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A Disastrous Wreck on
Pittsburg & Western.
Trains Going at Full Speed Crashed
on a Curve.
Pittsburg, Sept. 10. As ii result of
n head-on collision on tlio Pittsburg
V' IVcstorn railway near Wlttmer sta
tion, Ave weie killed and two seriously
injured. Tlio tctlms aic:
George Ohugerty, brnUeinan of local
freight, who had been riding on the
engine of a Buffalo, Hochcster fc Pitts
burg train. At 1 oclock bis body waft
still pinned under tlio engine.
Wm. Benedict, engineer of the Buf
falo, Hochcster & Pittsburg train, still
pinned under his engine at 1 o'clock.
Thomas E. Dugan, fireman of B., It.
& 1. train.
Fay Demoss, boiler maker, who bad
been traveling on the P. & W. en
Wm. Graham, fireman of P. & W.
May be. Allowed to Settle
the Question.
The question of a site for the new
City Hall may be submitted to n
vote of the people at the election this
All the City Commissioners aro In
favor of settling tho matter in this
way, and It Is believed steps will bo
taken toward arranging for tho "vote.
Hie plan of the Board is to have
ballots prepnrcd so that-the vote-will
be taken upon two sites tho ono on
High st. and the one at the corner or
Butchel ave. and Main st.
On Friday morning tho Board
(Narrow Escape From a Terrible Death
by Mrs. James Cain.
A fire at the residence of James W.
Cain, 111 May St., Thursday even
ing, came near to having a terrible
ending. As it was nearly all of the
personal effects of the Cain family
wero destroyed or damaged by fire
or water, and Mrs. Cain, who was
confined co her bed by Illness when
tho fire started, had a nnrrow es
cape from death by burning.
Mrs. Cain and her 12-year-old daugh
ter were alone In the house at tho
time. Tho girl had gone to the kitch
en to prepare somo dninty for her
mother, and while working there was
nn explosion of gasoline In the kitch
en stove, and the room was lustnntly
filled with flames. The girl ran from
the house to turn in an alarm of fito
To CaBB Off the Strike In Hope of
Future Concessions.
New York, Sept. 10. According to
the coal dealers In this city tho an
thracite famine situation Is reaching
an acute stage. Ono dealer says ho
can get any price ho wants. It de
veloped yesterday that a commltteo
representing several local banking In
terests forwarded n letter to John
Mitchell urging him to call off tho
strike and piomlsing to use their In
fluence to'havo tho miners granted
Buildi.igs For Pittsburg Valve &
Fittings Co.
Barbeitoiv, Sept. 10. The manage
ment of tho Pittsburg Vnlo and Fit
tings Co., has awarded tho contract for,
fHo new buildings to Contractor John
Puul. The aggregate length of these
now buildings will bo 1280 feet, which
moio than doubles the" capacity of the
Tha following aro the Injured: Ht
F. Chambers, engineer of the P. & W.
train taken to Allegheny hospital, may
C. W. Grossman, express messenger,
B., It. & Ptrnin, brought to hospital,
but will recover,
AVlttmcr is a flag station on the P.
& W. railroad near Shrirpshurg. Tlio
accommodation train left Qlcnshaw
0:15 this morning en route to Alle
gheny. The IV R & I"- trln lcft
Allegheny at 0 o'clock. At the place of
collision is a very sharp curve, which
from seeing the other. The result wis
prevented the engineer' of cither train
that the two trains, traveling at a
good rate, crashed together.
adopted a report by the Public Build
lngs and Grounds committee adverso
to the purchase of tho present City
Hail for ?25,00O. Mr. Wildes, ow
ing to ilncss, was not present, but tho
other three Commissioneis were of
one. mind in opposing the purchase,
Mr. Houser said: "The location Is
not good, and tho building Js entirely
too small." Mr. Seybold believes that
the building is not suitable for a
City Hall, and that It wonld be, wrong
to spend so muhli money on it, nna
Mr. Wilson is also of the opinion that
tho location Is not a good one.
and before she returned tho flames
had spread and reached nearly to tho
bedroom where Mrs. Cain was lying.
Weak and sick as she was she man
aged to rise from the bed and strug
gle to tho front porch, -where sho
was clinging to a post when neigh
bors who had seen the fire, arrived.
Mrs. Cain was taken to a neighbor
ing house and cared for, and It was
found that bar condition had been
made more serious by the shock and
the excitement. Tho damage to tho
house and contents wJJl exceed $500,
Tho bouse Is owned by Mr. Ellas
Moore. Departments 4 nnd 5 extin
guished tlio blazo after a sharp fight.
There was no Insurance on the house
hold goods of Mr. Cain.
an incieaso In wages after they have
returned to work, and to have their
other differences settled by arbitra
tion. In reply to this proposition Mr.
Mitchell sent the following:
"Cannot nccept your suggestion that
men resume woik with hope of fu
ture adjustment of differences. Will
agree to have conference with repre
sentatives of coal companies if the
differences can bo settled,"
factory It was the llrst intention' of tho
company to erect at this time. The
original plan of the factory Included
all tho buildings which are being erect
ed but it was tlio intention to build
only part of them this fall, reserving
the others for erection next year. Tho
factory Is now well under way and the
foundation for ono building 1000 fcot
in length has been laid.
Magician Sawyer to
Policeman Will Hardly Consider
It Expensive.
Newark, N. J., Sept. 10. A Jury in
the first district court decided yester
day that Policeman Thomas J. Dock
ery, of Montclalr, must pay Miss Ther
esa Ileavoy six cents for kissing her.
Miss Heavey sued Dockery for $300
dnmges for having kissed her against
her will and consent. Her lawyer told
the jurors that sho would be satlslied
with a vindication that sho did not
seek money. So the jurors vindicated
her and gave her six cents besides.
To Add $12,000 to His Gift to
In addition to his gift of $70,000 to
Akron for a library, Andrew Carnegie.
has offered to contrlubto $1,000 for
each additional $100 of revenue over
$7,000 a year raised by Akron for
maintenance of the library. Under the
present apportionment the levy for the
library amounts to $8,200, which mean
that Mr, Carnegie will ndd $12,000 to
his gift of $70,000. The additional
money will be used for furnishing
the library.
That He Had Stolen Goods, It
Is Claimed.
John Yoting, who was arrested Sati
urday near East Akron by Marshal
Bour, of Canton, was given a hearing
Thursday before Mayor Robertson, of
Canton, and bound over under $500,
wOiIch he was unable to furnish. Ho
Is charged with breaking Into a B. &
0. box car and taking articles there
from. Evidence leading to tho arrest
of Young was secured by the local
police. Henry Wilson, of Bast Akron,
testified that Wilson had openly boas.
ed of the theft.
Parents Failing to Keep Children
In School Arrested.
Truant Officer Watson has been unre,
lentlpg on tho tiall of parents who fall
to keep their ciiuuron in scnooi ac
cording to law, und John Scnbo, n
Hungarian, was In Pollco court, Frl.
day morning, to answer to this charge.
He was found gulty nfter trial, nnd
fined $5 and costs. The flno was re
mitted as long as Scabo complies with
tho law. and the assessment of the
costs will be tho only immediate pun
ishment In the case,
Council: "Presto, Change! Now You See it,
" Now You Dotft." ' '$
Soon be
Cleared Up.
The Strange Murder of
Mrs. Kingston.
Husband Is Helping Police In
the Case.
Now York, Sept 10. The mytery
surrounding the murder of tho beauti
ful young woman, known as Mrs. Lil
lian Kingston, whoso nude body was
found, weighted with Iron in a lonely
spot on tho marshy swamps of tho
Hackqnsack meadows, is ncarlng solu
tion. The polico expect to make an
Important anest In a few hour. They
aro holding tho youug tailor, who
claimed to be the young woman's hus
band, and who gac his right name us
"Joseph Pulitzer, though he was known
at nis noaruing nouse, in west -auui
St., as George Kingston.
The police admit that after he wb
brought to polico headquarters in thjs
city nt 1 o'clock this morning, ho made
an Important statement. What It was
they will not reveal In detail. It Is
admitted, however, that Mrs. Kingston
received attentions from other men ana
that on Tuesday afternoon sho had a
male caller. Tho description of this
man tallies, in many respects, It is inti
mated, with the young man who hired
a rig at Mullen's livery stable in New
ark. Mullen's rig was not leturned nnd
bus not yet been located. In it was
a weight such as was found fastcnea
to Mrs. Kingston's body.
The police aio seeking this 'man
and Pulitzer is out with detecthes to
help them in the quest. A descilption
of the suspect as obtained at Mullen's
s(ablQ Is that of a man about 23 years
oi a.
Pulitzer has told the police that his
wife left their home at 11:30 o'clock
Tuesday night to buy fruit and cake
tjnd that that was the last time ho
saw her until ho Identified her body
nt the morgue nt 0 o'clock last night
Tho police have thoroughly investi
gated tills story nnd have corroborated
It In nearly every detail.
It has been ascertained that Pulitzer
wns married to the woman four years
ago In this city. Befoio marriage sho
was Lillian Ncllson, n Dnne. Her homo
was Jn Perth Amboy, N. J.
Afer their marriage the couple went
to .Philadelphia and lived on Fifteenth
st, near Ullbert. Later they came to
Johnson Tent Meeting Was a
Success, Notwithstanding.
Paulding, 0., ept. 10. A drenching
rain prevented a large attendance at
Mayor Johnson's tent meeting last
night, the county auditor being the
most conspicuous of the absentees. To
night's meeting will be held at Van
Mayor Johnson and his party rode
from Defiance to Paulding in a soak
ing rain josterday and the red automo
bile ploughed through seas of mud.
For the Wild and
Woolly West.
Runaway Boy From Union City,
Pa., Arrested In Akron.
Max Weeks, 'a bright-looking boy
of 14, wns arrested last night while
pnsslng through the city toward the
vest on n freight train. He wns
taken to Police station nnd question
ed, nnd theio he stated that he lived
in Union City, Pa., that his father had
whipped hlra and that he had then
made up his mind to run awny.
Ho was on his way to Chicago when
nrrestcd and he scented to have plenty
of confidence that ho would bo able
to got along In good shape. Weeks
had $1.50 In his pocket when arrested
and ho said he had received the mon
ey for mowing a lawn. He will be
held while his parents are communi
cated with.
Scene at a Wedding
Has Already Resulted In the
Death of Two Men,
Battle Creek, Mich., Sept. 10. Arthur
Whltcomb of Chicago, who burst In on
the wedding offWm. II. Sampson and
Mrs. Wizabeth Notter last night and in
n fit of Jealousy shot Mrs. Notter,
Sampson and then himself, died about
midnight. Sampson died about an
hour Inter, and Mrs, Notter's wounds
are probably fptnl, Whltcomb on pre
vious occasions bad threatened to kill
Mrs. Notter, but she never took tho
threats seriously.
Of a Readjustment
of Tariff
ill be Made by the
He Will Say the Republican Party
Will Act.
Chicago, Sept. 10. Walter Wellman,
writing to the Itccord-Hcrald from
New York sajs: "President Roosevelt
has an Important announcement to
make to the American people. It Is
nothing less than a declaration that
the Republican party Is prepared to
satisfy public demand, In cafe this de
mand continues, by taking up the tariff
and readjusting It at either a special
session or the llrst regular session ot
the Congress which is to be elected
net NVn ember.
It Is to secure the approval of the
party leaders for this program that
the President asked half a dozen lend
ing senators to meet him In conference
at his summer home. He secured their
approval. It was unanimously agreed
that no effort should be made to revise
the tariff at the short Congressional
session next winter. All present at the
conference declared this would be im
possible. Efforts will be made to dis
courage immediate agitation of the
subject. But to satisfy public opinion
and forestall the Democratic party the
people are to be promised that if the
demand for readjustment of the tariff
continues the Republican party will
respond thereto nt an early day.
Daughters of Jerusalem Will
Adjourn Tonight.
Memorial exercises were held last
cenlng in the A. M. E. Zlon church
for the Daughters of Jerusalem. Rev.
J. B. Little gave the memorial sermon.
A business session was held Friday
morning and a union service in the
afternoon. The convention., will close
,thls evening with the installation ot
Of the Actress
Who Is Coming.
Mrs. Gibson Gave a
Delightful Talk
About the Stage and Its
The Ala on women who heard Mrs.
Idah McGlone Gibson, "Mac," as she
is familiarly known to newspaper
readers, at the Grand opera house,
today, enjoyed a rarely delightful
treat. Mrs. Gibson is the personal
representative of Rebecca Warren,
horn sho pronounces a great actress.
She Is the personal friend of Rebecca
Warren, has absolute confidence in
her and is her enthusiastic admirer.
And no woman who heard Mrs. Qib
son's lecture could fall to be interested
in the charming personality of the
clever young nctress whom sho rep
resents, or fall to desire to see her.
After a delightful talk on tho drama
and Its Influences upon character,
Interspeised with anecdotes of great
actors, she launched into the real busi
ness of her lecture and lauded Rebecca
Warren In the highest terms. Sho
spoke of East Lynne In which MIjs
Warren appears, as n good play, with
Influences which tend to the better
ment of tho people, and of Rebecca
Warren's presentation of tho charac
ter of Lady Isabel she said: "Her
conception of the character is beau
tiful. She comes onto tho stage as
a sweet young girl, sprightly, lively,
happy, with no shadow of tragedy
about her and simply, cloverly, logi
cally leads np to tho climax.
"Miss Warren Is ambitious, a hard
worker, loving her work and desir
ing success abovo anything else in the
world and sho is winning It. She
means to be a great actress and sho
Is. one."
Funerals Held.
The funernl of John C. Coffman, In
fnnt son of Mr. nnd Mrs. Ilnrvoy Coff
man, 407 Vorls st., who died Wednes
day, was held at the residence, Friday
at 1 p. m. Interment In Lakowood
The funeral of Miss Binnio 0. HIne,
of Tallmadge, who died of heart dis
ease at her homo Wednesday, took
place from tho Congregational church,
Tallmadge, Friday at 1:80 p. ra. In
torment nt Tallmadge.
Of the
New Jail
Grading of the crounda nnrround
Incr tho now Inf 1 him fwpn r-ommonriprii
'rv .-,.-.. w.......,-,.,
and already that part west of tho
building Is beglnulng to assume tho
proper slope. Tho Jail Is rapidly,
nearlng completion. 1$
Robbers Looted Jeffer
son Postoffice.
The Town Watchman Was Bound
and Gagged.
Jefferson, O., Kept. 10. Three mask
ed robbers dynamited the postoflko
safe here early this morning, nnd se
cured Si'iO In cash and $800 In stamps.
Just before they reached the postrifllec
they captured Watchman Lawrence
Jones, bound and gagged him and took
h'm to the ollice where he witnessed
tho dynamiting. Then they threw him
Into a shed, told him to be quiet aim
left on a freight. Jones finally got
loose and alarmed the town.
He Found Stolen Iron
"On the Dump."
John Nemscick Fined $25 and
Costs For Petit Larceny. " t
After a long trial, the length of
which was occasioned largely bj-'the
inability "of the defendant to under-,
stand English, John Nomsclck was
found guilty of peUt larceny in PQllce
court Friday morning. A sentence
wns Imposed consisting of a fine of
?25 nnd costs and 30 days in the
workhouse. The time part is sus
pended as long as Nemsclck gives no;
further trouble. Tho complainant
was Sam nuston, who claimed that
Nemscick had stolen some pieces of
iron from him and then sold them to 'a
Junk dealer. The defendant did not
deny that he had sold the iron, but
he claimed he had found It '"on tho
dump." The case was first called on
Thursday And tnen continued till fur
ther evidence could be obtained.
r "
Being a Little Stoy Relating to the
Misery of Commissioner Wildes.
Now that the danger line seems to
have been passed, the causes leading
to the temporary retirement of City
Commissioner Wm. J. "Wildes from tbo
active duties of the Board, may be
reviewed lightly. However, until to-
dnv his condition wns serious, 'mere
was not a single thing connected with
it tlmt paused him to laugh. A cauuy
sock is at the bottom of the whole nf-'
fair. Thoso who know Mr. lines
wpII admit that he Is a man who likes
to look nice, and it was accepted as one
of tho most natural things in the wocia
that he should appear at the sesslpns
of the Board with his feet encased
In socks so dazzling as to suggest a
rainbow on dress parade. But, alack-a-day
and alas, and likewise, gee whlzl
Ono night while In the act of retiring,
Alleged That Ryckman Made
Hair Stealing His Business
County Detective James Burllson has
been busily engaged for several days
In hunting up evidence to be used by
state in the case against Rothy Ryck
man, accused of cutting a quantity of
hair from the head of little Mary
Wteseman. while she was wa king
nlontr one of the streets of this city.'
The girl wore her hair In n braid, and
It Is alleged that when she passed
Hvekman he nulled a knife from his
pocket and cut off the braid clqse q
tho girl's head.
On Friday, Detective Burllson saidj
"r lmvo discovered that Ryckman lins
been arrested on other occasions upon
Beatty Will Live
There wero largo chunks of troublq
Friday morning for Frank Beatfy,
who was arrested for intoxlcatlqn
When senrcbod at Polico station a
watch was found on his person, Ue
wns fined $2 nnd costs and sentenced
to 30 days in the workhoubo (or Intox-J
Then It wns found that the watch be
longed to Mrs. Chrlsta Ross, 321 "East
Market st, for whom Beatty had done
some work In removing some ot her
ere Hurt In B.
& 0. Wreck.
Only Two Deaths Oc
curred However.
train Filled With People Return
ing From Festival.
Cblllicotbc, Sept. 10. All of those In.
jurcd In tho wrock of tho Royal Bluo
flyer, ou tho Baltimore & Ohio South
western road at Leeshurg last night
wero brought to this city. Tlio num.
ber was almost DO, but none Is fatally
hurt, nnd the death list will probably
remain nt two. Engineer Philip Roo,
and Fireman ClmrleB Studcr of this city.
were Instantly killed. No plausible
explanation, of the wreck Is given.
The' train ran into nn open switch
while going at tho rate of 50 miles an
hour. To add to the disaster, tha
engine exploded.
Every coach on the train left th
,track. General Manager Rawn was la
his private car on the rear of tbo train,
andt he superintended taking care o
the many who were more or less hurt.
The train was packed with people who)
fwcre returning from tho Cincinnati
fall festival. ,
f '
tWho May be Lost to
$ A I,
Dr. Pratt and Dr. Moore May
Not Return.
Tf to ,inriorcrnY flint Tr. nr. R. Pratt.
pastor of the First M. B. church, ma
not ftiurn iv una uijr, u 11. " v..
that It will only be temporarily. He;
i Dr. J. "W-Hoore, pastor .of'the Slqia
'fit M. EL cburcli) will probably not re
Snrn to this city. Tha "congregaUoa
Hp!res the return, of tho present pas--
!.. t,,,f 4f fa Tirnhnhln fhflfc he will ba
kiven a larger charge In some olhes
.Vikji .
he stumped one of his foot against 4
rocker. Ho commented vigorously up
on tho incident at tho tlmo, tjut there)
being no reporters present, his words
ore not down in history. When tha
jwound quit hurting MA Wildes qui
his commenting, and forgot about tha
accident. Next morningi, as usual, h
put on his gaudy socks and woro tiem
all day. That night his Injured Jop
began to swell like C gua bOl in Jaa.
Wy, r.nd by tne next morning thert
fjvasn't n shoo in town big enough ta
kit It. A doctor watf called and be on
jounced that there were symptom oj
'blood-poisoning. This was more than
k week ago, and Mr. Wildes has nop
teen at a session of the Board since.
But tho worst is over, and it is ex
pected that he will bo back at worW
aboat the middle of next week.
charge of committing this offense,
pneo in Erie, Pa., and once in Roches
ter, N.t Y. I also have In my possession
!. written statement by a citizen of
Ashtabula Harbor that during his
tay In that town Ryckman had a
ad reputation, onco being arrested
ippn charge of assault and nattery
ipon his wife. It Js said that ho car
les a knlfo specially adapted to tho
uttliig of hair, and that he gets $1.00
n ounce for tho hair; that he has
implied an eastern Arm regularly and
fcaf upon securing a braid of hnlr ho
ways made hasto to send tne nair
ffv at once hv mail, to avoid being
ouhd.wlth it In his possession.
Bpr Many Months
'ersonal effects to another bouse.
h Mrs. Ross liad not instructed him to
remove the watch, however. TecbuN
flilly ppenklng, Beatty got tho watch,
City Prosecutor Wells got tho "case,"
Ml Beatty got the -norks." To be
(iuj more technical Beatty stated to
hecourt that tlio watch had dropped
M'of a "tick," which ho was carrying
om the bouse.
,jJe 'was found guilty and the sen
tence imposed was -w uuu cuio bh
lfrr :
r a-.
3' '
li 1
n.i iji
v il
k- ' I
it m
. 'A
A1U t.
Ait .
b,,..tV&j?&$Jt&AlW , ,,
W3 .., JUm.
., itCau.( i, , s jiftjilMft4avjttrtA..iMJira.,Www.

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