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MAIM, iiikritr
its, Trunks and IJvnl' Firrnrshing Goods,
uli slaud. VJ Maiu sirect, Painesville,
l. nn expires I
' Gorvrnor, Edward
January . 1S74.
IAHInaiil-sveri.oi'.Jacb Mueller; term ex
pire it .lumiary Isll.
secretary of State. Isaac Sherwood; icrra cx
' ' uire February ism.
Treasurer ot State, S. S. Warner: term expire
Februarv K'l.
Auditiirof Mtef Jaaics Williams: term ex
pire Februarv InU.
' Vi'Hor or Tntitary r, V. T. WiL-m; Icru
expire February l7i.
.Vitnmcy Ceiiera', Frederic 15. Fond: term cn
pire February 1874.
Commissioner of nehool. Thomas St. Harvey;
Term expire February lr;i.
Board of Public Work. Richard IS. Porter,
terai expires lt.S; Phillip F- Hunting; lenu ex-
C. S. Assessor. Joel IVxilittle. ' Office over
- BHM!knHre A linker- clolliing estahlihiuent,
Muni-street. -
j Kmtioiivrv, Fancy Articles, Wall Paper,
Kit ., Ktc JIbiu .-treet, rainesvuie, unu. 7 ,
; bock ma.
, Provisions, Fruit, tonfecUonvrie?, Ac-,
nJ jiain street, Paiie- ille, Ohio.
. I KEIh AMI l'KO i.SIONS of all kinds.
a-.li paid for Butter and Egg and all kinds of
Produce. Best of Ftourand 1'eas keptcouslant
lv nu hand. No. I'lO stale street, Painesville,
Judge of Common Plea,
Judge of Probate,
Couuty Clerk,
Sheriff, -Deputy
Recorder. - - - - -.
Frouting Attorney. -Auditor,
County Surveyor,
County Commissioners -,
OrironcfA ' V ' V I
M. '. Cankiki.i
- sasi pi. Wire
J. M. Bexjamis
I. i. cmi.ns
- , A. L. TlNKLK
SMllEOS C. IllCkOt
(Eli Oi.ih
Clerk,. -Marshal.
(Mil O
Street Coiutuissioner,
.Justices of the Peace,
Infirmary Dlrectoi,
Aaros Wilcox
. - ii. p. oaniobb
- I. W. CBorooT
f C. 1. Adams
S. K. Stalk
j A. II. Oabfiei.d
i B. H. SVoodmax
' ; K. 6av
f . i 1 Wl W. l)l!COI,rT
I lt ASKI.IS ItoliK
JMii.u H arris
.' 'i". lAIBI
- ' '.ions McCi.em.axd
kbanklis I!oi;eb
Mips AornTA Hawi.ev
Iib. II. C. ItBitpurr,;
II. I". Sasford,
1. W. Veap,
S. A. TisiU
, - - Prineipal
- Preiilent
-l - - Secretary
Geo. W. Steele,
a. I'1'ISKEB.
IT. C. P.enrdslev, John CI.EOO, John Vi .
Hold meetings for examination of teachers at
HiiiU School buililini;, Painesville, on the last
sill Hit lay evor.Vj with 'foqi July sna Au
KUit, at 9 o'clock a. m.
II. 4. Beakdsley, President.
JOHN W. Tyi.kr, Clerk.
.O , rosrorticF..
OFFICE 1101 UH :
From 7'i A.M. to 7 P.M." Sunilay li M to 1 P.M.
r f t'J MAILS DErABT : t
Uiar WM, - - A. M. an.1 I . M.
CleviOanrt, (pci ial; - - -
rinnlMi. - - - - - - zr.i.
MiddleHukl (Alcnulays nnd Tuesdaysi, ,:(iUu.M.
mails arkiye:
From East, - - r,:as A. M. and Sl P. M.
FromWe-U - - IS" M- and 11 :11 I. M.
t leveland (peial)i -- - - 3MJ. .M.
Mktdieileld CTueiduys and Friday;, 0:W P. M.
tetter nhould be left at the X'ostoiliefl one
nova befokjc mails dkpakt.
Letters Will he readr for delivery osk h alf
HOUR alter trains arrive, except mail T eiveil
at night, -which will be delivered next iiioiniii-.
Letter placed In the OutMdu J.citcr nox
ntoo'cl.M-k P. M. will be ent by the nislit
mails. CiEOKCiK K. PA1XF-, P. l.
, Nov. 19.
Take Shorr and iIiclticuii SoiiIIutu
i'4 i 'wn .
(Oii c .-tecond Mury W iU. Block'.
otmitellor at Lav. collections prompt
ly attended to. UOice, Moodey". Block, i'aiue
v ille, Ohio.
LAW, and Notarv Public, over the 1 ot
ouicc, Painesville, Ohio.
T AIlvORS. id tbe Huira Luely occupied by
N. M. FUher, Paiuesrille, Ohio.
T AILORS and dealers in Clothing, Bats,
Caps. Fnroishing Goods, Ac., Mflwankee Block.
Painesville, Ohio.
of Piain and Ornamental Printing. Office
No. 114 stockwrll House Block, Main street.
promptly attenrled to.
All business entrusted t me will be
J Blank Book Maunlactnrtr,tliir.l floor, cor
ner oi iluiu and St Clair streets, 1'ainenvUle, O.
V in all kinds of Pine and Hemlock Lum
ber. Shiugles. Lath, Posts. Dressed Flooring
biding. Ac. Onice. auaSuue st, I'ainesviUe, O.
FCBSITCRE of all kinds, corner Main
ami S-iate streets, over French's Cireeery, Paines
ille. 4ik. Custom Wrkpeiliy
PHOTO GBA f a r.
" SALE Dealer in allkimlsof Pholoerapher'
Mock, Frames, Ac., at Clapsadel' old rooms,
M aiu street.
BREHM E hat the best BARBER (SHOP
, in town, nltlum laoceptin. 1 Main St.
HOI ME, No. SU4 State st.
T. lrotrieUr. Larsce roums,
walk from Mam btrcct.
I l. BtNNF.TIV Proprietor.
. A.
follows until further notice:
lil'N AS
lovelund .
W illou'h'v
Madison ...
Geneva.. ..
K xpross
9.59 a.m.
11.03 A.M.
14:47 p.m.
j special
5:Vii-.M. 19HMP.M.
8:10p.M.1 tnr.p.M.1 1.20.AM.
c;oi; west.
stations. Icago r.x
Kri. 3.40a.m.
Ashtabula.. l.o4A.U,
tieneva ...
"Prtin"eiilef 6.41a.m.
Cleveland.. C.35A.M.
Toledo Pauiiic l sieain
Express F.xpress'liottt l-)x
10.10a.m. 3:illp.M. 1.03A.SI.
11.49A.M. 4:37P.M.! S.57A.M.
1S:1-2P.M.! 8.! A.M.
ia:a'jp.M.i ;
I9:Mp.m. fi'SSir.n.- 4.06a.m.
1:f.ji. 4.! A.M.
1:41 P.M. ,
g :05p.m. C:30p.m. 5.90a.m.
'-it. ,.i.-tt, --rUi' ,S .1
FlB-iT Paoe.
"A Hundred Yiniri to Vome SttteUd
Hail Mm. A. L. J.'vter bvfoar
Tell Jr -Voir R. U. .itrxtdard
Sjri-ing tet-ecisd
Thf, lei.1 of the Jllri$rial.) A Hthor of The Matt
. . .: . .vi-.lvW tAWie
AnMlnlm J-uhHo 3T,m. . Ji. . . i . ?. . A .. V. ....
Wanhinglon Hnudan Horning ChronieU
i'irt CotAmontr in Krtglaaa
Crime and CtttnaTtU
jL'dli&rirl Paragraph .
Keirsoftfte Week..
Lake Erie
Third 1'age.
Rtrtinifem Guide
EnMinttH btrectorg
isi.ti.Uia SimilifH0 Curttntur,
L.ihWt. 'tr
tfcial C ' nn:p(nwliv of thf Jaw aal . . , .
IVffif'tt finrtu o-nr Jtratfei
L,Mis jrifiit innrf j-ovffftrte
Marine . -
Market, om( and Futrijn .. .. . .'
Tnny irvi' Trait'p :. . .JfUa JulUt Van Br una
A yi'ivttUnral
Practical Hints.
Great Singer. .. .
U9 ii U . teiU V InrUi1 for ?5 cent
- -The Ohio C hiistiuu Miiouury tuciely
; to bold its annual convention with tbe Pis-
cipte church of this place, beeinuiur May
. '21st, will conduct its uiefliii-rs in the First
I , Dciiif ( Oar lily l alkr.
j At the last meet ins ef the council i'ri
I day evening the Srd inst the following
I bouiis ttcrt- approved: F. KoBert, Street
Wednesdav afternoon.
T B." If van will return the article
JT3 the manner mentioned ia your note, the
reward will be promptly paid and 110 question
; C'onsregatitinal church the number of del- ommissionpr; L. I. Howe and J. M.
legates exrte ted to be present being so Benjamin, sureties $2,00"; T.W. Loouiis,
lar.re. as io nei-cssitate a larger room than ireasurer; j. i. c arson aua c uiuns .Morse
Mitry A'. There are a numlier of words that
sjiell the ame both backwards and for
wards, bnt to construct an entire sentence
that shall do so is oue of the most dilScnlt tasks
that can be attempted in that Hue". There
have, however, from time to time, been a num
ber of these made, among which probably the
most curious is the following: b Sator arepo
teret opera rotas ." It is not jirst-eiass Latin,
but may be freely translated "I cease from
my work; the sower will wear away his
wheels." It is, in fact, something like a non
sense verse, but has these peculiarities: 1. It
spells backward and forward all the same.
2. Then the first letter of each word spells the
first word. 3. Then all the second letters of
each word spell the second word. 4. Then all
the third, and so on through the fourth and
fifth. S. Then commencing with the last let
ter of each word spells the first word. S. Then
the next to the last of each word, and so on
through .
Srmobcr The product known as Viennese Meer
schaum is prepared by mixing one hundred
parts if silicate of sodium at thirty -five de
grees with sixty parts of carbonate magne
sium, aad eighty parts of the native meer
schaum or pare alumina.' '-This mixture is
then pulverized with the greatest care and
passed through selve of very fine silk or
horse-hair. Water is then added and boiled
for ten minutes. The whole is then poured
into moulds placed so that the water may
separate easily. . - .
. Tbjkke are two cases of varioloid
County Infirmary.
in th.;
that afforded by their own building.
Me. I.andon Smith says that the ice
stored ly the company during the past
winter is of unusually line nuality. He
will le;riu his daily deliveries about the
2oth of Ibis mouth. The most refreshing
sights that we have iu the heat of sum
mer are the ice wajjon and sprinkling cart
upou their frequent rounds.
The following parties have applied for
marriajrc licenses at the oiiiee of Judge
Tnttle during the past week: FYederiek
Sochnlein for himself and JlathtlldaWein
blenner, Francis D. Janvier for himself
and Laura Steele, Solos Lock wood for Jay
Burden and Mary A. Lockwood Eldon
Writht tor himself and Flory L. Spragne.
"Circcs day" passed off very quietly
.Although, there were a large number of
people in town and many that were in
clined to misehief-makin;,tbe prompt ac
tion and tbe vigilant watchfulness of the
officials made it extremely difficult for any
disturbance of account to get fairly under
way. The two exhibitions were largely
attended, and all seemed well satisfied
with what tuev had seen.
Thk band stand has been much im
proved by a tew fresh coats of paint,
A reduction of ten per cent, has been
made in the tare from this place to Cleveland.
The time set for the May term of the
Lake County Common Pleas Court is the
27th inst. . ,
Mb. W. S. Stacy has been making an ex
cavation under the sidewalk to be used as
a beer vault.
Thk Band Concert given last Friday
evening was not as largely attended as its
merits deserved.
's f Jb-e leading editor ot Uik place
is doing a 'driving husiness with" a calico
colored "cireuss' horse.
TrAssiflVfitresareVit rmtIt is Sug
gested that they should be called the
fltraties, ,f , -s
A boy of less than a dozen years of ape
was found in the park on Tuesday last,
insensible from intoxication.
- A large finely formed lull-blooded grey
hound attracted considerable attention
upon the streets last Saturday.
Hknry nuRtoo was "run away .wit h"
while riding on acorn marker, which strik
ing a tree caused the breaking of his leg.
The society of the First Congregational
Church held their annual meeting for the
election of officers last 3Ionday afternoon.
Messrs. L. A, Porter, C. A. Avery, and J.
S. Casement, were elected Trustees; S. R.
House, Treasurer, and 11. C. Beardsleo,
Clerk. In the evening the pews were sold
for the ensuing rear. The bidding was
quite brisk, and every seat put up was
taken, which is something quite unusual.
It is hard to think of any deed too mean
or grovelling to be committed by a person
who would purposely desecrate the graves
of the dead. It often occurs that flowers
left in dishes upon the grounds of the cem
etery are stolen, and of late complaints
have become even more numerous than
for sometime past. When the person or
persons committing these depredations
are discovered, and all possible means
should be taken to lead to their detection
they should be dealt with in the utmost
ricorof the law.
TrfKRE is not yet tbe slightest possible
reason to believe that there will be an
endemic or epidemic disease this season
to sweep away and lessen the cauine race
and therefore it is all the more necessary
(o our peace and happiness that some
means be employed to rid us of the hun
dreds of hydrid and mongrel dogs that
roam the streets. Tbe town has no grea ter
nuisance, than that occasioned by the
great . number ot does, which are con
stantly snapping, snarling or fightingupon
the sidewalks and even in the various
places of business. If we have a law to
protect us trotn this annoyauee, why raay
't not be enforced?
31 R. P. F. Young has obtained the of
fiej formerly -occupied by Writ. L. Perkins.
sq.tand is ionse"thesame as a ' law-of-lice.
ThekEIS to1 be an exhibition at the Gym.
nasium next Wednesday. Xone but mem
bers will be admitted unless accompanied
by ladies.
The vacaut lot upon the east side of St.
Clair street near aslungton, is soon to j
be occupied by a'eottage, which is to bet
built by Mr. bamuei uurriuge.
MeteoretlavF for April.
"Thk following was reported for the
Jot i:x.a by 3Ir. E.J Ferris, of Little
Maximum 30th 80 degrees.
Minimum 4th 25 degrees.
Range. 55 degrees.
Mean 48 38 mill.
Maximum 14tLt 29.054 inches.
Minimum 0th 28.15G inches.
Range Sit inches.
3Ican reduced to froozinsr
point .28.8
.Amount ot rain 2
Amount of snow.
iS inches.
.1 inches,
it inches.
.Dr. B. fVieltox Jfaekenti
Mr. Ehrlich has been to New York to
purchase goods, for the second time this
pring, which fact argues well for the trade
t the "Sew York cheap store."
L'v'sdleveland 4.30 p.m I Ar.al Conneaut 1.4S p.m
. L'v'sConueaut6.40a.ui Ar.atClevel'Dd.45a.ni
This train going west- passes Painesville at
":19A. M. Going cast passes Painesville at 5:.V.
P. M.
The Spocial Chicago Express runs daily except
Monday. ,
The 4:45 a. m. train from Cleveland and the
3:40 p. m. train from Erie runs on Sundays.
CHAS. F. HATCH, Geu'l sup't.
Pastor. Services on Sunday at Wi A.
M. and 7P.M. Church Conference on Thurs
1 Uv evening at 7 JJ o'clock. Bible Service, to
which old and voung are invited, at 19 o'clock
M. Walter C. Tisdcl. Superintendent.
ST. JAMES CHURCH Rector, Thomas B.Wells
204 State street. Iservices 10,' A. M. and Vi
V. M. Simdav School at 124 P. M. Horace
" Steele, Superintendent.
V. E. CI1C RCH Youmans, Pastor. Services
every Sabbath at 10 'i A. M. ami 7'j P.M.
Sabbat h School meets at 1-J ' P. M. E. S. Young,
G. Smith. Conductor. Miss L. Whitmore, Gu.tr-
dia&rriw&icicca Sabbath, at w!i A. M.
, - THE CHRISTIAN t Ul'RCII Pastor, J. W". In--i
ri-m.T Service atM.ff'-A. M. and Vi 1. M.
Tsnl.h.iih School at P. Jf. V. D. Hvde.
(superintendent. Prayer Meeting on Thursday
evening at 7;a o'clock.
THF WAPTTST CH F RCH Past or. E. A. Stone,
Services at 10, A. M. and 1y, V. M. Sabbath
School at 13 M. C. E. Brink. Superin
tendent. Praver Meeting every Thnrsdny eve
.11 log at 74 O'ctoci. n , . -. -:;-,
ST. MARY'S CHCRCH,(Catholic) JohnTracey,
Pastor. Services everv Sunday at A. M.,
' -10' A. M. and7J P. M. Sunday School at 2
o'clock P. M.
, Library Rooms 71 Main street. Prayer Mcet
ing evei-y Tuesday evening.
TEMPLE LODGE, No. S8, F. and A. M. Paines
ville. Meets the second and fourth Thursdays
in each month. Perry lloswortli. W. M.
Meets the ilri and third Thurdavs in each
month. E. W. Kelly. M. K. II. P.
PAISESV1LLE COL NCI I, No. 98. Royal and
Select Mailers. Meets Fridavs after the first
Thursday iu each uioiiin. J. uenjainiu, i.
I. Ci. M.
WILLOL'GHBY IDGE. No. ., F. and A. M
Willouglibv. Slated Communications on ihc
secoml and fourth Tuesdays in each month.
W. H. Turner, W. M.
LAKE SI Ml RE LODGE, No. 307. Madison
stated Communications every second and
fourth Saturdays of each month. M. o.
Preston. W. M.
' PAINESVILLE LODGE, Ni. 412. Meets on the
second antl 1'ouvth Saturdavs of each monl-b.
E. W. Kelly, W. M.
, ' I. O. O. F.
CORNUCOPI A LODGE, No. 2I, meet? Tuesday
.f I eeunB.s. -Oflicers t,. W. Payuc, ti. G.; .
Jv iX ArnVveifs," V. J.f W. Doi-an, R. S.; C. O.
Chilli, V, s.; D. W, Meail. Treas.
rNI0"TTriirMtrNT, No. 40. meets even,
Atwruaie Wednesdav evening, oihcers 1.
P. Axtel, C. P.; W. Koran, S. V.:H.R. Morse,
,L V.j L. Fanis, H. P.; C. O. Child, Scribe;
D. W. Mewl, Treas.
Miss Dora Delaine of West Livingston Place
A rose in her bloom and a lily of grace
Fell sick, in an hour, of what none could define,
uilt wiseacres caiteu going into I'ecune.
It happened this wav : on the night of the halt '
k 1 ' 11 H... 1,1 3 Ml .1 111 . 11 Jkl., juuug AWAIC ,U Vi.l 1,
While music ami mirth, fairy twins as they are.
Were paving their court to tbe son of the Czar,
And. lights sparkling endless,, aiut jewel and
flow'rs - ": - " -' : i
Lent lustre and hue to the wings of the hours.
Ere yet her proud eves lost tbe fire of their
Our Dora turned faint in a panse of the dance.
The heat, or the crowd, or excitement, 'twas said.
Thus made in a moment her cheeks like the dead;
And ices, and essences pungent, andiaus
Were proffered and fluttered, and various plans
Wrere hinted for gaining more air; but she sighed
Tne single word "Home:" ana wonia not ue de
nied. ;
Papa and mamma, when the carriage was called.
Bore homeward poor . Dora, all muffled and
shawled :
And not from that nicrht was she ever the same
Bright spirit of health; but as languid and tame
And (tun as a oirn mat reiuses losing,
Aud droops iu bis cage with his bead in his wing
At first il was thought the affection was slight.
Some freak of a chill, or of lacing loo tight:
But when to her face there returned not its bloom,
And listless and pale she remained in her room,
x ne tamiiy doctor was summoneo to see
Whatever the matter could possibly be.
To humor her mood which was rather ill-bred-
He came as her triend. not physician, he said ;
AndJoavino- first talked of the weather and news.
Remarked, that he feared Miss Delaine had "the
And ho)ied.for the sakeof herself and her friends,
She'd take a orescrintion of tincture which tends
Too fuse with its iron the blood, and give tone
"O. pshaw!" exclaimed Dora, "Do leave me
alone! . : ' '. - -; ? jp"
I JuiU your old drugs!" and the poinladi jrehnff
ojteudett tne doctor, wno leu in a nun. : r.
Two other oractitioners. statelv and srrave.
Appeared hi their turns and their evidence gave:
-Digestive inonia." saiu one; rana loryou
Some acid sulphuric, diluted, will do."
-It's nervous-imlmonic.-' the other observed:
"Take Jink's Hypopkosphates and don't be un-i
"I'm vW? " Dora cried, in hvsteric revulse
'1 icon't show mv tongue, aud yon sta'nt feel
my pulse!"
The Western Union Telegraph Co., some
time since put into operation a system by
whieh mouey orders can be sent to, or re
ceived at any place upon the line.
Os Thursday acd Friday of this week
the Editorial CnrveTition f the 17th aud
19th districts met at Warren. We learn
that the affair was iu all ways a pleasant
It has become so well known among
smokers that Louis Freitag keeps the best
of everything in his line, that they al
most always go to him to make their pur
chases. - - t
Since the advent of the pnst few warm
days, many parties have been "bearing
the palm," and say that it is quite a pleas
ant change from the winter cap or con
ventional "plttg."; , . ; j
Fine fish are now taken with the hook
at Fail-port and various points upon the
river.-fThe, game fish are just beginning
to bite$and are eagerly-sought by the
knights of the rod..
A vocal and instrumental concert is to
be given under the' auspices of the Wil-
loughby Band at College' Hall next I ri
day evening. It will undoubtedly be a
fine performance. - .
Ijvill be noticed by reference to our
advertising columns that Ir. Harry Gold
smith has opened a new carpet store, occu
pying for the present aportion of the New
Y'ork-cheap stot-e.-'"-' -
, .) . -
Mr. Gibus wishes to say to those doing
business with him or who are anxious to
seae bint, thai he, lias gone, to Buffalofrom
which place he will not return until the
latter part of next woek. : " i i
Real EHtate Transfers.
The following is a list of tbe real estate
transfers recorded during the past week.
Angeline S. L. Young to William Rice,
Painesville, house and lot on 3Ientor ave
nue . Elenzer Burritlge to Wm. Hicks, Men
tor, 21 acres, lot 1, tract 12.
Geo. S. Murray, pr. adm'r. to II. I.. Stan
ly, Concord, 17 acres, lot 1, tract 1.
Thos. King, Guar'd to Bela Dyer, Madis
on, 11 acres, In lots 11 and 12, tract 1.
H. P. Allen to David 31. Lee, Madison,
15-2 acres, in lots 8 and 9, tract 3.
Harvey Cram to Geo. W. Steele, Paines
ville, lots 3, 4, 11 and 12, Seminary place.
Geo. W. Steele to Harvey Cram, 3!entor,
88 acres; Concord 57 acres.
C. L. Baldwin to W. L. Haywood, 3Iad-
ison, 23 acres, lot 1, Buck tract.
F. G. Slickney to Edward W. Kelley,
Coneord, 14 12-100 acres in lots 10 and 5,
tract 2.
Probate Conrt.
The Probate Court was opeu on Jlonday
for the prosecution of criminal business,
Judge Tuttle presiding. The only case
brought in was that of the State of Ohio vs
SanTl D. Gildersleeve. The complaint
stated that defendant had been guilty of
selling spirituous liquors in an unlawful
manner. A motion was made to quash
the information; overruled on first count
in information and sustained in second
third aud forutb. The defendant plead not
guilty and demanded a jury trial. This
was granted and the court adjourned un
til tbe next day wueu the jurymen sum
moned were present, and tbe case was im
mediately taken tip. The jury retired and
soon returned, giving in a verdict of guilty
The judgment was fixed at $25.90 with
costs of prosecution, defendant to be paid
The attorneys were the Prosecutor, A. L.
Tinker for the state, with J. B. Burrows
and C .1 . Komar for the defouce.
sureties, $10,iK.
The greater part of the evening was ta
ken up in the reports of committees, aud
the appointment of two lists of persons as
members ot Ihe A'olunteer Fire Depart
ment. Tbe latter was adopted. After
the acceptance of several minor reports,
the following was submitted concerning
the Fire Department:
To the Council of the Village of Paines
rille: Your committee to whom was re
ferred the resolutions, &c., presented at
your last meeting by a committee from
the Firemen, respectfully report, that
they deem it proper that the Council
should express its opinions upon the sub
ject matter therein contained, and they
theretore presentthe lonowing resolutions
and recommend their adoption as express
ing the views of the Council:
Resolved, That in common with our cit
izens we fully appreciate the faithful and
efficient service rendered by the Volun
teer Fire Department, during the year
past, and on our own and their behalf, we
tender to the Department, aud their re
tiring Chief. Lucius Farris, Esq., our most
hearty thanks.
Eesolced, That as the law and ordin
ances of the corporation, vest in the Mayor
and Council the sole authority to appoint
the Chief Engineer and Assistant of the
Department, we consider it our right and
duty to exercise that authority, according
to our best judgment at the time, without
being called iu question theretor by the
Resolved, That a year's faithf al service
in the department in a subordinate posi
tion, is in our judgment a recommendation
for advancement, which ought not to be
lightly overborne by any whim, caprice or
personal pique.
Sesolted, That believing in the truth of
the maxim, that he who will not obey is
not til to command." we rccosuizo the
right spirit in the acceptance ot Captain
George L. I'iker, of the posiiiou assigned
him by the Couucil.
Resolved, That in our judgment, the Fire
Department is efficiently officered, and
recognizing the value of experience in tbe
Department, we invite all those who have
been members thereof during the year
past, to continue their membership, feel
ing assured that their zeal for the Depart
ment in the past warrauts us in the belief,
that iu their hands its reputation in the
future for order, efficiency and good con
duct, will suffer no detriment.
Resolved, That a copy of these resolu
tions lie presented to the Department,
thronirh its proper committee.
II. H. Woodman, Ch'mnn.
J. Ji.iiOMt:. i
3Ir. h. R. Grey introduced and read on
behalf of the Fire Department the follow
ing: Your committee to whom was refurred
the resolutions, c, presented at your last
meeting by a committee from the Fire De
partment "respectfully report: That we
fully appreciate the faithful and efficient
services of the Volunteer Fire Depart
ment during the past year, and believe
that the Council have no disposition to
place over them as Chief, anyone who is
objectionable to them, if it can be avoided.
That while having lull confidence in the
ability and efficiency of 31r. Slocum, we
believe his nomination was made under a
misapprehension of cxistiug circum
stances, anil that tne oest interests oi tne
Corporation would be subserved by his
AVe rocommoud the appointment of Geo.
L.Riker as Chief Kn-iiueer. and Lucius
Farris as Assistant c hief Engineer for the
ensuing year. .
The Committee on Public Grounds,
brought the following motion which was
Resolved, That the sidewalks on the east
side of State and Bank streets, between
he south line ot Vv ashinton street and
the north line of land owned by 31rs. J. T.
Doolittle should be repaired, and that the
31 ay or be directed to cause the legal no
tice to bo served upon the owners of prop
erty abutting on said sidewalks, or their
agent or agents, of the passage of this res
olution; and that if said sidewalks, with
in sixty aays irom tne service oi saiu no
tice, are not repaired, the Street Commis
sioner is directed to have the same done at
the expense of said property owners.
Just before adjournment the following
claims were ordered paid: Gas Company,
$55.13: Ingham, Clark & Co., $4; Bond No.
6, $100.
MKOJf.t I..
I'.VIUM' aud Surgeon, onireover Hol
e1ii jold, slanUwo Store, No. 77 .Main
(street. Painesville. Ohio. Odice hours 7 to 9 A.
M i to I and 7 to 9 P. St. Residence corner of
Jai'kVon and St. C lair streets.
yrnr-.!: h..n7 to 9 A.
iesidence Bidckwcll House
. .,m . . ii..nr,or.
Block, Painesville. Ohio.
M a to 1 and 7 to V 1. M.
, III.OCK. Oftlce Hoiirs
io 5 I'. M.
-From 11 A. SI.
ML. W BIGHT DENTIST, olllce over
. Tuttle Hardware Store, Main Street,
Painesville, Ohio.
mirtTH. DRiiTiMT. office over
Lee's Drug Store, Main St., Painesville, O.
1 y Milwaukee Block, over Lockwood Broth
ers' Store. Painesville, Ohio.
. of Musical Instruments, sheet Music, etc.,
Alain street, Painesvjllc, Ohio,
-v- i..inAsi.ille l ornet liauu. jiii-ucuon
(given on all Kinas oi n uu
nents. Music arranged lor any number or kinds
r instruments. Address P. O. Box 8S7, Paines-i-ille,
Her father, iierplexe'f. between' ansrer and pain.
Kttt houttht him at last of vounsr Doctor Misrraine.
W ho came from the South, when the fighting
was done, . ,
To practice in Gotham, where tortures are won
Antl. calliiior him in. laid a band on his knee.
And said, '-loti wilt find, sir, my daughter to be
( ouvincett sue is wen, 'spuoi auyouc-an say;
Yet dwindling aud peaking aud pining away.
"I've heard of the case, and have seen MissDe
And went to the ball," answered Doctor Mi
Nor siioke anv more till he entered the room
Where Dora was drooping in silence and gloom,
"A doctor again!" was her sigh of despair
"Oh. w hen will it end?" He selected a chair.
And, seating himself with his face to her own,
Replied: "1011 can tell that yourself, and alouc!
My words shall be few, anil as plain as mi' art;
You're sick, Miss Delaine, with Disease of the
'Twas rather the tone than the language that
i Miss Dora breathe miick, as she said, half afraid.
Why, w hat can you mean'r' lie was swift to
"That night, at the Ball, very near you was I."
She stared and grew white, and the speaker went
"I can't say I saw-, but I henrtf. what was done:
Oue moment you beamed ( Montgomery Sill
'Snn'i'jrt to 'Ilel yanjn') in the next 'yon were
She started to rise, with the tears on her face
"Your words are insulting!" He bowed from
bis place
"Oue moment," be begged, "till I've said what
i I may: . i ; ;
Then chide, if you choose, and I'll hasten away.
"The words I o'crheard with youself, at the Ball,
Are not more for me than for you to recall
With pride, or delight (if indeed you are still
Inclined to waste thought on Montgomery Sill);
For Isabel Vaughn, with a friend ot my heart
Once nliiA-pil such a cruel, uerildious nai-t.
That now. even now, when his care's at an end.
I feel, and am spnructi, ana octrayea witn my
friend !
'A guest front the South at the Springs,, in a
- time
SVhen fortune was his in his own sunny clime.
He liowed to her charms, nor resisted the spell
That urged him to woo her, tbe fair Isabel !
His suit was accepted; tney partea, to meet
No more, until war, like a tempest of sleet,
Had blighted his fortunes, with others, ah me!
When Suermau passed through on his march to
the sea.
And then, when he offered release. In his pride.
To her who had promised her hand as his bride;
She answered the note with this tbpf the pen
"Twas but a nu tation lis ages since then!'
"And now she Is pledged to Montgomery Sill!
The friend of my heart, lives he under it- still?
He docs; and confides to Miss Dora Delaine
He shares her diease,and his name is Migraine!"
Tite 'pastor of the Baptist' church will,
contrary to previous : expectation, occupy
his own pulpit to-morrow (Sabbath) morn
ing. Subject Christian worship; evening
subjeetT-TbeJatUHi ot baptism to sal va
tion'. i- y- s-- ,
A MONKEY belonging to the proprietors
of oue of the side--shows here last Satur
day, eseaped"ahd"suceeeded in baffling its
pursuers for some time. It was filially
captured undera house upon the premises
ofM C AAycry.,
The band concert in the Park last even
ing was a tine affair. There will be one
every week hereafter, the clemency of the
weather permitting. SVhen the evenings
may chance to bo unpleasant the concert
will be given in tbe hall.
and warm water whicfe lain sure batirfeeeu
throush tea leaves (of what kind I am ig
norant to this day ), and what a California
uiiuor would call" a "death ball." dry and
seorched from over baking containing a
-sliver" of bam -only twenty ceuts." Of
course I felt too thankful Tor rue permit to
remain in the mom for any fault finding
had I thought it admissahle. 1 never knew
the late of ihat forlorn sandwich. Justice
permits one to say. the cake upon the ta
ble looked fresh aiid nice. The mother soon
came in. with her little one looking sweet
and smiling from its ablution. In tbe wash
room she had fouud three or four fixed ba
sins so higii as to require a chair, (which
she procured from the dining rooui) to
reach them con fort ably ; "only these and
nothing more." All agreed that the sta
tion aud ite adjuncts were a disgrace to
any road. If necessary for the mail train
to wait there every day two hours, as I
was assnred it did, wby not provide chris
tian accommodations for passengers com
pelled to doso. I venture to say there would
have been no dissatisfaction had there
been anything reasonably decent. AVe fi
nally readied Cleveland "West side" at
7:0.". tound carriages and were soon with
our friends, but feeling too thoroughly dis
gusted, with the A. & vr. w . ltauroau ever
to trouble tnyself or readers farther con
cernine it. And now for home, with a kind
food bye to friends here, as well as the
ocrnai, and its readers, I will "be silence
for a space." alma.
Ilia beeiAsince the trial in Bedford, svhereJ-THEAcciDEST to Mr. E. F. Benedict,
cei, mum: iun oiu siauu any tne less a de
sirable place at which to purchase any-
I.. S. A; HI. S. H. R.
, Atihe aunual stockholders meeting of
the tr. s. &. 3r. S. Railway on the first of
May, the following boi.nl of Directors were
elected :. Horace B. Clark. James H. Ban
ker, Augustus Schell, William Williams,
Henry B. Payne, Amassa Stone, Jr., Still
man Witt, AVilliam T. Scott, John A. Tra
cy, Axariah Boody, Albert Keep, AVilliam
D. Bishop, Charles 31. Reed. The Board
at a later meeting unanimously re-elected
the following oflicers: Presideut, Horace
F. Clark; Arice President. Augustus
Schell: Treasurer, James H. Banker:
Secretary and assistant Treasurer. Geo.
Below we give a partial statement of the
business condition of the company. The
bonded dept r the company amounts to
$24,909,oOO. The annual cnarge for inter
est on the debt is $l,71",f"30; total earnings
past year, $14,797,995.07: total operating
expenses and taxes, '!9,77n.sor..-23: net ear
nings. ?,0is,ls.s4.
"Vortb. madison.
Ed. Journal: May and December have
gone into partnership, judging irom tne
weather we are having now-a-days; one
dav warm sunshiny sveather, the next
hail storms ana cold east winds. Every
thing indicates a backward spring, and
farmers generally are behindhand with
Mr. F. Lee, one of the editors of the In
dependent Press met with a painful acci
dent a lew uays since, au some, u u un
countable manner the first finger of his
right hand got caught in one of the presses
and was instantly taken off.
The Hulett Brothers at Unionville whose
warehouse was burned down this spring
have got their new building up and well
along towards completion. A good deal
has been added to the beauty ot the place
this spring by way of planting out shade
trees. several nunurea nave oeeu pian
ted out on one street alone.
North Madison is unusually quiet this
surini'. which is not to be wondered -at.
however, as we have no One Horse Rail
roads to worry about. The Dolly Aardens
have not as vet made their appearance, al
though there are several in course of con
struction and may be expected on the
streets shortly. Our lake captains have all
departed lor the summer campaign.
May 6 1872. E. R. B,
Titnsville and Homeward.
Before taking leave of this city, I will
say it would be a good opening for a first
class architect. One can btit notice the
style of dwellings indicating wealth; most
of them so highly ornamented as to give
them a cheap look. I did not see one,
equal in purity of architecture, or grace
ful proportions, the residences ot steeie,
or Young, on 3Ientor avenue too much
""insrer-bread w ork." The same expense
in good taste would make many of thein an
ornament to anv city, instead of reflecting
anything but credit upon their architect.
The railroad to Buffalo is at last a "fixed
fact" whereat Titusvillians are highly
elated, and well may bo. '
Aud now forborne. At 7:30ou the morn-
ngof April 12th, wc left the wide-awake
ity, taking the Oil Creek and Alleghany
The apple and peach orchards in the
country are now in full bloom, and pre
sent a neautiful appearance' .The iniiica
tiens thus far, are that there will bean
unusually large crop of all kinds ot fruit,
but it is not yet too late for frosts.
Messrs. Chas. AVkkd and AVilliam
Cain, of this place, have secured Ihe con
tract for building six miles of the Mahon
ing Coal Co. R. R. The road is a branch
of the Lake Shore route and the section is
between Youngstown and Andover.
of the Painesville Conservatory ot Miwic,
I ompose.r and Teacher of Music, oral ami In-nt-r.UHtental,
onicu in nu-crviilory l.uiKtuig,
Svi. Hi St. lair street. Painesville, Ohio.
JEW EI. Bi'.
) and JEW ELLlt. painesville, oiiio. .j.
All work strictly warranted.
lb. . . ' ' d mi j p!l triims.
You see how it was; they were surely a pair.
This southron ill-used, and the sorrowful fair;
And all that remains for a mortal to guess
Tbis bint from a letter may briefly express:
"My friends In the Smith" (wrote the Doctor,
one day),
'A on know I'm an Allonath. hot. in mv wav.
Anil that, hitherto, I've belonged to tbe school
esteeming a rival a Knave, or a hhii;
Itni. lutelv. I've bad such a wouderful case.
That, sooner than lose it, I've dared the disgrace
of making the poiut, beyond questioning, sure,
That Like in tot Like an infallible cure!
Mv patient, tne loveliest queen ot a girl
That ever drew kings in the chain ol a curl,
SV as fading uu'ay with that exquisite smart
I'd carried lor years in my own weary heart;
And alter due visits, by no moans for pelf,
lor life I'm prescribed wish me Joym"!'-Myself!"
AVE have been permitted by the kindness
of 3lr. C. Brink to publish extracts from a
private letter received by hiin,and written
by Mr. AVilliam Irwin of the U. S. X. The
letter which will bo found in another
coiumnis from the Sandwich Islands.
MS. v Andrew C armsle ' is to act as
clerk at the Lake ATiew House, Lltllc
Mountain, during tfiG coming season. Mr.
M. L. Saunders, who has held the position
for the past two yea.is, has accepted a po
sition as auditor for a Western railroad.
The Rev. 3Ir. Ingram requests full at
tendance of the members of the church and
Sabbath school at the morning services to
morrow vf"irhday).-- The" subject for the
discourse is "The Relation and Duty of the
Church to the Sunday School." For the
evening the theme is "Seven things God
Abominates." '
- Just at the present the people of Paines
ville have better advantages afforded them
for enjoying and studying music than ever
heretofore, and much improvement has
consequently been made, but really it has
only been a beginning. The danger is that
the several organizations that we are now
indebted to, will, if additional interest is
not shown in them, be compelled to dis
band and seek localities where their ser
vices will be more fitly rewarded. The
band, which, iu its present condition we
may well feel justly proud of, cannot con
tinue to be what it now is, in merit, unless
the leader, and members receive the en
couragemeut and support of ths towns
people. The efforts of the company are
not appreciated; the concerts that they
have given, have been only before small
audiences, and subscriptions have not been
punctually paid. The parsimony of many
individuals who refuse to attond a concert
given in the hall, because there is the
enormous admission fee of fifteen cents to
pay, will actually result in the cessation
of in door, or open air entertainments. It
is time to think of the pleasures resulting
from this music before it is numbered with
the things that svere, as it certainly will
be at no distant day, if it receives no more
attention fro'in our citious. Painesville
has the reputation of being slow to recog
nize the advent of now ideas or projects,
and niggardly iu her support and encour
agement of home instltut ions. This may,
by the slight exertions of eaoh one be
changed until whatever excllent will
At the meeting appointed for last Jlon
day evening at Childs Hall, for the purpose
of making arrangements for Decoration
day, there were but a few present and it j receive proiupt and cordial recognitions.
adjourned for one week. , There will con-! It is due to both band and oche tra, to
sequently be a meeting at the same place
on Monday evening, tbe 13th inst. A large
Attendance is desired,
show, both at free and othercntertainments
given by them, our approval and appreci
ation, b,y our presence and support.
River Railroad back to Corry, in order to
eo over the Atlantic and Great A estern
Railroad to Cleveland. Most of the dis
tance besides the former runs a track with
ties bearing marks of having had the rails
removed, though in many places new ties
had been laid and culverts repaired: what
its name or aim. I did not learn. By the
wav, what has made Corry the bustling
thriving place it. is, I cannot imagine; not
its surroundings surely: low-broken un
cleared, and marshy, though they are cut.
tiug the timber, and around many saw
mills in the vicinity (I suppose them to be
such from the immense piles of lumber
near them) are mini berless sticks. denuded
bark, which I suppose their owners loudly
imagine nre "saw logs" though they bear a
greater resemblance to candle rods, com
pared with some I saw in the steam mill
i yard here last winter.
I'pon enquiry 1 learned the express was
three hours behind time and was advised
to wait for it. as we should reach Cleveland
at the same time. I concluded however to
take t he mail train preferring aslow coach,
to tour or live hours waiting at a depot.
A heavy rain commenced just as the irain
arrived, and as there were two upon tbe
track, a lady, looking in vain font badge
indicating an employee ot the road, finally
addressed an adonis sounding a irons: at
the eating-room door, which was for Cleve
land. "How?" (very politely) "Don't
know where Cleveland is." "Does this
one go to Meadville?" '-Oh! Yes." Wo
soon found this road too, has a chronic af
fliction that of switching off every few-
miles, cither at a crossing or upon meeting
another tiatn. This was an wen enough,
much better than waiting at nuy place 1
thought. Alas, for human calculations,
we were tout passengers tor -uieveiana
ston at Leavittsbunr for the express."
'How long?" "Two hours." This is a small
station, six miles from SVnrreu. Of course
we accepted the situation. When the
train stopped we looked for a 'place to iro'
but over three closed doors, we saw "lunch
room," "wash room." and '-dining-room."
A gentleman kindly volunteered to find
the waiting room, came back and told us
what he supposed was a saloon, from the
number of men smoking and lounging
round, was the only one. Into it we went
but left Quito as hurriedly. "Such a Ulthv
compound of villainous smells" Fnlstaff
never dreamed of. The floor if there was
any, for wc could not see it for the dirt,wns
wet,prouaiiy irom tne ti riving ram turougii
the ooen dor. 3!ost of the seats were oc.
copied bv baggage, or loungers apparently
driven iroin woik upon tne ronu, judging
by their muddy apparel: most of Ihem
smoking blnek clay pipes:
There were several emigrants, with the
usual complement of children looking
wretchedly forlorn, and weary, but quite
in keepiug with the place. One of the gen.
tinmen came and told his wife the lunch
and wash rooms were open ; she look qei
tired child to give it a pool bulb, and your
thoroughly disgusted corre6pondeiit found
in the neat and cool lunch room ready per
mission from tbe very obliging waitress to
remain until the express should arrive.
Could she give ine acup of Japan or black
tea? She had "some fresh green tea just
made." For acup containing milk, sugur
Frsmthe Sandwich Islands.
.AT Ska, February Sth, 1872.
About 2500 miles from A'alparaiso.
Dear Ed: To the best of my recol
lection, you are now oweing me a let
ter, but as mail facilities, in this part of
the world, are not in a very advanced
state, I have no doubt it is even now
awaitins me at otirnext port. It may not
be just iu the order of things to answer a
letter before its receipt, yet having a little
spare time this morning, 1 shall anticipate
that event by commencing a letter now.
Some time must necessarily elapse before
it will reach you, for our nearest port
(Valpa aiso) is still a long ways off, and
unless we should be fortunate enough to
catch the steamer,it will lay over for some
time at that place. You see from the su
perscription in what part of the universe
we are now, approximately, and if you re
member your geography sufficiently to lo
cate the point where the meridian of 121
degrees west crosses tbo parallel ot 38
degrees south you will have our exact po
sition." Are on our way to A'alparaiso;
will reach it on or before the 1st of March
if our expectations are realized.
AVe are now speeding along right mer
rily, "sky sails up aloft, aud royal's free."
With a ten-knot breeze, yards braced
nearlv sharp-up the gallant old ship jumps
ahead liKe a frightened rabbit fleeing from
its pursuer, and occasionally my pen
sympathizes with the motion of tbe ship,
and makes a jump now aud then , on its
own hook. This however you will not fiud
to be the only evil in this letter; writing
it by snatches, when not called away upou
some duty, it will present the appearanee
of Jeseph's coat, of many pieces and
each of a different color. AVe were quite
pleased when the orders came at last to
ieave port and start forth on our cruise.
Everything being ready the anchors were
quickly run up to the bows, and soon we
were rapidly passing down the magnifi
cent buy, to' which San Francisco is in
debted 'for its rapid growth and present
commercial importance. Leaving the
great city behind we glided by the batte
ries and' fortifications at Alcatras and
Presidio; the suburbs of the city, promi
nent among them arising the steeple of
Oakland on the opposite side of the bay;
passing the many little islands just begin
ning to assume their garb of greeu after
the parching heat of summer; on, pnst
rocks aud headlands,until passing through
the famous Golden Gate we emerged from
the smooth waters of the bay, and gliding
into the huge waves ot the giant of oceans
were soon keeping time to the throbs and
throes of its mighty bosom. It was blow
ing quite fresh, and our course being to the
low-west, but a very short time elapsed
before the hills of California began to lade
away and grow beautifully less, and with
the sinking of the sun we bade adieu to
our own shores, and once more turned our
faces toward the west, whence the god of
tlay was just casting a lew lingering
glances as though loath to leave. "The
night passed on. the Turk awoke" and so
did we. and found a regular young hurri
cane coming on, a solemn tact made pain
fully apparent to an unlucky few. who re
ceived a pereintory command from old
Neptune to put in an appearance at the
lee rail to pay their just and lawful tribute,
srhorteningsaii we were soon reaay ior our
angrv visitor; but after his violence was
spent, another aua sun anotner came on,
until it socmen, as it the raciuo uau oecn
named as inappropriately as a great many
neonie wno inn to realize tne sunnosea
virtue's of their babyhood. Tossed and
buffeted at the sport of wind and wave.
compelled for two days to lay-to under a
ciose-reeleo main topsail ana a lore storm
stavsail. not even tineas ana nis compan
ions couia nave Deen more rejoicen at
sight of tbe peaceful shores or Italy, than
were we. when tbe high hills of the Sand
wich Islands looming up in the distance
nromised us a haven of repose after the
rude caresses of old Boreas. Sighted first
the islands of Hawaii and Malakal; skirt
ed along the coast until uanu, the lsiana
on which Honolulu is situatea. nove in
sight. The town is on the southeast cor
ner of the island, and just before reaching
it. it is necessary to rouna a laree prom
ontory, which effectually screens it from
giant. A Plans cartridge irom our ior-
ward nine-inch gun, brought out a pilot to
conduct us salelv over the reef at the en
trance of the harbor, lie was an ODject ot
ereat interest to us. Doing tne nrst native
we nuu seen, us uu cuiueout ui msvuiitiiis
little canoe, and clambered up the gang
way. A nairot pants ( ?) ronea up to ins
knees, a piece of an old coat, a white felt
hat. niashed clown over his eyes, completed
a toilet at once "unique but not gaudy." It
was very earlv in the morning but nearly
all hands were on deck watching to catch
a first slimpse of the town.
Do you remember when a little "shaver"
of going to a panorama and how eagerly
everv one wished for the show to begin.
and when the curtain was suddenly with
drawn what a buzz of pleasure and admi
ration broke out. So it was as we rounded
this promontory; as though by magic,
there lay Honolulu, spread out before us,
only a short distance away, and looking
so much like one of the scenes in a pano
rama, I had seen years ago, that one could
almost believe it was indeed one and the
same place. -
There was still a very heavy swell from
the tempestuous weather of the preceeding
week, aud the surf was dashing furiously
upon the coral reef which extended from
both sides as tar as the eye could see, ex
cept a narrow passage in the centre.
Through this we passed, guided by the
skillful hand of Uie pilot, and 'dropped an
chor a short distance from tbe landing..
A large crowd assembled on the deck to
look at our ship, it being a novel sight to
them, no ship of our size having ever been
nere oetore. Hoisting tne iianarian nag
at the fore, a salute of 21 guns was fired,
which was returned from a small battery
wav up on a hill, at some aistance in tne
rear of the town. These hills surround the
town on three sides, and protect it from
the gales which frequently blow from the
northwest with great violence; on we otn.
er side is the harbor spreading out into the
ocean bevond. The town or city is built
upon Ihc'same plan as Funchal, in Kla
deisa. Commencing at the water's edge,
with the warehouses, then the stores and
business bouses, next the private dwell
ings of the people, the streets form a suc
cession of terraces rising one above the
next lower until the last few stragglers
look to be no larger than your baud, built
so far up on tbo side or the great bills.
From our topmost cross-trees a tine bird's
eye view of the whole place could be obtained.
Tho houses are .quite small compara
tively, and nearly all are pamtca white;
a few of the more pretentious ones are
constructed of a peculiar coral stone
which seems to be very durable, and is
easily procured. The King's palace is
the largest building and is situated on
auite an eminence near the center of the
town, l ucre is a tine pat'K arounu it, pro
tected from intrusion by a high wall with
an armed sentry at each gate. Next in
importance are "the custom house and post
office and then some of the churches. The
latter arc quite numerous, considering the
size of tbe place, each of the principal
denominations being represented, and the
unlives have several churches of their
own. A few of the principal streets look
quite civilized, but-there are at least a
dozen little lanes and back streets for
each front one, so it is impossible to tell
sometimes whether you are on a highway
or going into some person's grounds. The
population numbers something like eight
thousand, who depend mostly upon the
port being the great rendezvous and start-ing-out
point for the large fleet ot" whaling
vessels that pursue their perilous voca
tion in the North Pacific. There are a
great many foreigners, a very large pro
portion of whom are Americaus. Aud not
in numbers alone do they take the lead,
but in wealth, influence and position in
The prime minister, Sir; Smith, was a
regular down east Yankee, and oue or t wo
more members of I he church looked very
much as if they hailed from the vicinity of
the "wooden nutmeg" State. Munv of
the leading merchants originally owed al
legiance to the stars and stripes, and were
Suite enthusiastic at sight of the old flag
oating so proudly at our mast-head.
Are have a milliliter resident, also a eon
sul, both of whom appeared to bo gentle
men oi culture, wen ntioa to rcprescut
our country nbroud.
The consul, Mr, ss clncr, is, or was, an
old Buckeve, mid formerly lived at Co
lumbus. Mrs. AVctuer was Blso from Co
lumbus, and is a vcv nlcnsant. Indv
Many of the houses were originally built
in the slates and look very lmudsonie.
The ynrds too, with their peculitu' flowers
anil trees look quite pretty unu show evi
denco of much taste and refinement. The
huts of the lower classes of unlives arc
small and very primitive in architecture.
The roof consists of a thatching of cocoa-
nut leaves, which lasts for years. Their
food consists of the fruit, that kind Na
ture furnishes so abundantly all the year
rwuttd; coov a uuts, which the icoLdn. s-iy
can be nsed for two hundred distinct pur
puses, bananas, plantains,-' oranges, lem
ons. Arc. These, with llsh, and a peculiar
dish they call "poi," supplies their wants.
They arc extremely hospitable and will
give you the last they have aud thiuk
nothing of it. If one family runs out of
food they go into the next house and eat
thereuntil they get more themselves, and
are always welcome. Indeed they real
ize more fully the scriptural precepts,
" Sufficient for the day is the evil thereof"
and "Take no heed;of the morrow;" "Eat,
drink and be merry &c." than any other
people 1 have heard of.
The royal family consists of the king,
Kamekameha Fifth, his wife. Queen Em
ma, svho visited the United States a few
years ago and created so much excite
ment, especially in Washington their
adopted daughter, about 13 years old, and
a legion of princes, brothers of tho king
and queen.
Tbe king possesses most anything rather
than an airof royalty ; indeed he answers
very well to the description I heard of
hini first. "Take the largest, greasiest,
ugliest looking man you will see in town,
and you will see the king himself." This
was the answer I received In reply to an
inquiry as to tbe personal appearance of
his royal majesty. The queen is really a
line looking lady, though tending very
stronglv to the brunette style of beauty.
The other members are scarcely worth
mentioning, except, perhaps, for the
amount of liquor they can destroy in a
short time. By the way, speaking oi li
quor, reminds me that the natives are not
allowed to have any but once it year, on
Sew Year's day, and there is a very heavy
penalty for selling it to them. On 'Sunday
all stores are closed, and rum-shops par
ticularly; no noise is tolerated in the
streets, and you would imagine vonrselt
in some little village In Sew England
from tbe peace which prevails.
Now that you have had a glimpse at the
interior of the city, let me trv to give von
an idea how it looks from our ship as she
naes so eaimiy at ner moorings in this
harbor. Climbing aloft to have a clear
view, the first thing yon see is the long
row of vessels loading and unloading at
tbe wharf, their tall spars shooting uu so
high and straight; then tbe warehouse and
the successive series of houses rising tip
so gradually, the king's palace elevated
in the center like a crown, the royal ilaw
asian flag flying at its summit. "Back of
all come the hills encircling the town, their
dark mantle of green forming a beautiful
background for the groups of little white
houses. And then in many places you
can seethe gros-es of tropical trees with
their peculiar foliage, each of a different
hue, with the steeples of the churches
peeping above their topmost branches.
Add to this a crowd ot natives with their
qeeer dresses, red strongly predominating
in color, and it forms a picture beautiful
and strange, and never to be forgotten. I
wantea to tell about the grand reception
given to us ashore, when we were pre
sented to the royal family, of the recep
tion iu return on our ship, of our visit to
a terrible precipice, 1,500 feet high, over
which a whole army were driven "about a
hundred years ago;" of the many strange
things we have seen both on laud and sea,
a rainbow lormea by the moon; a log rain
bow: the southern cross: 'the Majellon
clouds; the rainbow up in the mountains
not over a bundred yards long, where wc
not omv lonncl the ends but- sole right
over them (failing to find the bags of gold
at their ends however.) 1 have so many
things to tell you about, but have not time
nor space now. If we stop again at Juan
Fernandez, lwill write you a description
of Robinson Crusoe's cave, and of himself
if he is still there.
Write me all the news, and don't wait
for my letters to come, and- don't forget
that they may occasionally get mislaid.
: ' : Valparaiso, Chua.)
i March 8, l872.f
I commenced this letter some time ago
and at some distance from here, but not
having an opportunity, te mail it until the
steamer leaves here for Panama (to-morrow
at 4 p. m.) it has not as yet got started
towards its destination.
We had reached Honolulu safely, and
soon after getting in. received invitations
to a ball to be given on Christmas eve, at
the American minister's which the Royal
family were to honor with their august
presence: Of course, all who could get
away, accepted and had tbe extreme felici
ty of being presented in due form to the
Royal tainily. Remember that Honolulu is
not many degrees from the Equator, and
you will not be surprised at the scene.
The thermometer indicated a temperature
ofsome70, aud after the presentation
we adjourned to the grounds. Being quite
late, the dancing, Ac, had been under
headway for some time before our arri
val. The grounds were very extensive
aud thousands of lamps were suspended
trom the trees ana shrubs: two bands
were in attendance discoursing some of
tue nnest dancing music tor those who de
light iu tripping the in tbe light fantastic
toe, varied with choice selections from
popular operas.
Dancing on the green, on Christmas eve.
with tbe sweet music from the hand, the
flashing of the lights' around you, the
great 1'aim and cocoa trees casting gigan
tic shadows in all directions; the soft
southern breeze wafting us delicious
odors from the orange groves, and the
myriads of tropical flowers oi all varieties
tbe handsome dresses of the ladies, the
dark bine uniforms and brass buttons of
our officers, combining with the more sub
dued tint of the citizens clothing, passing
aud waltzing around in the mazes of the
dance, was to me an experience as novel
as it was pleasing. jNot oeing much or a
dancist l entoyea myself m looking on
Yet withal 1 couldn't - help thinking of
home, for of all times of the year, Christ
mas is to me most inseperably connected
with home, and it is tbe only 'time I feel
really homesick. It seems to be with every
one a time for a happy- reunion around
the family hearth, and I long for the time
when I cau ouce more be at home on that
Juan Fernandez is about ten miles in
length by three in breadth and like nil
these islands is of volcanic origin. AVe
sighted the southwestern point, and to
reach tne naroor, we naa to skirt along
tne sou nem coast. : it is trniy a wiia ana
desolate shore: rock-bound, in many
places rising to a perpendicular height of
tnree nunarea ieet, yet seamca ana torn,
and rent, as if the volcanic forces in their
terrible exertions to escape trom their
prison bad here exhausted their mightiest
strength. The settlement consists of three
or four houses with twelve inhabitants.
The celebrate!? cave proved to bo quite a
small anair, bnt the place where "ttoboy
built bis lire is si ill intact. There is"
monument erected at his lookout where he
watched for a passing vessel to take bun
away. I have a copy of the inscription,
but which is too long to put in here, llav
also a cane cut at the foot of the lookout,
and some shells and stone found in the
cave aud vicinity.
Last night we attended a grand ball
given by the President of this country, at
which we had the pleasure of being present
isut I wouia seep on going nia way ait
nigni. it sometning uiu not stop me, ana
will now belay. AV.
was only recently ascertained;-and the
lady does not receive us much attention
frou the young gentlemeu whom she meets
as formerly , . ..i'Mrtimif County Beacon.
The Conneaut Paper Co., are now man
ufacturing about S.OOOpouuds of paper per
diem... E A. Keys, has sold the schoon
er Elen Cily to Captain AV. U. Lent A
deduction often per. cent, has recently
been made in the local passeugor tarrili",
the fair from Conneaut to Cleveland is
now $2,05, instead of $2,25 A waudering
nuisence, iu the shape of a man' commit
ted the strange feat of sowing a bushel of
oats ou the farm of Mr. H. Johnsou Mr.
L. Hubbard and sister were runaway with
last week. Miss H, is going out "riding
again when her head gets well.... Mrs.
George DeWolf, und Miss Clara Fenton
were thrown trom a buggy in which they
were riding, and the latter quite seriously
injured . . . TConneaitt Citizen.
The sidewalk gavel away a few days
since, in front of Harry Hall's store pre
cipitating several persons who were stand
ing upon it into tbe basement, but only in
juring one One, Thatcher, while in a
state oi crazy aruuKeness. matte an attack
upon his step daughter, knocking her down
and otherwise treating her and his wife in
brutal manner. He afterwards amused
himself by ridiug a horse into a saloon and
turning it around, then galloping up the
street The concert given by the Thorn-
as orchestra, on Friday evening, was in
every way a success. The total receipts
were upwards of a thousand dollars
lovngstovrn Register.
The bouse of Mrs. Vlets. upon the ffore
road, near Ainboy, was entered a few
ignts since, and nned ot valuables and
quantity of household goods The work
of ballasting the Ashtabula end of the
Jamestowu Branch, is being carried on
with as much rapidity as is compatible
with thoroughness. AVork has begun unou
the Youngstown branch of the road at An
dover 'Ashtabula Teleqrrnh
The peach crop is not vet all blasted
by the bad breath of J. Frost Mr. and
3Irs. u. Marvin, of Stow, observed the fif
tieth aniversary of their wedded life, inn
social party on "tbe evening of Jlay 1st
Mr. and 31 rs. Samuel Comstoekof this s-il-liage,
celebrated the twenty-tifth anivers
ary of their weaded life, on Tuesday eve
njngof .last week. They were presented
ltb a silver tea service vaiueu at X2o0,oo
-.Mr. Shick's horse became frightened
at a show bill. Mr. Shick used bis own
motive power to remove himself from the
vehicle, but Mrs. S., Mrs. b's sister and
two juveniles, were saved extra exertion
getting out," by the somersault's tbe
wagou turned iu going down a small hill
myanayo tails Reporter.
An insane young man named Haddon
as taken up and lodged in jail iu this
place on Saturday, and subsequently re
turned to the Lake County Infirmary,
from which he had wandered... Edward
Freeman, who was arrested some time
since, for robbing the mail, of which he
was the carrier between uarrcttsvine ana
Park man, has been sentenced to ten
ear's imprisonment m the penitentiary.
. . .The next term of the Geauga Court of
Common Pleas will commence ou Monday
next .. Two men who were riding in a
buggy were upset in a rather novel man
ner a lew days ago. A horse which was
being led bv "one of them was scared bv a
dog and jumped upon tbehind wheel of the
vehicle overturning it aud injuriug one of
the occupants. Geuaga Repvbliceii.
Last week. Miss Clara F"enton was se-
erelv injured bv being thrown from a car
riage near Main Street Bridge. She is do
ing' as well as could be expected A
man having a family in Ashtabula, but
staying in town temporarily, was promen-
ding with a girl old enough to Know ner
wn business, when the inevitable " big
brother" aoneared on the scene, and nro-
ceeded to play a lively tatoo on the head of
the intruder. st e Know notnmg oi tne
merits of the case, and suppose the par-
Ties interested will settle it- to their own
satisfaction. Fellows in the habit of
walking out with other fellow's Bisters
better take w arning. Cojuieanf Reporter.
The depot is rapidly approaching a state
ot completion. The spring that is to sup
ply the water for the tank has been cleaned
out and it is found to be much better than
expected. The accommodation train will
be put on as soou as tne roaa is in proper
condition. For the exact time please en
quire of some one who knows, and report
to as so that we can announce tne gooa
news to a long suffering public. Ashtabw
la sentinel, jejierson, unto.
thing that may be wanted in the line of
Boots aud Shoes, both for Indies and chil
dren's as well as for men's wear. 3Ir.
James Morley,thc present proprietor, hav
ing bought out Mr. Benedict will be pleased
to see all of bis old patrons.aiid will assure
both them aud as many new friends as niay
favor him with their patronage, that no
pains will be spared to satisfy aud please,
not only iu style and finish of work, but in
price as well. Remember the place, at
antes Jlorley's at the old stand of U. F
Benedict, Xo. 99 Main street.
I youst told you vot it es, if you vant to
puy any garpets vot you call tree plat or
ten plat ov den Frussels carpets, go vtn dot
stbor ov P. Pratt & Co.
For tbe next thirty days, we svill sell
paisley, cashmere, lace, black mareno, ot
toman or Bengal stripe shawls at greatly
reduced prices, at P. Pratt 4b Co.'s.
Carpets, carpets, carpets, sold, made.
delivered and put down, at prices that
defy competition. P. Pratt & Co.
Genuine Richardson linen, worth $1.26.
for G2c per yard, at P. Pratt & Co.'s.
If you want a neat.nioe hat go to Avery's
and see the latest and prettiest thing out,
the Dolly Varden hat.
T. S. Paddock at No. 221 Superior street
Cleveland, Ohio, keeps a large stock of
Ladies Furs, and pays particular attention
to altering and repairing old silks.
FoRladies',inisses' and cbildrens' Straw
Felt and Velvet Hats, go to Paddock's,
0.221 Superior street, Cleveland, Ohio.
Hosv is This for High? AVm. Haydn.
of the Globe Mills, has just received the
First Premium on the best barrel of White
Wheat Flour at the Northern Ohio Fair,
held at Cleveland, Ohio, 1871. Premium,
Silver Medal. This is indeed a triumph
for the Globe Mills. Some 30 or 40 of the
best mills in the west competed for this
medal, but there was no use, the old Globe
as put through a course of sprouts in
the early part of the season, and has been
turning out flour that wins friends of those
ho use it once. Mr, Haydn employs
the best millers to be found, and has in
troduced all the latest improvements.
consequently he has one of the best mills
in the United States. We are glad to see
im reap a reward for the liberal cxpen
iture he has made on the Globe. "Cast
thy bread upon the waters" if you want a
silver medal.
M.L. Root sells the Globe Mills Flour
in Painesville.
Notes and News. The warm weather
of the past week has done much toward
melting the ice iu tbe extreme western
waters, and has almost entirely rid Buf
falo harbor of the obstruction. It is now,
say papers of that place; practically open
to propellers.al though not to sailing vessel
The following warning has been issued by
F. Harwood, Captain of Engineers, U. S
A. in charge at Buffalo :
A'essels entering and leaving Buffalo
harbor should always round the norther
ly, which is the compietea ena oi tue c in
ted States breakwater. If obliged to round
the southernly end they should give it a
wide berth as there will be more or less
submerged worK at that point from this
time forth until tbe work is finished. It is
hoped that captains and vessel owners
will heed this warning, designed to secure
them from damage and to advance tbe in
terests of commerce by lengthening the
breakwater as rapidly as possible. Last
year the incomplete submerged work was
run into and cut down in twe places, and
as a consequence, this year the time and
money which would otherwise go towards
extending the breakwater must be applied
j - -: ,i A iri.:in : . : nn nnn
to repairing uaiuugo. ukw ibuui-uu'
sidered expedient to ask damages for pure
ly accidental and unavoidable injury done
to the government harbor works, it is
nevertheless the intention ot the under
signed hereafter to prosecute vigorously
anv parties against wnom mere can oe
shown evidence of having damaged gov
ernment harbor work through carlcssncss
or heedlessness of this notice.
F. Harwood.
Captain of Engineers U. S. A. in charge
'The following statement shows the date
on which the straits have openea ior twen
ty successive years
1857 . ..
April 17
..April 2o
..May 1
..May S
..May I
..April S
..April 4
..April li
April xo
.April 19
1808 .
1808 .
....April 19
....April 82
....April 19
...April SO
....April 19
....April 4
April i
Auril :
....April S!
tXOTlCE- Whilt thf columns of the JOCRKA
ore oltrrtta open for ih pwhlieation of article
vpon every milrject of interest, so long Vtsy shall
commn Homing of a personal or ojienmve. whmcc,
net the Editor doe not in n icav hold himself
responsible for the rietc ihnt way he advanced by
the se vet'al authors. -
The Ohio Christian missionary So
Will hold its Annual State Convention
with the Disciple Church of this place, be
ginning Tuesday, 31 ay 21, at 2 o'clock, P
M., and continuing for throe days.
Delegates are expected irom all parts of
tho State, and many visitors from other
The business meetings will be held i
the Disciple Church forenoon aud after
noon of each day, and will be devoted to
tho transaction of business, and the dis
eussion of import ant questions connected
with the 3Iissionarv work. These meet
ings are not "dry" and dull, but are deeply
interesting to all who love and laoor for
the salvation of the world.' "
The evening meetings will lie devoted tu
addresses, and for these meetings we hope
to procure a large house that all may hear.
Addresses may be delivered by the follow
ing gentlemen:
I. Errett and Av . T. 3foore, Cincinnati;
AS" in. Baxter, New Lisbon; and 11. D. Carl
ton, Wooster. Dr. Jeffers, Baptist, from
Cincinnati is also expected to deliver an
address, rue address ot president trreu
will be delivered Tuesday evening.
We expect about three hundred dele
gates and visitors, and our society here be
ing small we shall be under the necessity
of calling ou our religious friends and
neighbors to aia us in entertaining those
who come among us, and a committee has
been appointed to call on the good people
of Painesville to ascertain to what extent
they will aid us. We feel very confident
they will be kindly received. AVe hope all
christians, of all denominations in town
win prepare to attend tms meeting.
We clip the following from Danforth'a
Lioht for the World, a monthly magazine
published in Cleveland, Ohio.
We commend the following advertise
ment cut from the Telegraph, inserted by
our agency at Painesville, Ohio. It hits
all localities, and is fully endorsed by me.
, Danforth.
Beware of -quack' fluid, represented to
be Danforth's Non-Explosive Fluid. Tho
enuine article is sold in this place, only,
83 Main street. It being patented article
have the exclusive right for this place;
nd any person palming off a spurious ar
ticle for a genuine, would be guilty of sell
ing spurious medicne to a sick man."
M. Ii. ROOT.
"Birds of a feather gather no moss."
This remark, which was made by Christo
pher Columbus to George Washington im
mediately after the first battle of "Bull
Run," was a wise one, bnt had old Chris,
been a resident of Painesville be would
have said, go to V. Pratt & Co's Ior dry
goods and carpets.
: 500 Reward.
Somewhere on Main street or the Park
a gold badge set with jet. The body of
the pin is composed of the two Greek let
ters Zeta and Psi and has a name engrav
ed upon the back. Any person who baa
found it or who can give any information
that will lead to its recovery will be liber
ally rewarded by calling at, or writing to,
this office. Being a keepsake and memen
to a reward would be paid for its re
covery much greater than its mere intrin
sic value would warrant.
T. S. Paddock No. 321 Superior street
Cleveland, Ohio, has the largest and
finest lot of gentlemen's, ladies' and child
ren's Hats and Caps in tbe city.
Oysters. M. L.Root sells those cele
brated Baltimore Oysters by the case or
can. Received daily by express. No. 83
Main street.
Xeiv Carpet Rooms !
Harry Groldsmitli,
AND occupying, for tbe present, a portion of
A full line of '
Foreign & Domestic
Consisting of
Ac, just received and kept constantly on band.
The fire destroying the Beacon office.
also burned Remington's jewelry store,
ana occasioned loss to several other par.
ties. The total loss was not less than $34,
ooo, of wb,icll tho Reacon Co., sustained
about $23,000, about $13,000 of the later was
covered by insurance. No cause has yet
been assigned for the firo . . A few days
since tho house of E. R. Grant, was enter
ed by burglars, during the absence o' its
inmates, aud a considerable amount of
goods stolen. The goods wero found on
the premises of Charles and Joseph Apian,
and the brothers were conseqncniiv bound
over for trial Tho uow odd Fellows
Hall was dedicated on Friday, a large
i r . i i. ..i l . i. : . . . . . . .....
liuiiiuui pi lue lougea ju vmu uuitig ii-pir-
sented at the services Mrs. Robert Lo
gan, while laboring under temporary in.
sanity wandered from her home last Sat
urday about eleven o'clock, A. M . anddid
not return until Sunday morning at which
time she could give no account of herself
... .Mrs. G alio mine, who so lately figured
in Cleveland as the wife of a murderer,
The light house board give notice that on
and after the evening ot ineiiotit oi jay
1872. a fixed red light will be exnioite
from a frame structure erected upon the
outer end of tho south pier, at the harbor
of South Haven, Michigan. T ne apparatus
is a lens of the fifth order, limmiiiaiin
180 degrees of the horizon. Tho local plain
is at a height of 32 feet, above the level of
the lake, which corresponds to a range of
visibility oi ii4 statute mues.
Urmntwtic Exhibition.
On Wednesday evening May 15ta in the
Gymnasium Hall, on Main street .the mem
hers of the "Painesville Gymnasium" pro
pose to give an eutertnlnuient, which svill
consist of exercises on the horizontal bar,
parallel bars, swinging rings, leaping cord,
trapeze, etc., etc There will also be spar
ring and tumbling. Everything will be con
ducted in the most orderly manner possi
ble. There will be no admission fee
charged. All are invited to attend, espec
ially the ladies, and no gentlcmau will be
admitted unless accompanied by a lady.
The object of giving this'entertainnient is
to let the people see what is being done
here in the way of a gymnasium. Prof.
Burt's full orchestra will be in attendance.
Go nnd see the fun and hear the music.
- ' ' ' ' '" 441.
Bied Suddenly of Heart Disease,
' How common is the announcement.
Thousands are suddenly swept into eter
nity by this fatal malady. This disease
generally has its origin in impure blood
filled with irritating, poisonous ma
terial, svhieh, circulating through the
heart, irritate its delicate tissues. Though
the irritation may at first be only slight,
producing a little palpitation or irregular
action, yet by and by the disease becomes
firmly seated, and inflammation, or by
petropby, or t h ickening of the lining mem
brane or of the valves, is produced. How
wise to give early attention to a case ot
this kind. Unnatural throbbing or pain
in tbe region of tbe heart should admon
ish one that all is not right, ati if you
syould preservo it from timber disease,
you must help it to bent rightly by tbe use
of such a remedy ns shall remove tbe cause
of the trouble. Uso Dr. Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovery before the disease has
become too seated, and it will, by Its great
blood purifying and svonderful regulat
ing properties, effect a perfect cu.e. It
contains medicinal properties which aot
specifically upon the tissues of the heart,
bringing about a healthy action. Sold by
all llrst-cliiss druggists. CSl.
Thrkk thousand yards linen remnants
just received at P. Pratt & Co.'s.
T. S. Paddock, manufacturer, and has
constantly on hand all varieties of Fire
mens, Police and Military Caps, with all
other styles. Call and see at 221 Superior
street, Cleveland, Ohio.
For Trunks, Valises, Buffalo Robes,
Satchels, Umbrellas, &c go to Paddocks,
No. 221 Superior street, Cleveland Ohio.
Call attention to a Case of
Bleached Table Linen
Which we will sell at 60c.
1 case Loom Table Linen
At 30 cents.
1 case Loom Toweling
At It H cents.
1 case Honeycmob Quilts
At ftl.SA.
1 case Honeycomb Quilts
238 & 240
Where are We Now?
Where are we now I'd really like to know,
As through the world we helter skelter go.
On life's troubled waters, a curious throug.
Where some are sailing right and some go wrong.
In business or in sport we go it blind.
Nothing seems to agitate our mind:
Through unknown waters,rockless do wc plough.
Til we're wreck'd andthcu whereare wcuowr
AVhoro arc wo now f the politician asks,
For everything with him is lovely while It lasts;
He's one of those who nnderstands the ropes.
He's almost reached ambition's brightest hopes;
Of fraud aud perjury perhaps he's king.
Perhaps a shining member of the Ring;
The ri-ash must come, he to the storm must bow.
Bewildered then he cries W here are we now r
SS'here are we new T our ministers Inquire,
While preaching endless death and lakes of Are;
The road to take (in politics) thev teach
I wonder If they practice what thev preach T
In tlieology profound thev kwidlv roar.
Hut leave us darker m hided than before.
S e would do right, but who is lo tell us how,
We only want to know, S here are we aowf
SS'hy don't von know at Colby's Store,
Buying SVaM Paper, Window Shades and
Stationary, Hens, Pencils, and almost everything
Couiplera. Just walk into Colby's Store aud
See. No, 76 Alain street, Colby trims all
Wall Paper told by him rK OK V-HABec.
J Aas J. aw

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