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Akron daily Democrat. [volume] (Akron, Ohio) 1892-1902, September 12, 1902, Image 6

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.EnjJWCKEMTWIl m,.jw'
;' I
w , mmmmammmmmmm -m wi
1 Mark nanna has broken out ncnliw
. . ...... . .. .... ., rr2V
aula lime uo, is imer wo ciurg;. ud,
became so wrought up at the recent
stntcmont of tho Reverend Herbert
Blgelow to tho effect that whether
a man robs tho public little or much
depends entlroly cm whether ho is
gent to the United States Scnato or to
the penitentiary, that ho has been
calling on somo one to hold him from
nnnlftlilnp tills rnveroml riolllinuent.'
and- threatens to take the hldo off
him flcuratlrcly sneaking, when ha
lopens his campaign.
It will bo noticed that Mr. Dlgelov
did not mention Mark llnnna's namf
In tho statement referred to. And yoi
tho coat seems to fit tho Senntor si
well thnt ho puts It right oil, andln
slsts that tho words used were of nnfl
roneornlnc him. ' if
It Is suggestive of tho force .of the'l
revcrond's remark that a conclusion
nt.siul.1 Un aft 1ml lv rplll'llfll tllllt.lt
meant Ilanna, mid thnt Ilanna hlmseU
. ... ... . ... , ,
Bliouiu so rwiauy rccogiiizu uiiubuii.
the tnrect aimed nt. and It seems, lilt. t
w . a,
Wo take the liberty of advising Sen
ntor Hanna that ho had hotter not
engage beforehand to argue with Mr.
Blgelow this question of how different
kinds-of robbery are punished or re
warded jn these days, unless he
the Purchasing Public of Akron and Vicinity:
1 '
prepared to catch hold of tho very hot
end of a political poker. His advisers
had better counsel tliolr client iiot-fb
answer, Just as his attorneys did tw;
.witnesses In a certain matter in whl li
Ids title to n seal in uns sauiu m -
Uto was called in question.
' l!
But If ho Is bent on Iho dlsctissk ,(
(W'o may dopond upon It that tho 1U '
tcrond Mr. Blgolow will maintain'! f
end of It, nnd tbnt too witiioui tier r
Jnc anything ho has over said on i
subject before.
Mr, Ilanna waxes wroth too o
!Bov. Blgolow's "mixing In politic
us ho Is reported to cnll It. Let's, ft
How nbout Rev. Illssoy, llaniii
factotum, whose sky-pllotugo 1b co1
lined to showJng tho faithful tho pro
lsed land of oulco-holdlng und custlfi
ffomjohnsonltcH Into tho outer da
upes of dpsnalr of low fares n
.... I,... 1.1a .nwn.l... n.wl ikIiada ai.t(lr.
VIJU1LUU1U UIMUIllll, . ""vou oj....
Saturday, September, 13, 1902
shing touch to our opening Saturday
torabor 13th, rit 7 p. m.
p attached, will bo lot go from top of
fig, JNUFUUD. HE TJrlliiKU.
i, Udp nob collect Globo Stamps wo fool
!o not undqrstand thoir valuo or just
moan to you.
N this occasion each person will be presented with a Floral Souvenir and one
dollar's worth of Globe Stamps free with one of our "new books. BEAR IN
MIND with our new system you will only have to collect $99 worth of stamps
Advantage has been taken of every modern idea that could be utilized in the
stamp system to make this establishment pleasing to the people of this city and
its vicinity. Our premiums are flic most useful and largest-collection ever
offered by any Stamp Company in the United States. They speak the language
and make; -,,.- .
WF I1FFY rRUPFTITinW It will be to your interest
C UEX I 1Uinr.C. 1 1 1 lUIX. to call at our store and
inspect our elaborate variety of articles thaU will adorn" your homes. GLOBE
STAMPS NEVER DISAPPOINT. May we, have the honor of welcoming you
on Saturday.
Music 2 to 4 and 7 to 9:30 P. M.
We are now operating in more than lOjD cities
and towns through Ohio, Pennsylvania, New
York and West Virginia. With years of experi
ence and a reputation backed by fair and honest
dealings and by fulfilling every promise made
to merchants and public, redeeming millions of
stamps for premiums, has made us the most
popular and reliable "stamp company in the
llnited States.
Remember, Globe Stamps are blue and true
and a reliable stamp for you. The stamp that
never disappoints.
vi II, 4HAMlli. f. lTn....ai
" wm -""" ;,vahy stamp company
taso by mixing hla anger with vein, . ,r - L . l J,
uai babitnt is jho lobby of unsavofp Joh exhibition goods in greater- va-
jpf, finer quitlitvthan havo over boen
As a matter of
tncntduiiais that ho -8aid what A&iS'Uo comparison botwoon tho store
imputed to him nt Columbia n frpthoda of this company and those of
Hays ago, In regard to perpetual frvkr-, OOlVcom ill" OXistonce. IN THIS
ChlBcaln Ohio. Ills contradicting -yjj gTND ALONE.
- sy.-.. ,
I Kow. lhat Mr. Johnson Is 10011115.'!"
MP on tho political horizon of the iip-
Xuturo, tho mud-machines of nil $
nowepapcrs In tho Hiibsldy of tho pn
Jloged classes and tax-eaters arora
In motion to spatter htm. Thoy w
for tho time quit rovlllntr Mr. Brya
...1 n.A .ll...i1..f. Ilmti. irntiiliKV in it
I.... t.A.r lmlf no' -Xlf
HOW IIlllll, iiuiu ill" mill
Dryan's siicccssor. si
A recent editorial article In the Nf
Vnrlr Tllliull tout lilt tliO CtTT of t
paclc of detractors, nnd nuiR Jtt:
Fully Paid Up Capital $500,000.00
Manager Local'Branch. 34 S. Main St., AkrOll
No Souvenirs Given to Children.
No Books Redeemed on This Date
We Wfcnt You to Come The New Little
LOO Book
will please you and will be explained. You will
always. receive courteous treatment and attention
from the attendants in our store. It is thoir
duty to show you all goods and explain the im
proved methodB of this Corporation. Remember,
no article on exhibition is for sale, but all may
be had without cost to you, as each is given in
exchange for the Blue Globe Stamps.
10-1 r iiHoaoi .....
The Following Merchants Have Contracted with Us to Issue GLOBE STAMPS on
Cash Purchases When Asked For.
ft and Confectionery.
m;i'V Ilukory
,1S3 11. 13xehniiRO Ht.
.,...1057 S. Main St.
lots and Shoes.
tf)l K. Main Kt.
Kin o ir.v... i e
I w u 'lion io u Mi, in ut
M'. y M..UU' O. .Wlllll nu
Ultvaho(! Htoro
.,;'.,,. !! H Howant St.
chimgos on nil of tho oit-ropeatoaiii, ., ,
nulte mythical fihortconilngs oUt-m.
Johnson. Tho ofToct or this tlrtj ajl(J stat0nery
wns ns .unirlshiB to Its "romotors.'Jtu,,, ,m M m
It must navo won gnutjius io: 1S5 H. UOwanl Ht.
frlentlH of the nccuuea Mayor,
called forth n larpo niimbpr of vej
which tho Times, with the cando
that reHpoct of which It has n
tho Now York papera n monopoly,)
published, nnd which Bhow not 6j
tho gtrciiKth of Mr. Johnson's rcot
hut nlw tho vigor mid ability ofJL' Coal.
defender. JfeoM.3Q0 M. KxcIiuiiko St.
Wo Biilect ono of theso letters w$i'. (0il rj;,0t , , ,
wo cominend to tho careful nttonjoiwlwiy, cor. ljxchnnge hU
of our rendors, becaiiRo In n ohort t I'hom 005.
tho mud-slinging proccBs will bsGloHlnir.
operation In Ohio, and tho rppV, Co.,1S8 g. ownnl st
fjuostlon meets and refutcH gjCotliliiB Co
clmrgo that can or will bo W..., fi-'S S. Main Ht.
nsnlnt Mr. Joluuon ns u por;i M....(,
factor Hi tho coming cmnpalgn. j ' ,ul ,2 Mn, St
Tho letter Is tho followlnu: 0ks and'SultS.
iTo tho Editor of Tho New York Tit U; 170 S. Main St.
'. Olio attempt: of this morning's '' Dry Goods.
to giro "tho measure tho fo.;il.,.wr,Mnrkot,nmi H.'
breadth, nnd thickness of Mr. Toiy 120n H Mall,
jolinson'i economic nnd political ;pC,. ',,.... 180 l-a Orant Nt.
clplea" suggostB n number of thoiW?r,oU,,,.,10.s S. Main .St.
;n tho first place, tho TlmcsMN " 170 8. Main Sti
fvim inconsistency in tho fm-t m 'and Confectionery,
nwn of wealth, und of wealth d4j,t Co.,,100 8. Howard St.
through railway franchises, should s .
tully bo Wcntlfled with a n.uToftfc ,
niiuat economic cond.t,onBv; f mm,. St
Jt is nu advocate of popular t .,.. Locust and Htntn Hih.
toflo? If he flooa noi iuuu iore,nYrciit, . ,nk Uowery St.
'ihccherg Js'thatlils light agalu
.udajtalln3utlco Is tho rMA
t '
iW-0. undoubtedly Indoltutt r
-T---' "., i ' ' ' or-
Utll, W WK0 BIS wwu WW
L untui-te tbeee of the
"weak and norp-headcd covotoni
ttw'2u?elre of mm .unsuccessful
i . -., fr
mi- mm smm
V, mm MS
wm immw
mmm mwmr
t ' mtvw. )Wmi
r Fish, Oysters and Game.
rnlacoKlBli Market, A. 11, Ilniulltouv
. I'ropr , 01(1 S. Maln-St.
rooplo'H X'houe MS, Iloll li!!)l.
Kdson KlHh Market. 11!(1 N. Howard St.
J.amtion, O. A..,.:110 W.;'Mnlket St;
Furniture and Carpets.
Coney, Win. -.T,.,.2-H S. ..Howanl St.
Flour, Grain, Hay and Feed.
Ilivk'or & Swlgnrt U0(l AV. lOxflmnso St
St'lden, W. Ij....800 H. Rxchango St.
Gents' Furnishings.'
flurupy,.(k'o, 110 NJloward St.
Moore, .1. A 018' 8. Malii st.
4iMyors & Co., I, 8 ,
'....'.1 118 mill iii) S. MjiIii si.
KbdoniHiuKh, . S..1.1M 1-li S. Mnln St
Groceries and Proiucei
Itoyer, It. 0...,, 527 S. Main St.
lllako, A HartgOH add Hell Sts.
ClpiliuiiKor, John .. -07 Wwiftler uvo.
Kwahl, l'vd,,,.(,l,,lGl'Cuyniogii 8t
I''oh, I' , i05 Fair St.
Marions, 0. W.NVooslor and Knst Avca
llumphroy, JamB.JlOO 13, Thornton St
Knmlowsky, Aug. .010 1-2 Stunner St.
Klcckner UroHM.,,.,ll'J0' S. antn St.
Ilrckcr & Swlgnrt ',
,,..... Mil W. Kxeliaiigo St.
IVoplp'fl lioq 1108.
I.tMiiinons & SonJlOO 1-3 K. Miller Ave.
lA'ngs, R, X...,...lfco li'CJrant St,
1'coplo'H Phono 2 pn' 1007.
l.lmbcrt, J. V J-.,
Cor, Wabash, Ave. nnd Chestnut St.
Mlsnor, 0. 0 ...... 2tt W. Mnykot St.
Morris, n. II,... '..,. -VIQ I'eiklnB. nt.
Myers, llnrry. ,..'.'. .100 Jlowcry St.
I'lerco, II., M, Cor, LociiHt'XiJ State Sts
lthoden, li, Woostpr nve., near liar-
bertbii rpajL
l'atiiqk &, Son..., 027 S. Main St.
Kohlr, .1, ,,.,.,,,10117 8. Main St.
Hoiicli, Natl)an..,i....,Myersvlllo, O.
Hotho, Wpi,,,,..,,lf2 H. llovaril St.
riiono 120.
ltoek & Trepc'Qtt. .,..10."iB S, Main St
Itoyer & Hlsltop , , ,703 N, Howard St.
,1 I'hoim 701.
UUHselli 10 -.llaT'H. Mnflf St.
Schiinf, Joseph , :iT-i Hoiup Ave.
Hell Phono -1510.
Selden, AV. T,
800 13. Nxclmnge, Cor, Splcer.
" ' 1'hoiiQ 588.
Hleher, John 1017 8.. Mnln St.
SlllcocUs, If M7 N.Caso St.'
People's l'horio 1170.
Studey, J. 0 Campbell and Uartges St
TIjomnH, Jos ,2.10 .Johnston St.
Vlerlng, 0. J 027 S, Main St.
Witten & Lnwrcnt...1213 S. Main St.
Harness and Saddlery.
Mead. II. Ii.
ItoscijlVlil, A
.018 S. Main St
123 S.' Main St.
Fats and Caps.
Myers & Co., I. S
118 mid 120 S. Main St
Hardware, Stoves and Kariecs.
Pouchot, liunsleker & Co.; .'
2iu ami 218 S. Main St.
Phono 3 11.
House Furnishing Goods.
Coney, Win. J..., 211 S, Howard St.
Pouehol, liunsleker & Co. . ,
210-218 S, Main St
Phono 3U.
Jewelry and Optical Goods.
I'oltz Co., Tho (ieo. K
' 102 S. Mnln St.
City Hand I.numlry..l003 8. Main St
, Phono 012. .
Star Laundry..,.!, nan 13, Market St.
Smith & Toeple., ''.... 172 S. Main St.
Hrlnknian, C. 11.. x, ,
Cor, Markot nnd Exchange St.
(luincy, (ioo ,110 N., Howard SI.
Smith ."i IIi)nna..22l K Eschmigp St
.englcr Hros ,..170 S. Main St.
Pianos and Musical Instruments.
nrownell, O. 0 207 E. Mill St.,
Krntz, John 120 S. Hownrd.st.
Paints, Oils and Brushes.
Angolo, Andrew Paint & Varnish po. ,
' ' ': .'tep. . 'laln St.
Danforth & Snundors.;...300 Mill St
Sheet Music.
Drownell, O. G 207 E. Mill St.
Kratz, .John. , 120 S., IlQward, St.
Trunks and. Satchels.
Hold HroH -.- , , . .
Wall Paper. '
Angolo, Andrew Paint & Vnnilsh Co,
...' r 321 S. Main St.
Danforth & Saunders.... 300 Mill St.
r '
day, M. V Tuscarawas nve.
Clothing and Gents' Furnishings.
Magic Clothing Co :'
Cloaks, Suits, Millinery and Carpels.
Wolsborger, S., & Hro s . .
Confectionery and Fruits.
nrntSnkor & Kelin ., ... .113 Second st.
Swlgnrt. li. S Second St.
Fresh and Salt Meats.
Ithoa'iles, It Tuscarawas A'yo.
Werner Hros '.'.,... Second Ht
Phono 23
Groceries and Produce, i
Humbert Hros ...Second St.
Hhpades, It Tiiscarawns AVo.
Smoyer's Cash Grocery i..
...v.Cor. Second St. and Park AVo.
People's Phone 200.
Wnnson, lllelinrd Second r,
i-it i-
Ladies' and Gents' Shoes.
Franks, M. 0 Tuscarawas Ave.
Visitors will receive One Dol
lar's worth of Stamps Free.
Drugs and Stationery.
' -Longshore, J. h.., Front St
F,resh and Salt Meats.
"Harrington', M. E... Front St.
Rocthig, Harry Front St.
Furniture and Carpets.
Brown, Joslah ....Front St.
Groceries and Provisions.
Hpld, J. 0 Front St.
Ladles' and Gents' Shoes.
Arcade Shoo Store Frdnt St.
F. E. Cook, Proprietor.
Boots Nand Shoes.
KIngoro,'H. L Main St.
.. ' 'Drugs. ,
ForbesRob ...; Main St.
Fpibeii, Rjpb ......Main St.
Smith, Geo. H...; Hnlues Block
, ' Phono '72.
Meat Market.
Mnrshall, H. D
Riddles, W. F
.Main St.
Paints and Wall Paper.
Forbes, Rob Main St.
Hnrklns, ,J. 0
Zimmerman & Co., J. W.
Zlglcr Bros. .
Johns, C.C.
Ask For...
Stamps .
when purchase
is made and get
your Premiums
M 1 anm ... .I I...,
""V" - " ii WBlllfUBUW WMM Wll
JffiSSJi WMsax UsqO IRISal
w 2r?
B 1
tad tbAttj. It, 9 OK'Otbor hafc
$ wsm 'HM SPB 'Wm
t jWiuKon'i'eM," rst
twmm iwkwiiwvi iKVi HHPI HMVI WWPV Main i
I' u.
'h-. JH.&i,
.$'Vt M,'.iJ'l
' i
.' t
ft... rmrf
u i?
itji"--' , '
135 s&tffsBs, tSSSW wffSSs' iMM
f ' iv , (v
TTT. ' " "- -piy..i,,- -,rn.uM.. :-V,V y.l T y : '. "m- ;- -K '
a. . , .,I.iA . At ... J - tr .k

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