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iiimTiUi iiwiiTiTiiiiii'iiyiMfiiMwJ'
-tiyisffrviiiirp'ii iiwUyjBii
TUESDAY, DEO. 23, 1002.
324 East Mill street, Akron O.
The Akron Democrat Co.
Entered at tho postofllce at Akron, O.,
as second-class matter.
Chs Dally Democrat will be delivered
every evening by carrier fox
By mall $3.00 $1 50 for six monthi.
. . . Doth Phones . .
Business ofllco 180
JMItorlal and News Itoora 873
160 Nassau street, New York City,
H. J. SHANNON. Manager.
TOBBDAY, DEO. 23, 1002.
Ab tha tangled skein of European
craft In regard to tho Venezuelan dif
ficulty unravels, tho real aim nnd pur
pose of the powors In their onslaught
on the littlo Hepubllc seems to bo rc
voallng itsolf.
Somo weeks beforo tho sltuntlon ap
proached tho verge of war, Mr. Isaac
Sellgman of Now York visited Wash
ington, called at the Wlilto Uouso and
had an Interview with Secretary liny.
He camo thero as the representative of
n bankers' syndicnto which proposed
to undonvrlte the bonds necessary to
enable Vonezucla to pny her European
creditors, provided satisfactory security
for tbeso obligations could bo had.
Mr. Hcllgmnu's mission got no further
than tho tentative stage, but tho real
j'urpoie of It was to Induce our govern
ment to endorao the projected bonds,
or at least give somo nssuranoo of their
ultimate redemption that would make
them murkctnblu. This rather cheeky
proposition was based-so tho argu-
ent ran upon the consideration that
if tho UnltPd States must Insist on tho
guardianship of tho South American
Itcpubllcs. wo ought out of sheer de
cenev also to pay tho debt of our
dusky wards.
This apparently total misconception
nnd perversion of the scope of the Mon
roo Doclrlno was perhaps not as gross
ns It looks Thoso who put It forward
bnvo found your Uncle Bomuel so easy
hitherto, when they havn hnd any
bonds to corner, or other privileges to
ak for, that thoy thought, no doubt,
that tho required slgnoturo would bo
Of the particular of tho Washington
visit nothing was made known at tho
tltno, but It wns understood that tho
benevolent offer wns declined. Hut
when an underwriting syndicnto onco
gets n whiff of bonds, which nrn to cost
little nnd pay much. It Is not easily
driven away from the carcass
Bo tho next wheel In tho contrivance
was slipped in pear: nnd It took tho
form nt first of a "peaceful blockade, '
which was begun by tho very unpeaco
ful net of sinking the Venezuelan ship
ping In tho harbor of LaOuayrn. Tho
short shrift given to tho crows of these
ships Is found tn tho language of ono
of tho attacking admirals. "I request
you to lowor your ship's ling Immc
dlately and leave your ship with your
crow within ten minutes. TIiIb In not a
measuro of war. " In case you
disobey and wish to defend your ship. 1
shall be obliged to pi event jnu from
doing o by tho discharge of nnns"
An armed force was also landed on
Yonesuelun ground, and yot the exist
oneo of war wus disclaimed.
At this point tho smaller European
powers, as tho next step In the pro
gramme began to clamor for their pay
iiIbo. (Ireat Ilrltaln leceded from her
position of a "peaceful" blocUndnr, and
an actual hlnckndo wan announced, ami
slnco then has been proclaimed.
By this time the anxiety of tho Amer
ican government, which so fnr as Is
known hnd not Intimated any dlspleas
iiio at these, warlike "pacific" mensuro,
bad been suttlclcntly wrought up, and
tho apparently expected nnd waltod
for suggestion of arbitration was on
The details of the correspondence are
Of course not mitdo public hut It soems
thnt when our good olllecs were pto
posed, tho reference of tho matter to
tho nrbllinniiint of tho Hague Commis
sion vwis asked. This offer mis de
cllned by I ho powers,- why It Is hard lo
Ben from the outside, slnco the iiiaehln
rry provided by tho Hague treaty is
adapted to Just such a contingency, and
lias been ovtraviigantlv praised bj
thoso who now aro rojoctlng It.
The counter-proposition Is raid to ho
that President itoosovelt himself shall
bo the arbitrator, hut coupled with
certnlu conditions, over which tho pow
ers seem disposed to hnggle Tho Pres
ident is understood to entertain the
project, although not yet fully commit
ted to it; and the conditions annexed to
the submission are not fully revealed.
Tho proposition, however, of leavlug
tho qlalms of European monarchies to
tho award of tho President of a ro
public Is of Itself so extraordinary
that We must suppose some ulterior
purpos to lurk below tho aurfaco of it.
Menntlmo tho powers aro forcing the
Issuo by notifying a blockade, which
must bo disastrous to neutral trade, in
cluding thnt of our own country.
Tho probable plan on foot from the
beginning has been, nud still is, to
induce our government to shoulder
somo sort of responsibility for the debt
of Venezuela to tho European porters.
The acceptance by tho President of tho
otllco of arbitrator will be a long Mep
In that direction. If a speclllc assump
tion of tho obligation is not forthcom
ing, still It will bo claimed that by un
dertaking tho mediation wo hao tok
en upon us tho moral liability of se
curing payment. That hostilities arc
being pressed In Venezuela, with this
end distinctly in view is probnble, and
tho Inference Is warranted by the dis
patcher, which yesterday wcro made to
soy: "With President Itoosovelt nctlng
ns arbitrator, tho serious objection m
tho matter of guarantees, which fre
quently have been mentioned at the
foreign office and In these dispatches,
would disappear. The foreign office
has repeatedly said that the gront dif
ficulty In Its seolng a way to agree
to a pacific settlement of the Venezuel
an trouble was Its Inability to ascot tntn
to what extent tho United States wns
willing to assume lesponslblllty."
Theso dispatches aro from London,
nnd tho "foreign olllco" refcirod to Is
tho Stato deportment of tho Htltlsh
government. They clearly foteshadow
nn attempt to make us stand as the
guarantor of South lAnierlcan debts.
We sincerely hope It w HI not succeed.
There Is no telling how far John liny
will go In truckling to England; but It
would be In the Inst ilojjioo degrading
to our dlplomncy and humlllntlng to
our people to have tho Monroe Doc
trlno, by which wc have stood for three
quarters of a century, prostituted to
tho purposes of n mere collection
ngency for Lombard street nnd Its sub
urb, Wnll street, with our resources
taxed to make good the worthless pa
per of nllcns. A more gioss perveislon
of a pntrlotlc nnd time-honored trndl.
tlon cannot bo thought of.
But wo hnvo reason to suspect that
this Is what Is In effect being consid
ered In Washington.
Let tho scheme succeed, and we shnll
stand In the amazing position of seeing
our Industilal competitor and enemies
trading without limit with Improvident
nnd baukrupt customers, nud sending
the bills for us to pny. Thnt this w mild
In furnishing clubs to break our own
commercial head with, Is a mild way
of putting It.
Wo trust tho American people aro
not to bo subjected to this humiliation.
An Ohio minister proudly proclaims
the fact that theio aro tlvo men in his
congregation that have not boon absent
from Sunday service for over four
years. That's nothing to blow about!
There aro hundicds of men In hero
who hnvo not been absent from Sun
day's service for over five years and
many of them for eight and ten yearn
for that matter. Trot out nuothej
boss, pnrson; that one's too slow!
Ohio Penllentliiry News.
Tho penitentiary pnrson has the ad
vantage of having his entire audience
under conviction nt once, which Is hot.
tor than anyone else in tho stato enn
May Retire and Gen. Taft Is
Mentioned as Successor.
"WnBhlngton, Doc. 'J.'t. Tho retire
ment In a few months of Secretary
Hoot and the rumored Intention of the
I'iesdont to appoint as his successor,
fiovornor (Souoiul Taft, while, not at
this tlino capable of official confirma
tion Is looked upon by tlinho closest
to tho administration as being highly
probable. Picnsuio of his private In
tciertn has long demanded of tho Sec
retary that ho retlro from official llfo.
The tlmo to buy furs Is now. Wo will
savo you money IIYUIIiEll BHOS
to bed
gives a
Clear, Bright
It purifies lbs blood, cures constipa
tion, quiets Irritated nerves, induces
sound sleep, and gives strength and
vigor. 25 cents and SO cents a box.
At drugget or by mail.
Columbus, Ohio.
lire nn
Mnn ?.!, SttHencd
acas jrosi Gold
Watch ases
are recounted as the standard by all Jewelers.
Tber ar Identical with solid gold rases In
appearance and site, but much lower In price.
jifisff. Don't accept any casfl said toba "Just as
fj7 ood "as the lions, took for the Keyston
Vlaey trade-mark Hend for booklet.
Tho Klyttoai Wstch Cats Company, Philadelphia. '
I Wise
l-ols of time et for snow before
The Venezuelan war hns apparently
sttuek bottom.
Short, heavy-set Christmas trees will
bo all tho rago this year.
Notwithstanding, the Monroo Doc
tilne Is n good subject for orations.
Tho usual number of ear muffs has
r heady been purchased for Christinas
.i -X-Somo
"shainelesH linn" mny try to
n.nke Kipling cut those woids one of
theso tlnyu.
Snnta Clans won't be tho only peb
ble on tho pench In Akion so long as
(ion, Dick's at home
Tho only way to test n plum pud.
ding Is to cat It and then It will do a
littlo testing of Its own.
The story that the City Pat hers will
Indulge In a Christmas tree nt Coun
cil chamber Is doubtless a canard.
-X- - it
Tho young man who shuns his lady
friends during riiilstmag tlmo deserves
to bo nuide a tin get during lc cream
Occasionally the Mayor orders a man
to Ret outside of town liinldo of an
hour. Ills Honor used to be n mlusttcl
inn u.
"Whoso littlo boy nre you, Willie?"
"t's oo's 'lttlo boy If oo don't tell
mammn I peeked nt my Ohrlstmns
It would seem that the speech of
Council President Seidell against mu
nicipal ownership carried somo weight
with It, after all.
If vou'ro at a loss to know what to
send thnt dear girl for a Chrlstman
l.ioHont Just submit a iheck for $50
and see if she doesn't iviiho technical
ities. :
It Is Hiiid that "fox and geese" Is a
gc.mo thnt has taken gicat hold on
Clinton people, nud tint during the re
cent snow there were no li'bs than 1(1
big lings on tho uioiepioiulueut streets.
('oiiosponilonts seem to Imagine that
a minder storj won't be accepted iy
out-of town pnpeiH unless It is stated
that "nu tiii guiiid linn been placed
at the Jail where the murdeior Is con
fined "
-x- :
It Is better to tnko nbiiso In sllenc
than icply In Mud
uiiiii lb pioiinbly quite as hnd as
others think ho Ik
Never Invito a coulllct when It may
bo nvolded with honor.
If theio were no cloudy days the
sunshine would become monotonous
Ileds of llowory enso depend less on
ndoiiiuieiil than on a sound phj slcal
Theio Is no rest for the wicked, nnd
Stroke Shattered
Gave Up Preaching
For Two Years.
Dr. Miles' Nervine Put
Mo On Active List.
Are you well? Do vou sleep well?
ou get up rested, fth and vigorous?
ur mind dear and active? II not tend the
illmvinir Sea what nnother has suffered
and how lie recovered,
ome ears ago I was afflicted with sun
Mroke winch left me with a shuttered nerv-
u YJtem and exceedingly poor health I
-utl tr. terribly with
nain tn mv head, the
to d my head would feel hot. I cou d not
Mudy, nnd after striving for two years to
wear the trouble off, 1 was compelled to give
up mv piiNloral labor and retire to my farm
jor ami retire tc
lvto vearstrvl
wnete l spent nearl
two years trying tn re
cunerate It was all of no avail, l'hvsiciaus
It was all of no avail, l'hysiciauj'
treatment and patent medicines failed to re
lieve im. I was exceedingly nervous and
until ie nod sometimes would shake terribly
I 1 uM nt bear any noise At the leust ex
t u hi nt the blood would ruth to my face
and li ad Two )ears ago I was Induced t.i
i tn i Miles' Meliorative Nervine After
u a o bottle l could see tmpr vement in
my tuittition so I continued tikmg it (or
1 neirlv t vear I am happy to ay I no
longer hue thoie pains In my head or nerv
ous pt My appetite is good and I am
able to preach three tunes on Sunday with
out fatigue. 1 consider Dr. Miles' Nervine
the must wonderful medicine ever discov
ered ' -Hev. D.Alex. Holnun, l'astor U. II
Church, Marion, lad.
All dui-gitts sell and guarantee first bot
tle Dr Miles' Remedies, betid for free book
on Nervous and Heart Diseases. Addicts
Dr. Miles Medical Co, Elkhart, Ind.
Jan. l!o St I (Toned Oold Watch Owes
Improvement on solid gold coses.
iney sre stronger ana won't icna or aeui.
.Mucin of two layers offtolcl, with n Inyrr of
sre stronger and tron'thend or deut.
stinenlng metal hetween, welded together
Into oue solid sheet. Tha outside layer
contains more gold than can be worn orf
n case. In 2.5 years, tho time for which A
J as. Boss Caso Is guaranteed.
the righteous aro not troubled with a
surplus of It.
Imagination Is n good thing provided
It runs In tho proper direction.
1 .. mH.. -Mll. ..a.. .. linn n. ...
kiiock mm uown and yet not uisprovo
his allegation. C'liielniintl Eniiulier.
"What is that mighty clash of steel
That rings within my cur?"
"It is tho fierce typewriter's note,
My son, that causes fear."
"Thoio ruddystolns upon your hand
Why do they ninko mo shilnk'i"
"I'vp Just come from the war. my son,
And these, aro spots of Ink."
"What caused those wounds which 1
behold "
With feelings of unrest?"
"My son, I scratched my hand against
Tho meduls on my breast. "
Washington Slnr.
Budding Permits
V. II. Wolf, frame house, Garfield
Herman Tlrnmor, frame addition,
Lo Ms St.
Akron Foundry Co., frame ware
liouso, Washington st.
Jos. Olatthar, frame house, Wheeler
"Marley's Ghost'' Illustrated tomor
tow evening In the I'nlversallst Sun
day school rooms.
Hear tho "Children's Messiah," em
bodying tho Christinas story reverent.
I.- and Impressively Interpreted by tho
gre.it composer anil artists, First
Piesbylcrlnu chunk Tuesday evening,
Dec 211, at 7::i0 p. in Admission, mem
bers of school free, others 10 cents.
Expects lo Spend 'Christmas at
His Home.
Mr. S. .1. IMtchlc, who has been In
r.t tho Empire Ilopao for sovcial weeks,
U rapidly lecoveilng and Monday morn
lug ho dressed himself and enmo down
stair for a few minutes. However,
he will keep in close for a few days,
although ho expects to spend Christ-
nins at his home In Tnlhtiodge
Our lino of flno furs aro superior in
Quality and muclr lower in price.
General Dick Would Meet Hcrrick
In That Capacity.
When General Charles Dick left
Wntdilngtoii for Akron lust night, It
wiir vvllh tho oxpectaUon of Issuing a
formal ntuteiiiont to tho ltenubllcaus
of Ohio before tho holiday nennon ended
of IiIh candidacy for Governor, ciys a
WiiHlilugton dispatch. That tho tiencr-
nl in an avowed caudldnto for tho nom
ination vmik announced authoritatively
In theso dispatches a week ago, nfter Uo
had hnd a two-hour conference with
.Senator llaniia. Tho nbHcuco of a
quotation from him to, somo such ef
fect n "l am a candidate, and you may
Bay to," did not alter tho fact that ho
was In tho race Somo of tho (jpiuunrh
friends do not uudciHlnnd wh ho did
not mnKo uso of Homo tmch expression,
but their curiosity doubtless will ho
Hallsftod during the holidays, uftci the
conference, which Senator Ilannn, Col
onel Myron T. Hcrrick, and Mr Dbk,
nnd perhaps ono or two othcru, will at
tend, Is held In Cleveland,
This confetence will bo of primary
importance io tho three men named, but
more espcchilly to Mossrs. Hcrrick and
Dick. Ah wiih explained last Suiiduv
night, when tho fleneral'a candidacy
wiih announced, tho chief topic to bo
discussed is tho availability of tho two
u en as candidates. Tho ramifications
of such a discussion may readily bo
iirnglned. It Is to bo premipiosed that
chlcaui'O. of any sort will have to bo
molded, and that sincerity will chiiiac-
tcrlro the observations nnd suggestions
oi each and nil tho conferees. Tho
outcome of tho meeting will ho awaited
with deepest Interest by Ohio politi
cians Democrats us well as Uopubll
cans-ln Washington. In their Judg
ment the result must bo that both will
stay In tho race, or ono or the other
will withdraw.
None of Colonel nerrlck'a friends
hero was able to speak for him author
itatively, but persons closo to Oeneral
Dick do not hosltoto to predict thnt
ho will not withdraw In favor of tho
popular Cleveland banker. When the
Akron Representative permitted tho an
nouncement to be made that ho was an
avowed candidate, he hnd reached the
point whero the dlo was cast. He then
beenmo a candidate In earnest, and his
friends sny ho Is In tho race to stay
It la understood that the General would
wolcomo Colonel Herrlck ns a friend,
ly rival, nnd be willing to abide by th
I result of their respective canvasses.
And He Has So Notified a Great
German Singer.
'New York, Doc. 23. Becnuso ho
broko his contract with tho Itoynl
Court theater, the King of Saxony has
ordered tho Imperial Consul General
In this city to notify the gront Ger
man singer, Gcorgo Anthes, thnt ho
has forfeited the First Class Kulght'u
Cross of the Order of Albrecht.
Tho time to buy furs Is now. Wo will
save you money. ItYIUDER 1JIIOS.
Acker's Blood E'lxlr positively cures
chtonlc blood poisoning nnd nil scrofu
lous affections. At nil times a match
less system tonic nnd purlncr. Money
refunded If Ou ato not satisfied. CQc
and $1.
For sole by Dutt's Pharmacy, E C.
Davis, Buel Sc. I.emastcrs,iAkron,and E.
II. Frase, Uarborton.
Earth Softened and Sewer Ditches
Settled by Mild Weather.
. Tho warm weather has raudo the
roads in the country and outlying dis
trict!) of tho city very bad. Tho frost
is entirely out of tho ground, and
teamsters and milk wagon drivers find
getting nbout very difficult.
Occasionally it wagon can bo seen
stranded In tho mud to tho nxles. The
earth In the now sew or ditch on East
Vorls st has settled down so that It
is dangerous, nnd tho snmo may be
said of nil sewers put In last fall. In
some places they ninko tho streets al
most linpusslble.
From Cleveland
To Canton
By Trolley
Tho Northern Ohio Traction Co. has
issued round trip tickets between
Cleveland and Canton to go Into effect
today. The louud trip fine will be $1.(10
and fare one way Wie. Tickets arc
on Halo in Cleveland nnd Canton.
Direct connections will bo made nt
this point This Is by reason of a
tratllc nriaugemeiit uuido with tho
Canton AUrou Co.
Discovered For Treatment of the
Chicago, Dec. U3. After a seiles of
epeilmciits covering a period of over
tlvo years, Dr. . Ityion Coadley, has
Just discovered that to administer local
tteatiucnt to tho heart Is not the lrapos
hllilllty tho world's scientists have held
It to bo.
ly means of a line golden needle sev.
en or eight Inches long, v hich he terms
"organotone," Dr. Coadley not only hnb
been nblo to plorco tho heart without
causing death, but to Inject Into It
various fluids without subjecting tho
patient to the slightest danger.
Thus fur. Dr. Coadley has been loin-
v) Contains IX
LNo 1
Alum Si
ES U $ J J
BAKING SUsx sffl
eSjTyri Egg HfJ
, fy Baking Powder Jjl
fjS stands first in Sflf
W Pa
Six Purty and f
Vol power Mf
ffibb&rd & Wilcox
J. B. Storer and Co.
116 South Howard street
---- y,4Q . - Q-ftQ4 .s-4 's4 4
Absolute security in piano buying
Secure Xmas Pianos now
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A lot of ORGANS at n BIO BAItGAIN. Open Evening.
ISO South
4-4--M ---'' (il4''4i4''4-i4A.i.A..A..
polled to co nil no his experiments to
dugs, rabbits, nnd similar animals, but
so certnlu Is ho of his ground thnt ho
will nttempt to securo u human sub
ject for a demonstration which he hns
been osUctl to make beforo tho Inter
national Medical Congress nt Mndrld,
Spain, In 1003
Nothing that could harm the little one. In
Dr. James' Soothing Syrup Cordial.
rc all the Ills of childhood.
At druR stores 25 cents n bottle
For Balo by John Lamparter He Co.
Laeo curtains, blankets, quilts and
comforters .vnshed carefully.
City Laundry
1063 S. Main st.
People's Phone 912
UtnlertileUiimUtionMknow ,
about Ilia wonderful
MARVEL Whir linn Spray
TtltMwVtitailHjrh''. "Vt-
l0n ana oucrioni ii,ii.n,-
II" iau uuiif ruiruM
lib ttr 4r-ilit ftr ft.
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n til K.I.. c,-r('i,u
elhrr. but land llnlitn for 11-
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full turtlmlira A
mliiablclalxll" MAIIVH.CO.,
liartiruiaii ana nirrruont in-
Tluie liazNew Vark.
Short lL..r..
To vVh?llng and Zancsvlllo. Trains
leavo Kent for Wheeling 8:10 a. m
dully, 12:47 p. m. dally except Sunday,
and 5:02 p. in. dally. For Zancsvlllo
linvo Kent 8:10 u. m. and 5:02 p. in.
General Passenger Agent,
filmland, O.
IHPnOVlPTABiriAMR 4f)3'L. g
STArMRDOllCO. HmcikwottHfATEiti 1
k mi i .... ...... ii --.
- fM"i
Lowest :
And pays for Itself whnt? Tho
Chamberlain Metal Weather
Strip. Put It on yovtr houso and
see. You won't have cold floors,
because tho draughts arc gorlo
when you uso our invislblo
weather skips. They arc not expensive-.
Role Agents. 200 Cherry St.
licll phone, Maln-lOSUl. Res.
A Cold To-Day
Means Consum ptlon To-Morrow
Consumption Is moio often caused by,
a neglected cold than any other way.
It Is poor j Jgtncnt to buy n "common"
cough syrup when it 13 so easy to
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by all druggists.
Successor to Dicks, n Transfer' Co. Coal
ofllcc. All tho best radon of hard and
At lowest prices. 1278 People's pbont
office. 2 rings resldcuc. B. Exchango
st., nt It. It. crosslnr.
The Money-Back Cough Syrup 1
Means a lot to pcoplo who aro tired j
of experimenting with tho "ordinary"!
coimh preparations you aro not outl
n cent If Dr. Geo. Lolnlugcr's For-mal-
de-hydo Cough Ouro docs not ploasal
you. It will euro consumption and!
all Borious nnd stubborn lung and!
tluont dlseasos, Sold at 25c on
guarantee by all druggists.
and n flno lot of POTTED PIjANTS-I
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partor & Co. i u
. I-

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