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To Wait For Mr.
Mayor Johnson Would
Like to Talk With Him.
Even Its Enemies Arc Forced to
Defend New Code.
Cleveland, O., Oct. 30. Mayor John
Eon is winning new laurels nightly
In the meetings ho Is addre&sing and
last night spoko twlco In one of the
Republican strongholds of k tho cltJ'
The first meeting waH at Burton st.
and Woodbrldge av. Among other
things the Maj'or said:
"Hanna Inst night said that ho Is
camping on my trail. 1 am very glad
to hear it Now, if the old man will
only hurry up a little I will go hIow,
and perhaps he will overtake me.
That woud bo most satisfactory.
There arc a great many things which
I would like to discuss with him, and
It Is very pleasing to know thut ho Is
camping on my trail. But, seriously,
I do not believe that ho will get much
further than camping on my trail. I
believe that ho has no wish to over
take mo. This Is not because Mr.
Hanna Is ufrald. Ho s not a coward.
But there are a number of questions
which he knows I would ask him,
and ho does not qare to face these
propositions. He Is not a liar. He
would have to run or answer, and ho
would not answer falsely. And Mr.
Hanna la not the kind of a man who
enjoys running away. So I fear that
his camping on nry trail will not bring
about the meeting Which we hao all
bo greatly desired."
At the other meeting at Sibley nnd
Haywood sts., tho Mayor seveiely
criticised President Haney D. Gould
er, of the Chamber of Commerce, for
his recent defense of the Municipal
"One, instanco will show what he
roic efforts are being made by the
Republicans to whip tho memheis of
their paity into line for the suppoit
of the Municipal Cod," said tho May
or. ,"Mr. Haney D. Gouldcr, pi evi
dent; of the Chamber of Commeicc,
was, the hcad,flf(the committee of tho
Cbajnber"whleh went tovColunibus to
urge .upon the Hoube and Senate tho
adoption of a decent code, especially
Dno with some provision for the nieilt
system, or civil service. Thnt com
mittee was tieated so rudely that
many of them i of used to speak befoie
the lawmakers nt all, declaring that
the body was dominated by outside
Influences, and that whatever they
ivould say would be of no mail.
Nevertheless tho wise recommenda
tions of tho committee were present
ed and were utterly Ignored by butli
Houses. The commltteo came back
to Cleveland In a very unpleasant
name of mind and had hard things
to say of tho Legislators and their
code. And ono of these was Mir
Goulder, who occupies tho high and
bonorablp position of president of the
"Now Mr. Goulder seems to havo
Machine Politicians Will Bet No More
Money on Their Candidates.
About a week ago, it was nnnounced
that thero was $5,000 In sight to back
up the old claim of tho machine poli
ticians that Pardee would hao 500
more votes than Young. Tho Young
supporters wentnftor this immediately,
and after a groat deal of skirmishing
and ontreaty thoy managed to get $100
of it. This Is all of tho alleged "$5,000
in sight," that was put up.
Tho best that can bo got out of the
Pardee men at present Is even bets,
and they're very slow in putting these
up, too. They are offering no odds
whatever, and this Is another indica
tion of the fact that the voters havo
no faith in tho statements of tho ma
chine behind Pardee that ho will be
elected by a flue majority.
Tms dampening of onthuslasm has
taken nlaco durlmr tlin nnihnn itnm
as a result of tho discovery of tho real
I Buunuou. An mo uoclo bill has had
a great deal to. do -with it. tnn. rri in.
dependent voters In tho ranks of our
inenas, mo enemy, have redoubled
their efforts In tho intnroutu nt m
Democratic ticket since the enactment
Df me code bill. They reallzo that tho
uouo uni win enauie tho machine to
pet a muclj tighter grip on tho peoplo
d tho city than it has now, if these
politicians win out this fall, and for
this reason many of tho lniionAminnfr
roters w ho have been working quietly
nice mo opening or tlie campaign aro
low out openly, dolng'their utmost
changed bis mind. Ho has actually
como out and defended tho sanio
things which ho befoio so bitterly de
nounced. Mr. Goulder haK simply
been whipped Into line. They havo
succeeded In- whipping Mr, Goulder
In line, but they will not succeed In
whipping tho masses of the party Into
line. Tho masses of tho Itopubllcaii
party, no less than tho masses: of tho
Democratic party, believe In Justice,
decency, and fair play, and cannot
bo brought by Sonator Hanna to en
dorso what has been done by tho bost
domlnated Leglslatuie."
Visited Canton.
Akron Council No. B47,
Knights of Columbus, went to Canton
Wednesday evening, where they wCro
tho guests of tho Canton Council of
that ordor.
Begin In
Short Time.
Uncle Sam Won't Trifle
With Colombia,
But Start the Panama Canal Very
Washington, Oct. 30. It Is an
nounced today at the State depaitment
that the United States Government
will not bo delayed beyond a reason
able time In its plan JTor tho construc
tion of the Panama canal. If Colombia
manifests a disposition to hagglo over
tonus, the price to bo paid her and
the extent of the United States' Juris
diction on the Isthmus, tho United
States government will not wait to
conclude a treaty with her, but wlll
begin digging tho canal and discuss
the toims afterwards. This govern
ment has determined to construct a
canal, it has selected the Panama
route as the best, most practical and
cheapest, the money to purchnse it has
been appropriated, and the title has
been found perfect.
John D. Rockefeller Has Bought
a Fine Property.
Lflkewood, N. J., Oct. 30. John D.
Hoekefeller has bought tho holdings
of tho country club less than two miles
from this village on tho boulevard
to tho sea. It Includes 100 acres of
land out in a nlne-hoo course, a hand
homely finished club house, an electric
light plant, laige stables and kennels.
Kar over in one comer of the cleared
ground Is n'snug shooting box.
Tho pioporty represented an outlay
of $50,000, but it was on the market
for some time nt ?12,n00 befoie Mr.
Rockefeller bought it.
Ho bought the property that ho
might have a golf couise. He has
taken to golf as his mode of exercise.
to defeat tho candidates of the ma
chine. (
There will bo a landslide from the
ranks of the machine thl3 fall, if the
voters opposed to It stand firm and
Keep up their good work.
Barker men are also not as "chipper"
as they weie a week ago. Somo of
them wero then offering to bet that
ha would win by a majority of 1,000.
They are now offcilng nothing better
than oven money.
In tho case of Clint Kllno there is
positively no money in sight to back
up the claim that he will win. Some
have offered to bet that ho will not be
tho lowest man on tho ticket, This Is
tho only bot that tho Kline men will
Tho Smith men ore also somewhat
discouraged by rumors to the offect
that ho Isn't anxious to bo elected
Treasurer since the new Codo takes
away from the County Tieasuror all
of tho city funds. The city fpndB will'
be handled by a City Treasurer, and
tho offlce of County Treasurer will be
greatly diminished as a money maker.
Nothing Is being said about tho other
county candidates on tho nepubltcan
ticket, nnd this suggests tho conclusion
that they, too, are marked for slaugh-
You -can set It down that thero will
bo a landslide to the Democratic can
didates In Summit county this fall and
nothing will prrmVlV j ' " " vA
Lever, Reversed
the Engine,
And Dashed on to His
Brave Engineer Lost His Life In a
Oxford,. O., Oct. 30. Two runaway
freight cars clashed in a fast mall
train, bound from Cincinnati to Chicago
on tho Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton,
near this city last night Of some 60
peoplo who were aboard tho train, only
three weic killed while none weie ser
iously injured. Tho dead are: Udward
Conn, tho engineer, who Iltd In Cm
clnnati, and two unknown men, who
are supposed to have been damps steal,
lng a ride on the trucks. A ficlght
train, northbound, had orders to al.
low the passenger train to pass It at
Oxford. Its ciew was piepaiing to
enter a siding when In some manner
two cars ecame detached. Fiom Ox
ford a gentle grade extends southw ard,
and down this tho runaways ono load
ed with wheat and the other with live
hogs sped, gaining momentum every
second. They had attained a fearful
rate of speed when they reached a
rather sharp curve about ono mile
from the s'tatlon. At that juncture tho
passenger train, coming from the other
direction, also reached tho cun c. Conn
saw tho danger at the same time as did
Fireman Aims, but as he screamed to
the latter to jump, grasped tho lever,
reversed his engine and went to death
In tiro wreck. Tho fireman obeyed
tho instructions of his chief nnd obj
caped with a broken nose and a few
minor bruises.
When tho engine met the runaways
the crash was terrific. So great was
tho force that one of the forward cars
of tho passenger was lifted on its
beam end and hurled to one side, fall
ing over tho telegraph wires, thus cut
ting off communication between Oxford
and tho south for the rest of the night.
Indescribable scones were enacted q
minute later, for flro was soon addod to
the wieck. Nothing could be done to
stop It, and bcfoiV'lr'had burned" out.
q. mall, baggage a,ud sinokfns'cajy'as
well as a day! eoch, had been"1 con
sumed. Tho body of Knelneer Conn wati tak
en from beneatli hs engine and.further
search brought to light the badly man
gled bodies of the two unidentified
Injured William Roberts So
Ambulance Was Necessary. -
William Roberts, an old man living
on Pottage Path, slipped and fell
while walking along Kudcr ave.,
Thursday nihnlng, cutting and bulls.
ing his head. Parks' ambulance took
him to his home. It Is not believed
that his Injuries will result seriously.
The Man Who Will
Succeed Gen.lNelson A. Miles
t-, .
Chas. A. Paris' Life Ended
Suddenly In Wilkesbarre.
Charles A. Kails, general manager
of Ullkcson's dctectlvo agency of Pitts
burg, died last nlghti at the Hotel
Sterling In Wilkesbarre, ery sudden
ly from pneumonia. He went there
when tho coal strike Iwgan and fur
nished special offlccia for the coal
companies to protect their works.
FarH was well known In Western
Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Vir
ginia, having been engaged at vnrl
ous times In detective woik through
out this section of the country. Ho
took pait In the conviction of a num
ber of l Inters In -Akron two years ago.
Ho was tho son of Itov. W. W. Farls.
Is' Trying, to Beat
Lieut. Gov. , Woodruff
Has Said So.
He Still Believes Odell Will Be
New York, Oct. 30. That J. Pler
poutvMorgan and his allies are doing
their utmost to coiqpnss the defeat
of Governor Odelf In his campaign for
re-election, Is tlo opinion of Lieut.
Gov. Woodruff, accoidlng to an Inter
view published lii the Brooklyn Eagle.
That newspaper says that, when It was
doclared In the lieutenant governor's
presence that tho Morgan Interests
w ere trying to defeat Odell, Mr. Wood
ruff said: "I think so, too. "That's
just it."
Mr. Morgan Is said to hae told
friends that he'd sooner be beaten In
ten coal strikes than see Odell win.
Mr. Woodruff knew nothing of this,
but ho said, according to the Eagle's
report, "that "the campaign had a
queer look, and that while the rank
and file of Republicans were in line
for;the Governor, nlen and .newspapers
who could-bo expected lo be loyal'wcre
acting "quccilyvrie has no doubt of
Brooklyn, whore 'he bcjlcves that the
Republican vote will be several thou
bandV larger than usual In a guberna
torial year.
First Marshal of Barberton Is
(Special Correspondence.)
Barberton, Oct. SO. George W.
ICosler, of Cornell st.( died Thursday
niornlpg of pneumonia after an Illness
of two weeks. He was aged 42 and
was the first Marshal of Barberton.
He Is suivjed by a wife and flvo
children. Funeral services will bo
hold 'from the residence Saturday at
1 o'clock. Interment In I.nkowood.
Washington, Oct. 30 -Major Gener
al 8, B. M. Young will succeed General
Miles aB Lieutenant General, com-,
mandlnjj- tho United Stntes army,
whon'the latter retires on August 11.
1003, On January 4, 1004, General II.
0. Corblp will succeed General Voting.
Ihn.iJ" i -t. ,tnn"wii Inld out hv the
null) IP UIC 1" "" -
'Wail department at tho present time
eriujucrt It will he carried out In de
Prohibs. Will Rally.
' pop. E. J. Plmioy, of Cleveland, will
address a Piohlbltlon Tally In tho Sun
day school rooms of the llnlvereallst
.church Friday evening. Thero will bo
"special music. Mr. Pinncy will speak
In Tracy ball at Barberton, Saturday
Patriotic Motives
of Legislature."
"The New Code Is the
Best Possible."
Senator Hanna Said These and
Other Things.
Cleveland, 0., Oct. 30. Sonator Han-
na got to talking about the new munici
pal codo In hs speech In a Republican
tent meeUng on the West Side, last
night. "Why talk about home rule?"
said he. "The code is the embodi
ment of homo rule. Every good citizen
will Imkuec tho proposition of having
the appointment of members of tho
Board of Public safety approved by a
two thirds ote of the council. It Is a
wise safeguard enacted solely for the
Interests of the people and to take tho
board out of polities and Uejoud tho
giasp of pojltlclans. And If tho in
doisemcnt of the Council Is not forth
coming within 30 days the Governor
will appoint and he will ccrtaluly ap
point good me)).
"And In this connection I will say
that I do not believe a group of men
could be selected who would frame a
better code than the one that has
Just hrcn enacted Into law. Now when
nnj body dates to say that the last Leg.
Islaturc In framing the code was actuat
ed by nnj thing save patriotic motives
I answer that It is a black falsehood.
The code was not framed in the inter
ests of any set of men, but for tho peo.
pie of the state. You will wclcomo
tho new code, where all your servants
will bo directly responsible to you. And
In addition It s a great recommenda
tion that the codo is Indorsed by Gov.
Nash, for )io more honest man ever
sat In the Governor's chair."
Crawford Returns
To New York
Now Yoik, Oct. 30. F. Marlon Craw
ford arrived here from Genoa Oct. 27.
The well-known author has another
novel written for an American publish
er. Ho will remalu Jn America until af
ter the holidays.
Was Cut From Ear to
Daughter ' of a Parmer Brutally
u Murdered.
Memphis,, Toon., Oct. 30.-Miss Flor
ence ShIHcutt, the 10-jear-oJd daugh
ter of Charles Snlllcutt, a farmer liv
ing near here, was found In the woods
neat her homo Wednesday afternoon
with her thtoat cut almost from ear
to ear. Miss Shlllcutt' left her homo
In the moiplngtor spend the forenoon
with her uucleV family, who live In
tho neighborhood. The spot where
her body was found Is about half way
between tho tw-oJopiPS. The evidence
Is n'nln that the young woman mode
a desperate Effort to sae her life,
and tho MuigBle with her assailant
continued for (Hf yards. Pho was cut,
. . ... "
in nve (iiirernntiptaces in nuriiuon to
tho gash across, her tluoat. A young
fanner named KInlght was atrested
on suspicion, He denies any knowl
edge of the "clime.
Made a Speech For Judge Badger
at Cojumbus.
Columbus, D., Qct. 30. Pet haps the
first colored woman that ever appeared
on the stunip In a .Congrcsslpnal cam
paign spoke,ut a Democratic rally hero
last night to a packed hall. Sho is
Mrs. Pearl M. C. Havers, wife of tho
editor of tho,,' Standard, a local negro
paper. Her debut on tho stump proved
her to bo a most ej quent woninn. JudgB
Badger, the Democratic candidate for
Congress, for whose election sho ap
realed, spoke'at the same meeting with
Mrs. Haverst"
Richard Mansfield Says a Preacher
Must Retract
Chicago, Oct.' 30. Richard Mansfield
has treatened suit In heavy damages
against Rev. Dr. George V. Hall, an
Independent preacher of Chicago, be
cause of alleged slanderous statements
made by tho latter In a sermon last
Dr. Hall's alleged slanderous state
ment was to Uic effect that he Was
reliably Informed that the nctor cursed
and swore because of the fact that the
atre buildings aro occupied on Hun
days for religious purposes. Lyman
B. Glover, Mr. Mansfield's manager,
has instructed an attorney to demand
a retraction from Dr. Hall nnd that In
tho event of his refusal a heavy ult
would be InsUtutcd.
There May Be
A Marquis' Shins Were
And He Wants to Fight a
' Duel.
Paris, Oct. 30. The Marquis Dion
has challenged M. GerAult Richard to
light a duel, because the latter kicked
him on tho shins In the lobby of the
Chamber of Deputies this afternoon.
Dion was walking through the lobby
when he beard Richard discussing
him. He accosted Richard, saying: "I
forbid the mention of my name. If It
is repeated I will slap you." Richard
answered, "Slap away." As Dion
raised his hand to Inflict the promised
chastlzemcnt, Richard forestalled him
by kicking. Shortly'afterward Dion
sent his challenge.
Died at the Infirmary.
James Wayt, aged 40, died Wednes
day at the Infirmary of congestion of
the brain. He had been at the Infir
mary, .only jOidays. ife' had a sister-
In Pittsburg, who has come here to
lake charge of the remains. Interment
will be In Glendale cemetery. Wayt
had been employed in Akron- as a
But Could Not Tell Why She Had
Stolen the Matches.
After having borne an excellent rep
utation during the many years she
has lived In Akion, Mrs. Anna'llelm
baugh, 609 Sumner st, was detected
in the act of carrying away somo
small articles from tbo store of Myor
Friedman, 140 South Howard at,
Wednesday, and was arrested and
charged with petit laiceny. She plead
ed guilty, with tears In her eyes, In
Police court, Thursday morning, but
could not uttor a woid when asked
by the Mayor what had led her to
take the articles. Mrs. Helmbauch
has been a hard working woman, and
since the death of her husband, has
supported herself and her family
comfortably by her work. The news
of her arcest created a sensation In
the neighborhood in which she lhed,
and it could scarcely be believed at
first. ,
In the lntennl betwocn her arrest
Mosquito Fighters Have
Met With Much Success
South Orange, N. J., Oct. 80,-rSpen-cer
Miller, chairman of tho Central
committee of the South Orange Vil
lage Improvement society, who has
been intrusted with tho work of ex
tei initiating mosquitoes in South
Orange, made a report on fie work
accomplished during the summer at
a "mosquito smoker" held at tho South
Orange Field club house. Mr. Miller
"Speaking roughly pf our results, I
should say that In 1001, by the use pf
oil alone, wx reduced tho mosqultores
at least BO per cent. This year by
Many Deer Killed In .
The Adirondack Country
Glons Falls, N. Y., Oct. 30,-In Ver
mont this season more deer hnye been
shot than in tho last two jears com
bined. Especially has this been truo In
Bennington county, Vermont, where
venlspn has been almost a drug In the
Hunters in the Adlroudacks bae al
Several Sentences
Mellinger Goes to Pen
For Four Years.
Jury Returned Verdict of Guilty
Against Coy.
Mike Melllnger on Thursday morning
pleaded guilty before Judge Hayden
to the charge of stealing a horse and
buggy from Henry Duryea, of Bath
township, and was sentenced to tho
penitentiary four years.
Walter Wolf, who was indicted for
grand larceny, pleaded guilty to petit
larceny, tho graver part of the Indict
ment being nolled by the Prosecutor;
Ho was sentenced to pay a fine of $20
and costs, and not having tho amount
he was remanded to Jail. In Imposing
sentence in this case tho Court took
Into consideration the fact that Wolf
has been in Jail already for several
months. '
In tbo case of Dan Myers, Indicted
for criminal assault, the graver part of
his Indictment was also nolled, and
Myers pleaded guilty to assault and
battery. He was sentenced to Jail for
40 days and fined $20 and costs.
Joseph Coy was found guilty by (ho
Jury of criminal assault upon bfs
mother, at Cuyahoga Falls. ,ThIs ver
dict was agreed upon an hour after
the Jury went out Ho will be sen
tenced later.
And Wants a Part of Physicians'
Toledo, O., Oct. 30 A man signing
jlinsolf Henry Fenton, of Detroit, in a
letter addressed to Mayor's Clerk' Volt,
offers to spread smallpox in all direc
tions In this city, so as to give physft
clans something to do. Hojsaya h.
.has four viorous cases to 'send here
"to Bpread the disease and make it epi
demic. He asks ?2,1 a case for three
cases or subjects for 950 each and then
to receive n percentage of physlciaus'
fees for attending the cases.
and trial Mrs. Helmbaugh admitted
that she had taken other articles at
various times, but could not tell why
she had done so.
When It came to passing sentence
tho Mayor was puzzled for some time.
Mrs. Helmbaugh has a 13-year-old
daughter In school, and her family
requires her attention. Her, past rep
utation had also to be taken Into conr
slderatlon. A fine of $10 and costs
was 'finally Imposed, tho fine being;
remitted during such time as tberq
Is no repetition of the stealing which,
caused the arrest. Mrs. Helmbaugh
paid the costs and left the court room,
crying bitterly at the disgrace attend
ing her arrest and trial. She seems,
heartbroken over the matter, but cap
give no explanation of her strange
acts. A small package of , matches,
w octh only a few cents, had been takj
en at the Ume Mrs. Helmbaugh was
adding dialnage to the oil work, wq
haie surely cut down the supply 7
per cent.
"Wo can hope another year to, re
duce the supply 10 per cent more, but
that Is tho best we can do, unti the
surrounding communities take up tbo
Mr. Miller said that a convention
would be held In New York, soon,
which committees and health officials
from points within 100 miles of Xqw
York would attend and discuss means
for a concerted campaign against the
so been In raro good luck this year, and
moro deer have been killed this season
than In nny preceding yenr for the past
two decades. It has not bo necessary
to go to the forest wilds in search o?
them, as they are frequently seen ani
shot In the settled country, even b
low the Adirondack fooUillls. ""'
i :4

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