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Governor. Edward F. Noyce; tenu expires
Licuteaaiit-t ovei;nor,Jauob .Mueller; term e
iiins January 14.."- "- J
Secretary of Slat, I-raac MterwrtfMt; tens px
pire. February lfc!4.
Trc:rt;"r "t State, S. S. WaiueiS teru e.Vpirelj
JVlimarcls'i." - - ' "
Auditor of Uit(V James William; terin ex
pire February 1;74.
Comptroller of Treasurer. W. T. W ilson pterin
expires February 1SK.
Attorney General, Frederic 1!. Poud; tern r-
lirer Jrelriuii- Ji4. .-. , w",, '
' Commissioner of Senwl-.ThoinasW . Harve
tvnn evnirps Kebruarv 1874.
llo.ir.l of Public Work, Richard I!. Porter,
term expires IBIS; Phillip I . lieiv-ingr term r
uiivs lSiS.
IT. S. Assessor. Joel Doolittle, oilice over
Blackmore Jc Hater's clothing establishment,
Mail stnt-t.
COtSTl' Ort'U KKS.
Judge of Common Pleas,
liulgcot' Probate, -
Coiiutv Clerk,
.Sheriff, -
Deputy Sheriff, -'-.
Treasurer. - -
Prosecuting Attorney, -Auilitor,
- G. V. Ti ttle
- , 1, S. t-HILIM
A. 1- Tl.xKKK
County surveyor, -
County Commissioners,
Coroner, -
C . " it l P . R U I f
.1 OIKS II. Tavlob
Clerk, -Marshal.
H. I. Sankori
1. V,
re. i. a
I S. K. S
J A. ii. I
1. W. Ckooot
i j.. i
S. K
I W.
I s. K. Gov
I w. V. Dixfii.rT
Street Commissioner,
Justices of Uie Peace,
Infirmary Directors, -
r HAMfl.IX KoiiK I
I K. IlrXTlXTt.
(M. 1. LAUD
".loHN McCl.EI.
T. Laui
Mtss AnrsTA Hawi.kv
I). W.Mkaii,
s. A. Tisetei,: ..(
, - - Principal
- . - President
-. - Secretary
go.,w. stkele, '
fl. C. Bcardslev, Johx 4 LT.no, John W.
.'.. ;. Tyler. .
Holil meeting for examination of teachers at
High (School building, Painesville, on the la-t
Salimtuv in ei-ery inontll except . I uly and Au
gust, al S o'clock a. M.
s - II. C. UEAHUBLEY, PreiMent.
Joili W. Tvi.M, Herk. '
oppicf. IIOI BB i.
From 7'i A. M. to7 P. M. Sundays 12 M to 1 P. M.
Going East, - - 11:59 M. anil 11:11 P. M.
Going West, - - 5:515 A. M. and f?ill P. M.
Cleveland, (special) - lS:r4 P. M.
I uanion, ------ 2:00 P.
Middlelluld (Mondays aud Tueslay), 1:00 A. M.
mails arrive:
From East, - - ' 5:t A. M. and 39 P. M.
Kroin West, - - 1S:M M. and 11 :11 P. M.
4'leveland (special), - 5:08 V. M.
hardoii, - - - . - - --IMA. N.
Aliildlelleld (Tuesdays ami Friday, i, &:00 P. M.
I.ettirs shonld he left at the Postollicc oxe
Letters will lie ready for delivery oxe half
not K after trains arrivv, except mails reteiveil
at night, which will ho delivered next morning.
Letters placed in 'ille Outside Letler l.ox
up to 9 o'elxick P. M. will be sent hy the nilit
mails. CEOlilJK PAlNh, P. .
Nov. lOi lti71, i , -. ;; v . '
Lake .Share una iVI.t'liiuii Southern
. follows until further notice:
- , fiOINii EAST.
(Atlantic! lay
K .xprossj Express
! TSA.M.Ill.O'iA.M.
t inc'tti
N. Y.Ex
Cleveland .
Madisoa ...
lieneva. ..
Uimrd j....
; ;1:30P.M.
.2!U.M. l'J :47P.M.
tit.soA.M.1 S:iop.m;
5::i:).p.m:: . .
5:.-p.M. 1-3:04p.m.
- ;olNU WKsT.' .
' " Sji'iClii 'i'iledo P.icillc sitt'ain-1
.fiTATlONB. cago Ex Express Kxpress;l)oat Ex
Krie... 4.40a.m. 10.10a.m. a:-20P.M.j 1,05A.M.
Ashtabula.. 4.54a.m. 11.4ia.m. Iri.i-.M.i 3.57a.m.
Jeuevu li-.l-Jp.M. ; SiSA.M.
Madison.... 12:--7p..m. . . . (
ferrv 12:S!Ip.m. j
Gainesville 5.41A.M. l-2:5lp.u. 3:)p.u. 4.W.A.M.
WilUm'h'y . lrJiip.M. ! 4.:.v.M.
EuciiiL. 1:41 p.m.
Clevelaud. : f.-TSA.M. 2:0)P.m. 0::)P.M. r.a0A.M.
T rlil 'ln.'nl....l M in I A .. f.... ....... 7 4". n n.
J.'viKntieaut5.40 a.in j Ar.atClevel'ndU.45a.:ii
This train going west passes Painesvillo nt
Ti-3lil A. M. tloing east passes Painesv.ille at 5:.7.
i: M.
'The .Special Chirago Express runs daily except
J;4. a. m. train from Clevelaml and the
8:40 p. wu train from Erie runs on Sundnvs.
CHAS. F. HATCH, tien'lVup't.
factor.' siervices on Sunday at 10.'. A.
a.aannP. M. t.'httrch Conference on Thurs
day evening at 73i o'clock. Biltlc Service to
vrliieh old aud young are invited, at Vi o'clock
lU. Walter C. TisdeT, Suiierintemlent.
ST. .TAMES CHURCH Tteetor, Thomas B.Wells,
204 State street. Services lO.'i A. -M. and n
1". M. SiniHay School at 1.' P. M. Horace
Steele, SuiieL-rntendent.
. M. K. CHI i K( ' H Youm ans, Pastor. Service
every balibath at Whi A. I. ttint 7? 1". M.
SabliHth School meets at 124 K. S. Young,
G. Smith, Conductor. M is Ij. W hitmorc, Gnar-
dian. Services Sabbath at 10,'i A. M.
TrilB CHRISTIAN CIM'ltCII Pastor, .1. W. ln
graiM. Services at 10'4 A. M. anil I1; I. M.
Saiilmth School at ViU P- M. V. 1. Hyde,
Superintendent. PrayerMeetingon Thursday
ojveuing at o'clock.
Services at 10',' A. M. and 7;,, P. M. Sabbath
School at 1 M. C. K. Brink, Superin
louileut. Prayer Meeting every Thursday eve
niaiX at 7i o'clock.
BT. MARY'S CHCRCH,(:atholic.) .TohnTracev,
Pastor, Services everv Siindav al V yK, M..
10,'i A. M. ami IX V.-M. Suiulity School t
o'clock P. M.
Library Rooms 71 Stain street. Prayer Meet
iug every T iesday evening.
. , MASONIC. .
TEMPLE U)WS-iV.i,K,iin.U,l. Paines-
ville. Meets the second and lourtti Thursdays
in each month. Perry Busworlli, W. M. .
fAINESVILT.E f IIA1TEU, No. 46. R. J. . M.
Meets the lirst and third Thursdays in each
month. E. W. Kellv, M. E. II. 1".
Select Masters. Meets Fridays alter the Hist
. 'Vhursday in each inontll. J. M, Benjamin, T.
l Li. ill.
VWIlLLOUGHBY LODGE, No. 3113, V. and A. M.
AViiiaoughbv. Stated Coiniiiunicntions on the
ecotnj anil fourth Tuesdavs in each mouth.
W.. H. S'urner, W . M. ,
iJti&E MOItE LODGE; No. 307. Madison.
Stauied .('otsnuuiicatioiis every second aud
Court. AwituMay uf each month. 31. O.
PAIN rVJ4.K LODGE, No. 41-2. Meets ou the
second aiwj ifo,u.itb jatimlavs of ouch month.
E. W. Kelly, M,
t. O, O. r.
C'OEVUf'OPLt T.OPG;, No. l-i, meets Tnesdnv
eveal.'gs. Oflicers G. W.. Payne. N. G.; s.
J. nnn;vs. V. G.: W, itoraiu Jt s.; c. o.
child, V. s.; D. W. Mea.1, Twas.
UNION ENCAMPMENT. No. 40, meets everv
alternate W ednesrtay eveniug. Ollicers I.
P. Axtel.C. P.; W. Doran. S. XV.ilLR. Morse,
J. W.; I.. Fains, II. P.; C O. .( liU.I. Scribe;
D. W. Mead, Traas.
-Y L p 'J'II IsT anil .-Higeon. Oflr er Hl
omb Gould's Ilaidwuw! store. No. 77-.Main
street. Painesville. Ohio. Olllce hours 7 to SI A.
M.:to4 and 7 to 9 P. M. Residence corner of
.lucksou and St. Clair streets.
TI. I).
II. 'rlll.T. mm ir
s l. kick, I niiieviiie, tnio,
llle, Ohio,
to P. M.
.onice hours !to A. M., to 4 aud
Residence Stock areil House.
- 1;MJ( K. Ollicc Hours Kroni 11 A. M,
rtojP. M.
nay Tin Tit r.
1- T.. WEIGHT PENTI-sT. tiflu-e over
il . Tuttle4. Hardware Store. Main Street,
'Painesville, Okio,
VIUVIH. HENTTsT. Olliceover
Lee's King Store, Main t., Painesville, O.
W Milwaukee Block. over l.ockwood lli-ofh
ters' store, l'ainesville, Ohio.
, of MoiaJ In.lruniuiits, sheet Music, etc.,
Main street, JMinanville, Obh
T the Painesville Cornet Baud,. iHstetictjons
given on all kinds of Wind ami stringed inrtni-
nienu. M-"r1,'.Va,VyiVofmrd!,'esS
f instrument. Address P. O. Box KBi, I aines-
ille, Ohio.
oftlie Pnincsville t onservatory m musu,
, iwmposer and Teacher or Music, ''".'";
tpuwental. Olllce in Conservatory Building.
No. 1K &U Clair street, l'ainesville, Ohio.
and JEW r.iL,r.K, -mines., up, vino.
N. IS.
AR work strictly warranted.
uill'KE. P A fN ESVI U .K.
AMiS CtKKJtNT, troy.- Oil"!"'"' louo
. It
J. "
hts. Xraaks ami Gent's t tmiiStiing Gooite,
MMxlm 'f obi suuat, 'H Mam street, PaiuasriBe,
Ohio. . .
Matnier. Fane Artirltis Wail Paper.
I .t ., r.irr Tntilll "linn I trriira, iiwrf- rai.
1 1 'wWifts,
i ff i'nvisiHis, rrnit, oiHectmueriea, j
b Main street, Paiaesville, Oiiio. -
. KKlKs AN 1 PROV-IS10Nr alt kiuds.
t ash paid for Butter and Eggs and all kinits of
f rmiure. Jet m r tour ana Aeas Kept cniim
Iv m hand. No. It) Male street. Pa hies vide.
fj f I'iaiu and Ornamental Prtuting. Olkci
No. 114 r-ux-kwcll 1 louse lilwck. Alain street. ,
lilice econd Story Wilcox Blwk.
Jj. Counsellor at 1-iw. t.'ollections proniit-
Iv altenileil to. Onice. Moouey AilocK, l-ajnes
ville, Ohio.
t LAW, and Notary Public, over, the -Poftj
oic, l'ainesville, Ohio.
CL A I K JtlOR K : B A K EK, il ERC1I AN T
TA1IJ1S, in the store lately occupied by
N. M. Fisher, I'ainesTille, Ohio.
TAILORS and dealers in Clotliing, Hats,
ap.-. Furnishing Goods, &C-, Mlrtraukce Block,
l'ainesville, Ohio. ' -
All business entrusted to inc. will be
promptly attended to. i -v- - A i
JL a Blank Book Manufacturer, third floor, cor
ner of Main and St Clair streets, Paiuesvule, O.
V iu all kinds of Piue and Hemlock Liun
oer, rntngies, itin, j-osis, ireseu riwrmK
Siiltng, c. OlSi u fctate-st., JainesviUe, O.
!- tan
. FCKNI'l'CILK of all kinds, corner of Main
and ftatstrti4ver FYeach'SClreivtAaiyes
ville, Ohio, t ustom WoVk a specalty.
sale Dealer in all kinds of Photographer's
stork. Frames, Ac-, at Clausadel's olit rooms.
Main street. . ..... j. - -r
BRKHIflt-: has the best BARBER SHOP
, in town, without jmpUh. OT iiaiu.st..
No. 804 tate St.
D. BENNETJ', Proprietor,
Large rooms.
good accouiiuiKiations, ami
not two minutes
wane ii-oin. Alain street.. -
FiB.iT Page.
Kmlfimr ... i: ..;..i.j ii.;,'...'AfcaI
JArliMg AalliUin... ,..,.. .. . ....Jht Jtf
ttgit. . -i -.. .......... j. ,A'HUt A. Stiliatau
, . . wiW
AttH:tiutfH of J'ttOlUt . . ;v V.
WtiiiltiitutifH HHiUii MurMM'j CAroftitV
Fiitlf Sv-iruc . Vk .'.V.-AoV Jf J'.
AmrriflH liulif i .. i t. . Kxcka H04
A t'Ao A'xtut Prtrolum,...:,.-..i.t.irvkaHQ
irirtlaeof Wuotl.. , - .v.i:A'ieAxl(
Klaiilli'j juK-nuMye
I rimes tt tttt ((ifi-. J. . .-.j. t i.i t''PVi
it rlu I, ij.- Comjiilatiira
Ski-on P auk. . , : . j . ..
kititm'ial Pilrtltjrapti -- -. .. .
rirn tit thn H'-erJc :....,.-;..
TiURD I'aqk. . . .? , - i. :
Stutwt.' . ... . .........-.... .Sfft.'H
Sfier.inl Coi'j-aiiikikmv tktjourvtl
J.wti sl-itm OtUrv ivOt'Ui -tir. . .
Marietta, JtnH itm.t -'vreilii.:-. , . . :
Fot'KTII I'AUE. -..V. . u ' -.
77e (f'n't'tir uf the t'ttirij Orotic. . . . . v. i.i
... i . . j. .A melkijH H'afii
Ayi'tcntHWl. - . j.... ;
i'riH-titrtl- UintM.j. . . . i
HriiijiimM A(Cj i. .. ::::. . : . .-. . ...v. . . .
PriMtrt4t of te-J0mil.
The sun was sinking to ocean's rim, . r.'
A His sister rose o er uie eastern nnigMt ; .
W ho playfully dinted au arrovv at him
An innocent unitr of silvery lighL. ; ...
lie answered the clinllenge; andmen ily ent
From his chrysolite ijuiver a golden shaft r
llui the darts they mit, and 'shivered and -blent.
So well did the aichers ken their aln craft. -
W liile the f taiV from the hill ram', ftpln a ttiroiij.
All eager to join in the sinirt of their fjiieen;
And eiwli one hurled, us they floated along,
A bright little bolt, all cold and keen.
So the sun gave in with a gallant grace, ' ' "
And his hand to the conquering maiden kissed;
O'er tile wave shook his tresses, then covered his
face. .-. .- . s
. Willi a fleecy wreath of the rising mist. . :
Xotive UMiUr thi ?rf, nnt xcitdUuj
tint in letiyth, trill be inverted fvr"& ccviM
ryACATION Yes. ,.n.'ti li
RIE sT." MondavniKht. As of old.
Siibsvrihrr Of course we are Willi ug to do every
thing iu our iowerto accommodate, but really
it is asking too much to rapiest the publica
tion of a list of suitable subjects lor displays of 3
forensic eloquence In your debating society.!
Tou might take, any of the questions' of the: AN unconsciously perpetrated witt!
present day and derive much beoellt from their j eam isalways intensely funny and the fol-
For example:-" Resolved, that;
n.f C1,ml!f , - I" i,,'Stifl.alle:"r!
the execution
wtaiM lie oTfulnal and interesting. ' Bat to
furnish a list is beyond our power.
"The HVr." We will furnish Crofutt's Western
World to "those already subscribers to the
Jori-.NAi. for sixty cents a year; or the JofR-i
Kit. mill the W&iiern World toarether for twOM
--.-. . yii- ,i
dollars ami nity ccum.
ftt,rt,fe,it.V e think that the bonds yon refer
to are good, and w ill prove profitable to auy
who may Invest in them,' but so far as giviug
' 'artieular statistics In reference. t tli roadjls.
concerned, we are not able to do so. Tbe bonds;
are for sale at all the banks here, .and any ot. I
them would cheerfully give all tne murmaMon.;
desireU If applied tA.. '
'.irt," ( ifadUon). Send your name.
J. - "., CUeeland). Ye. have complied -with.
vour nniuest and forwariled to-dav the desiredj
Xkwb from Die, V, JfcJi. lt. U.-
Farmers complaiu of a great scarcity of
help. .i;- ':. - -i '-.j:--
,. . ..,. 5 -rr- ...
Painksviu.k has a 'cor'Bar".i I hi loaf
er market.
'. "S'o JilrgaUoii is reHi:ied in 'thai 'Justice;
Courts this week. " t v
There will, be a hopping exhibition, on1
the streets this afrcrnoon.
Thk I'nion Schools began their Spring;
term on Mondtiv'ol'thte wecki' . 11
Many trees and shrubs have not yet
dropped their straw overcoats.
AVm. L. Pekkins, Esq., is builJiug an
ollicc on land directly opposite his resi-
The first spring flotvevs have shown
thvtiiselves,aiid excursions into the wood;
and fields. are. hcceinlng fi-equent-, , .
The town officers elected for the present1
year entered upon the discharge of their
io. Vridnv of last week5
i fiK gallows have ooen erected and the,
noose; w'ugiuaJft)leJJrJi')''j',4S-Jl. If
you don't believe U ook m lipntof Kyiun
son's harness store. i - :
We 'are informed that out of the flftjr
niue candidates who were examined at the
hitjt meeting of the School Board, forty-"
six reuejvcfl certificate. . . ,
.' s- t -1-4 i 1. 1 ij X ' -
I l.t king the rain sLovm yr'dlffltfteruoon,
utrce nonr Mr. Cunjtuiufc's house, in the;
southern part of the town, was struck;
and literally split into kindling wood.
Uev. Mr. Ingram will speak Sunday!
evening, on the subject of "The Christian!
Scapegoat," a discourse which the young
people of H l classes are interested to
i ..--
Persons mailing letters lor any potut
upon the stage route south of this place
should remember that the mail closes at
half past six A. 31., upon Jlonnays alio
Thk office of the Western Uuion Tele
tyraphCo., was here, as well, as along the,
entire iru'e,'dr3pi?u"w-ifli 'crape hi "nmnrn-
ing for Samuel Ftnlipf Mreese florae,-on
Tuesday last. - ... .
..The conzregatlon at the Disciple Church
had the pleasure of hearing their old Pas
tor, Uev. Mr. Cooley, last Sunday. Mr.
Cooley is at i)n?sut engaged" In "East
C'.fetijlalMl. ; j " 7 '
Osv. of tUe Meatest, comptfetest, vrettiest
and most useful articles that cau be seen
ta .town is the ladies work table at tba
Buonia oCMesars. Mead and Payne. It is a
decided novelty.
.Two fishing pounds were put down iu
the lake near Paii-bort. this week by
Messrs. Lauipsou aud Aniiiloii. We learn
that thev have already been successful in
capturing quantity of nsh.
A vineyard, nearly an acre in extent.tue
property of Mr. Rich, upon the hillside
near his house, was burned last Saturday.
Most of-lbe viues were saved. The lire
originated from a brush pile, in the yard,
.;ij M. Kay advertises iu another place
in this- paver, a large and varied lot of
goods in his line, which we notice contains
inon's. women's and children's boots,sboes
and rubbers, in ail styles.'' 'Call and see
- Most of the week the wannth ef spring
lias caused the air to be filled with pleas
ant sounds and cheerful voices, and, but
for "Wednesday which turned up cold and
disagreeable, we have had a delightful
seven days. ft,-..-... ;
The: following parties have applied at
the office of Probata Judge Tuttle for mar
riage licenses since onr last issue: Charles
Barber for himselt and Katie Agness, and
John K. Doolittle for himself and Susan
Blackinorc.' '
Tbk spring and mimmer term of 'the
Lake Brie Kemale Seminary began Thurs
day moruing. Xea.ly all of the .voting la
dies wTw were preient last term have re
turned, and there are also a large uuinber
of new ptiplls.' ; ; . ,,
The ascent J.o the room occupied by Mr.
Schweninger's furniture rooms has al
ways been a difficult one. A new flight
of stairs is.beiiig put siu, leading, up from
state street, wuicu niu uo bj mm Ait
of the former disadvantages.
Tni followers of Kimrod with guns, am
munition, game bags, rubber boots, old
clothes and, the various acoourtremeuts
fhat'Vunters delight in.'daily wend their
way to the woods in quest of game. Most
6T them fetlrrn w ith goodpDetites : ""
- :j
Smith and Marvin have their soda foun
tain up, with some important jmprove
mentaattacJ.cd 'Cljey give a grand open
ing to-day ( Saturday ) tree to all, at which
time, the-4Jorn and Bunion . cure that
"ehildren cry for,"will also be on exhibi
tion. - '.
T. S. Padimdck's store in Cleveland has
lwitys bad au enviable reputation,
n' account "nt 'the" quality"' bf'tbe g
inallty" bf'the goods
kept there, and the gentlemanly traits of
Uaprftrtrtetor ana saitsttuen. Auectifm is
called toho yerUseuieulj in anoiher
Many liquor saloons here and else
where, -are droppinx . the old-time name
afiaauopUug that of ' samplerobias.''
Would it not be a good idea to go one Btep
farther and label the walking specimens
of their work.'who are so often seen upon
the irets? .QMOi ii'J A I U
Dr. Gardner received some slight in
juries a few days since, occasioned by the
CVyrtii ruing of his buggy, at a point on the
MwLuc.rgadnUCiar the. house of Mr. jseu.
The iupset.ws only- to. M: accounted fur
by the. Aac lAhatv the road bed was in an
exceedingly uneven condition. .
. . ,--"-t? :? r ..
OCKtepdrtef ttas"disoovered the reason
that gives appropriateness to the name of
theMadtson.pspei'. With its outside edited
and printed in Chicago and its inside wtth
out any editing at all, printed in Paiues
ville, -it4'HrW pubHhed- independent,'
t its establiliod ernee in our neighboring
A kirk .uipii 'nearly any of the streets
leading out of town will show to the ob
server, that the mechanics and all classes
of laborers are obtaining a sufficiency of
Avork. Building is going oil in many
places, and farm work is keeping men aud
horses busy in preparing the soil for the
season's crops.
A barn belonging to David Pickett, a
blacksmith in LeRoy was struck by light
ning and burned with , nearly all its con
tents, JCsterday morning. Mr. rickett
who-was ta the barn at the time was stun
ned, but not injured otherwise by the
stroke. Tito loss Is about $300-or JtiiX) with
no insurance. .
It is all very pluasaut to see a beautiful
child, with cheeks aglow with health, and
eyes sparkling bright as she bounds glee
fully aften the rolling hoop, but it isn't
so pleasant to have thorn indulge the
hoop-trumbling propensities along .the
miveinents of our principal streets. In
fact it is a decided nuisance.
iowlng advertisement, which is clipped
fro western paper, is decidedly un-
R" X: MELVIN, . .
Howard t'ountv, Kansas. , n ill trade Horses.
Lands, Oxen,. Jackasses and practise Law in
the District court. . -.
A lady a loving mother, whose little
boys brought home a number of sassafras
shoots! saved them after the bark had
been eaten off, and applied them external
ly. The juveniles incurred punishment
by shooting off a pistol, which she had for-
1 1 jdden them the use of. She said that
' she'd teach the young idea to shoot.
The Council of 1872-3 having been or.
gaaizadlreedved ad approved tbe.follow
iug oftlcial bonds. OI Perry Bosworth
Mayor, with F. Roger and William Black
more, sureties, in the sum of one thousand
dollars; of Frank Ouant, Marshal, with
W. Crofoot and S. K. Gray as sun-lies, in
the sum ot oue thousand dollars
Ax article lias been going the rounds in
the newspapers for several months, which
was vrHt en by some so-called proflessor ol
tbo tousoriul art, giviug directions Cor ob
taining an easy and thorough shave
Ixcjter way than any wetaiow pfiatogo to
Augustus ureame-s uarter snop, .over
Avery's hat store. He wlflbe sure to sat
isfy you.
?l)NiitEltABtic (tnatitities
dt fish are
now caught in the river, both with the net
.and Hue. There .have been upon the
rrectsVvrytl!(y"ror theTjast week, loads
of mullet containing an occasional pick
i ercj or pike. Game fish do not yet bite
,'ery. voraciously, and consequently the
UiAiguvrs are mostly boys, who fish with
worms and liver."
A band of strolling musicians was upon
the street Wednesday evening and drew
large numbers of passers by around them.
The principle attraction was a large hand
i8-,i.-- "i
iiunillit UilUiiri in tue in unit, nt j j u i. . , uc
whoie appearance of the troupe was abovei
mediocrity,' and tliey id evidently
seen lieltcr davs. -
The appointments at t)ic jntjeting of the
P. L. .'., lor next week are as follows:
Reading, K. I. Branch; Essay, L. p.
Gibbs; Leading disputants, Messrs. Gris-
wold and Pepoon. The following are theof
ficcrs .('or the present term, elected
last week. Irresidant, A, P Baldwin; Vice
President,' F. L. f5rlsj.vold: Secretary, L,
B. Gibbs; Treasurer, H. V' Alvord. '
Why 'does not some euterprising man
or woman' start a laundry in town? Such
an institution, if located in a central por
tion of the place, could not, if the work
ayu uBl done, fail to return to its owner
or owners, lare rjroitg, Tjc outlay would
not needs be large nor the difficulties to
be "overcome many of great. There are
many "cities and towns no larger than
Painesville, where a good laundry is in
running order, arid doing a good btisiuess.
Some one has an opportunity to benefit him
self or herself and the community at "lie
saiue time. May it soon be done.
Lake captains and vessel owners have
been busy for a few days past," actively
preparing for the opening of navigation.
The prospects for good lreights are now
very fair, and is said that notwithstand
ing the C. C.( Chicago Conflagration) titers
are at the elevators in the great city ot the
West, even larger quantities of grain than
there have been at one time for several
seasons. , f
The flow of sap has not been large this
year, "but still there is hardly a grocery in
the town that contaiu less than two or
three hundred pounds of maple sugar.
There is nothing strange in this, for it will
be remembered that a great deal of the ar
ticle, that was not used last year, and
which has been en the back shelves du
ring the winter, mysteriously disappeared
a few weeks ago. The only conclusion
which can be reached is that it went to
With the approach of spring weather.
the cleanliness ot streets, alleys, cellars,
and door yards is of the utmost impor
tance, not only for the sake of appearance
but from sanitary reasons. The masses
of filth and garbage of all kinds which
have been allowed to accumulate daring
the winter months and which were not
then, annoying or injurious in their ef
fects, are now most detrimental to the
health of people who are compelled daily
to breathe the noxious vapors arising
from them. A prompt attendance and
speedy removal of the disease-spreading.
and iunoculatiug causes may save scores
of lives, or obviate countless attacks of
malignant disease.
Onk of the finest auroreal displays that
has been seeu for some months, occurred
last Wednesday evening at aliout nine
o'clock. The first appearance was of two
narrow parallel beams, shooting upward
uearly to the zenith. These, which were
first of a brilliant whiteness, gradually
changed color aud faded- The display
probably was the most grand at about half
past nine or ten o'clock. During the whole
of the evening, when visible, the appear
ance of the Northern sky went through
hundreds of delicate changes in the hue
and shape of the "lights." Sometimes the
electrical phenomena appeared in hori
zontal clouds, which rolled like great
waves from the horizon to the highest point
of the heavens and then disappeared. One
of the most extraordinary features was the
huge arch ot pale tight, trembling, and wa
vering all the evening, but keeping its po
sition until all was gone except the less
brilliant star light.
' ' Raceest. -It
Is with pleasure that one notes the
prosperity of former - residents of this
vicinity; and the following notice which
clipped from the South Kansas Tribune
published at Independance will be read
ith pleasure by all of the many Iriends
bich Mr. Greer has in this community
It. T. Grekk. This gentleman is one of
the successful merchants oi tne west.
Cnininir to Kansas last fall, with an im
euse stock OI goous, lie locatcu iu rein,
here nearlv everv one predieteda failure
and but few dreamed of success. But to
ork he went with a will, advertisea lib
erally, sold goods low, and for cash only,
and now he is selling more goods tuan any
two houses in Howard county, , We wish
him continued success, for he not only
helus himselt, but the city of Peru. He is
now t-iist, alter spring goous.
Doing of Oitr City Fathers.
The council met at tbeir office Friday
evening the ithinst.,nearly all of the mem
bers being present. Several reports were
heard among which was that of the Fi
nance Committee y which the cash in the
treasury was shown to be $409 77; orders
outstanding, 120 46. The Superintend ant
of Cemetarv has on hand in cash, $290 27;
Bond "of Corporation, $S00; V. S. Bonds,
400. The report which was submitted by
IV W. Loom's, Treasurer, was accepted,
The following claims were ordered paid
Gas Cq,, gas for street lamps, $71 23; Gas
o., gas for Fire Department, $j 95; Gas
Co.. coal for Fire Department, $19 !to; b.
Chesney. lighting street lamps, $20. The
Mavor then read his annual address, af
ter which tbe Council adjourned without
Our Markets.
We cannot refrain from calling "the es
pecial attention of our readers to the mai
ket reports in this issue, as an evidence of
our endeavors to present the latest and
most reliable news in every . department
Our reports have always been more full
and complete than those ot any other pa
per in this section but, as we fully realize
the ininortance of the department, we
have made arrangements which justify us
in saying that hereafter they will not be
xcelled by those of any other paper in Hie
The financial report will be furnished by
It. M. Murray,Esq,Cashler of the FirstSa
tional Bank, aud the commercial by Messrs
It. M. French, ofthe firm of French ft Co.,
and T. Churchward of the "firm of S. Bigler
& Co. The foreign markets are prepared
expressly for this paper, and we feel eer-
taiu that to nil interested the various re-
ports will be readable and interesting,
The Baaa.
The concert given by tbe band last night
was not as largely atteuded, as the merits
of the music deserved. Undoubtedly the
indications of rain early in the eveniug
deterred many from attending, that would
otherwise have done so. Those who were
present, will be pretty sure to be at the
next concert, for all were pleased, even
more than they expected to be. ; The -or
chestra was a new and pleasing feature.
tbe music discoursed by them forming ful
ly as attractive a portion ofthe programme
as tkat by the full band. All of the i
leetions, however, were exceedingly well
rendered, and reflected -marked credit up.
on rrof. Burt aua tne entire corps, w e
are glad to learn that there will be another
concert next Friday evening, at which
there will be an entire change of program
me.- W know of no pleasenter way to
pass an evening than at one of these en
tertainments, and it is hoped that nexf
week the hall may lie filled. . .
A. Itt. I. ExpreasCo.
The business done by an Express Com
pany is said by competent judges to be
good index of the prosperity of towns in
which it has offices. It is Certainly a fa
vorable sign, when the receipts of a local
office are large, that other branches are
also in a thriving condition, for from the
various and miscellaneous crafts and pro
fessions, the Express Tympanies obtain
tbeir custom, There have been a large
quantity of goods rece'ypd here, and ship.
ped from this point, aud although perhaps
the amount of business transacted by tbe
Merchants' Union has been materially iu
creased in this community by tbe polite.
ness and afl'ab'lity of their agent, "ye',
the receipts during the past two years.
which are given below, will, better than
anything else, show what has been done.
During the year 170, there was $9,233.20
prepaid and collected (oy forwarding, and
$7,539.15 takeu at the Paiiesvi"e office lor
goods recived, making a total for the year
of $16,772.35. In 1871 the charges for par
cels forwarded, amounted to $S,03t.75, and
for goods received, $7,807.00, making the
sum for the year, $15,853.83. The total lor
the two years was $82,G26.20. What town
of an eitinl si.e can make a better show
ing? i-f
ltc"U Eslate Troisier a .
The following transfers iu real estate
have been filed at the office of the county
Recorder since our last issue:
H J Manchester to Elmer Manchester,
Perry, 20 acres In lot 65.
Joanna C Warner to Lucia C Sessions,
Painesville, house and lot. .
ii J .adcl, Adm'r, to Martin K Gray,
Puinpsyil'e, fipuse and lot on Vf 'nsfjington
Sumautlia L Lindsey to K D Warnor,
Paiuesvllle, in lot 71 Slate struct.
Susan M Cook to W P Cook, Painesville,
6 and 27-100 acres, lot 59, Williams' sur
vey. Stephen Taylor to Ichabod Adams,3Iadi
ijoii, 4 aurcs n frs a,
It S Wihlor to II C Wiidp, Mttdison, f
acres and 77 rods In tract 2.
Mary Jtuld to Uufus II Foster, Madison,
IS acres, in lot 9.
C P Sherman to Rleanor J Bennett,
Patuesvillc, part of lots 15, 16 and 17
Barnes' survey.
Fannie D Smith to Clarissa, A, Baker.
Madison, 12 acres, 18 rods in lot 15.
Clarissa Bake-r t Jaue Oatilield, Madi
son, acres, lot 3.
Sarah A Allen to John Kelley, Willough
by, 2- acres, lot 4. DougLass-' suryci-. .. f,-T
Perry Bosworth, Guardian, to Parley
Harvey, Kirtland, lot 2, J , .; '",.'t.
Leonard Isham to George M Isham,
Madison, Id and 57-100 acres, lot 9, tract
4. .-.
Seth Williams to Warwick Price, itirt
land, lots 30 a-nd 31.
Seth Williams to Warwick Price, Kirt
land, village lot.
Hiram BrigUain to "L.vman Duraud,
Painesville, lot 54, tract 4, 2 acres. .
Ed Williams, pr. Sheriff, to 8 H Love.jey
Painesville lot 11 Gages survey. ' ' '"
At the residence of his narents in Painesville,
Ohio, on Saturdav, April sixth. Charles W.
A very, eldest son of James H. Averv. a?ta,t IS. (
The feeling of sadness that ever comes
to us. when we hear of the death of those
just entering upon their life-career, . is
doubly intensified when, as in the present
instance, there is added the shock of a
summons, sudden and unexpected. ' ' '
Ou Monday the deceased was in the en
joyment of health and on Saturday, less
than one short week after, he had solved
the mystery of the great Hereafter, Du
ring the day he had been engaged in Jabor
and towards evening, while yet warm
from his exercise, he rode down town, and
in the chilly air contracted a cold which
finally terminated in brain fever. '
The deceased was a young man whose
manykindly qualities had endeared him
to.all who knew him. - An affectionate
son, a generous friend, intelligent, true
and faithful to every trust, he was equally
beloved by friends without as by relatives
within the family circle. And in the be
reavement cf his death his frieuds have at
least that consolation which may be gath
ered from the sympathy of all.
The funeral services were from the
house on Monday last and were conducted
bv the Rev. J. A. Daly.
Favorable Criticism.
For many years there has been in ex-
is tauca a firm whose assiduous labors and
unwearied exertions have done more than
any other,, to perfect an instrument that
should be complete in; all the qualities
requisite to place the Piano at the bead of
musical instruments. That the Messrs.
Hazelton Brothers of "S"ew York have suc
ceeded in tbeir ambition is becoming bet
ter established with every instrument sold
and their make of instruments has come to
be considered by musicians as far In ad
vance of all competitors.
The following notice is clipped from the
Newark (Sew Jersey) Oourfer, which pa
per in noticing the Mendelssohn Concert
in that place thus speaks ofthe merits of
the Hazelton and Steinway Pianos: -
We cannot close without speaking a
word in praise of the magnificent piano
furnished by Hazelton Bros., of New York
but uufortnuately not used Ay itisw Jkrebs
for her piano-forte solos on account of her
tin willingness to perform on any birt a
Steiawav grand, wuicu sue icon tue iiu
ertv of bringing with her from Xew York.
The two instruments were thus brought
into close competition and uuder a trying
test. It was conceded that the Hazelton
Grand surpassed the steinway iu power,
especially in the upper register. In the
middle and lower register we think it ex
celled its vauutea rival in me attrioutes
of clearness and brilliauey of tone. The
verv essential element of power was re
markably displayed by the.: Hazelton
Grand iu the accompaniments to the
choruses. Tbe effects of three ordinary
square piano tortes was produced, and the
apology for an organ in the back ground
was completely oversnauoweu. me
Messrs. SteinWa'y must look to their lau
rels. We are not able to give our opinion
of the "touch" of the Hazelton, but we
should judge by the prompt manner with
which the kevs resuonded to the deter
mined manipulation of Mr. Otto Singer,
that its excelleney in this respect must
fttllv equal its numerous other fine quali
In another place in this paper will be
found the advertisement of John J. Pratt,
who is the sole agent for this. Piano in
this section of the county. Since he un
dertook their sale, Mr. Pratt has rapidly
brought tbe iustrument into such "notice
that now, their merits having been known,
it is almost .imposible for other dealers to
sell, other and iuferior instruments. Mr.
ratt has facilities for their purchase
which enable hint to confidently assert
that he will not be undersold by any re
sponsible dealer in the State of Ohio, and
we have no doubt that be meaus just what
he says. At all events all who are in
tending to purchase will do well to
call upon him before taking other aud
poorer instruments, from irresponsible
dealers. In addition it must be remem
bered that-the -HazeltxMt Piano can be
procured "of no one' else lit this part of the
State. - - - - -' - -
Columbcs, April 6th, 1613. .
Dear Journal:' Iwilltry and fulfill
mv promise, let it be ever so faint an at
tempt. I am at present stopping here in
Columbus, a town of about 2,000 inhabi
tants, and a very lively place at this sea
son of the year. We have as yet but one
printing office; that -is the offiee. of the
Platte Journal. There is a gentleman
here now from Wisconsin .getting; ready
to open another office I n the interest oi the
Emigration is pouring in very fast. A
colony came in yesterday from Ohio. Eve
ry uay settlers are coining ironi uiuereui,
parts of tbe East. Homesteads are being
taken verv fast, and I think by fall, all tbe
best siiei will ba taken.
There are some things about this coun
try very pleasant, and oue is we don't have
to chop wood. We burn coal and corn;
and another is, we don't have any mud.
I have been here tbe uibst of tbe time for
the last year, and have not seen as much
mud in that time as I would see in Ohio in
one day'. Idrovp a iiorse from ere over
to tbe Eivnoru river ana oacx in two uays,
a distance of 100 miles. The road is -just
as nice all tbe way -as yoti ever saw them
on Mentor street. The" farmers all along
tbe route were ploughing for wheat, The
frost was nil out of 'the-ground; Vry the
20th ot March. I think there are good
plinniwn here for vounsr men to make a
start in the wiarid. lean safely say .that it Is
one ot the healthiest countries on this con
tinent. I want von to send me vour paper.
...... Kt-e --J" i ';..,' tif J, Jv Bi-S-
"'." -j North ."fadlien. ''-
Ed. J ourn A r.i Spring ,i with us .once
more, and of course every oue rejoices
thereat, your correspondent With the' rest
The birds sing cheerily, the streamlets
shout as if in echo tones are all around
the air is tilled with one prevailing sound
of merriment. Bright creatures flit about,
slight .spears of emerald glitter from the
ground, and trequetit flowers, like signs
of summer are found, The frost"jis already
out of the trroiina ancl tanners are busily
engaged with their spring work, repairing
fences, plowing, &c. A good many im
provements are being made this spring,
new buildings aoing up and others be
ing overhauled and repaired. Iu no other
place can be found Def er laid out farms,
or more fat cattle and blooded horses than
in Madison. - Madison village presents
rather a desolstte appearance since the
late fire. It has caused a great deal of
moving about aud disarrangement of busi
ness generally. The buildings will proba-
div do repiaceu uv new ones qnving the
odming .irn.uior, ti, h. itellogg, Kaq.,
owner of one of the burnt blocks aud Geo.
yoerg, jeweler, bave both moved into the
store lately occupied oy iioiorook ana
Thomas. E. Sort on, dentist, has also
moved into the brick block opposite tbe
hotel. Mr. James Scarles. who has been
spending the winter iu the Northern part
of Michigan, returned home last week.
He reports the snow to be two and a half
feet in dept!) wnen fie lejt there, mere is
plenty of ii;e, .o "$' seen n the lake yet, but
tbe warm rains are causing it. to disappear
rapidly. Tbe prospects are now that
navigation will be open earlv, after all,
April 10, 1873.' K. It. B.
' April loth, 1872.
There is not a theme lu the whole range
of every day life, that so frequently furn
ishes tlip matter of conversation, aji
there pan be npup, fjonsequenily, fi unj
yfctsal in its interest, as tl)'e weather.
In every circle, at every hour of I he day,
the first point started by eva ry one meet,
ing with another, nud takeu up by that
other with the keenest relish, is,' the
weather. The local columns of every
newspaper contain au item on the weath
er. The doings of the weather king have
been very freely commented upon of late,
generally in not a very complimentary
inaiuioi;, 'i.nuro unye Injen grnut reason
for this; for' according to the ainiaiiao, as
well as former pruceduiite, spring ought to
have been here several weeks ago. But
winter held its own all through' the iuonth
of Jlaicli, and even now, we can hardly
fiuess whether the tardy footsteps of spring
tave reached us or not. March Is usually
the mouth for making maple sugar. Last
no this cnr aAasAii j commenced and
euded with that month. This year, about
the middle of the month, there were some
indications of a break up, and a few trees
were tapped bv tne sugar makers, witu im
result or quart or two of sap per tree.
But alas for human foresight, the wmmI
i.hanvod rn tba north, and the icv breath
of the lake again came over us. aud the
tnermometer inuicaieu xero aguiu. xc
weather became more mild toward
the last of the month, and trees
n'neraJIv were tauned about the 27th and
SSth.with a fair flow of sap. Sugar mak-
intr was auite livelv last week. Sap ran
freely nearly every day. Maple sugar is
quite au item with farmers in this section.
There is scarcely anything that nays bet
ter in its season. Kearly every one has
his "susar house" with fixtures conve-
nientlv arranged. IThe sau is boiled in
pans set on arches, and the article pro
duced is usually very superior.
Judge Vene " Stone, one of the earliest
pioneers of the Countv. has lately gone to
bis rest, at the ripe age of 04 years. Judge
OtUH9 CUU1C 1UWI U1C LUUU11 nuvufe I" J i a.t a
ago, and took up a tract of wild land in tbe
then unbroken wilderness at Sortb Sew
burr; This land he cleared up, improved,
and cultivated, la this heavy timbered
country, a vast amount or laoor oi tne
hardest kind was necessary before the land
could be cultivated. We of the present
(feneration but little realize the debt of
gratitude ' we owe to those early pion
eers who have nearly alt passed away, in
a crood decree. Judire Stoue enjoyed the
confidence of bis neighbors,and the people
of the county. At a very early day be
was elected one of the Associate Judges
of the countv. which office he held for
several terms, aud was once elected to the
State Legislature. He was also for many
vears a Justice orthe reace in his town
ship. J. C. W.
Pigeons began their spring flight, and.
sportsmeu their persuit. last week Sun
dav . . . .The government are abont to build
a residence for Mr. PaulCheny, keeper ot
the light-house.. Manufacturers' Loau
Association at the meeting for organiza
tion, on Tuesday last, the following gen
tlemen were elected Directors : B. "Sell's,
H. J. Settleton. Geo. E. Xettleton, Wm.
Humphry, J. R. Crosby, C. E. Bruce,
E. O. Warner, Wm. M. Eanies. and Henry
Fassett. Mr. Fassett, by action of tbe di
rectors, was elected President The
widow of Cautain Bassett. who was lost
last fall, is anxious to recover his remains
this spring, if they are to be found, when
the ice breaks up. Any person finding a
body along the shore : would do well to
make the tact known to Mrs. B. at Madi
son. Ashtabula Telegraph.
The " Monroe Mill" of the Cleveland
Paper Company, situated upon tbe bank
or we C-uyanoga ai. jaounw chub, was
burned to the grounu on tne morning oi
Sundav. the 81st ult. . The exact origin of
tbe fire will never be known, but nearly
all are satisfied that the nre commenced
its work in the boiler room. ' The loss is
estimated at between $30,000 and $85,000.
Mr.- If. -i W. Taylor reached the "burnt
district" Monday morning, and immedi
ately began preparations for rebuilding.
Tbe new building is to be of stone aud
two stories in bight. On the morning of
Monday, another nre occurred, wis time
in Cuyahoga Falls. 31 r. J. W. Hudson
went into au unoccupied and unfurnished
room, about daybreak, with alighted lamp
In bis hand which exploded, causing tbe
burning of the house. The alarm was
quickly given, but when the crowd col
lected, no water could be obtaiued. Loss
$1,400, of which on.ualf is covered by in
surance..- Air.. I . u i-am, joruieny oi
Cuyahoga Falls, lias received the appoint
ment to the office of Assistant Engineer of
the new Canada Southern Knllway. Cau-
akma ValtiUeportrr. .
A mau. whose name we did not learn.
bad his foot crushed between two cars, a
few davs since..., .On Monday the long
expected strike commenced, large num
bers oi tne miners reiusing w woia unless
there was- au advance of 20 cents per ton
made in the amount of pay. The proprie
tors tried to eneota compromise, oy rais
ing tbe wages 10 cents per ton, Dut it was
an ineffectual measure .... A young man
by the name or McE wen, a nephew or 1.
R". MeEwen. of this city, met with a ter
rible accident at Austintown, where be
resides, on Friday evening, the 29th ult.
He was looking at a gun,, which he sup
posed was unloaded, and blowing into the
barrell to see if the passage through was
clear, the gun exploded, lodging the en
tire charge tn nis moutn, strange to say
he was not Killed, but the mouth and ad-
adjacent parts were terribly inutillated.
Tbe "patient is doing mucli better than
would oe expecteu me iub uxs gone
out contrary to expectations without
gorging at any point . : . . A Liberty corres
pondent oi tne Jiegasier says: -- iue nueat
crop in this section will be almost a com
plete failure. YoHnrfstomn Utijister.
A " Mr. Dormali. representative of a
Cleveland mercantile house, was severely
injured a few days past by falling into a
culvert while attempting to get upon a
passing train al Kingsviue.. . .1 ne iien
roosts are becoming deserted, it is alleged,
by the frequent abductions of their occu
pants by "Erie thieves A little daugh
ter of Henrv Eastman, ttged tour years,
was scalded to death at the residence of
the family, in North Kingsville, Thursday,
the Sthinst. Conneaut Citizen.
There is ao spotted fever in town Sal
ly House who has been an inmate of the
Countv Infirmary since 1842, died -upon
tbe 3d'iB8t in her 94th year Miss Lati
mer's concert was a success. ...A young
ladv who, to cure chilblains tied her feet
up in bandages dampened with coal oil, is
able to get around again,' She wanted to
take the bandage off and knife or scissors
not being at hand, undertook to burn it
with a candle. ' Tbe .burning was a suc
cessful undertaking, but still she is not
anxious to try it agaiu.--.u;et'U Timt't
Abank bas been opened at the store of
Boaghten, Ford & uo.,, at uurton. .. ur.
T. H. Sweeny has been dangerously ill
for several weeks withj rheumatic fever.
His brother, Dr. E.J, Sweeney, of Paines
ville. has charge ofthe case, and he is now
convalescent ...Benton & Co., are over
hauling the Cbardon House. : A, D. JIall
brines libel suit against Geo. A. Robinson
of Monroeville and the Cleveland Her
ald for publishing an item alleging his fail
ure. Geauga JiepuoHcan.
Cleveland had a second class sensation
last week Thursdav in tbe detection and
arrester four women, wuo are snown oy
circumstances to nave uutm in tne buou-
lifting business for years, in the morning
of the day spoken of, three women came
into tbe "Alaska diamond store," aud so
conducted themselves while there as to
excite tbe suspicion of the proprietor, who
when they left, followed at a respectable
distance behind, . Seoin? that tbey were
followed thev Quickened their pace, and
expecting to be overhauled, one of them
threw a ring which she had stolen, into the
gutter; A uia.w as picatsu up u., Luc iuiBiii
who continued traveling in the "footsteps
of the wrong doers" uutil he met a police
man. The old woman (aoom ou years oi
age, ) evaaea tne omcer oniy to iau into
tbe hands of another city guardian, and
the two youager were taken, although vio
lently resisting, to the station house.
Search was mane at mo oia iauys nouse
which resulted in tne nncung or large
ouautities of goods of all descriptions, in-
ciuoing ares ppuct pu, tuiaus, ciiipeuug,
shoes, Hiiks. curtains, punnets, etc, ine
nouses ot tne otuer womeu wno were
daughters of her,- who was undoubtedly
the ringleader, were also rewarded with
as discovery nr various articles oi wear
ing apparel, and nouse itirmsning goods
All of the .recovered valuables were
brought to the station house, and it is esti
mated that tuev were wortu at least I
t icusand dollars. The old lady whose
n.tme is Barbara Brobst, it seems had a
bank account or over a thousand dollars,
which she was constantly increasing. . A
schooner with all sail set, standing out
front Cleveland barborjoward petroit was
a cheering'sighl on the afternoon of Thurs
day the 4th iust. Local traffic will proba
bly be carried ou from this time forward.
with tne western pons on Laie r.ne
Ueuernl Merrill' Barlow died at his resi
tlsnce in the eastern part of this Pity upon
the morning oi naturaay ine itutu Ult
The deceased was well known and hlgulj
esteemed both in Cleveland andCdurabus
lie under the admlnistratlou of Governor
Brough held the position of state Quarter
master General, but since tbe close of bis
military career bas lived in this citv. He
leaves a wife and child to mourn his death
. . Tbe wife of Mr. John H. Deckand who
lives on the warrensville road was se
verelv iniured bv the bite of a large doe,
awtMid Uv lieu friiiiid, at whose Ubuae she
palled, The flesh upon her limbs was so
keriouMy mutilated that she will be una
ble to leave her room for weeks to eonie.
On Monday evening a meeting of tbe
druggists of the city was held at the store
of Strong & Armstrong, in anticipation of
the assemblage ot tne .National 1 nurma
ceutical Society in September next. The
following omcers were eiecteu, ana in llivir
management the charge of (1(0 lU'qnci-a
tlnin for the convention is to lip Vpfctpri
V, ' staokengjerrresicVeiit i S,M. Strong.
Vice President! It.Mnyell, Secretary: C
P. Vanpel, Treasurer.C'im'sfrtrtd Ltadtr.
Mrs. Truman Beeves thinks it very
strange that a tea rose bush in her posses
sion should bear a piuk rose, and after be
ing removed to tne bouse should perfect a
white one The first rain that tbe people
ot tienerson nave seen lorw uays ten last
Saturday. Quitc a long tnrerrftrHjn sjurply )
. . , . I qe pooine niuuv tue line pi tne raii
Koad are very' impatient fortlierrorft to gel
out oi. tbo ground, so1 tllatwotk IliaV be re.
rfumeU. " Last week a train passed over tha
ii)u will) two pnsseHger poaches, Pryln
jl oouipiiy ui uitui-iuiH, wuu wurv leviuw.
inn the work. Mr. Castle is mishing for.
ward the work upun the station house, with
an possible rnpiauy. jistiiaimia nentintl
(Jefferson, Ohio.)
T. S. Paddock, manufacturer, and bus
constantly on U.II rer'etp Hf jrit.et
Imbus, lulica and Military Cups, will iU
Other styles. Call and see nt Dill Hiiperlor
street, Cleveland, Ohio.
Don't buy your carpets uutil you have
seen the largo and elegant stock of new
carpet at P. Pratt A Co's. We will not be
Fob. ladies', misses' and childrens' Straw
Felt and Velvet Hats, go to Paddock's.
No. 221 Superior street, Cleveland, Ohio.
Ladies, so to P. Pratt Co.'s and see
the Dolly Varden prints.
Gents call and see the celebrated Lewis
De G roll's French . Calf Boot, sewed and
pegged, made in the city of Xew York.
392 T. P. Whitk,
T. S. Pakdock at 3So. 221 Superior street
Cleveland. Ohio, keeps a large stock of
Ladies Furs, and pays particular attention
to altering and repairitig old silks.
FirrY.new Ottoman Shawls just rocciv.
ed at P. Pratt Co.,s
I will warrant every pair equal if not
superior to custom work and will sell them
from two to five dollars lees tham you cau
get the same made to order.
892 T. P. White.
For Truuks, Valises, Buffalo Robes,
Satchels, Umbrellas, c go to Paddocks,
So. 221 Superior street, Cleveland Ohio.
All the new style of spring dress goods
just received at P. Pratt & Co.'s
Suicide committed, as tbe result of an
inactive state of liver and stomach, pro
ducing headache, obtuse Intellect, dull
ness, despondency, dementia, and finally
insanity, is no uncommon occurrence. All
these disagreeable symptoms and bad
feelings are most certainly dispelled by
the use of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical
Discovery. It revitalizes and builds up
the whole system. A little book on
chronic disease sent free. Address R, Y.
Pierce, M, D, "Buffalo, If. T. Golden
Medical Discovery sold by all druggists.
677. - -
T. S. Paddock No. 221 Superior street,
Cleveland, Ohio, bas the largest and
finest lot of gentlemen's, ladles' and child
ren's Hats and Caps in tbe city.
Large stock of embroideries, puffings
and tucklngs at P. Pratt & Co.'s
Fob Ladies, first-class Boots and Slip
pers, call, tbis Is the store to find such.
892 T. P, WHITE.
Scotch and American cheviot shirtings
at P. Pratt ft Co.'s -4
Now .Gents if you want to put on style
and save Five Dollars, enough to take
your black-eyed Susan out in the country
to see the ranibs skip and play( call and
get tbe Broadway Boot,
89S ( . T. P. Whit.
Black silks cheaper tUau ever at P.
Pratt & Co.'s
DRake goot care dot you saw dose goots
vat you call Japinesh silk vot you can puy
of P. Pratt and Gombany. Shore vot I
live you dond got some goots like dot, any.
how, aiod itt
, . . 1 .
Last. ;
Somewhere on Main street or the Park
a gold badge set with jet. The body of
the pin is composed of the two Greek let
ters Zt and Psi and has a name engrav
ed upon the back. Any person who has
found it or woo can give any information
that will lead to its recovery will be liber
ally rewarded by calling at, or writing to.
this office. Being a keepsake and menieu
to a reward would be paid for its re
covery much greater than its mere intrin
sic value would warrant.
, . Ts irlHslcianc,
Tho following from one who has had live
years experience in the manufacture of
Pianos, Melodiuns, and Organs, may be
Interesting to all who may wish to inves
tigate the subject, or to those who desire
buy, "No wood is fit to be put into a
Piano, Melodion, or Organ until It has had
three yeai s good seasoning at least. Five
months is the shortest time in which Rose
wood can be finished with Copal Varnish.
Three-fourths of the instruments of the
inds mentioned above, are made from
lumber se&aoued no more than thretorfowr
weeks. The result is, the piano will not stay
iu tune, tbe varuish will check and fall off,
and tbe instrument will be out of order
most of the time. Hazelton and Brother's
Pianos have stood taenty-jtte years, in
Xew England, and throughout the country
where they have been introduced. To-day
this firm are making a piano with more
real merit thin is possesed by any other
in the Lnited States. It don't cost a farm
to buy a biano, unless you indirectly pay
a commission to three or four agents.
I will sell a, Hazelton piano at a very
small advance on the cost to the manufac
turer. I will gives written guarantee from
Hazelton Brothers, and Myself, that the
instrument shall give perfect satisfaction
for yeais, and otherwise the money is to be
refunded. I will furnish ten or twelve dif
ferent makes of Pianos, usually sold about
the country by agents who know nothing
abont them; for less than $300,00,
Pianos, Organs, and Melodians tuned
and re paired by an experienced hand.
J. J. Pratt.
Painesville, Ohio.
Facts eor thk Lauikh. Mr. Leutz.
Philadelphia, Pa., bas had a Wheeler ft
Wilson Machine 16 years; for 8 years it
supported a family of nine persons, two of
these iuvalids, running ou an average of
19 hours a day, by different persons, with
out costing a eeut for repairs; some of
the original dozen of needles are still In
use; no personal instruction was received
and a child ten years old learned its use
thoroughly. 401
Corns on the toes,
Corns pn the nose.
The worst oorn that grows,
Cured by Smith A Marvin,
Eureka Corn and Bunion our.
V Xoourel No pay l I
Price only 50 cents.
Smith ft Marvin, Druggists,
376 . Painesville, Onio.
We clip the following from Danfortb's
Light for the World, ntonthly magazine
published In Cleveland, Ohio.
"We commend tbe following advertise
ment cut from the Telegraph, inserted by
our agency at Painesville, Ohio. It hits
all localities, and is fully endorsed by me
Dan forth.
Beware of 'quack' fluid, represented to
be Danlorth's Non-Explosive Fluid. The
genuine article Is sold in this place only
83 Main street. It being a patented article
i nye tne exclusive ngnt tor mis place
and any person palming off a spurious ar.
tide for a genuine, would be guilty of sell
ing spurious medic tie to a sick man."
, M, L. ROOT.
Oysters. 31. L.Root sells those cele
Drated Baltimore oysters by the case or
can, Received daily by express. So. 83
Main street.
The accident to Mr. R. F. Benedict
wbiled eeply regretted by all, has not, how
ever, made his old stand any the less a d,e-
sirabie place at which to. pipi.-)iHse anv
thiiiS" thftv Vttsy be wanted in the line of
Boots and Shoes, both lor ladies and cbll
dren's as well as for men's wear. M
James Morley,the present pnajsnetor, bar.
ing bought out Mr. Benedict will be pleased
to see all ofliis old patrous.uud will assure
both them and as many new friends as may
favor him with their patronage, po
pains will ne snarftu, tu itni-isiy ul please,
not only i style and finish of work, but lu
price as well. Remember tbe place, at
James Morloy's at the old stand of R, F
Benedict, No. 99 Main street.
How is Tuis for High? Wm. Haydn,
of the Globe Mills, has just received the
First Premium ou tbe best barrel of Vi'
Wheat Flour at t lie "Nftrteru, Oiiio Fair,
t?eld, n piyc"and, OUto, 1871. Premium,
a Silver Medal. Ttds is ludue'd a triumpli
ror the Globe Mills, some 30 or tOpf lb
best mills In the west ouuipeied for thi
medftli but there was nouse, the old Globe
was put through a course of sprouts iu
the early part of the season, and bas beeu
turning out flour that wins friend of those
who use it once. Mr..Haydn employs
the best millers to be foufld, n( lM
vromwd ail Mt WWM improvements,
Bonatiqttentiy be bus oue ot tho best mills
In the United States. We are glad to see
htm reap a reward for the liberal expen
diture ba has made on tbe Globe. "Cast
thy bread upon the waters" If yon want ft
silver medal.
M.L. Root scUe the uiobe Mills rioui'.
BURNETT BLAC K9TOCK In this city, April
10, 1875, by liev. Joseph A. Daly, Mr. William
Burnett and Miss Jane Blackstock.
HANCHETT la Chester, Geauga county, Ohio,
March 14, 1872, of consumption, Lavavbttr
Hakchktt, iu the forty-third year of his age
List el Letters
V-i nc at i-aincsville,Oiuo,, April IS, 187S.
Harden, Sarah 31 Lindsey, 3Irs PA
Bond. Theonhilns
Lindsley, J S
Lyman, Geo W
l-.ocke, Jas
Merrill, J W
A eff, Samuel .
Reynolds, Clarance
Steveuson, L W
Sniupter, J L
Tower. Gail
B rad field, J A Son
Brockwav, Chan
Brooks. JS
Caldwell, Jos 31
Childs, Geo W
Itouabue, O -.
Drake, Ji
French. John
Gedrty, Willie
Warner, Drs I D LC
iiaryey, rroi 11 c
n intuey, uev a F
nan, .,t
Persons calling for the above letters will say
uarlvart.isel." tl V Pllvr D u '
William C. Peters, Boston, Mass. "
Woodhull Clad In, Weeklv New Tork, N. T.
Mr. N. Coou, lianibdeu, Ohio,
Painesvillb, April IS S P. M.
Throughout the week in New York, money has
been very tight, the rates ranging from T per
cent, per annum to .- of 1 per cent, a day, and
on Saturday last as high as per cent, was paid
tor carrying.
The Bank Statement was unfavorable, and se
rious charges are made against the Tenth Na
tional Bank of New York for conspiring with
peculator to lock up 11,770,000 legal tender
Should the money market continue to rule
through this month with the same stringency
that has characterized It for tbe past two weeks,
there undoubtedly will be serious break up in
Stocks. Much Interest has of late centered uoon
Wabash stock, and it Is rumored that the Lake
Shore people and Canada Southern are contest
ing for the prize. The officers of the Tenth Na.
tional Bank have been summoned to appear be
fore the Banking and Currency Committee, in
pursuance of a resolution passed la Congress
On Thursday the books of subscription for stock
of the proposed United States National Bank
were opened at tbe banking house of Henry
Clews A Co. It is claimed by the friends of this
project that assurances have been received ma
king it quite certain that all tbe stock offered
will be speedily taken, Ob Wednesday tne whole
list of stocks declined from n to 3K per cent.
Governments have been steady.
Gold opened weak, but the last quotations are
strong at 110V-
The following arc the closing prices tor the
week on coin aud governments;
Buying Selling.
&?M-, mi lies
Silver large s
Silver small -
Sic of IB81 cuop 115 1151
r ivo-rwenties (itsia) con lliv llt.v
Five-Twenties (1864) con. .... HUi 11 .
Five-Tweuties tlstli) con. (old) lliiv 118
Five-Twenties u) Jan. & July. 11K US
Mc-iwcuuei iooi).... lia lis
ive-Twenties (lsusi naii naw
Teu-Forties unit ium'v.
Six's Currency 114 Ho u
Jocbsal Office, April IS P. M.
Duriug the past week the Flour market ruled
active, and s.tld readily at an advance of 30c over
our previous quotation.
In the Grain market Wheat continues flua,
but there bat been no advance in the last three
days. Sellers nre generally holding ou for
higher prices. Cora is active and the receipts
nave been large at the present paying price.
Buyers prefer ear corn .for storage. The mar
ket for Oats is dull, the demand being only for
choice Ne. 1 white. Rye and Buckwbeat no
sales; none being offered.
It is now reported that the wheat crop in tlds
section, which was supposed to be thoroughly
killed by the hard winter, is reviving rapidly
since the warm spring stmand rains have began
to use their restoring influence upon it. . By the
present appearance of the wheat fields in this
and adjoining counties, it is thought the coming
crop will be fully tip to the average, and many
pieces will yield more per aero than has been
produced in yean past.
The market during the past week has fallen off
on Butter from A to S cents per pound. Choice
is quoted at 20c Eggs are more plenty and the
price bas fallen off fully 5c. Potatoes are some
what lower owing to the favorable state of the
weather for moving, and tbe decline in price
will probably not be sustained long. There are
but very few Green Apples offered. They de
mand almost any price for fair fruit. -
Below we give the latest quotations;
Buvinir. . Selllna.
spring niicM rioor..,
X Red W Inter do ...
a 50
7 50
8 50
9 50
e uo
4 50
6 60
1 40
XXX Amber do .. .
XXX White do ..?
Rve do .
Graham Flour per cwt .
Buckwheat Flour, per cwt.
Corn Meal, 24.00 ton
Chop Feed. 56-00 ft ton C40
p. ail, per oni s 45
No. I Mackerel, per ii bbl. . 13 00
ino. 1 n nit nsn, per um.
No. 1 Trout, per & bbl
Potatoes 60
White Wheat. 1 0
Red Wheat 1 60
e 50
6 40
1 70
1 60
Rye 75-
Corn, shelled 55 63
Corn, ear, New , 58 -. TO
Buckwbeat 1 00
Oats, 40 46
Butter SO 25
Lard 12 .
Cheese... 18 SO
Tallow 7 8
Chickens, " rh 14 is
nams 411 t
Shoulders 7 10
Dressed Hosts ......5 00
Beef. fi OOXM 00
Kggs ia4 15
Bean 1 25S 00 t 25
Dried Apples 7c. 10
Green Apples -.... 100t$lt0 1 MX&l 40
xattv J uu
The market for Wool has been very quiet tn
the East, ana but few -transactions are quoted.
Prices are nominal. The stock of fleece wools
is said to bo nearly exhausted, Palled wools are
In good supply 1 for this reason prices are weaker
and holders are willing to throw off a shade to
effect sales. It is reported that the agitation of
the tariff question iu Congress is having its ef
fect Uon the trade making the market quiet
that would probably be active were the question
dropped. Holders are confident as to the future
and prices are very well sustained. The prices
range from Se to 93c per poum according to
quality, . '..-.
Cleveland. Anril 12.
The followlnc are the wholesale sellimr nrica.
which are carefnllv revised and corrected. The
report of the sales of grain always indicates the
price from store unless otherwise designated:
r lock ine marsei nas neen nrm throughout
ult; ' t u v, ,uw ikuwuu guuil. - Y, C quutO
Citv -made XXX white... ,
8 7& 00
. 8 Ktf(8 50
XX amber...,
T 00
. 1 60(0)7 75
Country-made XX white
. fi 26(48 UI
. 7 75(.y8 08
aa rcu
" Xi-ed......
a TaytT UU
Rti Flofb Ouiet aud market steadv .ikiiti
Cl.W ner lihl.
n beat l uemaraet nas been coinpailtively
steady during the week. It is held to-dav at
i,w ior winter, irons, store.
COBS Market has remained unchanged, and
there is but little movement. Shelled selling at
52 rents.
Oats -Dull and steady, during the entire
week. Held at 4:1c. But little prospect or im
mediate change.
RYK Held at 75e. for No.,1 market steadv,
Baki.iv .Market firm and stead v: . ranjting
fi-oiii 7(kr. to 1,00.
Poke The market havbeen stnndv and there
has been a fair dcinaiuk held at IS.0O lor No. 1
mess; 12,50 for No, 2 dM I4,0u for extra clear.
Lahu The market has lieen aud is, quiet ami
steady I sales at . in tierces, citv rendered ,,
country reudered Sft8.;c.
llSKtv-IIs renin inwl quiet and unchanged
through Hie entire week; stun of extra moss, at
Bt'fi-KK Prices have fallen, and the market
is now uitirh easier than in the first part of tae
week. .
CHkxsr. Market remains Arm n during tbe
early part of the week : tsu jur. Sir large qitaut
ities, small lots l",'.H5(ec;
Eoiis Tj'li, mmiict has Imn onlv moderatelv
supplied, The price has fallen, but is bow llriii
at Vl(dlc. bv the package.
I"UTAT0S"Therc has been a fair demand aud
although the market is now llrui, the price has
I'alleu slightly during the week, t ar loads or
Iteach blows at toe. ; store lots S5c
Onions Tho market lias remained in a steady
condition, and price varies from 2,25 Wi,aci.
Clurtiinati, '
' , , , CtKCtNX ATI. April 12,
t ottos "Vlarket has Im-co unflMctuatiug; sales,
of mi'lUllug af tel.lraMvc.
ELH:R--i-hc markethas risen, good demand
ami sales of lauiilv at 7,70147,75,
WhkatTuc market has advanced. There is
now a lair demand, and sales of red at I,K)(rfl.T3
I'OHK MtM'kDt light aud unsetUed. Sales
lVB lieeu made at 14,50 upou 60 days lime, now
bringing 15,00.
Laud Market has remained firm; sellers ask
ing K.2& for steam, and K.75 lor kettle rendered.
whisev stcadv at I-4.'.
BrTTKK M-arce iu the market. Firm at ma
New Yc-rk. Ltve Btaekt..
t . '- Yo. April 12.
GaTTL The market has ruled heavy during
the week, 640 hcad,of cattle sent in to-dav, seul
It up aud closed out the stale lots. Prices "closed
at !2Sc for fj cwt. jfattle. Some Cherokee of
6Br-.Small supply, market, raise.' , eent.
Lambs scarce, fat ones brlus'u, gt present 18c,
although they have twea lower through tha
week. O510 VyA sotd Rt 8.00 each. Rheep have
?,1HV,T,"'itsi0H tho week from 1 V to 10.ic.
lTAua-Tlia dallv VMldlila .l..rl.,,r ,1m sunk
have We large, the market has been most of
tbe time aim, and is to-day firmer. There it a.
km if" am wunvucy. AJresseo ptgs voacsuua
V'.. end heavy KnBVe., closing te ufgbt firm.
Toledo. April is.
- M.oc-still arm and in fair ueiaiui..
Wheat Market firm and demand fair. Sale
No. 1 white .Michigan al J,70fl,70'.-; No. It do
"'11'"" Michigan at l,60;4..l,tii; No. 1 rod
.V" "'arket has -only been marked tir
slight lluctations during the week.
CCRx--ni: and a shade lower, sale of hlitli
"lea at 48c,, low mixed at 47c, no grade 46s"
Oats Have been dull throughout the' weak
for No yei!nt briB ior -
Cklcac. '"' ' ' ; ""
' , . Chic Ato, April Ii
.iavi? aTTH" I8""""! '"" ' last two or three
lajsot the week has been increased. Salus of
extra spring at 6,25u,50.
h WH.""J"Se"s,t I""""" active, market noa.
tinning nrni; sales of No. i spring 1,24 ti sis. . .
.t o--?e market lux tieeu Steady all sua
week; sales at SSttse.
rVfcTsi'ilave been .inlet and steaily at "Uka,
for So. 2 for nearly all of the pMt week.
Very Desirable : Styles j
238 & 240
THE subscriber intbrms the ladies of Palae.
. , vUle that he has made arangemeuU where
by he ean furnish , - ' .
Ffrvm wnR.i?-
of all descriptions at lower rates than ever of.
"0 iu vm wwu. LAOiet, call and sae
me before roina- to 4 lamlRnH rv. l.
Satisfaction guaranteed or no charge.
. "17 Maia street, no stain.
New York Cheap Store.
HAS Just opened for the Spring Trade the
most elegant stock of
SILK STRIPES, . ; ; ": :
Foreign and Domestic, and all nov- i
elties of tbe season. A stock of ,
S H l L S.I
New and aneqnaled la .
elegance and variety:
Of every description, from
Six to Twenty-five dollars.
Qriilts and White O-oods
Till you can't rest '
l 1 osr e dst s !
. . . r
Bleached and Brown Damask.
Table Cloths and Kaukitu, . .
Towelings and Crash, '. '
Cassimeres & Cloakings,
At very lew ngnres. COATS' and CLARK'S
THREAD at 70 cents per doaen. Best quality
.Kept constantly oa hand. ''
, B. EHrlioli,
10arl-2 ?i Vaia 8L, Painesville, a
Joseph. Jolinaonv8
& GO'S.
No. 90
ONE of the eldest Shoe bouses la Northern
Ohio. Tbe cheapest place in the State te
purchase all kinds of
My stock Is very extensive, conststlag of .
all the varieties of Mens', Womens' and
Children's Boots, Shoes, Gaiters and Slip
pers, and Leather Ftniii'igs, allof wkirh
will ba sold nt exceedingly small profits,
lor ready pav. Call and see. Remember
the place. No. M Main street, two doers
west of A. W itt ox's Rank. Avail your
selves of the rare c sauce of iavarung
your money. We charge nothing for
snowing our goods. No. I Mala street.
Jfrfttjf'e Chtap JvVoeV Pi Shoe.Stor.
Buy Twenty Cents worth and receive a
Of an Alphabet for tbe Children, worth IS Canto.
Stone & Coffin,
Superior St., Cleveland, O.
Have received their SPRING STOCK of
Which is tbe Largest and Bea ever e (tared fa
300 pieces BODY BRUSSELS, 600 pleeea
And any quantity of Ceoaner rarpekt. ""
- Our facilititM forobtataeiggooiU frotu the
maiiulacturers ul us tuofierthem at
than aay ether bouse In Northera Ohio '

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