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MEDINA, OHIO, March 26, 1920
(Medina Coal Company I
m Dealer In M
I PHONE 1171 I
At O. C. Shepard Co. 1
Store on Sat. evenings M
RF, AT, ESTATE. I Marshal T. Shue to Ernest C.
- ... Wo bel, 38 acres Sharon tp.
C R. Aldnch to C. E. Bement, lots , Walter Wortman Fred Peet, lot
3 and 4 Spencer. . i waWnrtr,.
MB 1
Electrical Work
Carlylc E, Beedte
Rodintha Blanthern to P. H. Bode-
ker, lots 13 and 14 Lafayette.
Sheriff to F. H. Gibbs et aL, 120
acres Brunswick.
Chas. Benadento to H. E. Bennader,
123 acres Harrisville tp.
R. E. Benson to Glenn D. Briggs,
lots Lodi.
Emma L. Bischel to John S. Bran
nigan, 49 acres Sharon tp.
John S. Brunnigan to Roy B. Wy
att, 42 acres Sharon tp.
Dunham Land Co. to Levi H. Ar
nold. 12 acres Lafayette tp.
HI 1 1 1 1 1 Lester Dutt to C. F. McMullen, lot
i wnnwnnn
Frank De Long to J. C .Leggett, 30
acres Lafayette tp.
Alice C. Dressier to C. E. Orton,
60 acres Sharon tp.
Howard J. Eshelmah to Henry Kil
mer, acre Chatham tp.
Frank Falconer to Chas. Bennader,
102 acres Homer tp.
Louis Gloeser to Otto M. Gloeser,
73 acres Homer tp.
Gensemer Bros, et al. to Hilhard &
Carrey Co., right of way, Wadswortr
Chas. W. Hargis to Jas. Murra,
oi Seville.
Alfred K. Houseworth to Carrie
i ileschel, lots Wndsworth.
F. H Harpley to Joe Geller, lot
Fred J., House to A. Avery, 2n
wires Harrisville tp.
Perry Heilman to Pawnee Equity
Exchange Co., lot Chatham.
"!. E. Huffman to Edgar Wiley, lo
Louis F. Hamlin to W. N. Brigac.
91 acres Ha3rrisville tp.
Fred Houder to J. F. Nice, lot 86
J. L. Hollinger to H. E. Kauffman,
50 acres Guilford tp.
Samuel J. Wright to Annette L.
Bates, 160 acres Guilford.
Mrs. -John Kemp spent Tuesday at
Frank E.Weatherby to same, same, j her parents,; Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Pfei-
Wm. F. Way to Thos. J. Bucking- ai "ma
ham, lots Wadsworth
John Wolf et al. to Henry W. Wolf,
6 acres Liverpool tp.
A. E. Young to Winnifred B.
Young, lots Medina.
Henry Young to F. E. Haight, lot
Thm complete Electric light and
Power Pleat
Ask us for a demonstration in your
own home. See for yourself. No
V.C. OSGOOD,Medina,0.
Phone 2122
I am prepared to do your
and Moving
Will handle all orders, large
or small.
6. E. Letterly, Jr.
Telephone 2196 .
We assume no responsibility for
sentiments herein expressed; we
print these letters to give to our
readers some say on topics of gen
eral interest.
Mrs. Willis Roshon and daughter
of Medina, came Thursday to her pa
rents, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Ulmer.
Mrs! Mary Steingass is visiting her
daughter, Mrs. John Pyecroft, at Me
Mrs. Fed Kemp spent Wednesday
night and Thursday with her sister,
Mrs. tmma ruder.
Mrs. A. C. Frank was a caller at
Mrs. Albert Fulters last Wednesday
at Medina.
Miss Maebelle Smith visited at the
home of John Kemp and A. C. Frank
irom lhursday until Sunday.
Editor Sentinel: There is an old
man in this town who is 83 years old.
For forty years he was a regular
contributor to one of the churches in
h1s city, a good neighbor and one who
-s always doing good to his neigh
V few years ago his wif died and
w,ied the home they occupied to an
iltruistic organization to which she
oelonged, and away from her hus
band.. The society recognizing the
njustice, sold it to a nephew of the
ld man w'ith conditions calculated to
protect the old man; this society tried
vO do the right thing.
Now the nephew and his wife, and
especially the wife, are not caring for
Henry J. Ingraham to Spencer the uncle and are slowly starving him
Equity Co., 2.63 acres Spencer.
Clem B. Krieger to L. A. Tanner,
100 acres Lafayette tp
to death. Ee is forced to go to the
neighbors for food. The church to
which he belonged are ottering up
Aaron Kauffman to C. J. Moore, 50 ! prayers for him but so far few loaves
Sufferers from Lumbago, Stiff
Ncek and Rheumatic Pains .
May Still Get Houstonia
at Old Price.
Despite the increasing cost of ev
erything that goes into the manu
facture of a standard remedy The Dr.
J. C. Jones Company of So. Charles
tea, Ohio, makers of "Houstonia"
renounced House-tone-e-ah (the
Original Jones Liniment) are deter
hfed not M curtail the benefits of
this wonderful remedy by increasing
its brice. It is their proud boast that
fer fifty years the formula, size of
kettles and price have remained un
changed. You may still obtain a
4 o. bottle for 25 cents, large size
M cents and mammoth 20 oz. bottle
fer $1.00. Get a bottle from your
raffist today and be prepared to
Ifftt off the effects of Old Winter's
ley plaits. Stiffness of the muscles,
backache, rheumatic pains quickly
yiell to its soothing and yet powerful
penetrating qualities. Be sure that
Dr. Jonas' picture is on the yellow
Louis C. Schnell, Julia S. Schnell, and
A. F. Hennaer. whose residences are
unknown, will take notice that The
Old Phoenix National Bank, of Medina.
Ohio? on the fourteenth day of Febru
ary, nineteen hundred and twenty, (Feb
14, 130) file its petition In the Com
mnt t1obh rnurt of Medina County,
Ohioi alleging that the defendants
Louis C. Schnell and Julia S. Schnell
ratttMl and delivered to the defend
ant F. O. Phillips one UJ promissory
noteTfor the sum of thirty-five hun
dred dollars ($3500. on), dated July 3d.
1117, and payable on or before one
year Rafter date, and at the same time
Sweated and delivered to said defen
ant a mortgage upon the real estate
described in the petition to secure the
payment of said note; that the defen
dant F. O. Phillips for a valuable con
sideration before said note became due
soU, assigned and transferred said
note jito the plaintiff herein and the
plaintiff herein is now owner and hold
er of said note and mortgage, and that
no part of the same has been paid ex
cept Interest thereon to July 3d, 1919.
That said note Is long past due; that
the conditions of said mortgage have
been broken, and that the plaintiff
claims there is due it thereon the sum
of thirty-six hundred and five dollars
(IM05.00) with Interest from and
Iter January 3d, 1920. The prayer
of the petition asks that an account
mar be taken of the amount due on
Mid note and that said mortgage may
he foreclosed and said premises order
i ed sold according to law and out of the
IMS arising tnereirom me pimu
may be paid the amount due it on
note ana mortgage, ana lor aucu
. J. nil further relief as may be
TV., nulri T.miln C. Sordini!. .Tttlla
nell, and A. F. rlennger are
notified that they have been
m4a nurtiea defendant to said peti
tion, fend that they are required to
ftaswejr the same on or before the 24th
oar oi Apru. ,, a
F. W. Woods t
Attorney for Plaintiff.
- mm m
acres Wadsworth tp
Geo. F. Koppe to Arthur Gishj 60
acres Lafayette tp.
Lovcrne L. Knecht to H. H. Gates,
124 acres Wadsworth tp.
J. C. Lp?ott to J. H. Faud, 80
acres T.oiayette tp.
Fiank W. Lance to Wm. Phillips,
i02 acres York tp.
Allen A. Mauer to Mary Naftzger,
lot Lodi.
Electa P. Miller to Levi L. Eessler,
72 acres Montville.
A. D. McGarvey to Alicce Hine, 5i
acres Westfield tp.
R. S. Nosker to F. W. Lance, 20
acres Lafayette tp.
Effle M. Rannell to Clarence V.
Hanshue, lot Le Roy.
Emma Richford to Jos. De Voe, 1
acre Wadsworth tp.
Anton Selan to Anton Zavenek, 8
acres. Hinckley tp.
E. W. Smale to Michael Depner, 23
acres York tp.
H. A. Steele to G. M. Stroup, 46
acres Spencer tp.
Amos Stoskopf to Chas. Kinzey, 41
acres Liverpool tp.
Maritz Vargo to Earl Hines, 86
acres York tp.
Chas. M. Wertz to J. F. Miller, 186
acres Wadsworth tp.
A. L. Waltz to Delia Waltz, 114
acres Montville tp.
' Fred Webber to Rozzie L. Person,
lot Medina.
Harrison Buttolph to Levi Branch,
lots Medina.
- R. O. Bowman admr. to Rosa Ur
ban, lots Medina.
A. M. Beck to Fred F. Falk, lots
E. M. Brooks to Frank De Long,
48 acres Lafayette tp.
Archer L. Buchcanon to Grace Da
mon, acre Chatham.
Martin V. Bates to Annette L.
Bates, 160 acres Guilford tp.
Thos. Burgess to Raymond E. Hol
comb, lot Wadsworth.
Geo. E. Bouthinon to Geo, L. Ben
ford, lot Spencer.
Ida L. Ault to MsAllister-Hoffman
Co., lot Wadsworth.
A. M. Arnold to Melvina S. Miller,
lot Lafavette tp.
Ray W. Crites to Edgar Wiley, lot
Erwin Crotser to Herman A.Steele,
40 acres Homer tp,-
Homer E. Conner to Frank Vaver
ka. lots Wadsworth.
John G. Crocker to Wm. C. Linn,
lots Wadswoilh
Johnathan Cotner to Ross H. Cot
ner, 40 acres Lafayette tp.
- Anson L. Collins to Lillian E. Col
lins, 96 acres Lafayette tp.
W. H. Callor to Don Crawford, lot
Don Crawford to Chas. Field, lot
John R.Collier to Wesley H. Zanzg,
200 acres Sharon,
J. M. Erb to Fleet H. Bayman, 150
acres Lafayette,
M. W. Everhard to Joe Berlyak, lot
Claude M., Hatch to Marion Wolfe,
145 acres Medina tp.
.ind fishes have stuck to them. The
belief is general that the young people
are trying to starve him into the in
firmary, and the niece is said to have
declared that he had already lived too
long Ad they wished to get rid of him
Asie has always been a good citi
zen and did what he could for better
ing the world, don't you think Mr. Ed
itor, that the world owes Mm a little
something: We think so and hope
to see something done in the matter.
Platform of the Oberlin Inde
pendent Voters' Club organized on
Feb. 23, 1920, at a Washington's
Birthday gathering of professors, stu
dents and citizens.
Whereas, There is a tendency in
the two major political parties to
cease to represent divergent political
purposes and to evade a positive
stand on the vital issue of the day,
their politicians Tn each case seem
ingly having as their object the se
curing ot ofhees from the other; and
Whereas, There is thus created a
condition in which voters with disin
terested democratic purposes are
handicapped in making themselves
effective in constructive political ac
tion, be it hereby
Resolved. That we form The Ober
lin Independent Voters' 'Club with
the following purposes:
1. To analyze the meaning of
ambiguous popular slogans used by
both parties to catch the unthinking
voters, such as 'Americanization,"
"100 per cent Americanism," "Law
and Order," "Sedition", etc., and to
examine with care the position of
candidates on these questions and
also on questions of foreign policy
and the relations of capital and la
bor, demanding that their attitudes
be broad and constructive, rather
than narow and obstructive.
2.. To consider with open minded
sympathy all positive proposals to
meet the present complex political,
social, and economic problems, such
as proportional representation, co
operation, the Plumb plan, new par
ties, etc. We do not, however,
Mrs. Trowbridge is not quite so
well at this writing, she is still con
fined to her bed.
Mrs. Brad Wheeler who has been
sick for about two years and part of
the time very sick, is now able to at
tend to her household duties.
The Ladies Aid society will have
their bazar at the school house on Sat
urday night, April 3. They will serve
a cafateria supper and will sell aprons
bed quilts and many other useful ar
ticles. Everybody welcome. Watch
the Sentinel next week for a full pro
The play given by the young people
of Medina at our school house was
not very well attended, owing to a
very bad night. We hope you will
come again and if the weather is fav
orable you will have a full house.
lilake Kulp has gone to the Chath
am oil fields to work, he will move
there if he can rent or buy a house.
Mis. Ella Chapman left on Monday
for Virginia to visit her sister for a
couple of weeks.
C. hi. Derick has sold his mansion
at Molasses Junction to Mr. Vilk ,he
will move it on his own farm.
Earl Schlechty and wife, who has
been playing with a troop in Missouri
arrived home last Wednesday. His
wife who has been visiting relatives
in Indiana will arrive Wednesday.
Earl and his partner Mr. Living
ston will take out a tent show this
summer , they will open in Medina a
bout the first of May.
Mrs. Sanders, of Smithville and
Mrs. E. P. Funk, of Lakewood are
calling on relatives and friends here
this week.
W. O. Heinie and wife, of Cleveland
are visiting H. E. Weltmer and wife.
The reporter is so durned busy at
his desk at the A. I. Root Co., that he
could not get much news this week
and was unable to attend the senate
but will try and give a full report
next week, of their meetings.
Mrs. H. Fike has returned from her
visit to Cambridge, to her daughter.
Mrs. Iilarl Basom is in the hospital
in AshU.nd.
Miss Esther Sanders is doing well
after her operation and expects to be
home in another week.
Mr. F. L. Coomer, from Morrow
county, has purchased the Ned Fuller
farm and moved in last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Rob. Marten visited
their relatives, J. Heins and Frank
White last week.
The East Homer Ladies Aid meets
with Myrtle Munson on Thursday
April 1.
The S. S. election at East Homer,
resulted in re-electing the same of
ficers except secretary and librarian,
Leon Heilman is the new secretary
and Reed Fetzer, librarian.
Elmer and Mary Sanders were in
Wooster, Sunday visiting their sis
ter, Esther. .
Mr. Farm Buyer
Here is Your Chance
See our Spencer Office at once and get in on one of these
Special Bargains. We have a few farms at the old price.
126 acres 1 and 1-2 miles west of Spencer. Good 7 room
house, good barn 34 x 72 and other outbuild
ings, fine level land. Special price and terms
if sold this month.
60 acres, a dandy little house just south of Harrisville on
the Pike road, good 9 room house, good barn,
plenty of fine fruit, about 10 acres good timber.
This is a dandy small farm, fine location and
price. Only $6300 on easy terms.
No. 229 40 acres 2 miles north and 1 and 1-2 miles east
of town, good 8 room house, barn 25 x 30, good
level land. Price only $3500.00.
93 acres 1 and 1-2 miles south of Homerville, pood 8
room house, barn 44 x 64, full set outbuildings
farm well fenced and raises good crops. Fine
location, price only $8000, on easy terms.
No. 33228 acres. A very good small farm 2 miles east
and 1-2 mile north of Spencer. Good house,
good barn and other outbuildings. Price $2860
good terms.
118 acres, three miles south of Spencer on the pavement,
j extra fine house, fine barn 40 x 80, good out
buildings, land is very rich and the location is
ideal. Special price and terms if sold at once.
No. 32198 acres owned by Wilson Bensinger, two
miles north of Lodf, good 6 room house, good
bank barn and shed, land very productive, lays
good and is a money maker. Special price and
terms if sold at once.
If you are going to purchase a farm and take possession
this Spring, it will pay you to see us at once.
The Allen Hartzell Dibble Co.
148 Main street, Wadsworth, Ohio.
100 Main street, Spencer, Ohio.
Medford Building, Akron, Ohio.
Qiit'wit wU' nfr"VU iii mfa mu 4m
Met f.nntentsl5Pluidl)xaell
Harve Patterson and family were
visitors at George Young's several
days last week .
Mrs. Sophia Carlton died at home
of her daughter, Mrs. Bowman, ' in
pledge ourselves to support all or any Medina Saturday morning. Funeral
of these movements at the present
time; but we recognize m them se
rious attempts to solve world prob
lems, such as many citizens feel are
not being made by the two leading
(In type, but unavoidably held
from last week's Sentinel.)
The Health Department of the coun
ty desires very much to obtain infor
mation relative to anything effecting
the health of the public in any way, in
order that any condition of this kind
may be corrected as speedily as pos
sible. In getting such information
we must depend largly on the cooper-
Ignace Horvath to EdwardRiedel, M that has come to your notice
mw iqn Qti QAfaQ (hatha TVI TT1 ... .
that would in your estimation enect
I the health of the people, wish you
I would advise this office by letter. All
letters will be treated as strictly con
fidential and your name used in no
way, but no attention will be given
any communication unsigned.
The1 Health Department will take
' ..-. -k-f riiiic'ini'oc in cn fnr nc t.lipv pf-
Ladies' Cemetery Assn. of Seville fect the health of the peoi,le and can
to Annetta L. Bates, 160 acres Guil- j only be taken care of thru civii 8uit.
ford tp. flrjH De very giad however, to answex
W. A. Miner to S. J. Steele, lots ; any questi0ns regarding this condition
L'Oal. i ,,nil mav hovp OnA nf thp thincrs wfi
Henreick Meis to Matt Blaser, 84 ' wish to eliminate at once is the sale of
guardian, 86 acres Chatham tp.
Raymond E. Holcomb to Williard
Flickinger, lot Wadsworth.
Minnie Kemery to J. C. Shank, 8b
acres Homer tp.
C. E. Knapp to R. E. Benson, lots
Wm. C. Linn to Antonis CSuppa, lot
acres Sharon tp
C. F. McMullen to Mearl Ahl, lot
T. J. McFadden to Geo. F. Koppes,
52 acres Montville tp.
Chas. Morton to C. B. Kreiger, 104
acres Westfield tp.
E. T. Pierce to Winthrop Hill, lot
Earl J. Rischel to Frank Platz, lot
Anthony Rnfola to Joe Gerafats,
lot Wadsworth.
Wm. Ruff to James Michaels, tract
York tp.
O. E. Swartz to S. H. Webb, lot in going to be
Wadsworth. 1 York Sun.
food or food products in a restaurant,
store, or other places by anyone suf
fering from tuberculosis or any com
municable disease. If you are aware
of anything of this kind, a letter stat
ing the facts will be much appreciat
District Health Commissioner, 'Me
dina County.
and burial were at the northwest
church Monday afternoon.
Henry Young and wife were in Ak
ron a couple of days last week.
Mrs. Alta Airhart's house caught
fire Sunday morning, but was. put out
before the fire engine got there.
John Dundas is moving from the
the farm to his place at the lake to
day. W. H. Townsend and A. H. Loehr
were in Cleveland on business Monday.
The township trustees have been
filling in some of the bad plaes in our
streets with slag the past tew days.
This is a good idea and we hope they
will be able to do a whole lot more of
Lasts Saturday evening one of our j
young men went to LeRoy to spend
the week end with his "tootsie woot-1
sie," as he calls her, also to give her
a rule in his Wmton Six. All went
well until he struck dirt road a lit
tle ways out of Lodi,and there they
got stuck in the mud and hired a man
team to pull them out. This cost him
two dolars . During the operation he
got "hung up" on the barbed wire
fence at the side of the road, and it
took two men and a boy to pry him
loose, as he says the fence seemed to
be considerably attached to him. Dur
ing this operation his pants and tem
per suffered more than the fence did.
He then took the young lady home,
and as his clothes were badly damaged
by mud and his contact with the wire
fence, concluded to return to Chippe
wa Lake, which he did, a "sadder but
wiser man."
ifHDr nnirnn-MorphinenofJ
Mineral Not waku
i (..inft Remedy fcf
and revcnEp
For Infants and Children.
Mothers Know That
Genuine Castoria
Bears the
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
For Over
Thirty Yeers
Explaining the Early Bird First
Bird "Didn't you come north unus
ually soon 1"
Second Bird Yes, I heard nests are , A. K. for their heartfelt services,
We extend our heartfelt thanks to
our many friends and neighbors for
their beautiful floral offerings, kind
ness and sympathy extended to us
during our sad bereavment in the loss
of our dear father and grandfather,
A. H. Eaken and especially to Rev.
Watson and Rev. Bryenton and the
awfully scarce." New I
Mrs. I. H. Snyder and grandchild
ren. 811pd
The Old Phoenix National Bank
and get a
Farmer's Account Book
We are pleased to furnish, free, the
account book prepared by
The Agricultural Extension Service of The Ohio,
State University.
Cooperating with Medina County Farm Bureau.

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