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. . ,i. . , ... -
Governor. Edward F. , Xoy es; term expire
Januury , itT.4. ...
CMUieu.uijovcnuuvJ.coU stutiluir; term ex
pires Jajuuai'y 1-uL '
!vivt .uf ol Snuf, Isaac SherwooJ; term ex
pire February lyi. "
SwxtmtKT oi tuu;, Isaac Welsh: term expire
Feliriurf Mf.4,
Au.utui-ui at.ite. James w iliiauis; term ex
piiv rV.jru.iry la.ti .; -"-
coui.jirolle. of 1 .v-Miiicr, W . T. W ilnoa: term
.UtJriu-.y liaucMl. t roiwis U. Poad; term ex
pires Fejruar 1S-4. - ' " - ' '
wwuww u s.sluoi8. Thomas . Harvey;
Tru cHiivji January lriij.
Boara oPuolic w orw, Richard R. Porter,
term expires 1074; Phillip P. Hitrzing; term ex-pirM-18i4t.,ijii
It. iljaiutfr,terai expires UfiA
U. 8. Aurxwr, Joel Loolittle uuioe uvel
liulcuiub x Uvula's Tin shop, Main street.
Judjje aKwcn Floss,
J uige of Probate,
fl t
i M. C-Caxkisld
- li. N. f rTTLE
Pebrt Bosworth
Recorder, - L Everett
Auditor, - B. D. CHESNET
County Surveyor, - - E. Hcjciisoios
County Ctemm.riiier9t - 7akb M. 1'abhle
(Eli olds
Coroner, - - J amiss U. Tatlob
I.- ,.'-. i.r , ,, -
view- . b . r, . i
Marshal, t r
kkaxi ouajvt
" - '4j.jEB0K
A. H. Ui
E '
1 B. H. OODMA9
I W W 1 II 1 7 K
BtveetCwnsi .."sinssr, -a. - iFA-sLiif Atoom-iJ
Justice of the Peace, - ?Milo 11 arris
.t.taa.i v -.-:! ,"t ''JJi. cvaiims
V; , . . ! ; - (8. T. t ADD -
Infirmary Ilxectors r i lioan McClelland
WI89 A608TA Hawiet, - - Principal
Da. U. U MEAB08LXE, - - - President
li. P. Sanford, - - Secretary
I. W. Mead, Geo. VT. Steele,
A,JlWsf r,.l.Xui, w
..i .
ILCXQaMcbley, ,4ohs Cleoo,, . Job W,
V ', tyler.
Houl infiMngi for yif n'" '"Q'" ol tenillyrt at
Bigb School iiuildiug, Painesville, on the last
Sauiiday. Itf ffrety month except July ani u
gust, kl 9 o'clock a. M.
II. c Beaboslet, President
John W. Ttleb, Clerk.
'to 2 :'V-,:i' 'i i -' ;i
yirm-AwiiMM- .f "J
prom in A. M. to 1 P. M. Sundays 1 M to 1 P. M.
OoinrXMtww tiilfl 1U aad- lltll PiV.
CtoinK West, - - 5:M A. M. anil 5:SM P. M.
Cleveland, (special) - - - 124 P. M.
Ch.r.u.a, - - - - - - S:00 P. M.
MMdlamaldJlAlfiadBys aodlbesdajisj, IsJU A.M.
MAILS ML --'- -'--
From East, - - 6:88 A. M. and 6:29 P. M.
Prom West, - - il. and 11 :11P.M.
Middleneld (Tuesdays and Fridays), 6:00 P. M.
Letters shMld be left at tke Postoflioe OAS
BOC SEVOSa MAILS BEPAET.. -.... . -, ,-i if
torteis wnrb ready- for dfHrerv one
bocb after train arrive, exoept mails received
at niKht, which will be delivered next morning.
Letters placed in the Outside Letter Box
UttlaHo'clutkP. AL.wiU bo sent by, the niKht
mafli.: " GfiOKGB K. PAIXE, . Al. .
Nov: is, i&iu. , , ... .-. --,
Lmltm Share and 9Iicmla;aim Santfetern
Kattwajr"" "'' ' " l-
follows until further notice:
. m'M , 'it 1 ' b2 i.i i i ;
lAAlansieif y 1 1 inc'tU HpeeuU
STATIONS. Express Express Express X. Y.lCx
Cleveland. 7.46A.M. 11.05A.M. 4.05r.M. lOKwjc.
w niouijw . : v ij u-taux. t '-'
PniueiVille 8.37A.M.mlA.M. 5A1P.M. 11:11P.M.
Madison ...
Geneva.. ..
AtMKIAilA.. V.S4 A.M. :4(rCM. SaOp.M. It .BBa.M.
Grrrd...i.- 10.11a.m. IAHp.m. 6:40p.m rtrWA.M.
Brie 10140A.M.T :1Wp.m--4 TrlUP.M. 4.15.AM.
. . . (iip'l Chi f Toledo Pauidc Mteam
BTATIOWS.1 eaneEx Kxysesa Sxpress boat Ea
Erie. 8.H6A.M. 9.60a.m. 8:?p.m. 1.06a.m.
Ashtabula- 4,SiAM. 11.4! A.. 6:UtM. S.5IA.M.
Geneva.,, Ail. WatPaM. eTT OsA.M.
Madison-.. l:!13p.M.
Perry 1 :48p.m.
Paineifeille S.4U.M. taWr.M. OrtrtF-M. 4.MA.M.
Willou'h'y 1 :30p.m. 4.83a.m.
Euclid...... 1:64p.m.
Cleveland.MAOt. t:aP.M. TOr.M.M-SDA.M
L'v'sCleveland 4.90 p.m I Ar.at Ashtabula7.00p.rn
L'v's AsJitaualaV45a.nl 1 Ar.at Meve4'A)d9Wjn.
This train going east passes Painesville at
t.Sft P. M. Going west passes Painesville at
L't's Clcvcfand JOa.m Art at ' Erie 10.30 a.m.
L'v's Erie 4.06 p.ui. Ar.atClevel'nd 8.06p.m.
Thit't train -eofBir west psssos pairmville ' at
1:00 P. M. Going east passes Painesville at 7 :38
A. M.
The Special Chicago Express run daily, except
The 7:46 a. ra. train from Cleveland and the
9:60 p. m. train from Erie runs on Sundays.
- " CHASiPAlXE.Gen'1 Sup't.
Painesville sin el Yonuiitswn Ran I I
Iti v r --: tj . -.
Leaves' CfeaAo .-. . . .
" Clark's, i..
." - .Little Moantain..
-Concord .r..v.
" Viaduct. i -i.4.
Arrivesat fsxisrviUe,.-..
'4t0 fe-ao
4:19: 10:30
4:S0i 10:58
:4u -4:4ojllMi6
" Yiadnct
toncora ,
Arrives at Chardon
Connects with Lake, Shore Trains, East and
West at 7:33 AaUaod at i3 iud 6;0 P. M.
Chief Engineer and Superintendent.
Pastor. scrvices . on aunaay as iu.
M. aim TP. Si CmircW Conrerenoe sn Thurs
say trtminff at 74. o'atock. Bible- 9erv4ue, to.
which old and young are invited, at 19 o'clock
M. waiter C Tisdei, superintendent.
ST..IAMESCHCRCH-Rctofc Thomas B. Wells,
204 State street. 6en'ices-40 A. M. and 7
P. M. Sunday School at 12 P. M. Horace
Steele, Superintendent.
M. E.OHUKCH-T Younsasi, Pastor, Series
eeery- Sabbath ' at Wi -A. M. aad 7X CVM.'
8abbath School meets at 12.!, P.M. X oung,
G. Smith, Conductor. Miss L. Whit more, Guar
dian, services aaDoatu at iui a. m.
irram. Serrlces at 10 AT M. and?! P. M,
' Sabbath School at 12 . P. M. V. D. Hyde,
Huperintenuent. rrayer Aieeting on Auursoay
eveuing at ii o-cioca. ,. , . . - - . ,
TlTTf "rtAPTIST inrfjRCn Pastor. E. A. Stone.
Services at 10 A. M. and lii P. M. ' Sabbath
Rriuiol at 19 M. C. E. Brink. Sunenn-
tn(lfot.,Prayer Meeting every Thursday eve
ning at Tii o'clock.--- ... - - ' - '- i- -" 1 -
8T. MARY'S CHUttCn,(Catholic) JohnTracey,
Pastor; - Service every Sundity at t At M.,
1H A. M. and 7,S P. M. Sunday School at
o'clock P. M.-.-... " ' j in
Library Rooms 71 Main atret-. Prayer Ateet-
miS eery Auesuajr eveniujs.
TEMPLE LODGE, No. 98F. and A.M. Paines
ville. Meets the second and tourth Thursdays
in each month. Perry Bosworth, W. M.
Meets the first and third Thursdays in each
ntontn. . ju . aveiiy, j. 11. i
Select Masters. Meets Fridays after the Arst
Thursday in eaoh month, i, M, BenJauila.T,
I.G. M. " '
WII.LOUGHBY LODGE. No. 802. F. and A. M.
WillouKhhy- Suited Communications ,n the
teguil. anivtourth TaesdaA s la eaoh mouta.
w. u. turner, w. at.
LAKE SHORE LODGE. No. 307. Madison,
SAMteii Coimunaioations every ecoad and
fourth Saturday or each month. M. O.
PmHo. W. M.- -
PAIMEtiVILLE LODGE, No. 419. MceU on the
second ami fourth Saturdays of each month.
t. w . Kelly, w . hi.
-r r VO.Q.T. ; - VI I
CORNUCOPIA LjnGE, No. 212, meets Tuesday
evenings- Officers 9. Andrews, N. G.; W.
loran, . ti. V i. 1
P. S.; D. Mad,
Wilson, B.S.; C, O. Child,
DNIOX ENCAMPMENT, No. 40, meets every
alternate Wednesday evening. OOlcers L.
Harris,-C. P.: W. Dorao. 1L P.: II. B. Morse.
K-W,t C It Wlhohcll J' yr.y e. O. Child,
crioei a, it. juvau. xrens.
. O X li tiBQOXkMJl l A li 'J
XTAs' previsions, rrnit. conrecttonerles. i
S3 Main treet, PalnesvilVa, Ohio. -104
I 1 CERIE4 AXD PROVISIONS of all kinds.
Cash bald for Butter and Eggs and all kinds of
Prod oca. Best of Flour and Teas kept constant
ly on hand. No. 189 State -street, Painesville,
unto. id
TttNTZER- BROS General Wholesale
buu .ncbau ueniera m jrioiu, rcci, imu
ad PrTrtl.oBs,N saw State st PaiaeTlUv,f
M- i. iiir-xESTisr.
a ChurJou, uiiio.
X.e Lee's 4rug kuic, Dlaw aU, Painesville, O.
iriA.L.i AJ u. IUULCK, UfcXflnr,
f f Aujuiuva UjrK, over LoaavrwoU kintU?
stire.,'Mut)Svtli,4iuio. - - K4
ol Muici luscruuieuts, sheet Music, eu,
dAttj street, p.uuviile, oni. 104
Ci EvuixGt: m it r UA.siy-AiAsrtit of
X the Paiiieaville coruci rland. instructiou
s.cD on all aiaus of Wiud auu stringed lustru
oicbs.' jtuicrraajeii iorauy nuiuueror auid
i tufttruuieula. AUie9 V U. iMtJL 80 . Palue
ille, Ohio. - 1C4
rX RXll'cKit: oi all kiu.U. eoraer m Mau
aud State streets, over r"reacti'a Grecery, Paines
ville, Ohio. Cu&toui Work a spec-vlty. M
usiaT 's oki ssausk, H Jaaia street, PaiaesvlUe,
OhMA ..:ii,u --., M4 -
. , Stationwy, Fancy Arti.'ie, WaU Papec,
tu,AXC-, Msiutmsi, A-ameavuie, uiuo. ivs
SALB Dealer in all kinds of Photographer's
suck, Frames, Ac- at Clap3adelt old rooms,
UiDstreet. - 104
J AMES CPBREXT, Prop. Omni bus to all traias
A HKtlilJlK has the best B A RBEK riHOP
ta town, wtthmu tMUpUon. 1 Main st. 10
'All bos In ess entrusted to me will be
promptly attended to. '- . ; VI
J OK!t CAVES DISH Attorney at law,
Oiucc Second story Wilcox Block. 50 . .
Collection prompt
Jlim Counsellor at Law.
ly attended to.
villa, Ohio. .
Omee, Mpodey' Block, Paine.
so -
TAILOitti, and dealers In Hats, Caps,
m uraishing Goods, ,fui- , .Mttwaukae Block,
Painesville. Ohi& - ' ' - " Tl-18
y a LOR, in the Store lately occupied by
X. A. Fisher, Painesville, Ohio. 104
I Blank Book Manufacturer, third floor, cor
nerfMainandbtClairtt.PaiBesvUle,0. 104
"tl7?M!KAJ( 'A BAIC111EALR8
iBallkindrofPine and Hemlock Lum
ber, Shingles, Lath, Posts. Dressed' Flooring
hiding, Ac Ollice MJO State st, Paines villa, O.104
PATHIST and liurgeoa. OOeeoTer Mol'
oouib A Gould's Hardware Store, No. 77 Main
street. Painesville, Ohio. Omee boors t to A.
M.: 9 to 4 and 1 to 9 P. M. Residence corner of
Jackson and 8. Clair streets. 104
Outce hours 7 to 9 A. 9 to 4 and 7 to P. M,
H m at A n lot . iiiauk s A)iuiwa a uuriviur v.
lock, Painesville, Ohio.
Residence Stock well House.
Lll. LtalVn'.B.-Omee la Damon's
( Block, KJrtland, Ohio. Office hours from
7 A. M. to 19 and from 1 o 5 P. M. A good
stock of Drags constantly on hand. Prescrip
tions carefully compounded. 107
. ,1, i . .f i i i I .
BOARIinU HOf Er Ko.-904 State st,
D. BEX XKTT, Proprietor. Large rooms.
good accommodations,
not two miQuti;a'
walk treat-Main street.
i - 1
' Rkad our local And foreign correspond-
6004). V't ,r(!J?W ti'
, Tax equine-ox is not seen a much m it
was. - -:i ' -';
Now is the' tint) to form club for the
JooiiAtv;'-i .4 .VJ';'1'. ;
f . j 1 ' i ' 1 ' '.' ' '
The ost-oflioe was closed during a
r of Thanksgiving day. ' - , 'I
M tj: it' III l n. li "
Nbws Crotm aaeroundiag towns will l
found under. "Among our neighbors.' , ,
Bkad th new advertisement of, 'W,'.T.
Smith, proprretorof the "City Drug 8tore."
FOR local relieious news see the column
on iourth page, beaded "Keligious News."
The Painesville and Yonngstown Eail-
road are' building several freight cars in
this place, . ' -y - -..
- i . 'i . . i i .....
RyCKWHBAT flapjacks are now, the fa-
forite xllsh being both toothsome and
economical. . .; . ' - " '. '.' "-,'."' -
Every t-arlery of plain and fancy Job
wort done in toe latest styles at the Jour
nal Job office, - " ' ' ' -
1ft are under obligations to some un-
known friend lor files of late English and
cotcb papers,- .i - - v- '
THAMKsGiviNa passed' very quietly.
Most, of the business places were closed
during the day, - - -
The double track now being laid by the
L. 8. 4 M. S. S. K. is completed, except
between Perry and Madison.
With the cpol weather sprightly report
ers gather mental strength and indulge In
sweetly pretty little jokelets. .
As was announced last week, the Sab
bath School Union of this county held .its
annual meeting in Willoughby on Friday
I fa-said that wine i good -tot-to for
debiliUted young ladies. - Perhaps this is
s but. iroiiing Is really a much better one.
And now It la said that the epizootic or
igiuated from - parasitical . aoinialculoe
generated In ladies chignons, O temporal
Fxwxr clerks are to be seen sow upon
the streets, acting the paitof uiules, than
there were a week since. . But there are
more horses.-: ..
Divink .services were held at all the
Churches on Thanksgiving day except the
Baptist that church uniting with the
.Congregational. - : ;-:
Any publication in the world : can be
procured at cheaper rates in connection
with the Journal than with any other pa
per-in the State. - H- ''-.''
L. Anderson was out with his steam car
riage on-Thursday afternoon. and attrac.
ted considerable attention as he- passed
through Main Street. ; " , i .' ,'-i ..,
Farmers report a great many aores of
potatoes as yet undug. Judging from the
present weather the probabilities are that
they will remain so.
- Now is a good time for fixing gate
binges and, latches that have beoome di
lapidated through too much swinging dur
ing the soft autumnal nights.
The billiard exhibition given by Joseph
Dion at Jewell and McFartand's billiard
room, on Friday evening last, was well at
tended, and gave general satisfaction.
Mb, M. L. Saunders, formerly ol this
place.bas recentlybeen promoted lrom Au
ditor of the Chicago and Illinois Southern
Railroad to tbe position of Road Superin
tendent. '.' j , .
, Fowls wulcbare allowed to be in and
around barns where there are burses af
flicted with tbe Epizootic are said to con
tract a fatal disease, and if eaten when so
suffering, are also said to be poisonous in
their effect. Whether this is true or not
we do not know, but at all event, a little
care would not) do any barm and might be
-of benefit ..... .. ... . ....
As ordinance to annex Fairpoi-t and
Richmond to Painesville was passed at
the last meeting of the Council. The re
port of the proceedings will be found lh
another place.
By Washington exchanges we see that
our townsman Williard P. Tisdei is a
prominent candidate for the office oT Uni
ted States Marshall, made vacant by the
recent election of Mr. Parsons.
Matthew Hamilton has been enlarging
and generally improving bis residence
near the Lake Shore Depot, and has made
it one of thepleasantest and most commo
dious houses in that section ot the town.
During the weex great numbers of
slaughtered bogs have been brought into
the market. Otir Cincinnati exchanges
report the packing as already much more
extensive than it was at the same time
last year. '...--- '
4 . . 1 .i .-.:....
Most of the bets made, on the recent
election -tave been paid, and political news-
is very, very scarce most of it being con
fined to reporters' and correspondent'
conjectures, zt to the business of the com
ing Congress.- ' . , ' l' - -' - '
Thx railroad improvements at Fab port
are t be constructed with stone brought
from Chardon Mr. Donahue, of Madison,
having the contract to turnish a large pro
portion of that required, from the quarry
owned by Mr. Weltoo. . -
Ax Improved magic-lantern called the
lamposcoper' is among the "many novel
ties introduced for the winter holidays.
As it is worked with very . long slides,
young folks will have an ice- time when
amusing themselves with it. -
From the other end of the P. & Y. road
the reports are most encouraging. Work
is being pushed forward with all possible
rapidity, and the division between. .War
ren and Kile is almost done so far as the
labor of the graders Is concerned. ' .
Wxdnksday was the coldest day we
have bad this season. - There was no snow
but the air was keen with frost and a biting
wind from off the lake swept through the
street to the discomfiture of all who were
compelled to encounter Its icy breath.'
A LARGE In voice of material and stock
has just been received at this office, and
we are now better prepared than ever be-
lore to da every kind or jab work' wanted
by merchants, professional men and oth
ers. Satisfaction always guarranteed. "
ONXor two fatal cases of epizootic are
reported, but the disease seems to be
slowly abating. . It is said that the recent
dry, cold weather, has had a very benefi
cial "effect upon animals afflicted With it,
and has also served to materially check
its spread. - : '" ' ' V
Gas wills are-' becoming quite popular
and. while there are several already in
town, there are still otheis about to be
put down. . The latest is that of Mr. bU
John of Willoughby.wbo, we undejtand,
intends to sink one in order to supply his
new house with both light and fuel.
Freight traffic beteen here and Char
don is rapidly -increasing and Superin
tendent Crane tells us that since the last
quarter this section of the road has been
entirely self sustaining.' Which augurs
well for the prosperity -of the entire- line
when it. shall have been completed and
opened. -
A musical maniac 'greatly addicted To
the use of malt beverages is going about'
town propounding this conceit: " What is
the difference between two pints of beer
after they have been , swallowed and a
composition for four violins r -Answer;
"Because the one is a quart drunk and' the
other Is a quartet : '
A NEW water tank is to be built at the
Lake Shore Depot. The stone, or a large
portion of it at least, has already been de
livered and actual work upon the new
structure will commence within a short
time. It will be erected just below tbe
eastern wood shed, and will be a very sub
stantial buildiug. .. -
Thx Oas Company must have commit
ted some great , crime last week At
all events their ''offence was rank and
smelled. to heaven." Sulphur pervaded
tbe atmosphere within and without doors
and many were the maledictions growled
out between spasms of choking and
coughing'.,. Tbe reason given was bad coal
and imperfect manufacture. -
Thx horse disease, continues to furnish
items tor reporters throughout the country
but as a general thing tbe reports shown
marked decrease in its violence, and
strength. Here, the sick animals are all
doing well and most of them are able to do
light work, '' As a consequence tbe streets
again are sufficiently filled with teams to
look natural and stores and business
places generally are commencing to lose
i deserted appearance which they have
rn for a week or two past. VI V Ai.-t
missing. r ' '-
The Sandusky Register, of Wednesday,
contains the following paragraph which
Ohio exchanges are requested to copy:
At the buruinr of the Northern Ohio
Lunatic Asylum, Dominick Tivanen, a
resident ot this city, and an inmate, left
tbe asylum, and bis frieuds have been un
able to find any trace of him since. He is
about five feet five or six inches in height,
tbJrtv-aix years ot age; has dark hair,
sandy beard and moustache, and blue
eyes. ' Mr. Tivanen - was sot very- 'much
deranged, but always refrained from en
tering into conversation. Any informa
tion as to his whereabouts will be thank
fully received by ills relative here." . .
.- '- - - i m i ' t
t ... r.; - - - . ... . - ' -' , :
Kesil Estate Transfers. .
Binoe our last report the following sales
have been reported and placed oa file and
record at the Recorder's office: " ..... . ..
Harriet' A. Wood to Myron Canfleld.
Madison, 1 and 20-100 acres in lot No. 7.
Cyutbia Williams and others to Wm
Douauoe, Painesville, village lot No. 2,
wunams survey.
' Luther C. Fenton to Laura Thatcher,
Mentor. 94K acres in lot No. b, 1 and 10,
tract 2. ..... i
- Char tea Lovelace to o. v. Barton and
R. H. Fountain, Painesville. lots 78, "74, 76,
S, 0 and 1 in Richmond. -- :
- Edwin P. Branch to Lucien Nutting,
Madison, 4 and 28-100 acres in lot No. 1,
tract 1. ...... - . .
: Eli Olds to Alfred W. Olds, Madison, 20
acres, lots 1 and 2 in tract 1.
Charles Coauerell to. Richard Gllinore.
ramesvilie, in tract " -'.-
" Wltm ear Gnardlan. -
' Atthe Council meeting onMonday even.
Lnir. the 25th inst.. there were nresent
Mayor" Bosworth, Clerk Sanford, Counsel'
men Jerome. Grey, Dingley, Woodman
and Garfield. " '
' Claims aggregating $177.30 were ordered
paid as follows: D. Berry, repairing street
lamps, $20; H. O. Dean, services as Health
Officer, $4; Tuttle A Crane, sewer pipe,
$20.80; John Malin, lumber, $6.25; Jaoob
Hale, service as night watch, $126.25. .
.' An ordinance was presented by the
Committee "To authorize the annexation
of certain territory therein described, to
tbe village of Painesville," and was
passed. Tbe proposed annexation is of
the villages ofFairjmrt and Richmond and
was from a petition presented by Aaror
Wilcox and others prayini; that tbe proper
steps be taken to accomplish such object,
The Literary Cltab.
- The Literary Club of this place can safe
ly feel that its future existence and pros
perity is assurad beyond a preadventure
if only the interest at present takon in it
shall continue during the winter, and this
must ol course depend upon the members
, The meeting on Friday evening last was
well attended, and the exercises proved
entertaining and well sustained. A read
ing by Mr. Gravel; an original poem lrom
Mr. Doran, and a debate in which Branch,
Alvord, Cavendish, Pepoon, Gravel, Mur
ray and Paine took part,fllled up tbe evens
Ing. ..;,'..'.',.
aTUs ppfliutBwrKf( tjjs present week
are: Leading debaters Cavendish and
Gibha, the question being as to w het he i
there oubt to tie legal distinction between
the civil and political rights of men and
women; Esay, F. Nims; Beading, CO.
Higgles; optional exercise, H. AJvord. :
Possible IstfatstticlAe.
On Saturday last, at a very early hour
in tbe morning, one of the employees nf the
Painesville MUIs, observed a man stand
ing near this end of the bridge anil being
engaged in throwing at some object ap
parently on the ice below. Alter a few
minutes tbe man went back to and under
the corn shed to tbe right of tbe mill, and
picking up a large billet of wood or small
box, returned to his foimer position and
threw that on the ice also. Then he weni
away, and tbe employee, to satisly bis cu-riout-ity
aroused by the strange actions ot
the man, came up and examined tbe place,
lie found that a hole had been broken in
the ice, as if by some heavy object being
thrown upon it, and that the edges ot the
hole were stained very perceptibly with
blood.' - - - . -
latter in the day 'an ' old man, ' by - the
name of Hoffman, living on the other side
of the river, reported that - as he came
across the bridge early he saw the- body
of an infant lying on the ice below the
bridge, but that when he- afterwards re
turned it had disappeared. '
- With the advance of tbe day the ice be
eame so thawed aa to be unsafe to venture
upon and all " investigations were post
poned until Moudaj . On that day Mar
shall Quant and seven.1 others dragged
the river both above and below the dam,
but without finding anything which would
explain the suspicious circumstances.
Probably there is little doubt but that
tbe crime of infanticide was committed,
but there is now little reason to suppose
that the. tale of sin and shame,, which
must.be connected with It, will ever be
known even if the-lac t of the crime itself
become positively settled.
Cash an Credit. .'
By advertisement and circulars, two
of our leading firms L. L. Parmley & Co.,
and W. F. Smith have announced this
week their determination, on and after
December 1st, to abandon, entirely the
credit and adopt tbe cash system of doing
business. In giving their reasons for tak
ing this step, both agree that experience has
demonstrated that the advantages to be
derived are fully as great for the customer
as for the dealer and that they will be en
abled to furnish the same quality ot goods
at from ten to twenty per eent. cheaper
under the Cash system than either they or
anyone else can under the credit system.
Whether so great a difference as this'
really exists may- possibly be m question
with some but that there is at least suffi
cient difference to commend the one over
tbe other to all who will give tbe subject a
moment1 tbought.oo one can deny. Aaide
from the saving made in the dispensing
with extra clerk time, losses from bad
debts and forgotten charges, there still are
two most important items left .-the ability
to purchase' at a "discount when "paying
Cash and tbe interest on a large snrplus
capital required to do a credit business.
And all these savings can be given to cus
tomers by means of reduced prices and
yet leave the dealer as much profit as be
fore beside tbe satisfaction of holding his
goods and his business directly under his
own control. " ' ,v ' '"
The experiment is one which cannot but
succeed and it would be productive of tbe
best of results if all were to adopt the
same course. Someone has -said that the
best protection legislation in . favor of
debtors and creditors would be to repeal
every ..law for ..the collection of
claims and we believe there is sound
sense in the remark. - If all were unable to
collect.none would trust and credit would
be sncceeded by that best of all rules
Pay as you go."
- Weather Prapnecies.
' As most ot our readers are aware, daily
predictions are issued by tbe chief officer
of the United States Signal Service, rela
tive to the weather and the probabilities
of variations during the folio wing twenty
four hours. These are founded upon care-
ful meteorological observations at various
points' throughout the 'country , and, al
though Occasionally wrong, are nevertbe.
less so much oftener correct that they have
come to be recognized as ot immense prac
tical benefit and not a few business as well
as pleasure ventures are determined' as
to time by what "Old Probabilities" has
to sayin regard to rain or shine.
But as these predictions are only made
front day to day they cannot be published
in any save daily papers and as a conse
quence are of no especial benefit to that
large class of people whose reading is confi
ned to'weekly'papers. For them no attempt
is made by which 'they may . be Informed
as to the coming of storm or cold simply
because the official reports have ventured
upon no lengthier predictions than those
from day to day. -
Now we believe that science is able to
remedy all this and that the time is not
far distant when it will be just as easy to
to retell the weather a week or even a
month in tbe future as it is now to do so
for a single day. In either case the prin
ciples involved - would be the. same.
Changes are invariably accompanied by
advance,- atmospherical phenomena, and
the successful observation and interpreta
tion of them connot but render the one as
certain as the other, So too, storms travel
in obedience to certain fixed laws aud
while now these are only so far known as
to enable predictions to b8 made for a
short time in the future yet there is no
reason why tbey should not come to be so
fully understood as to render it possible to
foretell their arrival by weeks instead ot
days. Wheu this shall have been accom
plished science will have rendered tbe ser.
vice of substituting .law for supposed
chance. . , . . . ..
As au experiment in this direction .we
propose to undertake . to prophesy the
weather each week in advance, during the
month of December. Our predictions are
not made "haphazard" and merely with a
blind dependance upon luck to furnish
their verificationbut are obtained by fol
lowing a settled plan, or rule, which if not
correct is at least recognized by all meteor
ological observers, as having iositlve ex
istence.' We do not expect that our pre
dictions will be always correct, and are
even prepared to have them always en
tirely wrong. But as the daily predictions
from tbe United States Signal Service are
recognized as belug founded nu scientific
-principles, even tbough.wltb all tbe assis
tance of telegraph dispatches three times
a day,they are frequently tbe very reverse
of the actual -facts, so if our predictions of
wind and weather shall agree merely on
an average with tbe actual results, we
shall feel that the experience is a success,
and will repeat in the same way predic
tions for the month after.r
- -
- 1st, During tbe month of December
there will net be as hard or as prolonged
freezing as has been during the present
month. - .
2d. There will be prevailing variable
westerly winds in tbe first part of tbe
month, and prevailing variable easterniy
winds in the latter part of the month.
8rd. Tbe first part or tbe month will be
lor the most part drv, and with occasional
liht snows,
4th. From the middle to tbe end of the
month occasional rains, or rain and snow
may be anticipated.
6tb. Heavy rains or snow may be ex
pected on or about the 2-Jd and 24th.
s.etb. Thunder is probable on the 24th or
7th. High winds are probable on the 7th
and 20th.
Sunday Dec. 1st will be a dry, cloudy
and moderately cold day with a variable
Wind from East to West, On
Monday Dec. 2d tbe weather will un
dergo no niuterial change although the
wiud will probably veer slightly so as to
range from South-East to South-West.
Tuesday Dec. 8d will probably be
marked By tbe first snow storm of tbe
month accompanied by strong winds or
gusts from a South-westerly quarter. On
Wednesday Dee.4tb there will tirobablv
be no change in the prevailing directiion of
tne wiua on tne aq out win continue
stormy and gusty from the South-West.
The weather will be cloudy, dry and
Thursday Dec. 6th will continue cloud v
and dry but- the -wind -will sbitt into an
Easterly quarter and the weather will
noderaie somewhat and not be as cold as
.vas the 4th. On '
Friday Dec. 6th the wind will be from
the East and South-West, tbe weather dry
and it's- inoderaU'lv cold or even mild.
Saturday Dec tb will bring tbe sec
ond storm nf the month ana there win be
-now or rain accompanied by strong gusty
winds from the West and xortd-w est.
As wd said before, these predictions may
fail entirely but we believe that tbey are
founded on correct principles of observa
tion and calculation and will give an av
erage of tbe weather. At all events hat
ing made our prophecies public we shall
watch the weather with considerable in
Kirtland. ,
Cnrrexpf) xdnc eontaininy important new -lieiUd
from evfrv Dtirt of the tlieiriet. If iMd
liberally paid fvr. Writer's natne and attdreju
required on every xsommun-iesation a private pair
art fee of (rood faith. ejected comjrvuniowUon
aot retttrnsa. . . . . . . t -(j -A
' Sllver Weddlng In Kinlani. "
Permit me through the eolamns"oT yonf
valuable paper to state that on Thursday
evening, November 14th, it- was my happy
lot to participate in -commemorating, tbe
25th anniversary weddinz day of Mr. and
Mrs. Royal B. Green: also the 424 birth
day of Mrs. Green. .The guests, -about
forty in number, met at an early, hour and
each one appeared to say "Let joy be un
confined when youth and pleasure meet."
All having assembled In the parlor list
ened with profound interest to the remarks
of Esq. Shaw, of Chester an aged veteran
in the cause of truth , who addressed the
bride and groom in a deliberate and im
pressive manner,-enjoining tbe great ne
cessity of cultivating social friendly rela
tions as the- secret means of acquiring
substantial happiness to which wo arrive
step bv step; and as each annual return
of that memorial event, has served only
to bind il possible more strongly that cord
of love wuich twenty-five years ago to
night made you man and wife. Therefore
permit me in behalf ot these kindred and
friends to present these voluntary gifts to
you; accept them not so much for their in
trinsic value as tokens of our high regard
for you. Friend Shaw was assisted in
presenting the gifts bv F. C. Rich, after
which the bride replied in a neat, happy
speech. After the speeches all returned
to supper, where we found their tables
loaded with tbe choicest viands that an
epicure could wish, prepared in the most
approved style. Alter supper we were
enlivened by" music and speeches bv sev
eral present. All then retired with many
good wishes for our host and hostess to
wnose uoiaen w eaaing we look forward
with hope like the inspiration of ancient
seers in predicting the Golden Age. . -
.. V 1XTXB.
.tlaaissu. .
Madison, Nov. 25th, 1872. .
Ed. Journal: There has been very
good sleighing here for a week past, but
it is now disappearing. Since the late
elctions tbe people have settled down into
an unusual state of quietness, and but for
tbe prevailing horse disease which is rag
ing here as well as every where else, there
would be very: little excitement. There
are very few horses in town that are not
affected with it,, but I have heard of no
cases as yet which have resulted fatally.
Farmers . are mostly through with their
Fail work although there are a eood many
acres of potates that are not dug yet. The
crop is rather a slim one this season and
win probably not average more than fifty
bushels per acre. , There is considerable
stir amonic the buyers at present. One
firm alone shipped thirty thousand bush
els in the month of October. The winter
term of Madison Seminary commenced on
Tuesday of last week. ' This school under
the management of Professor Wright has
become one of the most popular institu
tion of learning in pur county.- . R. B.:-
Our village and vicinity was visited by
quite' a suow storm on Saturday last, snow
falling to the depth of two to three inches.
On Sunday morning, but for tbe epizoi
otic" a good many eutters would have
been on the road, as:it was- a few who
owned unfashionable horses were out . .
A recent visit to the scene of action, on
the P. & Y. Jbt. R., convinces us that the
energetic contractor, Mr. Darraugb, not
withstanding the many difficulties, which
of necessity, he is- laboring under, on ac
count of the scarcity of teams, is pushing
forward the grading as fast as possible. A
track has been laid, upon wbicha number
of dump cars have been placed, thus ena
bling the dirt to be moved to. points de
sired, along the road, with dispatch
We are jrlad to know- tnatour Thespians
are progressing finely, and will soon have
out their bills if nothing happens, for their
first entertainment.. jLoarn belonging
to Mr. Sylvester Ladow, -of FuHertowii;
and occupied by Mr. A. Bliss, was de
stroyed, by fire on the 1st, with all its con
tents, consisting of hay, straw, mowing
and threshing machine, and set of bobs.
The threshing machine and set of bobs be
longed to Mr. Bliss, upon which there was
an insurance of $100 on threshing machine.
There was also an insurance of $200 on the
barn, cause of fire unknown. Western
Reserve Times.
Accident. The gravel train on the A,
Y. & P. Road, while running backward
from Orwell to Ashtabula, on the 15tb inst.
jumped the track, in Rome,, capsizing the
engine, ana contusing ana conglomerating
things generally. A. Swede, employed
upon the road, had a leg broken.- ..The en
gineer and fireman escaped by jumpihg.
A spike since found, is suposed to have
caused the accident TneConneaut pa
per mill suspended work on Saturday last.
Cause, horse epizootic. ...The trial of
John Housel is assigned for next Monday-.
Anhtabnla Telegraph.-'- - - - -
The cheese factories are generally clos
ing throughout the county. ' The factory
of A. D. Hall in this place closed last
week M. L. Wright, Dentist, proposes
to close his office in this place, until aftwr
the meeting of tbe Board for the examina
tion of dentists, to be held at Columbus on
tbe 6th of December; atten which it will
be reopened tor business.. .0. S.'Farr,
Esq.. bas met with a serious loss in tbe
death of bis favorite bay mare, a very val
uable and knowing animal, to Which he
was much attached. She had been sick
for about ten days, with the prevailing ep
idemic, but bad apparently nearly recov
ered when, on Tuesday of last week, a
relapse occurred, which terminated fatal
ly. Geauga Democrat. .
Mr. L. J. Sweet, of Cherry Valley, bas
just killed a hog that weighed when
aresseu, 004 pounds. Air. Wm. Lane,
well known in North Madison, has enlisted
in the United States Regular Army, tor
tbe term of five years, and will be posted
on tbe Plains.: May be prove an honora
ble soldier Mr. Samuel Moomey, of
North Madison, showed us some blood
beets that beat the beets that beat tbe beet
that beat that other "feller's" beets. The
largest weighed eight pounds and nine
ounces, and would compare favorably
with some of tbe late election beats. In
dependent Press.
The oyster supper given bv the Ladies'
Industrial Society of tbe Baptist Church,
on Friday evening, was a gratifying suc
cess.. ... A great many potatoes in this sec
tion were frozen in the fields after digging,
and while in piles. . We hear of some
farmers losing considerable quantities.
At tbe special election held on Satur
day, to fill the vacancy in the office of
Borough Clerk, caused by the resignation
ol J. I. Finney, Tracy Barnum was elected.
Messrs. H. S. M linger and Dr. S. S.
Bihtows, of the Locating Committee, Sol
diers' Free Homestead Colonv, returned
on Sunday morning last Geneva Times.
Marine. I t
-. .n'-'-- fiVv 'us-
The Detroit Tribune says: A gentleman
who arrived Friday says the last cargo of
lumber by sail vessel this season, left this
port on Thursday noon. Two or three
steam barges are yet expected to arrive
and load should tbe weather be favorable.
A telegram from Montreal, dated Sat
urday, says ice is rapidly forming in the
canals and rivers, and that the last steam
er of the season for Quebec left that day.
Escanaba offers no inducements for ves
sels now. By letter received in this oitv,
dated Escanaba, 10th inst., we learn that
there were then twenty-eight vessels
there, no ore, and three feet of snow at
tbe mines.
The ice covers Sandusky Bay above tbe
railroad bridge, and is about two inches
thick. The Jieaister of Wednesday say si
"On tbe north shore of the bay and in tbe
slips on tbe bay front considerable ice bas
formed in the past two days. Yesterday
morning the Evening Star had to force ber
way through more than utile of floating
ice when coming in. As yet the ice is very
thin aud brittle' y . 's. i i
U. . Lighthouse tender. Haze, has re
turned to Detroit from a two weeks cruise
taking up the uoys and stakes in the
Strait ol Mackinaw and St. Clair river,
The Haze, the Detroit Post says, will prob
ably go into winter quarters immediately.
Spectacle Reef Light has been discon
tinued for tbe season.
Mouron Ship Caual is progressing. Tbe
channel is to be 12 feet deep aud 00 feet
Toledo has Buffered from tbe cold, tbe Ice
in the Mauruee rendering navigatiou slow
and hazardous.
It will pay you to come aud trade with
me. T. P. White.
Ladies oome and see for yourselves that
our stock of Silks, Velvets, Blaok Alpacas,
Ac, la tbe largest in town,
P, Pratt A Co,
Mens waterproof Kip Boots, warranted,
73-2 T. P. White.
Bring in your dried apples, we will pay
cash or trade, T. P. Whitk.
We have a full stock ot Black Gold
Mixed, Green, Graff Plumb and Nary Blue
Repellents. "P. PRATT A Co.-
Gents call and see the Lapland Boot.
Superior to anything for winter wear.
73-2 T. P. White.
For everything in the line of Fall Hats,
go to Paddock's, 221 Superior street.
Cleveland, O. , - ' : 63
Mens, womens and children Artie Over
Shoes; a large assortment. - - . i .
73-2 - ; T. P. Warns.
.-- --- i -
A full Kne of Dress Goods in all the fash.
Ladies call" and: see- the handsomest
Button and Lace Boot, the latest style and
perfect beauty. .-:5lVK4 "Warrx. .
Every variety oCXadies' Fnra, Muffs
and bands just received at T. S. paddock"
No. 221 Superior street, Cleveland, O. '-
We keep the ever popular brand of Sois
net and Doofd' France la-black Gros
Grain Silks." Ladies come and took at
at them. " - -- ' : P. Pratt 4 Co:
Ladies' Furs In every style' and every
price, from the most costly set down to the
cheapest, can always be found in endless
varieties at T. S. Paddock's, 231 Superior
street, Cleveland, O. .; - : h j 63
Sure cure fob the Epizootic There
is no such - thing known: ; but this 'fact
should not keep people from going to Pi
Pratt & Co's for dry goods. Remember
tbey tcill not be undersold. t,f . - :2ii
Pimples and brown spots; on the face,
Eruptions, Blotches, Scrofulous Diseases,
and ail aores arising from' impure blood,
are cured by Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical
Discovery. ' ,i-s -sos-.-"
Hats, Caps, Gloves and Furs. In all the
latest Fall and Winter sfyle, now being
constantly received and opened at the well
known store of T..S. Paddock, 221 Supe
rior street, Cleveland, O. .v; 63
We have the largest and best selected
stock ot English French and , American
cloths for Genu, now in Lake Oo ana
have superior faculties for making them
upia first-class style. ' - - -...
"-v -' - - P. Pratt Co.
The purest and sweetest Cod-Liver Oil
is Hazard & Caswell's, made on the sea
shore, from fresh, selected livers, by Cas
well Hazard & Co., New York. It is ab
solutely pure And sweet- - Patients ,who
have once taken it prefer it to all others.
Pbysioiana .have decided it superior- to
any of the ot heroi lain market; - 12w73 -
Those desiring any and every variety
of Plain and Fancy Job Printing, will find
it to their advantage to call at the Jour
nal Job Office before closing a bargain
elsewhere. . With a full line of material
and a corps of -competent workmen, the
proprietors feel safe in guaranteeing satis
faction. in every instance. -'-
Chapped hands, face, rough skin, pim.
plees, ringworm," salt rheum,- and other
cutaneous affections cured and the skin
made soft and smooth, by using tbe Juni
per Tar. Soap, made bv Caswell, Hazard
& Co.. New York, Be certain to get the
Juniper Tar... Soap, as .-there are many
worthless imitations, made with common
tar...-.--. -ri .:! i :;--- vt; 12w75.;
' Fob your Fall and Winter purchases of
Hats, Caps, Furnishing Goods, Muffs and
"all alelv go'' T. S.'Paddock's No.:221
Superior, street, Cleveland., A superior
stock kept constantly on hand, and prices
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Satisfaction warranted in every instance.
Don't fail to call. ? , , , -, i : , 63
All who are blessed with a good mem
ory will please
Remember in tutore we keep no books.
Remember in future we sell for cash only;
Remember An fUMir We sell Jar . less
We are going to enlarge our store and
fill it up with a larger stock than ever, of
the best goodslln the rnarket.. All. to be
sold for cash on delivery, at lower prices
'than tbey have ever been offered in Paines
ville. Remember and get prices before
trying elsewhere. --fl- '4
W. F. Smith, "City Drug Store."
Messrs Jas. W. Carson .& Co. 267 Supe
rior SC." Cleveland, Ohio, call the atten
tion of the people of this city, to tbe very
large assortment of boys and youths ready
made clothing, which tbey are offering at
low prioes ; also a full stock of mens' busi
ness and dress suits, ready made, equal to
custom work. This bouse make a speci
ality of ready made overcoats.ln all grades
from the lowest to the highesg prices. We
believe It Is cheaper and easier to get
your supply of clothing in this way, than
in any other. Remember that we otter the
largest stock in tbe city, from which to se
lect, and respectfully invite inspection of
the same. Jas. W. Carson A Co. -
COOPER MEREELL In Painesville, Nov. 97,
1ST2, at the residence of Mr. William Met reH,
Mr, Fred. 9. Cooper and Miss Frank ie L. Merrell
Jocbnal Office, Nov. 98, 1879. '
The local money markat still continue ex
tremely stringent and although perhaps not
quite 3 bad as in other Immediately neighbor
ing localities, it is only because the local de
mands are less urgent. In most quarters tbe de
mand for currency has been most exacting and
applicants have been mere pushed lor accommo
dation than at our last repbrt, while the bank
have been, if possible, even lest able then here
tofors to grant the. required favor. " Largs
amounts of really first-class paper nave-neces-
sarily been rejected, and much loss has been
caused through lack of funds, which bank
would nav readily have furnished if only, thsy
had had it. Deposits have continued light and
in many instances maturing notes have been
obliged to receive re-discounts. Indeed, taken
altogether, tbe present may fairly be considered
one of the most stringent markets known in com-
merctal sdrcles for a long time. The recent
Wail street corner" has slightly affected sev
eral stocks, notably that upon which it was
made Northwestern Common." but otherwise
there has been no especial movement.
The following are the closing prices for Coin
and Securities
ft Buying -Serifag
Silver large
Silver small r
Sixes 'of IK81 coup
11. no
r ive-i wenties uerei) ex-coup .
Five-Twenties (1864) ex-cou.n
Five-Twenties (18) ex-eou. (old). 112
Five-Twenties (lM5)ex-coup(new) .114x
Five-Twenties (18671 coup .115
Ten-Forties ex-coup 107
IlTC-IHVDlia I.OUO! GVUP ........ 114k
Canton 109
Western Union.;., 77X
Qnicksilver 44tf
Rock Island
New Jersey CeBt.lu2t
Adams' Express . . :
Wells Fargo Ex.. 87j
Amer. Mer. Union. Ton
do. preferred.
Fort Wavne
Terre Haute
do preferred. . . .
ail. A Alton
rto preferred..
Ohio A Miss
C. C. C. AL..:.
Burl'n AQulncy.
Lake Shore
Indiana Central.
, 79
. 88
United States Ex.. 78u
I'acinoMail 87
N. V. Central IMS
brie. &3I&-
do. nreferred. . . 73
Ilarlem 11 3X
do preferred.... 196 -Michigan
Cent 114V
Cleve. A Pitts 86 V
Illinois Central. . .126
North Western Bin
do Dreferred SO
Union Pacific 36
Cent. Pao Bonds ,100
Union Bonds . tftn
DeLALackaw'a.. Wx
St. Paul 63
do preferred ... . 76,
Uarlford A Erie... 8
Journal Orricx, Nov. 996 P. M.
During the past week there has been a steady
advancement in wheat, and the market closes
fully 5u above our previous quotations. It is not
certain that this advance will be sustained. In
some of the leading grain markets of the west
wheat .was a trifle weaker yesterday, and the
next report from thss market it 1 fsaxed will
show some falling off in prices which will
once effect a change in our home trade
Flour remained quiet and unchanged until to.
day. Dealers have generally advanced 25c
bbl.on all grades .
Buckwheat seems to be very scarce, and an
advance of 1 90 per bbL has been made oa flour
made of pure wheat. there is plenty ot the
mixed article in the market, which can be
bought cheap.
Oats and corn remain unchanged, bat are
trifle firmer.- '
7 00
8 25
9 2S
10 V5
7 00
9 00
11 OJ
XX Spring Wheat Flour
aa ttea n inter aa .
XXX Amber do .
XXX White , , do .
Rye do .
Graham Flour per bbi . .-.
Buckwheat Flour ner bbl
Corn Meal. 96.0Vton 1 4
Shorts 25.0Dfton 1 89
Chop Feed,. -.-.-....... ..95.00 l ton 1 40
Salt, per bbl . 9 83
so. i MacKerei, per J, bbl. . 13 00
No. 1 White Fish, per H bbl. 6 50
No. 1 Trout, uer u bbl . a 40
Potatoes, 45 75
White Wheat...:...-...-, 1 60 - I 65
Bed Wheat 1 40. . 1 66
Buckwheat.. r..."......: .. so ; " l oo
KfBt if si" ' iws- i.isskv. . a.M t& saw -MSMMB
Crn,aUe.iVi( ..... 6 ,.;;:
Corn, ear, Old. S 70 ne.... 63 .. .
Corn, -New.ft T9 na 40 - '
ino, ...A..,.y..,, ,u. SO i U
stutter 3D 33
Lard. ... 9 12
Uiees5.i,-,j.i.fcij.v.: 14 . ill
Tallow. .. 7
Chickens, Tb: 10
19 -
Sooolders.....,.. 10
Dressed Hog.... ...
...5 00
...5 00COO-
Dried Apples..... ..
..19&SW 9 95
... 4 '
..iooo .
Oa Friday evening, December 6th, " "
- Wbeeler Sc Thompson
WUl onen at CHrLDR HAH.- a Mr-hnnl fmr
instrucuoas in au tne Latest styles ol van oca.
Secular class instruction will commence at
7 o'clock, every evsning; and close at 9. After
the regular class i finished, there be given a
Terms of twelve lessons, per couple, . .
..... OS 00
..... 8 00
.IWIWm,, ...... ....... . . .- ...
" Music, Wheeler tt Thompson's Full Band. '
' - ' 79-74.9
Prof. Mulliken'.
A l ILL opea Thursday. Nov. list. l:3o . M
TV at Wilcox Hall. All the late and fash
ionable Dances taught, and a variety of Fancy
New Coal Yard! ,
.. . . . ! ill,,. ....... -
TTJ"E have opened a Cut Yard at the Pauses.
It - vill ViHinnlmni Dalliw- Tto.wi
Richmond street, -and nball keep on hand the
MHBOsuasi st son fJOSA. : - rsr aaia rjr tn tan
or eu load at lowest prices. . .
es-i-18-i . . . B. MoCobmick A Co, Agents. .
V WATXBTOWM, N. Y Nov. IT, 1879.
To H. C. DuBAND, Agent, Painesville,
The WAfxaTowx Fire Ihscxakcx Comtany,
has no losses la Boston.- . Assetts over 43o,ooo.
:'. Charles H.Waite,Gen'l Act.
'-i.il 'v; '-.- ' '.'" : : -.; ,..
THIS second large conflagration is one more
link in the chain-of evidence that the Wat
ebtown, confining its business as it does, to
Private Residences and Farm Property risks,
is the Safest Comvakx in which to Inscbe
our tiomesteao. . ... ... j .
: XMBeet Wilcox Block, Cp Stair.
71-7S-8 Ik. C. DfJBlNDi Aa-eni.
:,'' 1 a. H - -.
J. Mansfield & Co.,
- :):: i . !..-' '! l.'rii: .;"-
-"-i"'flV 'DnWM.n 43r.n
i i --a
i ( t tsTaattVn ar 17V. 11 IrnaV r
o iJoa?i3:i2sra-!
. In Quality and Style we are not surpassed.
. ., , Our Price are Lou.
We' have One Price. -:
,yW Pay Return fare
if the iodl vidua! buys to the amount of $20.
Fair Dealing i our Motto. -
B9-7S-4 ' ' - - :. :-..
NE of tne oldest Shoe bousee in Korthern
J Ohio. Tbe cheapest place in the State to
purcuase SH SlUOS OS
"My stock is very extensive, consisting of
nil tbe varieties of Mens', Womens' and
Children's Boots, Shoes, Gaiters and Slip
per, and Leather Findings, all of which -will
be cold at exceedingly small profits, -for
ready par. Call andsee. Remember
tbe place. So. 90 Main street, two doors
west of A. Wilcox's Bank. . Avail your
selves of tbe rare chance of investing
your money. We charge nothing for
shewing our good. No. 90 Main street.
Eddy's Cheap Ready Pay Shoe Store.
Buy Twenty Cent worth and resclvs a -
Of aa Alphabet for the Children, worth 15 Cents
Education is the Chief Defense of NationsJ
,r:-. " 0
' Progress and Improvement. Onward
sad Upward, are the mottoes of the World.
Maple City
E . .:... - Located at -J .
Corner of Main and St. Clair Streets,
, PRATT BROS., Proprietors. '
A Full and Complete coarse of
Instruction given In all branches of a Commer
cial Education which Includes the
Fifty good Bookkeepers, Penman, and Telegraph
. - operator .wanted immediately to prepare
themselves for Business,situations.
sure to be found. Good enter
prising Business men ar
. ,. always wanted. i
SitTAtions Guaranteed for
AU English Branches taught on Reasouaqle
Book-keeping 80 00
Penmanshin. plain and ornamental. 80 on
Telegraphing 95 00
Instruction per month, 5 00
FuU conns la all departments, time un
limited..: tT5 00
Fifty lessons in Writting 6 00
A Tnoroiisn CoTxrse will be
giwext in Mathematics.
We Intend to establish in 'this beautiful city,
which is unsurpassed for its educational advan.
tages, a Commercial College that shall be a com.
piete suooess is an in uepartments.
BtBFSpecimeos of Penmanship, and Fnll infor
mation sent to those desiring to attend.
Prof. O. G. PRATT.
CHRISTIAN AT WORK (consolidated), for S3 60
Thes chroma ar about th sise of "Wide
Awake and Fast Asleep," Subscriber fur
nished at once with their chramos
AtiEMTS ean make better term with u
than with any other publishers. Address.
M . M. W. ADAMS,
. ; eo
1872-3, I
A Gift For Every
In every respect the SOCVEXIR is a first-class Illustrated Magazine. In size it li a quarto,
and is printed on the finest of double-calendered cream-laid paper. Its reading is a miscellany
ot liht and solid literature, while its pictures form a magnificent collection of the finest steel
and wood engravings. Each number contains twenty-four pages, and the entire volume, when
bound at the end of the year, will form a beautiful work, which could not be purchased in any
other way for double the money. ' . . . ...
" The volume for 1872-8 will oontaiu about 230 pages and about 100 fine engravings Iron tbe
pencil and brush of the best artistic talent in the country, rendered into striking " pictures 1a -black
and white" by the best engravers that can be procured. .
-'J - The publication of this Magazine was undertaken for the express purpose of furnishing
on of the most magnificent premiums ever offered by any paper, and in the carrying out of that
plan the .
Souvenir Will Be Sent Free
For one year to every person who shall, between this and March 1st, 1873, subscribe for one year
to the NORTIIERX OHIO JOURNAL. We believe this offer to be un equaled by that of any
paper in the country. .
Special Notice.
... As above stated, the SOUVENIR will be sent free to every yearly subscriber whose same
we shall receive between this and March 1st, 1873. This offer applies to every copy taken.
Whether Subscribed for 8INGLY, in CLUBS, or in CONNECTION WITH ONE OB MOBE of
the publications included in our CLUBBING LIST. It will also be sent to all, whose subscrip
tions expiring in that time, shall renew them for one year. So far a this premium la con
cerned, renewals are the same as new subscriptions.
. For th information of those already on our books, we would add that it will also be sent
to all who have subscribed or renewed since the 15th of July last
To Canvassers and Agents.
In our generosity to subscribers we do not by any means intend to neglect those friend who mar
labor for us In tbe getting up of clubs. For all such we have a most tempting Bill Of Fare. But
In reading it over we desire to call attention to the following -. . -
v : . Items which Must be Noticed! ". '
- 99 00 must Invariably be sent with each name when the subscription applies on a premium
dew money may be sent at onr risk la Eastern Draft, Post Ollice money order or Registered
LettersPart of a elub ean be raised in one place and part in another; it makes no difference to
us to bow many Post offices we send tbe papers of the same Club Names for a premium must
be marked when lent In all premiums will be delivered at our office; if shipped elsewhere char
ges to be paid by those receiving them Full directions for shipping must accompany the order.
r, .Table of Preminms. '
' NOTICE These premiums are given to Canvassers and agents to pay for their work in se
curing new names or renewals. Our premium to patron, tbe Illustrated Monthly, the NORTH
ERN OHIO SOUVENIR, will be sent to all subscribers to those received by agents tbe saaseaa
to those who send their names direct tons.
UM of our own and is sent to ALL NEW SUBSCRIBERS ALIKE bo mattm- hoar r- .... w- '
obtained. . - . ; -
v EXPLANATION. The first column of figures following the names of tke articles Indicate
the actual cash value of onr Premiums. Tbe second column indicates the number of subscribers
to be secured by agents in order to obtain the Premiums REMEMBER two old subscribers re- '
newing ror one years count the same a one new subscriber.
Ko. of . , - :
--"?V .' - -'' ' . -- " - ?--:-' ' JSnbecri- i : - -. X '
C ask . osrs
JTo. Fame of Article.' Value.
1. Weed Sewing Machine .....870 00
9. Beckwith Sewing Machine. . . 10 OS 18
a. Ladv's Hunting Case Gold
Watch 60 00 80
4. Gentleman's Hunting Case
- Silver Watch...... .... 40 00 60
6. Gentleman's Hunting Case
Silver Watch SO 00 40
6. Lady' Gold Pen, Silver Case,
(Hawkes)... .7. 8 00 S
1. Gent's Gold Pen, Silver Case,
(Hawkes) .7.-4 00- 6
8. Gold Pen with Ebony Holder. 5 00 . 8
9. Gentleman's Gold Sleeve But.
. tons.... 5 00 .
10. Gentleman's Moss Agate
Sleeve Buttons BOO 6
IL Silver Cake Basket (Lueiu
Hart) 18 00 , 30
19. Revolving Butter Cooler 18 00 SO
13. Half Dozen Napkin Rings... 14 (10 20
14. One Dozen Teaspoons .". 75 19
16. One Doeen Table Spoon . 15 00 90
15. One Dozen Table Forks 15 00 20
17. One Dozen Plated Knives,
Ivory Handled.. 90 00 80
18. One Dozen Table Knives.Solid
Steel Plated..... ... 90 00 25
19. One Set Knives and Forks,
KQuuer iiauuieu . .... . a -,o - ia
SO. One Set Knives and Forks,
, Rosewood handled...... 4 00 6
No. 1. Th Weed Family Favorite Sewing
. at least one of the best, sewing machines in tbe market and its merits are so well known a
'. really to need but little description. Speakingof the Weed the ElmiraAdtxrfissr says: 4 This
: machine is bnilt on what is called the engine principle or movement, and in many particu
lars diners from all' other machines. It has new and novel devices for taking up tne alack
thread, feeding the goods, and perfecting tbe stitch. Nothing ean surpass this machine '
in execution, rapidity, or delicacy of operation. It simplicity is charming, for there is no
'" intricacy about it all that a child ten years of age, of ordinary ability, could not compass.
' We remarked particularly, the fine workmanship manifested in its build, and tbe uniform
. good quality of the material used in its construction steel and case-hardening process being
. employed where there is any danger of wear." The style offered by ns is a walnut table
" finely finished machine. It can be seen by calling at the Weed Sewing Machine Boom No
-114 Main Street, where the agent Mr. Geo. Folwell will be pleased to exhibit them at anv
time. '
NoA The Beckwith Is a low priced machine but one which is strongly recommended and which
we feel confident it will please and prove satisfactory to all whomay receive it. It combine
simpl icity accuracy and durability.
Xoa. 8, 4, 6, 9 and 10 are simply articles whose description is given In giving their names and
value. They are good geods and we warrant them to be the best of the kind. Wenurctaased
them of R. S. Wood, Wholesale and Retail Dealer in jewelry in this place and tbey come to
i us with bis recommend. We therefore know them to be genuine and what they are represen
ted to be.
Nob. 6,7,8, 11, 12,13,14,15,16,17.18,19 and 20 are all standard article. Their several values are set
tled and are all as well khown to our readers as to ourselves. Tbey have been pur
chased from the factories of Hawks, Lucius Hart, tbe Meriden Manufacturing Co. and other
well known dealers and are all made and delivered under their warranties.
No. 91. is a large and elegantly printed book, containing 13,10 closelv printed octavo pares and
over 600 beautiful illustrations, it is published by tho well known firm of Burr fiydo of
Hartford, Conn., and is sold oniv by subscription at $3 60 per copy.
Nos. 29. S3. 24 and 25 are sufficiently described in their names.
No. 96. is a new style of album with musical
mb .p u ... ww. - " .... iv.wuh iw p. .j ..... a,,, .uu. wiles cioASQ. sue music ones
Size 6 inches long. 5 inches wide.
No. 27 Is a glass finished in ivory and gilt, with morocco case. It Is acromatir, and mar be
used by the tourist for field glass or telescope as well as in the opera.
No. 98 Is a new style of microscope, and has three powers of about 40. 65, and 100 diameters.
- magnifying 1,60a, 4,22ft, and 10,000 times
No. 99 Cannot be excelled as a cheap miscroscope. Its magnifying powers ar very great, and
cannot fail to be an endless source of amusement and instruction.
No. 80 Is an intense lens with folding rubber case, and ha been (old by all dealer at the
price given above.
No. 81, 32, 33, and 84 Are chromos of Prang's celebrated make, and being tbe most vormtar of
.... mvj.y , V j
from us. No. 83 is framed in handsome
Q6X Ds43C&S
No. 85, 86, and 87 Are steam toys, which are
was wm iia . ... j- a tnuiwuy salts, auu are exxremeiy interesting to old a well a
vmintr. and are admirably adapted tocultivate inventive and mtvhBnirDi -t.n..,.
No. 38, and 89 Are too well known to need anv description.
No. 40 and 41 Are handsome well made machines, the former being not only a sow roe of smnco.
mtwifUuiimciuiBvi ucoiuuiu, liiKuni
patent-wheeled child's carriage.
No. 49 and 43 Are elegant desks ; the first
TTr.vryi .w uu . mi. iubuuiu, -en-incn sne secotKi ieingisiaMl
. with pearl, forming a group of lillies and leaves, on double shaded ground, light border esT
mottled nearl. lined with silk velvet and gilt border, lock and kv. InEiun. .1 i-.
No. 44 is neatly inlaid with pearl line and bunoh of lillies, in cut glass, ink in velvet socket
No. 45 is a walnut desk, brass-bound, finely polished inside, lined with silk velvet, lock and key.
twelve inches,
Msaey Savea I Amy Paper sir manrazisie Ysm Waa.8 f . -'
Below Wepresent a list of publications with which we have made clubbing arrangement
for the coming year. Canvasser or those getting up clubs will notice: First, that they eaa
avail themselves of the terms given below to secure subscriptions as any name Mat, whether
single or in connection with other publications, eaa apply the same as one of a elub for which
premium will be given; and Second, that to EACH SUBSCRIBER TO THE JOURNAL, on this
a on all other list, the SOUVENIR will be sent for one year as an independent premium. In
the following table the names of the magazines are followed by two line of figures. The first
of these is the regular subscription price per
which it wiu ne rurnisnea togetner wicn tne
a star give a premium, which in all cases is a
price of the publication. The clubbing price
Dailies, Sen! ana
Trl Weeklies.
2 Bf
B O 3.
. SB
Dally Philadelphia Press,
Tri-Weekly Philadelphia Press...
Dally New York Sun
Semi-Weekly New York Bun....:
" ' -...- Tribnna
8 on
4 oo
9 00
4 00
4 00
" . World .
American Spiritualist. . ."
Appleton's Journal
Advance 1...
. 4 60
9 SO
4 00
1 60
8 00
6 00
8 00
1 60
5 00
4 00
Albany Law Journal
Bright Side and Family Circle...
Banner of Light.
Clipper (New York)...:....
Citizen and Round Table.....:....
Church Journal
Christian at Work
Catholic Review
Dav's Doinsrs
Examiner And Chronicle 'Baptist) 2 50
Everv Saturday 6 00
Frank Leslie's Illust'd Newspaper- 4 00
"... iwniuinev vomer.... 4 i
Illustrated Zcitung. 4 00
' " Ladv's Journal : 4 00
. Boys' and Girls'
Weekly 9 50
" Ladies' Magazine... 8 50
" Budget of Fun 160
" Pleasant Honrs.... 1 60
Fireside Companion 8 00
Filth Avenue Journal 4 00
Forney Press-
2 00
Golden Age-
Harper's Bazar
r - Weekly
Hearth and Home.
Illustrated Christian Weekly
Investigator ,
Le Monde Illustre (French).
Littell's I.ivina- Aire
... 4 oo
... 4 oo
... s oo
... 9 00
... 9 60
... 3 60
... 3 Oil
...8 00
... 8 00
... 3 60
... 9 60
... 5 00
... J 00
... 9 50
... 4 00
Medical Gazette
Nation (X. Y.) ,
Observer (N. Y.)
Fomeroy's Democrat ,
Plymouth Church.
In addition to both periodicals at the
frem turns is given to each subscriber to IVutorest's Monthlv. Among these ar a pair of fins
hromo pictures alls of Niagara and Yoseniite Falls), worth tlo.oo ; or a good traoseops
witn a series ot views; nesmes numerous otner
All the Tear Round
A themenm
Anglo-American Times...
Bell's Lite in London
Bow Bells
9 oo
19 oo
14 oo
4 oo
4 oo
14 oo
14 oo
16 oo
19 oo
8 oo
7 oo
14 oo
Cassell's Magazine
Graph to (Illustrated)
Illustrated London News
Medical Press
Musical World
Once a Week
Saturday Review
14 oo
Th Illustrated lantim, V.m ....Hlt.l.
which will be enclosed in the priceT ' '
The Publishers of the NORTHERN OHIO JOURNAL, desire to doable tt rlrnilsllss
thi fall, and want the services of at least one energetic pwhing man or woman In awry taws
n this portion of the Country. W will furnish circulars, samples, blank order, and all
that may be needed to work effectually. A very little tTbrt will enabl aavon to send ss a
large list of subscriber, and, at ths tame time.pay themselves well for their thae aa4 tTssbts.
And experience has demuostrated, that after a club I started, it I easier to ssosr additios
than- It was to get up tn original club. Everybody like the Paper and when It ha ease lilt
introduced Into a nelghboi-hoodjiltoalwAjswy toxtndhcircuiAl
Subscriber, Old or New.
JTo, of
re- -. Camk
quired. Xo. Xame of Article. Valu.
' '.'
. 85 .
;- 8 "
- SO
a '
80 21. Great Industries of the United
tate 160
99. Webster's Unabridged Dic
tionary IX 00
28. 82mo Bible, Morocco, Gilt
Clasp 9 00
24. Photograph Family Bible. .. 15 90
95. 60 Portrait Turkey Morocco
Album 5 00
96. New Style Uasical Album.. 90 09
97. Opera Glass 10 00
za. iOtnpouna Microscope 10 00
29. Globe Microscone.
8 00
80. Wood's Pocket Magnifier . .
81. ."Easter Morning," Chromo.
82. "Niagara Falls,'" Chromo. . .
S3. "Ducks," Chromo, (Walnut
1 60
5 00
6 00
34. "Damo Nature'
Chromo 5 00
35. Dollar Engine.... . 1 00
3k Horizontal Engine 4 00
37. Side Wheel Steamboat 9 Ou
38. Universal Clothes Wringer. 10 OO
39. Fairbanks' Family Scale.. 14 00
40. Boy's 8-wheel Velocipede. .. 90 00
41,. New York Plueton (Child's
4 -wheeled Carriage 40 00 "
42. Fi ne Papier Mache Desk..;. 10 00
43. Fine Papier Mache Desk.... IS 00
44. Fine Papier Mache Inkstand 8 00
45. Walnut Writing Desk 10 00 ,
oi Premiiiims-
Machine was selected by us as beinr. If not the het.
attachment. By means of a secret ssrina- as the
" w iiv uoonpuoa or eommetHiatsoa
carved walnut moulding, gilt lining and leaf cor.
not merely "make believe," bat are real machines
eaercisw , sue latter a surer ttiushed- rlma liariti
being inlaid with roses of pearl, lined with
year of tbe publication; the second the price at
jocknal and SOUVENIR. Those marked with
beantiful chromo or engraving, worth at It it the
given al way includes these premium .
Rural New Yorker.
... IN
... 3 Oa
... 00
... 9 09
... 9 00
.... 4 00
.... 9 00
..- fl 09
.... 00
... 5 00
... I 00
....9 69
4 60
e 60
6 60
5 75
a so
a so
4 80-
3 95
Scientific American....
Spirit of the Times
Sunday Mercury
Times (N. Y.)
Tribune (N. Y.) .'.
The Week
Toledo Blade
w averley Magazine.
SSi Weekly (Street A Smith's)
5 Watson's Art Journal.... ,
"8 World (N. Y.)..?T
SO lm..nli;.l..
AmerleanlUnion .
. raamtarlcs.
American Agriculturist..;...
American Farm Journal
American Law Register
American Builder. -.
Atlantic Monthly
t 60
5 00
8 00
4 U0
9 50
9 0U
3 0
9 60
t -
4 6
6 OX
4 01
4 60
a 60
a oo
a 6
4 60
a oo
a oo
8 SO
4 oo
6 oo
4 96
4 oo
4 oo
6 95
7 oo
4 5o
9 7S
a 6o
a 75
4 00
6 00
4 96
6 00 Arthur's Home Magazine. . . .
o o an ncview.
4 60 American Educational Monthly. . 8 0
00 Blackwood's . .. oa
4 60 Ballou's Monthly ..160
4 00 Beecher's Illustrated Magazine.. 9 00
8 75 Church Monthly 8 00
. o- vomio jtomuiy
6 60 Crofutt's Western World...
4 00 Children's Hour...
8 00 Contemnorarv Review
6 00 Drmorete' Magazine....
6 U0 Eclectic Magazine
6 00 Galaxv
6 00 'Uodcy's Lady' Book
Good Words
4 00 Good Words for the Young . .
6 00 Harper's Magazine
8 95 Inland Monthly
3 25 London Lancet ..........
4 90 La France Elegante
8 25 Ladies' Repository ,
8 60 Lippiueott's Msrazin
4 00 Lakeside Monthly
5 95 l-ocke's Monthlv
1 60
... 1 60
.... 1 95
... 7 60
. .. a oo
... . 6 u0
... 4 oo
... 8 oo
.. 8 75
... 9 So
... 4oo
... I oo
... 6 oo
... a 6o
... 4 oo.
... a oo
.... 1 oo
626 .Manufacturer and Builder
9 oo
4 95 Optic' Boys' and Girls' Afagaaine 8 so
3 60 Overland Jfonthlv 4 so
4 00 Our Young Folks 9 oo
5 00 Peters' .Vusiral Monthly....; 8 oo
4 60 Phrenological Journal So
9 00 Pctersou's Jfagaziue , 9oo
9 00 Scribner'i Mouthly 4 oo
6 00 Science of Health 9 oo
9 60 'Star Spangled Banner loo
00 Snuday Magazine , 9 75
00 St, Paul's Jragazine...'. a So
4 so 5 oo
9 oo 8 6o
3 oo 4 so
8 oo 4 so
9 oo . 3 5o
4 oo 8 oo
9 oo a 95
lot 9 76
975 4 eo
8 So 4 So
4 75 Wood's Household Jfagaxtn.
5 60 Young Folks' Rural
1 co 9 oo
1 6o 3 Bo
price named, a choice from a list of sxtraanlinarv
valuable premiums worth from 9 to ajo each.
arelnn montane.
oo Art Journal IB so IS oo
9 All the Year Round (Parts) Iw It
19 oo Argosy 3 oo 4 b.
14 00 llelgravia 00 7 oa
4 60 Chambers' Journal 4 00 Is
4 60 Contemuory Review IS 00 19
14oo Dark Blue 00 loo
14 00 Eraser's Magazine 15 00 16 00
00 Fortnightly Review 19 eo 19 so
15 00 London Society 1 os 7 00
19 00 McMillan's Magazine 00 75
95 Once a Week (Parts) 00 80
7 00 Portfolio (tine ilhinration) 16 eo 15 os
14 00 St. James' Magazine 00 78
14 00 Temple liar f 00 78
hrtt;in. snintur Fvklj,H I. A..M. km I..,.

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