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Harry Ayland and wife returned
from Mt Clemens Saturday , and
stopped here for their daughters and
attended the Brunswick reunion.
J. F. Babcock and wife were
Cleveland Friday and Saturday mom
George Coleman, wifs and daugh
ter attended the Kemp-Feist reunion
at Joe Haumesaes at Erhart last
Sunday. -' '
Ada lifcwton of Warren is h- re vis-
iting at her relatives the Chapmans,
Brasee and L. Pecks,
j Mrs. Frank Case and children went
to Elyria for over Sunday to attend
! her familie's reunion at her brother's,
Mr, UriasV
Mrs. Frank Rowley of Elyria spent
the past week at her daughter's, Mrs.
Ralph Deuble's and calling on old
Mrs. John Moody of Akron spent
two hours Saturday afternoon with
her sister, Mrs. Forrest Myrick.
Charles Damon, wife and daughter
Dorthea, Carroll Damon and wife and
Ed. Holden, wife and baby go to Mil
lersbprg for the Damon reunion on
Thursday at Philip Damon's. . .
A. Gardner, wife and daughter
spent Sunday in Columbia.
Mr. and. Mrs. Talbot and two chil
dren of Willoughby spent a few days
here with Charles Gibbs.
Mrs. F. H. Gibbs is spending a
week in Cleveland and Mrs. Roe Mox
ley is keeping house for her.
The Odd Fellows expect the Olm
stead Falls brothers over next Sat
urday night and all are requested to
be' present
D. M. Johnson and family went to
Werren Wednesday in their auto.
Jake Kellar fell on his left hand,
hurting the muscles and ligaments in
his arm and shoulder.
In a bad electrical storm last Fri
day afternoon Steve Kling's barn was
struck by lightning and after the
crowd got there the house was struck
and both buildings soon burned to
the ground. The contents of the
house were saved. It was a sorrowful
outlook for a family of ten children
without a home. Neighbors took
them in for over night and on Monday
Mr. Kling bougt the home next door
to Mrs. Edith Tebbitts and are living
up stairs until she can move to Me'
The lightning followed a wire down
through Mr. Corlett's house making
several holes, but did not burn it
James Fordham put a pail under
an eaves spout to catch som ewater
and the lightning came down the pipe
and knocked the pail allying.
Mr. Fordham made haste for the
houes. . ;
" Saturday wa. a fine day for the
Brunswick reunion, tho not as large
a crowd as some years they seemed
to have a good social time. The ex
ercises were held in the town hall
and the historian's naner may be
found in another part of this paper,
E'i Peck was elected president for
another year. A martial music band
was present, consisting of two fifes.
three snares and one base drum. They
srave some very stirring music
Among those from out of town were
Will Pitkin and daughter and Mrs,
Lantsbury of Elyria, Mrs. Eunice
Bennett and daughter, Mrs. Lamont
and Mrs. Fred Stour of Cleveland,
Aaron Hinmari of Berea, Sidney In
gersol and family of Granger and a
few from Medina. Next year is the
100th anniversary of Brunswick
township and we are looking forward
to a celebration.
Helen Miner and . Mrs. Alice Miner
drove over to Windfall Wednesday to
L. C. Thomas' to see Mrs. Mary Thorn
as. who is staying there for a few
Herbert Peck fell from a load of
hay last week in Cleveland. His feet
ere c rushed, but he is now able
walk on it again.
Mrs. Morris Perkins had to have
the d octor take a crochet hook out
of her arm Tuesday afternoon which
had got hooked under the tendon.
Different ones from here have been
attending the Chautauqua in Medina
and speak very highly of it
The Gibbs reunion will be held here
next year at F. H. Gibbs. One hun
dred and ten attended the one at C
Miller's. 1
Miss Helen Kohn of Akron is a
guest at the home of Mr. E. E. Van
Mrs. J. Bricker and daughter Lu-
in ' vern are visiting relatives in Creston.
The Congregational' church ex
tended a call last Sunday morning to
Rev. Charles E. Mummey of Cincin
nati to become their pastor. It is
expected that Rev. Mummey will
preach here again next Sunday morn
ing. There will be choir meeting on
Friday night.
York ladies who spent Chautauqua
week in Medina were Mrs. M. E.
Branch, Mrs. C. P. Dickerman, Mrs. !
Angie Depew and Miss Lillian Wall.
Mr. Tom Phillips who haas been at
tending summer school in Oberlin,
and Mr. Ivan Weisz who has been in
Wooster summer scnool will be at
home Friday evening.
Mrs. Philip Bohley and son Louis,
are in Elyria visiting the family of
Mr. Philip Bohley, Jr., where a little
stranger, Wilbur Carlton Bohley, has
recently taken up his abode.
The Sunday .school picnic at Lance's
Grove Saturday, promises to be the
good time of the summer. Everyone
n the township is invited to come
with a well-filled dinner basket and
enter into the sports.
Mr. O. B. Severcool has gone west
to visit his daughter in Seattle, Wash.
Miss Hallie Manning is serving as
rural mail carrier while her father.
George Manning is attending the Nat
ional, mail carriers' convention in
Washington, D. C.
Kev. T. D. Phillips was called to
Chardon, Saturday to officiate at the
funeral service of Judge H. K. Smith,
who Berved as probate judge in
Geauga county for 43 years, probably
the longest period any probate judge
in the United States ever served.
Mrs. A. K. Weisz and daughter,
Mrs. Effie Holmes of Litchfield are
planning to go to Pennsylvannia the
first part of next week and "Grand
pa Weisz" is going to Elkhart, Ind.,
to attend a family reunion.
The ladies' society of the Congre
gational church met at the town hall
Thursday. There was a special lit
erary program.
The primary election shows that
New York people have not forgotten
Teddy and liked the very sound of the
name, Jimmy Garfield.
Mrs. Hattie Mills and son spent the
week-end in Lorain.
Mrs. Susie Halliday is spending
some time with her daughter, Mrs.
Kellogg, in Penfield.
Mrs. O. C. Aycliffee of North Da
kota visited at the , homes of Mart
Fritz and Peter Biehl last week.
Mrs. Rev. Wotring is entertaining
her father, Mr. Smith.
Richmond Halliwell and family of
Ravenna are visiting in town.
Mrs. Hattie Mills entertained the
"Thimble Club" Wednesday. She
is also entertaining an aunt from
A. M. Canfield and wife returned
home from Berea, Kentucky. Their
son Clare and fami:y came with them
for a short visit
M. Fritz and daughter, Pearl, J. C.
Winkler and wife, Geo. Fritz , wife
and daughter Fern, all attended the
Fritz reunion held at Chippewa Lake
Saturday of last week.
J. J. England and wife, Carl Eng
land and wife, John Richie and wife
and Bernard Black and wife and two
sons all of Michigan spent several
days at the home of M. and George
Fritz last week and attended the Fritz
H. L. Halliday and family spent
the week-end in Akron. Arthur Heintz
and wife brought them home in their
auto and returned home Monday morn
Helen Smith is visiting her sister,
Mrs. Roscoe Gark in Detroit
Miss Marie Rising is spending some
time with her parents, H. L. Rising
and wife.
Children Cry for Fletcher's
The Kind You Have Always Bought, and which has been
in US6 ior over ov J eu-Be wis iramo u w6uuv
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tS?--- sonal supervision since its infancy
m 0 ft fvww, uvvv w s-- ' -
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Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health t
Infants and Children Experience against Experiment.
Castorla is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pane
coric, Drops and Soothing Syrnps. It is pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor otber Narcotic
substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Feverishness. For more than thirtyyears it
v has been in constant use for the relief of Constipation,
Flatulency, Wind Colic, all Teething Troubles and
Diarrhoea. It regulates the Stomach and Bowels,
assimilates the Food, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend,
Bears the Signature of
In Use For Over 30 Years
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Fare 3 29.
' and Magnificent Steamers "City of Erie" and "City of Buffalo1
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Leare umiiM y:uu r. n. Lenre nutuio y:uw r. M.
Arrive Butblo 7:30 A. M. Arrive Cleveland 7:30 A. U.
(Ewtem Time)
Leave Cleveland 8:30 A. M. Returning Arrive Cleveland f:30 P. M.
(Eastern Time)
Cedar Point aervice Marts about June IStk
Leave Cleveland Odd date in June, odd dates in July, eVen datea in Aug., odd datea in Sept. 11 P.IL
(June 21 to Sept. S)
ENQUIRE CITY TICKET OFFICE 19 Taylor Arcade DOCK 1290 West 1 lth St
LOYALTY: Let loyalty and char
acter b the test of franchise then
ws are lafe and ours can be known as
a real chrisuan , X.Uva. Truly,
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Everybody's friena-- Dr. Thomas'
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edy for toothache, ear-ache, sore
threat, cuts, bruit, scald. Bold at
all drug stores, at 5 aad 50c
Mrs. Henry Miller has been visit
ing at Soly Johnson's for the past
two weeks.
Huffh Grafton of BIttman was
looking after his farm this week.
Hugh Brumback, wife and family
of Cleveland were visiting at S. A.
Mr. Bert .Crawford and wife of
Fitzgerald Georgia, are visiting at
the Hosmer home.
The rain makes the farmer smile
to think how much more corn and
potatoes it is making for them.
The oats are nearly all cut, Abe
Roher threshed his and went 62bu.
per acre. -" :.'C " '
Itching, torturing skin eruptions
disfigure, annoy and drive one wild.
Doan's Ointment is praised for ; its
work. 60c at all drug stores.
Mrs. Curtis Adams and family of
Navarre, who have been. spending the
week with her brother and sister, E.
O. Shetler and Mrs. A. Culler, re
turned home Saturday.
Mr. JWeltmer improved the looks
of hs place by putting up a new barn
last week.
Lucille Shettied returned home on
Monday from a week's visit with old
friends near Canton.
Geo. Ballash attended the races at
Randall Sunday.
Amy Carlton from Ashtabula is
spending several days visiting old
friends in this vicinity.
Gladys Elder came home from Ak
ron Friday where she spent the last
two weeks.
W. A. Carlton and family attended
the Monosmith ' reunion at Geo.
Knepper's Thursday; Mrs. Carlton re
mained until Sunday.
Those from this vicinity who attend
ed the Chautauqua thought it ' well
worth their time.
Mr. Stackhouse says he is grandpa
arain. Elvin Rmi and wttV ruiva
Ibabyboy: 1 !
Autin Malcomb who is working in
Canton, visited at the home of his par
ents, Sunday. i
Friday morning the house occupied
by Sherman Ditch and wife caught
fire from a gas stove. Considerable
damage was done before the fire was
extinquished by friends and neighbors
Several from this place spent Sat-1
urday in Creston. '
Chas. Myers anc: family visited at
the home of Mrs. Myer's parents, Jos.
Repp and wife at Cherry Corners on
Miss Veleyria Gast spent Tuesday
The union picnic at Canaan was
well attended from this place.
Ed. Norton of Kent, spent Sunday
with friends in town.
Wm. Myers, west of town, visited
at the home of Chas. Gast and wife on
Lee Miller, who has been away for
some time, spent Sunday with friends
in town.
Mrs. Chas. Gast, mother and sister
visited at the home of Louis Warner
and family Thursday.
Mrs. Wesley Gast visited at the
home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Speichere, east of town last Thursday.
Herry Stoner and wife of Ashland
visited at the John Ditch home Sun
day. James Ditch of Barberton, spent
Sunday With his parents, John Ditch
and wife.
Myrtle Gast and Maud Repp were
in Creston Saturday and Sunday.
Earl Carver and family spent Sun
day at the home of Albert Mosier.
f( Mrs. Ed. Leffers of Akron spent
Saturday and Sunday at the Star.
Miss Harperest of Ashland is visit
ing the Johnson home.
Fred Bakers' and George Winters'
attended the Baker and Wolfe reunion
at Lakeside Saturday.
Levi Nash, the veteran retired
auctioneer, recently celebrated his 81
birthday, and is still hale and hearty.
For nearly 50 years he has been cry
ing sales in this vicinity, and only re
tired a couple of years ago.
Lloyd Walles and family were Star
visitors Saturday.
M.r and Mrs. Wm. Dick and Miss
Anna, went with Reams of Wads
worth in their auto to North Hamp
ton Sunday.
Miss Grace Snyder of Barberton
spent laat week with her grandmother
Mrs. Derr.
Mrs. Shook and Mrs. Hutchinson
went to Cedar Point with the Barber,
ton excureion Saturday.
Master Dale Dull of Aukerman
spent a few days last week with his
grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Mrs. Jennie Myers and Mrs. Wallace
Dull and baby were the guests of Mrs.
Cenie Warner and family Thursday.
Mrs. Edgar Sheppard entertained
two little girls at her home Monday.
Wm. Kime and family were, guests
of his daughter, Mrs. Mertie Gast at
Burbank .Sunday.
Miss Maud Repp spent Saturday
and Sunday in Creston, the guest of
Mrs. Mary Baker.
Herman Hagans and wife visited
her parents, Alf . Strouse and wife on
Harvey ,'Jakbuse and family were
guests of John Stair and wife Sun
day. Noble Zehner and wife of Ashland
were guests of " her parents, Jonas
Simmers and wife a few days last
week. ; .
Mrs. Rosa Kline of Lodi spent ".a
few days last week with her mothsx,
Mrs. 'Margaret Neisz. Charles Neisz
spent Saturday and Sunday at "the
same '.home.
George Roush arid 'wife, Roy Ben
singer and wife an Jess Clinker and
wife went with 'Lodi's business men
to Myers Lake Wednesday.
Chaiflea ;Myers and family "of Bur
baiik weretthc guests of her parents,
Joe 'Repp and wife Sunday.
Charlton Briner of Polk was vthe
guest 6f his sister, Mrs. Harlen
Swartz Monday.
Beacher Markley ana famfly visited
his parents recently.
Mrs. Hetler of Burbank, "was the
guest of her daughter, Airs. Simmers
a few days last week.
Fw Infsjitt ' tnd CSiklrea '

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