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A U T O M B I Ii B S "
We are in position to offer fm
exceptional values in used cars,
many of which are modern." r
JNew arrivals every day. Watch
our stock. If you prefer any
special make, let us find it for
22 E. Bushtel. 230 S. Main
FOR SALE-Draft colt, cheap if sold
at once. Walter Marsh, Medina,. 0.
Phone 1221.
AD D I DIIRn Practice limited to
Un. n. J. DAinu, leases of eye-
TING OF GLASSES. Office over 0. N
Leach & Sod's clothing store. Office
dv every Saturday,
P ....... .'
I -Studio-
"5rounnd Flopr, North Court
Open Sundays by appoint
ment. Candidate for
Common Pleas Judge
Medina - Laundry
PHONE 2R99 OR 1099
John D. Owen
of Wadsworth
Nominated by Democratic
Primary ; 4
Common Pleas
After a hearty meal, take Doan's
Regulets and assist your bowles and
stomach. Regulets tre a mild.laza
tlve. 25c at all stores.
FOR RENT 17 acres of good pas
ture. W. G. STEINGASS, Me
dina, Ohio. 46tf
H. E. Hoover
Truss-Fitting Expert. - , ?
A scientific truss, which holds se
curely, with less than one-ha'f the
pressure of any other truss. No pres
sure on the back. No under-straps
and elastic bands. -
Satisfaction guaranteed.' Prices are
reasonable. Ladies and children as
well as men properly cared for.
Trusses, abdominal supporters,
elastic hoisery, braces, artificial limbs
Peoples Telephone 6292 45 S. Main
Bt, Over Waldorf Theatre. Opp. M
ONeil Co.
AKRON. 0. 47tf
For Farms And Village Property
See Donaldson
50 acre fan..; good 8-room, 2-story
house; fair barn; on C. S. & C. Electric
line: in 'Brunswick Township; fertile
soil, well-watered, some timber; just
the home for some business man In
Cleveland. Price reasonable.
No. 6754-A 20 acre farm, cheap;
about 18 miles from Cleveland City
limits. See
At once.
T r- C2E&1Y C0RN!&$
Mrs. Alf Strouse was the guest of
her daughter, Mrs. Zola Hagans Tues-
day and Wednesday.
John Rinker and family were the
guests of his sister, Mrs. Ella Reb-
man Tuesday.
1 Jonas Simmers and wife, Mr. and
Mrs. Merl Simmtrs and Elcie Sim
mers and wife were the guests of
their daughter and sister, Mrs. Noble
Zehner at Ashland Sunday.
Charles Milkey, wife and daughter
Beatrice were the guests of their
daughter, Mrs. Sam Dull of Auker-
man Sunday.
Mrs. Jennie Myers and Mrs. Edith
Dull and baby were the guests' of
Mrs. Gertie Gast at Burbank Sunday.
James Wile and family of Congress
were the guests of her parents, Roy
Bensinger and wife Sunday
Mrs. Jennie Myers and Mrs. Wal
lace Dull and son made a trip to
Wooster Friday.
Mrs. Mable Sheppard was the guest
of her mother, Mrs. John Smith of
Aukerman Tuesday. .
Charles Briner and family of Polk
were the guests of Alf Strouse and
family Sunday.
L. W. Swartz and family were the
guests of his parents, Frank Swartz
and, wife of near West Salem Friday
and Saturday.
Clyde Briner of Polk was the guest
of hs sister Mrs. Harlen Swartz Sun
day. Christ Dull and family spent Sun
day afternoon wth her sister, Mrs.
Ica Dull.
George Neisz was the guest of his
mother, Mrs. Margaret Neisz Sun
The next meeting of the Y. M. C.
A. will be held Thursday evening,
Oct 1. This will be the beginning
of the fall and winter work and all
members are urged to be present
Miss Maud Packard of Chatham is
the guest of Miss Essie Raw.
Mr. G. W. Ott and family have re
turned to Cleveland for the winter.
The home of Mr. and Mrs. F. G.
Alderfer was the scene of a charming
wedding Wednesday noon when their
daughter Cecile M. was united in mar
riage to Park Griswold, son of W. D.
Griswold and wife.
Seventy-five guests witnessed the
ring ceremony which was performed
by Dr. C. B. Etter of the Lutheran
church. The bride was given
away by her father and was at
tended by a maid of honor, Miss
Mae Griswold, and four brides
maids the Misses Grace. Waters, Nell
Halderman, and Ruth Alderfer of
this place and, Miss Mae Babcock of
St John's, Mich., whle Fred Alderfer
acted as best man.
The bride wore a simple gown of
white voile and carried yellow tea
roses.. The bride's attendants were
also in white and carried pink, white
and lavendar asters. The house was
tastefully decorated in golden rod and
Mrs. Jessie Daniels Stauifer played
Lohengrin's wedding march and fol
lowing the ceremony Miss Mary El
right sang "What if those endearing
young charms?"
After congratulations the wedding
party and guests repaired to' the
home of the bride's uncle, Mr. J. M.
Alderfer, where a wedding dinner was
The bride and groom eluded the
waiting guests and made their escape
in an auto for an auto trip returning
Sunday noon.
, Mr. and Mrs. Griswold were the re
ipients of many beautiful gifts.
Guests were present from Akron,
Cuyahoga Falls, Cleveland, Spring
field Lake, Elyria,' St. John's, Mich.,
Gillette, Wyo., Wadsworth and Me
' Congratulations and best wishes.
N. H. McClure
Legal Advisor for the Village
Candidate for
Common Pleas Judge
hows this:
We offer One Hundred Dollars Re
ward for any case of Catarrrh that
cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh
Cure. ' .,
F. J. CHENEY & Co., Toledo, 0.
. We, the undersigned, have known
F. J. Cheney for the last 15 years and
belive him perfectly honorable In all
business transactions and financially
able to carry out any obligations made
by his firm.
Handed Out by Running Mates
ol Governor Cox,
Support Declined by Attorney Gen
eral Hogan, Joseph McGheo and
Lieutenant Governor W. A. Green
lund. Former Charges That the
i Organization is for the Purpose of
Securing Plunder.
Rejection of the professed support
of the so called "True Democracy
League," which is opposing the re
election of Governor James M. Cox in
the interest of Congressman Frank B.
Willis, the Republican nominee, was
made public by Attorney General Tim
othy S. Hogan, nominee for United
States senator; Lieutenant Governor
William Greenlund, renominated, and
Joseph McGhee, nominee for attorney
Coupled with the refusal to accept
lh tendered assistance are stern re
bukes to the politicians composing the
league and the leveling of hontile at
tacks upon Harvey C. ' Garber, ho
teems to be accepted as the directing
genius of the organization.
Asked to Come Into Open.
It was announced that the candi
date upon the state Democratic tick
et a unit in declining to accept
tht export of the league, which
was offered in an official state
ment put ont by former Public Printer
E. A. Crawford of West Union, who
is in charge of the headquarters.
That no credence was placed in tha
Crawford declaration of friendship is
made very clear, the Democratic lead
ers asserting that there is ample evi
dence that the league's compact with
the Republican state committee is for
the whole ticket
8aid to Have Aided Harding.
From Republican sources, they say,
there is plenty of proof that Garber
In addition to supporting Willis in the
Republican primary as against David
Tod, also aided the senatorial candi
dacy of Warren G. Harding, whom he
supported for governor in 1910 against
In his statement of the position
which he and his associates have as
sumed toward the so called Garber-
Wbitacre movement, Attorney- Gen
eral Hogan said:
"I want I distinctly understood in
the beginning that I do not wish the
support of a , pretended organization
of so called Democrats who are fight
ing, any. of the nominees of the party
selected at the state primary. We all
welcome individual votes from any
ouree coming from proper motives
without regard to the party to which
the voter may belong, but I am not
that kind of Democrat who will accept
the support of any organization of
men who are banded together for pur
poses of their own, intending to sup
port Mr. Willis in the hope of secur
ing political plunder.
"Best In Union."
"Mr. Garber may as well get ready
to support the whole Republican tick
et. All the Democratic nominees are
a unit, and, speaking for myself, I do
not want a vote from any man who
has been a traitor to the cause of De
mocracy in Ohio as made since the
first Inauguration of Governor Har
mon. I want the active support of
every good citizen regardless of poli
tics who believes, as I believe, that
the administrations of Governors Har
mon and Cox have made this the best
governed stte in the Union.
,"The members of the so callod
True' or 'Glue' Democracy, or what
ever better describes it, may as well
make up their minds that their fight
is with every nominee on the Demo
cratic tickt as well as with the gov
ernor. With me the cause is first and
I am second."
1 Speaking at Akron, Lieutenant Gov
ernor Greenlund declared that the
Democrats do not want the support of
any faction, which is trying to uee the
hatchet on Governor Cox. The second
man on the state ticket expressed tho
belief that other state and county
candidates would be prompt to give
expression to similar views.,
"Must Support Cox."
' "Bo far as I am concerned," said
Lieutenant Governor Greenlund, "if
they wish to make Governor Cox tha
!we,- they are perfectly welcome. I
do not want the support of any league
that can not support the governor."
The lieutenant governor said in his
opinion- the regular Democrats of the
state could not be guided or persuad
ed by any sugar-coated promises.
Assistant Attorney General Joseph
McGhee had this to say:
"I concede the right of any elector
to vote for whatsoever candidate his
conscience dictAtos. But I deny ttio
olaim of anyone to be a Democrat
who, by banding together with those
whose purposes are purely personal,
seeks to overthrow the will of the
Demooratk party as expressed at the
primary. The Democracy of Ohio as
a whole entered into the lata primary
In the utmost good faith and is in
honor bound by Its reaults, and in my
Judgment there can be vory few in
deed of the rank and file who refuse
to aeoept the expressed will of their
party. I do aot ezpeot nor do I desiro
the support of any organization' which
exists solely for the purpose of de
feating any ot my asuociate ou ths
ticket." " .'
of the condition of '
At Medina, in the State of Ohio, at the
close of business September IS. 1914.
Loans on real estate "IS'? 2?
Loans ou Collateral Sl.iw BS
Other loans and discounts 270,727 17
overdrafts .............. 852 84
State, County -ana wunoipoi uuuuo
hot Included In Reserve 140,407 54
Premiums paid on United States,
utat anil Muni'lniil Bonds 1.812 OP
Other bonds and Securities 68 140U)
Banking Houffl and Lot iiy w w
Other Real Estate owned . . .. 2,8W 81
Due from Reserve Banks... 103.547 67
Exchanges for Clearing
Hnnan 1.257 41
Hold Coin 'lBSl
Sliver Dollars ,
Fractional Coin 1,658 09
U. S. and National Bank MllinlM
Notes M.617 0O
Bonds held as lawful reserve 5.000 00
Items in Transit 87.148 00
Total 1,095,591 68
Capital stock paid In.. I 50,000 CO
Surplus fund K,oou 00
Undivided profits less Expenses, In-
terest and Taxes paid 14.sa8 14
Dividends unpaid
Individual Deposits subject
to check.. .V. m-2 J
Cashier's Checks 892 01
Due to Banks and Bankers. . 2.72 37
Time Certlfloates ot Deposit 115,859 88
Total 1,096,591 58
I, E. B. Spltzer, cashier, of the above named
Savings Deposit Bank Co., do solemnly swear
ihat the above statement is true to the best of
my knowledge and belief.
E. B. Spiizbr; Cashier.
State or Onio, )ga.
County of Mkdina,
Subscribed and sworn to before me this Wth
day of Bepterolier, 1914.
O. O. VanDeusen, Notary Public.
New Pancake Flour
have arrived We have several dif
ferent brands, anyone of which will
help to make an appetizing breakfast.
Some of our Table Syrup will go
nicely with well brwned cakes.
Good Cider Vinegar
is certainly pleasing the people if
judged by the. amount we are selling.
It is the right kind.
New Telephone Peas
This seasons canning are with us and
readv for sale.
Those who remember the Meadow
Brand Telephone Peas, will be pleased
to know that we have them again,
this season.
Medina. Ohio
Progressive Candidate
County Treasurer
Election Nov. 3, 1914 .
Candidate for Sheriff on the Repub
lican ticket
wa3 born in Medina and educated in
the publis schools. He lived in Me
dina county all his life except about
four years in Akron in the employ of
the C. A. Collins Carriage Co., and
the Whitcraan Barns Manufacturing
A carriage blacksmith by trade.
The schooling of practical things that
MUST be to live and keep straight
with the world together with a de
termination for success in life and be
a man among men, to be respected
and trusted in any way that business
or duty might call, are the qualifica
tions I offer as a subject for your con
sideration and ask for your support
at the November election.
And should I be elected I will prom
ise you the services of a man and
officer to the best of my ability for
the people.
Respectfully yours
51tf. Samuel Andrews.
Consumers Coal &
Supply Co.
Concrete Blocks
Special prices on Car
Load Lots.
49-4 pd. LORAIN, OHIO
Children Cry
When Choosing a Plumber
Roy B.
Tel. 1110 123
Is a Person
The Clothes
How do you tell a tramp or one
who is down and out, you tell him
mighty quick, and you know how you
do it. How do you tell the prosperous
man or youth as you meet them ? You
know exactly as well how to do so by
the well fitting clothes and the refine
ment that goes with the inteligence
that prompts them in their selection.
This is why that we have chosen the
for our particular customers. The
styles are fitted over living models,
then for each shaped person are
marked and numbered by letters so
each customer can find his becoming
from New York to San Francisco, one
can tell them as they are worn and
pass you on the street, or where ever
you meet them. If you take off our
Overcoat, Balmacaan or suit, any one
that knows quality and style knows
that you are correctly dressed. Come
in and get one of the style books and
pick out your form, we can fit you and
dress you to perfection for $15.00 to
Then for those who care for well
fitting waar resisting suits at a mod
erate price just look at those we offer
at $10.00, a better suit you have never
seen for this price.
Hats and Caps up to date all styles
of seasonable underwear for men and
boys, in fact you will find everything
xor wear and our price for same
qualities have never been so low. The
high cost of living has not touched
the CLOTHES you wish to wear.
Clothiers, Hatters and Haberdashers
42 and 43 Public Square
An ordinance for the Issuing and
sale of Bonds for the raisins of funds
wherewith to pay for the extension of
Water mains upon Union Street from
North Court Street to Huntington
Street and from thence south upon
Huntington Street to North Street;
Mill Street from South Court Street to
Elmwood Street Broadway Street from
Grant Street to South Street. .
Be it ordained by the Council of the
Village of Medina, Ohio, three-fourths
of the members elected thereto con
curring. Section 1. That It Is deemed neces
sary by the council of said village of
Medina, Ohio to issue and sell bonds
of said village for the' purpose of pay
for the extension of water mains upon
Union Street, from North Court Street
to Huntington Street and from thence
south upon Huntington Street to
North Street from South Court Street
to Elmwood Street. Broadway Street
from Grant Street to South Street, irt
the sum of (2,500.00 Twenty-five hun
dred Dollars.
Section 2. That the bonds of said
village be issued in the sum of $2300.00
for the purpose aforesaid, and that
hnnHs ahull he Five in number and is
sued for the sum of $500.00 each, and
numbered consecutively rrom one, 10
FiVe and made payable as follows: one
bond for $500.00 payable on the 15 dny
of Sept. 1916. one bond for $500.00
payable on the 15 day of Sept. 1017.
one bond for $500.00 payable on the 15
day of Sept. 1918. One bond for $500.00
payable .on the 15 day of Sept. 1910.
one bond for $500.00 payable on the 15
day of Sept. 1920. that said bonds
shall bear interest at the rate of six
per cent per annum payable sem
annually. Said bonds shall be dated
Sept. 15, 1914.
Sortinn a. Thnt said bonds shall ex
press upon their face the purpose for
which they are issued in pursuance of
v.k. nr.iingnri. tViav shall be prepar
ed, Issued and delivered under the di-
rectlon of the finance committee of
said Council, and the village
qtiH niioii h Rlc-ned bv he Mayor of the
village, and sealed with the corporate
seal of saia village, alu uunun mm.,
be registered in the olllce of the trus
tees of the sinking fund of said village
in the name of the purchaser and shall
bear Interest as aforesaid.
Section 4. . Said bonds shall be of
fered at par and accrued interest to j
the trustees of the sinjcing fund In
their oSlcial capacity, and if refused
by said officers, then those not taken
by them shall be offered to the officers
of the school board cf said village, and
those not taken shall then be adver
tised for public sale and sold in the
manner provided by law. but for not
less than par value and the accrued ln-
teSect1on 6. The proceeds of the sale
of said bonds, except the premiums
and accrued interest theon, shall be
placed In the village treasury, to the
credlt-of the sinking fund and shall be
disbursed upon proper vouchers for
the purpose of extendinff and laying
water mains upon Union and Hunt
iv.rtnn strnats and Mill and Broadway
Streets, as stated In the preamble of
this ordinance, and for no other pur
nnu und theDremlum-and accrued In
terest received from the sale thereof
as aforesaid, shall be transferred to
Do not make the mistake of
getting the cheapest. If a
workman does not consider his
work worth a fair price it prob
ably isn't. If he could earn a
day's wages, he could get it.
Call 1 1 1 0 for quick service
and good work.
Smith Road
Judged By
He Wears?
the trustees of the sinking: fund to be
applied by them in the manner provid
ed by law.
Section 6. This ordinance shall take
effect and be in force from and after
the earliest period allowed by law.
Passed Sept. 15, 1914.
R. L. Gehman, Mayor.
Geo. I McNeal, Clerk.
Many ills come from impure blood.
Can't have pure blood with faulty in
digestion, lazy liver and sluggish
bowls. Burdock Blood Bitters is rec
ommended for strenghtening stom
ach, bowles and liver end purifying
the blood.
WANTED Young or middle aged
man to assume charge of a distribut
ing center in this district for a re
sponsible concern manufacturing a
large line of household commodities.
Good position. Reference and horse
and wagon required. Apply at once
by letter. E. W. Sipp, Salesmanagery
Canton, Ohio.
Flour Talk
When you want the best use
Our sales on this excellent
brand of flour have increased
wonderfully and we ask all to
give us a sample order oiUYt lbs.
which we will deliver and if not
satisfactory will call and get the
unused portion and refund the
price. '
Edwards' Grocery

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