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TUBIsAYi NQT, 18th, 1002.
it j
r r - u -f-i r
324 East Mill street, Akron O.
The Akron Democrat Co.
Entered at tho postofflce ot Akron, O.,
an second-class matter.
f '
Kb Dally Democrat will bo delivered
very evening by carrier for
By mall ?3.00 $1 CO for six months.
. . . Both Phones . . .
Business office 180
Editorial and News Rooms 872
160 Nassau street, New York City.
B. J. SHANNON. Manager.
TDEKA.Y, NOV. 18th, 1002.
Tho papers yesterday were vehe
mently denying the reports of those of,
the day before to the effect that tho
mine owners contemplate a refusal to
abide .by the decision ot the arbitra
tors, In case It shall involve any iccog
nltlou of the union.
Tho searching cross-examination
witch Mr. Mitchell has been under
going for some days past, at tho hands
of tho operators' lawyers, seems to
Indicate an extreme bitterness of spirit,
niid sonio purpose not apparent when
nppllod simply to a redress of tho al
leged grievances of tho miners.
Tho most significant Intimation, how
ever, ii-. tho direction of the reported
disposition on tho part of tho mluo
owners 'not to accept honorably the
award of a tribunal to which they
have ostensibly submitted tho mat
ters ot differences between themselves
and their employes, anrt to tnko a
possible adinntaga ot n technicality,
is found In a leading editorial of the
New York Sun In Its Issue of Sunday.
Tho Sun Is not only the tblck-and-thin
defender of trusts, but all through
tho weory coal strike it Insisted that
the operators were quite right In refus
ing to enter Into any treaty whatever
with the minors; that they had nothing
to. arbitrate, that tho only consti
tutional function tho President had
to perform in tho matter was to com
ply with the demand of Mr. Banr by
calling out tho federal troops, and
that the slmplo duty of tho latter was
hedge in advance by throwing the bur
den of probably repudiating the arbi
tration agreomont tjpon tho miners
thomselvos the Sun concludes thus:
"No one can read 'tho statement of
Mr. Mitchell and his testimony before
tho Commission wlth6ut being c6n
vlnced that tho labor organization
which ho represents will feel Itself
nt perfect liberty, to treat the decision
of tho Commission with scorn and
contompt, If that decision Is not satis,
factory to the United Mine Workers of
Those utterances of n sheet which Is
the avowed exponent of tho operators,
taken In connection with Its assertion
that tho attorneys for tho coal ttust
aro to cross-oxomino him for all of
this week, together with the drift of
the cross-questioning, lead us to sus
pect that tho President's scheme of a
peaceful settlement ot the strike may
not bo completely successful.
, From this on the proceedings of tho
Arbitration Commission will bo
watched with extremo solicitude.
Tho recent convention of moneyed
men held nt Now Orleans has been, not
Inaptly, referred to as tho "banker's
The bankers thcro gathered would,
no doubt, hotly resent any kinship with
unionism In the current senfee of tho
term, for which wcshall not now quar
rel with them.
But wo do desire to call attention to
tho gross Inconsistency between their
utterances In tils convention and the
doctrines which they have for the past
ten years been preaching to tho peo
ple of tho United States as embodying
tho sum total of financial wisdom and
national morality.
Tho burden of .their well-fed cry was
tho need of an anchor to cast to wind
ward In tho shape of moro money when
the pinch of hard times shall revisit us,
as they seem to think It will, sooner or
Tho suggested devices to this end
tnko tho various euphemistic names of
"emergency currency," "asset curren
cy," "elastic currency," ""d go oh, for
But underneath them all lies tho
proposition that tho government Is to
furnish this currency ot many names,
and that It Is going to furnish It to
tho banks, and not to the people.
Tho, banks, In the hour of need, may
havo the resources of tho government
adopts tho prlnclplo of the former, so
long ns ho can monopolize its benefit
and make tho people, who furnish its
advantages, pay him for tho uso of
their own.
.An inspection of tho doings of this
convention will reveal tho fact also that
by an "elastic currency" is meant an
elasticity which shall help those who
need It the least, and bo denied to those
who need It most. Tho currency is to
be "clastic" to tho touch of tho cred
itor, but retry rigid nt tho approach of
the debtor. And tho government is in
this case, as in the others, to furnish
the "elasticity" to tho bank's, at tho
expense of their customers, who pay
tho taxes, for tho most part, which
keep the government running.
No alleged financial heresy that was
donounced by theso bankers In 1800,
with much untruth and all manner of
uncharitable speech, but has been v In
effect advocated by some of thoifi at
their lato mcetlrg. The only difference
Is thnt they denounce so-called vicious
doctrines when their advantages aro
likely to accrue to the pcoplo at largo;
they advocate them only so fnr as they
can win a monopoly of those advantages.
Hypocrisy Is bad enough. But hy
pocrisy plus selfishness, is perhaps the
worst compound by which public mor
als dan be poisoned. And it is not the
moro respectable when concocted by
those who claim to bo "upholders of the
nation's honor," and tho conservators
of tho financial integrity of the people.
code, matters .be, taken up at such ex
tra racetlugs lh'n conimendablo feature
of it. In this way, tho extra work of
redisricting the city, fixing salaries of
tho various officials and making other
necessary1 changes will not in any wa
conflict with tho regular buslhesa ot
Council. There seemed to bo no fric
tion Monday night over the appoint
ment of committees to take charge 6t
special departments of the work, and
this augurs well for a speedy and sue
cessful outcome of tho undertaking.
Only one feeblo attempt was made to
turn tho matter into a partisan meas
ure, but rt was" promptly turned down.
The work is to be done for the city, not
for the bencflfof a political party, and
if this Is constantly kept In mind, tho
public will undoubtedly be better satis
fled In the end and a great deal of use
less friction will be avoided.
Akron people will know within a few
days how much it will cost them to
pay thett city officials under the new
code. Council having appointed a com
mittee to fir tho salaries. Tho commit
tec should do Its work In n way that
will give Akron's tnxpaycrs something
for which to bo thankful.
A decision of the City Council to
hold meetings once a week until the
machinery of tho new code Is put In
to operation is a good one, and tho fur
ther provision that nothing outside of
Tho one lono Republican Congress
man from Missouri, the one Democratic
Congressman from Iowa, and the
Democratic Governor of Rhode Islnnd,
ought to form n reunion association".
If President Roosevelt finds no bears
in the South, he ought to find other
game there. He. might, for instance,
Join with General Dick in reforming
Southern suffrage abuses.
Six Republican Congressmen want
the Speakership. Mr. Hflnna may be
obliged to call upon his reserves to
maintain order in the Houho.
Some Recollections of
a Public Servant
Tho Thrifty Ward Hoeler
Tho All -Knowing Witnosa
Tho Garrulous Veteran.
paper mills to the limit of their wants.
to shoot down disorderly strikers, llko Rut tho public, If they share In tho Is-
so many wolves. Tho pdltorlnl in qucs
tlon deals with Mr. Roosevelt very
slightingly, to pay tho least, And thoro
is In it, apparently, n studied purpose
to bellttlo and disparage his efforts to
compose tho unhappy differences bo
twenn tho inlnc-ownem and their work
men) n fo,ct t Is an lll-concealod sneer
at tho Presidents good offices In tho
rnattor, when It conipaics theso with
tho tvork of a "gauiu warden."
In 'tho uitlclo referred to tho Sun
used, this very suggestive language;
"Tho plain ,nU Is that tho
Anlhraclto Strike Commission has no
legal status at nil. Theodore Roosc
volt, as President of tho United States,
had no authority to nppolnt it. In
making tho appointments, ho acted as
an individual and not as Presldout.
Those appointments might Just as well
havo been made, so tar as official
character Is concerned, by a person
holding tho olllco ot Coroner or gamo
warden. Nov do the nii'mpors of tho
Commission art officially In passing
upon tho matters submitted for tholr
determination. They havo no power
o enforco tho attendance of witnesses,
or to examine witnesses under oath,
Mid thlr,l decision, whatever Jt may
be, must depend upon tho acquiescence
of tlio purttos ,for its enforcement
When thai decision Is rendered, either
party Js entirely at liberty, so far as
tho law Is concerned, to disregard It.
Neither tho President nor any other
officer of tho nation or of auy State
can compel ohodlcnco to the determina
tion of the Commission. The wholo
schome, ln6rlgln, administration and
effect, Is c-utsldo tho law; and tho
United Mlno Worker! of America, as
well ns tho coal operators, aro at
liberty to Ignore any recommendation
or so-called Judgment of tho Com
missioners, if they sen fit so to do.
"Thero aro many pcoplo who doubt
ho propriety of such action as Mr.
Roosevelt has taken In this matter
because they fool that the lntlucnco
df the Presidential office ought not
to be dxcrclsed in proposing or promot
ing n method of adjusting a great
public controversy by n proceeding
yhcb ennnot losult in an adjustment
japablo of being legally enforced."
And then, ns If getting ioady to
sue, must pay the Iwnks their price
for the'prlvllege.
Andtheno schemes are put forward
by the men vt'bd six or seven years ago
were shouting that "the government
must go out of the banking business."
The difference between that cry and
the one heard from New Orleans Is
that tho former was directed against
tho go, eminent furnishing its currency
favors directly to Its citizens, and thus
dispensing with tho costly but useless
services of middle-men In tho shnpe of
bunks. Yes, whon tho people aro being
served by the government being lu the
banking business, It must straightway
"go" out" ot It: When the banks need
help financially, tho government must
embark in tha very business thus for
merly put under tho banker's ban.
Tho noxt Inconsistency found In tho
deliverances of this convention Is that
tho mooted project of "asset curiency"
Is no different In prlnclplo from tho sub
treasury scheme of tho western Popu
lists ot a dozen years ago, and which
these selfsame bankers at tho time
laughed ,to scorn.
It Is haul to'seoVhereln tho "assots"
which the Nebraska farmer offered, In
tho shape of warehoused corn and
grain, aro 'any less valuable or convcr
tlblo than the stuff that Wall street
would dump Into tho treasury In re
turn for erep now, bills, if the doors
were once opened for the process.
Another Inconsistency is scon in the
usd of tho terras "emorgoncy currency,
meaning thereby n currency to bo
furnished by the government when
over the need of moro monoy shall bo
This th neither moro nor less than
tho "greenback" doctrine of n st.Ul ear
Her da(.e, but shorn of Its merit of be
ing exploited for tho benefit of tho
people, Impartially, Instead of being
farmed out by the banks at their own
will and their own price. No one had
a loftlor contempt for tho greenback
or than tho banker. But now tho latter
Yes, politicians come nnd go, polit
ical methods chango as time passes,
but the instinct of tho ward heeIcrtfor
boodlo always remains substantially
the same.
In the days whon I was on earth,
polltlcallyvand It's not so very long
ago, either the compactly organized
machine of the present wos unknown,
but strikers for money Infested the
community, Just as they do now. Per
sonally I never was thrown much in
contnet with them; and this, I Ira-
nglno, was partly due to an infirmity
of mluo of giving such people when as ho said, thnfowhlle "U were nor-
the dozen or more different ships that
bore these candidates for the blessings
ot American citizenship and Yankee
politics, when' each touched, our sod.
Well, whenth'e affidavits word all
sworn tc by tb)s single affiant, and
tho certlcates showing the respective
holders to bo entitled to exercise tho
God-given (?j rights ot frco men had
all been "signed, sealed and delivered.
as the deeds say, I was Informed
by tho husky chaperon referred to
that I was not to expect the legal fje
of a dollar" nnp a half each, beeausot
MARY BROWN, No. 128 Portage street wins
AM thereby gains the $-!0.00 Suit. Her name and number tho 1st lucky orib to- bo drawn.
CHAS. CHAPMAN, No. 314 5th ate., 2nd.Prlie.
A ?10.00 Ladles' or Men's Suit.
CELIA RITZER, No. 1 1 1 Steese st, 3rd Prize.
A S5.00 Ladles' Suit or Waist
Tho DRAWING took place at our plaeo' of business, 118-1.20 South Main Street, last Saturday
evening, nt 7.30 p.m. x-
P. II. SCANLON, employe of the Taplln, Rteo Co.,
M. WALSH, employe of thej American Hard Rubber Co ; and, 1 v .
FOREST FAUST, cmployo of the Werner Printing Co.,
As was previously announced, the FIFTH NAME' and NUMBER drawn would receive FIRST prize.
Tho TENTH, the SECOND PRIZE. The ' TWUNtY-FIFTH the THIRD Prize. The drawing ,was as
f 61 lows: ' .
First Drawn J52
Second Drawn '
Thlrd'Drnwn -'3026
Fourth Drawn I"1-
Sixth Drawn 6
Seventh' Drawn 1W
Eighth 'Drawn W12
Nlntli Drawn 105i
Eleventh Drawn 1720
Twelfth Drawn 207
Thirteenth Drawn 7BO
Fourteenth Drawn ........... '...'. 245
Fifteenth Drawn 206
Sixteenth Drawn 1788
Seventeenth Drawn 3220
Eighteenth Drawn B15
Nineteenth Drawn J787
Twentieth Drawn 3210
Twenty-first Drawn ...1757
Twenty-second Drawn S
Twenty-third Drawn 240
Twenty-fourth Drawn 243
ALL TICKETS wo havo given away In the drawing ARE WORTH $1.00 in our store till after Jan. 1st
GalvtaMcQuillan Co.,
Up Stairs II8-I20 S. MaJn st
type-wirltlng In public offices was
scarcely in vogue, and I always kept
the Journal of my court in my own
hand. The early morning was devoted
to this work, and each day I first
wrote up the journal of the day before
As this was the official record of title
td large amounts of real estate, and of
valuable personal and property rights,
and was thus being put In enduring
form, it wns essential that I should
not be disturbed or distracted
While preparing It But my
loquacious friend was wont to
seize this very hour of needed quiet to
recount bis many exploits by flood and
field. He bad told them so often that,
If not strictly true in fact, he had
come to believe them so. To listen to
them appreciating!- 50 or 60 times was
something 1 could do well enough, but
when these limits were fair passed, the
stories became monotonous. He sure
Jy -was the original of Goldsmith:
further. Its very fust sentence was
the death rattle In the throat of his
yarn. Irritated out of nil prudence
by the interruption, and -without stop
ping to measure the unklndness of my
words, I said In an instant: "I wish
to the Lord he'd caught you."
With a grieved rather than an angry
look, the old campaigner received the
shot, and got out of the room with an
Bankers Brokers
110 HimUton Byl!d!ng
Peoole's Phnrifi $24' R?ll4Pbnno ??8
the efforts of the other clerks to find
it. Occasionally, When he was sure
no one was looking,- he would take a
pension, sure, if the department offi
cials had seen him. He never came
there after.
These arq a few reminiscences, fair
samples of a wholo lot Perhaps I'll
give you some more sometime.
they approached me, what Jeffries
used to call "u lick with tho rough
sldo of his tongue," and In part to a lack
of knowing Just how to make uio ot
their devious ways of work neither
of. these Incapacities being very credit
able to my tactfulness as a, politician.
, I recall an Instance In which what
may be colled practical sarcasm droVe
one of these gentry from his prey. In
1887 I was n candidates for re-election.
On the morning of election day a
ward patriot called upon rac, and
after shutting the door to my private
office, informed me In that mysterious
whisper indicative of his craft that
he should "have to have a dollar."
When I inquired what ho wanted the
dollar for, ho replied with becoming
gravity, that ho wanted It to buy
lead-pencils to scratch Democratic
votes In my faor In South Akron.
Opening ray desk I minded out to
hlra a dozen of Dixon's hnrdest pencils
and said: "Now use thoso nil up In
scratching votes for me, and when
they are worn out, come back and get
some more."
Giving mo n look of reproach my
friend darkened my door for the lost
time, leaving the pencils behind. I
had lost a friend, but, All things con
sidered, It was not a had rlddonce.
Since Lincoln's Time,
more than 7,000,000 Ju. Bom BUffimed Gold Watch Cum
bT ten iold. Many of the flnt one oto still bUIuk
ontlifmotory aervlco, proving tbt tbo Jul. Don Caio will
outwear the suarnntea of li staxt, Thtt cmu aro rcoog
nlud a tha standard by nil Jeweler, boeauie thoy know
from pertooal observation that tbay will perform at guar
anteed and aro the tnoit eervlceable of all watch coses,
"6'ti Watch Cases
t two layer of sSlld sold with t layer
f metal between, all welded together r
Id sheet. TbeRoldperrolteofbeau-X
into one bo
tlfHl ornamentation. Tboitlfle&iaf motil gives
m hi
Dose Case. You will know It by this trademark
strength. United tbey form tbo boat watch ease
itispQssiDiB 10 maze, insist cm navirnm jug.
tend lor Booklet
I remember an Instance nlso, In
which 1 found myself unwittingly act
Ing as soxton nt my own funeral.
It was Just before the election of
1881, and I was n candidate then too.
Ono chilly night I was aroused from
piy sleep by tho ringing of tho door
bell. Upon getting up I found a mes
senger who said X was wanted at the
t-outt iiouso to naturnlizo a lot of
foreigners. Thoro wero no street-cars
in thoso days, and tho long walk from
West Hill to tho rrobato olllco was
relieved by thoughts of the increased
majority I was likely to "roll up" by
the votes of the foreigners aforesaid.
When tho Court House was reached,
I found assembled there somo 11 or
10 coal miners, under the chaperonoge
of a fellow black-diamond manipu
lator, and for nil of whom ho was the
solo wltncsH. He must have been,
or rather Is, for I mw him tho other
day-a most ubiquitous Individual,
for "when he came td awear for theso
11 or id embryonic citizens, u np.
peorcd thnt, although they had come
to this country In diverse years, hailed
from various Welsh towns and bore
names strongly flavored with the
wealth of consonants and parsimony
of vow els characteristic of the Cymric
tougue, he noveitheless knew tho age
and blrthplaco of each, and When they
mally Demorwfl"and would-, vote th?
Democratic: tldcdt ordinarily, yet at
tho then Impending, election they had
engaged to bo true bhte Republicans.
So that l ought to yield up the, twenty
or tnrety-flvo 'dollars to which I Wsiu
(awfully entitled, for the good of the
cause, and especially as I was my
self on tho ticket that yeajy A little
croBs-examlniug brought out the fact
that tho chaperon was in the employ
of a fellow candidate with me on the
ticket, at whose Instanco he had been
down to the coal minors and "gath
ered them In," and that he had Jn his
pockflt at the tlmo a carefully pro
pared ballot tor each of them to cast
on election day. "I,et ne see 'em,
Tete," said J- He pullod from bis
pocket a seafed package which he
said contained the tickets In question.
I opened It, and what do you thlpk?
Each ballot was straight Democratic,
from top to bottom except the name
of the Democratic candldato'who was
running against my fcllow-Uepubllcan,
which was duly scratched and that of
the aforesaid "fellow" Inserted. This
was before tho days of tho Austral
ian iyetem of voting. Not" a ticket
was scratched In my favor, and each
of these men whom I had Just created
voters wos thus armed nnd equipped
by my fellow-Republlcnn candidate to
Vote ogalnst-me, and -for my Demo
cratic adversary. In short I had got
ten out of a warm bed on a cold night,
walked a mile and a half, with the cer
tainty of walking back again, worked
near two liours, given up over twenty
dollars to which I was entitled, sod as
& net result had been preparing somo
14 or 10 clubs to break my own head
with. To nay I was nngry w6pld be
putting It qulto too mild. I was mad.
a(l through; and not for the same rea.
son that Paul the Apostlo was charg
ed with by Festus, either. What did
I do? Well, 1 edited, revised and cen
sored all of thoso tickets. And .when
the revision was done, you may he cer
tain t.bat as to meat least, tho .edition
was qulto innoouous. After the re
turns came In I carefully analyzed the
vote of tho townships from which
these men hailed, and satisfied myself
tha they had not disobeyed my mV
lng injunction not to allow thelrttck
ets to be "tampered with?1 upon pain
of disfranchisement.
"The broken soldier, kindly bade to
Sat byhls fir? nnd talked the night
Wept o'er his wounds, or tales of sor
row done,
Shouldered his crutch," nnd showed
howl Holds were won."
'One morning I came over to the
Court Houso early, for the Journal
work was several days In arrears. I
had Just got well settled to the task
of recording: "This day enme the sev
eral parties hereto" and so forth, when
th6 door opened and In came the battle-scarred
veteran. I saw by his looks
that trouble w'as ahead and that ho
was about to unburden his soul of
sopie of his often-fought campaigns,
He rested himself in a chair right in
front of mo, and looked mo in the eye,
with tho air of a down-east skipper
when he squares away bis ship for n
month's Job of doubling Cape Horn.
It; was the latter part of November,
and he preliminarily cleared his throat
a few times and then began "the old,
old story" thus: "Well, Judge, It's Jcht
twenty years ago this momln' that old
Hood was after us,"--reforrIng to
the ChaBlng which that general gave
Thomas's army down the pike Into
Nashville In the fan ot '04. He got no
I used sometimes io lose friends
from sheer wnnt or fme o keepihem.
I recollect ono such paso Jn particular.
Tho "party of the other' part" was an
estimable but garrulous old gentleman,
a veteran of the Clvii war. and as ho
h long ifben "cafnppd;,6ri the ottjer,
all landed on ourstlore&T In fact, 'lie side;'" I can tell thd'atory without glv,
must have stood at th gaug-plank ot ing offenws to any one. In thoso 4ayq
" IMiKjSSSdLl, (he ppTnSl'S
motherhood," says the doctor. Some
times he qualifies the statement and
rays: "Impossible without an opera
tion." Yet both these "impossibles"
have been made possibles by the uso
ot or. Fierce' Favorite rre-
Bcrintlon. Many times the
nranrancea to moiuer
hood are to be fougd iu
womaniy diseases or
weaknesses, wtncn
ore perfectly and
o-rea oy "i
vorite Pre
mtdl- HssBbW cine
cures ir-
and dries
drains. It heals
fln.mrnatlon and
ulceration, apd
aura tannic weak-
It makes weak
women strontr and sick
women well.
I villi to add niv testimony
to hundreds of otbeaa as to the
valrrt.of Dr. Metre's ttffdteiii?..."
write Mrs. Ida M, Pc Pgrd. q Lolwa. Hubbard
Co,, Minn. "lUve doctored with a great many
phyran--omc specialist: tune twks been
(q a hospital for treatment. Mr case has been
retarded at a hopctom one. and tber Icnew not
wUatUtctroablewu. "Ileaitwaabsa: stomach
all out of order tired oat; (mere pains la sll
parts of trtt body; sjiiksnff nxns. noa nearly
ever ailment a woman coald have. I toot
many a bottle of patent nredldnes vtlhout
effect. J bein takfoir Dr. rtoTCls Karaite rrr.
scripUon, aod ten toooUta afterward I ve
birth to a ten-poand bay. An iiikinx had
uati i a Jvi (JuU I satsrr tomU tVr c (Jiild,
BoUt1 the baby and aarKlr were stronf. and I
feat atoaffplbdldl3-4BaB)toToir medicine,'
' The Common Sense Italia! Adviser,
Ioo5 Urge psffw, te-famer carers, is sent
re on receipt of tt one-cent stamps to
My ejrpeose ot p-sillng paly. Address
fir, R. V. Pierce Buffiifo, SL ,y
MaWaM&aWWr maw
.aHBmaaaaA n 1 aaaWr
r. rtnyvaawr in
u amm
tv v -' . "srsrsrsrsrr
I S aw n
7 jl I
.,..,. ,.,,. ,., v . a 1.1. 'null at the jug of good,, sweet elder.
nmuiuy hu.lu uuiuBve oiui.jreu ", . ,- ,,, lA..0j tun t
drank all but about a, pint, and filled
it with water. One of them examined
tho Jug recently and found It nearly
The clerks are enduring in sllenco
tho bantering of their comrade until
the cldor(7- is all gono, when they ex
pect to enjoy a laugh at his expense.
There are times when the fool-killer
needs an assistant.
Often people who ask for public
Judgment want to take an appeal.
'Out of sight out of mind" does
not apply to the detective or the tax
When a man takes the public into
his confidence he Should be careful
not to betray it.
It renulres great caution to decide
a dispute between two friends without
losing ono or both of them.
When n woman sues to recover for
breach of promise and receives a ver
dict of six cents, she realizes the
worthlessness of love.
I remember, I remember,
The farm where I was born;
Whore my father used to wake me
At the first faint gleam of mom.
But things nre altered since that time,
Thoso good old days have fled,
And at the hour I used to rise
I'm seeking now my bed.
I remember, I remember,
How I milked tbo lowing klne
And conveyed some slight refresh
ment To a score of hungry swine.
And yet this bundling of fat stock
Was a prophetic start;
I make my living handling stocks
In Wnll street's busy mart.
I remember, I remember,
The ox team red and white
With which I tramped the meadow,
From morning until night. ,
But muscles I developed" then,
They como In handy still,
When I must wallf behind and push
My auto up the hill.
I remember, I remember,
The hoe I used to swing
Among the countless hosts of weeds
That came to Ufo each spring.
To swing 'the golf club' nnd replace
The turf I dig up now
Keeps me about as busy as
Tho hoe did then, I trow.
I remember, I remember,
The trees so dark and nigh;
I useA to think their slender topi
Were close against the sky,
I work In n skyscraper now,
But still 'tis little joy
To know I'm higher up In life
Than when I was n bor.
:: Wise & t
"J-M fjU M,f.f,("f,i' ti tw)
Councilman Sawyer wins out, once
In a while.
Tho wetter the rain the larger the
doctor's bill.
Who shall oe the first hunter with
success enough to tell about?
It Is up to some tine to remark that
this is tine weather for ducks.
Tlie rittsburg orchestra made ro
markably good music, nevertheless.
Now for a long siege of Councllmanlc
effort In putting the new code Into
Age may be a fdlsnunification in
somo eases, but on the other hand
there's cheete, ou wine.
Mr. Snook will please note that the
President of Council has not rellu-
guished his right to name committees.
While the rnln lasts, tho quail and
rabbits of Summit county will probably
take n much needed rest, and prepare
a list of casualties.
Group plans and other Incidentals
for the now municipal building have
been, discussed. The color might bo
taken up and settled, next.
X- -f
The railroad corporations, however,
are not altogether 'soulless. They are
making thousands of homes happy
these days by Increases in wages of
Some of the unfortunates who ho,ve
been hunting and who were footsore
and empty-handed when thoy returned,
would llko to b,o able to prove an nllbl
when their friends ask them "what
What if the articles bought at the
mmmage sale aro merely taken homo
and thrown Into the garret? They can
be hauled forty fpr future rummage
sales nnd disposed of again, to decorate
someono else's garret.
"And Nlinrod was a mighty hunter.
Kq runs tho record-" Johnstown Dem
ocrat. Wo ran provo It by the Beacou that
Nimrod was a novice at hunting com
pared with our own General Dick.
The biggest bass and the fattest quail
are In tho same class, if the stories
of hunters and fishermen are reliable.
Tho stories of both' theso kinds of
sportsmen often contain Information
to the effect that tho biggest and tho
fattest got away.
K f
No wonder .there vf ere a number of
recruits for tho navy from Barberton,
They aro about half sailors anyway.
After as much rain as there has been
during the last 48 hours, requlrec a
skilful navigator to get about on most
of the Barberton streets. ,
A good Joke Is soon to be spruug
upon a gentleman occupying n promi
nent position ,in one or Akrons clotn
lng stores, " Not long ago a farmer,
who Is a steady customer atHha store,
brought in a Jug of sweet elder for
the cieyks and Jeft it in chargo of the
above mentioned gentleman. He, for
a Joke, hld'th'e Jug'and enjoyed hugely
" A- pity tQ s?e pale girls stay
pale and dull when it is so easy
to get Scott's Emulsion.
One of the best things
Scott's Emulsion-does is to
give rich blood to pale girls.
The result of regular doses
of Scott's Emulsion is an in
crease not only in the red
color of the blood and iri the
aDDetitebutinthe good looks
nnd bricrht manners which
are the real charm of per
fect health. f
Sind tor r4 ,,S.mpU..,
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