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Why don't the Germans get a
corner on watermelons so the al'ies
can't get to the Rhine.
The County W. C. T. U. dis
tributed 500 suffrage fans and over
K M( Ino-ftafa V -fa,-- ' J,
The Golden Rule Circle, iKing's
Daughters met Wednesday tit - the
home of Mrs. F. M. Plank.. "
The rural matt carriers held a
meeting Saturday evening at the
home of J. Betz of Lodi.
Miss Netta Del Green played
popular music for M. T. Wright in
Hoff's piano booth at the fair, last
week. .
John Shook of near Seville fell
from a tree while picking apples Mon
day, breaking his right leg at the
The Court House young ladies
will hold a chicken fry at the home
of Mrs. Alice Randall next Tuesday
Mrs. Herbert Blakeslee and fam
ily will move into the Neumeyer
block as soon as their household
goods arrive.
The W. C. T. U. will meet with
Mrs. H. A. Waite on Friday after
noon, Oct. 2, at 2:30 eastern time. All
are welcome.
Clarence Stower-of Akron and
Mabel E. Wheeler of Medina were
united in marriage Sept 19, by Rev.
Philip Reiser.
The "Chippewa" Camp-fire girls
held a picnic supper at the home of
Miss Vesta Johnson on Smith Road
Monday evening.
On the 4th of October the Nation
is to pray for peace, and all the pious
citizens of the land are expected to
respond to the call of the President
on this occasion.
Sousa and his band will appear at
the Wooster opera house Tuesday,
Sept. 29. Many Med'nans doubtless
will attend the concert.
Mrs. C. E. Hoover entertained at
luncheon last Tuesday in honor of
Miss Fern Welton of Chicago, who is
a guest of Miss Vera Hobart
The Auxiliary of the Congrega
tional church had a picnic at the
home of Gladys Fusselman on Tues
day evening.- Election of officers and
sewing were on the program.
Wednesday evening a picnic sup
per was held by the Qytean Club at
the home of Mrs. Al Young. Recep
tion of new members was the main
part of the evening's program.
Last Friday evening Miss Ora
Lacy and Miss Florence1 Sipher enter
tained at the Jatter's home in honor
of Mrs. Floyd Nichols.' The 'mem
bers of the Congregational church
choir were the guests.
'--The men's class of ' the M. E.
church have placed two' line electric
lamps, one over each entrance, of their
church, which illuminates ' the entire
lawn and are greatly appreciated by
those attending service there.
John Bowman, a resident of near
East Union, brother of Wesley Bow
man of Medina, died at the Cleve
land hospital Sunday afternoon. He
was 85 years of age and is survived
by three brothers and one sister.
The Ladies of the Maccabees
will entertain this evening at their
hall at 8:30 o'clock, each member to
bring a, guest. All members are re
quested to be. present at the regular
meeting which will be called to order
at 7:30. .
The many friends of Baldwin
Wallace will be pleased to know that
the new $25,000 organ which has been
in construction during the summer
will be ready on November 19 for use.
This is to be the largest organ in the
state and Medina musicians no doubt
will be much interested in its opening.
Mrs. Jas. Gray wishes to express
her appreciation and thanks to the W.
C. T. U. ladies who sent beautiful
flowers and cards with kind wishes
on her 80 th birthday Mrs. Gray
urges renewed activity" and vigilance
the next few weeks in interesting
voters to vote Ohio dry.
The life of an editor was saved
the other day by a silver dollar in his
pocket A crank shot at him and the
ball struck the dollar. Now should
we happen to get shot before you
pay up your subscription and there
is no dollar to stop the ball, we shall
always presume you might have sav
ed our life.
The Thanksgiving Circle K. D.
were entertained Wednesday at the
home of, Mrs. L. F. .Garver. The
officers elected for the coming year
are: Pres., Mrs. John Maythan; Vice
Pres., Mrs. R. O. McDowell; Secy.,
Mrs. C. J. De Armitt; Treas., Mrs. C.
M. Hatch. Executive Committee, Mrs.
Arthur Van Epp, Mrs. C. B. Branch,
Mrs. .Henry Gardner.
. Tuesday evening Mr. and Mrs.
John Beck entertained the Class of
06 of York High School, to which
Mr. Beck belongs. ..Mr. O..K. Man
ning of Clay West Va. Mrs. Jane
Sage of Elyria, Mr. and Mrs. From
baugh and daughter of Lester, Mr. and
Mrs. Ray Sweet and ; daughter and
Miss Laura Warner of Mallet Creek,
mart the guest from out of town.
Talk is cheap but we recently
saw where $20,000 was paid , for ,.,a
little bull.
E. R. Root ' gave an interesting
lecture at the temperance meeting in
Pawnee Sunday.
J. E. Marchant, formerly in
charge of. the A. I. Root Co., honey
v&rd has accented a position in Ak
ron.". ...;v ;r. - if,4
"-me WUJing vy oncer wrcie oi
Kinz's 'tViifcterfl'.. . met Thursday
afternoon at the home of Mrs. Henry
Borger. - ' ' '
Mrs. Alice Randall has resigned
her position as deputy in the treas
urers office, her resignation to take
effect October 1.
Whoever has $60,000,000 that i
not working, may buy the Wheeling
& Lake Erie railroad to-day at public
auction. This will include the deppts
and all equipment'
The engagement of Lewis H.
Nichols, son of Mr. and Mrs. N. P.
Nichols, to Miss Bessie Schlenker of
Cincinnati has been announced. The
5th of October is the date set for
their marriage. 1
It is expected that Medina
county will be represented at the for
mal opening of the Republican state
campaign at " Akron Saturday. Hon.
Frank B. Willis, Hon. Warren G.
Harding and Hon. William A. Pren-
dergast will be the main speakers.
On account of rain all day Wed
nesday the Seville Btreet fair was not
a success in attendance. Never in the
history of street fairs in Seville was
such an exhibit of farm' and town
products seen. The fair will be con
tinued over Friday.
Robbers broke into the postoffice
at Creston last Thursday evening,
blew the safe and escaped with $200
in money and $400 in stamps. Post
master John McGuff discovered the
robbery when he opened up the office
Friday morning.
According to information received
in Medina from F. E. Snyder, gener
al manager of the electric line, A. M.
Beach, known to many as the popular
manager of the Chippewa Lake
next yeart being succeeded by Mr.
Gooding, manager of the Puritas
Springs resort.
The -county committe of the
Y. M. C. A. will meet in Seville Oct
2, 1914. The members: Dr. N. Ever
hard, F. H. Hawley, H. S. Koppes, H.
H. Root, E. F. Gibbs, C. E. Knapp,
C. B. Allen, P. N. Yoder, J. M. Alder
F. Garver, Dr. C. B. Miller, L. W.
Boyden, C. J. Miller.
I Building and Loan Associations Lend Honey to
my Adopt similar nan. ,
Fetters,- Window Display House ta
Home Can van and Flying Squad
rent Part of Extensive Program
Mapped Out For Young Worker c
Columbus, O. This year's . cam
paign for state-wide prohibition prom
ises to bring the young people of Qhio
into action In a way unprecedented ia
the hittory of the Btate.' Daniel A.
Poling, who for, several years wai
f eneral secretary of the Christian En
deavorers of Ohio, has outlined a plan
which will 'actively engage the Inter
est of the tens of thousands of young
men and women in that great organization
It is the "purpose that every local
society and every organized Bible
class shall erect and maintain at least
one temperance poster board. ' The
posters are to be changed frequently.
uch boards will be used on church
lawns and on private grounds. Win
dow cards will also be. distributed.
Saturday, Ccf. 31, Is to be Ohio
Poster1' day, and the-young people ot
the state will literally cover the com
monwealth with posters, handbills
and cards, calling- attention to th
election on the following Tuesday.
Trees, fences, buildings, watering
troughs and windows of homes and
stores will be placarded. Particularly
attention will be given to window- dis
plays and exhibitions throughout the
campaign. ,
It is proposed to have a number of
Junior kite flying contests through the
month of October. Rewards will be
given boys who will make kites and
keep them flying. These kites will
float advertising banners, bearing
some slogan of the campaign. These
young people will also organize for
a house to house literature canvass.
Literature will be distributed to all
the homes. During the month of Oc
tober this house to house visitation
will be make weekly. '
It it expected that In every county
a flying squadron will be organized,
composed, of a quartet, a reader, and
one or two speakers. , A cornetlst will
accompany the group to help gather a
crowd. Meetings will be held In halls,
schoolhoutet and churches, but most
of them are expected to be held In the
open air, and addresses will be made
from automobiles and platforms, on
street corners and In parks.
Throughout all. these various ave
nues of activity the young people will
keep first In mind the distribution of
campaign literature, and will make
the most of the personal touch which
comes from the house to house visita
tion. . ,. . .
It Is anticipated that the campaign
at executed by -the younr men and
women of the state will net only he
f spectacular character, bat. wfii be
fzeeedUcly traftftft It.rmK
IN Its work of supervising the busi
ness of all Building and loan asso
ciations In Ohio, the state bureau
of building and loan associations, un
der the direction of James A. Devine,
comes as close to the people as any
other department of state govern
ment, yet does not take a cent from
the pockets of the tax payers for its
operating expenses, amounting to
1 35,000 a year. ,
Before Governor Cox, through legis
lative action, made this bureau a sep
arate department, about 127,000 of
this amount came from the taxpayers
through the general fund. This year,
however, it is self-sustaining, so far
as the taxpayers are concerned, as
the building and kan associations
of the state support it Under the
referring, to' loans on farms made by
building and loan associations. These
reports Indicate that Ohio It far lr
the lead of all other states of the
Union In the development of a rural
credit system. (
Devine asked the associations fo:
details as to whether they make loa i?
on farms, how many they have mad)
and for what amounts. Response '
show that in all but half a dozen coun
ties out of the eighty-eight in Ohfr"
there are building and loan assocla'
tlont that lend money on farms.
These associations hold more thau.
6,600 mortgage loans, representing in
money more than 112,000,000.
By his active Interest In the man
agement of building and loan associa
tions, by his recommendations to the
legislature of laws to ' protect depos
itors and his close supervision of the
associations through the state bureau..
' .m -m. Kill vieaAl 1a vat
provision - w u. ."v Governor Cox has accomplished a won
each association must par a fee or;
$20 with the filing of its annual re
port, which - thlt year wHl net the
Btate more than 113,000. In addition
to this, there Is another fee based on
the assets of the associations, which
will bring the total revenue up to
more than enough to pay all the oper
ating expenses of the bureau.
At the beginning of 1913 there were
649 building and loan associations in
Ohio, and tho year 1914 started , off
with (f ", an Increase of 16. The aver;
age anai al increase in assets is about
$12,00e,et-. the total assets last year
being $2tY00,000.
One of the most interesting and im
portant lteou In the reports is that
derful work in safeguarding the sav
ings of thousands of small depositors -especially
the farmers, who are buy"
ing homes. '
And all thlt It now dene without
taking one cent from the pockets of
the taxpayers for the maintenance of
the state bureau of building and loau
associations. This is made possible
by the splendid efforts of Governor
Cox, who is being commended'. not.
only by the thousands of Ohioens
who are receiving the benefits of-b.:.
thoughtfulness, but by state offic,a,!,':
and building and loan association offi
cials of other states, who recogniz
the progressiveness of the adalmistn-.;
tlon of Governor Cox.
i z
Mrs. L. Howman and son of Lat
tasburg; Lee Bumbaugh and wife of
Spencer, spent Sunday at F. P. Rum
baugh's. .
- Dogs killed and wounded fourteen
sheep for Sam Eshelman last week,
Pete Edwards and family visited at
Ed Jacob's near River Corners Sun
day. ;
Lawrence Jeffrey and wife have
gone to housekeeping in Geo. Hayes'
house. . .
, Lester Gorham and wife spent Sun
day with his parents, L. A. Gorham
and wife. '
Roy Dove, wife daughter and 'son
visited his sister at Holloway over
Sunday. , - - ' ' .
School commenced last week with a
large attendance. The teachers are:
Superintendent, O. K. Lehman; Prin
cipal, L. W. Jeffery; Assistant, Miss
Correll ; Seventh and Eighth , grade,
Mr. McDonald; Fifth and Sixth grade,
Miss Eicher; Third and Fourth grade,
Miss Etzel; First and Second grade,'
Miss Persons. ' . . . i
Stop and look them over you will fincL
; tv A Cimethln'entferynew Sfiihsd
Qualitirs" are' better 'than ever before.
i Prices the same as always.
'- Rosemore Hats,
r $1.C0, $1.50 anJ $2.00 fl
College Brand,
Freeman's Reliable, ,
; Soft and Stiff Hats, ... .' "
$2.00 and $2.50 i
Howard, ;
Famous Soft and Stiff Hats,
Nobhy Balmaccaans and Valours,
$1.00 and $1.50
. : . .Caps, . v '. v'
The newest Shapes and Colors, .
50C $1.00 and $10
Children's Hats, 11
Newest Styles,
Our Hats are up-to-date. Buy here and
you will be Satisfied.
Ferriman & Sons'
Leading Gothiers, Hatters and FurnisKers.
x: 1
ners were as
The Mali Who Wants
To Boiio
Namel Grain
ing Contest
was well pat
ronized a n d
the prize win-
follows: :
First Day-
Mrs. L. C. Boise
Sharon Center, O.
Second Day ;
. Mrs. G. G. Cole
Medina R. R D. No. 2
; These prizes consisted of
Chi-Namel enough to cover
the border of one room,
brushes, graining tools, etc.
Now get in line for next
and the man who wants a safe place to keep his mon-:
ey, a place where he can leave it .with the certainty of
getting all or any part of it- at any time, are both ap
, predated patrons at this bank.
P We do a' general commercial banking business we
' 'co-operate with and assist our "customers in the up
building of thejrbusiness. - "fl 's- ') "4!" .'
, We are constantly, gaining new, patrons and shall be
, t pleased to number yqu ammg them. VM. v
4 Per Cent Allowed on SaTinp Aecbsntsi
;, r MEDINA, OHIO.' : ',;
A. ,,...,-t
I... , f I v. y ,
S i , , ,
'V ;'
4 f' v-' '
; . Special Saturday
Our. Own Smoking
Cured Just Right--Not Too Fat
SATURDAY ONLYmV......'...-...'...'.. ... 2ic Per Pound
' , . '' ": ' . 'Y.' '' -v'i
v California Hams ;
.Average weight 8 to 10 Lbs., Saturday Only, 17c Per Pound
Nice Lean Bacon, by the piece r... ........ .... 24c Per Pound
Round and Sirloin Steak... ..;........20c Per Pound
. Yours for Business,
, We wish to express ouf s sincere
thanks ' and appreciation to the
friends and neighbors fox their kind
ness 84d sympathy durfcj tha Illness
and qeth of ou? Urref one. i 1
NOTICE-Cider making at Medina
mill Wednesdays and Fridays. Good
whiskey barrels for sale., , 4tf.
Children OrvF
... .. A . . ' .
. 9 W
V W V V V, V V V

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