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Do vou over buy
tho box?
o whilo.
$3.25 for
Pays you
! BonuMAonnu & gammethr,
101 Sonth Howard st,
China & .Tnpnn Ten Stow.
Both Phones.
Popular A ttr actions
at Popular Prices
Thursday, Friday nnd Saturday,
Oct, 0, 10, and 11.
latest Melo-dramntlc Success.
To Akron For
Next Meeting.
Convention of Charities
and Correction
F. O. Ircson, Billy Conlon and
other well known artists in
the-cosfc A grand scenic pro-
'ductl6n.",,Ncw and startling
pieclmnlcal effects. Matlnco
every day. Matinees, 10 and
20 cents. Evening, 10, 20, 80
and 00 cents.
It Is ttben the nerrra ro lrriutod and disordered that
1 Leadaches come. Mar bo anr one o( a dozen primary
"catucs, but tts result U alnars the same.
Dr. James Hoadaoho Powdera
' loothe and restore the ncrre fore make It lmpos
i alble for neadacbo to exist, PtrfocUr barrolOM no
i nnrjleasant atter-effect. So not allect the heart In
anr war. At all droit stores. 4dosesl0o.
The 3. W. James Co., East Bradr, Ta,
.'or ouio uy Jotiu l.uiiipurlur ; Co.
dly tf
On Household Goods,
; Pianos, Organs, Horses, Car
riages, Wagons
And on all chattel property at tho
i very lowest rauw. n you nave a num-
t uor ui siiiuii uL-uia you want lo pay, i.
he will loan you the money,, and you can
pay It back In small monthly payments.
All goods remain In your possession,
tial. Call and investigate before you
borrow, I can save you money.
L. O. Miller,
k Room 14, Aroade Bloc"":
Bell phone 700.
People's phono 774.
dly tf
Lace curtains, blankets, quilts and
comforters washed carefully.
City Laundry
1063 S. Main st.
People's Phone 912
dly tf
Forty Years' Torture.
To be relieved from a torturing dis
ease after 40 years' torture might well
cause the gratitude of anyone. That
Is"' what DeWitt's Witch Hazel Sahe
did for 0. Haney, Genevi-., O. Ho says:
:"DoWltt's Witch Hazel Salvo cured
smo of piles after I, had suITeicd 40
years" uures cms, mans, wounas,
l$kln diseases. Beware of counter
Closed Its Meeting at Springfield
Sprlngflold, C Oct.. 10 Tho state-
conference of charities and coircc
tlons will closo hero today. It has
been decided to hold next year's c6n
forenco In Akron, In October. Last
night thcio was an cnteitalnmont giv
en by the pupils of tho school for deaf
and dumb at Columbus. One of thorn,
a second Hello ji Keller, astonished tho
Ex-Warden B. G. Coffin of tho state
penitentiary characterized the colls of
that Institution aB unfit for brutes,
owing to tho absence of lights and
propor sanitation. Resolutions were
passed urging the erection of a build
ing for tlie care of crippled and deform
ed children, and for tho care of wo
men sentenced to the penitentiary.
They will be presented to tho Legis
lature. Theso officers were elected Inst night:
President, Jarae3 Allison, Cincinnati;
first vice president, W. S. Eaglcson,
Columbus; second vice president, Mrs.
Mary Long, Akron; secretary, Joseph
P. Byers, Columbus; executlyo com
mittee, James Allison, Cincinnati;
Lewis Qunckcl, Dayton; W. J. Breed,
Cincinnati; M. D. Follett, Marietta;
S. L. Wyckoff, Sidney; P. A. McOann,
Toledo; H. R. Copley, Cleveland; and
G. W. Paibarger, Jackson.
merit makes it
Who May Get Orders For Fast
New York, Oct. lO.-Now that Sir
Thomas Llpton's challenge is actually
on its way heie tho usual gossip is
prevalent concerning syndicates of
wealthy yachtsmen who Intend to ex
ploit certain yacht designers.
Two naval architects of Boston have
been mentioned as being likely to get
orders. One is B. B. Crownlnshleld,
who designed Lawson's Independence,
the other W. Starling Burgess, son of
Edward Burgess, of Puritan, Mayflow
er, and Volunteer fame.
Rumor has it that Vfm. Gardner,
th6 New York yacht designer, whose
latest flyers, the sixty footers, Wecti
moe and Neola, hav e proved themselves
such sensational successes during their
later races of this present season, may
also get an order.
Tho Only Remedy In tho World,
Exoopt a Surgical Operation,
That Will Certainly Curo
Any Form of Piles.
Tho study of physicians, tho exper
iments of chemists, tho loudly adver
tised pretentions of quacks, havo been
for years expended in one dliectlon: to
find a pilo curo that would curo.
Tho results havo been a number of
harmless and In most cases useless
ointments, suppositories and oen in
ternal remedies, which the public have
weighed in tho balance of experience
and found wanting; nearly all of them
gtivo somo relief, but nothing nproach
lng a radical cure, resulted from theso
Tho teincdy required Is ono which
will Immediately stop the pain so se
vens in many cases of plies, and then
by contiactlng the small blood vessels
(capillaries) to their normal size, pio
duces a radical curo by reducing and
Anally absorbing the tuomrs and heal
lug the lnflamod, raw, mucous surfaces.
Until a fow years ago, no such lorn
edy had boon produced, but at that
tlroo a suppository was placed upon tho
market,' frhlch has since proven itself
to bo the long sought permanent cure
for this common and distressing tiou
bio; it has uipldly become famous
throughout tho United Statos and Can
ada, and lsjiow sold by all druggists,
under tho namo of Pyramid Pilo Curo.
It Is now the best known, beoauso its
merit and safety havo advertised it
wherever used. It has been advertised
by word of mouth, fiom one sufferer, to
another; people who have tried every
thing else, even submitting to painful
and dangerous operatlous without av ail
havo Anally found that piles can be
cured without pain and without ex
pense practically, as the Pyramid Pilo
Cure Is sold for the nominal price of
00 cents and $1 per package.
The Pyramid instantly stops nil pain
and at the snmo time contains no co
caine, morphine or narcotics; the acids
and healing properties contained In the
remedy speedily remove, caused In
healthful, natural contraction and ab
sorption of the tumois; it will cure any
form "of lcctal troublo except cancer
and ndanccd fistula, which, by the
way, nearly always result from neglect
ing proper and timely treatment for
A book on cause and curo of piles
sent free by nduresslng Pyramid Drug
Co., Marshall, Mich.
Natural Anxiety,
Mothers regard approaching winter
with uneasiness, children take cold
so easily. No disease costs more little
lives than croup. Its attack is so sud
den that the sufferer Is often bejond
human aid befoie the doctor arrives.
Such cases yield readily to One Min
ute Cough Cure. Liquifies the mucus,
allays inflammation, removes danger.
Absolutely safe. Acts Immediately,
dues coughs, cold, grip, bronchitis,
all throat and lung trouble. F. S. Mc
Mahon, Hampton, Ga.; "A bad cold
rendered me voiceless Just before an
oratoilcal contost. V intended to
withdraw but (oolc One Minute Cough
Cure. It restored my voice in tlmo
to win tho medal."
Bead Democrat liners.
Of a Desperate Struggle With
Would-Be Train Wreckers.
Central, W. Va, Oct. 10. At tho
wntchbox, a mile east of here Thomas
Griffith, night watchman at a bridge,
was murdeied. He was found alone
in the box, and died before regaining
conclousness. It is supposed that three
suspicious looking tramps, who were
seen here attempted to wreck a
westbound passenger train at the
bridge and were surprised by Griffith.
Theie wcro evidences outside and In
side of the watchbox of a desperate
It Your Clothes Don't
Wash Clean,
Grip Soap
ft Dissolves the Dirt
You Rinse It Out
Ask Your Grocer
W tflMli'rWrfe fi Xfal-F t-sJatfFAC?J,yS liifflj 'SlilK !
Ladies' or Men's Suit, - - $20.00
Ladies' Skirts Men's Overcoat, - 10.00
Misses' or Boys' Coat, - - - 5.00
These three prizes to be given away on November 10
at our biff drawing. The tickets are now ready and
you are invitetlto como and register your name and
got a ticket. They aro
After October 15th thoBO tickets will bo accepted
as $1.00 on any $15.00 purchase until January 1st, or
will bo accepted as payment of $1.00 on any goods
purchased on, time, only one ticket rebate allowed to
each person. We sell
Men's Suits and Overcoats, $5 to $20.
Ladies' Suits and Coats, $7.50 to $30.
Boys' Suits and Coats, $2 to $8.
Ladles' Millinery, $3 to $12.
Ladles' Skirts, $2.50 to $25.
Ladles' Waists, $2.50 to $r.50.
Wo guarantee our prices as low as any cash store
In this city, and allow you to pay us in easy weekly
or monthly payments, such as you can afford.
galvin& Mcquillan
1 18 and 120 South Main St., Up One Flight, Over Long ) Taylor's.
Melodrama Again Holds
the Boards.
"Old Arkansaw" at the Grand
"Our New Minister" Tonight.
"Old Arkansaw," a vivid melodrama,
with a tfnln hold-up, a prison scene
and Dattlo with a mob, which camo to
visit quick Justice to a wrongfully ar
rested man, lnteicstcd a fairly largo
audience at tho Giund Opera house
Thursday night. Thcio has been a
feast of melodrama at this houso for
somo tlmo, but It seems that lnclo-
drama still possosse thrills, 'for the
audience applauded the show last night
very briskly nnd seemed well satlsUod
The tago setting was realistic, and
tho show decidedly successful. It will
finish tho week here with dally matinees.
As the title, "A Sister's Love," lndl
cates, the principal characters are two
sisters who at various opportuno times
risk tholr lives to save a sister from
the designs of an unscrupulous uncle,
who, as guardian of both sisters, en-
deavois to dofraud them of their
rights. Paulino Cook and May Clin
ton, the famous rifle shots, assume tho
title roles. "A Bister's Lovo' will bti
at tho Grand opera house Monday,
Tuesday and Wednesday, with daily
It is always pleasing to noto the suc
cess of a meritorious play, and more
so when it is decidedly Interesting and
so well presented as "Our New Minis
ter," which was one of tho big hits of
last season, and .which comes to the
Colonial theatre tonight It Is excel
lently staged, its scenery realistic to
a great degree, and the vivid portray
als of character and effecttvo scenic
blending make the play ono that will
live for years. Last year's company Is
"Tho Power of tho Cross" comes
to the Colonial theatre tomorrow night.
Whilo the production last jear was
conceded to be meritorious, it is said
that this season it has beon Improved
to an extent that will surprise even
those who saw it before. Tho cast has
been materially strengthened. The
scenery which is entirely new, Is said
to be magnificent, the famous Bowery
scene in particular being described as a
The Jacobs stock company will be
the attraction at the Colonial theatre
all next week, except Wednesday, in a
repertoire of high class plays. Ten
cent matinees will bo g.vcn Tuesday,
Thursday, Friday and Satudray. A
new play will bo presented every even
lng. Popular prices will prevail.
Winston Churchill's "The Crisis" has
reached its Ave hundiedth thousand at
the bands of its publishers. It is a
fair estimate that every copy of n pop
ular book that Is sold has at least tea
readers, so five million people have
already derived pleasure from reading
it. James K. Hackotf s production of
the author's own dramatization of this
thrilling story will bo presented at
the Colonial theatre on Wednesday
evening. The sale of seats opens next
No such thing as "summer 'com
plaint" where Dr. Fowler's, Extract of
Wild Strawberry is kept handy. Na
ture's remedy for looseness of tht
As a special and temporary offer to
readers of this paper, we will mall The
Public to persons not now subscribers,
for ten weeks for ten cents.
The Public Is a 16-pago reviow for
democratic Democrats and democratic
Republicans; Its opinions are expressed
without fear or fa or; it gives an In
teresting and connected weekly narra
tive of all historical news; it always
has a cartoon worth seeing, a book
notice worth reading, and miscellane
ous matter both valuable and Invest
ing; and it is liked by intelligent wo
men as well as" Intelligent men.
Tho editor is Louis F. Post. Send
10 cents In silver or stamps for ten
weeks' trial. Mention this paper. Ad
dross; THE) PUBLIC,
Unity Bldg., Chicago, III.
An exhibition and sale of decorated
china and ait needle work will bo held
Friday and Satuiday, at tho studio
of Lizzie B. Splcer, Room 35, Arcado
The Worst Form.
Multitudes are singing tho praises of
Kodol. the now discovery which Is
making so many sick people well and
weak people strong by digesting what
they eat, by cleansing and sweetening
the stomach and by transforming
tholr food Into the kind of pure, rich,
red blood that makes you feel good
all over. Mrs. Cranflll, of Troy, I. T
writos: For a number of years I was
troubled with Indigestion nnd dyspep
sia which grew Into tho worst form.
Finally I was induced to use Kodol
and after using four bottlos I am en
tirely cured. I heartily recommqnd
Kodol to all sufferers from indigestion
and dyspepsia. Take a doso after
meals. It digests what you eat.
At Fault, Says Engineer Harry
(Special Correspondence.)
Barberton, Oct. 10. Said engineer
Har Alcorn to a Democrat reporter,
A. CO.
This Great Store of the People Is Two-and-a-Half Years Old
i nis ween ana we win celebrate tne occasion with a uroup of
Phenomenal Values In Men's and Boys' Stylish Apparel.
,Tho Surprlso Storo has prepared a week of special offerings that will throng Its store, each day of Its continuance. Few Industries bavo ex
panded In equal ratio to this Akron enterprise few buslncng houses are ablo to record an equal gain year by year. Honco tbJa will bo a iorous
event, THE SURPRISE STORE'S - ... , 5 , l Yy
Semi-Anniversary 3ailo
To fitly commemorate this occasion, the reBourcfs of tho Arm havo been drawn upon to the utmost The Surprise Store's workshops havo
been urged to the limit of their capacity to produce In vast lots an aggregation of many new nnd exclusive style? in Men's and Bovs' nintliW tnr
a gala sale. Extra care and skill has been exerted in tho making up of theso garments. Eiery one of them Is n specimen of Individuality of Tho i
Hninnto KtftfA'fl ftTnnrt TTnlnn trill rt ha nlo '
Men's Fashions In Suits and Overcoats for Men
Men's All-Wool Fancy
dasslmere Suits
Durable, perfect fitting suits In new
pattorns, extra well made, and very
stylish. Tailored by expert union
Men's All-Wool Scotch
Cheviot Suits
Of exceptional quality, the best de
signs for fall, made up In the latest
fashions, good heavy weights, hand
some garments, materials from stand
ard mills only
Men's High-Class Dress
Wear Suits
The best production of selected ex
pert tailor hands, matchless in finish
and elegance, plain colorings and new
figurlngs, an astonishing variety
Men's Supreme Grade
Winter Suits
Rich fabrics, superb tailoring, the
extreme high limit of style and fine
ness. Every garment Is n triumph,
and every suit is a fashion plate
Men's New Style Correct
Top Coats
Now shides in Coverts, cut In the
short, full back box style medium
weight, nicely tailored and finished
nil men's regular sizes, 31 to 42 Inches
breast measure ...- t-.-.........,
Men's New Fullmore
Style Overcoats
Graceful styles and fashlonablo
lengths, good winter weights, excep
tionally well tailored, and guaranteed.
In every respect, Kerseys, Vlcunlas
and Meltons In new shades ,.... .w
Men's Fine Pure
New styles, cut in the military fash
ion, and tailored to perfection, now.
and exclusive patterns, examples of
advanced art tailoring, the cream of
the dawning fashions .-..........,. .
.Men's Very Highest Grades
In Men's Suits
The very finest all pure Worsted, la
neat designs and flgurrngs, superb
fashions, made with style and grace,
coats are- made with broad band-padded
shoulders and new military cuts. .
s4.50, s6.50, s8.50, Ho and Hi
Young Men's Suits aoid Overcoats
In New and Exclusive Styles &.t . .
The showings of new patterns and styles in these assortments, are wonderful. The materiels are from standard mills only. Theso garments
are of the richest sorts, exquisitely tailored and possessing every characteristic of the costliest custom made suits, tWe put more stylo and gcaoral
satisfaction into our suits than you may have thought possible in ready-to-wear garments.
i Boys' All-Wool Fancy
uassimcre nnee rant buns
In Norfolk style for boys of 4 to 0,
and double breasted style for bojs of
8 to 10, sewed tlnoughout with the fa
mous lion grip btltch, and warranted
not to rip all new patterns
Boys' Fine All Wool Scotch
Cheviot Knee Pant Suits
Tho very newest styles and best pat
terns for school or dress wear. Good
durable materials for boys of 3 to 16
yeais of age doubl stitched throughout
Boys' All-Wool Extra Wear
Resisting Knee Pants
In Casslmeres and Cheviots, all new
patterns, double-stitched and extra
stayed, warranted not to rip, for boys
of ages 4 to 16 3 ears
Boys' High-Grade Double- ft
Breasted Knee Pant Suits
Fine Scotches, Casslmeres, Cheviots V
and Worsteds, In all sorts of new de
signs, tailored to perfection, for boys
of 3 to 16 years of age
New Fashion H&.ts for Men St $t50
In all the Popular Shades at f i
50 9
5 9
Every new fall block and every now shade, in soft and stiff Hats are here. Every Hat Is of pure, all fur felt, fast color, and guarantees
to give good wear. The new broad brim Panama, Golf, and Buffalo Hats are here In great vailetles. Come In and try them on, and seo ho becom
lng they are. 1
The Surprise Store's Famous Double Gua.ra.ntee Binds Every Sale
Should any purchapp .fall to please, the money Is at once returned without a single question. AH Clothing bought here la pressed aril
repaired for one year free of charge. ;
Men'sHeavy Jk g
Work Shirts U4fc
They are Negligee, soft finished 'Shirts j
of good wear lcslstlng qualities, in & 0
staple dark -patterns ....
Men's New Fall Silk
Neckwear rl m l
In all tho new shapes, 4-In-hands, m f
tccks, bows, ajid Imperials, made in a L ml m E m
rich arIety of silks BH lF 0
Men's Madras Negligee
Shirts g&t 4fe
Madras Shirts in all the new pat- mm flk
torns, witl extra pair of cuffs, sizes m && m
14 to 17 uyl
Boys' Fleeced Lined
Ex-tra well made in all Boys' regular
sizes, well shaped and heavy weight.
Men's White Unlaundered
Reinforced front and back and made
of good muslin, with split neckband,
extra well made .-......
Men's Heavy Winter
Fleoce-llncd Underwear in shirts and
drawers, good heavy weight, in all
men's regular sizes - -..
Every article is guaranteed in every respect, absolutely. Never besl tate to bring back any nrtlcle bought here. No one has ever been required
to give an explanation, when ask lng for exchange or refund. . v .,. ,
Open Saturday evening until 10.30; other evenings until 5.30 o'clock,.
wH Tk PH IK n sfi B VEl A
Nsav,,w. . -. .tM
163 and 165
:sihissa nMiiniBaBaan v "" -"-j
&? 8. A. HIER . I
8. A. HEER
& OO.
Thursday, in regard to the Second st.
paving over which tho Council has
boon disputing for somo time: "Tho
low place in front of Dannehower's
office on Second st., which is the cause
of all the trouble over tbo Spcond st.
paving, is. not due to any fault of mine.
I gavo the proper grado to tho con
tractor and tho fault cannot, thoreforo
be mine. Tho trouble Is that the cuib
lng has sunk. Tho ground -was not
properly tamped in other words the
foundation was not right and that is
whero tho trouble lies. The best way
to remedy the evil Is to placo a hewer
drop there. That would carry all tho
water to the storm sewer, and that Is
all that Is necessary as tbe street
looks all right. The cost would be
about $25."
IX this report is made to the Cp'un-
cil, Monday evening, It is likoly that
tho contractors, Wildes & Son, will
bo held responsible.
Tho best soft bosom shirts, 50a Flnay
Hats,? soft or stiff, OSe. Adolph Hold
ststaj 128 S, Howard st.
. 4
.U J
X '
in Ytf"-. 1-.aMJatoakj
t- ... ..mtttjA ... , -..
fn h "jjrwjgg-Tiv''- -

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