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One Big Mine Is Therefore Still
Idle Today.
Thousands of Menk Arc BacK at. Work
Tnmaqua, Pa., Oct. 23. Miners of
the Lehigh Coal & Navigation com-,
pany wore not allowed to go to work
this morning, though they went ex
pectantly. A' mine official said: "In
not starting lup this morning It was
merely the operators showing that Mr.
Mitchell nor any other outsider Is go
ing to blow the whistles of their col
lieries. The men will start to work
when the Lehigh Coal & Navigation
company Is ready to start them."
Wilkesbarre, Fa., Oct. 23. At the
mines hero 115,000 men went back
to work this morning. The men will
work double shift to catch up on coal
orders and with the exception of
pumpmen and engineers, thero are
Closing Scenes fln the Legislature
That Disgraced Ohio.
Columbus, O., Oct. 23 Just as the
House adjourned yesterday tho Demo
cratic members' lined upland .sang, -to,
the music of "Old Hundred:"
Pralso Cox, to whom all 'blessings
Piraiso him, yo people of O-Hi-o;
Praise Hanna, Nash and all the host,
But praise Georgo B. Cox the most.
As the Democratic House members
lifted up their Voices in tho familiar
tunc many Republicans joined them,
not understanding that tho words had
been changed. But the Republican
voices suddenly diopped out of the
chorus whpn the parody was under
stood. Tho members of tho minority
followed this modllied version, of "Old
Hundred" with a verse sung to tho
music of "Coronation:"
All hail the power of Georgo B.'s
Let statesmen prostrato fall.
Bring forth the Cincinnati plan and
foist it on them all.
Bring forth tho Cincinnati, plan and
foist it on them all.
When Comings of Lorain, moved
just before adjournment that a com
mittee be appointed to wait upon tho
governor with the information that
the Legislature stood ready to adjourn
and vnitcd his further pleasure, Stage
Barberton Must Come Off Her high
Perch by May 1.
Tho so-called City of Barberton is
rospectfolly invited to come oft her
perch and get back Into short dresses.
She must go back to making mud pics
and playing with Cuyahoga Falls,
Hudson and Rootstown. After next
May, you must speak of this puffed up
youngster as Tho Village of Barberton.
This Is all on, nccount of the now
Code. Hero's what It says: "All mil
niclpal corpoiatlons, which, at tho last
Federal census, had a population of
5,000 or more, shall bo cities. All other
municipal corporations shall bo vil
lages. All villages, which at any fu
ture federal census, havo a population
of 5,000 or more, shall become cities."
At tho last Federal census, Barber
ton had a population of 4,854. No at
tention will bo paid to the census sho
took of herself last winter. Four thou-.
more places than men. Many of the
non-union inen-nro leaving.
Scranton, Pa., Oct 23. Union men
aro not wanted at tho Oxford col
liery. Two hundred and fifty strikers
formerly employed thero marched to
tho colliery 'this morning and were
refused work. Somo of them had their
labt morsel of food In their dinner
palls and ns they were turned away
tears streamed Jown their faces.
New York, Oct. 23. Anthracite coal
for immediate delivery was sold yes
terday at $12 and $10 a ton, though
$15 wns supposed to bo the schedule
price. The dealers could not get that
ilgure. Tho distribution of coal to
tho poor at 15 cents a pall continues
In all parts of tho city.
followed this resolution with ono nam
ing Mr, Cox of Cincinnati, Senator
Hanniuand Senator Foraker as a com
mittee of three whoever requested to
wait upon Gov. .Nash to inform him
that they had no further uso for the
Legislature and that it could, there
fore, adjourn. Clerk McKlroy sup
pressed tho Stage resolution at tho
desk. Speaker McKinnon turned a
trick on Stage by appointing him a
member of this committee to wait upon
the governor, wltji Comings of Lorain,
and Tenney of Miami. When this
committee returned after gently break
ing the news of impending adjourn
ment to Gov. Nash, and Comlugs an
nounced that the governor had no
further communications to address to
tho assembly, Stugo gravely rose and
stated that he did not care to submit
a minority report.
The closing scenes In the Senate
were orderly. The senator completed
Its work at 11:50 a.m., ten minutes bc
foro the Houses completed its labors.
In both chambers tho resolution adopt
ed yesterday, requiring sine die ad
journment at 10 a.m., had required
tho usual stopping of the clocks in or
der that official adjournment should
bo taken at that hour.
Tho scones of yesterday, like the de-
(Continued on second page)
sand, tliree hundred and flfty.four is
the only number that will bo consider
ed under the Codo. So Barberton must
get back into tho clothes of a village
and remain in them until the next Fed
eral census is taken in lOio.
Tins may bo a bitter disappoint
ment to tho villagers, but thero is no
escape from it. ' That their town is re
moved from tho city class and restored
to the government of i village J8 tho
respects of tho Republican Legislature?
to the people of Burberton, Tho mcas.
ure is especially unpopular, and will
lose tho G. O. P. many votes that it
might btlierwiso fyivo got In this vil
lage. Tho people of Barberton are vory
angry over tho dlscpvory that thoy
must go back lntc-Hio clothes of a viU
lag and remain thero for about eight
The Last Days
of Registration!:
1 The last registration V:
f davs are the 24th and ::
25th of this month, be
tween thb hours of 8 a.
m. and I p. in., and 4
and 9 pm. All new
voters and persons who
have removed from one
Ward to another, or who
have lately removed In
to the city, must regis
ter, If they want to vote.
New Electric Road
a Sure Go.
Incorporation Papers
Have Been Taken Out
And the Right of Way Will Soon
Be Complete.
A special to the Democrat from Co
lumbus sayfi the Cleveland, Akron and.
Southern Fast Lino Hallway Company
was incorporated Wednesday at Co
lumbus. Tho incorporators are Judge
C. It. Grant, Thomas L. ciuius, unaries
IL? Wheeler, Hon. Georgo W. Slebcr
and Robert Hcrzer, and tho routo of
tho proposed railway is stated in the
articles of incorporation to be from
the Public Square in Cleveland to Ak
ron and Masslllon, with the right to
construct a branch from somo point
between Akron and Masslllon to Can
ton. Electricity is given as tho motive
Inquiry today among such' of Ihe
Inrvirnnrntruw MM nnnlll lio found failed
to add much to the above statement,
Judge Grant was uiulci blood to be in tho
Hast, but whether on business of the
road or not, could not be learned.
Tho parties wero quite reticent in
regaid to the purpoc of tho proposed
new road, but the Democrat is given to
understand that tho right of way has
been substantially obtained and tho,
remainder Is to be condemned at oiu'.
The route Is said to bo wholly over
private property, except where It cross
es the highways, that tho line is short
er by several miles tluin any now
In use, and tho grades and curves ex
ceedingly favorable, making a road ca-
pablo of developing great speed, nncl
calculated in other respects to havt
manifest advantages over any compel
ing company. Ample means for build
ing and equipping the line aro said
to bo In sight.
His Horse Hurried Him Home
Arrested Por Intoxication.
The unusual spectacle of a horse he
ing driven rapfdly along South Main
st., by a man who was fast asleep
In tho buggy, attracted cousldcraBlq
attention Wednesday afternoon. JCTTe
horse threaded its way round other,
buggies and street oars with wonder
ful intelligence, and though' onlook
ers held their breath at some of the
narrow eshcapes, no harm camo to Hie
outfit until it was spied by a PollcV
man, who.stopplng tho horse.found that
tho sleeper, Monroo Faslg, was Intox
icated. Ho could not walk when taken
from the buggy. Ho was arrested for
Intoxication and pleaded guilty In Po
Hco court Thursday morning. Ho wns
fined $2 nnd costs and cautioned not
to fall asleep again, whllo driving.
Fine Showing Made by Its Pas
senger Department.
Tho showing of tho passongor de
partment of tho Erio railroad rJ$
gratifying. Tho last report showed
that tho business netted $1.12 n nile
as compared with $1.01 a mile for the
previous fiscal year. Passenger men
sny 'tho road was hotter patronised
last year than ever before and that
tho excursion business tbough hoavy
tended to help rather tliau discourage
regular travel. , ' ,
No Limit to Extravagance and
Tax Levy Almost Doubled.
Under; tho new form of government, whkh will go into effect as soon af
ter April 1 as officers cnti be elected, the present system under which the
city Is inn will bo turned upside down.
TUo Mayor, who will bo elected for a term of two years, will bo practical
ly tho ('whole thing with authority to make alt of the principal appoint
monts and vctd acts of Council.
Tho executlvo liower will bo vested In tho Mayor, President of Council,
Auditor, Treasurer, Solicitor, Department of Public Service nnd Department
of Public Safefy.
Council will bo composed of 11, Instead of 1G members, eight of whom
shall bo elected from wards and three by the city at large. It may also be
necessary (o district the city. Council will be the legislative branch, as
now, and tho members' will be allowed pay for whatever time they devote to
thejr duties ns Councilmcu. They will not bo allowed over $300 apiece. Tho
president, to be elected by the people, will have no vote, except when there is
a tic.
Council Is also charged with the duty of fixing the salaries of all the
other officers.
The Department of Public Service wlllbe thcchiefadminlstratlveauthorlty
of tho city. The number of members and their balarlcs will be fixed by Coun
ell. There will probably be five members. They will supervise all improve
ments and execute matters authorized by legislation. They will not be allowed
to contract for anything amounting to more than $500, without tho approval
of Council. The Board of Public Scrv Ice may employ engineers, superintend
ents, iuspectois and all other workmen needed In its department, and will
lvavo authority to fix their compensation.
The Department of Public Safety will consist of four members, whose
duty will bo to look after tho safety of the public. This Board will havo
tho supervision of tho Police nfld Fire Departments. The members will also
bo obliged to pay particular attention to the telegraph and telephone systems
of the city, so that no danger from thorn may be feared by the public.
A strict merit system is to be observed in the Police and Fire depart
ments. Tim Chief of 'each department will be under the authority of the
Board of Phbltc Safety. Strict provision is made that politics shall not be al
lowed to enter Into the distribution of appointive positions, and the Directors
of Public .Safety nio'to keep a sharp lookout for any violations. It la under
stood that thib clausd was put in for a Joke.
Members of the Health Board, as now, must serve without pay, but a
health officer will be appointed, nnd his salary will bo fixed by Council.
All appointments In this department will be made by the Mayor.
The affairs of the Library -will bo looked after by six trustees, to serve
without pay. They will be appointed by the Mayor.
Authority is, givento the Boards to hire almost any number of assistants.
A 'Police Judge will be cleetedv'and the City Solicitor must serve as Police
Chief officers are as follows: .Mayor, elected for two years; Auditor,
(bauio (is City Clerk), elected for three years; Treasurer, elected for two years;
Solicitor, elected for two years;- President of. Council, elected for two years.
Whop the .Mayor Is out of tho city, the President of Council will be Acting
Mayor. In case of the death or removal of the Mayor, his unexpired term
will be filled by tho President of Council. '
The lirs,t erection under this act will be held on.the first monday In April,
1003. 'After this election, all existing elective officers of the city will step out.
AH appointments necessary will be ma do by the first Monday in May, and af
ter that time It Is expected that the n ow government will be in full swing.
The new law is one that is rich in possibilities for extravagance, because
there, s no limit placed on the number of appointments that can be made
to salaried positions in the departments, nnd abundant means is also provid
ed for tho raising of revenue. The aggregate levy, including assessments laid
for sppclal purposes nnd the extinguishment of bonds, replenishing funds,
etc., will be about 20 mills.
In addition to a general levy of 10 mills, provision is made whereby as
sessments can bq laid for tho ebtabl Ishment of a Sinking fund, "sufficient
to pay the interest on bonds and extinguish bonded and funded indebtedness."
Deficiency bonds, to supply deficiencies in funds, may be Jssued for terms as
long as 50 yeais, and bonds may also be issued to tho amount of one per cent,
of -the total valuation of ptoperty in the city for the purpose of putting up
pnbllu buildings or making similar Imp rovements. The present rate of levy
In Akron is 11.1 mills. At first sight tho impression might be given that the
10 nifll levy of tho new law means a reduction In tho amount of taxes. Such
Is not the case. The shortage In the general duplicate will be cared for by
special assessments. It will have been seen that there are many provisions
made for the obtaining of reenue. Council is given power to increase the
general levy at any tune provided such an act may be authorized by a two
thirds voto of tho people.
A Board of Tax Commissioners, to serve wlthqut pay, will be appointed
by tho Mayor to examine nit records In connection with the levying and collec
tion of taxes. This Board will also be required to pay particular attention
to the" Sinking funk.
. Assessments for special Improvements will bo levied In the same man
ner as at present. Improvement lionds will be sold in 'the samo way, too.
This bill, as Is known by nearly everybody, has nothing to do with the
regulation qf schools. Tho Board of Education will continue on undisturbed.
The Code bill Is a long document, filling 125 pages nnd containing 3,109
There aio many details in the bill, but tho above are Its most Important
Burt Manufacturing Co,
Has INo Stock For Sale
The Burt Mannfnctorlng company
has been Incorporated under the laws
of Delaware with a capital stock of
$50,000. The Incorporation was made
to take over a partnership that has
beet manufacturing oil filters for the
pnst 12 years. The company Is tho
largest manufacturer of oil filters in
tho world nnd lias branch offlces In
Chief Mcrtz and Family to Live
on Buchtel Avenue.
FJi'o Chief Mertss Is having a now
Imuse built for himself and family
on East Buchtel inc., near No. 5 en
gine house. After ho has removed Into
bis pew home, it Is fcaid, his oillclal
this country and In- Europe. It Is un
derstood that none of the stock will
be placed on the market". The ortlcers
of the company were chosen Tuesday.
They ure: President and general man
ager, W. F. Warden; vice president,
n. P. Maranvllle; secretary and treas
urer, H. J, Blackburn; general coun
sel, 0. F. Beefy.
headquarters will be at engine house
No. 5.
Declared Dividend.
At a meeting of tho directors of
the People's Telephone Co. Wednesday
a quarterly dividend of 1 per cent, pay
able Nov, 1 was declared.
Has Won a Promotion In the
Mm. Caroline Landls, of this city,
has received' a letter from her son,
J, C. Herwlck, now In the United
States navy, which Indicates that trfe
boy is doing very well Indeed and Is
pleased with the sorvlce.
Ho was enlisted as an apprentice a
year ago, is bnt 17 years old, yet he bag
already been advanced to the rating
of ordinary seaman. The letter was
written from Brooklyn, where young
Herwlck is stationed aboard the bat
tlcshlp Indiana, Ho writes that the
ship will shortly go to the Philip
pines, nnd will not return to this side
of tho world until next May.
Company Includes
Local Men.
Kentucky Mines Will Be
Cleveland and Canton Capital
Also Interested.
The Ohio Zinc company has been
incorported under the laws of South
Dakota with a capital stock of $250,
000. Tho company "is composed of
Akron, Cleveland and Canton capital
ists. The mines of the company arc
located In- Kentucky and this office of
the company is in this city. The offi
cers chosen are: President, Cbas., A.
Albright, Cleveland; vice president
and treasurer, Adolph G. Klippcl,
Cleveland; secretary, O. J. Keyes, Ak
ron; directors, B. M. Hastings, Akron;
Edward Langenbach, Cantonf H. W.
Gazell, Cleveland; J. S. Lowman', Akron.
Would Not Have Cost the County
More Than $65,000
Had Commissioner Fillius Not Been Opposed
by the Local Ring.
The politicians who have saddled
the cost of a $100,000 JaiJ upon the tax
payers of Summit county, when the
people in voting consent to buHd the
Jail were promised that the cost should
not exceed $50,000 or $05,000, have
stirred up a hornet's nest for them
selves In assailing the record of cx
Commlssloner E. L. Fillius in the mat
ter. ' .
From first to last At. Fillius" fitood
out for building a Jail that -at the
most would not cost" the people more
than $G5,000, and when he was out
voted in his position regarding the
architects contract, when the poli
ticians who assumed tho right to dic
tate how the contract should'be award
ed had voted down hii motion to al
low all of Summit county's architects
to bid for the contract, Mr, Fllius pre
dicted that instead of the Jail's being
built for $C5,000, it would cost the tax
payers not .less than $100,000, and per
haps $125,000 before all tho "extras"
should be paid.
In view of Sheriff Kelly's declaration
that the Jail will cost the county In tho
neighborhood of $125,000, the prediction
by Mr. Fillius was well made.
The following letter received today
by Mr. Fillius from the Cloveland ar
chitects who were awarded .the fail
contract, later to have it rescinded,
sustains Mr. Fillius' clalin thai If a
local ring had not got' control of tlrn
Board of County Commissioners tho
Summit county Jail would not have cost
tho people more than $65,000:
Oct. 22, 1002,
Mr. E. L. Fillius,
Hudson, Ohio.
Dear Sir: Answering ypur Inquiry
as to the circumstances' that brought
you to our office, In reference to tho
then proposed County -Jail at Akroq
and tho proposed cost of &uch Jaj
building, permit mq .to say that J'OM
first camo to our office vttb.a news-
Piece of Old Iron
Broke Window
And Struck a Dentist's
Escape From Death
Was Narrow.
The Missile Thrown a Long Way
by Dynamite.
At 3:30 Wednesday afternoon, while
Dr. W. J. Watters was working in his
dental office at the corner of Exchange
and South Main sts., there was a.
scream like that of a shell from a btg
gun, a crash of broken glass and a
flash before his eyes, nnd Mrs. Alice
Logg, who was In the chair at the
time, felt a severe Jar as though she
had been struck by a bullet The mis
sile struck her first on the wrist, prob
ably breaking some of the bones, thdn
glanced and struck her in the side,
and bounded to the floor and into an
other room, going between Dr. Watters
and his patient In Its flight.
Dr. Watters picked the missile up
and found It to bo a jagged piece of
iron. About It wns wrapped a hand
kerchief which had been in Mrs. Logg's
hand when it struck her. The iron
was whirling rapidly when it came Inia
the room, and was quite irregular and
Jagged, weighing about a pound. Haid
it not been for tho fact that it struck
a heavy bracelet which Mrs. Logg wore
upon her wrist, the hand would nrob
ably have been cut off. Had she been
struck on the head she would doubt
less have been Instantly killed. Her in-
(Continued on second page,)
" i itii
paper clipping supposed to be a state
ment from the State Board of Charities
commending the Central Police Sta
tion at Cleveland, built after our plans
and under our supervision and setting
forth that the Central Police Station
was the best arranged in every way
and superior to anything of its char
acter in the state. After an inspec
tion of this building by yourself and
the other members of the then Board
of County Commissioners we were em
ployed and a contract entered Into,
signed by every member of the Board,
to prepare plans and specifications for
your proposed Jail building' with tho
understandlngthat the COSTSHOtJLD
I trust that this will answer the in
quiry contained In your favor of een
Yours very truly,
As between awarding the contract
to -a firm that would havo provided
the county with a Jail costing no njoie
than tho people wanted to pay for it,
nnd being skinned by a local ring under
the specious plea of "protection1 to
home industries," we apprehend that
Summit county's taxpayers- would
have favored thc former alternative
had their wishes been considered in
tho matter.
It will bo a long whllo before tho
people will be "gold-bricked" by an
other crew of polltlcians who drain
tho treasury by extravagant poises
while talking platitudes to the peo
ple about Jocal patriotism and
pride. They aro going to voto somo
men Into office this fall who, llko Mr.
Fillius, will have the backbone to in
sist upon keeping faith with the pec
pie. Tho Democratic candidates are npt
controlled by a ring or a boss.
It might be added that Lehman &
Smith are one of two firm? (n 01ve
land Invited to submit plans for tfc
new government building of that cjty,
to cost several million doUaro. '

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