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The Massacre of Their
Ninth Infantry Defeated Filipinos In
a Sharp Fight.
Manila, Oct. 18.-(Spl.)-Tho Ninth
Infantry has avenged Uio massacro
of nearly half a hundred of their com
rades at Balauglg. A detachment of
46 men of tho Ninth was surrounded
by 50 bolomeu near Gandara, on
Banguhon river, Island of Samar, to
day. Ten men had fallen dead and
Blx others of the little company wero
wounded when a strong detachment of
the Ninth camo on the scene. After
fierce fighting tho rebels were routed,
leaving 100 dead on tho field.
The scenes of today's Ninth Infantry
fight Is 20 miles north of Catbalogna,
the capital of Samar. Gen. Smith has
left Catbalogan for the scene of tho
battle. Ho took two gunboats and a
strong force of troops with him.
Tho Ninth Infantry had its share of
fighting since its advent in the Ori
ent It bore the brunt of tho fighting
With His Dead
Suspected Bank Robbers Bear
Excellent Reputations.
Nashville, Tonn., Oct lS.-(Spl.)-Wm.
Dunn, who was wounded at
Evansvlllo, Ind., -with tho body of nis
.brother-in-law. Henry McCarroll, who
was killed there, both being taken
for bank robbers, nrrived here this
morning. Both the men bore excellent
roputatlons and wero on tholr way to
St Louis to go to work, when shot
Tho family will take the matter up
and prosecute tho shooters.
Crushed to Death In a
Detroit, Oct. 18. (Spl.) In a head-on
He Loved Her Once But
Philadelphia, Oct 18.-(Spl.)-From
charging his former sweetheart, Miss
Jennie M, Strobll, of Chicago, as hav
ing threatened to shoot him, Daniel
H. Church, Jr., of Ohicogo, left tho
courtroom to rehearse for his wed
ding to-yMlss Josephine Pntton, of this
city, to whom ho was married last
Miss Strobll says she Uyes with her
uncle, General Griffin, in Chicago. Ac
hording to her statement, she met
. I " "vw tv.vt t
on tho march to Pckln, while In China,
and its commander, Col. hiincrson n.
Llscutn. was killed. Tho number of
casualties In China, was large.
After tho fighting in China was over
the Ninth went to tho Philippines and
was gtatloneu on the Island of -Samar.
Company C was sent to Balangiga
to garrison that place. An over
whelming forco fell on tho little gar
rison while they wero breakfasting.
The men had discarded their arms and
were practically helpless. Forty of
them were killed. Later their charred
and mutilated bodies were found In
a trench, whore they had boon thrown
and partly burned.
Tho officers of the cdrnpany, Captain
Thomas W. Connoll, Lieut Edward A.
Bumpus and Maj. It. S. Grlswold, aro
missing and were reported killed.
Their bodies were not found so It Is
possible they aro held as prisoners.
freight wreck on tho Detroit, Grand
Haven and Milwaukee- road in a fog
this morning, Engineer Moffntt Fire
man Luce and Brakeman Nuercu-but-g,
all of Dotrolt, wero crushed to
death. The wreck was fearful and
will block the track all day.
Uncle Mark Talked
New York.
Now York, Oct. 18. (Spl.) Samuel
F. Clomens (Mark Twain) entered the
local political campaign last night by
addressing an audienco of Invited
guests at tho Waldorf-Astoria hotel,
ho having lately joined a local .anti
Tammany -organization known as the
"Order of Acorns." Mr. Clemens
used for his speech nn article written
by himself, which Is to appear In tho
November Issue of a magazine, but tho
publisher agreed that tho article
should first oppear as an address.
The whole address was a compari
son of Richard Croker to Warren
Hastings, and the city of New York
to India under Hastings' rule.
They Are Strangers Now.
Church about four years ago, when
ho becamo her acknowledged suitor.
Tho woman aays her wedding wns
put off on tho, plea inado by Church
that ho could not afford to keep her
In her accustomed stylo.
She visited tho homo of Church's
brldo hero, learning of the wedding,
and according to ho brldo's brother,
threatened to shoot her former sweet
heart Sho denied this, and was discharged,
While Running Fifty Miles an
Goshon, Ind., Oct 18. (Spl.) The
north-bound Indianapolis flyer on the
IJIr Four, running 50 miles an hour,
jumped tho rails hero last night
Twenty-five people wero Injured, Rob
ert McCaulley, of Goshen, seriously,
To an Easy
Chair In the
to Die.
PaTnesvllle, O., Oct 18. J. T. Che
ney,, an aged manufacturer of this
place, is dead from the effects of an
overdose of morphlno taken Tuesday
with suicidal intent, It Is said. Ho
carried a reclining chair to the un
used top floor of his factory and seat
ed in It took the fatal doso. Ho was
found nearly dead by searchers lato
fffat night The cause of tho suicide
is unknown.
Transit Tunnel
Many Workmen.
New York, Oct 18. (Spl.)-Tho Rap
id Transit tunnel at 100th St., and
Eleventh ave. caved In this morning,
engulfing a number of workmen. Three
bodies hfivc been recovered. It is said
there aro still ten bodies under the
At 10:4S 'another body was taken
out. A diligent search for the other
victims is now being made. The
bodies recovered aro all badly man
gled. Those remaining ,lu tho tunnel,
numbering from six to eight aro
burled under 00 tons of rock and looso
earth. Fifteen men went down to
work today.
Will Conduct Funeral Services of
Mr. Stciner.
Rev. J. S. Rutledgo will conduct the
funeral services of the ,late N. R.
Stelner from the residence nt 2:30
p. m. Saturday. He Is Supremo Chap
lain of the Pathfinder and was for
merly pastor of tho Main st M. E.
church. Akron lodge of Elks will havo
charge of the services at the cemetery.
Tho body will be placed in the vault.
Akron lodge of Pathfinders will meet
tonight to arrange to attend tho fu
neral. Miss Hazel Stelner, tho 14-year-old
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Stelner,
reached Akron from Reading, near
Cincinnati, where she has been lu
school, at 1 a.i m. Friday. A friend
nccompanled her from Reading to
Marlon, O.
Guest of Honor at Yale.
Bi-Centenary Celebration Will
Begin Monday.
New Haven, Conn., Oct 18. New
Haven is duo mass of bluo from the
City Hnll to tho suburbs today in hon
or of Yale's bicentenary celebration,
which will begin next Monday. Tho
coramittco of nrrangement havo com
pleted their plans for the reception of
President Roosevelt. Ho will arrive
T.'cdnesday morning. On receiving
tho degreo of L. L. D, the President
will be decorated with a hood. Ho
will remain through the day.
Following tho degree ceremonies ho
wlirTunch at tho home of Prof. W. W.
Farnhara, ainl In tho nfterno'on will
hold a reception with President Hud
ley. He will depart on a la.te train
for Washington.
Admiral Sampson, who will also bo
honored with a degreo, will arrlvo on
Reported From South African
London, Oct. 18. (Spl.) Tho Septora.
her reports of tho concentration camps
In South Africa, which wero mado
public today shows tho Inmates to be
ns follows: Men, 17,070; women, 88,
022; children, 54,320. Tho deaths dur
Ing tho month wero 110 men, 828 wo
men and 1,WU cbfldren. At tfds rato
25 per cent of tho ndults In captlvjty
will bo dead in a year and 00 per cent
of the children.
the Turkish
Prevented Miss Stone's
Charges Made by the Driver of
Her Carriage.
Sofia, Bulgaria, Oct 18.-(Spl.)
Georges Thodorof, the driver of the
conveyance in which Miss Stono,' tho
American missionary was at tho time
of the abduction, says that but for
tho dllatoriness of tho Turkish au
thorities Miss Stono might havo been
easily recaptured. Shortly after es
caping fron tho brigands, Thodorof
says he met a Turkish pntrol of 30
men and urged them to pursue the
abductors. Tho members of the pa
trol replied, ho says, that they did not
regard it as their duty to do so, but
that he should appeal to the civil vice
Governor. Tills official declared tlint
It ws Missx Stone's own fault that
she was captured, as she should have
a military escort In her trip.
Two days later an order came from
Salonica, for the Turkish troops to
follow up the brigands, and tho pur
suit of the abductors began.
To Sell the Route
M. Hutin Sees No Trou-
ble Ahead.
Washington, Oct. 18. (Spl.)-M. Hn
tin; president of tho Pan-American
Canal Co., ' and Admiral Walker, of
the Isthmian Canal Commission are
holding dally conferences and Hutin
states that tho canal can bo Bold to
the United States without a single
reservation or complication, as easi'y
as a $50 horse. Tho canal Is two-fifths
completed and woidd cost when fin
ished $58,000,000 less than the Nlear-
aguan route.
Will Kindle Its Fires In Youngs
town Jan. I.
Youngstown, O., Oct 18. The now
plnnt of tho Youngstown Iron, Sheet
& Tube Co., which Is to cost $2,000,
000, will be lighted up on Jan. 1. Tho
plant will bo ono of tho strongest
competitors of Hie trust In tho coun
try. Tiio company will inako Iron
sheets and tubes. The company has
also In course of construction tho
building of two blast furnaces and a
mammoth Bessemer stool plant. Geo.
D, AVIck, who is nt the head of tho
company, Is one of the men who was
forced out of the Republic Iron &
Steel Co., being chairman of tho execu
tive bonrd.
Offered For Various Existing
Railway Puzzles.
Rlso of Frlii stock, from 13 or It
cents to 42 Is regarded by local rail
way men as one of tho things that
have caused tho recent stir In Erlo
and Great Northern railway circles.
When President Hill went Into tho
Erie, ho Is said to have fairly bought
bis way in, buying great quantities of
Erlo stock at 13 and 14 cents. Now
that tho same stock is worth 42 cents
It Is thought that perhaps Hill con
siders this a good time to sell, being
satisfied with his Investment.
At tho fenmo timo it Is noted that
many of tho schemes for tho Erie
that wero Intended by Mr. nill aro as
yet unaccomplished, and In caso ho
withdraws they will remain so. Tho
solution that is advnuccd, that says
Mr. Hill Is belling out to nfuko money
would also account Tor tho fact Unit
ho Is taking caro of his friends in tho
Erie and Is transplanting them to
other fields.
North Hill
Is Becoming Very
It Is expected that the water mains
how bolng laid on North HiTl will all
bo in before Nov. 1. Assistant Treas
urer Starr said" Friday that tho water
would bo turned on in about two
weeks. Next spring sldo streets on
which there aro a sufficient ivumber
of patrons, will be piped.
In view of tho Improvements on the
hill, N. Chalker Is preparing to
open an allotmenrthere, north of Cuy
ahoga Falls ave. Men aro now at
work grading for a new street for
him, a northerly continuation of Sec
ond t
It Will Soon be Issued
For Contributions to McKinley
Memorial Fund.
Washington, Oct 18. (Spl.) In a few
days a formal appeal will be Issued
to tho public by Henry B. F. McFar
land, president of tho McKinley Na
tional Memorial Arch association so
liciting subscriptions for the proposed
testimonial to be erected in this city.
The sum asked is $2,000,000.
For McKinley's Monument May
Come From K. of p.'s.
Sioux City, la., Oct 18.-(Spl.)-Dr.
Porterfleld, Grand Chancellor of tho
Knights of Pythias, suggests that uluo
K. of P. lodges in America contribute
$0,000 cash toward the McKinley me
morial at Canton, the money to be
used to furnish the base for the monu
ment Mr. McKinley was for 20 years
a K. P.
Detective Has
(Special Correspondence.)
Barberton, Oct 18. M. C. Martin,
a detective for tho C. A. & C, who
was In Barberton last week In an ef
fort to locate and bring to Justice
thieves who were known to have been
steallug from cars and other railroad
property in the corporation, failed in
his search and has left for other places
to take up the watch Tho depreda
tions were extensive and covered a
long period of time. The thieves, If
Barberton was the scene of their op
erations, were evidently tipped regard
ing the presence of the detective and
this Is given as tho reason for their
secrecy, of late.
Is Rapidly Approaching
Structure Will Add to Barberton' s
LooKs Tnis Year.
(Special Correspondence.)
Barberton, Oct 18. The progress
that has been madp In the construction
of tho now Catholic school and church
Is a sourco of pleasure to tho mem
bers of the congregation. Tho first
story Is nearly complete and the ma
sons and bricklayers aro rapidly ap
proaching the sepond. It Is hoped that
the building will bo ready for occu
pancy by tho end of the year and
tho progress lu tho building of tho
structures has been bo rapid as to
Justify tho prefllcUon, although there
btlll romalns a great deal of work to
bo douo before the building is finished,
after which wljl como the work of fit
ting and furnishing.
Cheap Jowolry Caused Arrest.
Joseph Ai McDowell, nn Akron
Young mdn, was nrrested at Ashland
Thursday( on suspicion. He had a
quantity of cheap Jewelry on his per
son. Tibbals Family to Reuno.
.A reunion of4the Tibbals family will
bo held Saturday at Charleston, Port
ago county. Hon, N. Dt, Tibbals and
1 family, o Akron, Will attend.
The Schley Court's
No Human Power Can
Tamper With It
Its. Recommendations Will Not
Necessarily be Followed.
Washington. Oct 18.-(Snl.) Tho de
cision of the Schley Court of Inquiry
will not be subject to revision by any
authority. When the members of the
Court complete their report they, will
give it to the Secretary of the Navy,
He will read It and will undoubtedly
make It public, but he will have no au
thority to change it, or to order the
Court to make changes. Neither will
tho Piesldent have this power.
It Is the duty of the Court to learn
the facts regarding Schley's conduct
and to recommend such future action
In tho case as It may deem proper.
If tho recommendations should not
meet with the appioval of the Secre
tary he would not need to act upon
them. But tho report will go upon rec
ord exactly as it is written.
When Capt Lomly brought forward
several junior lieutenants as witness
es, some of tho papers friendly to
Schley, ncused him of drawing upon
tho "kindergarten" for testimony.
Leased Land For
The spiritualists havo deserted Lake
Brady and have leased the Brown
form on the north side of thearoad near
the lake grounds. Many of tho cot
tages will be moved there and the
meetings will be held in the grove on
the farm. The principal reason fjjr
this Is that the spiritualists desire to
have a place for their exclusive use,
whero public picnics cannof We held.
The Weather:
London, Oct 8. (Spl.) Mies Pa
mclla Plowd.cn, daughter of a poor
East Indian Judge, Is soon to marry
Lord noward do Waldcn, who Is one
of tho richest men in England.
Miss Plowden, who Is tall, beautfTul
and clever, Is, despite, her povorty,
one of tho most admired young women
In London society.
For some tlmo sho has been chaper
oned by Ijidy Grunby, and has been
a familiar flguro at the opera and
other fashionable resorts.
Is After the Colonial Company's
Tho National Halt Co.-tho said
trust has been reaching out for tin
plant of the Colonial Haft Co., at Halo,
It Is' said tliat a large price has befit
offered for tho property and that wulli
the first offer has been refused, nego
tlatloiiK are still on.
It Is rather singular that tho soli
trust owns tho land Just across tha
railroad from the Colonial's plant,
where tho plHiit of the Akron Salt
Co. was torn down a couplo of year
Has Mrs. Witwer's Fate
In Balance.
The Result of Her Trial May Dc
pend on Him.-
Dayton, Oct. 18. (Spl.) Preliminary)
hearing of Mrs. Mary Bell Wltwer,
charged with poisoning her sister, Mr J,
Anna C. Pugh was to have held today,
but has now been postponed until
Tuesday. The complete result of tho
analysis made by Chemist Howard, oj
Columbus, has not been made public,
but a partial report fully confirms tho
report of Dr. C. H. Breidner, who hell
a post, mortem before tho caso waq
given to the coroner.
School Board Will Investigate
Lane School Lot Further.
The Board of Education will Invest!
gate the state of the Lane school lo-J
further before taking any action lit
the matter, and will determlno fully,
what kind of bottom the lot has, be
fore acting. Said Mr. Harpham, o2
the New Buildings commltte of tha
Board to a reporter Thursday: "Tha
Lstoiy in Wednesday's Democrat prac
tically expresses the whole mattei'.
It Is possible that wo will have til
purchase another lot before we can
build the new school. Tho comml-.
tees will have to meet and the Boar i
will have to decide tho matter later,
It is not probable that any steps will
be taken In the matter very soon."
Sho was a reigning Hello In Calcultl
when her father lived there. Sho Ijj
extremely aesthetic In her tastes.
Lord Howard, who Is Just of ago, !
about seven yea to younger than liU
fiancee, and is not tho first to whom,
Miss Plowden has been engaged, Sevi
eral years ago It was announced thai
sho would marry Lord Wolverton, butj
tlie engagement was broken off.
Lord Howard was at ono tlmo em
gaged to- an American girl whoso
mother faevcred tho cwjugejaejik
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