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And Prospects For
Individual Umpire Is
To Peace Tribunal at
The Hague.
British Newspapers Declare Posi
tion of Allies Is Ridiculous.
Washington, Dec. 18. Should I'resl
dent Castro follow tho inlvlco ot busi.
ncss men nt Caracas nnd yield to force
a suggested lit their address, It ts
li.'olmhle Hint Minister llowen will at
tempt to vecure for lilm soino form nt
ui bit rut Ion.
In such event arbitration would have
to bo agreed upon, nnd Although the
Ilngue trlbuiuil Is In existence, ctodl
tors would probnbly Insist under a plea
of greater linsto on tho selection of
some individual.
Said to Have Received Help
From Allies.
Washington, Dec. 18. It Is reported
that Gen. Mntos, rebel leader, In Ven
ezuela, Is about to start another revolt
against Castro and that the allies aro
furnishing stacks of arms nnd much
niiimunltlou. Such n revolt would re.
duco tho country to u statu of anarchy
nnd add fresh anxiety to Uncle Sam.
Caracas, Dec. 18. King Oscar, of
Sweden, has been mentioned as possi
ble umplro in the Venezuelan disputes.
Minister Uowen will not serve, an the
X'nlted States itself has claims against
Venezuela. "
British Newspapers Comment on
Position of Allies.
London, Dec. 18. The newspapers to.
tiny aro greatly perturbed by the ad
mission by Premier Balfour In the
House of Commons yesterday that war
practically exists between England and
Venezuela. Tho Liverpool Post says.
"If Venezuela can dispense with sup
j lies from abroad the blockade may
go on Indefinitely nnd nnval operation
will bring no payment either for Great
Britain or Germany."
Tho Birmingham Post says: ''The
Condition of Archbishop
jLonriAii. Don 1ft Tim nrtntutAn ep
rocarlous. Recently he bad a sinking spell nnd his physicians fear for tho
i orst.
position of the allied powers is fast
becoming ridiculous. If tho powers
must not tnko territory, hmd troops
nor conduct n peaceful blockade, what
can they do?"
Will Hover Near the Scene o
Washington. Dec. IS. Admiral
Dewey has disponed of his Hoot of
10 ships for the ChrlMnniR hollduys.
Tho strongest contingents of tho fleet,
tho fonr battleships and the gunboat,
Scorpion, will rendezvous ut Trinidad,
within one day's' tall of I.agunyra,
Venezuela. Practically all of tho Heel
will be within two days' sail of the
Venezuelan coast.
Spanish Papers Handle Vene
zuelan Policy Without Gloves.
Madrid, Dec. 18. The local press to
day gives utteranco to most violent
expressions against the American
government for the neutral attitude
which It is maintaining toward oc
currences In Venezuela. A good sain
pio of tliedo editorials Is tho ono
printed In the Important Republican
paper Kl Pals. Tho paper says:
".Tust as the meanness nnd brutality
of England and Germany irritate, so
tho cowardice and duplicity of the
United States nauseate, for tho Amerl
can government puts behind its back
at this Juncture tho Monroe Doctrine,
which was used against Spain because
wo had no warships, cannon or mil
lions of money such as Kngland nnd
Germany command.
But Germany Holds Back From
London, Dec. 18. A cabinet meeting
vfis held this afternoon to discuss thn
enezuelnn situation. our correspond'
ent learns that Important negotiations
aro proceeding between Wnshlngton
and London which may strain the An
Rio-German Joint action In Venezuelan
waters. Germany has given the gov
eminent nt Washington to understand
that she Is unable to submit her claims
tu arbitration. Kngland, on the other
hand, Is willing to arbitrate mutters,
but says she does not like. to dissolve
Prliersblt with Germany, asl was
ngrefd when the Joint action began
laat the two countries would work to
gether till the matter was concluded.
Demands Information on Vcne
zuelan Troubles.
Washington. Pec. 18. The House to
day without debate adopted the Me
Call resolution, calling upon tho Secre
tary ot Stato to furnish the House with
all information In his possession con
corning tho Joint demonstration of
Great Britain and Germany against
Venezuela. '
Very Precarious
lm a lihtolmn Ar nMtWfli.t.n.i i WAMM
Favored by Gen.
Also the General Staff
Officers' Bill.
He Will Visit Mrs. McKinley on
Cincinnati, Dec. 18. MaJ. Gen. II. C.
Corbin, of tho United States army, ac
companied by his wife, arrived In Cin
cinnati last evening. Today ho will
visit hlR aged rather at Blavla, O.,
and Friday will bo spent with Mrs.
McKinley, nt Cnnton. On Saturday
evening, tho General will attend tho
Chamber of Commerce hamiuot at
Cle eland.
Gon. Coibln today defended the gen
eral staff otllcers' bill and said that Its
passage will remove friction In the
United States Amy. He also favors ttie
Of Freight Cars Con
Especially Heavy Demand by
Local Shippers.
The winter bcason, when freight
shipments nre lighter than In the fall
or spring1, has fairly set In und yet
no relief Is In sight from the freight
car famine. Local freight agents find
a gleam of hope In tho fine weather
that prevailed Thursday, and say that
If It continues the hiipply may be In
creased by the movement of loaded
cars being hastened.
The demand for cars on the part ot
shippers In Akron, Barberton, Wads-
worth nnd nearby towns seems to bo
as great or greater than ever Ono firm
located on tho Krle road has made n
requisition for over 1(H) ears for Ira
medlato shipment, and the railroads
had none to supply them When the
request was made Thursday nnd made
their best endeavors to scovo up a few
.Many omer nrms are asking lor cars
as well. A local freight agent stnted
Tlmrsdaj forenoon that 100 empty
cars wouldn't supply the demand here
over nn hour.
Many of tho large factories hero are
laying off some of their help until
after the holidays, and this may have
tho effect of lessening the shipments
Of Hayli by Proclamation
the Army.
Port Au Prince, Hayti, Dee. 18.
General Nnrd took possession of tho na
tional palace today and assumed the
presidency ot the republic. Nord was
proclaimed president by tho array.
Washington, Dec. 18. Up to 1 o'clock
tills afternoon the State department
had not received any information from
Minister Boweu li the effect that ho
had been given authority by President
C'fl.stro to effect n settlement of the
duputo between Venezuela and Groat
Britain and Germany. Oftlclals of tho
department are Inclined to believe that
If Castro had given the Ajnerlcan min
ister such authority they would have
received olliclal word of It by this tlnio.
No answer has yet been received from
British or German otllcers to the arbi
tration proposition forwarded tills
morning by the Slate department.
The South Main street extension of
the Northern Ohio Traction Company's
lino from the car barns to tho plant
of the Webster. Camp & Lane
Machine Co., Is now In operation nnd
regular cars are running in tho morn
ing from (1 o'clock to 7:15 and In the
evening from -1:30 to tl o'clock to ac
comodate the worklnp men, They con
nect with overy Main st. car so that
there aro no delays. Tho proposed
loop Hue which Is to connect the Main
st. lino with tho Barberton lino near
nnlo will be In operation sometime
early next summer. Construction of
n bridge across the canal has already
been commenced.
To Abandon Branch Office.
Tho local branch office of Otis &
Hough, Cleveland brokcrs.will bo aban
doned this week. It has beeu man
aged by Mr. M. 0. nnrvey.
Against Conditions Allowing
Coal Famine to Exist.
Detroit, Mich., Dec. 18.-Mnyor May
bury has written Senator Mason, of
IllluoK asking him to call a meeting
of the executive committee of the re
cent "Get Coal" confercnie held here
to meet In Washington Immediately
after tho holidays to protest to Con
gress agalnt conditions which still
permit a coal famine, despite tho set
tlement of tho strike.
New Houses In Summit
Observation of Rural Delivery
Mr. A. F. Goerge, Un government
agent who has been traveling over
Summit county much of the time since
October planning n complete system or
rurnl mall service, wa-i especially
situck with tho large number of new
homes recently erected. lie found this
spirit of Improvement rife In all parts
of the county, but he noticed more
new residences In tho country south ot
Akron than anywhere else. Ho was Ini
ptessed with tho evidences of prosper
ity nmong the farmers In their plain de
sire to have attractive and modem
homcs.all Indicating to Mr George that
tho formers In these days nre hound to
linvo their share ot tho conveniences of
this progressive ago.
Procured by Seventeen
Akron's Police.
Seventeen members of the Police got
now caps Thursday morning and now
tho finest look finer. There is nothing
small about a policeman's head, nnd yet
If would be sacrilegious to say a mum
her ot tho force has the big bead. Ot
tho IV who got new hendwear, Cronan
has the smallest. No. 7. and Kemple
has .the largest, 7. Speaking about
big heads, habitues of the police head
'quarters almost any nun nine can hear
considerable Joking about big feet.
School Board by Special
Will Pay Saturday.
The teachers of the Akron public
schools will be allowed to draw then
pay early, so that those who live out
of town (sin leave for their homes Sat
urday, and all can have their money to
buy Christmas gifts without waiting
until next Wednesday.
By special act of the School Board
the teachers will be nblo to get their
pay Saturday, Dec. 20, at tho ollice of
the clerk ot tlie school board. Ordlu
nrlly the pay would not bo duo until
Wodne&day, Dec 20.
Not Difficult to Dispose of a
$3,500,000 Estate.
' New York, Dec. 18. Tho will of lie
nor Reginald Bishop, who died on Dec.
10, nt bis resldeuce, 881 Fifth ave.,
was filed yestnday, In the surrogate's
oilleo. It disposes of $3,000,0K) In per
gonal and half a million more in leal
estate. Tho will was executed in
April,, 180f). but four codicils wero ad
ded, throe of them In November, last.
The will leae-, almost everything In
trust for the widow and children, with
a small fortuuo set aside for tho pres
ervation of Mr Bishop's collection of
Jades and other art curios.
A fund of S22..iin Is set apart to pro
vide an Income for Miss .Mary It. Bish
op, of Boston, a mater. Seven hun
dredths of tho entire estato Is to bo
hold in trust end the Income from
throo hundredths Is to go to another
sister, Mrs. I.uther H. Arnold, of St.
Bald, Minn. Mrs W. n. Emery, of
Newton, Mass.. another sister, and
Nathaniel II. Bishop, a brother, aro
to dlvldo the Income from the other
four hundredths
Under Very Extraordinary Cir
cumstances. Now York, Dee. 18.-Villlam Smith,
of jfo. -ill West Fiftieth st., an engin
eer In n restaurant, at No. 33 Columbus
ave., was adjusting an electric venti
lator screw In tho restaurant last night
whon tho wheel started forward and
ripped off the thumb and mlddlo linger
of Ills left hand. lie held up the
hand to tho other employes, saving:
"Two from II vo leaves three."
He Was Assaulted
by Strikers.
Non-Union Miner on
the Stand Today.
Had to Work to Support His
Scranton, Dec. 18 Before the Strlko
Commission this morning Frederick
Reynolds, a llrcmau with the Dela
ware, l.ackuwanna & Weil?ru Co.,
was tho llrst witness called by attor
neys for the non-union men, today.
He said ho had n family of seven to
suport and had worked during tne
strike. Reynolds said while returning
from work ono morning he met Joan
Francis, a striker who with a num
ber of others, bold him up.
The witness said that Brands said
to him, "Reynolds, If you don't quit
work we will kill you."
Reynolds answered that ho would
appeal to lnw and Francis replied to
him: "To b- with tho law. When I
return to work I'll kill jou royelf."
Tli" witness tald that later Francis
and the crowd hit hlni while he was
working In his garden and Francis
tired four shots at him.
Between Troops and
Two Hundred Killed and 1,000
Vienna, Dee. 18. Arbeiter Zeltung
today, describes a pitched battle be
tween strikers and troops at Rostoff,
Russlu. Tho director of tlie works there
recently declarod that he would drive
the strikers buck vt Ith knouts, and this
stirred up the population nnd .'10,000
people collected for a demonstration.
Coosaeks attacked the demonstrators,
killing nnd w, ouiullng recklessly. After
the first surprise, the strikers rallied
nnd attacked the Co-sacks. Soldiers
were dragged from their horse, kicked
and stoned and beaten to death. Re
inforcements were summoned. Finally
the mob was quelled with 200 killed
nnd i.ikh) wounded. Among tliem were
n.nny women who fiitght desperately.
Prominent Akron Couple Wedded
Wednesday Evening.
Mr. Milton V. Snilih, foreman of
elovntors of the American Cereal Co..
and Miss Hester O. Murdoek wero
mnrrlcd Wednesday evening at the
homo of the brldo's parents, Mr. nnd
Mrs. O. M. Murdoek, at 107 Berg st.
Tho ceremony was performed by Rev.
T. I). Monroe, former pastor of the
First Congregation::! church. About 15
guests were present to enjoy the
nuptial event Mr. and Mrs. Smith
wero tho recipient of many very use
ful and handsome gifts. Thoy left
on the 8:45 o'clock train Wednesday
night for a week's visit In New York
Under It Mike Hayes Escaped
Conv.clion For Murder.
Louisville. Ky., Dec. lS.-Unwiitten
law was upheld in the City Court this
morning when Policemen Mike Hayes
was dismissed on his examining trial
for the murder of Policeman John
Doyle, whom he accused of destroying
his home. Self-defense, however, was
tho direct ground given by Judge Me
dium nayes claims that Doyle drew
his plbtol first. There wero no wit
nesses. The Boa id of Safety ordered
Hayes to resume his duties as police
man at once. The killing occurred
uuiy Monday morning.
Uniil Sheriff-Elect Jared Barker
Takes Charge.
Two more weeks of service for tho
present Incumbents of the Sheriff's
office, and then Sheriff Barker will take,
charge. j
It Is not regarded as probablo that
the new Sheriff will occupy the living
quarters in tho new Jail until It has
been completed throughout and tho
prisoners trunsferod there. An estab
lishment win have to bo maintained
at tho old Jail anyway. In order to
tako care of prisoners whllo they nro
there. Tho new Jail will not bo ready
for occupancy by prisoners for n long1
time, though tho living quarters can
bo prepared shortly after the beginning
of the New Year.
For Damages Allowed George!
At the session of the City Commis
sioners Thursday morning the Claims
roinmlltco reeonimendfd that George
I.Imrlc be allowed ?2."i0 for damages
sustained to his property at 8t. Clair
st. He was not notified of tho im
provement made thirp. and therefore
filed no claim for damages unUI now.
The report was adopted by a unnul
ma us vote of the Board,
Gained by Otto Schroll,
of Barberton.
A Number of "Pennsy" Ap
pointments Announced.
A number of charges In the Pennsyl
vania railroad management were an
nounced Thursday, and they carry
with them the promotion of Mr. Otto
Schroll, of Barberton. a capable rail
road man. The new appointments are
ns follows: Mr. U-wls Ohliger, who
hgs been superintendent of the Rich
mond division, will succeed Mr. W. C.
Loiee as superintendent of the Indian
apolis division. Mr. Lores goes to
Chicago as superintendent of the Chi
cago division of the Baltimore tc Ohio
railroad. He Is a brother of the presi
dent of the Baltimore fc Ohio, and in
a sense goe to his own.
Mr. Ohliger will be succeeded by
Mr. Schroll, who was the Barberton
agent of the Akron & Barberton Belt
Line, and superintendent of the Wheel
ing terminals. Mr. A. L. Morgan,
heretofore engineer of maintenance
ami way on tho Pittsburg division ot
tho P.. C. C. & St. L. at Pittsburg,
will go to Wheeling as superintendent
of terminals. Mr. J. V. Geer, engineer
of maintenance and way of the E. & A.
division of the Pennsylvania lines west
of Pittsburg, suceeds Mr. Morgan, and
Mr. H. E. Culbertson. assistant engi
neer of tho Pittsburg division of tn
Pennsylvania, succeeds .Mr. Geer.
New York. Dec. IP. "General Tea
nuts," for several years, onojof the best
known mldgets,who has been connected
with Rarnum's and Forepaugh & Scll'n
ilrcuses. was found dead in bed In his
room, at No. 207 Kasi 1-ttb St.. yester.
(lav afternoon. He was a Jap-mcse
mid his correct name ! not known. He
was .'IS jeais old. llcarc disease
nused his death. Ho was two feet one
lin h in height, and one of the smallest
men In the world.
Owing to tho usual ruMi of business
during the holidays the stores will be
open until H:.'10 o'clock every evening up
to Christmas eve.
Injured While Assisting
Sn Cable-Laying Ceremonies
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wrs MmmmMmmmk . I
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Iffilt J iiiftrnwl S55 " ' """ f VwB
San Francisco, Dee. 18. WJiJle the
shore was in progress on December 12,
renilted to Mr Clarence Mackay, who i
and was present at tho ceremonies of
Man Who Headed
Off MacVeagh.
Mitchell Treated to Sur
prise In Buffalo
And Congratulated by a
Buffalo, N. Y, Dec. IS.-John Mitch
ell, tiresident of tho t'nlted Mine Work
ers, stopped off In Buffalo last night for
on hour on bis way to Scranton, Ph.
Mr. Mitchell arrived In Buffalo last
night about 7:30, and left shortly after
He walked Into McLeod's hotel with
out attracting the least attention. After
partaking or a light lunch he arose
nnd prepared to leave as quietly' as
he had entered. He was recognized,
however, by T. P. Kelley. a well-known
steel magnnic of New York city and
saluted with: "My congratulations. Mr.
.Mitchell. You are the only man who
ever got the better of Wayne Mac
Veagli." Mr. Mitchell was surprised that ho
had been recognized, and appeared
embarrassed at the lxld open saluta
tion. The hundred odd guests, who
were in the dining room nt tho time,
looked up and all seemed to recog
nize the little man in black at the
aine moment.
Oh. no, no; you overrate the cir
cumstance. I had very little to do
with the cntiro affair at New York
city, save watch the proceedings,"
"Begging your pardon," Insisted Mr.
Kelley, "you ore the only man who
ever accomplished the feat, and de
serve credit for It. That you and yoa
alone, got the letter of the great
lawyer, was told me by one of tho
greatest lawyers In the country, and
a man whose opinion Is authoritative
on such subjects."
Likely To Be Advanced This
It will be an Important Item to the
many manufacturers of Akron to learn
that the Central Freight association,
which has been In session at Chicago,
may still further mcrease the freight
rates. An increase of 10 per cent was
made two weeks ago, and now officials
of several lines say tho advance
should have been greater, although tho
representatives of eastern roads say,
that tho new rates aro high enough.
Tashkent. Asiatic Russia. Dec. 18.
Tlir earthquake which yesterday prac
tically destroyed the town of Andidjan,
Central Asia, did heavy damage
throughout that whole section. At
Andldlnn, 170 persons were killed or
fastening of tho Pacific cable 'to tbfl
there was a slip and a sllrhf;acclflont
s at thp head of the Postal Company,
tho laying of tho first raciflo cable. , -
C lL
enger Was In
ly Wrecked by an
:rie Freight
Had Broken In Two
ork, Dee. 20. Every pasnen
no 30 men and women on a
I trolley ot tho North Hud
cad in Wcehawken vros in-
en the car was run down and
by an Erie freight train at
ock last night at the Eoveu-
. crossing on Willow avo.
)lley was athwart tho rail-
cks when a second section
!lght train which had broken
known to tho trainmen.
Into the car with its load of
, hurled It clear of tho tract
It shattered and overturned
Icrrltlcd passengers strugglina
Among the
Stofish To Be Kural
.WaiL Carriers.
1100 Examined at Court
' House Saturday.
100 men gathered from all
Summit county; Tiavo been
flly engaged at the Court
3 day Saturday, taking cxamt
fa applicants for positions aa
vU carriers.
1 them ar young menj but
'lem wero moro than 35 years
;' they fairly filled both tha
.;,ms, where tha examinations
ll nnder tho direction of A.
a the Governmnt agent, who
' . establishing tho rural sec
h county.
ot the candidates are man
3 been teaching country
of them nro apparently ot
er of intelligence and energy.
s orno of the routes thera arci
" as four or five applicants.
mbcr of routes established
4 1 county and tho number of
lippolntments to be mada ttt
aere passing of the exarnlxuv.
2: all that is required, for thq
i must all bid for tho irorJt,'
let by contract.
and wagon will bo required
nnd tho carrier will b a
jfcellng postofflce, with powea
loney oraers aiong tno route,
I to other details ot postofflco
p completion of tho cxamina
bial Agent George will havo
Is work in Summit county,
utllned tho routes, and hi9
been forwarded to Wash
he location nnd other do.
not be announced until hlg
been approved at Washing
Feb. 1.
examinations at tho Court
uoorgo nas boen assisted
Examiner Kennedy, who
Washington Fridnv. n,i
bnts Kepler and Blackman,
O UIV1810U.
friday to Resume Work
January 5.
lie schools dosed Frlduy
or a vacation of two wees,
fesume on Jan. 5.
,'Ing of the schools Friday
ded tn- . ... .
i;y- j vuHauga in ever
.ding and in r, n m
kchool bulldiag. Thy w
hinging and sneaUM, i
j&t subject being Cirisfpa
R'S.Bn.wxTn su on
ilftifejfflllll, 'ilJfi-ji''itAAx't
r ,..i..-w...j'jmi
jUAd ... .
..& .'f...AJd

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