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r THURSDAY, SEPT. 18, 1002. f
ft i
. j
Saturday, Sept. 20th. Matinee and
venlng, The sensation of ttio day,
A Desperate Chance
-Founded on the life of the famous
Blddlo Bros. Iho Great 1'lttsburs
Popular prices.
Wednesday, Sept 24, Gertrude Cogh
Win In "Alice of Old Vlncennes."
Was Sold to ihe Public by (he
Beef Trust.
t S Louis, Mo., Sept 18. Partly de
cayed meat, which had been treated
chemically to hide Ha condition, as
'woll as sausages containing potato
flom, unhealthy kidneys ground up
and other adulterations were sold In
St Louis and the other large cities
of the country between Aug. 21, 1800,
Tind May 1, 1002, by the members of
.the packers' trust, according to testi
mony given hero by Thomas L. 0
Sullivan, m'eat and llye stock inspec
tor of St Louis, at the Beef trust
itaqulry beforo Supreme Court Com
missioner I. N. Kenedy. It Is alleged
that some of tho meat was sent to
drove' BUck Boot Liver Fill.
Mad from an potlv principle obtalnol
.from Black Hoot They net on tuo live'
anal to calomel nnd leftvs no bad afte
i!r!0,,i N? Brtpln. no tick itoniach. WiU
tutt oaronlo oomtlpauon. Price S3 (jenti.
(Contlnuod from first page.)
amlners shall complete their work In at
leaat thirty days. In Sandusky county
nd- there are other counties "In the
ame boat" this work Is regarded much
In the light of a sinecure. Mr. Tyler
stated that In his county It required
more than a hundred days to complete
the last examination.
J SoToral resolutions were offered and
, (will probably bo adopted. One was
' by Mr. Beal. This resolution seeks to
set.Ohlo'a representatives in Congress
' to Tote for a bill In tho United States
Senate by Mr. Forakor, to authorize
pz$ President to reinstate Col. Wil
liams Welsh, of Cadiz, who was dis
missed from tho U, S. army through
Jbe error of an Inspecting ofllcer. The
Seventy-fourth General Aasembly
adopted a similar resolution. Mr. Sharp
offered o resolution to authorlzo "the
printing of four thousand nioro copies
of Howe's historical collections.
Tho codo committee held a busy
.session Wednesday afternoon, spend
ng considerable tlmo on tho taxation
'proposition. Chairman Willis of tho
sub committee. on taxation presented a
,lst which showed tho rato for 7(1 cities
In the state for municipal and school
purposes. Tho Nash codo provided
hat tho City Councils could establish
rate of not to exceed ten mills but It
5was sought to Increase this. A greater
levy than that prescribed by tho law
must bo approved by a vote of the
people at any election. There was con.
Iderablo opposition to tho amendment.
Mr. Ilypee struck an avorago nnd
found that of 70 cities contained In tho
Urt presented by Mr. Willis, tho aver
age was 12 mills. Tills did not satis
ty the representatives of tho smallci
nwns who Insisted upon 15 mills, nnd
fhls was carried.
t Othpr changes mado In tho Nash
code waa the provision that tho presl
flpnt of Council .whllo acting as Mayor
fan not- preside over tho aesslon of
'Council. It also provided that when
theiy la a vacancy by death or rcalg.
nation In any of tho administrative
offices, of tho municipality, tho sanio
hall bo ailed by appointment by the
The amendments also require tho
Mayor nnd tho otbor municipal officers
to nttond tho nessloiu of the City Coun
Cll whonover requested; that thoy
must meet at least once each week and
ndvlsa together upon tho general needs
POT ik Y ,M rau,llclnnl'y n that each n,8C
M UmJMl ,0 th0 Mn'or or e City Coun.
cll any Information which thev dnim
The Mayor Is also to appoint two pet
pops of opposite polltlcn who nro to
examined without notice, tho affairs of
any office.
As to the tar rate, 15 mills will he
tt largo sum for Akron. The into thoro
- for municipal purposes is 11.4; schools,
.7,0, Tho totnl valuation Is $20,121,.
CS0, Tho into was made 11 mill's by
H 'pecjnl act last winter.
TliU nnraa mint nppnnr on every tmi nf
!$; o2Kd,r lhttt cura' "w n
,'Vou are ordered to moct at O. A. It.
ball at 1 o'clock n.m. Fri.int- nr,f"
V Wtt. to attend tho funeral of Com
f rude II A. Giiit to hn imM i.i
. hip residence, No. 205 South Arllng-
i ton' t, at 2:80 o'clock p.m. By order
fii.'AMmXr Commnmlnr
f Hi O. .aBHTFIN, Adjt
Must Keep Chil
dren In School.
Truant Officer Is Con
ducting a Crusade.
Two Fathers Fined In Police
Court Thursday.
Truant Officer Charles Watson Is
In tho midst of a crusado against Ak
ron parents who fall to keep their
children in school in compliance with
law. "As fast as I locate theso peo
plo I will havo them arrested," said
Mr. Watson, Thursday morning,
"Thoro nro still a number who have
not been attended to, but they will
bo looked up as soon as possible."
Two fathers were arraigned In Po
Uco court Thursdny morning, and
charged with failure to keep their
children In nchool. Peter Degregorlo,
tho first, insisted that ho had sont
his daughter Mary, about whose at
tendance the trouble arose, to school
overy morning, and, that ho thought
she had gone to school when sent
Peter has had trouble of this kind be
fore. The Mayor fined him $5 nnd
costs, but suspended tho fine as long
as ho compiles with tho law.
The case of George Binder, arrested
on the same charge, was Interesting.
Binder claimed that ho bad sent his
13-year-old boy to school, and ho
maintained that ho thought tho boy
had attended. It was developed that
tho lad Cannot, road or write, though
he is nearly full grown, and Is classed
with six year old children when ho
docs attend school. Tho boy has run
wild, and was arrested boiuo time ago
for stealing wheat. Binder was .fined
$5 and. costs nnd will be committed
until he hns settled.
B. A. A. 0. vs. Kent at East End
grounds, 3 p.m , Saturday.
Don't miss a -good gamo at East
End grounds, Saturday, 3 p.m. .E. A.
A. 0. v8, Kent.
At the Grand Tonight Other
Attractions Coming.
"A Llttlo Outcast" opened a three'
nights nnd daily matinee performance
at tho Grand opera house this after
noon. There hns been n good sale of
seats for tonight. Tho play Is good
a story of lpv nnd adventure. It
ranges fi-om Murray Hill to FlvoPoluts.
the latter locality giving opportunities
of portraying In n serious of vivid In
cldcnts the ways of 'the desperate char
acters who Infest that part of New
York, nnd who for many years have
kept the police at bay.
"Devil's Island" comes to the Grand
for dally matlneo and night perform
ances tho first threo days of noxt week.
Mrs. Idab McGlono Gibson (Mac) of
tho Toledo Blade, will deliver her
eloquent Illustrated lecture on "Dra
matic Art" at tho Grand tomorrow
morning at 10:30. This lecture Is
glvon uuder the auspices of tho Tho
atrlcal Managers' association to fur
thor the interests of the stage and its
people. The lecture Is free to all la
dles. A beautiful souvenir will bs
prcsonted to each lady preeont.
Mrs. Gibson Is known throughout
tho county as n brilliant uowspaper
womau and has nu extensive knowl
edge of theatrical matters. Her np
pcarnnce hero will bo a rare treat to
all who attend.
Somebody linn taken the Droyfuss
affair aud woven about It a pretty
play, This has been carefully staged
and tho result 1b "Devil's Island," at
tho Grand next week. Tho company
is a good one, and tho costumes are
Frank Burt's extravagant production
of "Enst Lynno" will bo nt tho Grand
tho last half of noxt week with Miss
Warren, tho tnlcntcd actress In the
leading ra)c
Theodore Kramer's "A Dcsperato
Ohanco," will "tiiiVo Its presentation In
ths cty at the Colounl Theatre next
Saturday afternoon and evening. The
action of tho piny is based tupon the
killing St the Pittsburg, Pn. grocer by
the' notorious Blddle Bros., depleting
their rmprJ$onrnent( escape and final
l'lie aufhpr presents, tho two moht
central malo .characters In a garb en
tlrcly ow to (ho masses, showing what
great hypnotic nowor they controlled
oyor woracu rJeAts urcjiow on sale.
The. corning' opga's&iucut of Gertrude
Coghtan in "Alice of OJd .Vlncennes,"
at tho Colonial next Wednesday night
hnB nlready nroused much lntorest
among thentro-goers. Speaking of the
play, a well known critic snld: "Elko
somo precious cameo In a
collection of miniatures, 'Alice
of Old Vlncennes'' as a play will with
out perndventuro of a doubt reflect Its
brlltlauco farther than any other of
the book plays of recent years, its
salient qualities are patriotism and
sclf-sncrlflcc and love; Its ntniosphcro
Is redolent with the odor of herolsrn
nnd romance; Its conditions are d6ip
ly scented with the rustic nnd local
coloring of a military post of the wild
erness, and, lastly, its peoplo havo
such an Interesting story to communi
cate." PLUCKY
Operator Killed a
Ford City, Pa., Sept. 18.-Carl
Bclchard, night operator on the Alle
gheny Valley railroad at thjs place,
shot and killed a man who attempted
to burglarize tho station at 5:10 o'
clock this morning. Tbo burglar
wounded the plucky operator by shoot
lug point blank nt him. The bullet
clipped off the upper part of Iteicli
ard's right ear, but lie seized his re
volver and fired two shots at his as
sailant. Ono of tho bullets struck the
burglar In tho right thigh, tho other
struck him In the roof of tho mouth,
killing lilm instantly. Confederates
of tho burglnr fled whonho.wns shot..
Bclchard is about 20 years of ago
and Is very slight.
Tho East Akrons' havo strengthened
their team for this game next, Satur
day with Kent.
WANTED Experienced
dress goods saleslady.
Young Man of Barberton Wedded
an Akron Girl.
Barberton, Sept. 18. Despite efforts
to keep It quiet, the news has leaked
out that Al Brlcker, pitcher for tho
bnso ball team nnd one of tho most
popular young men In Barberton, was
quietly married at Akron Wednesdny
night, to Miss May Taggart of that
city. Mr. and Mrs. Brlcker will go to
housekeeping nt once In Barberton.
E. A. A. C. vs. Kent at East End
grounds, 3 p.m., Saturday.
Aged Physician of Hudson Died
l5r. h. D. Osborne, one of the oldest
citizens of Hudson, liiednt his homo
there Wednesdny. Ho hod been 111 for
somo tlmo and was about 82 years
old. Funeral services will be held from
tho house at 3 p. m. Sunday,
Our full lino of furs now In nnd
ready fop Inspection.
At the Meeting of East Ohio
Cambridge, O., Sept IS. Tho morn
lng hour of the M. 13. conference Wed
nesdny wns spent In tho administering
of the Loul's supper and solemn devo
tional bervlcus, which were presided
over by Bishop Warren. Itcv. Dr.
Keyes culled tho roll, with ready re
sponses. Tho following officers were
chosen by ballot: Stntlstlcal secretary,
J. P. Lojd: ticasurer, J. S. Sccrcst;
secretary, T. J. Kurtz; assistants, J. 0.
Smith, E. F. Wood, J. B. Williams.
Various committees made their re
ports, which were clnhorato and care
fully prepared. Tho conference so.
lectcd tho following ndslstant statisti
cal secretaries; 0. E, Tctty, ,T. D. Kays,
G. J,. Davis, Bnttcllo McCnrty, r. M.
Hawkins, J. F. Ellis, J. B. Mnnley, Dr.
Levi Gilbert, editor of tho Western
Christian Advocate, spoko with In
structive Interest of his work in tho
West and tho prosperity of his paper.
Itov. Dr. M. S. Hart, of the Methodist
Ministerial Insurance Company, spoko
at some length on tho Importance of
llfo Insurance,
The anniversary of tho Freedmnn's
Aid nnd Southern Education Society
was held last night. The nddress was
delivered by Itov. Wllhcr P. Thlrkleld,
D. D., tho corresponding secretary of
the society.
Now is best time to have furs altered
or repaired.
The Anarchists In
Found two Sympathiz
ers on Committee
Will Greet Roosevelt In
Chicago, 'Sept. 18. The startling an
nouncement was mado last night that
two anarchists, or strong annrchlst
sympathizers, had crept Into the Re
ception cominittoe wlhch Is to greet
President Roosevelt upon his visit to
this city.-Oct 3.
For a number of days thero havo
been mysterious conferences in the
comtalttee, ,and tho reason camo out
when tfcpald of the police was In
voked to determine tho character and
responsibility of 'the two members in
question. '.
According to the limited lnforma
tion that has leaked out tho men tho
police are now investigating havo a
prominent part In tho Entertainment
committee. One of tueni, it Is said,
beenmo conspicuous immediately fol
lowing tho assassination of President!
McKluley by his activity In seeking
bondsmen for Chicago anarchists who
were In custody.
Tho person or persons who have ap
pealed to the police are being care
fully 'guarded. Chief O'Neill refuses
to make any admission or to discuss
tho matter In any phase further than
to say that an Investigation Is In pro-
'gress. '
Ephralm Philip Rosenthal, secretary
of tho committee arranging for the re
ception and ehtcrtalnment of President
Roosovelt during his visit to Chicago
next month, resigned his position sud
denly yesterday. He took this step Im
mediately upon tho publication of a ru
mor that tho Roosevelt committee con
tained one, nnd possibly two members,
whose sympathies leaned toward an
archy. ' '
Mir. Rosenthal's name vns coupled
with the announcement that a city de.
tectlvo was Investigating tho report
in such a wny'tfiat'ho could not but
understand tlfiSt the Inference was
that he was the man concerned. Ho
decided to Btep aside, ho announced
later In tho day, not because ho was
concerned over tho insinuation very
deeply on his own account, hilt rather
that he desired the visit of tho Pres
ident to be absolutely clear from the
shadow of any suspicion that any one
whoso namo had oven been coupled
with tho subject of nnnrchy was to bo
associated with, those, having him in
their, care during his stay hfcrc.
Mnx Rablnoff, a member of one of
the Entertnlnment committees, alio
found himself connected with the gos.
sip going the rounds becauso of his
friendship for Mr. Rosenthal, but he
vehemently denied having any Interest
In anarchists or their beliefs. Ho did
not tender his resignation.
Mlllersburg, Oct. 1st to 4th Inclusive,
Reduced rates via C, & C. C. Ry.
K Oct 1
Has Changed His
be Here at
Gov. Nash to be Chairman
the Meeting.
"Foraker Is coming," was shoutod
everywhere by local Republicans to
day. This means that Chairman C. F.
neery, of the Summit County' Republi
can Executive committee, was notl
fled .rom State headquarters that the
Senator had reconsidered his former
announcement and will bo hero at tho
opening, Sept. 27. His reconsideration
is claimed to bo due to tho determin
ation of Congressman Hendersop, of
Iowa, to not run for re-election In his
district. Senator Forakor had Intend
ed to mako somo speeches In Hender
son's behalf, but of course, thero la no
need for them now.
Chairman Beery stated Thursday
that Secretary of War Root will bo
tho principal speaker, Senator Fora
ker will follow him and then Hanna
will appear. CJov. Nash will bo
chairman of the meeting. It will
probably be 2:30 before Uo speaking
program Is begun at Grace park.
Read Democrat liners.
Read Democrat Jlaera.
Ia. foi
FOR ONE WEEK ONLY. The goods In 0. M. Hlbbard's window
Will be $m
In order to mako room for
Please mention ,the paper you saw this In, and receive extra dis
count '
137 S. Howard St
Roosevelt Wall be
fin This
On his way back to Washington In
completing his AVcstern trip, Trcsl
dent Itoosevelt will pnss through Ak
ron, on Oct. 0. Carly that morning he
will leave Cleveland for Columbus over
the O. A. & C, nnd his train will ar
rive lu Akron nbout 5:30. It Is not be
An Interesting Little Incident
To Relieve Skagway's Monotony
Skagway, Alaska, Sept. 18. An un
known man entered the Canadian bank
of Commerce Tuesdny with a bomb lu
one hand nnd a revolver In the other,
domandlng $20,000 and, when tho
frightened employes leaped out of the
window, ho threw the bomb after
them. Tho explosion wrecked the
bank, killed tho robber, Injured Ave
Sccse Code Stands
Good Show.
(Speclnl Correspondence.)
Columbus, Sept. 18. The Secse
school codoivill bo passed by the
nouse. It places tho entire manage
ment of schools In the hnndo of a
school council with ono member of
council for every ward. There will be
no executive branch, the power of tho
school council being absolute. Even
appointments of teachers must bo con.
Armed by the school council and con
tracts nnd supplies will all be handled
by that body.
Columbus, O., 'Sept. IS.-Both the
Houro aud Sennte adjourned today to
Tuesday to attend tho Cincinnati fall
festival tomorrow. No business was
done today, except by tho House com
mittee. Tho plan to abolish compet
itive bidding was reconsidered nnd
mnterlal will bo thus purchased while
work will be performed by tho City
Director of Improvements. Assess
ments for public Improvement will bu
mado on the market value of bene
nted property tho value to bo fixed by
a committee appointed by tho Mayor.
WANTED Experienced
dress goods saleslady.
,Mlss Jesslo Rutherford loft Wednes
day night for New York, whero she
will yle't her brother.
Mlsa Edith Uerger, of 114 South
Walnut St., has returned fiom a threo
weeks' visit with friends Jn Mansfleld
and Ashland.
Mr nnd Mrs. II. M. Uolllnger nnd
daughter, Ada, of New York city, and
Miss McOlurc, of Dayton, arc tho
guests of Mr. and Mrs. S. N. Wilson,
143 Ash st.
Mrs. Tom A. Palmer entertnlncd at
luncheon Wednesday, nt her home, 101
South Forgo st. -The decorations wero
m white and red. Mrs. J. R. Nutt,
of Cleveland, wns tho out of town
Mr, D. L. Winkler, n farmer resident
of Copley, but now of Ownsso, Mich.,
n veteran of tho Old 20th Ohio regl
ruent, Is visiting his many friends nnd
old army comrades In nnd nround Ak
rbii, A number of South Broadway resl-
OUR Millinory Dopnrtmont has boon crowded
today with ardent admirers of our' lino of
. Fall hats. Novor before in tho city of
Akron has there boon shown a flnor or swellor
lino of millinory, than is now on display at our
A close examination of our lino will prove to
you that oaoh and every hat is made by artists
and expert trimmers.
We again cordially invite you
to come in &nd visit this dep't.
to convince yourselves tht
our statements are correct w &
City on Octobor 6
lieved that any arrangements will be
made for any stop In this city. The
President's train passes through Ohio
twice on this trip, coming and going.
The superstitious find much In the
trip to alarm them, for the start will
be made on Friday, Sept. 10, and the
President will visit 13 states.
persons, nnd scattered $2,000 worth of
gold dust tluough tho air. The rob
ber's head was smashed and one arm
wns torn off. Four persons living
above the bank were blown Into the
air aud Injured. J. G. Trice, formerly
prosecuting nttorney, who was enter
ing the bank, was hurt, but not ser
iously. The loss to tho bank Is ?5,000.
dents, living between Market and Mill
sts., decided that about the only way
there was for them to show their ap
preciation of the fine weather aud
demonstrate the high standard of good
will prevailing" among them, was to
hold a neighborhood picnic. And they
did 21 qf them. A tally-ho, the big
gest and gaudiest that could be
found In tho city, wns hired and tho
word was given to "put out" for
State Mills. At the State Mills hotel
n good snppor was eaten. After sup
per thero wns considerable stiolllng
nbout, and tho enjoyment of n good
time, generally, Individually and 10
hands nround.
Mr. Frank F. Vetter nnd Miss Stella
I. Trngler were married by Rev. E.
R. Wllllard at S o'clock Wednesday
evening. Tho groom Is n Cleveland
yOung man, and Mr. and Mrs. Vetter
will mako their future liomo in Cleve
land. The wedding took place at the
homo of Mr. and Mrs. Milton Kilmer,
110 Wooster ave.
Dr D. A. Montenyohl and Miss Clara
Gall, both of Akron, were married'
Thursday at noon at the homo of tho
bride's parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. G. li. A.
Gall, 203 South Mnplo st. The cere
mony wns performed by Rev. W. F.
Wykoff, pastor of the Woodland M,
E. church. Only the Immedlnto friends
of tho young couple wero present. An
elaborate wedding dlnnor was served,
after which Dr. and Mrs. Montenyohl
left for a trip up tho lakes. Dr. Mon
tenyohl Is among the mo-rt prominent
nnd popular young physicians of the
city. He hns a largo practice. Both
ho and his bride aio prominent In the
social circles bf Akron, nnd havo
hosts of friends.
And Left Akron Saturday
Fred V. Williams, who conducted a
bnrber shop at 308 1-2 Perkins st, for
somo time, disappeared Saturday
night, and up to tho present time his
friends havo bqen unnblo to locato
him. Before going ho disposed of his
porsonnl cucctsand bis bnrber shop,
nnd he loft no word with his wife, who
with her four-year-old daughter, was
left without a cent to provide the neces
sailes of llfo.
Friends of Mrs, Williams havo In
terested themsplvcs, and it Is probnblo
that tho local Barbers' union will do
something to relieve her present dis
tress nnd aid hpr )n finding hex hus
band. The East, Akrons have strengthened
their team fpr this game next Satur
day with Kent.
- I53 S. Howard street
"Niagara to the Sea."
The unrivaled scenic trip on tho
American continent. Palatial steam
ers leave Toronto, for Rochester,
Kingston, Clayton, Alexandria Bay,
thence through the picturesque Thous
and Islands (America's Venice), nnd
tho exciting descent of all tho rapids
of tho St. Lawrence to Montreal,
where connection can be made with
steamer for Quebec, Murray Bay,
Tadousac and Riviere du Loup, and
points on the world's famous Sague
nny river.
Wo delight In giving Information.
Trav. Pas'gr Agt. Niagara Falls.N.Y.
Western Pas'gr Agt., Toronto, Ont.
City Ticket Agent, Montreal, Quebec.
or to '
Traffic Manager, Montreal, Quebec.
Diseases of Women
and Children
OFFICE EOURS-9 to 12 M.. 2 to 5 T.K.,
7 jo 8 ETenfup. , ,
Office and Reiidorce -6IS S. Mils St.
PtopU'j Fhone IS7. .
WANTED Work by day, to wash,
iron or clean olllce; can furnish ref
erences. Inquire at 210 S. Broad
way. 120-131
FOR RENT Three unfurnished or
ono or two furnished rooms, heated
and lighted with gas, will rent to
elderly people. No children. In
quire at 150 Grant st. 120-131
FOR RENT Furnished front room
with furnace heat. Apply at 111 S.
Walnut. 12S-130"
FOR RENT Two separate furnished
front rooms; one with outside en
rance. Apply at 112' N. Walnut st.
Five minutes walk from Cor. How
ard and Market 120-131
FOR SALE 7 year old mare. Bargain
If sold at once. 313 Mill st. 120-181
The partnership existing between
E. R. Kelly and O. L. Mathie, has been
dissolved. O. L. Mathlo continues the
business, known as the Ohio Laundry,
405 E. Exchange st All bills arc due
and payable to O. L. Mathie, at this
Sept. 18, 1002. Proprietor.
Sep-18-25 Oc 2
FOR SALE Cheap, ono No. 4 Morgan
steam boiler, In good condition. In
quire room 2, 3, 0 Hamilton building.
furnlshed, Two plensant rooms, uu
110 Bryan st 127-130
WANTED Fifty girls. Immediately.
The Weriicr Company, Akron. O.
Estate of John Dlckerhoof, deceased".
The undersigned hns been appointed
by the Probate Court of Summit coun
ty, Ohio, as administrator of the es
tate of John Dlckerhoof, deceased. All'
persons Indebted to said esnte are re
quested to make Immedlnto payment;
and all persons having claims against
said estate are requested to present the
Same for allowance or rejection.
Dated this 10th day of Sepr. A. D.
1002. Sep 18, 25 Oc a
AV ANTED At once, an intelligent gen
tleman, for business In Canton, exper.
lence not necessary. Engagement by
tho month on fair terms. State pre
vious occupation If any, Address A.
Do Benuclalr, Room 12, 20 Euclid
avOf Cloveland, 0. 120
WANTED A man to solicit and coj
lect. Mnrrled man preferred. Call
at Room 50, Central Office building.
Don't miss a good gamo at East
End grounds, Saturday, 3 p.m. B. A,
IA-.0. vs. Kent
'ia j
re n x
n A
c a-
n'Witc"-'1' ",'t"-'",t"'yi7yg,i
W lv
.J.'-tj..g4rili'ir-jHl,ta,il."i" - -?...
f m hi taw m

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