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TtfBSDAY, PCT; 28, 1002.
Baking Powder
Always terfmot, nmvmi ww, gives uniform rmmultn,
M I have tested all the leaden. Cleveland's give the beat results."
.Mf'- & T. XORBR.
Barberton Will Be
;- a City.
Comforting Words ' of
Secretary Laylin.
A Plea Por Gen. Dick
Match-Town. '
In the
When a political spellbinder has as
signed to him tho doubly difficult and
unpleasant task" of telling a hall full
of people what hencflccnt things
trusts nro, how kindly they feel to.
ward th0 common people; when he
has to tell thcin in the saino bicatb
that they nro too big, too powerful,
for the Republican party to cope with
for a long time to come, and that that
same amiable fairy (the, Republican
party) will get up pome morning and
polish them off before breakfast, he
may well hesitate before beginning
his address.
When that same speaker, ambitious
himself, has to praise the greater po
lltlcal planet which moves between
him and the glad light of political
preferment, eclipsing him and his own
-ambition, it requires a very dexterous
juggling of platitudes and srtcred vcr
. bal relics from the shrines of the lit
erary bureau to enable him to mako
a graceful showing.
That task was the one assigned to
j, Hon. Harry M. Daugherty a,t the Re-,
publican rally at Bnrbertym Mondny
night, npfl ho failed to mako good.
Mr. Daugherty would like to bo Gov.
( ernprJfreports be hue, but as long
as Gen. Ohas. Dick leads the procog.
slon and Col. Myron T. Herrick( is am
bltlous, he cannot realize his dreams.
Yet Mr. Daugherty was oblig
ed to talk about Dick n well ns tlie
State ticket and national politics. It
was his assignment, and it must be
said for him that he tried to make the
best of an unpleasant position.
Mr. Daugherty was asked, after the
meeting, If fte would be a candidate
for Governor, bul; nil that could bo
drawn from him was an enigmatical
smile, which might, and does, mean
many things,
Candidates were numerous In nnd
about the meeting. Jared Barker,
Clint Kline, W, A. Pardee, Philip
Wagoner and others had their "glad
hands" In working order, and they
wore accompanied to Barberton by
County Clerk E. A. Hershey, Dr. L, B,
Slsler, Dr. L. S. Bbtlght, Chairman
0. F. Beery, Secretary Nation O.
Mather and others. The Barberton
band furnished music:
There were 500 people In Whlgara
Schubert hall when the meeting was
called to order by Mr. Leonard Miller,
who Introduced Mayor B. M. Buel aa
chairman. Before Introducing Secre
tary of State L. 0, Laylln, who was
to be the' first speaker. Mr. Buel called
on County Chairman 0. F. Beery, who
entered' a plea for the county candi
dates. He 'named them all In turn,
extolled' their virtues, and asked the
support of Republicans for them.
Apathy seems to be wfoat Republi
cans fear roost In tho coming election.
The dead certainty that thoy are fall
ing to Interest the people In their
advertisements of their prophets
crops out la every second utterance
of tho 'speakers. 'Wo know all our
candidates will be elected," they say,
PrtTTf T? tJ4TJTT?e
Bottle babies are so likely,
to got thin: What can be
done? More milk, condensed
milk, watered milk, household
mixtures try them 'all. Then
try a little Scott's Emulsion in
the bottle,
It does for babies what it
does for old folks gives new,
firm flesh and strong life.
You'll be pleased with the re
sult. It takes only a little in
.milk to make baby fat ,
We'l I od jtou (lull la tiy, 1 J ju Jit's,
corr Bowr?n iwimttW Yd?
"but for any sake don't forget that
we want you to vote. Don't forget
Secretary of Mate Laylln, of course,
In presenting his causo and desire for
a second term, must Impress the peo
po with the conviction that he and
the administration with him were
Impossible to duplicate, "tfever has
there been a State administration it?
the history of Oho," he said, "which
has been so worthy of the gratitude
of the people as the present one un
Ser the leadership of Governor Nash."
"In referring to Gen. Dick's can
didacy ho spoke of national affair vfn
the prosperity route, and credited tho
Republican party with all things
good, eluding American progress,
brains, tho crops and Uio weather.
"In the face of talk of tariff revis
ion,"" he said, "what can you do bet
ter thnn to stand by tho Republican
candidates, who stand for tho party
which has produced those conditions?"
Mayor Johnson nnd his campaign and
principles received some attention.
Mayor Johnson was denounced also
his principles nnd the party general
ly. Mr. Laylln maintained that tho
constitution has been outgrown.
"When It was -afade," said be, "there
were no railways, no telegraph, etc.,
nnd now we bnvo to legislate for pres
ent conditions." Ho claimed that the
Massey law, the Wllls law and oth.
crs are doing nil that can bo done for
oquablo taxation, and declared that
Mr. Johnson only sought to excite the
prejudices nnd passions of tho peo
ple.' Tho fact that people In Barberton
object to the code that places them
back into the village class, goes with
out saying, and during the meeting
Mr. Laylln was asked for an opinion
as to how the code would, affect the
Magic City. "t wli bo a Village un.
til tho next federal census," be an
swered, "but only because the growth
of Barberton has been so marvelous
and' rapid that the Legislature could
foresee no such a condition as you are
facing." i
Hon. Harry M. Daugherty, when he
began his address, appealed first for
support for the candidates, county,
Stato and Congrosblonnl, nnd looked
after tho nntl-Dlc'k feeling In Barber
ton by saying; '.'This is not a time
for Jealousies. J don't believe you
have any Jealousies In Summit coun
ty anyway." At which the candidates,
who were present In Jiuraber, and
Messrs. C. F. Beery and N". O. Mather
looked knowingly at each other. "Let's
all hang together nnd support the Re.
publican party, which lias done so
much for this country.
"The Republican party Isn't the ono
which discovers an octopus In every
"Tom Johnson goes about
making his race on a small Issue,
namely, the three cent fare. The Re
publican party Is too big to discuss
any three cent lssne.
"It may be that a few of the so
called trusts ore controlling the prices
of several commodities. The Republi
can" party, however, ean' do every
thing In a minute. It will take time
to regulate the, trusts. But one of
these fine mornings we will, go out
and polish them off before breakfast."
Mr. Daugherty endqd with a reference
to the Hnnna slogan, "Stand pat"
Dr. L. S. Ebrlght was the last speak
er, and ho devoted the time allpted
him to making an appeal to the Re
publicans to rally Nov. 4. "Don't let
them catch us asleep,'' be said. '
And Barberton Council Did Not
Have a Session.
(Special Correspondence.)
Barberton, Oct, SB.'-Tbe "Republican
meeting last night was too great an
attraction for the Council ana- the
legislative halls were deserted. Most
of tho Councilman were near the city
Building, but were unable to stato
whother there would ,be a meeting or
not. McCarfy was apxlous for a
meeting. He went on a still hunt for
enough members, to transact business.
He came upon McCoy, Miller and
Dunford In front "t the hall where
tho Republican hosts were gathered.
"Go find another member and we'll
havo a 15-mlnute session,'! said one
of the trio to McCarty. He wont but
In five minutes he hud not returned
and the trio went into the. meeting and
Council did not meet,
Less Than Akron
Has Now.
Number To Be Reduced
to Seyen.
Re-Districting Will Be Com
menced Next Month.
It has been announced ofllctotly by
Solicitor Esgat that it will be nec
essary to re-dlstrlci this city into
seven wards, and that the task will
have to be commenced, by the middle
of 'November.
This will give the city ten Council
men, seven to be elected from wntdB
and three by the city at large, Tho
president of Council Is not consider
cd among; tho ten. He will raerply
preside at the meetings, and have a
vote only in case of tics.
Tlie president of Council will, bo
elected by the people, and when the
Mayor Is out of the city hie duties will
be performed hy the president of
Goes Like Hot Cakes.
"The fastest selling article I have
Jn my store," writes druggist C. T,
Smith, of Davis, Ky., "Is Dr, Kind's
New Dlscovory for Consumption,
Cougbs and Colds, because It always
cures. In my six years of sales It
has never failed. I havo known it
to save sufferers from throat and lung
diseases, who could get no help from
doctors or any other remedy." Mothers
rely on it, best physicians prcsclbe
It and 0. B. Harper & Co. guarantee
satisfaction or refund price, Trial
bottles free. Regular slues, 00c and $1
Ira D. Reckard, Duucombe, In.
writes; wy nine xipy scaiaea nis leg
from the knee to tho ankle. I used
anner Salve Immediately, and in three
weeks' tlmo It was almost entirely
healed. I want to recommend It to
every family, and advise them to keop
Banner Salve on hand as it Is a sure
remedy for scalds or any other sores."
J. M. Laffer, A. Warnei, J. Lampar.
tcr & Co.
Who Would Not Gladly Be This
; Milliner's Clerk?
Washington? Pa., Oct. 28-At Union-
town after a romantic courtship. Miss
Minnie Booth and Clayton Shaw, both
Many an Akron Citizen
Finds the Struggle
With a back constantly aching.
With distressing urinary disorders,
Dally existence Is but a struggle.
No need to keop It up.
Doan's Kidney PJUs will cure you,
Akron people endorse this claim.
Mrs. E. Pomeroy, corner of Rush and
H. canal sts., says: "Both my hus.
band and I used Doan's Kidney PJUs
sojd at Lnmparter, & Co.'s dnjg store
and we found them effective Jn prompt
ly relieving symptoms of kidney trou
ble. I suffered from pains in my back
and my kidneys bothered me greatly,
the secretions being Irregular and caus.
lng inconvenience. Dean's Kidney
PJUs did me more good than any other
medicine I over used. My' husband
always speaks of them to the same
effect. We have recommended them
to acquaintances as highly as It is
possible to speak in praise of a medi
cine." For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Fostcr-Mllhurn Co., Buffalo, N.
Y .,sole agents for the U. 6.
Remember the name, Doan's, and
take no substitute.
He We can give you an elegant
breakfast for ICe.
Lady It's too cheap to be good. I
am a stranger in Akron, but was re
liably Informed that the Model Ralo
ery, 100 South Howard st, served a
most excellent breakfast for 25c. I
ara going there.
My dear reader, when nothing tastes
good, stop la at Model Bakery.
4 Charlerpi, ero nnietly married,
Both aw members of well known fami
lies And the courtship which resulted
In thrlr rnsrrjflgo was instituted by
Mrs, Mary Well, a milliner, who has
for years made It her chief object In
life to secure for her clerks good bus
binds. Miss Booth was n clerk In Mrs.
Well's establishment and through thp
efforts of .Mrs. Wells met fibaw, who
was engaged Itf business In Charlerol.
The couple became engaged and the
marriage .resulted. Miss Booth is the
B7th girl employed by Mrs. Wells who
has been married In tho last five years.
So many applications nre made for em
ployment in jMrs. Wells' store that tho
applicants are taken In the order In
whlcktbelr-oppHcatlons aro fl'led and
as soon as a position Is made vacant
by the marrWe ot a girl a new ap
plicant is given, the place.
Curse of an Old Woman May Be
Chicago, Oct. 28. Charley Comls
key, owner of" the White Stockings,
is wondering whether a strango
prophecy made many years ago, s
going to prove true. He was reminded
of it by' tho injuries bis brother, Ed
ward, received Friday night.
When Comjskey was a boy, playing
on vacant lots, ho threw a ball and
accidentally it .bounded against an old
woman, who, was picking rags on tho
dump at the other end of the lot. It
did not have sufficient force to hurt
her,' and' Charley immediately apol
ogized but she was angry.
"May you live lo see all your kith
and kin die!" exclaimed the wpmsn
in a melodramatic manner.
Recentlythe- strange fatality which
seems to have pursued the Comiskey
family brought the old woman's curse
to ils mind. All his brothers, except
the one wno was hurt Friday night,
have died within .the last year, as
well as bis father.
HM Life In Peril.
"I Just seemed to have gone all to
pieces," writes Alfred Bee, of Welfare,
Tex., "biliousness and a lame heck
had made life a burden. I couldn't
cat or sleep and felt almost too worn
out to work when I began to use
Electric Bitters, but they worked
won.ders. Now I sleep like a top, can
eat anything have gained In strength
nnd enjoys bard work." Tbey give
vigorous, health andew, life to weak,
sickly, run-down people. Try them.
Only 60c atJ3. B. Harper & Co's.
drug store ,
Look Out For Fever.
BiJIousness'and liver disorders at
this season may be prevented by
cleansing the system with DeWltt's
Little Early Risers. These famous
little pills do not gripe. They move
the bowels gently, but copiously, and
by reason of the tonic properties, give
tone and strength fo the glands. For
saje by all druggists.
Read Democrat liners.
For Secretary of State,
of Hamilton county.
Fof Judge of tho Supremo Court
(Long and short terms,)
of Henry county.
For State Dairy and Food Commls.
of Franklin county.
For Member ef Stato Board of Public
of Butler county.
For Judge ol Circuit Cc rt,
of Cuyahoga.
For Member of Congress,
of Summit
For Probate' Judge,
of Akron.
For Clerk,
of Akron.
For Shcritf,
of Hudson.
For Treasurer,
of Akron,
For Commissioner,
Of Barberto'n.
For Recorder,
of Akron, . , .
For Coroner,
o' Akron.
For Infirmary Director,
of Akron.
7HK. r . i'".r .. 'vv
.- T
v VyV'Viy. .''-Hry.-'f -i -Ttlmwm i ff
VttVlTTWli 'WSmrM
Scarce and Made
Women Quarrel.
A bucket of ordiuary cistern water,
drawn by one woman for the purposo
of doing some washing, was the causo
of an arrest, a trial and a fine, Tues
day morning, In Police court. Mrs.
Louise Sbeplcr was arrested on a
charge of assault and battery, the
complainant being Mrs. Emily Bug
gies. Mrs. Ruggles stated that she
had drawn n pall of water fioin a
cistern, for the use of which Mrs. Shep-
ler pays rent, and that when the water
was drawn, Mrs. Shepler, in nn at
tempt to take it away from her, spilled
It over her, making her very wet and
uncomfortable and making It neces-
The Wonderful Toned
S. r .
wear Fnde yU1fc atW.:l
3 mm
& &
ft HBH
ft Bffii
ft H9bHHkM1
ft ISeiiimPW
ft inHi
ft mmsmKm
ft ' M mr
ft V H
ft M Wk
ft M V
ft V m
ii) opening, besides some later effeots that we wore unable
ikt bestWQ ofin do to explain what there is, is? to come' Jn,
W -. Ta:U!'
$ UUf tailoring,
V to make your clothes distinctive, graceful, and withal,
ft ySr MpneTAlways 120 S. HOWard StfCCt
fiots (feKtly:;
fids trAilyas'a Laxaiive.
Syrup of Figs appeals to the cultured and tha
well-intormed and to the healthy, because its com
ponent parts are simple and wholesome and be
cause it acts without disturbing the natural func
tions, as it is wholly free rom every objectionable
Louisville-, Ky.
For &lc by all dfurfrfiats
sary for her to change her clothes.
Mrs. Shepler did not strike Mrs. Rug
gles, but the Mayor held that she was
technically guilty and fined ner the
Held at Barberton by Cleveland
(Special Correspondence.)
Barberton, Oct 28. The ministers
of the Cleveland Presbytery held a re
treat at Barberton Inn Monday and
Tuesday. There were 22 ministers
l'resent. This was the third Tetreat
that has been held by this presbytery.
The time was occupied with a discus
sion of church questions. The meet
ing closed this afternoon.
A. B. Chase Pianos
lei so
r business, street
JX HI C&S all requirements.
Have you ever examined our
showing of foreign and domestic
woolens? It would prove a verv
beneficial half hour to you and a
great pleasure for us to show them
to you,
A Matchless
Display of
We can't give ,you an idea of
our overcoat stuffs in words,
you must see therri to appreciate
them. Meltons, Kerseys, Heavy
English Worsteds and an inexhaus
tible showing of Scotch novelties.
Our Suitings
You will find just as complete an
assortment now as at tno season's m
Satisfaction, is the word that tells how wa try to treat M
you, style fit and workmanship of course, but wetrv m
quality or substance, in the process of
manufacturing figs are used, as they are
pleasant to the taste, but the medicinal
virtues of Syrup of Figs are obtained
from an excellent combination of plants
known to be medicinally laxative and to
act most beneficially.
To get its beneficial effects buy the
genuine manufactured by the
flew York.N.Y.
Ericclfifty cents pcf-bottlo.
New Xork Stock Exchanges
Chicago Stock Exchange.
Chicago Board of Trade.
Cleveland Stock Exchange."
Detroit Stock Exchange.
Akron Office :
216 and 2l8 Hamilton Bid.
Local stocks bought and sol.
Both phones, 447.
Read Democrat liners.
ivivin i
Walah Blook
arid You
the Best
$o show at that time. The Hfk
they must be Satisfactory
ftifiitii'tu IBw51m 4ft
AmWAw m
c 111 g
II 8

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