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President of Buch
tel College
Has Entered Politics In
Believes It a Field of
Important Anniversary Ser
mon Next Sunday.
(Special Correspondence)
Columbus, O., Dec. a. Tho Itov. Dr.
12. I., Itexford, formerly president of
llticlitul college, but now pastor of thu
First Unlversnlist church of tills city.
will celebrate the eighth anniversary of
the beginning of his pastorate here,
next Sunday.
Dr. Ilexord has Ion? been
counted among tho leading divines of
the country, not only In the denomina
tion of his choice, but In the general Held
of ministerial labors. He Is a man of
fenrlcss views, unil ho has not hesitated
t-j express his opinions on mutters re
ligious and secular ns well.
1'robably no prominent minister In
the state has been so criticised for till
expressed views, and so misunderstood
In his motives, ns Dr. Itexford, hut ho
has not faltered In his course. lie hns
been c'lual to the occasion, although he
lias refrained from making public reply
to his nssailants.
In his anniversary sermon, to he de
livered next Sunday, however, he has
nnnouueed that ho will make answer
to somo of his critics, and It Is expected
that the sermon will bo full of hot
Miots tired point blank. It Is expected
that Dr. Itexford will call a spade a
spade and a boo a hoe. He will not
mince words, nt least, and some even
nntlclpnto n bit of sensationalism.
Dr. BoxYord has n following In
Columbus outside of his church, and
Is considered one of the leading citi
zens. Mayor Hlnkle, who has had no
end of trouble In the administration
of the city's affairs, and who has been
uiiablo to fill n vacancy In the board
of workhouso directors, lately offered
the placo to nr. Itexford, and the- lat
ter accepted the appointment.
In speaking of thus becoming Identi
fied with the city government, Dr. Itex
ford stated yesterday that ho saw In
the appointment an opening into a new
field of usefulness, thereby conveying
tho Idea that he will hereafter take an
nctlvo Interest In politics. His action
Is not unexampled In the city of Colum
bus as tbe entrance of the Itov. 'Wash
ington Gladden, D. D., also a man of
national fame. Into politics, Is still
fiesh In the minds of those who have
followed the personnel of the Columbus
city Council during tho past fow years.
Dr Itexford Is still very active and he
vlll be heard from In tho not far dis
tant futire.
To Exposure Incident to Digging
New York, Doe. 3. A dispatch from
Culebrn Island, I'orto Itlco, whero tho
great American fleet Is assembling for
winter manoeuvres, reports that Mid
shipman Itlchnrd Walnwrlght, jr., son
of tho famous commander of that
name. Is III of fever contracted In
digging ditches In connection with tho
mnuoouvres. Flvo hundred sailors
front ships havo been digging in
tropical marshes and thero Is an In
tense feeling In tho fleet becnuso the
men aro so exposed. There Is plenty
of cheap labor on tho Island that could
bo utilized.
The Strike Commission Back In
Scrnnton, Dee. 3. Tho Anthrnclto
Rtrlko Commission resumed Its heariiiR
here this morning, after a 10-days' re
cess to penult both sides In tho caho
to conio to a settlement, which they
failed to do.
Can't Talk English.
Houston, Texas, Dec. 3. Tho newly
elected ofllelals of Zapata county havo
just taken ohargo of their otllces, and
It developed that only two of them, tho
Judge and tho County Clerk, are able
llo conduct business In the English
tongue. Tho Sheriff, Tax Assessor,
'Collector and four Commissioners and
n majority of the deputies appointed
'speak Spanish fluently, but thoy nro
unable to carry on even a short con
versation in Kngllsh. There Is no
movlslon of tho state law compelling
hem to do so. I
Sagasta Quits.
Madrid, Dec. 3. Premier Sagasta to
iy handed his resignation to King
lfonso. Tho retiring premier stated
hat his decision to relinquish his
ortfollu was Irrevocable,
Has Been Found Guilty of
Chicago, Doc. 3. "Captnln" George
Wellington Strootor, self-styled "(lov
crnor of tho District ot LnkcMlchlguh,"
it valuable strip along thu lnko shore,
In the mllllonnlro district, was found
guilty this morning of manslaughter,
llo and Henry Hoohltke, ngulnst whom
a similar verdict wii8 rendered, were
accused of the murder of John H. Kirk,
n watchman enuiloyed by forces oppos-
lug Strocler's claim to tho district. Tho
convicted men will he given Indetermi
nate sentences.
By American Capital In Invading
Other Countries.
Washington, Dec. 8. A notable in
stance of tho A'mcrlcan commercial
Invasion of Europe Is tho establish
ment of an American Brewery In
Ghent, reported to tho State depart
ment by United States Consul Mower.
Of It ho says: "Tho business most
In ovldenco In Ghent is that of tho
breweries. In u population of less
than '00,000 there, were more than. 100
establishments, large and small. Not
withstanding this competition, Ameri
can enterprise has entered tho Hold.
"Tho eutlro plant of the American
Brewery, "With tho exception of some
copper vessels, wero brought from
So Mother and Sister Could Have
More Money.
New York, Dec. 3. Elghtceii-yenr-old
John Wlnfleld Baldwin, a student In.
tho Horace Maun school, shot himself
dead nt his homo at 533 West 121th
st yesterday evening, after writing
a noto in which ho wild that he was
going to get out of the way so his
mother and sister could have more
Tho lsiy pawned his watch yester
day morning and bought a revolver.
In his note he said he knew be was a
drain on his father's resources and that
If he was dead his sister and mother
would have more money.
Against Life of the Emperor of
Victoria, It. C, Dee. 3.-The steamer
Kngn Maru, which arrived Tuesdaj
from the Orient, brought news of an at
tempt on the life of the -Emperor of
Japan when the Imperial train was at
Otaka en route to the scene of the man
euvers of Klnshlu.
A number of conspirators had gor.o
there and arranged to blow up the em
peror's train, but the police authorities
learned of tho plot and tho would-be dy
namiters fled. The Imperial train did
not proceed until an engine had been
sent over the line to test the safety ot
the tracks. The plotters were not cap
Law Establishing It Held as
Columbus, O., Dec. 3 Tho Judgment
of the Cuyahoga County Circuit court
in tho case of tho city of Cleveland vs.
the Clement Brothers' Construction Co.
was nlllrmed by tho Supremo court
The enso will bo reported. Tho Court
holds tho eight-hour work day law un
constitutional. (
Son Francisco, Dee. 3. -Senator Mor.
gan wires Dr. Yolsard hero for infor
mation concerning climatic conditions
at Panama, the data to bo used In tho
Isthmian Canal discussion beforo Con
giess. Morgan favors tho Nicaragua!)
route. Yolsard has Just returned from
Panama and reports thousands dying
of disease and starvation.
feed's Condition Improved,
Washington, Dec. 3. Tho condition
of Former Speaker Thomas B. Reed,
who was stricken with acute gastritis
Inst night, is reported by his physician,
Dr. F. A. Gardner, to ho Improved this
morning. Ho passed a falily comfort
able night.
Another Aged Couple.
Chardon, O., Dec. 3 Mr. nnd Mrs. S.
II. Sawyer will celebrate their ridth
annlvorsnry of their ninrrlago at their
homo In Chardon tomorrow, with a
quiet family gathering. Mr. and Mrs.
nro each 82 years of ago and wero mar
ried In Aurora, Fortago county, Dec.
3, 181(1. Both enjoy good health, Thoy
havo lived In Chnidon nearly 10 years.
Ex-Lord Mayor Dead.
London, Dec. 3. Sir Frank Green,
Lord Mayor of London, during tho year
ltKK, died suddenly hero today.
Report on Omni
bus Bill,
And an Easier Plan
Oklahoma and Indian Territory
For One State.
Washington, Dee. 3. At a full meet
ing this morning of the Senate commit
tee on territories, It was agreed to re
port adversely on the Omnibus State
hood bill which Included Oklahoma, Ar
izona and Now Mexico and to report In
stead a bill providing for the admission
to statehood of Oklahoma and Indian
Terrltroy ns one state.
There nu to be certain restrictions to
caro for the Interests of Indians and
a declaration ngnlnst polygamy.
If tho report of tho committco Is
adopted as promptly as It was decided
upon the long light anticipated will
have been brushed nsldo with scarcely
a ripple.
Board of Honor Settles Schley
Wilson Affair.
Savannah, Ga., Dee. 3. The threat
ened duel between F. C. Wilson and
John Sullivan Schley, a cousin of near
Admlrnl Schley, will not take place. Tho
board of honor found that tho conduct
In which Mr. Schley and others took
part In the lobby of the Charleston ho
tel was uudlgullled and that Dr. Wil
son had a right to so characterize It.
It decided that Mr. Schley's reply did
not Justify Dr. Wilson In slapping
Mr. Schley's face and that In so doing
Dr. Wilson was In the wrong.
The conclusions of the board were
that Mr. Schley should withdraw his
chnllenge, and that Dr. Wilson should
then apologize for the blow ho had
struck. These conclusions nnd. direc
tions were accepted by the principals.
St. Iuls, Mo., Dec. 3. Tho photo
graph concession nt. the world's fair.
has been awarded lo John 1', Hymen &
Co., of Chicago, of which tlrin Con
gressman Iirliuer Is a member. Tho
concession Is worth S'J.'O.OOO.
George W. Itlstlnc, n well known rail
road man, has Iwen appointed general
tialllc manager for the world's fair and
will have charge of all transportation
and railroad matters coming within tho
province of the transportation commit
tee. y
Another chauco for local amateur
actors Is at hand. They jiro all In
vited to put on specialties at the Co
lonial Friday night, and a pri.o of 5
Is offered for the bent perforaanco.
It will bo decided by a commlttcs
selected from the audience.
Released on Bail.
New York, Dec. 3. Wm.H. McNutt,
who had been under arrest for several
days, charged with -swindling a Chica
go man In a mine deal, was released ou
ff,00 ball this morning. The bond
was furnished by Miss GusMc McKee,
the former wife of Lieutenant Mnrtln,
of the V. S. army and known to the
police as tho "pool room queen."
Canadian Packers Horrified.
Toronto Ont., Dec. 3. The report
from South Africa that Canadian
canned goods are very Inferior to the
American has caused consternation
nmong government olllclnls and thu
Canadian packers.
To Rank Next to Steel Trust.
Glasgow. Dec. 3. It wns announced
this morning that the leading Scotch
niidEngllsh tube makers havo formed a
combine. The new corporation will pro-
duco TpO per cent., of the' British output
and will rank next to tho United
Slntes Steel trust In capitalization.
Hotel Destroyed.
Fomoroy, O., Dee. 3. At 3 o'clock
this morning: fire started In tho kitchen
of tlie now Itemlngtou hotel and de
stroyed all but the first story, which
was occupied by business bouses. Tho
loss Is estimated at $30,000.
Lying In State. t
Lo-idon, Dee. 3. Tho body of tho late
Dr. Joseph Parker, pastor of tho City
Temple, Is now lying in state In th
temple. Hundreds of people aro today
viewing tho body. .
ER. " " " "
The Only Matter Yet To Be
Washington, Dec. 3. Dr. Herrnn,
acting minister from, Colombia, called
upon Secretary Hay iff tin- Stato de
partment nt the extremely early hour
of 0 o'clock this morning and was In
conference with him for about half
an liottr. It Is generally understood
hero now that all controversy Is at
an end regarding rnlted States control
of right of way on the Mliinus and
that only tho lirlee to be paid Colom
bia remains for decision.
Rubber Plant Ad
dition. Firestone Company Pre
paring For It.
Many Additions Being Built and
Tho Firestone Tire & Rubber Co.,
has also taken steps toward building
an addition to its plant In South Ak
ron. It has purchased of the Second
National bank six lots In the Swoltzer
& Stelner allotment, In the Immediate
neighborhood of Its present plant,
and It is said an addition will be built
next year.
There has boen considerable activity
among the local rubber Industries late
ly in building additions. It was an
nounced Tuesday that the Faultless
Itubber Co. bad completed plans for
a largo addition, and the It. F. Good
rich Co. Is now putting the finish
ing touches on Its big addition, and has
tho slto purchased fornn experimental
plant. The Goodyear Tire & Itubber
Co. nlso hlis a large adldtion1 under
way ,nnd nearly nil the other plants
nro Increasing their capacity.
Fly Wheel Burst.
Fast Liverpool, Dee. 3. A fly wheel
In the United Power '.Co.'s ' plant
burst- to'day nnd wrecked tho power
house. A piece weighing over a ton
crashed through the walls mil was
hurled a block further nnd struck the
pottery, of Burgess & Co., nnd strik
ing John Mlllor, a enrpenter working
there, killed him instantly. Another
piece went through tho wnlls of the
Lisbon st. school. No one was Injured
Carnegie En Voyage.
London. Dec. 3. Andrew Carnegie
hns recou'i'rd from his Illness sulll
eientlv in sttiml an ocean vnvmrn mill
accordingly left Fusion this morning for
Liverpool where lie will beard tlio
White Star liner Oceanic for New York
this afternoon. lie was accompanied
by Mrs. and Miss Carnegie. The mil
lionaire sllll bears distinct traces of his
ll'ness. Ills physician will nccouipanj
him to New York.
Ir. and Mrs. Thomas Phillips Decide
For Third Time to Live as One.
"Aro you acquainted with tho de
fendant?" was asked ot Mrs. Julln I
riillllps. In Police court Wednesday
morning, when sho took the stand to
testify In the case of Thomas Phillips,
whom sho had had arrested ouachargo
of non-support.
"I ought to bo acquainted with him,"
wns tho reply. "He Is my husband,
nnd he was married to mo twice. Tho
first time it was under a fnhe name.
Then, later he said he would go era ay
if I didn't marry him again under his
right name, and I didn't wnnt the man
to go crazy, so I married hltn again."
The lli'f.l marriage was performed
in this city, whon Phillips was known
ns Wnltor Shatter. The second mar
riage took place at New Castle, Pa.
Phillips admitted that ho had not
furnished anything for the support of
his wlfo lmtween last Now Year's and
Thanksgiving. Ho "took his clothes"
and departed from tho city and his
First Re-Survey of
"Middlebury" Since 1865
For the first tlmo slnco 1805, n re
survey of original East Akron, or Mid
dlebury, ns It was then known, Is
now being made. County Surveyor J.
A. Gehres began tho survey somo tlmo
ago, and tho corners, etc., will bo
marked with fresh monuments, nnl
nil -the old lines will bo made clear
for posslblo future litigants who may
Solon Is Between
Two Fires,
But Lacks Courage to
Approach Either.
Tale of a "Busted" Reform
Movement at Barberton.
(Special Correspondence.
Barberton, O., Dec. 3-It has Just
come to light that about three weeks
ago scleral of the Councllmcu Income
poises-Red of a spirit of reform. So
powerful did the spirit become In them
that a sweeping temperance resolution
was drawn up.
The irsolution stated that tho screens
In the labous must be removed, and
that tho saloon should consist of
only one room and with but one en
trance to that room.
To pass this resolution it was neces
sary to havo Ave votes. It is said that
the backers of the resolution hustled
around and secured the necessary
votes, but that on tho appointed night,
when the resolution was to have been
Introduced, one of the "Ave" got "cold
feet." It has boon noted nnd comment
ed upon that one Councilman Is con
spicuous by his absence from the
Council meetings, It Is said that this
Councilman is pledged for the resolu
tion, but that ho thinks It wrong now.
Meanwhile tho resolution Is still with
the ordinance committee.
Deal For Cascade Mill
Possession of Properly To Be
Given by January I.
The option taken by the Cleveland,
Akron & Southern Fast Line Hallway
Co. on the Cascade mill property
has been closed,' aud.possesslon of tho
property will be given to the rail
way company by Jan. 1.
The railway company believes It has
secured a good bargain, hecnuse there
Is In the hullllng a 37-foot overshot
water wheel, which will add largely
to tho supply of the company's motor
fiower. This property Is to be used
nlso as a sort, of terminal station, al
though arrangements will be made
w hereby tho cars of the company
will bo run Into the center of the city.
Storm in Nebraska.
Lincoln. Neb., Dec. 3. A warm rain
last night turned into snow nnd nil over
Nebraska today r winter storm Is rag.
Ins. Along the Hues of the Burlington
end Nortl'n extern roads telegraphic
communication is continually luokcn
and If .the blizzard continues train ser
vice will be stopped.
wife nt numerous Intervals, after fam
ily quarrels. "1 wns ordered out by
her though," said Phillip. In explana
tion. "I noi'or went except when sho
ordered me a way and tuld mo that it
was no uso for us to try to live to
gether. I am willing to do what's
right by her oven now, but she won't
let mo."
After court was over Mr. and Mrs.
Phillips went Into the Prosecutor's
otlice, nnd nftPr a little work on tho
part of Prosecutor Wells, who acted
as nn arbitrator, they shook hands,
kissed and made up nnd resolved to
try It all over again. "This Is tho
third ttuie we've bpen married," snld
Phillips, as they left the court arm In
Tho Mayor's pnit In the third cere
mouy was to Impose a sentence of
$i'fl nnd costs and 30 days In tho work
house for non-support, and then sus
pend It nil during good behavior, ns a
sort of wedding present.
come into court with boundary dis
putes and other land troubles.
Old MIddleburg wns made up of
82." acres, taken from Sprlugfleld,
Tnllmndge, Portngo and Coventry
townships. Three of the townships
touched nt the corner of Arlington and
Johnston sts.. and the fourth, Coventry,
touched Johnston st. a little- further
west than the Arlington Intersection.
There Are Who Would -Sell Horses
to the City.
Slnco It has become known that ten
new horses are wanted for Fire Depart
ments 3 and 7. many horsemen have
visited the City Commissioner. Wed
nesday afternoon a farmer, living
southeast of the city, exhibited a pair
of black steeds on Broadway before
Commissioners Wildes and Seybold.
No purchase was made.
Will Share In That $24,000 With
Cincinnati. Der. 3. Sylvan Keller, a
15-year-old errand boy of Akron, and
10 others guessed the exact vote polled
for Secretary of State. Twenty-four
thousand dollars will be divided among
Obtainable About Mrs.
. Hunter's Death.
Mrs. Nelson Still Unable to Re
member Anything.
Mrs. Margaret Nelson, for whose
recover' from unconsciousness tbe po
lice and the Coroner are waiting In or
der to discover the circumstances stir
rounding the death of Mrs. Jeannettc
Hunter, and the finding of Mrs. Nelson,
almost dead at the Hunter residence on
Fuller st., last Saturday morning, ts
still unable to talk.
Her husband, John Nelson, has ad
mitted that he was with the women nt
the nunter bouse, but be declare that
be left thero Friday morning. This ex
plains tbe presence of tbe "mysterious
man." claimed by neighbors to have
been seen about the houso on the day
preceding the tludlng of Mrs. Hunter,
Ills presence was nt first supposed by
neighbors to be ground for suspicion
that the women met with foul play.
Wanted at Halo Cross
ing. Citizens living In thp vicinity of Halo
arc very much In earned In their
crusade to obtain n watchman At the
railroad crossing nt Halo. They are
also holding to the belief that the
Bi.ard of County Commissioner:
should make some arrangements for
Joining with the city In extending
tho Kenmore boulevard through to
South Akron, thereby giving tho peo
ple a much better wngin road, nnd
relieving many of them of tbeiieeeslty
to cross the railroad tracks at Halo.
Some time ago the three railroad
companies tho C. A. & C, Erie nnd
B. tc, O. whose trachs the people aru
obliged to cross at this point, wero
asked to provide a watchman at the
Halo crossing, and to show further
the necessity for such precaution an
investigation wns made last week to
find out how many people and vehicles
cross the tracks at Halo dally. A man
was kept nt the crossing all last week.
Despite the fact that the we.tther was
such as reduced the amount of travel,
the fcllowlng figures will how thnt
the claim of the citizens that a watch
man should be prcldod for the cross
ing Is worthy or careful consideration
by the companies. During the week
8,000 foot passengers crowed tho
tracks, and the number of vehicles
was OOG.
A Show by and For Akron
The first rehearsal for the musical
extravaganza to lie pjtit on nt the Colon
ial theatre Dec. 30 and 31, under the
auspices of the Ladles' Auxiliary to the
Hospital Board, was held at the Walsh
block Tuesday evening, under the di
rection of Mr. C. M. Bice, of the Davis
Musical Extravaganzas organization.
The rehearsal wns attended by .W)
people, it Is expected that 100 people
will take part In the regular perform
ance. All the songs and every feature
connected with the show will relate In
somo way to the people and affairs of
Akron. The performers will be known
as "Tho Akronlnns."
Of C, A. & C. Properly Aade
Tuesday by Insurance Co.
Tho annual Inspection party of tho
insurauco department of tho Pennsyl
vania Co. passed through Akron Tues
day, Inspecting tho C, A. & O. Tho
Pennsylvania company has its own In-sti-nnco
for Its property. In the party
besides the Inspectors wero Supt. II.
W. Thornton, S. M. But-soll, and J..V.
Murpliey, all of this city. ,
In Prison Without
Medical Aid.
Serious Blunder Mack
by Police.
Believed Moraland Was
Instead, He Was Rendered Insen
sible by an Accident.
John L. Moraland. aged 30. of 210
Hokup ave., was n victim of a mistake
on the part of tho Police, Monday
night and Tuesdaj. which may epst
hltn his life, and the story sin round
ing the misfortune sud thu circum
stances of his discovery nre very Inter
esting. Monday nlirht. about 10 o'clock, a
telephone message tamo to Police bend.
quarters saying that a drunken man
was lying on the sldewnlk on North
Hill, ot the corner of Glenwond ave.
A little later another message stated
that a man wns lying, covered with
mud nnd unable to take care of him
self, at the corner of York nnd North
Howard. Officer Bnlelgh was sent out.
and he found a man lying on the street
as dexcrltxd. He wum uiionsclous and,
the ofHoer. thinning he was hopeless
ly intoxicated, brought him down the
lilll on a passing car. nnd then had
him looked up.
The prisoner did not recover con
sciousness, and slmpiy lay where ho
wos placed all night. In the morn
ing the Prlsonkecper thought he vru
simply more deeply intoxicated than
the ordinary prisoner, nurt did not at
tempt to bring him Into court Tho
prisoner lay there through the hours
of the night and the hours of the next
day, with no change, until he was
Identified Tuesday afternoon, after 2
An Monlay night Mrs. John Moralanl,
210 Hogue ave.. wondered and worried
becnuso her husband did not come
from his work. Mrs. Moralancl knew
that he wns sober und industrious, and
she could not Imagine what had be
fallen him. She telephoned to Dettllng
Brothers' lestnurant. where Moraland;
wns employed, and was told that ho
had left for home at the usual time,
7 p. m. Morning iinne .ind thero was
still no relief for the waiting wife.
Noon came and nothing hud developed
and Mrs. Moraland telephoned to Dett
llng Brothers' place again for informa
tion. Convinced that Moraland must cava
met with foul play, Dettllng Brothers
informed the police of his disappear
mice, and a search was made for him.
Some one said that Moraland was on
the A., B. & C. car which got be
yond control Monday night while go
ing up North Hill, nnd It was also
stated that he had jumped from the
car when It began to run away. Tho
police then behind that Moraland
must haw been injured and that ho
was probably wandering about tho
city somewhere, dazed and unable to
take care of himself.
Even then they didn't connect his
disappearance with the presence of an
unknown and unconscious prisoner
only a few doors from headquarter,
for it wns supposed that the prisoner
was intoxicated, nnd no physician bad
been called.
Officer Goodenlerger wns tent out to
try to locate Moraland, and from tbe
description ho lmd of the man who
had been arrested on the hill the night
beforo he doclded that they were tho
same, and investigation showed that
he wns right.
It was after 2 o'clock Tuesday after
noon when Moraland. still unconscious,
was removed to his home In n buggy.
There physlclons soon discovered that
he was buffering from concussion of
the brain and wns in n very critical
condition. I'ii to Wednesday afternoon,
all efforts to restore hlra to conscious,
ness were futile, nnd the doctors say
he may die nt any minute.
Moraland is n ninn of cood character
ond is said by ills employers to bo of
temperate nnd Industrious habits. Hej
In all probability fell from the car
.Monday night, and received tho blow
on Hie head that made him helpless
at that time.
Have Been Opened by Railway
Tho National Itnllwny Clerks' as
sociation opened Its club rooms In tho
Evorott building Tuesday nv.enlnir with
a card party and smoker. Two neatly
f ,,,,ilalis,.1 ... .i 1....... I. .. . k A
"""""ii juiiuin Hiivi' ui'iMi securco
on tho fifth floor of tho building. Tho
club has a membership of nbout 00
and was organized merely for social
purposes. All tho members of the local
branch of the association ueloh) to the
End of a Stock Broker.
London, Dec. 3. George Watson Ben
nett, a stock broker, committed suicide,
with a revolver at his homo In Rich.
mond, this morning.

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