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T08Dif!'dOT.,Ja, 1002.
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the . a .,
, t imw""
ive y s nine ws
?peU (ioia 00. To P.rotKtJonreiUf fr6w dcp.
ttga b sulaed by tbo K)mouo trademark wbleb
ytrn will Olid in evory
Watch Case
Itottor than on all-gold cme.beoau8 strooMr;
nhMMf bAonuso do eoia W WMita. i no j as. uoss
Ctflfl ) guaranteed for 16 roars, won't wear tbln.
in a lor dook.
The Keystone WiUh Cue Compmy, rhllidclphli.
Would Be Reduced If Women
Voted, 'Tis Claimed.
0?o the Editor of tho Democrat:
It J objected by ninny that woman
euffrngo would only dmilile tho Ignor
nnt voto without in Hit least nilslng
tho standnrd of tho Aotlng constitu
ency. Statistics published by tho Na
tional Bureau of ndueatlon show tlint
tho public high schools of ovory-stato
Jn tho Union uio giaduatlng moro
girls than boys some of them twice
or tljrpe times ns many.
In tho wholo United States tho pub
lic high schools In 1809 graduated 20,
814 boys, and 30,124 girls. In 1808 tho
whplo number of boys In attendance
nt public high schools ,wrb 180,187; of
girls, 200,113.
Instead of adding to the power of tho
Ignorant vote, It Is clear that equal
Uffrngo wonld Increase the proportion
f lutplllgrmt voters.
Warn w talte Into consideration
tlmt 05 per cent of the orlmlnals con
fined In our Jalli and penitentiaries
arc men, It Is difficult to understand
" by what method of lessoning tho op
poncnts banc their claim that equal
(suffrage would only doublo tho bad
nnd ignornnt vote.
It Is genorally concerted that legis
lation Is Iookod after along the lines
In which the constituents of the lnw
linkers are Interested. If women aro
more Interested along educational and
moral lines than mon It Is lensonablo
to suppose that their Inlluenco would
be felt nlong those lines In gmciiiiiiont
1 affairs. Is there any one who would
claim that these two elements aro not
needed In tho otlng constituency of
thin oountryV V. M. II.
which I send to you. If ho rends It
perhaps ho will como home or write.
Pleaso help mo:
I'll bo faithful; I'll be true,
For my heart belongs to you;
You may cntiso my heart to break,
But It never will forsake;
Love now locked within Its doors,
There for lifetime, It Is yours.
Crush It, bicak It, If you will;
Love will linger with It still;
Tell mo, lmvo I not been true
In my promises to you,
Huve I broken any vow?
If your lovo has turned to hate,
And to lovo you Is my fato,
You take back tho heart you gave;
I'll take mine down to the grave,
When nt last I fall asleep
How your head o'er me nnd weep
Tears of anguish, grief nnd pain
O'er the llfo nnd lovo you've slain;
Thon, whllo kneeling on the sod,
Ask forgiveness of your God.
I. M. N.
Gallon, O., Oct 25.
As Old Age Creeps
To Strengthen the
Is Available In Turkish
And Russia Has Demanded Pay
ment of Old Debt.
Constantinople, Oct. 28-Thoro Is ex
traordinary activity In tho ranks of
the Turkish military authorities. A
commission of officers has been ap
pointed to Inspect the cavalry, equip
ment and a second commission to In
spect tho ammunition depots.
In consequence of this action and the
doclarntlon by the poito of Ha Inten
tion to devote the greater part of tho
product of Its customs, loan to the pur
chase of wsir material, tho Russian
ambassador hero has become appre
hensive legardlng the ootalnlng of
moneys duo his country. Ho has ac
cordingly demanded the payment of
the nrreais of the ar Indemnity duo
Russia, which amounts to some 350,
000 Turkish pounds. It Is also con
firmed that he has demanded tho con
sent of tho porto for tho establishment
of two Russian naval stations In Tur
kish territory. ,
Men and Women Can
Themselves Hale, Vigorous,
and Happy by Using
Paine's Celery
The human system In old age must
have a sufficient store of nervous ener
gy, nnd rich, nourishing blood, so that
tho liver and kidneys may be kept In
perfect action, and tho body free from
pain. Paine's Celery Comopund Is the
time lnvlgorator when old age creeps
on and the vital powers commence to
fall. Paine's Celery Compound gives
the needed stimulus to digestion nnd
assimilation that tho system requires;
it maintains a regular supply of pure
blood, and removes such troubles as
rheumatism, neuralgia, nervous weak
ness, heart palpitation, iher complaint
and digestive disturbances, thnt make
the lives of old people miserable. Rev.
John Jtlco, Scotch Grove, loxw, says
"My wife and I have used two bot
tles of Paine's Celery Compound with
j?reat advantago to our general health.
It cured her rhounvattsm and proved a
good regulator of the system In gen
eral and a tonic for the norves. In
my own enso I have found It a euro for
kidney trouble nrlslng from old age, as
I am now in my 75th year. In this
trouble It baa given mo almost Instant
Not How Cheap But How Good
We Will Prove
It To You
That wo have tho most select lino of suits nnd overcoats In the city If
' you will have tho kindness to call, wo .will also convince you
That Wc Are Right
In prices. We have Just received a shipment of suits, In fancy Scotch
novelties, the latest rage In style. Our prices aro, from' $10 to $26.
We will not detain you but oil r clothes will.
!09 &. Howard St.
Will Be In
Session Again Next
Is the
Plea of a Wife Who
Waited Long.
Xf the Kdltor of the Democrat:
Will you pleahe publish tho follow
ing poom for mo? I nm left alone, in
nlmnst destitute circumstance1, with
two small chllilion, I w.ml ic llml
my husband, who left im fcrnr imriiths
ago for tho West to seek n Iuiiiiq for
lis. I have not heard a wonl from him
jl'nco ho left. This poem ho gavo to
mo when Hint met him, u part of
Chicago Men Have Completed
Its Organization.
Chicago, Oct. 28 Sixty cmbalmers
and funoral directors have foimed a
union hore, tho first of Its kind organ
ized in tho country. Dressed in black,
many of them wearing high hats, they
en mo singly to Koah's hall and heard
Organiser Fltrpatrlek of the Chicago
Federation of Labor tell of the ad
vantages of a union. Boforo tho meet
ing was closed,all had signed the char
ter roll, lint they refused to call their
organization a union and took tho
name of association.
The now Embalmors and Funeral
Directors' association has several
gilovnnces U wants to rectify. They
aie njt content with tho piesent scale
of wages which xarles from $50 to $100
a month. They object to having tho
embalming room their chief abodo,
and they want their employers to pay
for tholr silk hats and black suits.
Tho members of tho association aie
licensed by tho state, and most of
them nro oxperf chemists.
Washington, Oct. 26 President
Roosevelt has called a Cabinet meeting
for Nov. 7., nnd has notilled members
that he wishes lecommendations la
writing from each for use in his annu
al messago to Congress. This meet
ing will bo tho first formal gathering
of the President's official family sluce
tho adjournment of Congress early in
tha summer.
Do not throw away old clothes.
Make them look like new with
Dlrsctlon hook nnd 49 dyort samples
froe. DIAMOND DYEH, Burlfng-ton,-Vt.
We open another one Fri
day evening, Oct. 31st. W.
A. Barron, Abbey Block.
"Watch the Kidneys"
"When thoy are affected, life Is in
danger," says Dr. Aberncthy, the great
English physician. Foley's Kidney
Cure mukes sound kidneys.
J. M. Latter, A. Warner, J. Lampar
ter & Co.
Can -Be One If You Stick to
. The coffne habit is as Injurious as
tbar drug habits of tho sumo nature.
Don't think so? Woll. dig In and sue.
Xne system craves, a stimulant moro
and. moro until finally tho victim
KMlkOH up
"Whon we arc as fortunate as Mr.
j nines D, Klrablo, of Northampton,
(Mass., to roallao that wo havo got to
atop or tho ponalty will bo nuvcro, it
Is.n Utile, startling nt first to consid
er. Hf) says: "I was an lnvetorato
qoffoo drinker during twonty years of
my life.
, Wie first ten years I oxporlencod no
III effoctH fiom tho corfeo but Its in
sidious oiklng brought foith a tialn
of,"ov)ls later on. I became vry nor
ynuK and lnltnblo, In fact felt all tho
tlraB as If I should 'fly to pleeos.' My
aervo wero all unstiung nnd I craved
coffVo ns a toper does liquor, In truth
I;wa a 'coffee toper.'
.My appctlto became vory poor nnd
Holld food repugnant to tho sight;
dypppsla and Indigestion woio my
l'psepArnblo companions nnd food did
mo but little good. Ahont four years
ago a fiionrt advised mo to try Pos
(utn Cereal Food Coffee, I was loath
to bellovo that enffeo was tho causo
ttt my troublo thoreforo I did not havo
murh faith In Postnm, nevertheless I
commenced Its uso and from tho veYy
Srst I experienced a decided benefit
y nnpotlte returned, food began to
tasto natural and did mo good. My
acrvotisnoss gradually disappeared;
tbo 'brain beenmo clenr, tho loss of
strength and flesh arrested and the
itomncli gradually strengthened. Llfo
Heumod onco moro worth living and
the continued uso of Postum has not
disappointed me. To mo coffee proved
slow' poison. I have found Tostum
to (li a builder and Hiistnlnvr of the
M8t?m and I heartily lecommnnd It
to tho slavrs of coffee, without a shi
plw reservation."
Mr'., Klmblo mnntlons In his letter
many of his friends in Noithampton
Who. havo lecoycred hcnlth and
length ft'om usiug Postum on his
fece in mendatlon.
Dowie Refuses to Pay It and
Tells Why.
Chicago, Oct. US John Alexander
Dowlo will bear humiliation to himself
nnd his family, ho says, rather than
glvo money to suppress disclosures
that would tend to iujura him. He do-
elared Sunday In his, speech at tho Au
ditorium that an alleged attempt nt
blackmail by a Boston man would fall,
and, if troublo camo, ho would bear It
mookly, The healer declared that tho
Easterner had demanded $1,000 to
hush up a statement by Dowlo Injur
ious to himself and his family.
"There Is hut ono such loiter In ex
istence," said Dowlo. "Thnt Is known
to but ono person. If tho letter Is pub.
llshed It will reflect on ono who is
living and ono who Is dead. Uoth aio
very dear to mo.
"What 1 wioto In thn letter was
true nt the time. Rut If the villain
canlos out his purposo to have it pub
(Special Correspondence,)
Mlllhclm, Oct. 28. About -10 young
people surprised Miss Rculah Yeanck
at hor homo Sntutdny ovenlng to re
mind her of her 10th birthday. Tho
ovenlng was spent In games and a
bountiful supepr was servod.
Mrs. J. C. Phillip, of Hammonds'
Corners, Is visiting In tills vicinity.
Mrs. Siifnn We.wick visited at Mun
roo Falls last week.
Church services (communion) next
Sunday at 10:!I0 a. m preparatory
services Saturday at U:ir, Sunday
school at 0:30,
Coming Winter
Prepare for it
now by
qf New
I Stoves.
I 8 Sales "Rooms 112-114 N. Howard St., full of NEW
STO y ES of all kinds and latest styles.
Large Line of Second Hand, Stoves.
Hlarcl'woocl F"l
Short Line
To Wheeling nnd Znnesvllle, Trains
leovo Kent for Wjeellng 8.08 a.m.
dally, 12:37 p.m. dally, except Sun
day, and 5 p.m. dally. For Kanesvlllo.
leavo Kent 8.08 a.m. and B p.m. dally.
Oonoral Passenger Agent,
Olvveland, O.
oors. i
I , , , IM,
I cannot help It"
Hawaiian Are Laughing at Their
Recent Visitors. '
nonolulu, nawall, Oct. IB," via San
Francisco, Oct. 28 Uawallans are
laughing heartily over a Joko thoy say
was played on members of tno Sena
torial commission last mouth. U, S.
Senators Mltcholl of Oregon, Foster,
of "Washington, and Ilurtou, of Kan
sas, were mado to cat dog meat.
Those wOio aro authority for tho
story duclure that the Senators ato the
faro with relish aud called' for more.
This dish was servod tho party at
ono of tho native feasts, during their
recent visit In Honolulu. Tho Sena
tors thought they, were eating roast
Of the Present Day.
Tho absorbing problem of today is,
how to nxpend one's Income so ao to
attain tho best results; that Is, got
full tnlue for ono's mouoy.
It may truthfully bo Raid that this
has boon, Is, and nlways will bo aa
absorbing piohlom to those with limited
means; but tho fact remains thnt, with
the price of living necessities constant
ly lislng ouo must hsubaud ono's re
sources moro cnrofully than over be
fore If he would IIyq within his Income.
In sajlng tlint prices aro ilsing, we
except ono article which has come to
occupy a prominent place in tho
family medlclno closet, nnd that is tha
spoolilc for piles or hcmoirholds known
as Pjiamld Pile Ouro; this leniedy la
still kold by druggists at tho old prices
of BO cents, nnd ono dollar, and theso
prices will remain unchanged. Thoso
to whom this prepniatlon has brought
relief nnd a cum nfter jears of suffer
ing do not need to bo t"lrt of Its mer
its; others nro advised that It Is tho
greatest boon ever dlscoveied, to all
those allllctcd with any form of piles;
it la in suppository form, is easily
applied, reaches tho scat of tho com-
plaint, and gtvHtminedlato relief and a
lasting cure.
The render may have tried salves,
ointments nnd lotions without Inmcflr,
and feeling that his mmmy has been
wnsted, rcsolvea to suffer on rather
than experiment fnrthar. The reason
fcr tho fillluro of theso treatments
Is, that they do not roach tho scat of
troublo, and henoo do not removo the
causo, as does Pyramid Pllo Cure. A
llttlo iKiok describing .piles, tholr cause
and euro, Is pubishod by tho Pyramid
Ding Co., Mnrshall, Mich., nnd anyone
may procure a ropy by sending name
nnd address to "nbovo, firm. As show
ing tho estimation In which this rem
edy Is held by tho public It may in
terest the reader to kWHy that Its sales
now exceed those pf.all.othor pllo rcmo-
tdleB combined.
" .'.....O'. ' - . . . .
There Is But One
MAE. D'AltylLLE,
Who has for tho past two yoars been
studying In Europe In tho interest of
Bust Development, has returned, and Is
now touring thu country.
Tho nindamo, who Is a native born
French w.oinan, hasrspont tho major
portion of her llfo itfj studying the art
of perfect form for woman and while
bust development is her main object, It
Is by no means tho largest part of her
business. Hounding the curves at th
neclt, the shaping of tho arm, and a
general trimming up of tho entire
figure all como under her treatment,
and unlike most of tho developers ad
vertised, the niadamo gunrnnteea re
sults. Sho dovolops tho bust from four
to six Inches In 30 days, and can change
an utiro figure in "that tlmo.
The madamo's charges aro within tho
reach of all aud consultation with her
Is entirely free.
BlMJ can be consulted In her parlors,
235 nnd 230 nuchtel Ilote). for ono
weekly only, beginning Monday, Oct.
27; 0 a.m. to 8 p. m'ilJ
Mmo. D'Arvlllo's permanent home
address is 523 Superior st, Cleveland,
where she can bo reached at any tlm
by mall.
f And That Is &.
We Are Showing
When you can get thota at bar
gain prices, don't wait till th
big operators wn'nt to soil out
aud buy thrai, but gt in step
with them aud sell when they
are selling. W wwlld b
pleased to executo your orders
and guarantee you the best ser
vice. Private wires tp all lead
ing exchange and all tho latest
gossip. '
J. L. Gardner
& Company
330 and 332
Hamilton Bldrf
Bell phone, main, 745.
Hibbard& Wilcox
Successors to
We, have jusfc received our
Fall line of . ,-
Cut Glass
and invite your inspection
of the same. The line em
braces in part
Water Pitchers,
Water Bottles,
Nappies, etc.
116 S.Howard
On Household Goods,
Pianos, Organs, Horses, Car
riages, Wagons
And. on all chattel property at the
very lowest rates. If you have a nam
bsr of small debts you want to pay, I
will loan you the money, and you can
pay It back In small monthly payments.
All goods remain In your possession,
and your business is strictly confiden
tial. Call and Investigate before you
Dorrow, 1 can save you money.
L. 0. Miller,
Room 14, Ar'oade Blools
Bell phone 700.
People's phono 774.
dly M
Lace curtains, blankets, quilts and
comforters washed carefully.
City Laundry
1063 S, Main St.
People's Phone 912
Tbe Money-Back Cough Syrup
Means a lot to poople who are tired
of experimenting with the "ordinary"
cough preparations you are not out
a cent if Dr. Geo. Leininger's ffor-mal-de-hyde
Cough Cure does not please
you. It will cure consumption and
all serious and stubborn lung and
throat diseases. Bold at 30c oa
guarantee by all druggist.
Do You Want To
Borrow Money
at Rates You
Can Afford
to Pay?
Why Sutter With Your Kidneys
The discovery o. jJr. Geo. Lelning
er's For-mal-de-hyo Kidney Tablets has
proved a blessing to thousands of Kid
ney aufferors who havo been restored to
perfect health. Theso tablets drlvo tho
kidney disease germs out of tho blood,
and proyent accumulation of Uric Aclu
In tho system, Vvo urge all sufferers
to give this scientific and successful
Kidney remedy a trial. Thoy como
in two sizes, 22 and SO cents, Come
I and get a trial treatment free at alt
drujgUta. ' t&a
Albert J. gutter
Will repair yoor-furnlture, re
pair and upholster your couch
es, or quota you the lowest
prices on furniture of all kinds.
Seo hU line of "Beds, Conches,
leather 'Cjhairs, Dining Tables
and Ohalrs. ' t
IiWn main si.
OppasJteM. O' Nell & Co.
PhQ0YJ283-2 rings
Then oome in and ask us how much
you can g& by paylnjf back
$2.50 each month for l month.
98.05 each month for 12 month.
f 4.75 each niouth for 12 months.
$0.50 each month for ia months.
$7.50 each month for 12 month.
I).50 each month for 12. months.
Jll. 50 each month for 12 months.
$12.50 each month for 18 months,
816.50 each month for 12 months.
$17.00 each month for IS months.
$20.50 men month for 12 months.
$22.50 each month for 12 months.
$25.00 eaoh month for 12 months.
We loan money in any amount front
$10.00 to $500.00, on' Household goods,
Insurance Policies, Horses, wagons,
Carriages, etc., at lower rates and for
longer tlmo than any other loan com
pany In the city. We also loan on
rfll estate. '
Bell 87. Nathan M. Bcrbr.
People's W. 103 S. Howard St.
Mcmmn: to Wtiion Trsasfer Co, Coi Off!
Allthoboet "TVA"f
vh j ii' PhoJji.0l?Si t'iML!imM
tui " - --w
fcaag it. M H.
If) M

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