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Volume n number 185.
Of Prominence and
Manderbach Chairman
of Both Committees
Appointed to Shape Akron For
New Government.
Councilman B. I Manderbach. of
tho Fourth ward, has risen suddenly to
promlneneo and great ro&ponslblltty.
Ho Is chairman of boththcltcdtatrlctlng
and Salaries committees appointed by
Council to "prepare the municipal ma
chinery of Akron for tho new govern,
ment. "In theso positions," srfld Mr.
Manderbach Saturday, "I propose to
keep down partisan spirit as much aH
possible. I realize that the work Is to
' be done for the city and not for any
"With reference to the salaries, I am
In favor of keeping them within a reas
onable limit A man who Is capable of
earning only $1,200 a year In prlvnto
life has no right to expect $2,000 while
working for the city. The salaries
ought to be reasonable for both sides;
and there will be plenty of competent
seekers for the positions; wo'rc not
Bfrald of any shortdco In the nnrabcr
of candidates."
The Bedistrlcting committee will hold
Its first meeting Monday evening at the
Olty Building. Its members are Messrs.
Manderbach, Wilhelrn, Martin, Gau
th I or and Kooas.
The Salaries committee will hold a
meeting next week, but the date has
not yet been fixed. Members of this
committee are. Messrs. Manderbach,
Ormes, Warner, Snook and Mcrz.
Train of Large Sum of
Plunder Estimated at From $25,-
000Ud.,$75,000. . ,
Davenport,' la., Nov. 22. West
bound passenger train No. 11 on the
Rock Island railroad, carrying a heavy
shipment of currency and gold, was
held up at 11:30 o'clock last night,
threo miles -nest of here by a gang
of robbers, variously estimated at
from twelve to fifteen In number, who
after forcing tho engineer nnd fire
men to cut off the express nnd bag
gage cars nnd run down the track two
miles, blew open the express car with
dynamite and secured plunder, the
exact amount of which Is not yet
known, but estimated by the railroad
nt anywhere from if2.",000 to $75,000.
The train was 35 minutes Into nt
this station and two suspicious look
ing men boarded one of the passenger
coaches. They are supposed to have
had n hand In the robbery. Tho pas
sengers were not molested nnd knew
nothing of the robbery till It was
To Steamers on Their Way to
Pensacola, Fla., Nov. 22. Tho steam
ers Orion and Underwriter arrived
here last night from Havana. On tho
.way they lost a. portion of tho big float
ing dock which was purchased by tho
United States from the Spanish gov
ernment, The dock was formerly lo
cated at Havana and was being towed
here for a permanent station at the Pen
sacola "Navy yard. Whtlo on the pas
sage from Havana tho steamers en
countered a heavy storm and one of
threo caissons of the dock was lost. No
effort was made to recover It, as It re
quired hard work to Bave tho other sec
tions. Tho steamers will start out In
search of the lost section.
Another Negro Became Victim
of Mob.
Memphis, Tenn., NoV. 22.At W.vnne.
Ark., LIge Welsh, n negro, was taken
from an officer last night by a mob of
masked men, nnd his body Is dancllng
fiom a tieo In the swamp. Welsh had
tome words with Conductor Max
Campbell, of Wynne, while on tho train
last Monday. At McGrory, tho negro
ronowed tuo conductor out of the traiu
and drawing a knife, nttempted to cut
his uiroat. some one caught tho no-
?ro's arm, and he only succeeded In in
dicting a flesh wound.
Boycott Condemned.
Schenectady, N. Y., Nov. 22. Eire-
Heal workers union No. 232 having
. iiieiiiuevBuip or about 150 men
mssed a resolution at Its mooting last
veiling condemning the boycott
gainst tho Sehcneetudr rallwnv l.w
ho tr.idcJ assembly.
r '' ' Till I
Demand Hearing Before Strike
Scranton, Fa,, Nov, 22. A bombshell
was thrown Into tho pcacoful quiet
of tho mlno hearing this morning,
when Attorney Burns, one of tho
counsel for tho lhdcpcnUetits, nroio
and said that tho Indepehdent opera
tors had not been consulted In this
now settlement and that they wero
parties to the lssuo before court.
Burns said that his clients wanted the
lssuo. thrashed out before the com
mission, llu salt! full hearing beforo
tho commission would end In an
agreement that wouid be of lasting
Caused Death of
End Came at Hamilton,
Ohio, Friday.
Remains Will Be Brought Here
For Burial.
Willis B. Spafford, aged 25 years,
formerly ono of the best known young
men lii tho cliy, died nt' Hamilton, O.,
Friday morning, of lockjaw, the re
sult of ail injury ho hud received home
tlmo ngo" while working for the
Miami Canal Transportation Co.
A brother, Fred Spafford, has gone
to Hamilton, and will accompany tho
remains to this1 city, arriving Satur
day night at 8:45. Fuhoral services
will bo held at the residence, of his
parents, 010 East Buchtel aye., Sunr
day at 3 p. in. Interment in East
Akron cemetery.
Mr. Spafford enlisted In tho Eighth
Regiment, O. V. I., and served through
tho Cuban campaign with his regi
ment. After the muster out ho wont
to Chicago, where ho was employed
for a time by Swift & Co.
,For Borne reason he, loft their cm
ploy and came back 'to Ohio, finding
ompioymont in Hamilton.- He-was a
member oC Theodore Miller Camp, "S:
A" W. V., which wlllthave charge rof
the funeral.
Explanation of Charles
Originality Failed to Prevent
Workhouse Sentence!
"I didn't run away from Officer
Taylor. I just walked away, I didn't,
know he wanted me t0 comQ i,.1C.m
snld Cliailes Franklin to the Mayor
Saturday morning, when he was
eharged with intoxication, and re
minded that ho lmd departed from tho
street gang suddenly while working
out a sentence here last spring.
Franklin Is a waiter, and was intoxi
cated and disorderly at tho Arcade
restaurant here Friday nlghtt this be
ing the causo of his nrrest.
FranKlln's arrest last spring was
caused by similar circumstances nnd
at tho same place. Franklin was fined
$2 and costs for Intoxication, and .10
days in the workhouse were added
necause or nis escape from the streot
John Bottleheimer Received
Sentence Friday.
John Bottlehelmer, who was recently
found guilty of assault and battery In
Common Pleas court, was sentenced
Friday to pay a fine of ?50 npd. costs
and servo 30 days lu the county jail.
Bottleheimer is a well known local
character, nearly blind and tho obiert
of a great deal of persecution on tho-
part of small boys. While going down
North Howard st., some months ngo,
ho was followed, by boys who teased
him till ho grow apgry, drew a re.
volver and shot at them. Hs nlm
was defective and the bullet struck
Mrs. Grnco McGuckln, who was
seated on her porch, nearby. Inflicting
a painful but not a dangerous wound.
Fire at Cincinnati.
Cincinnati,. Noy. 22.An explosion
In n bin at HerrriRn Goepper & Co.s
malt house early his morning caused
a tiro which for a timo endangered
tho entire brewery district. After a
stubborn light t)io tiro was subdued.
Loss amounts to (lRrQ00. Ono fire
man was burped and three overcome
by smoke.
Are Not Easy to
None of Escaped Pris
oners Found.
Claimed That Reward Was Re
fused Officer Collon.
Though repeated reports have come
to tho ears of Sherlir Kelly and the
local police, from people who claim
to havo seen one or more of the pris
oners who escaped from tho County
jail recently, there seems to bo but
little activity among the people who
have seen, about bringing nbqut tio
arrest "of the prisoners.
It Is claimed that the rewards are
hard to get, even after- giving the In
formation leading 'to the arrests, and
the poople simply refuse to take the
trouble, it is further tated that In
tho case of Ofllccr It. A. Colton, of
Bnrborton, who succeeded In landing
Pan Mjers, after he had escaped and
was hanging about Johnson's Corners,
the reward for the recovery of Myers
wis refused Colton, when he applied
for it at the office of the County Com
missioners. Other pcoplo who believe
they could land some of tho prisoners
are reluctant about setting out In pur
suit for they fear there may bo trou
ble about getting their rewards.
Sheriff Kelly and his deputies have
as yet no definite Information nbnut
nny of the prisoners who escaped the
last time and who are still at large.
Followed Fists at an Oklahoma
Prize Ffght.
Oklahoma City, Okla., Nov. 22,
Goldic Filson Is dead with five bul
lets In his head, his biother Is fatally
Injured with a wound in his neck and
two unknown men aio injured less
seriously as tho result of n dispute at
a prize fight here last night. The mill
1 luiil been on "for four rounds when
the melee started and gun play began.
Twenty-five shots wero- fired Witlflu
a few seconds.
Business May Be Re
vived. .
There Is Talk of Reorganizing
the Trust.
Cleveland, Nov. 22. Hans have
been made by the blcjcle trust, the
American Bicycle Co., to put now vim
lino Its business. At a meeting of.
olltcers held here Friday, It was de
cided to lift the receivership, reor
ganize the company and put $2,000,000
more, money Into it. It is said thjit
pi lees of wheels may be raised, but
not now, of course, on account of tho
fact that this year's season Is prac
tically ended.
A popular opinion prevails that the
bicycle business in thlK country is
dead. Figures do not verify this. Ijijit
year over 000,000 bicycles wore sold
in tlfis country, bringing in between
?11,000,G00 and $12,000,000. and yet
tho business is so demoralized that,
coniparatlvcMy speaking not' a cont
was made. i'
New York, Nov. 22.-Herr .TnrosJay
Koclan, the Bohemian violinist, has
arrived In New York. -
Koclnn ionics to America with a
reputation niailo in tho countries of
Europe nnd with a record of concerts.
before rojnlty which compares with.
mat or r.uierowsui. He will tqur
this country, opening In New York
with a concert Saturday night. Ho
was a classmate of Kubelik In the
Praguo conservatory of music. i'
. "I'M HIS SON," "i
Said a Stranger Who Wanted to
See the Emperor.
Vienna, Nov. 22. A well dressed,
man accosted the sentry at Hofhur
Palace ut midnight and sild be
wished to see Emperor Franz Jesef.
When tho sentry would not let hlin
puss tho sti auger becaino excited, del
daring that be was tno Emperor'
son Rudolf. He was taken into pust
today and seaichcd, and a icvolvor
was found on his person.
It is stated that tho stranger la a
Hamburg merchant, who has lost his
mind. He was committed to aji a By
i-m uiis morning.
Carrie NatlorKCIaims He Mis-
, represented Her.
Rochester, N, Y'.yNov. 22. Carrie Na
tion arrled lu the city jestcrday and
departed for the west ut X o'clock nfter
bwearlug to a complain In a $2,500 dam
ago quit for llbol, .-which Alio lias begun
against Murnt Hnlstead, author of "Il
lustrious Mfo of Wlillnni MeKlnley,
Our Martyred President."
Mr. National ays that Mr. Halslcnd
In hjs book quoted her as saying nt
Conoy Island nmj, Hoeheeter that she
hoped McKinleyv! would die. and that
(he was arrested and hlseed In Roch
And a Ring Being Held For Re
ward Wa Pawned.
New York, Nov..22.-A Hell's kitchen
scrubwoman was locked up In thoWoai
uiu si. police fciuuon iuhi iiigm tor
trying to pawn a diamond ring worth
probably $3,C0tf, which she says she
found In ono of thenVaudoibllt boxes at
the horf-e show on Wednesday night.
She was employed 'in, Madison Square
garden at night to clean up the boxes
ufte'r the show.
No report that such a ring was miss.
Ing had been made to the pollce-nnd
late last night they had 'not discovered
to whom It belonged?;
The womnn fcald she had held the
ring two days, hoping Jor a reward,
but that she becam'q so hungry she
tried to pawn the ring. She has a hus.
band and several children.
Anqther Title Added by
Honor, the Mayor.
"Indeed yes I'm the songbird of two
continents," replied His Honor, the
Mayor, Saturday, when asked If he's a
slitger, Tho qpestlon- was suggested by
the, Mayor's calling at the City Com
missioners' office' to see Mr. Scybold'
about tho LJcdcrtnfcJ program for Sun
day.'jn Musjc hall. "Mayor D03I0 Is a
member of the Lledertnfri, and claims
to b.o one of 'Its best singers. - ft
The Chinese Pugilist, Had Suc
cessful Trip. "
Cincinnati Nov. 22. Chtng Fongthe
Chinese pugilist, nrrlved In town last
nighb from Marietta, Gn., Whcio he
Closed the season wtlh tho Robinson
show. Chlug had a very successful tout
ed saved considerable money while
away. He met all comers In every
town In which the show appeared.
Oiling vlll spend the winter In a chop
suey kltcheu on Sixth st.
Date For Dedication of Woodland
M. E. Church.
The new Woodland M. E. church
will be dedicated Dec. 21, If present
plans are cairlcd out. The arrange
ments: for the dedication will be dis
cussed this ieeulngnt the quarterly
eonfeienee meeting. Tho carpenters
hnve nearly finished and the frescoers
aravtldw at work. The pows are ex
pected to arlve by Nov. 25. The new
church Is, a handsome building nnd
cost $20,000.
MrsV Alfred Roosevelt to Marry.
Bo's'top, Nov. 22.-Mrs. 'Alfred Boose
yelt' of Beacon St., whoso engage
ment: tq tne Ilcv. T.'J. Bowlker, of
Hertfordishire. s England, was an
nounced a few days ago., will be mar
ried next Mpndnj. Sho is yie daugh
fer'of'tbe late Augustus Lowell and
married Mr. Hoosevelr, a second
cpusln of the l'lfsldent. Mr. Roose
velt was Killed In an ncUdeut at
H,ye nbout ton jcars ago.
Famous Gun Maker Dead.
'Berlin', Nov. 22. Bnrou Krupp, in
ventor of the. Krupp gun, died of apop.
lexy at his villa near Essens, this nfter
npon, .v. Concert at Grace M. E.
A qoncert v bo given Monday
evening ai 8 o'clock, In the Grace M.
E.. church, by the Schubert qunrtetto.
"Wftile the Lamp Holds
Out to Burn, the Vilest
W . Sinner May Return."
Pnducah, Ky.. Nov. 22,-PIes Warf,
said, fo tip the oldest mnn in tho south,
has Jityt piofessed icllglon. Old Uncle
HnfWuif. who now lives at the county
poorhouse nt Glade, says ho is 121
years old. He says his father was in
the siege of Yorktowii, in 1781, which
Unttlo closed tbq rovolutlpunry war. Un-
leJe'FIW alleges that hla patents always
Open New
Board Authorized This
Will Cost at the Beginning About
The Board of City Coromlsslonera
on Saturday adopted n resolution au
thorizing the Fire and Water Commit
tee to open up flro stations 5 and 7.
No. fi Is located on Buchtel ae, and
No. 7 on North Hill.
It Is estimated that it will coht
about $5,000 at the start to do this
and a continual expense Incident to
operating the stations will follow.
Ten new liorsoa will be required
and a number of now firemen will
have to bo appointed. It wlI also be
necessary to purchase some new
The Boaid expects to get the money
for tills imflprovement by the sale of
Mexico Talks of Reconstructing
Currency System,
New York, Nov. 22. Information
comes from n prominent banking
house In this city that another banking
hoii'-e. having International relations, is
now engaged In preparing for Mexico's
going on a gold basis.
It Is said the Mexican government
has contracted for the puichase of a
large amount of gold, which will be
made the bafls hereafter of all circu
lating mediums of that country. The
plan Is to establish the country on a fi
nnnclal basis, similar to that which was
adopted In .Tnpan, which went from a
sliver to a gold basis some five years
At thnt time the gold yen was made
the standard of value, and In effect Is a
two-shilling or SO-eent dollar. If Mexl
co carries out the program It will mean
the fixing of a value of the Mexican sli
ver dollar at approximately !0 cents
nnd putting an end, to the wide fluctua
tions In the value of money, which have
proved so serious a detriment to Mex
ico's business relations with ottier
Where They Will Be Held
Union services will be, held by the
vnilous churches of the city on
Thanksgiving day, as usual. In the
central district, the services -nill be
held in the First Baptist church at
10 o'clock. Itev. Clark Crawford,
pastor of the First Methodist church,
will conduct the services. Tho West
End church wih unite with the central
On North Hill the serviced will be
held in Trinity neformed church.
Hev. E..E. Wilson, pastor of the North
Hill M. E. church, will deliver the ser
ine n.
In the East End the services will
be held In tho First Presbyterian
church. Bev. G. S. Oshlund, pastor
of the Sweedish Lutheran church will
deliver tho sermon.
In the South End te services will
be held In Calvary Evangelical church.
Hev. B. T, Mpbn, pastor It the Main
Street M. E. church, will glvo the ad
diess. i
Man Wanted by Ebensburg, Pa.,
Police In Short Order.
Akron seems more or less to bo n
Mecca theso days for people who are"
anxious ta moid the law In other
localities. Every few days he local
poljce pick up tome person wanted
elf-ewheie. Friday a telegram was re
ceived by Chief of I'olico Durkln from
the police nt- EbenHburg, Pa,', asking
the local officers to watch out for
John Bryar,. under Indictment there
for illicit selling of liquor, and sup
posed to' be in this city. ' Officer
Docrler and McUster found 'Bryar
shortly after being sent In chase. Ho
Is being held now for the Ebensburg
told him that lie was born on, the day
tho battle of YorMown was fought, Oct.
10, 1731. Wnrf moved to this county
from Virginia foity years ngo. Five
years ngo ho became unable to work
and ws sent to the county pqorhouse.
He professed religion and was baptized
irtht Thursday. The old man 'was so
feeblo that bp was carried Intq the wa
tcr In his easy rocking chair. , '
While Defending. Home Against
Canithersvllle, Mo., Nov, 22. Mrs.
h. F. Johnston, wife of a tlmbcrman,
was killed Frldaj on her farm five
miles west of here. Six armed men
rode up to the place and demanded
a cow which was In Mrs. Johnston's
possession, threatening the woman's
life. She went Into the house, got a
gun nnd when tho men attempted to
tear down the fence sho fired at them.
The volley was returned and she ias
struck In the back by several sljofg
from Winchester rifles. The men
escaped. Their Identity Is unknown.
There were no witnesses except Mrs.
Johnston's nine year old daughter,
Of His Honor, the
To Be Placed In Cor
nerstone. Impressive Ceremonies Arranged
For Sunday Afternoon.
Among the things of great interest
to be placed In the cornerstone of the
new Akron City Hospital, to be laid
Sunday afternoon, wljl be a photo
graph of Major Doyle. It Is a late
plctuic and a good one, and years
hence posterity will stand In admira
tion, when at last the City Uospltal
cornerstone is remoed, for some pur
pose or other, to see what an intelli
gent nnd all around good-looking May
or Akron had in the strenuous days of
the Twentieth century, beginning.
All arrangements, fpr' the laying of
tho cornerstone have' been completed4,
nnd it will be a Very Important'cere-
raony, conducted by Masons. The cere
mony will be religious In nature. It
will be conducted by,Grahd Jin'ster .
A. Bell, of Kentop; 'and' the 'Grand
Chaplain of the order, Claytbn A
Smuqkler, of Cellna-; ptheVmmber
of the granrtlodgewhb'wi',l'b'e present
are Grand Marshal George D.- Cope"
land and DeputyGrand Master O. P.
Sperra, of Bavenna.
In addition to loca.1 lodges of ' the
order, a number of Masonic-'lodges
from neighboring cities will partici
pate. PURSE OF $50,000
Arranged For Horse Race at
World's Fairr
St Louis, Mo., Nov. . 22. The most
valuable stake event of its kind In the
history of the American turf wljl be
run at the St. Louis fair grounds in
1004. It will he known as the St Louis
World's Fair handicap and will have a
guaranteed value of ?riO,O0O, of which
?0,000 will go to the second horse.' and
$2,000 to the third horse. The mon
lnator of the winner Is to receive $1,500
out of the stake. The event will be
for horses three years'old and upward
In 100-1, nnd the distance Is to be ont
mile and a quarter.
All the leading foreign countries will
send special entries.
i I, t
The War In Colombia Ended
' Today.'
Washington, Nov. 22:4-BeariAdmlral
Casey, commanding the-United States
Naval forces In Cflloaibton waters,' tof
day notified the Navy department 'of.
the terrainalton of the. q,Ii irwar Jn Co
lombia, t '
The cablegram received was as fol
lows: it y .
"Panama. Nov. 22. j Cqpf ereqee .end
ed today on board flag s.hp Wisconsin"
between Salavar. Governor of Panama.
andHerr Era, chief insurgent general."
In signing, the ternis of neape were
approved by Eordorao, Colombian min
ister of war, thus endlng-fhe war '" Co
lombia. queen;lil
Will Again A$K Cqngress For
i -
Chicago, ov. 22. Lil(upkalant,f for?
merly Queen of the Hawaiian Isiajids,
passed through Chicago Friday aftejr.
noon on her way to Wasjilngtpn, whpre
sho will make another effort to induce'
Congress to give her financial relief.
The former Queen traveled In an ordl",
nary sleeping car ai(d did nobstop In
the city long enough (to ,ivjiflter at a
hotel. Her berth was ''l4wer .'
Administrator's Report.
.7. It. Nutt, administrator pf the
estate of Lovlna SelbeYll'ng, has filed
his report In Probate 'court.' Therpa.1
estate In this estate has befn sod tQ
Laura M. E. Nutt ifor .Va.OOO.. The
administrator's repsrl has beep contj
Armed. " ' v. -1 - '
Step Toward New
City Hall.
Board Is Now Ready
For Plans.
Must Be Submitted on a Com,
petitive Basis,
An Important step was taken Sat
urday morning by the Boaru City
Coirimlssloners. It was none ott-rT
than the authorizing of the Publl
Grounds and Building committee' to
secure plans for a new City Hall,, to
cot in the neighborhood 'df $123,000.
And the bids will be Invited upon a
competitive Iwsls, too, with the op
portunity of bidding open to the world
It has not yet been definitely decided
whether the patrol station willbe In
cluded In the City Hall, but thli wiU
be decided soon, an It Is desired tbt
the architects submit plans for the
patrol station at the samp t(mc' tho
plans for the hall are submitted, ,
Under the new code the city will be
allowed to sell bonds to the amount
of one per cent, of the total valua
tion of taxable property to obtain
money for constructing public build
ings. This will glvo plcntly of money
for the new hali.
Lockport. N. Y., Nov. 22. Workmen
engaged in repairing the ' steeple" of
the Third Baptist church found'
well equipped gambling den In a room
above the belfry. Cards, poker table
and chips were found. The matter
was reported to the church truatMa
'and an Investigation followed. ''The
room was watched bydeaconsoftb
church for several nlgbta and" last
night several young men, theo'n
of "pillars," were caught red .handed
in the game. The paraphernalia was
confiscated and the attention of-the
local police was called to the matter.
It la believed that no,arrest will be
made as the partiej,conceniedr the
sons of prominent, men.
In Train
Depot i
The following ebanges in rttmej and'
number of trains enterlng-AVron were
reported by O. D. Honodle Batwj
C, T. & V. division of the B. 4 0,
No. 48 will be known hereafter
47. Time changed to 8:30 a- m
Union depot, and 6:42 at Howard St.;
new time being 20 minutes earlier.
No. 4 will be known as No. 3, nd
will leave Union depot 833 , a. m.,.
Howard st., at 8:45 a. m. This train
did not formerly come to the Union
No. 11 will leave Union dpot afr
0:40 p. m., and Howard st. at 10 p.
m., seven minutes later than usual.
No. 8 will be known as No. 5, and
will leave Union depot at 8:18 p. m.,
and Howard st. at 8:30 p. m., a-llttle
later than formerly"
No. 8 will hereafter be knows, ae
No 0. Time unchanged. No.-rl0 la
changed to No. 7. No change la time.
South-bound. " i
No. 7 Ik rhnncrnrt tn Ko. A lMivta 6
Howard st. nt 8:1B a. m.. Union dsnot """
at 8:33 a. m., two mlnutea earth W
man lormeriy. -h
do. ju win arrive at Howard at, ati
1:53, and Unioa depot at 2:10, one j
hour earlier than formerly Tola la
the train for the west over the B,
& O. No. 47 will be knoHfn.,ae KB.
40. No change in time. Wo.- 11 frl)
be known as No. 4. No ehaoge la
time. No. 0 will be known as 'No.
8. No chnngo in time. N. 5 w)J) be
known as No 12. No change Jn time.
Trains No. 4 and 44 over the B. &
O., have been abandoned and re
placed by new train arriving from
the east, at 11:43 n. m. Returning, the,
train leaves Akron at 2:10 p. rq, ,
Caused Reign of Terror, on a
Ship. ' , ,
New York, Nov. 22. A huge python
broke out of Its cage, took poses'son'
of the bridge and held tho crew of the1
British ship Afrldl terrorized for nearly'
two hours tho night tfter leaving Sin
gapore on the voyage which ejqdcd'wlth
the tying up of the ship at BJqf 33,.Uasti
Ith er. This huge snake wng one of .the
largest Captain Golden, of Nip Afrldl, j
had ever seen. It was finally vgcpp-i
tured. ,
. iV
Boer General fg Lecture. '
Southampton, Nov. 22. Comraamjan.t'j'jt'
VHJoen formerly of 4he Boer army, will-.
ed for America today to carry pt a, lee,-,; h I'jl
Itm7 ivm, ... viyiAuui uy iVip7"li . m
ert next week by ComjaandaijU .Knta. ' r-1
Ingerand Joubert, "r'- ""' ra , K 3
t T
It Y .-fciJ.
' i
. la-X---- i lij
JW '-i a.

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