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V i-
For Beginning '02
Court Terms.
Parnate Case Starts on
Its Third Trial.
-Suit Started to Collect a Note
Before It Is Due.
Dates for beginning Common Pleas
and Circuit terms In Summit county,
In 1002 have been ilxed ns follows:
Common Pleas January i:t, to bo
opened by Judge J. A. Kobler; Apill
2S, by Judge Unyden; Oct. 2(1, by
Judge Nye.
Circuit Court April 11 and Sept. 22.
For the third time the damage case
"of, "Beth "Rlgby vs. The Northern tlhlo
Railroad Co. U on trial In Common
Pleas Comt. Twice verdicts were
given for the plalntlll, and twice have
the decisions been reversed by Clicult
Court. The third trial began Friday
morning, and It 'Is believed will occu
py several days. Hlgby was Injured
by the explosion of n heater In u ear
nt Delphos and sued for JflWiOO dam
age. Ho lives ut Delphos.
11, Paunenilller & Sons liave peti
tioned for a wilt of attachment on
propel tj of Romanies 15. and Romi
L. Halter as a iiumiih of obtaining
jiajment of a note for Nltl.52. Tho
note will not bo duo until Dee. 8, 11)01,
but tho Interest has not been Kept. up.
Mr. and Mri. Halter aio now living
In th'o west.
at the
Mr. Perry 13. Tanner has returned
from Rullnlo wheie, with his two
brothci.s, ho atiended the exposition.
Tho bioffieis in o Fii'd A. Tanner, a
traveling iiiau for a huge S.m Fiancls
co wholesale giocory, and I'oimerly
propiletor of tho largest gioeory hi
San Jose.Cnl. and Harry 1a Tiiuui-r.con-ncctcd
with a largo giocery at Butte,
Mont Tho thieo biothi'is giew up
In Orrvllle and all have been In thu
grocery business for years. Fred A.
Tanner wrn with his brother In Akion
for a time, 11 yearn ago.
Lewis Ockennan, Goshen, Ind: "De
Witt's Little Daily niseis never bend
mo double like other pills but do their
work thoroughly and make mo feel
like a boy. Ceitaln, thoiough, gen
tie." William Winner, Gem Pharmacy, 113
B. Howard t.
t S. & G. S vuwn
II. &E. fino
18h lbs.
100 11). col
ton bugs
25 lb. cot
ton bags.
20 lbs
22 j lbs fix
U, light
Schumacher & Gammeter
11M H. Houaid hI.
China t Japan Toa Stou-,
lloth plumes, ,'-'.
Ihe Grand, Saturday, Oct. 19
1.. 1 Htiilriiml Geo, 11. Nlcolul
Mr. Harry Glazier
In a iliumutlzutlon liy Otis Sk'n
ner of Holiert l.onls Sieveii
soii'h Iteantlfnl Story
Tho Ihithe New V.,i! l'ro.
Thirty-Kivi I'cople In the Cast
Two far LoailH of Seeneiy.
I'liecH, a.ic, r.0e "De. $1.00.
The Grand, g,
Favorite Attraction
The samoNow York cast in, pro
ncnted hero Inst seawn.
Trices ,25c-r0c-7Cc 51.00
mm w. Tioa:rfflEaiia:EjMgisrn
Together, There Arc. 15,925
School Pupils' In Summit County.
Deputy Auditor Mark D. ISuehman
bus just completed a consolidated re
port of school statistics for Summit
county during the year ending Aug.
1, 1001.
The nggiegate amount of money re
ceived by tho schools from the stato
during the year was $y;iO,00.U2; to
tal, including thu balance on hand at
tho beginning of the year, 103,2o0.!)8;
total expondltiues. $3511.722.21; bal
ance on hand, $114,r;)7.17.
I'liptls enrolled numbered 15,t23, nn
Increase of 1,032 over tho precedlug
year; theie niu more boys than girls
In school, there being 8,05S of tho for
mer, and 7,807 of tho latter. The av
erage cost of tuition per pupil, basing
on the enrollment, Is $10.."iO for pri-.
inary grades, and ?23.JK) in High,
schools; basing on the dally attend
ance, tho tuition per pupil In elemen
tary grades Is $9.03, and for High
schools, $29.02.
Motheis every wio'ro pialso Ono
Minute Cough Curp for the sufferings
It has relieved and the lives of their
little ones It. hap, jSnved. Strikes at
tho root of the trouble and draws out
the Inllammntion. Tho children's fa
vorite Cough Cure.
William "Warner Gonf Pharmacy,
113 S. Howard ut. .
Regarding It
The cases of Paik Blgolow and
I.orln Loomls, of Rlchlleld, chaigeii
with iippiopi luting a pint of a huge
sum of money found In n bain on the
Osboine fin in, will bo brought to tilal
this teun. There was a movement to
wiud tuklug these cases out of court,
but It has entirely failed.
Exhausted and Irritable conditions of
tho Nervous System pioduco Head
nches. Tho cuio Is to icstoio the nc
tiou of the neives to their normal con.
dltou anil glye the heait a tonic. Clinic
Headache Wafeis aie Just this cuie;
they act on tho Nones and are a tonic
to the ho.ur. Absolutely hamiless. 10
cents all druggists.
To Ram the Brooklyn
Commander Nicholson's Testi
' mony Today.
Washington, Oct. IS.- (Spl.)-ln the
Schluyi Court, of Iwiuiry this morning,
Coiuniandei' Nicholson, who wiih u.ivr
Igalnr of the Oiegon at Santiago, of-
feied the statement that during the
light of .Inly 3, tho Vlseiiyn stalled to-
l warn mo ijiuuiiiyii. nuo Kepi tins up
! for n time and then .iiuulo for thu
shore, Nleholhon added, however, 1
that ho baw no atteinpt'to ram the j
"A Oiitnry SearehllKht." by Geo.
W, ltnin, A lectin o veil woilh hear
hit;. At linptlNt Cluiieh tonight. 8
o'cloeU, Free.
To be Made by Repub
licans. Kepnhlloans koIiijj to Delaware for
tho openliiK of their State campaign
timiouow will leave Akron on the lirlu
at 7:08 n.nt. Almnt a half dozen, In
cIwIIdk Chalrnian Stnait, will be in
the paity.
The lefflHtmtlon yesteiday was Ilcht.
Tlieiy. 1h no Koneial ie?lstiatlon In
AUiun HiIh ear im In many cities.
The CumnilHHlmier law puts AUion
and YniiMKHfowu In a elnsi by them
sehes with leterenee to retflsttntlon.
Next Krlduy and Saturdaj will he
the last registration dajs 'I'lioso a1io
hae moved or new voters must leyls
ter or they cannot vote
Yesterday's roslstiatlon and trans
fers numbered jibont I'M
'J'hn Ttcpnhllean committee Is mak
Ini? Itj usual poll of the city TIiono
who oio dolus tho woik wiy It was
never holder to deteimlno 'a man's I
polities theie Is so little InteivM. I
Tho Democratic County and Ceuttal
committee and candidate will meet
at headqtiarteis In the Walsh block
nt i! p m tomorrow.
Hear Col Rain ut BaptKt Chuich
tonight at 8 o'clock. Free.
Snyod'v Officers.
Tho following oniceis were elected
Thursday at the meeting of East Ohio
synod of Lutheran chinch In Woostei:
PiCHidpnt, At thin- II Smith, Ashland;
secretaty, Elmer Kale, Clinton; treas
urer, John Motz, Akion.
O. M. I'helps, Forestdnle, Vt says
hlg child was completely cured of a
bad case 'of rcrenm by tho uso of Do.
Witt's Witch Hazel Salvo. Beware
of all counterfeits. It instantly re.
lloves piles.
William Warner,. Gem Pharmacy, 11?
S. Uowatd st.
Asthma Cure Free !
Asthmalene Brings Instant Relief and Permanent
Cure in All Cases.
There Is nothlngllke Asthmalene. It tulnga luatunt ro;
lief, even In the w oi'3t cases.' If cuies when all elw
Tho Rev. 0. F. Wells, of Villa Ridge, 111., says;
"Your tilal bottle of Asthmaleno received in good con
dltlon. I cannot tell you how thankful I feol for the
good derived from It I was n slave, chained with pu
tild soro throat nud asthma for ten years. I despaired of
ever being cured. I caw your advertisement for the cure
df this dreadful and toniienthig disease, asthma, nud
thought you had overspoken yourselves, but resolved to
glvd 11 a trial. To my astonishment tho trial acted
like a charm. Send mo n full-size bottle."
We want to send to every sufferer a trial treatment of Asthmaleno,
similar to the one that cured Mr. Wells. We"ll send it by mail POST
rAID, ABSOLUTELY KREH OF CHARGE, to' any sufferer who will
wilta for It, even on a postal. Never mind, though you are despahlng,
however, bad jour- case, Asthmalene will relieve and cure. The woisq
your caso, the more glad we are to send it. Do not delay. Write at
once, addressing DR. TAFT BRO S.' MEDICINE CO., 70 East 130tli ut,
N. Y. City. Sold by All Druggists.
i B ! I w ra . m MM
JLvJLe Jf A. 1 'wjLJL i TlJuLr. x
Are Showing This Season an
Unusually Attractive Lima of
O "
iThopriffrnt which wo
i 2 r5,W P3 -STTJk fS J H. iSSS K
I m Br I w& W 3k 1 i
ft i firtx ra II w Ha tH!b iii trm h t
be 5 wasimmmiwttr cu mm ma s
I 300M AS--- I
Raglans, :;.
1 UT Bff T1-J.
new Mamas, ,-,; i
J ---Ofciffl Coats, -
. ? i$ip&9 .TiUarpd 'Q
y JLCv., vB.il VkJ it CtLfl.l V','t6. C
X undotijitedl amMfL iho attention of ovory prospective"!
v pairon,
h 1 MU
ct&o AoaaooAC.vftaoj.o;yx
Mr. W. (i. Robinson has returned
fiom a month's stay In tho east.
Dr. O. T. I'aiks has moved his oillco
Into the Security Savings Rank Build
lug. .Mlhs Maiijle Brumlmugh will visit
a few weekV wlh fronds and rela
tives at Mitlltforo, o,;;
Min. 12. (.1, t'liumlioVn ami son, All
ien, of imt! it.ileli wt., are visiting
fi lends In VrederlcktcnVn.
Mr. Cltith. I'hik of Fiedeiicktuwn
was the gucht of hH brother l.loyn
Find, Went .MarHet si -Thuinilay
Mr. Scott Rockwell, of Kent, Uio
Demoeiatlc nominee for Prosecuting ' Ohio Synod of tho UvanRollcal Lutn
Atloiney of Portage county was injeran chuich.' Tho Synod will remain
Akion yesteiday. ni session until Monday. 'There will
Mr. S. b. Pel Kins of 10a N. Walnut, I
will go to Hudson Saturday to speuuj
tho winter with his alwtcr-ln-hiw, Ca
nielln 1). WIlcov,
Ptosecutop It. l Wiinnmakcr will
bo one of the hpcikeis at tho open
ing of tho Republican campaign Sat
uiilay night at Sandusky.
Mr. and Mis. J. '1 Allen ami sou,
ClUYoul, of Akron, attended tho double
wo,mln f couples of pioniluent
Warren joung people Wcdneday ov
M lobes Martha Vosburg, Ellzalieth
Halllnan, Ka(e Tohlu, Inez ami Ollvo
Woodln and Idu Lawton, weio ut
Cleveland Thursday nignt attending
the theater.
A social vlll bo held il tho West
Coiuicgntloiial chinch tonight nt 7:.10
o'clock, All who aio Interested in tho
elmteh and Sunday'schooi are cordial
ly invited.
Mr Walter P. Street, who icnre-
sents the Hjillwood Casji Register
Company at Cleveland, U the guest
of his paients, Mr, and Mrs. August
Stieet, 'of Water street,' ' i
A meeting of the committee nnd of
tlcers of the Mothers' and Teachers'
Circle will he held Rattudny afternoon,
at ll o lock, (it the homo, of Mrs. T.
E. Wells, di'l'j R. Ruchtei nve.
Mr. Wm. Williams has returned from
Cloveland, whero he attended the Mi
nimi convention of tho Soda Bottlers'
of America. He ajxo visited his daugh
ter, Miss nil.nbpth, who U attending
school at Nottingham.
- 'rif AfBfc!-
VEUBt. U mwHJ-i.".-. -I - ra.'-grailftHI,
nits Etc.
oflbr those garments will
The T. V. C, U. of t;ho, Unlversallst
chm eh will hold a business meeting
and social at the. home of thq super
intendent, IM Brown St., Satmday,
at 2 p.m. All wJjo liavoi.been mem
bers of tho Y. V. O. U. aro Invited to
Columbia council, Daughters of Lib.
erty, will eoiulut't a progressive pedro
paity, at their meettng place Thursday
evening, Oct. IM. Summit council,,
O. U. A. M., to which tho Daughters
of Liberty aie auxiliary, ncopteU an
Invitation to attend.
Rev. .1. II Inn nnd Mr. AVm. II.
Blown aro in WooMor to attend the
(iUlh annual convention of tho East
be no pieachlng Kcrvlccs In St. Paul's
Evangelical laithpian church Sunday,
but tho Sunday school nnd . P, will
hold their sessions ns usual.
A rcccpt'on to tho public Is being
held in the ait looms at Buchtel col
lego by the teacher, Miss May F. San
ford, and pupils. The reception be
gan Thursday evening nnd will be
concluded this Friday evening, It
was well attended Thursday evening.
Prof. Stickles' orchestra was In at
tendance, nnd light refreshments -vvere
Mr. A. S. Giecnbauui nnd Mss Min
nie Fuerst vveie married Wednesday
evening nt tho homo of tho bride's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Fuerst,
857 South Main St., by Rabbi I. Phllo
TJiq decoiatious of ilowors and smllas
were pretty and tho wedding march
was played by Morey's orchestra.
During the wedding supper announce
ment was nimlo of tho engagement of
Miss Floin Puerst and Mr, Joseph
Rosonlleld of Cleveland Mi', nnd Mrs.
Gieenbnuin will live nt 050 E. Market
st. Tho bridegroom Is a well known
clothing salesman irttb Greenwood
Brothers. The bride has for so' o
time been ua employo of tho Boston
Attorney W. A. Spcnc'or nnd Ilss
Gerfrudo V. hue were married Thurflr
.dny evening, at 5:30, nt the homo or,
'the bride's parents, Mr, and Mrf
r . m
btllE. JaCKCt
al 0l vAJ
For Week Beginning Saturday, October 19th.
1UU0 yds. best $1 Silk Velvet, black Q
and oolors, your choice during this sale at O 7 C
One lot all wool Mixvd Plaids, suitable
for children's dresses, regular price 25c 1 En
and 80c, during this sale : ""
One lot 50d Meltons for Walking Skirts OQp
or Suits at ,i'u
One lot 54 inch Suitings, black and colors, ZLftp
regular price 75c, sale price "ruu
One lot all wool Tricot Flannel, all shades, ORo
suitable for waists or dresses, 39o quality at
Best Values at Lowest Prices
In Blankets, Comfortables, Woolen and Fleeced Un
derwear and Hosiery.
Ra,glans, Newmarkets, Three Quarter length
Coats, 27-inch Jackets, cut the proper
f ( shapes, njade of the latest materials, fill
'tho popular shades, at fclie right prices,
from $r,50 to $30
Tailor Made Suits, tho very latest fashions,
from $10 to $20
j Stylish Dress Skirts, black and colors,
from $3.98 to $20
j The, most complete line of -Walking Skirts.in
cne cicy, irom $.5.3U 10 $1U
Silk Waists, black and nil the popular
shades, .at ,$3, $3.98 and $5
Fancy Flannel Waists, in all the- pretty
shades, from , $1 to $5
Children's Automobile Coats, from $2.50 to $10
Fur Scarfs, from $1.50 to $25
145 S. Howard St.
' A nice line of Milwaukee, Wis., del
icatcBscn meats.
Gernian Pumpernickel Bread.
Froh Oysters In pans.
' Genuine hand-made old-fashioned
Neufchntel, Cream and Fromage do
Brio Cheese.
Roquefort, and Sap Sago Cheese.
Saratoga Potato Chips. '
Cottage Cheese, and German -Hand
Cervelot and Goethler, Summer Sau
sage. All the above good things we expect
Our Special ale
This week has attracted crowds of people to the Glove De
partment. We still have a limited quantity that wo aro
soiling at 75c and 48c, former prices. 75o and $2.
Also a very attractive lot of GOLF GLOVES for ladies,
misses and children at 25c and 50c a pair.
Ch'as. W. Huso, of 232 Carroll st. Tho
ceiemony was performed by tho
groom's bi other, Rov. John A. Spen
cer, of Hartford, Cojin. Immediately
after the ceremony an elnborato wed
ding supper was borved The wed
ding wns attended by 30 guests. Mr.
and Mrs. Spencer will live at 211 Beck
ave. Mr. Speifcer has nu oillco In tho
Akron Savings Bank building, nnd his
olfiit) associates T.avo decorated his
loom profusely with white streamers
and various plncaids. Rico Is scatter
ed over tho door In generous quantity.
Mr. Spencer Is one of Akron's most
prominent young attorneys. During
tho,' war with Spnln ho went to Cuba
with to Eighth regiment, a momber
of Co,- B.
No such thing ns "summer com.
plaint" whero Dr. Fowler's Extract of
Wild Strawberry Is kept handy. Na
ture's icmedy for looseness of the
HARTER Mrs. Percy Hnrter, wife
of Jerome Hnrter, died at Jouesboro,
Ind,, Friday morning, as tho result
of an operatlou, the resultant shock
of which she wns unablo to overcome.
The remains of Mis. Hartor will bo
brought to Akron nnd tho funeral will
tnko ,placo at 111 Franklin Bt, Satur
day nt 1 p.m. Services will bo held
iit Loyal Onk at 2:30 and Interment
will be had at umt pitcc.
McDERMOTT U-euo McDcrtt,
ngcil $ year, oldest child of Mr. nnd
Mrs. Barney MeDormott, 114 S. Batch
st, died Thursday night of convul
sions Tho funeral will be held Sunday
afternoon, nt St. Vlncenl lie Pnul's
Cthollc church.
In for our Saturday trade.
Last Saturday tvo were disappointed
In not gettbg our order of the Pumper
nickel Broad, but think It will come
this time sure.
Don't forget that we slice the best
boiled ham nnd dried beef that we
are nblo to procure;, we slice it right
for ypu.. Would like you to try It.
New goods just In.
German Zwieback nnd German
Tenbknchcn Cakes, and full line fancy
cakes. Come In and see them.
Teh No. 05.
Died In Columbus.
Mr. M. F. Gerus, formerly of Ak
ron, died Friday morning In Columbus,
of which city he removed two years
ago. He was about 00 years old. He
leaves a wlfo. 'The remains will bo
brought hero for burial.
Meat Market Changei Hands.
F. A. Wolf has sold his meat mar
ket at 021 East Mill St., to Mr. A. It
Splcer and Mr. Henry Nieman.
A Typical South African Store.
O. R. Larson, of Bay Villa, Sundays
River, Capo Colony, conducts a store
typical of South Afrjca, at which can
bo purchased anything from the pro
verbial "needle 'to an anchor," This
6toro Is situated In a valley nine miles
from the nearest railway station nnd
about tweuty-flvc miles from tho near
est town. Mr. Larson says: "I nui fav
ored with tho custom of farmers with
in a radius of thirty miles, to many of
whom I havo biippjiod Chamberlain's
remedies. All testify to their value
In a household where a doctor's ad
vice is almost ouVof tho question.
Wltbln ono mile of my store, the pop-
ulatlon Is perhaps sixty. Of these,
within the past twelve months, no less
than fourteon havo been nbsolntely
cured by Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy. This, must surely 'be a record,"
Tor snlo by all druggists, E. Stein
itJteher & Co., wholesalo agents.
FOR RENT-A six 'foonj house nt 120
Silver St.; all modern Improvements.
Inquire pn premises or ITS South
Main st. 154-160
I ft'l llB'!l!..JU lllimimimmmwfmm fl I jl t
( I J '
Handsome, New and Slightly
Used Instruments Placed
Side by Side.
Special Low Prices Prevail
Without an Exception, Dur-
ing this Sale.
Wo havo been so exceedingly busy
this last week, selling some twelvo
uprights from tho Akron store alone,
that many advantages of our store
have not been presented to tho public.
Tomorrow wo shnll start "a sale that
will bo a rocord breaker." Wo havo
decided to close out soma 50 fino up
right pianos thnt have been slightly
used rented, returned from summer
resorts, etc. to make room (for an
Immense new stock of pianos, somo
thirty Instruments that wb have at tho
Valley depot. Hero are some of tho
Elegant ?350 Kimball upright 'piano,
been used a short time better than
the day when sold; credit will bo ap
plied to a customer buying this of
Wo will explain tho reasons to you
when you come In.
One small sized Kimball, been used .
about six months. In splendid con
dition, shipped In from country
amount, $200.
This piano is worth $325 to any one.
Ono elegant Splelman upright piano,
duplicate of the Capen
Nice mahogany case, Ivory keys, ana
carved panels. Splendid Instrument
for any home.
One Bradford piano returned to ua
by party leaving city. Nice walnut
case, etched panels, Ivory keys, sweet,
mellow tone an Instrument that will
serve 20 years of best wear
Very easy payments.
One large slzo mahogany cased pi
ano, almost new, ordered In from Can
ton store, to sell In this sale. A piano
that is worth $300 for all purposes.
Takes this.
One $350 Ebersole piano tho last
one we have In stock. A remarkably
fine Instrument In beautiful walnut
case, etched panels. Special reason
for offering at low price. Mr. Ferdi
nand Schumacher recently purchased
a piano from this same' factory.
Buys tills instrument one of the most
delightful bargains ever offered in
AKron. , ,
Ono Stelnwny piano soven and a
third octaves, Ivory keys, splendid con
dition, '
$125. $5 a month.
Ono nno Fuller piano, good condition-
$90. $4 a month.
One Light & Co. piano, splondld con-d!tIon-$85.
One Ltghto & Ernst piano in splen
did condition $75. $4 a monlh.
One Grovensteen & Co. piano $60.
$4 a month.
One Ballontlno piano $35, $3 a
One Flsk piano $40.
One Geo. Howes piano $5;
One Illslng piano $10.
One Estey six ocjwe organ, nipti
top, looklngglass $60.
Beautiful instrument. ,
One Packard, high top, looklngglass,
Ono fino Jewett & Goodman, six
octave $40.
Elegant now Kimball, six octavo,
with mirror $75.
Palaco organ $15.
Simmons & Clough organ $ JO.
Klnnard & Dreher $5.
Dreher & Klnnard $3,
Ono Akron organ $5.
Threo other Instruments $5 eacfc,
The Bargains Are Going Exceedingly Fast
and by the time the first of Decem
ber comes nothing but new stock will
bo left. Now Is the time for you to
purchase your Instrument while our
stock' is complete. Remember I am
a cash-buying dealer nnd handle tho
Ahlstrom Kimball, Hobart H. Oablo,
Royal, Stoger, Singer, Baus pianos
Mason & Hamlin, Estey, Edna and'
Kimball organs. I sell more pianos
and organs In actual numbers in my
three stores than any firm in North
ern Ohio. I don't except any Clove
land house, or any Cincinnati house.
I buy my pianos and pay for them
In cash. I employ agents, end if I
get after you I shall sell you a piano
and you will bo exceollngly glad be
fore you get through with It that you
purchased your Instrument at my
store. I await tho pleasure of a call
from you, and will not be undersold!
or defeated with any piano, organ, or
piano player on earth. Kindly
"Try Clo or OnJ"
A. B. Smith
220 S. Main St., Akron, O.
221 8. Howard st., Akron, O.
132 S. Mnrket St., Canton, O. t
5 W. Main St., Mnsslllon, O.

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