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Message on Rec
ord. President Roosevelt's
Nearly Ready.
Not Recommend Special
Trust Legislation.
Washington, Oct. 2S.-(Spl.)-Wlmt
will, in nil piobnhlllty, be tlio short
est Presidential message over sent
from the "White House to the Capitol
is nearlug completion now. President
Roosevelt has Intimated to the mem
bers of his Cabinet, that he will read
the message as fur as completed to
them some time this week, probably
on Friday.
It Is understood that reciprocity, the
trusts encouragement of the merchant
marine, tlio Piicllle cable, the Nlcar
uguuu canal arm tho need of a greater
navy will be tho principal topics dis
cussed. Regarding trusts, -tho President, al
though holding stiong opinions, will
not recommend any special legislation
but Will tell Coiigtcss that such
measures should bo passed as will
proveut tho giant combinations fiom
menacing the ptosperlty of tho coun
try. It Is undeiHtood that tlio Pies!
dent does not favor n further reduc
tion of the war taxes.
His Name Suggested at
Ex-Senator Butler "One of His
Washington, Oct. 2S.-(Spl.)-Uenr
Admiral Schley Is today talked of by
many prominent southerners -as tho
next 1'rcslduutln 't-nudldutu on the
Democratic ticket. Ills most notublo
supporter Is IC.v-Beuator Marlon But
ler, of North Carolina.
the Anti-Cantee
General Miles Thinks There's Too
Much Authority at Washington.
Washington, Oct. 28.-(Spl.) -Oen.
Miles' annual repot t, which was made
public today, Mating that tho nntl
cunteon order had worked no damage
but rather a benefit to tho soldiers.
Ho says ho hopes tho forces In Cuba
nud thu Philippines can booh bo
greatly reduced. Ho nlso says that
Washlntgou exercises nltoegther koo
much authority over thu department
commanders and ho recommends do.
centralization us soon as possible. Ho
considers tho centnill.ntlou principle
n defect In our military system.
Rummage Sold to Aid In Church
The rummage salo conducted by
ladles of thu Uulverhallsl chinch In a
Howard St., stole loom closed with
mi auction Saturday night In which
inany articles weio sold for one cent
ench. About $200 was realised. Near
ly an much has been cleared by thy
rinnuiago salo of St. Mary's Guild of
tle Chinch of Our Huvlor, In the Walsh
Died In Akron.
Hliner Won, of Hudson, ugod 22
years, died at the City Hospital, Sat
urday night, after an Mucks of 10
(luys. He wns tho son of Mr. and Mrs.
J, O. Blen, of Hudfcon, nud wns well
liked by all who knew him. Tlio
funeral will bo held at the homo of his
'-" Bister, Mrs. Frank Ingerton, nt Pculii.
'? p)a, 'Tuesdny at 1 p. m.
, J JTred Blen, of Ml Voik st, this city
,A nnd Elton W. Blen, of Hudbon are
1 brothers of the deceased.
t .
JM Ignture U on eyory box ot the gonulno
Guative BromoQtiinine Tabuu
' JHrMPefy tbftt mvm cola la m any
- V
British Cruiser Added to Island's
Naval Strength.
Barrow, Eng., Oct. 2S.-(Spl.)-Tlio
British cruiser King Alfred wns
launched nt the Vlckcr's yntds hcic
The King Alfred Is n cruiser of the
first-class. She has an nrniaiuent of
18 guns, a displacement of 1-1,100 tons,
and Is u Vessel of 30,000 horse-power.
Titus Will Row For Them at
New York, Oct. 28. (Spl.) At a
special meeting of the Union club yes
teiday It was decided to send O. S.
Titus, the amateur sculler, to Kngland
next .luiio to compete for tho diamond
sculls. Tho race will take place at
Henley on June 10, 1002 nnd Titus
will leave for England next May.
Ho will commence training nt once. ,
Nearly Finished With
Fall Contest.
H. H. Jacobs Made
Amateur Record.
In the fall championship eoiltest
among the Portage golfers, Dr. II. II.
Jacobs defeated K. E. Andtews with
2 up and 1 to play and (loo. D. Bates
defeated II. A. Wright, fi up and -1
to play In the matches Suluidiiy.
These gentlemen will play the finals
next SMtuiday.
In tho consolation match, Herman
Barnes defeated Lucius Lyman, fi up
and ii to play and N. P. fluodhuu de
feated Aithur J.alhau ;t up and 1 to
Dr. Jacohii nindo u new amateur
record for the course when ho defeat
ed Mr. Andrews, finishing in 81. Mr.
Andrews formerly held tho record of
8(1 for tho course.
Nearly Wiped .Out by
of the Sons Arrested on
' Suspicion.
South Bend, Ind., Oct. 2S,-(Spl.)-
Oluirlca Webb, aged 22, died last night
from tho effects of corroslvo poison
ing administered by unknown parties
last Friday. Ma mother, Helieccnh
Wobb, Is at death's door from tho
saiuu cause. Ills sister Corn was also
poisoned, but wns the leant affected
and latu yesterday morning respond
ed to the call of a neighbor whoso at
tention was attracted by groans from
tlio house.
She said she find her mother had
eaten chicken ami a eoeonnut pud
ding for dinner 'Friday and she
thought her illness came either from
this or from tle fumes of escaping
coal gns, but she could not account
for tlic Illness of her broUier who had
not taken dinner with Uiem.
Instead, of calling help site lay on
thu bed and weiit to sleep until amused
by tho neighbors. She Is kept under
sui'vellhiucu at thu hospital, while an
other brother, U. Giant Webb, who
was ordered from homo ii week ago,.
becuuso lie would not assist In thu
Huppurt of thu fainllj, wnu placed
under urivnt
It Broke
and Three
Men Were
New Voile, Oct. 28.-(Spl,)-Ono man
was fatally Injured and tlueo others
ho lHidly hurt that they may die, In
an accident at Pier 17, IliooMjn this
morning. -They weiu raising a skid to
the deck of tlio Wind Hue steamer
King Gilllldo, when the chain cable
The chain swung buck acrot-a tho
deck ot the boat, striking John Mona
linn and Benjamin O'Connors. Tlio
skid fell to the deck ot d lighter by
the side of tlm steamer and crushed
Henry Gllfoid ami Win, Laser. All
weio taken to the Long Island col-
lego hospital, wheiu the physicians
suld that Mouiihaii would die and tho
otlicis might not lecover.
Honey, Rum & Tar
All Claims Against
Purchaser Found For
Marseilles Property
And Court Asked
Approve Terms.
N. 0. T. Co. Made Defendant
In Another Damage Suit.
The asslgnegs of. Ferdinand Schu
macher have, mriuigcd. to .sell tho
piopcity of the -Marseilles Water Pow
er Co., at Mai Sollies, III.,' to F. S. Don
noil for 210,000. In an application to
Piobate Court fdr approval of tho
bale, tho assignees represented
that' the proceeds would pay tho re
maining Indebtedness of the assignor,
and leae him some money besides.
AFTKlt N .0. T. AGAIN.
Dan'l .1. Bates staited suit hi Com
mon Pleas Couit Moudaj to lecover
fiom Uie N. O. T. Co. if 10,000 dam
ages lor the death of John W. Bates.
Ho has In ought thu stilt as adminis
trator, and represents that the moth
er, In others and slsteis of tho boy,
who was aged 17 yeais, have been
damaged In the amount asked. The
death was caused Oct. -1, by electio
cutloii at the coiner of McCoy and
Miami hth. The claim is made l.uat
the guy iopo which broke, allowing
lives whes to fall to the ground, was
rusty and worn out, nud that Uie
company knew Its coudtllon.
Amos White, In a petition to Com
mon Pleas Coutt, repieents that his
fai in hi Kiunkllu township has been
damaged by Amby Leo and Alexan
der Collier, wiio opeiato a coal mine
east of his property. He claims that
when they pump water liom tho mine
11 fiows upon his land and lie asks for
an order restialuiug them from al
lowing this condition to continue, lie
also asks for uuuiiges.
Judge Kohler on Monday guu.ied a
deeieo of dlvoiee to Doiu Kilmer hi
her suit iignliibt Hniiinuel Kilmer. She
was also given custody of tlio ehll
dien, and the deienuuut ouleied to
pay alimony tor the support of the
Default Judgment was tendered
.Monday for the plaintiff In tho case of
Clias. 11. lsbeil vs. MnUhins and Cntli
utiiio Wein for .flir.3."i. The suit was
to collect payment of a note.
Tho temporary Injunction gianteu
upon application of Osboino Ksgatu
lestrulnlng tho City of Akron from
Helllug $1(18,000 worth of bonds, was
continued Indefinitely by Judge Koh-let-
Anna D. Waiter, of Akron, was on
Monday adjudged Insane by Probate
Judge Audeisou,
Faithful Horse Brought a Mur
dered Man.
Plymouth, Ind., Oct. 2S.-(Spl)-A
mysterious crlmu ciimo to light today
four miles noith of here. At daylight
this morning tho dead body of Myers
Heard, aged 11), was found In a bug
gy, thu horso having can led him to
the gate of his fnthci's home and re
maining theiu until found by pusbcru
Young Beard had spent Sunday ev
ening away from home, and It Is uup
posed the horr-o had been btandliig nt
tho gate for Mneral hours. An exam
ination of the body revealed a btille-t
hole In the temple. It Is certain uow
that ho wax murdered.
Verdict of
Jury In
the Rose
Tlio Jury In the cato against John
Itose, accused ot the minder of Oliver
Houghton, at Seville, loturned n ver
dict of manslaughter, Uosq was con
victed of minder in the spwuid degree.
Attorney ti. (i. Uogers, ot Alciou, was
one of Koso's couiibel.
Excavating For Jail.
ContrnctoiB began Monday to ox
cavato for the foundation pf tho new
JalL .
Neighbors Built a Pond and Bred
the Pests.
New York, Oct 2S.-(Spl.)-Albert
Turner, who lives at Ghnppnqua near
this city, has begun suit for ?2,000
damages against Mr. nnd Mrs. A. T.
Valentine, his next door neighbors, He
alleges that tho Valentine's built a
spile pond between his lesldence nnd
theirs and thnt mosquitoes bred here
nnd annoyed him $2,000 worth last
season. Both families nio wealthy. '
Earl Russell's Action
Now Free.
His Countess Received Decree of
Absolute Divorce.
London, Oct 28. (Sp).) The divorce
court today made the Countess of
Itussell's divorco decree absolute.
This action of tho conit permits
Kail Itussell to legally marry Mis.
Sommervlllo, his provlous niarrlago to
whom, In Nevadu, caused his lui-prlt-oument
for three mouths on a
chuige of bigamy.
Preparations to
Her Life.
Ended In a Successful Attempt
by Chloroform.
Marld.ii, Conn., Oct. 28. (Spl.) Miss
Alice G. Kills, aged II for years
a governess In the family of the late
Dwlght P. vlleox, of Ihe Inter nation
al Silver Co , was found dead on the
i ear veinnda of the Wiko res'donce
jesteidny inoinliig. Over her head
was a small blnck silk bag In which
was n sponge'vnturaieii witn cltloto-n
. . - ii t'
town. Sulelde'was preiuedltiitvd, as
was shown by tho careful itnungo
nieiits Miss Bills had made.
a Meeting to Form a
NeSv Trust.
Munele, Ind, Oct. 28, (Spl.) A
meeting of the National organization
of Wludow Glass simpers Is being
held hero tod-iy, to adjust u settle with
the American Window Glass company.
Forty delegates me present, represent
ing Ohio and Indiana unions. Penn
sylvania has also Milmilltcd a scale.
ICach local union N submitting Its
scale, nnd thine Is much conrtoversy
and dllllculty in reaching an agree
Injuries Received
South llend, Oct. 28.MSpl,)-Tho
stomach of Uhnrles Webb, who died
suddenly last night from the tITcctn,
It Is believed, of eonoslvo poison, ad
mlnlsteied by a unknown person was
removed this, inmning and sent to OlilJ'
cngo for examination nis sister Cora,
IiIih pinetlcally u-eovered, but Is still
uuder close survoillanco nt tho hospi
tal. No 6no Is allowed to see either
her or lief biother, Grant, who Is, be
ing held In Jail or suspicion. Tho
condition of Mis. Webb Is serious iiituf
it Is f rated that she cannot recayor.
Tomorrow's Races.
hutrles for the lust mntlneo of tho
Akion Hilvlng club have been slowor
in arriving than was expected by the
members of tho club mid tho list wnu
not ready for publication today. Near
ly all of the Aktou tilers, except a
few of the hors.es that have been sick
wlll bo In the going, however, nud an
afternoon of good hport Is promlbcd.
In Cincinnati 4,544 Less Than'
Last Year.
Cincinnati, O., Oct. 28.-(Spl.)-The
total legiHtratlon in Cincinnati, was
7(I,a03, as compared with 81,817 lu
1000, and ll.ltld in 1899.
Light In Toledo,
Toledo, O., Oct. 28. (Spl.) The to
tal registration in Toledo wns 21,572.
This is a falling off of'nbout 0,000 as
compared with the figures In 1000,
Anything for sale
Democrat LIueis.
trade, 'ivy',
Attorney Francis Sclborllng is In tho
East on business.
Mr, Geo. D. Bates Is on a business
trip of several days In tho East.
Mrs, George Sutton, of Akron, visited
friends lu Wndsworth, last week.
Mrs. J. T. Dlenier arrived in Akron
fiom Buckley, Wash., Sunday.
Mrs. A. J. Lawrence of Adolph uve.
la visiting her parents lit Hoboken,
N. .T.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. G. Allen have
returned from u live weeks' stay -in
Miss Hnt'tto SMorrlsou has returned
to her home In Akron, after a visit
wUJi-frlouds In Wndsworth ami Me
dina. Mrs. Lulu Father Crawford was giv
en a kitchen shower Friday evening at
the home of her mother, Mrs. Lavhm
Paikcr, lu East Exchange st ,
Hov. Dr. W. II. Rider, formerly of
Akron, has been transf en cd fiom the
Alliance, O., M. E. church to Simpson
M. E. church In Minneapolis.
Messrs,. Milton and Will Ilcrrold and
Louis MeKenzlo-weut to Fludlay, Mon
day, whole they assumed chnrge of tho'
Hub- shoe stoic, which they recently
dipt.- Aaron Wagoner lias been ap
pointed as ono of the Ohio delegates
to the National Prison Association
Co-iveiitlon to be held lu Kansas City.
Nov. 0-ia. Gov. Nash made the ap
pointment. r
Mrs. 'William Redding, of Akron, is
the guest of her mother, Mrs. Parks,
Of Glcsitcr uve. Mis. Chillies
Cionowett went' to Akron yesterday
to visit relatives. George Mil
bpuine, of Akion, is tho guest of his
cousin, Murtls Fulger, of Bowman
St. Mnnsilcld Shield.
Children, giandclilldren and friends
Joined in making tho golden wedding
anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Stephen
iiintnor a success, Saturday. The
home of the aged people, at 508 W.
Market st, was the scene of the cele
bration and Mr. and Mrs. GInther,
both of lvlioin are enjoying the best of
health went the recipients of many
eongi at illations.
.Mrs. Geo. Worron entertained with
an nutiini g.-itherlng and chestnut
hunt at her home on Perkins t, Sat
urday evening in honor of her bus
baud's birthday. Cnids and music
were enJojiil A harvest lunch was
served in tlie attic, the tables being
decorated with eiindeVibrii of the
itiicleut style, Jack o'hinterus nud
autumn leaves. Tho menu was upplcs
and elder, pumpkin pie, ginger bread
and chestnuts.
.Mr. John Baragy and .Miss Helen
Cllue, both of Bniberton, came to the
residence of Rev. .1. W. Monro on
Miiln St., and were quietly married,
after which they tool; the car for Bar
bel ton, wlicro they will tesldo.
Saturday evening nt 8:110, .Mr, Frank
Mosler and MlbM Nina Weber were
mauled at tho residence of tho brido'u
father, 202 Yale St. The ninirlago was
solemlzed by Rev. J. W. Mooio of tho
Main st., M. E. church. Only tho
Immediate friends of the bride and
gloom weii) present nt the marriage.
After tho soicniony these sat down to
a wedding supper. The occasion was
enlivened by the presencu of "tho
binall boy nud Ills sister," who wero
aimed with brass bomb and other In
struments of music.
Tho Dnughteis of Lie King of St.
Punl's"' Episcopal chinch wllj , berve
supper In thu dining loom of the
church, Tuesday evening fiom tl to ?.
Invitations lu tho follow lngJ form havo
been Issued:
Oh! Come to "our Hallow'eeii social!
Wo want this Invitation
To be a gteat tcmptntlou
To which every one will yield.
And for luscious piimpklu pic,
Oysters and doughnuts do not sigh.
Como and take supper with the
Daughteis of the King,
And of these good things eat your
For Just a qunrter In our till.
ALiUUail-Poul Thurlow, sis
llnys old, ton of Mr. and Mrs. T. K.
Albaugh, 100 Oakdalo avo died Mon i
day morning. Funeral services will
ho held from tho house, privately at
10 a, m. Tuesday.
Hleliards Cecllo Ulchards, one year
old, daughter of Mr. and Mis. Titos.
Ulcluirds, 40." Jackson st, died Into
Saturday of congestion of the lungs.
Kuucrnl services wero held Monday
WALLAOIC-Oct. 20, to Mr. and Mrs.
llobt, Wallace, 41G Hazel st, a sou.
TltAOBY Oct. 120, to Mr. nnd Mrs.
John A. Tuiey, 3120 UnuU st, a daugh
ter, Masquerade costumes for rent. Mrs
llr Fischer 100 Grant 8t l'honp'154
N. O. T. Co. Got Ahead
of C. & P.
Built Some Track at Kent Sun
day Night.
The N. O. T. Co.,, Sunday night
stole a march on tho Cleveland &
Pittsburg Railway Co., by laying track
on sonio disputed .lnnd, just north of
Kent, In the road leading to Ravenna.
The O, & P. claimed to havo an op
tion on the land and forbid tho N. O.
T. to lny tracks on it Sunday night
the N. O. T. rushed a largo force of
men Into Kent, nnd by Monday morn
ing had a track over the foiblddcn
But the Football Player
State University's Center
Rush Near Death.
Columbus. Oct. 28. (Spl.)-John
Slgtist, the Ohio State University
center tush, whost neck was broken
lit Saturday's foot ball game, with
Western Reserve Is still alive, but
llioie seems- little hope for his re
covery. An opeintlon will probably Ijo
attempted today.
New YoiIj, Oct. 28. (Spl.)-A letter
fiom the house of bishops was react
111 some of tuo Protestant Episcopal
churches yesteidny. It Is only on
rare occasions that the church, as a
church, "takes Mdo lu a political con
test. The letter called upon the rec
tors "to stir the slumbering niniihood
and sense of civic duty which should
tako the city fiom the hands of those
who uro largely employed In trading
In thu bodies and souls of the Inno
cent and defenceless."
Fight mong Pennsylvania
Grecnsburg, Pa., Oct 2S (Spl.)
Lust night a tight occurred among the
foreign element nt Loyal Hannii about
tho anarchistic vlows of somo of the
miners there. Antonla Motln, moro
conservative than the others, was shot
nnd died early this morning. John
Motnnlr was'shot in the legs.
The muiderer, who was i stranger
and unknown in tho community tied
as soon ns ho committed tho deed and
so far has eluded tlio otllcors.
The opinion of Judge Nye In tho
Injunction case against tho City or
Akron has not yet been received.
Easl" Liberty, Pa., Oct 2S.-(Spl.)-Cattie,
steady; hogi, 70 doublo decks,
5 to 10 cents lower; sheep, 30 loads,
Chicago, Oct. 28.-(SpI.)-tSittle, 10,
000, strong, 5 cents higher; hogs, !t5,
000, 5 and 10 cents decline; sheep 22,
000, steady to 10 cents higher.
Chicago, Oct. 28.-(Spl.)-Cl0Bing
wheat 71; corn, 50; oats 30; Jan
uary pork, $14.02.
Local markets on seventh page.
if TODAY'S 11
or Gas Saving Regulator
Mantles, Chimneys, Shades
Sr.'rZ Welsbach Goods
, Ohiidolifers and WClSDftCll AlXS
Export Gas Fitting of all kinds. Estimates cheerfully furn
Incandescent Light to.
,217 Mill Street.
Largest Exclusive
Dry Goods Store...
When you want
Dry Goods
Buy them of us. They will
bo good nnd reliable nud at
tho right price.
Ladies' Ready-to-Wear
special Values in
Choice Clocks
and Skirts
155-157 S. Howard's't.
Akron, O.
Every Range wo sell is guar
anteed to bake perfectly. That's
tho first thing to look after. Tho
Jewel Steel Ranges are tho most
economical of any Ranges made.
Wo carry a complete lino. A
few dollars on tho price is moro
than saved the first year in fuel
Gas Stoves, Soft Coal Heaters
and Cook Stoves. A big lino.
Gash, if you havo it,
Credit, if you desire it'.
The Kirk Co.
Everything for the Home.
125-12? South Howard St.
Wo havo had great success with our
can oysters. Wo certainly ought to,
as ire are selling full quart cans at
tho samo price bulk oysters nro sold at.
Every doctor In Akron will tell you
It's bcrit to get them In thla -way. Ifa
tlio cloanest possible, way they caul
bo handled.
The quart cans aro full measure.
The pint cans aro not quitoti full pint.
Tel. 03.
LOST A lady's brown leather coin
purse containing a $10 bill, a street
cat ticket and truuk koy. Lost be
tween Hall's corner and St Vin
cent's church. Uovynrd If returned
to Democrat office. 103-105
"vVANTHD-Ofllco clfanliig by a mid
dle aged lady. Inquire at 320 Mill
st. 1G3-105
Well Will be Drilled In Northam
ton Township.
The County Commissioners on Mon
day sold to Dcunlsou, Prior & Co., of
Cleveland, the $05,000 Jail construc
tion bonds, nt a premium of $1,031.75.
Tho bonds liear 4 per cent Interest.
People's Phone if 22
. f
MA..,U ,
Sfel 3STiv .v.

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