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Property of People's Hard
Rubber Co.
Official Admits That There's To Be a
Change of Management.
It Is said that tho People's Hard
Rubber Co., of this" cltj-j has sold' out
to the American Hnrd Bubber Co.,
4ne hnrd rubber trusrt, nnd that a
change In the management will bo
' made soon.
An official of the People's Hnrd Rub
ber Co , when asked for confirmation
of the story Tuesday, admitted tlmt
, a change In management was about
to take place, and that ofllclnl an
nouncements relstivs to the deal will
be made' soon. '
The plant of the Peoplo's Hturd Rub
ber Co. Is located on Ira ave., nnd
has been In operation for about n
year. It seems to have done a
thriving business from the start.
Use of It Thought to Have Caused
Death of Mrs. Hart.
Peoria, III., Nov. 18. Dr. Ros,ctta
Etzler, of this city, mngnetlst and beau,
ty specialist, is awaiting 'arrest as a
result of the death of Mrs. Hattle Hart,
of Pekln, who oxplred after taking a
quantity of a beauty preparation com
pounded by Mrs. Etzler.
Tho funeral was stopped by the cor
oner and tho case, which had been sup.
posed a suicide, was investigated. Af-
Ejk. Af.! -j,lf.
Will Ocn. Dick Give
Relative to How Conference Will
Turn Out Thursday.
Gen. Dick declined to be Interviewed
Tuesday relative to his choice of can
didates in tho Congressional speaker
ship contest.
"The Ohio Congressmen will hold u
conference In Columbus Thursday to
decide on whom they will support for
speaker, and I don't care to discuss the
matter In advanco of tho conference."
There Is Talk That Sandow Was
London, Nov. IS. It is Iwlleved that
Eugene Sandow, the world renowned
"strong man," v. as drowned by tho
wreck of tho steamer, Elllngamlte,
which went ashore on Three Kings'
Islands a week ago. Tho strong man's
wife wrote to friends in London by
the lost mall, saying that they In
tended to go to New Zealand fiom
Melbourne, nboard the Elllngamlte and
since then no news of them has been
Last of City Clerk Scandal at
Sandusky, Nov. 18. The City Coun
cil last night settled the suits against
ex-City -Clerk Miller's bondsmen for
$10,G00, The cty sued the bondsmen
for ?GS,000 of which amount Miller
was short. Court pruned down tho
bondsmen's liability to $32,000 and
Millar paid back $20,000. Ho Is now
serving a sis year sentence In tho
Cloveland, Nov. 18. A. J. Mueller, a
Jewelry salesman who has boon travel
ing in Alaska for Suedegulf Manufac
turing Co., stopped off the train here
las,t night. Some one silt his pocket
nnd extracted therefrom $750 cash
and 13 1-2 ounces of gold dust. Tho
police aro looking for the- thief.
City Solicitor Estate nnd Pnnnnllmon
Koons, Warner and Bnook hnv iwn
appointed n committee to select a site
and havo plans nrenami tnr i.o. ,,
market house,
The Amcilcan Hard Rubber Co.,
It will bo recalled, purchased
the hard rubber Industry of the B.
P. Goodrich Co., about four years ago.
Officers of the People's Hard Rub
ber Co. aro I. C. Aldcu, ptesfdent;
A. B. Rlnehurt, vice president; W. H.
Wright, secretary; J. R. Nutt, trea
surer; Geo. 0. Kohlcr, general counsel.
Headquarters of the American Hard
Rubber Co. are located In New York,
and It 1ms factories 1 Butler, N. J.;
College Point, N. Y., nnd Akron. ' If
above mentioned deal has been consum
mated and the talk that it haw been
Is gencinl the trus will have two
plants in A'kron. Its present plant
Is located in. tho Goodrich m-niin.
I Mr. Chas. B. Raymond Is manager.
ter a coroner's jury at Pekln decided
that the medicine was responsible foi
the death, orders were issued., to hold
Dr. Etzler. The beauty medicine is
composed largely of arsenic and unless
taken precisely as prescribed It is dead
ly poison. It Is thought that Mrs. Hart,
Instead of following the orders, drank
a larger quantity gf the beauty cure,
the effeqts of which killed her.
Whole String of Volcanoes, Show
Rome, Nov. 18. Explosions in the
famous volcano, Stromboli, have be
come so violent that It Is feared they
will arouse other volcanoes' which nic
considered extinct. Dwellers of the
Llppari Isles, on tho noi thorn-most of
which Stromboli is situated, havo be
come very uueasy. Vesuvius is also
showing signs of unrest.
Truck Approached the Chair of
Auburn, N. Y., Nov. 18. With his
eyes iied Immovably on a crucifix,
which he carried in his hand, Joha
Truck, the Cortland county murderer,
walked to tho chair of death In Au
burn prison at 0:30 o'clock this morn
ing, nnd accepted his fate resignedly.
He died without uttbrlng a word and
without a tremor. Truck murdered
Frapk Miller, n farmer acquaintance,
in March, 1800, for his money.
Cuyahoga St. Sewer Mafter Re
considered and Laid on Table.
Upon motiop of CouncJIman Martin of
tho Sewer and Water committee, tho
action of Couucll in dropping thp Cuya
hoga st, sower matter was recon
sidered, and tho proposition laid, on the
table. This was done at tho request
of property owners on Cuyahoga st.,
who state that although the owpers of
a majority of the pipperty on the
street may not be in favor of making
tho Imptovcraent now. they wobld not
like to see all tho legislation enacted
and money spent thus, far wasted.
Their dcslro is to,ha.e. the matter
He qn tho tablo until such time as
they aio ready to take it up.
Between Whites " and Blacks
Feared In Tennessee,
.Memphis, Tenn., Nov. 18. A clash
botween whites and blacks has been
lmmlnont over sjnee President noose
velt took up bis abode In the. camp
where ho is at present hunting Mis
sissippi black bear. The fact tlmt the
reception for tho President has rranf
cd for the exclusion of vIs!torst kodak
fiends, reporters and others from tlio
camp "near Smedes station during the
stay of tho chief executive has aroused
some Ira Ono of tho pnpenTpubllshed
near tho scene of tha bunt advises lta
readers that any man would havo a
right to shoot down a negro guard who
would try to' bar hjs, progress in any
direction, I -
Freight Congestion Is Spreading
Never In the history of Chicago, ex
cept duilng a big strike, hns there been
such a congestion of freight In the rail
road yard's of that city as there Is nt
the present time. The shortage of cars
nnd motive po vcr, of which the roods
and shippers have been complaining for
months, has become more pronounced,
in view of thn vast Ineioaso In trnf.
fic, due to the moving of the crops, un
til now un unprecedented condition ex
ists, v
Shipments of all kinds are days be
hind and the freight officials aro fairly
deluged with urgent requests from
shippers that their goods bo traced. So
numerous havo theso demands become
that the local freight agents' associa
tion is urging shippers to forbear
from making inquiries unless goods art)
perishable or have been delayed more
than a week.
Denies Story That
He's Quit.
"I Am In the Fight to
Win," He Says.
Takes No Stock In Stories of
Cannon's Strength.
Washington, Nov. 18. Benresenta'
tlve Dalzell of Pennsylvania vigorous
ly denies the report that ho has with'
drawn from the contest for the speak
ershlp of the house.
"I am still In the fight," he said, "and
nm in it to win. I think my prospects
are better than they havo been. I
take no stock In nil this figuring of the
strength of Mr. Cannon. Such calcula
tions are not to be relied on at this
stage of the game."
Grover Maintains His Reputation
by Shooting- 60 Ducks.
Norfolk, Va., Nov. 18. Former
President Cleveland at Back Bay, Mom
day, bjgged In the vicinity of CO ducks.
The weather was excellent. There Is
no truth In the report that the gout
In Mr. Cleveland's foot has prevented
him from indulging In the sport
Gathering of Prominent
FiJimainrc "
LUUvUlul &
Will Meet and Exchange Views
at Cleveland,
The Third Annual Conference of
Collegiate and Secondary Instructors,
which will take place at Cleveland,
Nov. 28 nnd 20, will bo one of, tho
most notable gatheilngs of educators'
of, national and International reputari
tlon, of the year. The sessions of Jho
confeience will be held in Adolbert
College chapel and tho printed pro
grams which have been preparedi con
tain tho names of tho piesldcntu of
most of Ohio's leading colleges, awj,
many from outside tho state. There
will also be addresses by tho superin
tendents of schools of several cities,
and Instructors f.rom some of the col
leges. Tho subjects of tho nddresseg
indicate that the matters to be dl.
cubsed will be of especial vnluq tq
educators, and will deal entirely wdtn
educational and administrative proby
loins, Music will be furnished by a
quartet from Western Reserve Unlver;
slty Gleo club. Many of Akron's edu
enters are Interested In the conference
nnd tho matters to be discussed and it
Is believed that theie will bo a fair
representation from here at" all the
Two Issued to Akron In
On Tuesday the followdncr nntent
were Issued' to Akron Inventors: '
Michael A. Boylan, Improvement tin
mold's for making endjess tires. - v
I-co R. Miller and Emanuel' T.'
Itlcheit, an Improvement In surgical
Turned Down Once More.
Tho application of the Akron Si Baiv
borton Belt Lino Railway Co. for (a
franchise to lav tracks in Akmnt wx
turned down again Monday night by
the City Council. It was read and'rei
fcrrcd to tho Ordinance commiftesv
Of the Nonunion
Taken Up by Strike
Commission Today.
Again Goes
Scranton,, Pa., Nov. 18 -The Strike
Commission will now take up the case
of non-union miners, ho one repre
sented by Attorney Llnahnn.
it was agreed that the names of
these non-union clients should not be
mado publ(c until later In tile Investiga
tion, "
Wnyne MncVelgh set out to grill
Mitchell again todny. He said Mitchell
Was; morally- responsible for disorders
during the strike, because he failed to
check It. Mitchell sajd In answer that
ho was always on the side of law and
order and that he know that acts of vio
lone1 hurt his cause.
''I call your attention to this state
ment," said MacVelsh. "While the right
to enter upon a strike Is and must be
conceded as a right belonging to the"
personal freedom of worklngmon. this
must ever be demanded,'' that they who
do not want to work must in no way
Interfere with the liberties of others
who wish to work. Personal freedom
of an individual citizen Is the most
sacred and precious inheritance."
"Do jroui assent to that proposition."
Mitchell: "No, sir; It Is a contradic
tion of every principle of American
government, tho right of man to do
whatever he chooses. We do not want
anarchy and that is anarchy pure nnd
simple, for man to do whotever he
pleases regardless of ffect on society."
MacVejghi "This (s the language of
a very carefully disguised anarchist,
for it is the language of Archbishop
"It might be Interesting to know that
Archbishop Ireland Is a member of
a committee of which I was a member
which hag declared for trade agree
ment." said Mr. Mitchell, somewhat
confused. -
To Re Paid oh
Colonial's Tires.
Will Be Manufactured In
P. D. Hal Home From European
Mr. P. D. Hall arrived in this city
Saturday after a trip in France and
European countries, partly for
pleasuro and partly on business. Mr.
Hal is Interested In the Colonial Rub
ber Co.. of this city, and It; was in
conpectlon with tho business of tho
company that lie made tho tilp. The
tires of the company will ibe manu
factured b a reliable rubber! making
firm ln France, and the work will be
done on a royalty.
Mr. J, A. Swinch.ut, Inventor of the
tire, will remain In France,, for the
purpose of Instructing the new makers,
and wjll then exploit the tiro in Aus
tria and Germany. The manufactur
ers bought outright, it Is 'said, tho
$tqck of tires alieady in Europe, from
tho Colonial Co for a consldoiatlou
approximating $20,000.
. J
Dr. Morgan Wood Unable to Ap
.pear, Monday Night.
RftV. Morgan Wood, D. D., who was
scheduled to delhcr a lecture on "The
Average .Man" at the North Hill M. E.
churph under the auspices of the North
Hl(l Star Lecture Course Monday even
ing, was unable to bo present on ac
count of sickness. The church was
well crowded by 8 o'clock, and the un
expected news was a disappointment
to everybody. It was announced that
he. woijld appear Thursday evenhig to
deliver; the lecture on "Tho Average
Five Men Drank Some and All
May Die.
Sharon, Pa., Nov. 18. Two men aro
dead and the In a It leal condition
hero as a result or drinking wood
alcpho). The dead aro. Michael Stein
and Jos. .Tanos. All are laborers. They
found a five-gallon ran of wood alcobol
on a'drugglst's garbago pile, mixed
eomspf thestuK vtlth sugnrand yvater
ap4 th? alcohol did the rest.
Captain and Crew Rescued Fr,om
Wrecked Vessel.
New York, Nov. 18. Captain Geo.
A. Warren, his mate and seven sea
men, fmmlng the crew of the four
masted schooner Ebcnezcr Haggctt,
got here yesterday aboard tho three
masted lumber laden fore and after
John M. Brown, from Fernandlna.
The Brown rescued the naggctt's men
from a dismasted, water-logged hulk
In a heavy sea 120 miles northeast
of Hatteras, eight days ago. The Hag.
gett sailed fro;n Brunswick on Nov.
a, with a big cargo of allow pine,
struck a submerged wreckage, began
to leak, drifted Into the trough of the
sea and rolled three of her masts out.
The crew had to wait thicc days for
To Order Issued
by Board.
Council Not Disposed
to Change
A., B. & C. Schedule
on North Hill.
Wilhelm Fired a Hot Shot at the
The order issued by the City Com
missioners to the N. O. T. Co., to the
effect that north-bound A., B. & C.
con. must not be stopped on North
Howa-rd St., between Cuyahoga st., and
the top of the hill, met with so much
opposition nt Council meeting Mon
day evening that tho RafUoad and
Bridge committee will investigate.
Council Sawyer drew a word picture
of taxpayers and their wives trudging
wearily up North Hill, while public
conveyances whizzed by on a right
of vny obtained 'free, and In'thls posi
tion he was ably supported by Mr.
'After this company was ghen a
franchlbe to occupy tho street, upon Its
agreeing to serve the public well and
stop at every principal crossing, it
seems wrong for the Boaul nt the re
quest of the street car company, to
issue an older that cars shall not be
stopped at every crossing,'' safd Mr.
, Solicitor Bsgate said that the A., B.
& C. cars came Into Akron, not so
much under a franchise as. they did
under a contract, and that the BoaTd
had a right to issue such orders, as
a matter of police regulation. "This
Is a case of the greatest good to
the greatest numuer," he said. "No
one will dispute the statement that the
North Hill lino is a dangerous pro
position, and the act of the Board Is
a precautionary measure."
Mr. Wilhelm said: "I am not dis
posed to attach much weight to tho
advice of our Solicitor In this mat
tor. He bcems. to be acting In this
matter more in the Interests of tho
street car couipimy than In the in
terests or the city."
"That's not so," .replied Solicitor Es
gate. "I hnvp done my best to ex
plain tho situation, and I havo re
ferred to the legal points Just-as they
Mr. Sam J, Hlbbb. of Dean af., also
piotested against the order.
The N. O. T. Co. claims that It Is
dangerous to stop the cars while go
ing up tho hill, because It is hard
to start them again, and thre Is also
danger of breaking the machinery of
tho car, In which case the car would
run back down, the hill.
But the Councilmeii seem to be of tho
opinion that the N. O. T. Co. should
provide oil the necessary safety ap
pliances for pais, so that such ac
cidents coujd not occur. They Insist
that It would bq wiong to deny the
citizens of North Hill tho pilvilege
of riding tq their homes, nnd that
the company should live up to the
terms of Its franchise. ;
Of Adams Says Her Husband Is
Persecuted. .
The wlfo of Adams, the man arrest
ed hero on a telegraphic order from the
police of Ixgan, O., where ho Is want
ed for alleged fraud, called at Police
headquarters, Tuesday morning, ond
complained bitterly that sho and her
husband wpre being treated unfairly.
The chargo Is that Adams left Logan
nnd a board bill contracted with Mrs,
Mattlo Horn, unpaid. Tho amount
claimed to bo due is $55.
"Wo didn't try to cheat tho woman
nt all," said Mrs. Adams, who U very
quiet and rospectablo in appearance.
"Wo tojd her that avo would pay her
as soon as we got tho money. Her ac
tion In this case Is very unreasonable."
Mrs. Adams will Tcmalu here nnd wi'u
, not accompany her hiisbund to Logan,
I where he will bo tried.
Mrs. IVSolineux Tells of
Her Troubles.
Has Started Out In Earnest to Obtain
a Divorce.
New York, Nor, 18. The news that
Mrs. Roland B. MoHneux had Joined
the South Dakota 'divorce colony,
while a surprise to tho public, was
not unexpected In ccrtoln circles.
There lune been rumors of an
estrangement for months and the fact
tha t Mrs. MoHneux lived at the Murray
Hill hotel, away from the MoHneux
and did not visit her husband in the
Tombs, 'nag a well guarded secret
Hints of the trouble wete given In the
press but were not generally belied.
- "Ch, I've been a raartjr, that's all.
For four years I have been waiting
to see what they would do with that
man. Now It's all over nnd I will rest,"
Woman's Rights Leader Willed
Her Brain to Cornell
Ithaca, N. Y., Nov.-18. Defplte the
assertions of the relatives of Mrs.
Elizabeth Cady Stanton to the con
trary. Prof. Wilder says the woman's
rights leader did bequeath her brain
to Cornell. She signed a slip which
had been prepared far this purpose
on Feb. 2, 1002, and Prof. Wilder now
has that form in bis possession. How-
Forced to Eat a Part
Of His Own Flesh
Washington, Nov. 18. The Supreme
court of the Philippines has liberated
Jose and Isadore DeGuzman, of the
Province of Isabela, under the am
nesty act.
The men were sentenced to Impris
onment for life for forcing, a Spanjard,
Lieutenant Plera, of Guardhy Civil
to eat a part of his own flesh. They
were also ordered to pay to the family
Mark the Path Trod by These
Akron Hunters.
While theie may be a scarcity of
quail In this county, the tame con
dition does not prevail In Holmes, ac
cording to the tale -told by two local
hunters who have been there for sev
eral days. The hunters are Messrs.
F. C. Steinmetz and Jobn.Ayylle. Tbey
returned from their huntingjtrlp Mon
day and brought home memories of
77 quail and 123 rabbits, bagged dur
ing the trip. '
Twenty-Two Acres of It Annexed
to City.
An ordinance was passed by Coun
cil Monday night, annexing 224acrcs of
the Portage Park allotment to the city.
Bishop Thompson Dead.
Jackson, MlbS., Nov. IS. Bey. Hugh
Miller Thompson, bishop of the Episco
pal diocese of Mississippi, died at his
home here early this morning. Bish
op Thompson had presided over this
diocese since 18S7, He. was bprn In
Ireland June 5, 1830, but came to this
country early In life and was educated
In the common schools of Caldwell, N.
J., and C!e eland, O., until 1832, and
presided over churches In Milwaukee,
Chicago, New York and New Oileaus.
A Record Breaking Run.
A new record v.qs ran.de 'by the
Twentieth Century Limited on the Big
Four railroad Sunday night, IKS miles
being co ered on the run from Colum
bus to Cleveland In 145 minutes. The
train left Columbus at 5:10 o'clock,
considerably late. Two stops were
made, one at Gallon of six minutes'
duration and one nt Wellington of two
minutes, and the train arrived at
Cleveland at 7:40 o'clock, oply four
minutes late.
Massillon Plant Destroyed.
Mosslllon, 0 Nov, 19 A. Are origi
nating In the drawing dep"4mppt (lp
strayed the entire plant of thp Mnsfli-
lon Stono and Fire Brick Co., located
three miles west of this city. The loss
Is $40,000, partly covered by Insurance,
Chemical flio extinguishers were uveij
with but little effect.
Guardian Appointed.
Frank nnggeity has beep adjudged
insane In Probate court, and Dplos
Hartgan has been appointed guardlau.
Bond, Sl.ROO.
DAY. ,.-
said Mrs. MoHneux.
It was suggested that she showed a
deal of Interest In her husband during
his trouble.
'All for appearance's sake' sh re
plied vehemently. "I simply lived
while the world thought I was loving
"It was all for General MoHneux. I
like the general and promised hlra I
would wait till he had done all pos
sible to sate that man. I respect him
and his struggle to sae his son. But
now 1 am free."
Mrs. MoHneux lias engaged the legal
firm headed by former Senator Kltt
redge to look after her interest.
over, If relatives of Mrs. Stanton ob
ject, Cornell v. Ill make no effort to
get hold of the brain, although Dr.
Wilder asserted that much wquld b
lost to science In such case. The form
which Mrs. Stanton filled out con
tained a stlpulatjon that objections
by near relatives would invalidate tho
of the victim $1,000. It appears that
the lieutenant had Incurred the dis
pleasure of the two men. ,HIs hands
were tied behind his back and be wa
fastened to a stake for three days.
At the end of that time, having been,
vtlthout food, part of theflesh .was
cut 'from his leg,, cooked before tne
victim's eyes and lie was th'en forced
to eat It. Finally he was killed,
Runaway on Main
Two People Were Badly
And Considerable Damage Dons
to Property.
An exciting and disastrous runaway
occuired on South Main st, sliortjy af.
ter noon today. j
Mr. Ij. V. Hummel and ypupg. eoi,
of Halo, were driving on South Mala
st., and wheu they reached Bubber st,
the bolt holding up one of the shafts
broke, causlug the shafts to drop dpwn
and strike the horse's heels; jhe, hprsa.
started to run and finally got? beyond
the control of the drh er, and the, car
riage stiuck the stiect car track, throw,
lng Mr. Hummel and his son out upon
the paement. T
The horse with the carriage partly
attached to It, ran down Main at., and
turned down on to Howard st, at Main
and Hov.ard and on down to Market
whore It turned to pass by a Jadpr who
was standing on the corner, but the
runaway horse was going at such $
rate of speed that It could not stop aud
i: slid ten feet Into the largo plate glass
window of the cigar store, owned by
Wm. Wolf.
Mr. Hummel was badly hurt, being
cut several places on tho head and
when thrown from the carriage ptruck
on his side and was unable to walk.
Parks' ambulance was called and c"n'
veyed him to the hospital. Hs sdn
who was with him, escaped Injury.
After having his Injuries dressed, M,
Hummel returned to Halo. '
The Reasons Why Mrs. C E,
Lawton Asks a Divorce.
In a petition for divorce, filed J?on
day, Mnry C, I.awton accuses C. H.
Law ton of extreme cruelty, grog? n?(f.
lect of duty and habitual drunkenness.
Sirs. Lawton 'asks tho custody of bep
two minor children, and temporary ali
mony during the pendency of the 'ac
tion. Mr. nnd Mrs. Lawton were mar
ried In this city, Nov. 4. 18(7, It Is al.
leged In the petition that the defends
nnt on one qccaslan thieatened to tert?
out the telephone In their bouso, and
thu prevent the plaintiff from. cotROMfc
nlcatlng with lier relatives "
,v .
.j j
V ,A

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