arraigned Monday morulug, at 0 .a.m.
The case of Grafton S. Whlttler vs.
A., B. & C. Hallway Co., has been
settled out of court. Whlttler was
the motorman who exchanged places
temporarily with Conductor Wnldron,
shortly beforo' the accident In which
Wnldron was killed. Waldron's wid
ow, Jt will be remembered, was given
judgment against the A., B. & O. for
$10,000 damages.
$500 FOR AN EYK.
Tho case of Dr. Geo. L. Starr vs.
The Traders' and Travelers' lnsurauco
Association was also settled out of
court. The suit was to fix tho valuo
of an eye, whoso sight the doctor has
partially lost. Ho was given .$500.
Wm. H. Her, proprietor of tho
Broadway house, has petitioned lu
Common JMeus court for Judgment
agalust Geo, W, Sanger, to the extent
of $400. The moupy Is disked for as
damages. Her states that Sanger In
jured his business by circulating
ninong the boarders a report that It
was -ptie I. D. Rlttonhousc, and not
Her, who was proprietor of the houso.
This the plaintiff avers, caused several
boarders to pay Rlttenhoube Instead
of him, nud by not getting the money
due, his credit was sorlously dam
Mrs. Brauin iluuglunan has brought
suit to socuto ft divorce from Thcron
BoushujBii. Sho accuses him of ha
bitual drunkenuess nnd extreme cruel
ty, and nsks for alimony and the cub
tody of their two children.
9 u It linn beeu started by Arabella
R Armstrong to foreclose a, mort
gage for ?!io00. with Interest since
Decambcr 120, 1000, she holds against
fiio ptoperty of Ruth M. nnd Andyew
W. Auustrong. The parties to the
suit live In Akron.
nOTUNNIAntonio Rotunnl, aged
41 yeais, died nt the Mnsslllon hop.
till, Wednoday morning, after a long
IllnoBs Tho remains will bo brought
to Akron for burial and the funeral
will be hold, at St. Vincent do Paul's i
church, Friday at 0 a.m Burial In St
Vincent do Paul's cemetery, '
JTOlT RENTA six room house at 120
Silver t.; all modern Improvements.
.Inquire on premises or 175 South
ItahjBt lM-WO
Dyspepsia Cure
Pctipb onco thought, that tno only way to euro indigestion was t
stop eating. Tho troublo with bucIi treatment is, that toB ton eating is
to atop living. Kodoi, DrePEraiA Cuhe haa changed thewholomothoa
of- treating thla complaint. It contains all tho natural digestive fluids
and digests all you cat without aid from the stomach, so you can eat all
the good food you want and be cured of your troublo at tho samo time.
"I havo been troubled wl th Indigestion and dyspepsia for several years
and often sat down to cat but had to glvo it up after eathiR only two
tltes. I used two bottles of Kodol Dyspepsia Cure aud am alright
to-day. Cannoweatanythiuglwant, W. L. Eaaton, Audubon, Iowa
It cac2?t iaeSsa Esuf e3 you nofi
Prepared by E. 0. tfeWItt &Oo Chlcuuo.
When vou suller from biliousness or
pills known as DoWitt's MttEo
ftague Bros. & Co
A Great
A 1 !ir&!n?
The past few days has bro
very remarkable now offering
store. We cannot enumerate
who may be Interested In see
affords. There's but one place
styles as fast as thoy appear
close touch with the New York
such that as fast as anything
hurried to us, and we lnten
things pertaining to the estab
dry goods store In Akron, and
buying and sellng, we need fea
The Great Dress Goods Section
Has been strengthened this w eek with many new materials for
suitings and skirtings that will win favor. There has never been
a time -when our dress goods business was so satisfactory as at tho
present. We are working with the materials of today and Invite a
call from all who are looking for the latest, choicest articles of
dress and waist materials. ;
Underwear .
No larger or better selection evor shown In Akron than that shown
by us today.
Ladies', Men's, Misses', Children's and Boy's
Fine cottori, marlno and pure wool, ( Be sure you visit this section
for your fall underwear.
Ladies Suits, Jackets, Raglans,,
Capes, Dress Skirts, Under
skirts, Waists, Wrappers, etc.
The stock that will meet your approval In every way style, quality
and price. Right. They are here in great variety of designs, and
must bo seen to bo appreciated. Our
China and Glassware Department
Is now located on tho second floor of the Herrick & Sons Co. build
ing, nnd wo Invite you to com o through our main building and take
elovator. New goods havo beon arriving for tho past two weeks In
large quantities nnd aro being placed In position as fast as possible.
Gas fixtures and supplies will be given special attention, and very
low prices will prqvall.
Visit us ps often as you may need Anything In our line, It will
pay you,
Daguc Bros. & Co.
152 to 156 South Main Street
Earl Russell a Free
London, Oct. IT. (Spl.) Ear! Rus
sell, who on July 18 last was senten
ced by the house of lords to serve
thiee months In Hahoway Jail for
bigamy, was released ut 8 o'clock this
morning. Ho lighted a cigar as soon
as he passed the poitals of the pris
on. Tho released peer refused to talk
concerning his plans. It Is known,
however, that bu will soon go to his
home nt Maidenhead, England,
On Oct. .o tho Countess Russell,
Earl Russell's ilm wife, will ask 'Uio
court to make her dlvorco nbsoltno.
If this Is grontpd tho earl will forth
with marry Molly Soraprvllle, whom
ho formerly married In Nevada. It
was this marriage that caused his
arrest for blsomy,
HRRK-Oct. IB, to Mr. and Mrs.
Nathan M. Rerk, 110 Botith Broadway,
a son.
WAGNER-Oct. U, to Mr. nnd Mrs.
Edwin Wagner, 020 West Market st.,
a daughter,
INK-Ocf. 12, to Mr, and Mrs. Ohas.
T. Ink, D2Q East Marmot st, a daugh
ter, BARGETZ-Oct. 13, to Mr. and Mrs,
.) '
what you
Tho gl. bottlo contalnB Zii times the 500. bU
constipation, use the famous llttlollvoi
They never gripe.
ught Into our vast establishment soom
s In dlffeient departments of the
them nil, but invito a call from aU
lng the latest In styles the market
in Akron to go to get the latest
In fashion's realm. We aro In such
markets, and our arrangements aro
new appeals In New York city It Is
d keeping abreast of the times in all
Hshment and maintaining a first-class
know that with our facilities for
r no competition in Northern Ohio.
Ferdinand Bargetz, 1-13 Pearl st a
1'ITTS-Oct 13, to Mr. and Mrs.
Felix D. PJtts, 146 North Howard st,
a son.
Edward E. Warley, Nlmislla 22
Jennie M. Ithorer, Nlmislla 23
Michael Koch, Akron 22
Catherine Wenhart, Akron 21
Caused Arrest ofTalbert
and Vera Dale.
It was Jealousy that enabled the po
lice to fastett ou Harry Talbert and
Vera Dalo the charges of stealing
goods and receiving stolen property.
Talbert, so the story goes, was not tho
only young man that liked Vera, but
Jt appears that ho was almost tho
only fellow that Vera liked. At auy
rate, she bade all others stand back
nnd Is alleged to have explained that
Talbert was supplying her with all
the clothing and finery she needed.
A Jealous rival lost no tlrao lu glv
lug tho "tip" to tho police.
Horry Talbert was taken to the
county jail Thursday morning, after
bis father had paid his fino-?100 nud
costs. He was to havo been sent to
tho woikhouse.
Vera also paid her flno of ?100 and
costs, and the .yorkhouse seiitchr-o waa
suspended If she leaves Akron within
yi evil.
. 4 1-L.J iJ lJ I
jL',l&l&LsiL,h - J&M. wi-.fCi, r, k ft,, SMlkEAL .

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