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Governor. Edward 'J Xoyes; terra expires
i"wBi'iGoveraoiyJaool Mueller; Urn ex
pires January 171. .
Secretary f Stnte, Isaac Sherwood;. teria ex
pires February JS74. " T '
Treasurer f starter- 8-Waracir; term expires
.Ai"fit.VJtV Wilrutfc4.
pires February 1614.
Comptroller or Treasurer, V . T..V dson; lei in
expires February 15. ' , f
Attornrv General. Frederic B. Pond; tcriwex
pires February 1S74. - . ' .
t'oramisslouer l' Sebool, Thomas H . HttrTey ;
Term expires Fclirnrrry
ltoara oi mmic uri,s, i.ivuai'i -
. HATS, CAPS, etc.
a Furs. Trunks and Gent's Furnishing Goods,
SKwkv'f old Lud, 79 Maiu street, PaiuesviUr,
s butioaery. Fancy Article. Wall Paper,
Lie, KUu, Maia street, Painesilie, Ohm.
a Provisions, Fruit, Confectioaeriate, a-c
S3 Alain street, Paineaville, Ohio.
rj . i.r-Kixv? A..ai uinsw auj aamaa.
.rnlKMl- Phillip P.
VJWS3. AT ?. to "TJT Ohio.
Ca.b Daid tor Butter and
I'rouuce- lfiimwaraw
j? s and all uwu o
Teas kept coostaat-
llerzing; terra ex- I ty on hand.. Xo. 189 Stat street, Painesville,
rr r , -r i T ah In.
JUarkmoYe 4 Baker's clothing establishment,
Main street.
Judge of Common
.luogeoi rnjuiur,
County Clerk,
Sheriff. - "
Deputy WriffTZT 7
Treasure ' v"
Prosecuting Attorney, -Auditor.
Comity Surveyor,
- M. C. Casfield
f sJ.1d.;B"S.AmN
t, ST. CHii.ns
T:. I. beknei
James H. Taylor
t lerk, -Marshal.
3n.ii!''.' r-c-ir
A Xros Wilcox
fC. 1. ADAMS
CXnaiaDenX - xX Jjlji. fir avjdman
1 &. OHAV
i.V. W. DlSOI.7
O. Cavendish:
8". T. Ladd
V All bMiaeu ntrasted to me will be
promptly attended to. , .
Street Commissioner,
.TuiticcsftiW VH
it a
Db. H. C. Beard8I.ee, - - a-!
H. P. Sanford, - ftecretarj
3. A. TlBDXL, A. L. TIMER.
John XT.
If. C. Beardsley,
High School Building, lMinesviUe, pa the last
Saturday in every month except July and Au
icust, at 9 o'clock A. M. ...
' u. c. Beardsley, President.
JOHN W,LW(t4;l?tYQ
Going East.. - , , , i"1 E Jf"
MiddleBeld (HfoBdars and Tueday 10 AiM.
rom casi, - -
'-- - - .OH P. M.
r.:8ff A. M. and B- P. M.
VrnmWest. - - -M. ami 11 :u r. .
ileveland (special), - - ' - - : i'S??!'
Charrton - m:uU a. jl
SliddleSeld (Toesdnys and Fridays), P. M.
Leiters'shouia Tio left at the Postofllce one
Letters will he reswly- for delivery t)SE H ALF
ov alter trains arrive, except mads rucMial
at night, whi h will be delivered next morning.
I.etlteTii,pVito In the Ont-ddc letter Box
up to o'clock P. M. will be sent lv the niKht
moils. GEOKGE V, PAI.VE, P. Jl.
Not. 19, 1871.
Lake Shore and -Witliiiran Southern
Jr-'Wt'79'tntil further notieetj . , -. ,- ,
X "- - GOIXG EAST.'r '
Atlantic Pay ( inc'tti Special
stations. Express Express Express N. i.Ex
CKHtnli.anir.A.'U. ii.st.jkx, 4JnM-il0MP.M.
Wllloil'h'V 11.40 A.M.
Painewilfe &40A.M. ILWa.m. 6:IJp.i. U:20p.U.
Matlisou ... 9.02A.M.
Geneva.... 12:30p.m. 6::.p.m
Ashtabula.. 9.aji. 1S:p.m. 5p.m. 12:04p.m.
Ciirard 10.20a.m.
Erie 10.50a.m. 2:10p.m. 7:inp.M. 1.20.AM.
Sp'l t'liFl Toleilo I'acillc ) Stvam
1 BT'i'rTtiX. koEv Express JjxpresboatBx
Erie a.40A.M. 10.10a.m. SiSOP-M. 1.0T.A.M.
Ashtabula.. 4.MA.M. 11.49a.m. 4:Tp.m. 2.57a.m.
Guiestt. r ttffcMM ilil
Madison.... 12:27p.m.
Perry I2:3p.m.
Paineaville 5.41A.M. 12:54p.m. 3:2tiP.M. 4.06A.M.
Willnul)'' ,.. IriOpji. , ; .i.4.3slA.M.
Euclidj. . Mr.M. , 1
Cleveland, .f C.SSa.m. 2:05p.m. B:30p.m. 5.20a.m.
VCieVeiund 4.30 p,tn LArjtt Conn eaut 7.45 p.m
I.'Vs CoHneaut 5.10 a-ui I Ar.ut Clevol'nd 8.45 a.m
This train iroiuur west uasscs Painesville at
7:19 A. M. Goin.sr east passes Painesville at 5:59
y. Mm; t,U v, ' -..t - - ;t;i 1
The Special Chicago Expvess runs daily except
The7':4.a. 111. train from Cleveland and the
3:10 p. 111. train from KrftTtmdon Siuulay.
CHAS. F. HATCH, Gen'l Siip't,
JOH CAVE"IISH .Vltorney at Lw,
office Second btory VYilcox Block.
a Counsellor at Law. CoUections prompt
ly attended to. Office, Moodey's Block, Paines
ville, Ohio. "- - -
T LAW. and Xotary Public over tbe Fost-
oiucc, Painesville, Ohix.
TAILOBS U ntore lately occupied by
.t. ja. x tataarr, r.aAUvaaaa wiiaia.
TAIIOBS and dealers in Clothing, Hats,
( apt. Furnishing Goods, ate, Milwaukee Xloeax,
rainesviue, onto:
fj of Plain and Ornamental Printing. Office
o. 114 stocaweii iiousc ttioca, am street.
a' Blank Book Manufacturer, third floor, cor
ner of M nin and SMJlair streets, PainesTille, O.
OODflA.1 aft
in all kinds of Pine and Hemlock Lum-
8hinriesa Lath. 1'osU. Dressed Flooriua
Siding, c TJnlcc S00 State at; raineSTllle, O.
FLaUlICWi t all lUnato, eaeaoe M Mais
and State streets, ever Frcehs C reeeryJ aines
ville,TjhId. Custom Work a specialty.
SALE Dealer in all kinds of Photographer's
Stock, Frames, Ac, at Clapsadel's old rooms,
Main street. ,
in towta. mcWteut ixctpHon. 6T Mai a St.
BOABDnO HOT8E, Xo. 801 State sC
1. B EX S ETT, Proprietor. Lavge rooms,
goofl accommxlations
wsik irom nam street.
and not two minutes'
First Page.
The DaughUr.
.'I ..'.. V.. Mri. Jfary K. Xtaly
Marie Fred E. Weatherlv. B. A.
The Teti of tie Heirtt&rialJ A athor. of The Matd
Anecdote of Public Men
II atihinaton niunday Morning Chronicle
A Good Friday Custom A. .S'. Dodae
An 'tretordinary Story. . Exchange
A Hvaband who Couldn't Appreciate the Dolly
I ardent aelected
Chrfal our--Brother.-.-. . . - - .Henru Ward Seeeher
Stick to the? Broomstick : . . -. Eaechttnae
Crimen and Casualties Compilation
Metanae Compilation
Skcokd Page.
Editorial Paragraph. . . . . . l.
Literariana. t .......
Xeictof the Week:.... ...y..i.
Third Paoe. .
Stranger' Guide
Euine9 Directory
The Rule of Pleading at CamtKon Lav :
rtr.S.lK Sibbet
According Dancin v Laura L. M'Klte
Jnstrere to Correspondent.... ; .:
J. oca I Setcx
Special tMnreajeMidenc ttu 'Journal. . ...
Waifs rot our JitatUrs
Locale ftiom Other Localities
Marine. .
Mm lteiit-H"'te-eiedy Fore ign .
Fourth-J" idti-
The Gnome of the Fairv Grotto .
A methyst Wayne
Ayrintftvraf- 4i-
t'roctieal Mints... . .. :'. ..
Heligiims Xeic
Xorel Ppiiof StoeLiitgs. ..
Koek Beer.. . . . . .......
A jHnfrriiuj Charity
Xerer Mind Pising Early .. .
Ixtekkstixg nevi will be found in our
department of marine.
The rrdbitte Court is to be opened on
Monday for the prosecution of criminal
A parish library consisting of se vera 1
hundred volumes is to be opened soon at
St. James church.
Lampsox At Co., wetted in one day's fish
ing at Fairport, 10,096 pounds of bass.
White sh, sturgeon, etc.
HOXDAY April 29th, 1872, 3:30 o'clock p.
m- the first IJoliy V aruen on me street
viaable to the naked eye.
Maimw'b lane and Mechanics alley have
been put into passable condition by the
laying of ground, leveling, etc.
Johx L. Branch, Esq., has moved into
the room over Blackmore's store, and in
tends to occupy it as an office.
We stated in our last week's issue that
the Soldiers' Monument in Mentor was to
oost 2jm. It should be $1,600.
All of the Dolly Vardeo's that we have
yet seen: appear to be hirers eye repro-
seBtations of water melon patches. ?
The band and orchestra under the lead
ership of Prof. Burt, tfave another of their
admirable concerts last Friday evening.
A pleasant little dance was given to the
boarders at the Stockwell House on Fri
day evening, by one of their number.Mrs.
OXLY- ine marriage license has been
granted during the past week, that to Wil
lard Trlsket ft himself and Amanda Car
nahan. ...
BowmaK, Way at Eggleston, successors
to Eggluston at Clemmons are continuing
the manufacture of patent toothpick and
lamp lighters. "
A matter for church officials to look in
to the conduct of a number of boys who
are regular In -attendance, and generally
occupy the back seats.
Otjr thanks are due respectively to
Messrs. Lampson at Amidon, Mrs. Davis.
and Mrs. GeBean for line white nsh re
ceived from their hands.
Pasor.'' fenrvlces on Sunday aV 10' J A.
M. and 7P.M. Church Conference oti Thurs
day evening St 7)i o'clock. Bible Service, to
which old and voung are invited, at 12 o'clock
M. Walter C. Tlsdel, Superintendent.
ST. JAMES CHTJRCn Rector, Thomas B.Wells,
204 State street. Services 10W A. M. and in
P. M. Sunday School at IS.' P. M. Horace
Steelef;tiperiuAeBdenb . r ; .
M. E'mtltI-- -YbnmanM. Pastor. Services
everv Sabbath at M'i A. M. and 7'J P. M.
sabbath School meets at Wi P. M. E. S. Voung,
Superintendent . or r. , i.f
rr BlsRR, arnd-etori M is L. WhiminrA ntlac
1 MhmT 4 Scrieea Balrflath at WS"A. -k
grain. Services at A. M. and Vi V. M.
Sabbath -School at lS;i P. M. V. D. Hyde,
SuiieriutendcnU , Prayw Meeting on Thursday
evening at 7 o'clork. ' ' "
THE BAPTIST CHI' RCII Pastor, E. A. Stone.
Sorvit0 A.andlJfeR. JlL.dsbbath
School at 13 M. C. h. Brink, Siiperin
tendent. Prayer Meeting every Thursday eve
tilg at SiJ o'clock. .-,1. : . . !
ST. MARY'S CI1 URCH,(Cathollol-a,ohn Traccy,
n&tnr. Services everv Sundav at 8 A. M..
10 A. M. and 111 V. M. Suuday School at 2
iaVoloekPiM. T .-.. ' ; --. i .
Library llooms 11 .Main stveet. rrayer.Mect
iug vCry Tuesday evening . . :
A speck 011 the globe, but an atom, a mite, "
1 nnatly grew to agruo;
When casting my skin I crept forth to the light
in a style my oescenaauis wouia snuo.
Then t changed to a bee, to a humming bird next,
10 a pewee, a room, ann crow.
With the last transformation I truly felt vex't,
1 remember, tnongn ages ago.
From my plumage of let I at length was released,
And mounted on pimous more strong; .
And thro difTrent gradations .waxed up to a
j - beast, i -As
the eenturies circled along.
From a poodle the link yon can easy discern
A na tnc unnuy s projcnitor trace,
remained acanine, tho' I altered in turn.
Till in dog-dom i finished my race.
I was wolf, leopard, tiger, and great grizzly bear,
Then an eleiihant awkward and biir:
Then became a gorilla, so frightful 'twould scars,
Till metamorphosed to a 'nig.'r
By some chance adventure I strayed to the pole,
T, aiuns 1 uivnuivu vy uegn'ao, uuiii waaeia
Much perfected by time iu its on-rushing roll,
1 g,uilc shudder at what I have been.
If a tew ages o'er I shall alter some more,
And coutimte this singular plan.
Can a Darwin explain what is loom in? before,
w nen 1 cease to oe ranked as a man .'
' U 11 11.." j ' '
TEMPLE LODGE, Xo., 28, P. and A.M. Paines
ville. Meets the 'second and fourth Thursdays
in each month, l'crry Boswortn, v .
P A TXF.SV1T.L.E CHAPTER. No. 46. It- A.. M,
Meets the first and third Thursdays in, each
n.nn.h. F WKellV. M. E. II. P.
IrvKSTlf.LE COfXCIL. Xo, 23. Roval and
Select Masters. Meets Fridays after the first
mi I ,.1. 1 1. f Vanlamln T
I IllirSUHV 1UCBUI UlUUlll. tM. Dinwiii) i
I. 3. M.
WIT.T)IJGHBY I.ODGE. Xo. S02. F. and A. M
. Willaughbv. Stated ConiBtunieations on- the
second and fourth Tuesdays in each month.
W. II. Turner, W. M.
LAKE SHORE LODGE, Xo. 307." Madison.
-' Stated Communications every second and
' fourth Saturday of each month. - M. O,
Preston- W. M.
PAIX ESVILLE LODGE. Xo. 412. Meets on the
seceua ana loiirrn uiuroays- 01 eacn moniu.
'V. Kelly, W.M.
CORXrCOPIA IX)Ih;E, Xo. 212, meets Tuesday
.1. Andrews, V. G. : W . LHrau, it. s.; C. O
, 'Guild, f.B., i. . Joeaii, Areas. ...-:
riSIOS ENCAMPMEXT. Xo. 46, meets cvei-y
.ilteifnale Wednesday evening. Officers I.
V. AxteL C. P.: W. IJoran, S. V.:n.R. Morse.
. ). W.s L. rarris H. P. C. O. Child, Scribe
D. W. Mead, 1 reus.
f bk Rallwave met with ill lack last Sat
urday, being beaten by a picked nine to
the tune of 41 to 18. They expect to play
another game next week.
On late many truek loads of furniture
have been seen making their solemn way
through the streets, and certainly consti
tuted a most moving scene, y. , .
Lazy and ignorant parties who will not
or cannot obtain minnows, in their , pisca
torial enthusiasm buy sardines for bait
and say that they are excellent.
"Wn see lately several hats worn on the
street with an anchor fastening the band
in front. Does the custom indicate that
the wearers have an 'ankering after the
sea? :
Early asparagus and suggestive green
peas have made their appearance in
town. Not in the markets, however, but
in response to the call of an extravagant
importer. r . . . . . 1 1
Me'ssrs.'oarfield and Jewell" have pur
chased and put into, their livery stable
several very handsome buggies an carti
ages, obtained of the Painesville Carriage
Company. . - - . .
K yearling calf, bred and raised upon
the farm of Mr. Benjamin Pepoon was
placed upon the scales last Saturday, and
found to weigh seven hundred and eighty-
slx pounds. : : -
Next winter's supply of sausages
might be rendered of ft superior quality,
and many present benefits incurred if a
dog pound should be established in the
A lkttkr from midshipman Irwin of the
U. 8. N. which was received too late for
publication this .week will appear in our
next issue. The communication is an in
teresting cue.
'JtOBTi Keelby a blacksmith; in Mc-
Grcw's wagon shop made an assault upon
Isaac Hokirk Thursday morning. ut
Bli.ht iuiuries were inflicted by either of
the combatants.
Remkmber to attend the meeting at
Chiid'a nail Monday evening. Arrange
ments are to be made for the annual deco
ration of soldiers graves, a subject in
which all should feel interest.
Mk.B. A. Stockwell, our former towns
man, made, not long since, a donation of
five hundred dollars toward the building
of the new parsouage of St. James Church.
The ladies who are circulating the sub
scription paper, have also a number of
otner liberal gifts recorded.
Ax improved stereoscope with a number
of specimens some of tbeut quite rare
has lately arrived at the Lake Erie Female
Seminary. The instrument was purchased
in Europe nearly a year since and it was
for some time considered lost, but was all
the time safe in the V. S. Custom House.
Attbxtion is called to J. B. Collacott's
advertisement in another column.in which
will be found a brief summary of his busi
ness. New and nice goods are what makes
Mr. C.'s store popular, and now there are
greater attractions there than before, as
several of the latest styles have been re
ceived. Mb. John Pcrtell living in the Greer
neighborhood lost a barn last Monday by
fire. His wife who tried to rescue a calf
from the flames was so suffioated that she
fell and would have been consumed but
for the assistance of several men who
seized her and carried her out. The eause
of the fire is unknown.
A small bey named Brenam fell from a
boat into the water while fishing near the
plank road ferry, but was pulled out before
going under once, and received no greater
injury than the loss of his fish hook and
line. Both he and his companions were
badly scared however, and will doubtless
learn a lesson by the accident.
Tbi concert given by the cornet band
ana orchestra last Friday evening was at
tended by a larger number than were eith
er of the former ones. All present were
weir pleased and only disappointed at the
close of tho programme. We may, if the
warm weather continues hope for another
series of open air concerts in the park, to
begin seen.
Tmc annual conference of the O. C. M.
S. will hold its State Convention in our
city, lieginning at 2 o'clock, Tuesday, May
21st, and continuing for three days. Elder
Krrett of Cincinnati, will preside and de
liver the opening address on Tuesday eve
ning. AH the prominent ministers in the
State of that denomination are expected
to be present.
The approach to the south end of the
bridge at the foot of Main street is a dan
gerous one, the roadway being narrow,
with banks upon either side. 1 Bailings
should be built along the sides of the road
and those upon the abutments of the bridge
be made more secure. It Is time to see to
such things before lives are lost or serious
accidents happen.
Mr. W. H. Shlmakkr, a painter, while
engaged In work upon the roof of the San
dusky depot, slipped in some way and
was precipitated a distance of twenty
feet to the ground, breaking his leg and
causing other injuries. He was soon af
ter the accident brought to his home in
Mentor, where his many friends willbe
glad to lenrn he is rapidly improving un
der home treatment.
Dainns ml Our Cltr Father.
At the last meeting of the council Fri
day evening April 26lh there was a large
attendance, nearly all the members being
present. Mr. T. W. Loorais was sworn in
as Treasurer and Frank Rogers as Street
Commissioner. After which the fallowing
resolutions were adopted:
Essoined, That the compensation of
Street Commissioner be fixed at the rate of
two 00-100 dollars for each day of service.
Eesolced, That au order be drawn on the
Treasurer in favor of the Street Commis
sioner, for one hundred and fifty dollars,
to be expended on streets.
The Mayor by and with the advice and
consent of the members of council made
several appointments as follows: Fire
Wardens, District 1 J. M.Benjamin. Dis
tiict 2 H. G. Dean. District 3 C. Buell.
District 4 E. Judkins.
A memorial of the Volunteer Fire De
partment was received and referred to the
Committee on Fire and Water.
Council adjourned for one week.
Real Estate Transfers.
The following is a list of the real estate
transfers recorded during the past week.
It will be noticed that it is much smaller
than usual:
Harvey Woodworth to Samuel Morrison,
Painesville. 5-8 acre, lot 11, tract 2.
H. H. Pooler to Waldon Saxton, Mad
ison; SO rods, lot 4 in Unionville.
Lowell Cram to Samuel Stratton. 7J3O-100
acres ; lot 5 in Paine tract, Madison.
O. S. St. John, executor, to John Eoo
ner, Willousrbby : lot 72 St. John's sur-
1 vev.
Wm. Phillips to Chas. H. DeForest,
Madison, 26 42-100 acres, lot 7. tract 2.
Wm. S. Peck t Wml Bawlison, Wil
loughbv; 20 acres in tract . 4.
Uenrv P. Turner to Thomas Shehan,
Willoughbv ; 73 7-100 acres. , .
O. S. St. John, executor to S. T. Wil
sen. Willoughby; lot So. 17 St. John's sur
vev. '
Almyron Hopkins tnX. Lt Morris, Per
rv ; y. acre in lot 35.
'E."L. Plympten to W. J. Cornelius,
Madison; village lot 2 1-S acres. .
E. L. Melleu, per Sheriff, to 11 F. Wy
man, Madisou; village lot i acre.
R. Freeman ami others to D. T. Pope.
Madison; 5'i acres lot 7 and 12 Paine
tract. ... .t ...
Alfred Morlev to Guv W. Smith. Kirt
land, 123 acres, lot 19, 82 and 33 tract 1. .
Were it not for the unaccountable ec
centricities that are always, for some in
scrutable reasou, to be found in company
with the - highest order of genius, one
might have felt certain that warm weath
er had really come, from the appearance
upon the street of a distinguished member
of the press, in this place, elegantly ar
rayed in lineu coat and hat of straw. But
some things are so uncertain that you
can't most always tell.
BY BK. 8. P. fclBBET.
ijirtiivV.R5? -noMEOA-
, PATHIsT and Surgeon. Ollice over Hoi -umb
A Gould's Hardware Store, No. 77 Main
street. Painesville, Ohio. Office hours 7 to 9 A.
Al,i to4-ii'lYi toflfl'r,M. Residence uoruer.of
JaWwtrtoid St. Clair'rtreet-.'
u. UI'KMI. TI ,
TH1S1. 1 oimg lileat, i-ainesviiie. unio.
i (Hire hours 7 to 9 A . M.. 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 1'
Residence Stockwell House.
Va BLOCK. Office Hours From 11 A. M.
to 1. M.
The "declaration" on the plaintiff's art.
Comes first in course, with this thepleadiugs start,
i lie next in order is ueicnnaut s "piea:"
Bhmilfl nlftintiff tn the nlaft ranlv- Mwflt he
tils "replication," as you u plainly see.
'lieioindcr" follows, if defendant nlead."
The plaintiff's surrejoinder" then may lead.
"Rebutter" still defendant may insist, -The
plaintiff's "surrebutter" fills the list;
AO lurtner picas on euner sine are orougnt;
The ne plus ultra has been found, not sought.
Just seven liaks make an this leral chain.
The last link reached, to seek for more were vain.
A unal "issue" must ne somewnere round.
To which contending parties may be bound.
This "issne" must be one of "law" or "faot;"-
It must ne -single," tuis tire rules exact;
Also "certain" and "material" too;
For if upon a close and fair review;
These requisites are not all clearly found.
The "issue" reached will be declared unsound.
Three brief and simple rules here introduced
w ill tend tosnow now "issues ' are produced.
The first is this: that after plaintiff's "plea,"
Or "declaration" it should rather be;
The Darties must at each successive stan
"Demur" or."plead," and thus their battle wage
By way of "traverse;" or they may instead,
-in coniession ana ktuiimocc piean.
The substance of rule second seems to be.
That where a traverse is a party's plea,
"Issue must be tendered then and there."
The rule's imperative, and plainly fair.
Lastlv. an "issue" tendered well must be
Accepted. Tbe law permits no further plea.
Were this not so, the -matter in dispute
Could not appear, and bootless then tbe suit;
t uries would oe a larce, ami conns a xorm,
And pleading of its only province shorn.
Logic severe through pleading doth abound,
And he its best interpreter is found,
W ho can for all Its varied rules supplv
The reasons which those rules do underlie.
For earnest students there's a royal road
To legal lore that leads beyond a "Code;"
Stretching far on to where a temple stands.
Whose towering- height the law's broad field
This stalely temple, reared In ages past
Is firm, compact, aud of proportions vast.
By slow degrees the massive structure grew.
Its workmen wrought with vigor ever new,
Age follows age. and still the work goes on;
A it. learning. genius, all their stores were drawn,
E'er yet this monument to legal lore.
To Law and Lawyers sacred evermore,
Stood forth complete. 'Tis now the scholar's
The law's dejigfcwtlie pleader's only guide.
nut I Ulgress; uixressiuu aiere iiiut uiiu,
Or leave will not ue granted to amend.
nwi n nmi.i given.
So then rieht here I'll ask to be forniven:
Or plead to all not strictly "legal" matter.
l ute per multie nonnuaiur.
Thf.rk was a stockholder's meeting of
the P. Y. B. It. at their ofHce last Thurs
dav. Mpssrs. Ford and Meyer sent meir
proxies, but nothing was done, and the
meeting adjourned until June otu.
Tbi trailing arbutus is now in blossom
at the mountain and pleasure-seekers re
turning from that popular place of resort
bring back quantit ies ol the sweet smelling
flowers to those who remain at home.
From the frequency of the fishing excur
sions made lately we had thought that the
finny tribe must by this time be wholly ex
tinct iu the waters near Painesville. Still
we daily see some lucky disciple of old
Isaac trudging homeward with a string of
cattish or suckers, as proudly as the most
expert trout angler could do. These ama
teur fishermen always take along a little
moncv, and usually buy one or two fine
looking bass er pike before reaching town.
Thk Liberal Convention was called to
order.last Saturday at the Court House,
and the Hon. Vri Seelcy elected chairman
and R. M. Murray, secretary. The follow
ing gentlemen were elected as delegates
to the Cincinnati convention with the
power to add to their delegation. Mr. W.
P. Tisdle, C. C. Jennings, Jerome Palmer,
J. B. Burrows, Seth Marshall, H. A. Stew
art, L. 3. Morten. J. S. Casement. The
convention then adjourned to meet by or
der of the chairman after tbe close of the
Cincinnati convention.
At the Xatienal Academy.
The Xew York papers have lately con
tained long report of the spring exhibition
at the National Academy of Design, and
from them we learn that there is a larger
number of pictures hnng this year than
usual. Both W. H. and J. H. Beard are
represented, and in speaking of a painting,
the description of which we published some
weeks since, the reporter of the New York
Standard says:
"In the west room of the National Acad
emy we find W. 11. Beard's delightful pic
ture " Dickens Receiving his Friends,"
where ha brings us lace to lace witn our
old acquaintances: Oliver Twist, lagm.
Bill Svkes, not ever forgetting his dog,
Betsy Trotwood, Pickwick and Sam. Lit
tle Nell, Quilp, Sairy Gamp, Uriah Heep
and Barnaby Rudge. But we feel grieved
and disappointed that Mr. Beard has
omitted to present to us that young lady
hose name is now on every up Aoiiy
The World gives an elaborate descrip
tion of all the various paintings, and we
clip the following notice of oue of the pic
tures placed in the academy by James II
"J. H. Beard's 'Widow' (.227), in the east
room, is a fine example or mat artist's
power to confer humau attributes upon
, ... . . - i . .. , i i . : .
U mil U1H. Aue wiuuw it a uiaca. iciirei
slut in sad meditaton over her departed
mate. The story is told with few ad
juncts. A band of black crape about her
necK supplies tne conventional symooi,
but it is the woe-begone faco, in which pa
thos and brute resignation are exquisitely
mingled, that makes the charm of the com-
nositiou. Beard nuts himsell in his pic
tures with a gentler ieucity man any ar
tist I know of. His whimsical fancy aud
prolific humor are characteristics or his
best work, aud it is possible to detect him
anywhere in a gallery bv his subject if not
by his method. The catalogue informs me
tliat this nictnre is the property of L.
Prang. We may therefore live to see the
tvulow' in ait tne snop wiiiui a.
The late warm weather has greatly in
creased the numlicr of street loungers
and the steps of the Cowlcs House are so
crowded that, although entrance is possi
ble, it is yet exceedingly disagreeable..
The: Rev. Mr. Ingram has chosen for
his subject of discourse to-inorrow Sun
day morning "The Power of Association'
and for his evening text, "The Relation of
the Ordinance of Baptism to Balvation."
Pasturage is not vet sufficiently good to
warrant turning out stock to do for them
selves, but If has received a great impetus
from tbe recent rain, and the grass is
springing up and filling out very rapidly.
Thb warm weather has brought out all
of the soda and mineral water fountains
in town, and the popular gaseous beverage
is quoted n commercial techniology as
being, ig feiJL demand and , goingLdown
Ip any reliance Is to be placed upon
fashion plates, it will be the mode this
oralng summer for gentlemen of leisure to
appear on the promenades in silk-faced
dressing-gowns, with caps of thesame ma
terial to match. . -, t s t:
Our friend, Daniel Bennett, is a genial
host, and sets a fine table, as his many
boarders know, and it was consequently
with regret that we found it would be im
possible to accept an invitation to dine
which he extended to us a few days since
A team of horses bitched in front of the
First National Bank a few days since were
startled by a piece of paper, which the
wind was carrying up the street, and were
only prevented from running away by the
promptness of the bystanders in seizing
them. A larire part of the runaways and
their attendant accidents, are the results
of causes similar to this viz., flutterin;
papers. In some towns there is a law
against throwing any large, loose sub
stances upon the ground. Would not such
legislation be well iu Painesville?
. Tnttle's Hardware Store, Main Street,
Painesville. Ohio. .
A O. .WYEB HEXTIST. Office over
Tk., Lee's Drug Store, Main St., Painesville, O.
y Milwaukee Block, over Lockwood Broth
ers' Store. Painesville, Ohio.
, M I N1C.IL.
A a"f Mi jJ Uaainutioiita. -Sheet MusK'etc,
Main streets Painesville, Ohio.
- .h. iinville Cornet Blind. Instructions
iyven on all kinds of Wind aud stringed Insliu
anenls. Musical-ranged for any number or kinds
f instruments. Address P. O. Box f7, Pames-
rttla, Ohio, , W j Q
I of the Painesville Conservatory ot Music,
Composer anil Teacher or Music, Vocal aud. In
strumental. Ollice in Conservatory Building,
.'o. 155 St. Clair street, Painesville, Ohio.
Jo7i.n Cork -is the bark of a description of oak
tree which grows In great abundance in Spain,
Italy and France.
Xaitor The following is the length in inches of
each number of nails from three-penny to
twcnly-penny: Turce-pcnny, 1 inch; four
penny, lw inches; live-penny, inches; six
penny, 9 inches; seven-penny, 2.4' iucbes;
eight-penny, 2,'i inches; ten-penny, 2i Inches;
twelve-penny, 3 inches; twenty-penny, 85
" inches. -. .
Motel The notices are sufficient protection and
you would be unable to recover for your loss
unless you had .complied with the require
ments. . ,
MitrbWc sent magazines and chromos last
week. If they have not yercome to hand please
advise ns to that effect.
The fire proof vault built some time
since at the Court House was found to be
so close that books or papers placed within
its walls were liable to mould. This is
now obviated by affording ventilation by
means of pipes connecting with the outer
Tukre will be on Monday afternoon, the
6th inst.. at 2 o'clock P. M., a meeting of
the Congregational Church Society, for
ihe nnroose of electing officers. The an
nual rental of slips will take place iu the
evening of the same day, at half-past
Mr. F. D. WARXKRhas greatly improved
the inward anil outward appearance of
the store and dwelling lately purchased
by bini ol the Lindseys, and will proba
bly soon open some useful business. The
situation is one of tbe most desirable in
We clip the followiug from an eastern
paper, for the purpose of calling attention
to a similar manufactory of this place:
Tbe toothpick factory in Canton, Maine
furnishes more work than all other busi
ness in the town. Over sue hundred cords
of poplar have been hauled for its use this
season, ana convened into tooinpicKs
Each of the machines used will, it is said,
make live thousand toothpicks a minute
The factory for the manufacture of tooth'
picks here also turns out a large number
of lamplighters, and the trade in both is
increasing daily. Bowman, Way & E
gleston, arc the proprietors, and bid fair
by their enterprise, and the increasing
popularity of their goods to soon make the
business an important part of our home
The recent rains will prove of immense
benefit throughout the country in many
ways. Seldom have our streets been
more dusty than they were at the first of
this week. Fields and gardens have been
iu need of showers, nnd many wells and
cisterns have been entirely dry. Th
water in the harbor at Fairport has been
in common with that at other points upon
the lakes, about two feet lower than has
been before known for years. Extra pre.
cautions against tire have been necessary
on account or the ilrvness or the grass
and timber, and there was a probability
that if flames should but once originate
and get headway in the buildings around
us, that it would be extremely difficult to
extinguish them. It is consequently a relief
to us, not only in purifying the air, but in
removing our apprehensions of danger i
various forms, which would doubtles hav
come if the etonnhad not.
nay Days.
Last Wednesday was the first day of
May, and while across the sea, peer and
peasant were enjoying themselves in the
festivities of one of their greatest holidays
each in their own way luxury or sim
"Manr a vnuth and many a maid
Dancing in the checkered shade."
our more staid and busy habits have held
us to our usual tasks. American people
loek not well to these advantages spring-
ng from intercourse and familiarity with
the things of nature. The holidays we
take, so to speak, with the trees aud flow
ers, are softening and improving in their
effects, and by becoming acquainted with
them the mind grows to mirror in a certain
degree, their own grace and loveliness.
The people of our own community are per
haps mure neglectful of these moral stud.
ies and sylvan pleasures, than are those ef
most other places, although this most
assuredlv. should be different, for osr
surroundings are particularly rich, not
alone in flora but in really interesting
scenery. If we have not that which is
grand we have the picturesquely beau.
tiful in abundance, and it. is surpris
ing that while a few are aware of those
attractions the many are entirely
nor nut of them. It is individuals of this
latter class that wc so often hear say lau
guidly "O if there were only some place to
go to.'' If such people would start out on
some of these pleasant days and seek, they
would readily find localities which would
for years be t them pleasant places of re
sort, whether they may go to study or to
revel in light and pleasant fancies. And
now, when these days of upspringing vege-
tation,when fields and forests,hiilsand val
leys are rich with tbe tender flowers and
green unfolding leaves, is the most pleas
ant time to make these short excursions,
tor soon "May glides onward into June,"
tbe season passes into autumn and nature's
fairest treasures are chilled in the trosty
breath of winter winds.
Editor Jocrxal: You must not think
because yon do not hear from Kirtland
that you are forgotten but owing to the
scarcity of items I concluded not to write.
The farmers are plowing and doing their
spring wink. Spring wheat looks well,
orchards are blooming out. and the grass
looks green after the" refreshing rains of
Tuesday and Wednesday.
Bartlett & McKee's cheese factor- is in
running order airain, with tbe prospect of
doing a lively business cheese being in
good demand. Morse & Brothers are
making the cheese boxes, tor the different
factories, and as they are good workmen
there is a good demand for their services.
Our merchants have brought on their
spring roods and are doing a fine business.
Seth 'Williams will leave us soon for
Cleveland, having sold bis property to par
ties in that city. , . .More axon.
The City af Tltusvlllaj. " ' "
' Er. Jocrxal: As I promised in a for
mer communication to make some further
remarks, Iwill preface theni by saying in
walking through the city and attending to
my business, I mentally jotted down a few
statistics relating to the growth, and pros
perity of the place, which will doubtless
interest many, as they did me. .
I will sav then: it is situated in a beau
tiful vallev traversed by the- famous "Oil
Creek" which is spanned by two, or more,
substantial iron bridges. . ine mils, or
mountains, 'which nearly snrremnd it,
some of which reach the altitude of five
hundred and fifty feet, ascend gradually,
and are to some extent cleared of timber.
Some of these are bemc terraced, and al
ready several picturesque cottages have
heen'arected, which seem clinging to their
sides, far above the church spire. . Speak
ing of churches, they nave six or eight
iieat structures. The Catholic, I think,
has the largest, congregation, among its
members some of the most wealthy , citi
zens. Several extensive hotels, some or
them capable of accommodating a greater
nuuiDer oi gucsis tuuu mu vuiuus w
Stockwell House here, are often so crowd
ed that it is difficult to find a room vacant
eight o'clock, p. m. : First, thought not
largest, is the Pnrshall Hotel and Opera
House, live stories high, built by the Par
shall Brothers. During its construction
they emplovcd one hundred and fifty hauds
at a cost oi two and a half to five dollars
per dav each,' vet meeting all demands,
tor ineu anu uiateiiai, iroaai aumi umaj . aia-
come. b lve hundred buildings were erec
ted in Titusville during the past year, and
the prospects are fair for as many more the
coming year. .'-" '
The extensive Fertiet Block front on
three streets, three stories und a basement
paid lor itself in two years rent (several
thousand per annum). Several hue
Banks, the Second National, Suilt of
stone by J. C. Hyde & Bro., material and
workmen from Cleveland. Capital, three
millions of dollars. One third owned by
the enterprising brothers Hyde. Several
large Dry Goods establishments. - The
most prominent are owned by W. H. An
drews, Harris Brothers, and a dozen or
less too numerous to mcntlon,among them
a son of the Rev. Dr. Yarien formally of
our city. One feature of most first-class
houses is tbe fine plate glass fronts, many
of them I should think fivo t y nine or ten
feet, affording an unobstructed view of
the tastefully arranged goods. McEowen's
wnoiesaie grocery anu uquur mure, uu
Spring street, is a rather dilapidated
wooden building, annual sale one half
million dollars. Furniture warerooms of
S. J. Tevers, sales one hundred and fifty
thousand dollars per annum. His elegant
residence is just out of the city and near it
his manufacturing house, employing fifty
workmen. His sales rooms are unuer toe
control of Major O. J. Lines, who for many
years owned an estaDiisnmeut oi tne Kinu
in Painesville. Indeed during my stay 1
met several of our former citizens among
whom Mrs. Lines and her daughter Miss
Eddv, who seemed well pleased with their
adopted home. Here also is a Home for
Soldier's Orphans, where one hundred and
eight at present find the comforts and care
of a pleasant home. All honor to Fenus-
IdM not visit any of the oil producing
wellsk'iough some fine,miesand many'der
ricks were in sight on the southeast, but I
did see one ol those mammouth tanks,
which loomed tin to the size ol less than a
half dozen young meeting houses, or a
trebly magnified Barnum tent. Its ca
pacity was twenty-five thousand barrels,
wuicn supply pipes nrteen or t wenty luuen
in extent for filling it. Connected with this
is an oil refinery w'it h half a million dollars
canital. How hiirii ish dot? I should have
said that connected with Meyer'9 estab
lishment is an extensive carpet room also
an undertakers establishment. T'liey nave
purchased from the East at an expense of
two tnousana aouars, anesrse me sines
are of plate, glass, feathers sufficiently
sable to make weeping a necessity. : in
deed everything seems on a grand scale.
u.yen tne oiu pruposuiuu nisi uiuii uiuuiit
nothing into the world and surely can take
notniug irom it is now juucu. illus
tration, for in this chariot "do la morta"
were recentlv placed the remains ef an old
jiuneer uivi ciguvj taio , ...
fill from tire manufactory ol Keymoud &
Co., which cost oue hundred and seventy
five dollars, and weighed (when filled)
seven hundred and fifty pounds, vpon
reaching the church only a light tabic and
common chairs were at hand, but the
energetic undertaker was equal to the
emergency; from a neighboring shop he
brouerht two "saw horses" upon which the
bearers softlv deposited their' burden.
The casket alone weiehed six hundred and
fifty pounds, leaving only a mengue hund
red for its occupant, sic transit. New I
did not really intend making light of so
serious a subject, tnougn some migot sup.
nose 1 did. ' :
Thev are commencing to rebuild the
Robert's Block, a six story! structure
which some time since fell in or outu pou
a four storv boardinsf house, killing a lad
eiirhteen Years of asre. named Freddie
Whalon. It also broke through, a brick
wall into a billiard room, where several
were engaged at the game; treating 'them
to a free scare, but injuring none. But
am exceeding all bounds and will wind
this up at once. In a future and more
brief communication I may finish the
round t rip. 'Till then, with respect, ,
gaining breath, and a slight swaying mo
tion. ' After the lapse of five minutes the
pulse still beat feebly, but at 14 minutes
past twelve had ceased, and soon after the
body was taken down. The discovery
was made that the neck was hot broken,
death resulting from asphyxia, though the
sunenng was not great. The bodv was
shipped to relatives in Chilltcothe in the
aiiernoou. U level and Leader.
The new school-house contract has been
awarJed to Messrs. Conley at Gloin, for
,22,300. .. The District Court was in ses
sion in this place on Monday, Judges Can-field,-
Connnt, Frease and Gliddeii on the
beuch... The contract for carrying the
mail between C harden and Painesville
for a term of four vears has been awar
ded to R. Haywood, of Fredenia. N. Y'.
. . . .Mr. Lyman L. Rider died suddenly at
his house on Wednesday morning last.
He leaves a wile and two children. ?e
auga Republican.
On Thursday, April 25th, Mr. Sereno
Smith, a farmer residing in Rome, left the
house early in the morning to so upon an
errand to a friend's house about a wile
and a half distant, since which time noth
ing has been seen.of him and no clue found
of bis w hereabouts. Large bodies of men
have been constantly searching the woods
ever since his disappearance, and .the
force has been daily increased. His friends
are in an aony of suspense, and all possi
ble means are being emptoved to ascertain
what has become of him but to no avail.
Mr. S. was a man of good habits, and had
no enemies. His sudden disappearance
is causing a great deal of wonderment, and
no plansilrle theorv'has Vet been advanced
to explain it... ; .Tho-District Court con
vened on Tuesday, Judges Canfield, Glid
don, Frease and Conant presiding. There
are seventeen cases upon the docket
Willie Hawks, son of A. C Hawks was
thrown from a horse a- few days since, and
badly injured. Ashtabula JSentinel. Jef-
A building at KeHogsvillo, occupied as a
shingle factory, grist and planing mill was
burned on Sunday night, with a black
smith shop near by. The losses were quite
heavy, that of Mr. Ripley alone, being
about $2,000. The machinery was all de
stroyed. .. The anniversary of the estab
lishment of the I. O. O. F.- was celebrated
by the members of the order in this place
on last week Friday by appropriate oxer,
cises, consisting of addresses, iuusic, etc.
: The concert given by Miss Eggleton,
at the Town Hall, last Saturday evening,
was largely attended and universally
praised. . . Maltbie Bro.'s store was en
tered on Tuesday nigbt.by burglars who
took twenty dollars from the pockets of
Mr.Uenry Maltbie's pantaloons and fifteen
more from tbe money drawer, left some of
their old clothes and departed: .. .Mrs. S.
Jewett, of Lenox, has shown us a book
oeanug leniuy tine, uuuui uaii ul vui;u
is " A Defence and Continuation of the Ec-
clesiasticle Politic" It bears thelmpriut
of Loudeu, 1671 . .tEndora. a little dauarhter
of Washington Bartholomew, had her right
arm broken by beinac thrown from a liorsp,
which she was riding while her father was
plowing. Geneca Times. . 1 .
Mrs. Benjamin had her arm broken iu a
curious manner, a few days since. Mrs.
B. who. is a lady of 80 years ot age, was
passiug by a fence when a board wus
blown irom it which struck her with sui-
ficient force to cause tbe injury The
Amboy Cheese Factory receives dailv
about 4,000 lbs of milk Messrs. Garfield
and Hemingway have begun work upon
the light-house.keeper's dwelling.. A man
named Leaven, ot .Monroe, in the employ
of the paper company, was severely
scorched by the burning of the gas from
the well, which ignited from a lantern
which he had put down ten or twelve feet
from the safety valve. ..A man named
Branan travelling by rail from New Y'ork
to his home in Iowa, had his money and
ticket taken Irom his pocket, between here
ana uunaio. uonneniit umztn.
Grading on the Younsrstown branch of
the Lake Shore line is progressing rapidly.-.
. .The employees of the Yaungstown
Rolling Mill Company had a disagreement
with the toreman, ana struck- last week
Monday in consequence The advance
ot twenty cents per ton has been con
ceeded to" the miners Mr. George Phil-
iy receivea an ugiy wouna irom tne iaii
of a board upon his head, while he was at
work in the bottom of a well The ma
chinery ot tho valley Iron Works was
put in operation on Monday of last week.
. : . James Donavan, a street laborer was
pitched irom his cart, run over and killed
last week Thursday. Ale was a man oi
about 60 years of age, and leaves a wife to
mourn his death. Mahoning lieguter.
Geo. Barrett, son of Mrs. Lucas, had his
hand so badly smashed while coupling
cars at Erie, as to necessitate amputa
tion at the wrist..,. ine meeting oi tne
Farmers' and Mechanics' Association was
a complete failure, not even a quorum of
the directors oeiug present, it is 10 ne
ed that the Driving Park Association
-ilsitnottfo Telegraph.
ITml JEW ELEU. Painesville, Ohio, X. li.
An. Work ata-lctlji warranted, i i 1 1: -, a.
O J A Current, P imp. omnibus to all train--,
Awxixcs are dawning upon various
frames. . .
Bead Dr. Libber's advertisement else
where in this paper.
Impouxdkd fish sell readily at six and
eight cents a pound.
We are 'informed that 17. S. income
anil special taxes not paid Collector Rose,
at Cleveland, before May lsth, can be set
tled with Mr. Joel Doolittte, Assistant
Assessor, iu this place, between the hours
of 9 A.M. aud ,1 P. M., on Saturday, the
lth inst.
In a street, not; far remote from the prin
cipal commercial avenue of this town,
there dwells a gentleman of such uncom
promising probity and stern contempt for
falsification that he will permit no kind of
piano to be introduced into bis house ex
cept an upright one.
Ktoxk pump men, lightning rod men,
pack peddlers, and the various otbur dis
pensers of nuisances, have begun their
spring ravages upon the iunoccut people
of tbe community and its suburbs, while
the tin-tinabulationof the peddlar's wagon
is heard upon all sides.
The Naval CadetMhiv Card front
m. r. I pson.
We call attention to the card below
from Representative Upson calling lor
candidates for examination preparatory
toentering the SavalJSchool at Annapolis.
We are glad to see that the test is to be a
competitive examination and that the ap
pointment will depend upon its merits.
Housk or Rfpueskxtati vfs, i
Washingtox, D. C, April 25.
The Secretary of the Navv lias. In ac
cordance with the law, requested me to
recommend a resident of the Eighteenth
Congressional District ot Ohio as a candi
date for appointment as Cadet Midship
man at tho United Stales Xaval Academy
at Annapolis, to reportfor examination ut
the Naval Academy in June next.
I think it best to have the appointment
depend upon the result of a competitive
examination, and Captain P. . Wat
niough of Clevclatul.'Dr. II. C. Beardsley
of Paipesville, and Samuel Findley, Esq'.,
of Akron, have, at my request, consented
to act as a board of examination.
The candidates, to bo-between fourteen
and eighteen years of age when examined
for admission at the Naval Academy,
must furnish satisfactory testimonials of
good moral character, and must bo in all
respects physically sound, well formed
and of robust constitution, and not less
than live feet in height.
Every young man in the district who
bus the required qualiticaliouu is invited
to compete fur the appointment. Tbe ex.
aiuiuutiou will be held at Cleveland ou
the 21st of Mar, beginning at ten o'clock
A.M. Wm, H. Ul'sox.
District Court.
The Docket has been cleared. Below
we give a list of cases t ried excepting only
those reported in our last issue.
Oliver P. WIswell vs Harriot A. Wis-
well ; decced that defendent within thirty
bays from rising of court deliver to plain
tiff a deed of lands and premises in petition
described, and pay costs of suit.
Dan Herrington vs John L. Branch, et al.
demurer, sustained. Injunction
dissolved and defendant recovers his
costs against plaintiff.
John L. Branch vs The Madison Special
School Board; a peremptory writ of man
damus was issued, returnable to this
court on the 29th day of April 1872. com
manding the Board of Education of the
Madison Special School to mnkc an esti
mate of the amount necessary to satisfy
the judgment mentioned in plaintiff's pe
tition with interest and costs.
E. J. Hitt vs P. Sorter; decision of
tbe Court of Common Picas attirnied with
costs but without penalty.
H. Delos Kingsbury vs Carlos C. Pease:
decissionof Court of Common Picas af
firmed with costs but not with penalty,
II. Delos Kingsbury vs Carlos C Pease;
Ransom W. Perkins vs State of Ohio;
former injunction set aside and ordered
that plaintiff pay costs of the action.
Ambrose E. Kelly vs Frederick W. Col
lins; enjoined by Court from selliug or
transferring prommisory note, and en
joined from attempting to enforce bysuit or
otherwise the collection of said note, aud
that be pay costs of the suit,
Chi Ion Clark; vs Abraham Teachout;
decree for defendant against plaintiff.
Gideon Crofoot vs Robert Moodcy; de
cree that plaintiff is entitled to a specific
performance of the contract in the petition
set forth and referred to Lord Sterling to
state an account between the two parties
Edward B. Griswold vs Hat lie Pan ton;
the judgment of the Common Pleas Court
for costs reserved, and ordered that the
case be remanded to Common Pleas Court
with orders to rouder judgment against
plnintifffor costs up to the time for filing
the interpleder, and against Luther A.
Trumbull for the residue of costs.
A. Gunnison vs EH G. Clark; eonlini'ed.
John Fertig vs Charles Luckhart and
others; continued on motion of plainti'lf.
Benjamin Powers vs Daniel Young and
others ) continued on motion or plaintiff.
Ansel White vs Jacob I.tiiiionxu and
others: continued.
Court adjourned without dav on theaoth
of April,
(.XOTCE. Hile lite column of the J 0VBXA L
are, always open for the publication of articles
upon every subject of interest, so lony as they shall
eontttia nothina of a nersoitti or ttr'eneice culture.
yet tlus Editor docs not any v:ay Add hitue1f
re ponsi lit e jor the news tnat may oe aacancea ey
therscctral authors.)
Ed. Jourxal: Permit us through your
columns to correct a false impression
which is evidently wide-spread in your
town, and which was caused by an error
in a statement made in the columns of the
Adrert iser. It was in regard to the pounds
now here being owned by Messrs. Lamp-
son at Amidon, and the large number of
fish caught here last year by Mr. Buggies
from Huron. In the first place the lormer
firm own nothing here and have only
bousht the spring supply ef fish. In re
gard to the latter, folks in the vicinity of
Painesville seem to mink Hint nothing can
be doue here except bv Huron or I'aines
rilleinen. The fishing is being done this
year bv Post. Durfee ,t Co.. and Babcock
Henry at Co., who also own the whole of
the apparatus, rne Aaverltser man seems
not to care whether he has correct reports
or not so long nstbey will nil up the pa
rill snrvive.-
Several smart ones on hearing that the
canal at Fairview was no longer to be used
for purposes of navigation, conceded the
plan of drawing off the water and picking
up tue nsu at tueir leisure, consequent i
on Fridav nisrbt of last week the partv
started, having with them picks, shovels
aud other tools necessary for the cutting of
tbe tow path, and also a seine to. place
over the apparture to arrest the progress
of tbe finv horde, The channel being cut
the water trickled tnrougu tne opening
first in a tiny rill, then inn torrent carry
ing away the net and enlarging its means
of exit until the basin some sixteen acres
in extent was entirely dried. Of course
the schemers were much alarmed and
chagrined bv the extent of the damages of
which they had been Ihe cause, and crept
homeward. But tbe water rushed ou down
the valley sweeping away mill dams,
spoiling wheat fields, bridges, fences, etc.
The entire damage done was not however
as great as had been supposed, although
it had occasioned serious alarm. The loss
was variously estimated at from $500 to
$1,500, and we are told will be satisfactor
ally adjusted to all parties concerned.
(xirard Cosmopolite.
Cooper the murdererof Swiuv;, was uuug
in the county jajl on Thursday pf last
week. At an early hour of the day the
streets in tho vicinity of the jail "were
crowded with a mixed assembly, composed
mostly of boys, who were anxiously, lis
tcniui and looking for the last sound or
sight of the execution. None but those
having passes were admitted, and they
alone formed n sufficient number to occupy
all of tbe available space. At 11:14 o'clock
the doomed man with the sheriff and the
Kev. Mr. L. Cooley of Akron, 1 who
was his spiritual adviser, asscended the
stops. The prisoners step was firm,
and there wits nothing iu his face to
indicate that he fell, auy veaknes of body
or fear of mind. His manner was not vitJr
ably changed during the reading of scrip
ture or the ottering of the prayer, and in
ihci. nu eiuuiiou w hs Niiuw it titiiti ue tuirea
his Inst words to those around him. Ho
said that he believed that he was pre pined
to go, and that he also believed thut God
had pardoned lum. Ihe 1'cputy Shnrltl
and Turnkey then advanced and removed
the collar, necktie and vest, nud bound the
limbs of ihe prisoner securely, after which
tue black cap was adjusted. Whou the
sheriff stepped back and touched the
spring there was au oppressive silence,
lirokcu only by tho fall of the trap and a
dqll heavy thud us the body fell, ''he tiuly
piotlons notieaWe werp the rtlteinpts ;jt
Miscklaxeocs -Mextion. The recent
rains will help to raise the water level so
that vessels can leave various harbors
where they have for some time been wait
ing because of ajuoal water. Tbe ice is
said by various reports from the upper
lakes to be fast disappearing and it is said
that St. JIary's river is the only western
point where navigation is impeded and
Buffalo the onlv one in the eastern wa
ters.' The week has not been one pro
ductive of many movements of note.
coal treignts remain anout rue same as
heretofore. '- There is a fair demand for
vessels at the following rates: Milwaukee
and Chicago, $1; Detroit, 60c; Port Huron
65c, Toronto, $1 80 gold offered.
rne cuai ts ot tne survey upon Aaaite
Michigan as far as it had progressed, were
destroyed by the Chicago fire, and' the
work will consequently have to be done
over again. The sail boat Morning Star
is now being fitted out at Milwaukee by
Mr, Slocum, for tbe surveying party.
i ne way city journal- or l uesctay says
that another bar has been discovered iu
the river just below the F. and P. M. Rail
road bridges at East Saginaw, and that
ou Wednesday a, measurement showed
only six feet "and a half of water at that
A. preiinuuarr meeting ot tne manuiac-
turers and vessel owners on the Welland
Canal was held. at the Welland House re
cently to take measures to get the govern
ment to ao something to supplying water
i ne Detroit 1'ost says: there are at tne
present writing en route to Eastern ports
upward of 100 vessels grain-loaded, which
nave t'.iKenineir departure iromine port oi
Chicago, ana may be expected to pass tins
point ou or about tne expiration ot tne
present week. Thev have on board in tbe
aggregate upward of 3,000,000 bushels of
gram, nearly an ot wuicn is corn, ronr
cargoes of oats contain in the aggregate
lbi,W27 bushels, tne schooner James couen
having no less than 78,000 bushels of this
quantity, and the Bridgewater 39,979 bush
el . Laqeu with corn, the schooner Zack
Chandler has 40.000 bushels, ana tnc s. p.
Elv 40,000 bushels. The City of Painsville
has 37,836 bushels; tbe Champion 36,000
ousneis; tne R.u. w oourun J,owousueis;
the Peshtigo 37,068 bushels; tbe Pensaukee
Q7 nOO kuclmla . tl,o.l I' i t. ,r 510 OlVl 1,11 ch
l. i , ' . v. 'i,..i.v ... . i v. ....an . . . , . j v. WUou
els; tbe Orizoha 34,061 bushels; the Amer
ican Union 32.000 bushels: the Chas. Wall
38,938 bushels; the Kelderhonso 34,000
bushels; and the H. V. Baldwin 34,000
bushels. Fifty vessels have cargoes of
corn amounting to 2o,(ioo busncis ana up
ward, and less than 30,000 each, and 29
with cargoes less than 20,000, the smallest
Doing tne schooner carrier, wnicn contains
12,310 bushels. The largest vessel in the
fleet is the schooner James Couch, Alto
gether it is beyond a doubt the largest
fleet with tbe greatest Quantity oi grain
which ever left Chicago at the opening of
tue season.
The lnter-Oemn has the following in re
card to the low water in Lake Michigan
"Lake Michigan is at a lower level than it
has been before these dozen years or more.
The water in some of its harbors, and on
tbe bars at their entrances, is scarcely
enouerh for purposes of navigation. At
Grand Haven, however, no difficulty of
tuis sort is exponenceo, tne cnannci nav-
mg sun miiy lineen icetci water enotigu
to float tho steamers of the Englemann
line when well loaded. The current of the
river is there increased by the lower level
of t he lake, which serves to keep the chan
nel swept out deeper tnau it otnerwise
would be.
this siuumer. A delegation is to bo sent
There will probably be a material differ
ence in the charges for towing on the river
this season and the rates will be in ad
vance of those of last year. The Detroit
Post publishes the following: "The 'card'
of prices adopted bv the tug owners of this
city will be published in a day or two.
The rates are about fifteeu per cent higher
than last yeart This is rendered necessary
by the high price of cord wood, which has
auvancea on tne river nocks irom seventv
five cents to onevdollar per cord over the
prices of last season: it will, however not
be onerous to vessel owners with freights
50eil00 per cent, higher than in 1871.
Should freights docliue, towing rates will
fo'.low suit, us the tui owners are men
who believe In let ting others live as well as
Tho following instructions lor sailing
vessels have been issued from UieT'reaeury
Department nt Washington : "SAiling ves
sels, and every craft propelled by sails
upon the ocean, lakos and rivers, shall,
when on their starboard tack, sound one
blast of their foghorn; when on their port
tack, they shall sound two blasts of their
fog born; when with tho wind free or run
ning large, they shall sound three blasts
of their fug lioru; when, lying to or at au
clior, they shall sound a general alarm.
In each instance the above signal shall
be sounded at Intervals of not more than
two minutes, bailing vessels when not
under head, and anchored or moored in
tho channel or fairway of commerce, shall
navigating rivers without being In tow of
a steamer, sucn as nut-Doats, wooa-ooats
and other light crafts, they shall sound a
fog horn at"intervals of not more than two
minutes. Detroit Tnlmne.
The Cleveland He.rald has the following:
In accordance with a custom of many
years stauding, a steamer of tne Northern
Transportation Company has been the first
to pick its way through the ice of tho
b traits of Mackinac. A teleeram to E. D.
Childs from N. J. Roderer, the Agent at
Detroit, dated April 30th, says: "Cham-
piaiu arrived at 7 a ai. f irst boat through
the Straits."
The attention of masters and owners of
boats and vessels is called to the following
sections of the law regulating the coasting
trade: '
1. Vessels of twenty tons and upward
must be enrolled and licensed; if under
twenty tons, licensed only.
2. License for only one" year must bo re
newed withiu three davs after expiration,
under penalty of $50.
3. Newenrollment and license to be ob
tained on every-alteration of vessel, and
every sale of any interest. Penalty for
any neglect, toileiture ol the vessel or in
terest sold. . . . ... , :.,
Any master or owner neglecting to com
ply with the above regulations will be re
ported at once to the United- States Dis
trict Attorney to be further dealt with.
1 ne notice m ven below is of interest, nnd
importance to every vessel owner or mas
ter of a vessel carrying grain- upon the
The very heavy loss to vessels from
short grain amounting In some seasons
to nearly one hundred thousand dollars
has attracted the attention of the Boards
of Trade .at tho various lake ports., Tbey.
have appointed wcighmawters to attend to
weighing the cargoes of such vessels as re
quire tuem to no so. The records they
have kept have in manv cases enabled
them to trace the cause of shortase, and
have tbe remedv applied; but for lack ot
complete records the full advantages of the
system have not been obtained." By the
action of the Boards of Trade of Chicago
and Buffalo since the close of navigation
and it is expected the same arrangement
will be completed at other points it is
now made tbe diltv of the woiirhmaster at
Chicago to send to the weigbmastcr at
sunaio a statement tot toe amount and
kind of grain weighed on each vessel under
his supervision, giving the date, name of
vessel aud amount of grain, with' the name
of the elevator at which each- lot is re
ceived; and it Is made the dutv- of the
weighmaster at Buffalo,' when snch cargo
is weighed out under his supervision, to re
turn the original ticket, with his report of
tue amount cienvereu, giving tne dale and
name of the elevator, and amount of short
age, if any. The weighmaster at each port
is to Keep a book or records, giving all the
above details, and is to make a compara
tive statement showing the average short
age at any given bouse from which, or in
which, grain is received or delivered, as
often as may be required by the committee
of each board having that matter in charge;
these books to be open at all times to the
inspection of those emploving ns. Haying
amveu at tue point or aitnctuty, it will, it
is believed, be remedied without anv hes
itation; the difficulty having been, hereto-
lore, to locate it. w e canuot nave a com
plete record unless all the grain-carrying
vessels and propellers join in tbe arrange
ment and employ the weighmaster at both
ends of the route. We therefore ask nil
masters and owners of grain crafts to give
us their business, and to aid us in our at
tempts to bring tbe shortages withfn rea
sonable limits. John Wade,
Board of Trade Weighmaster, Chicago.
Junius 8. Smith,
Board ol Trade Weighmaster, Chicago.
April 23,1872.
Lee has reduced the price of Soda Water
to live cents a glass. .
A RadL Case at Dropsy Cared. .
Oak Harbor, Ottawa Co 0.,l
APRIL 10, 1871.J
Dr. Libbky -. Dear Sir: It Is with
pleasure I write to inform you bow your
patient is getting along. He is improving
very fast. The water has nearly all left
him, and he is up walking around tbe
house. All who saw him said it was toe
late : that Dr. Libbey could no more cure
that man than he could raise the dead.
But now they see and believe. I do think
he was the worst case I ever saw get well.
All that 1 have heard from are getting bet
ter. The boy returns his sincere thanks to
you for your kindness. We will see vou
again in Fremont. Yours, truly,
J. C. Walker.
Dr. Libbey may be consulted at tho
Cowles House for one day only, May 8th.
FoRladies',misses' and childrens' Straw
Felt and Velvet Hats, go to Paddock's,
No. 221 Superior street, Cleveland, Ohio.
How is This for High? Wm. Haydn,
of the Globe Mills, has just received the
-First Premium on the best barrel of White
Wheat Flour at the Northern Ohio Fair,
held at Cleveland, Ohio, 1871. Premium
a Silver Medal. This is indeed a triumph
for the Globe Mills. Some 30 or 40 of the
best mills in the west competed for this
medal, but there was no use, the old Globe
was put through a course of sprouts in
the early part of the season, and has been
turning out flour that wins friends of those
who-use it once. Mr. Haydn employs
the best millers to be fouud, and has in
troduced all the latest improvements,
consequently be has one of the best mills
in the United States. We are glad to see
him reap a reward for the liberal expen
diture he has made on the Globe. -'Cast
thy bread upon the waters" if you want
silver medal. ' '
M.L. Root sells the Globe Mills 'Flour
in Painesville. .
Carpets, carpets, carpets, sold, made,
delivered and put down, at prices that
defy competition. P. Pratt at Co.
Gexuixk Richardson linen, worth $1.25,
for 62'c per yard, at P. Pratt & Co.'s.
If you want a ueat,nice hat go to Avery'a
and sec the latest and prettiest thing out,
the Dolly Varden hat.
T. S. Paddock at No. 221 Superior street
Cleveland, Ohio, keeps a large stock of
Ladies Furs, and pays particular attention
to altering and repairing old silks.
. Painesville, May 3-8 P. M.
The mouey market has been fluctuating dur
ing the week one day great stringency and
loans made at enormously high rate for carry,
lag, and again perfect ease, loaning at low rates.
Tbe early part of the wei.krold made a rapid ad
vance, bat as suddenly declined and closes dull
at present quotations. , ,
Stocks have been without special activity dur
ing tbe week, closing with some, show f buoy
ancy. . , ;. , ... .., .... .. , , -, . -;
Tnqj following are the closing prices for Gold,
Bonds and Slocks: ; ,; ,
Buying Selling.
Silver lame..
Silver uiall... ...
Sixes of 1881 a? nop
Five-Twenties (lf) con.
Five-Twenties (1881) com
... 111 -IWjf
. . . l1i
... JHM
Pive-Twentiee (isttil con. (old) 112.H
rnv-iHt.Duis loivy wail. ax. o Uly . Alt
Five-Twenties (1807) 114;
r ire-Twenties tisos) ii4'
Ton-Forties, . ..... ,, losj
Six's Currene.v.'l ....'... llfi
New Five Per Cents...
. M. U.Ex . .... TBI,'
rie ;. 6S:
uroferred fin
Mich. Central 115c
lev. at Pitts....... 92
Rock Island. . I16
Wabash 77j;
preferred. 88
Lake Shore. . 96Jf
... i Journal Opricn, Hay 8 ( P. At.
The market for all kinds of Grain ha been ac
tive, and better prices have prevailed through
out the week, i . . , .,
There is considerable excitement in tbe Wheat
market and an advance of 5c to 7c has been sus
tained, many holders refusing' to sell even at the
highest quotations. All breadstuff's having great
ly advanced in Liverpool and London, large con
signment of .Wheat to those ports. from this
country is uow very evident. , :
There is very little doing in Oats at proseat-
Corn is now selling He to 5c better than a week
ago, but the market, however, is net active.
In Groceries there has been quite a brisk trade.
but we have no change to note except that In
Butter. : ,:
Potatoes have been moving rapidly, but the
market is weaker than at our last report.
Below we giro the latest quotations: .
Buvino-. Sotlinar.
jv-v spring n urut riour. .
XX Rod Winter -do ..
XXX Amber do . ,
XXX While do ..
Rve do .,
Graham Flour per cwt
. . x. ,
uini autNai, .;. . . ,
Chop Feed,.
rsaic ner doi
Xo. 1 Mackerel, per X bbl. .
No. 1 White Fish, per bbl.
No. 1 Trout, per bbl -
We clip the following-from Danforth's
LUjhtfor the World, a monthly magazine
published In Cleveland, Ohio.
"We commend the following advertise-
ment cut from the Teletjraplt, inserted by
our agency at Painesville, Ohio. It hits
all localities, and is fully endorsed by me
Beware of 'quack' fluid, represented to
be Danforth's Non-Explosive Fluid. The
genuine article is sold iu this place only
83 Main street. It being a patented article
I have the exclusive right for this place
and auy person palming off a spurious ar
ticle for a genuiue, would be guilty of sell
ing spurious niedicnc to a sick man."
For good Soda Water go to Lee'
Drug Store, where yon can get it, with
choice syrups, for half the price charged
elsewhere. Remember, only five cents per
"Birds of a feather gather no moss.'
This remark, which was made by Christo
pher Columbus to George Washington ira
mediately after the first battle of "Bull
Run," was a wise one, but had old Chris.
been a resident of Painesville he would
have said, go to P. Pratt at Co's tor dry
goods and carpets.
5,00 Reward.
Somewhere ou Main street or the Park
a gold badge set with jet. The body
the pin is composed of the two Greek let
ters Zeta and Psi and has a name engrav
ed upon the back. Any person who has
found it or who can give any information
that will lead to its recovery will be liber
ally rewarded by calling at, or writing to,
this office. Being a keepsake aud mcnien
to a reward would be paid for its re
covery much greater than its mere intrin
sic value would warrant.
: T. S. Paddock No. 221 Superior street'
Cleveland, Ohio, has the largest an
finest lot of gentlcmeu's, ladies' and child
ren's Hals and Caps in the city.
Oystkus. M. L.Root sells those celc
brated Baltimore Oysters by tho case or
can. Received daily by express. No. 83
Main street.
N. Y. C'ent'l.
" scrip.. tW.v,
Harlem H84
" preferred.. 135
X. West'n 8014
" preferred 94
Ft Wayne
Illinois Central... 13?
C.CCat I. ........ 91X
7 00
8 09
. 00
. 10 00
. 00 '
.. 4 Sit
...86. 00 W ton 1 fit),
.. 26.00$ ton 1 GO
a s
13 09
White Wheat....
Red Wheat
Rve .
Corn, shelled
Corn, ear, New..
Cheese ..;
Tallow ,
Chickens, $ It...
Dressed Hoga....
ERgs -
Dried Annies
Green Apples...
1 85
1 60
....1 TO
....1 70
.... .5
.... 65 S
.... 65 70
..... 40 46
1 Si
... 1SK
.... 15 19
..... 7 .
.... .14 IS
10 12f
..... 7 10
.....5 09
....6 00 00 .
12 15
,..1 9600 S
7c ' 10
100&120 1 9U1 40
... .2000
We have no change to note in the Wool mar
ket, and can but give our last week's quotations
S2395c for common to choice lots.,
Cleveland, May 8.
FlOUK The market Is verv firm and the
prie strong with a good demand. Early in the
week another rise took place in tbe prices, which
we quote as follows:
City-made XXX white 9 75
" XX amber... . 9 00
" ! XXreilSo.1 8 60
" -, X red Xo. 9 a ova
Couatry-made XX white. . 9 5-9 w
, " a a Tea s euftts
' ' Xred., 7 0O&7 50
Rve Flour Ouiet and marka statadv t s oa
6 20per bbl.
Wheat Has shown an advaucA of I Or. tuv
bushel. Market dull and steadv. Xol red win
ter held at 1 63 from store; aa 9 I 72.
Corn Market is two cents better than last
week, firm and quiet. Sales at B7c from store.
Oats The market is now steadv and demand
only moderate at 43c from store, which is an ad
vance oi t wo cents over last weeks quotations.
Rte - Quiet and steady throughout tho week;
held at 75c for Xo.S
BAKLET Tne market is onret and steadv at a
range of 65cl 09, for fair to choice.
l-ORK ine market is steadv ana there is a
fair demand; held at 13 GO for No. 1 mess; 12 50
for No. 2 do; 14 00 for extra clear; 14 00 for extra
short clear. There have been tlizht fluctuation
duriug the week but the above are the latest
quotations and are the same as in our last list.
. . L.AKU ine maraei is quiet ana steadv; city
rendered ;o la kegs; 9c in tierces; country
rendered STaBc.
bkek Jjulet and unchanged; Extra mess held
at 11 00. -
Bctter A tliirht aalvanoe is notiaabla over
last weeks figure. Market firm for choice; in
ferior srades dull. We auote strictlv choice
western raservc at 25c; fair to good l(s$20c; in
ferior grades liK&lbc
cheese i ne market is quiet at nwiic lor
prime old factory; which exhibits 13fef4c for
fair to good. Kew selling at 1-V15c for fartorr.
according toquality. Tbe demand has only been
a light consumptiveone, and sales have through
out the week been dull.
Loos In good supply and moderate demand at
last weeks quotations, viz., Kj&Ioc for fresh.
Potatoes Tbe market is firm and tho de
mand fairly active at an advance of be per bush
el ; quoted at S5o for peach blows on track, 90c for
store lots.
Onions In fair demand and market steady at
S 55 69 for red and silver skins.
Cincinnati. May 3.
Cotton Steady.' Sales of low middling- at
S2i2ic; range small.
Pork Dull, market firmer than last week,
bctter by a slight rise. Held at 13 00 for regular.
Lard Market better by a rise of 20c. Sales of
steam rendered 8 76, kettle rendered 9 00.
W bisk Y Dull and 2c lower than our last
weeks quotations, held at 83c
CniCAOO, MayS.
Floitr Quiet but firm, an advance during
the week of from 25c to 60c Holders firm.
WHEAT-llas ruled 4 c higher than last week's
quotations; quoted now at I 35a;(l a on snot
and 1 38.se seller Juno. Firm and in fair de
mand. Cobv Market firm; there hat been a slight
upward tendency for the past few days, but only
a slight advance q no ted at42.?943c.
Oats Market better by a alight rise, firm at
Toi cdo, May 8.
Flocr Quiet and unchanged for the last day
or two but at an advance from 25c to 50c over last
week's rates.
Wheat The market has shown several fluc
tuations but is now quoted as follows at an ad
vance over last week's figures; 1 90 for Xo. 1
White Michigan, 1 77 S for amber Michigan.
Corn Tbe movements have beta alight leav
jng the market better than a week ago. tales
or high mixed at &I(MaC, low mixed OOJaC, yel
low 640.
Oats Dull, a shade better, sales at 49c for
No. 2.
List af I.ettera
fice at Painesville, Ohio, May, 3, 1ST.
Doffcrtv, Mrs S Owen Miss AdaS
Kellogg, Mrs J C Tndor, Miss Alma
Morse, Miss Tea Wheeler, Miss Lectio
The accident to Mr. lt. F. Beuedic
whiled eeply regret ted by all, has not.how
ever, made his old stand any the less a de
sirable place at which to purchase anv
thing that may be wanted In the line of
Boots and Shoes, both for ladies and chil
dren's ns well as for men's wear. M
James Morlcy,tuc present proprietor, hav
ing bought out Mr. Benedict will be please
to see all ofhls old putrons.and will assure
both them and as many new friends as may
favor him with their patronage, that uo
pains will be spared to satisfy and please,
not only in stylo nnd finish of work, but in
price as well. Remember the place, at
James Morley's at the old stand of R, F,
Benedict, No, 99 Main street,
I youst told you vot it es, if you van! to
pity auy jjurpcts vot you call tree plat or
ten plat ov den Brussels garnets, go tin dot
! sthor nv P. Pratt X- C'n
Chambers, John
Clark, Albert
Clark, lt A
Daucliv & Couorcr,
F.des. Jav S
llawlev.t apt
Howard, Peter
I udy , Jona
sound the general alarm siirual at inter.
vnls of not more than two minutes, and till
steamers, navignthig iu a fog or thick
weather, shall, by the rules governing pi
bits, sound their stcain whistle at inter
vnlsof not more than one minute. Sail,
lug vessels, shall at all times, on the up.
proiieU of any steamer during the night
tiine, slyiw a lighted torch mon that poiut
of quarter to which sue steamer shall be
approaching. And upon any such craft
Loomis, F J
Marsh, R B
Merriman, W
O'Callauau, Denis
Shepard, Vi m
Stevens Billy
Starkey, J i
Stockton, C J
Persons ralliu? lor the above letters will aa.
"advertised." G. :. PA INK, 1. M. "
J. Provost Buffalo, X. Y.
JauuoD, M iller A Crane, New York, X. V.
T. T. Sweeney, leveland, Ohio.
Miss EvaChesebro, Thompson, Ohio.
Mrs. G. Y. Demiug. Roolstown, Ohio.
Where Are We Now?
Where are we now? I'd rpatly like to know.
As through the world we heller skelter go.
On life's troittkled waters, a curious tarong,
W here some are sailing right aud uuae go wrong.
Iu business or in apnrt we go it Miud,
Nothing seems to agitate our mind:
Hi rough unknown walersreekiess do we plough.
'Til we're wrvck'd and then where are weauwr
Where are wc sow ? Ike politician asks,
Forevei ythitir with him is lovely while it lasts;
He's one uf tbawe w ho understands the ropes.
He's almost reached ambition's brightest boes;
Of fraud and perjury perhaps he's king.
Perhaps a sliming member of the Riug;
The crash must come, he to the storm must how.
. .-,, iimviit-ii ,ii,7aa an, vravv. ,, aw-ax" are ST IMIW r
For Trunks, Valises, Buffalo Robes, S ..... . .
l-.,.i,..ii.. n. ,.v , jj I " are we r ur ministers inquire,
Stltchcls,Umbrellns,AC go to PaddOeks, j While preaching endless death and lalesoi fire;
Xo. 221 Superior street, Cleveland Ohio. i """d i.ak tin olitics) ther teach
Three thousand yards linen remnants
just received nt T, Pratt Jfc Co.'s,
Dh. Sage's Catarrh He mod y Is nu Pat
ent Medicine humbug gotten up to dupe
the Ignorant and credulous, but is a per
fect spccltlc for Nasal Catarrh, "Cold iu
the head," and kindred diseases. MO.
J wonder If thev practice what they preach r
j ii tueoiogy piviouuai tuey louiuy roar,
Rut leave us darker miuded thau before.
Wa would ih right, but ho is to tell us how.
We only want to kuow, Where are we nowr
Why dont yon know at Colbv's Store,
Buying Wall Paper, Window Shade and
Stationery, Pens, Pencils, and almost everything
l omplcle. Just walk into olsy's More and
Sen. No, TO Maiu street. Colmy trims all
Wall Iapor sold by him raiK or c'HABUE.

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