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p, i jKu?'
Friday, ooTonnn a, 1002.
tho Johnson Mooting "hero Oct. 10, It is
respectfully suggested that the place
Intended for.hltn In the tent on ttint
occasion tic takcn'by Gen. Clins. Dick.
The Ocncvnl has had experience In
the auditor's olllco nnd Is nlo n rcndy
speaker. There Is no doubt whatever
but that Mayor Johnson would bo de
lighted to meet him.
'A few years ago some farmers out
In Nebraska, being In bnrd.' lines for
wnnt of money with which to carry
on their Industry, but lmvlng plenty'of
wheat and the like grains, .proposed
to deposit n lot of tho latter wltlrtbo
government ns security against Which
currency might bo Issued for the Re
lief of tholr needs. Thus they clalmod
the govcrnmpnt would bo safe, having
a" tangible and always .marketable
security, whllo the farmer would be
supplied with enough money to keep
bis business from bankruptcy.
The scheme was hooted at ns wildly
i visionary aud tho. proposers of it as
lunatics, and nowhere so vehemently
u hi Wall Street.
u.is: week Wall Street found Itsolf,
through tho opcrat'on of the whirligig
of time and fortune, In the same plight
with tho authors of tho sub-treaBury
proposition of a dozen years since.
There was, however, this difference:
Tho wants of tho Western farmers
wero entirely meritorious nnd honest
A unit of value was, through the
operation of a fiscal policy designed
to help the East as against tho West,
constantly appreciating In valuo,
whllo every commodity which the
farmer had to give In exchange for
It wns falling In price, with tho In
evitable result of wide-spread distress
which could find no rollcf except
through nn augmented volumo of cir
culating medium" ,pf exchange.
On tho other hand tho panic which
rattled Wall Street last week, and
eqnt the shivers np nnd down Its
isplnal column till mil money on Sat
urday reached 35 per cent, had Its
orlgln, as nil the numerous panics of
that region do, In stock gambling.
IThat particular place, tho scat of tho
gambling Industry of tho country, Is,
'nVhero tho "captains of Industry" have
their offices and where the "upholders
Df tho honor of tho nation" live. It
Sa tho peculiar dwelling place of tho
gold standard, tho only standard, ns
the publlo woro assured In 1800 and
IJ000, which could bo relied on ns stablo,
and subject to no fluctuations. Nover
tholoss, Ott Saturday Inst, thcio win
to. fit la tho street of ' ts periodical
financial Jim-Jams; nnd nnd here the
point of departuro from the- farmer's
Bub-txcasury exporlonco camo in, ri.
clamor was mado for tho government
to como tip to tho holp of tho Lord
against tho mighty, who In squeezing
tho life out of tho shorts had run short
Df money and must havo some to mako
good. And tho government of course,
-Just as tnuoh of coiirso ns Us rldl
tulo of tho Nebraska cry, losponded.
JThe Secretary of tho Treasury ubd(-
cnted -his post at tho capital of tho
country and his duty to look after Its
finances, wont Into Wall Street nnd
mado haste to assure tho gentlemen
there, who wero at the time violating
tho law by permitting their rcsorvo
fundB to go below the legnl limit, that
ho was tholr humble and very much
obliged servant, lendy not only to
wink at their breach of tha stntuto,
but to loan tho credit of tho govern
ment to them to holp thorn out of tho
fix Into which their gambling propen
sities nnd lawless hnblts hnd brought
them. And not only so, but to mnk'o
tho United Stntes nn active pawn
broker for theso gamblers, thW man
duties ns financial ngents of tho gov
It'wlll bo observed that the Sectctnry
rends intothls law tho word "or," In
stead of "and" ns It, now read", before
The word "otherwise." His predc
cosKors havo uniformly refused to do
thYsj but have construed the statute
toVinenu what It plainly says: 1. e.
that the security to bo taken by him
for' deposit's 6f government money
niust consist of United States bonds in
nu) I event, and thnt ho may require
under tho term "otherwise," such ad
ditional collateral ns mny seem to hlra
besi Ills Interpretation of It, how
ever, dispenses with bonded security,
and' allows the latter to bo displaced
whatever he may be willing
reoplo used to shiver nt tho thought
of the western farmers having no fuel
but corn. Now they envy them. Even
com beats no fuel,
to 'accept ns the 'otlietwlec," which
iririy, and sooner or later will, mean
something far loss valuable and even
less convertible, than the Nebraska
frirmer's proposed deposit of wheat,
so bitterly scoffed nt a few years ago.
Under this foicod Intciprctntlon,
what the Sccietniy of the Treasury
says amounts to the equivalent of some
1112 millions of money havo been re
leufcd within a week for the purposes
of tho New York financiers. And for
tho tlmo It relieves them from their
panicky sltuntlon.
The transaction Is strictly revolu
tionary, measured even by nll
Street standards. The cry thero has
been: "The go eminent must go out
of the banking business." Tho week
past hi" shown not only thnt the gov
ernment has not gone out of tho bank
ing business, but that It. proposes to
stay lu that business, nnd to u'.o tho
people's money In thnt business,
not, however, for tho lienoflt of tho
people, but to help out those whose
thrifty business consists In fleecing
We know several men in this town
who would like to borrow money on
sequrlty of 'the "others Ise" sort, Just
ns tho Nebraska folks wonted to on
wheat. Hut wo may be very sure they
will obtain nothing. Their business
id to earn money for the government
and' pay It out In the shape of protec-
tidhf for tho Industries or tho country.
It Is riot too niueli to sny that this
notion of tho udmlnlstintlon In furnWi
Ingjqredlt to the N.PW York banks in
nn'ninoiint Avhlch, now thnt a begin
nlnij Is once made, will bo limited only
by 'the quantities of "otherwise" which
tho 'iinpor mills enn bo mndo to grind
out (ln tio shnpe of bonds and stocks,
nnd which the go eminent has by tills
precedent bound Itself to take, this
action, wo say, turns over the Treas
ury! of the United Stntes to , Wall
Street, n a mora, mines to -Its stock
Tlio icsult for the tlmo being wns
announced In yesterday's dispatches,
tl.u-1: "Tho .Morgan stocks mo free
fr.un n raid." Morgan Is hclpeij nut
of financial trouble, nnd tho countty
Is s.'lfe. Hut when a fanner Is thrent
cued with foreclosure -proceedings,
docA the Treasury department step In
nndlsnve his fuini for him? Not
munli. At last tho government of the
'ynlfed States lms been Morganlzed,
and lms gone Into the trust. Instead
Of,' ho gold standard, wo havo gone
below the standard of silver nnd down
(oltiint of pure brass, othonvlsp known
I Wise
$ Otherwise
)J i.Mi.t .fcH mti,iin t.3b
Now smile.
-f -
Hurrah for tho fair!
a -
'Twas a day of much racing.
Fakirs never did a better business.
' -::-
The rainy season is said to bo nearly
-f -X-Lots
of pretty girls In Summit
. .
Deputy Sheriff Hollinger can nlso
obtain confessions.
i -X-Just
why it Is called Ice cream candy
Is a problem for scientists.
The Only Credit Clothiers in the world
Men's Fall Clothing, Women's Fall Clothing, Boys' Fall Clothing,
Girls' Fall Clothing. We soil to all. Sell the best that is mado on
the easiest credit terms in America.
Wo don't ask you to take our word for it; we simply invite you to
qomo and judge with your vown eyes. '' '
Come tomorrow and opon an account with us.' You'll find this
"square dealing credit store a friend at all time's.
us1 "otherwise."
lty, lu tho slinpo of sweat nnd, brnwri
hnd muscle, "otherwise" called tho
lnbr necessary to mine qonl, which Is
iScir much wanted also In Now York.
II mi nioii iney uoum nice io pawn
fojtiio government In return for lendy
money or credit, to keep themselves
nnd tholr Uttlo ones from stnrvlng
Intho coming winter. Will they get
It? Wo shnll see. Don't let us hear
nri thing moro nbout dishonest dollars
pv, wildcat eurieney; the Trensury do
pnitmcnt Is banking on It now,
lilmbrtl liHnlin Ml f lfiit ' ltlltHlir tl
,.....m- ,..uu .,.., ,.. i. "it . Tuo real miners of Pennsylvnnln
on it an Interpietatlon hlcli does ,
' ,..,,. hno somo of this "otherwise " secur-
Vioienco io iih louur mm ns spirit, aim
which no predecessor In thnt olllco hns
over yet dnred to vouch for, sorvlle
tools of tho gamblers as porno of theso,
havo been.
Secretary Shnw, In ordor to furnish
monoy for tho New York Interests
deposited with them government
funds, first upon the security nnined
In tho statute, and, that not proving
enough for the lnsntlnte demands of
tho dicers, ho consented to stretch the
law nnd tako other security.
What tho other secuilty Is tho pub
lic do not ltnow and ennnot know; but
for tho tlmo being H Is given out to
bo municipal bonds. What It will
liltlmately descend to depends now
thnt tho door Is onco opon, on tho
cheek of tho street operators ns to
what thoy may see fit to offer when
tho situation later on begins to pinch
thorn still hnrdcr. Shnw seems willing
to tako anything, so that the demand
comes from tho Wall Stu-et quarter,
nn$ wo may cspect to boo him accept
ing chips nnd whetstones before tho
operatord are through with his valua
ble services In this bohnlf.
Following Is the statute under which
be purport" t0 oclln8:
"The Secretary of tho Trensury shall
require the associations thus desig
nated to plvo satisfactory security,
by the deposit of United. States bonds
and otherwise, for tho, safe keeping
nnd prempt payment,, the public
money deposited twlth rtbcm nnd for
ttu. faithful nerforraniice of their
Mmio tlmo now tho army of
Democratic voters in Summit county
linb hnd no repiescntntlon by moil of
tholr own party nt tho Court House. It
sTil enso of tho Hopubllcnns haying n
'$V house" and so In county politics
Uiey cry "stand pat." There Is another
anil much uioio lcspectabln phrnso
which Is occurring to fair minded clt
lions, nt this time, it Is thnt "It Is n
Ions Inno thnt has no turning." And
ttHjte is u turning point ahead and it
win no reaction nnout Nov. 1
tb faithful pfrranf
'J'hrec cheers for tho officers who
are recapturing those prisoners!
No, Moyboll, they do not use city
water in the pools nt the races.
X- -
"Way down yonder In do co'nfleld,"
the first of the seven wns found.
Thero will bo "squawkers" In many
n rural household, for a day or two.
K -X-Tho
money the N. O. T. Co. didn't
get would make a respectablo bank nc
count, - ' '
Maybo Dan Mycis mistook tho tall
corn for the tall timber, hence his ic
copturo. -X- -X-Akron
carried offrthc honors In tho
baby show with one. first, nnd tluco
second prizes.
X-, X
Most of the police have a distinct
realization of who Is chief of tho Po
lice depnitmont. ov
As usual a good many people are sug
gesting thnt tho dntes of tho fair
should bo changed.
, :;-
If as many people traversed Furnace
st, every day It would soon pieseut a
dirfctcnt ,nppeaianee.
4- -X-Tbero
were some dieadfully lnmo
sttcct enrs In opeintlon hctnecn Ak
ron nnd the fair' grounds.
X- fl
it Is snld that n veteran lace horse
died of mortlfjcntioii in. rennsylvnnla
Inst week, when hitched to a plow.
-X- -Today
tho luaniigerH of the fnlr are
laughing, nnd the public laughs with
them. Sunshine is surely contagious.
-X- -Jilt
would have sirred Dim Myers light
to havo compelled him to crawl bock
Into Jnll In the. Mine manner ho crawl
ed out
, ,. -"
Finishes so close thnt you could havo
thrown a blanket over soicrnl of the
horses were the order of tho rnccs
Tbursdny. ?
. . -K
No, Algernons tho horso owners don't
mean for their Jockeys to got duintc
when thoy order them to "lick 'er up"
to the limit.
Mnnager Plerco of the Colonial
admits that It is n great show and
ho has been In the business for lo,
theso many years.
All pcrsens having; to do with viola
tion of law will remain uwny fiom
Akron .hereafter, for hero "all laws oro
enforced!" nccoidlng to tho Mnyor,
x- -
Tho persons who annually cross tho
track and try to too how near a rnco
horso can come to hitting them with
out actually doing so, wero nt tho fnlr
In large numbers Thursday.
Thlrty-ave polleomen ought to be tib'o
to keep t tho crowds off tho track at
tho fair grounds. At least, so remarked
Stnrtor "Ah" Unrnnrd, nnd ho ndded,
I'TIiaw nnnli erni ft'VRfl n flnv'
-x- -f -a
Probably when n few Indignant
mothers havo been to soo tho Judges
In tho baby show nnd havo wanted to
know why no prizes en mo to them,
the smiles will depart from tho Judges'
That the rnccs are the great draw
ing card at tho fair was evident Thurs
day from the Inrge crowd thnt waited
until tho last heat wns run. Thero
wero a good number of tho fnlr sex In
tho crowd, oo,
The subject most discussed by visit
ors to the fnlr who spoilt n few bonis
In tho pity wns the wonderful clean
ness of tho strcots. Truly Mayor Doyla
hns erected to himself n monument of
Imperishable fnine.
"Ed" Herphey bellovcs there Is mon
9 1" 1 (wirr
9B 1 Credit Is yours here without nsklng; UjyB V
Bg I without security; without any red 1 nl'ilB K '
H H tape. Our system Is strictly confldcn- I i hV'A M Ik
I S tln1' 1 wSl m
1 Wk-m ! -"'
H i1, II lie Ifa 1 j
II LivwMi v ; '
fSm il I . U Km v i
YlWfll'Ibl 7a1k I
H Ml,,"llJrv kI " '"
m WwWr&k 't
IW f "1
m i . . -i mw
S Ml HI "sraSSs
i sm-vmsmt srBMia
H j& .w fc BB KTylA
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3Kp& ca
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Ml - ,
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lit is altogether probable that Hon.
Dnvld 11. Hill will remember "ltlir
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tho (Ninth New York district come m in
yJoftmber, Whnleer his faults may
b0i5uo thing Ih certain- no man hns
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ey In rnclnp ostriches, thnt Is, If the
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On -the qther innd no one had qulto
so good n tlmo ns tho young ninii from
Copley township .and his onllest only.
Some foolish npoplo may havo smiled
nt th6m, 'but they wero oblivious of
It. rurely as a question of happiness,
Th U pham-Brouse Go.
theirs wns supremo. And this Is no
Joke, either.
- tt
Every man Is more or less a hero to
A man must stick to his Job If ho
expects to finish It.
Any dny Is unlucky to n man when
ho meets with n misadventure.
Tho meanest man. In n neighborhood
may bo ns conspicuous ns tbo best one.
The hopeful man may not meet
with success but ho starts right, to s-iy
tho least,
Thero Is something to bo said In be
half of the gourmands. They are de
voting their lives to gastronomy.
Men nre not strougly Inclined to let
well enough nlon.e when thoy see.somo
thing better within reach.
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