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ttiiiiiiiiii ii iiiiiMiiii ii iiini ii iiiiiimiiii i iiniiMmiuiimiMii inn
Office open Tuesdays
Thursdays and Satur
days. D. H. Mummaw D. 0.
Glasses Fitted No Drugs
South Side Square
Rev. G. H. L. Beeman's family ladies. It was a beautiful day but
lf i.iWm. Af an nrrf i tin nfA nfl.H.qed OT1
the fourteenth (14) day of April A. D.
1903, by the Council of the municipal
corporation of Medina, Ohio, entitled
"'An ordinance to prevent loud and ex
plosive noises within the corporation
of Medina, Ohio," I do hereby give no
tice.that by the terms of said ordinance
it is a misdemeanor, punishable by fine
VrJm onv nornnn nr neraonfl tO set Off fire
crackers or fire works of any descrip
tion, to explode loaded banes, to dish
charge cannons, pistols or other fire
arms of any description, or any imita
tion thereof, or to make any loud or
explosive noises in any street, lane,
alley, or public place or a nywhere else
in the corporation limits.
Provided that the operation of said
ordinance shall be suspended during
the celebration of the Fourth of July
from 6 o'clock A . M. July 4th to 1
o'clock A. M. July 6th of each year.
Given under my hand and seal this
14th day of June A. D. 1920.
tl. a. nAxij. zhjvx
Children Cry
moved to Grafton W. Va. last week,
where he has been preaching since the
first of May.
Rev. A. R. Woodworth and lamuy
are spending a few weeks in their
cottage at Chippewa Lake.
Mr. Clevidence who was so serious
ly hurt in the smash up on the South
western last Thursday, is getting
along as well as can be expected. In
the general news of last week's Sent
inel, tnere was a xaise report, cuuwiu-
ing the accident. xney saia it was
Clyde Weaver who was so badly hurt.
Clyde jumped and saved nimsen as
did Mr. Fairchilds but Mr. Clevidence
was working among the milk cans and
had no chance to get out or jump. He
is hurt very bad.
So many of our Sevillians have left
no some iiisr. for the summer and
others have moved to make their
homes in other places and some oi tne
old sports have gone fishing and
others start this week. Hence we
know not what to write. We are nop
ing some of our friends will get mar
ried for a little excitement. We are
doing all we can to help along.
I. H. Brotts went iisning weuneb
day afternoon. Did he catch any fish?
Sure. For Thursday morning break
fast for he and his wife. Of course
his wife is not a very hearty eater,
you can tell that by looking at her.
mr; tlmdo TiVa'zipr has taken a
position in the Miller Rubber Works
of Akron lor me muiu.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry were caneu w
Cleveland last week Wednesday on
account of the death of her only sister
Mrs. Miller. The funeral was held
SaThedAnnual reunion of the Steele
family was held at Chippewa Lake
Parte last Thursday. There were
ram ib A-N the bounteous
about izo wvw w , . iv-o
picnic dinner which was served by the
there were not as many attended as
in former years. A good program of
recitations and singing was given by
... T II i 11-
the little ioiks ana a gooa uuk w
given by A. I. Steele of North liberty
Indiana, who attended the reunion.
Mr. and Mrs. Bernie Baker and lit
tle son P. J., Mr. and Mrs. Dell Baker
started for Warmpers Lake Michigan
last Sunday morning for an outing
Qnrl fichino- "t.rin nf three weeks.
A. C. Steele ot JNortn liberty, ma.,
made a five minute call on Mr. and
Mrs. Ed Steele on Friday. He came
to attend the Steel reunion on Thurs
day and returned to his home v nday
evening. Short calls were necessary.
Miss Laura Deveny of Plymouth,
Ohio spent Thursday of last week
with Mrs. Clyde Smith.
Miss Ruth Cotton and eentleman
friend of Rittman spent the week-end
with Miss Cottons parents, mr, ana
Mrs. Cnt.t.nn.
Prof. E. J. Miller and wife are
visiting friends in Chicago.
Mr. and Mrs. Gimmast attended
the funeral of a friend in Wooster
Rev. Quincy Dowd ot Liumoara a
suburb of Chicago, called on the W.
G. Brumbaugh's (cousins of his) last
week. He was on his way to Oberlin,
where he graduated 50 years ago and
he went there to attend the Alumni
eiccnniatinn nnrt hftnnuet of his class.
Rev. Dowd is well known here by the
older people. ,
Something ot interest ior our Se
ville readers that was taken from the
Akron daily paper.
For three score and one, almost the
life time allotted to man, Mr. and Mrs
Leader, Mrs. Clark Davis. Preaching
at 7:30 p. m. Prayer and Praise ser-
i vice on Thursday evening at 7:80.
I Prayer service will be omitted trrough
July and August.
Married: at the Methodist-Episcopal
parsonage, Seville, June 14, Mr.
f red Kastorler and Miss Alice stem-
ioi, xioo a. mumlidii in L. ij. iiai iiimu a i
Drug store. Took his new job Wednes- er both of Seville.
Mrs. J. C. Brady and three boys are
spending the week with friends in
Cleveland, while Mr. Brady is in De
troit this week.
Mrs. Fairchild is laid up with sciatic
rheumatism this week and suffering
great pain. Mr. Fairchild is laid up
with a sore leg caused from the smash
up on the car line last Thursday. He
is hurt worse than he thought he was
at first and will be some time before
he will be able to go to work again.
Seville surely has a lot of young
thieves growing up. If they keep on
they will soon be noted professionals.
A few niehts aeo there was a Dicnic
supper held in the Methodist church
dining room and while the young peo
ple were Ubstairs ervmff their nro-
gram, thieves entered the dining room
ana rummaged the baskets, taking
nearly everything in them. There
were girls as well as boys in this case.
It was home talent as they were seen.
The B. & O. railroad changed time
last Sunday morning, June 13. There
is a train leaves Seville at 7:30 a. m.
for Akron, which makes it very con
venient for neonle.
Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Carver motored SHARON
to Cleveland last Saturday and hrnt.
their two daughters, Elna and Vera
home from the Womans College where
they have attended the last year.
Mr. and Mrs. Grover Pease and son
Kenneth, Mr. and Mis. Clyde Weaver
33 Advanced Registry
Daughters and Sons
Is what Sig Rag Apple Corndyke the
S6.20 lb. bull has. Look over soma
of them:
Paul Sol. D. K. 3d S'j
The losinc divisions of the contest
of the church will entertain Wednes
day afternoon and evening.' If you
are a winner, you will want to be there
at 4:30 and if you are on the losing
division, it is your duty to be there and
hear how they won the race which will
be told in a speech made by Madam
President Mrs. Henry Frazier.
Nine eirl friends of Miss Meriam
Hange surprised her on Saturday even
ing, the occasion being her 15th birth
day.. The girls were a jolly set and
had a snlendid time linti1 i late hour.
when a delicious lunch was served of
sherbet and cake and after presenting
miss meriam witn a Deautnui nttie
ivory dresser clock and wishing her
many happy returns of the day the
eirls started for home.
Mrs. H. H. Phelps and mother, Mrs.
A. J. Squires, went to Detroit, Mich.,
on Tuesday, where Mrs. Squires will
spend the rest of the summer with an
other daughter. Mrs. Phelps will
return in a short time. Mrs. Squires
has been on t he sick list since last fall
and she and her friends think the
change will do her good.
S y.
4 y.
Thelma Korndvke
Pauline SoL Korndyke
Butter 80 days
Top. PI. H. D. K. Sd
Marv Job. Korn.
Dor. Wood Rag. Ap. 32 m. 20.12
Sir Rag Apple Korndyke has a vi
lb. sister. His dam is a 36.20 lb
.lunviiL.r nf Pontine Korndvke and has
three sisters with records above 37 lbs.
Mallet Creek, Ohio
Children Cry
;o man, Mr. and Mrs. , onr, n,Q famUr
Calvm G. Wilson of Akron have lived : of thp Rhv, Ashland on
The Edw. P. Kleve
Funeral Director
and Ambulance Service
Day or Night
Phone 268 Spencer, O.
Our Men's and Young Men's Spring
Suits will interest you at $30.00 to
$42.50 per suit.
We make to your order Suits from
$38.00 up to. $90.00
We save you at these prices from
$5.00 to $25.00. We will be pleased to
show you.
Yours truly,
Mr nnd Mrs Frnnlr Rpn? anrl
daughter, Lucille of Medina, were sup
per guests at tne a. swagier nome
nn Wednesdnv evenino.
Mrs. btoddt ot Harding county spent
a tew days with Mr. and Mrs. Pease
last week and Mr. Henry Martine was
also a guest at the Pease home last
Robert Beach returned from Phil a
delphia on Friday morning where he
the past
together as man and wife and today
are observing their sixty-tirst wed
ding anniversary. Though no formal
celebration had been planned, Mr. and
Mrs. Wilson received the congratu
lations of their children and many
friends during the day. Mr. Wilson
will be 83 in December. He was bom
and reared at River Styx, Medina
county where his parents came as
pioneers in 1816. His wife who will
Rfith hirthdav in Sen-
tember is a native of Seville where her has been attending college
family were among tre eany seiners, year
After their marriage in 1859,iust six
ty-one years ago, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson
lived on a farm near Seville until they
came to Akron and built their present
home in which they have lived for
more than half a century. In the
mean time Mr. Wilson served in the
navy eleven months during the Civil
War. Their home which was once
surrounded by large pastures, is now
in the heart of the city. During most
of his years in Akron Mr. Wilson has
been engaged as traveling salesman
f nr a confectionary fiim. He belongs
to the United Commercial Travelers,
Warren Crisman took a "flying"
trip Monday, when airship 1720 land
ed in Sharon for passengers. Several
men, tremDiing paid the modest
fee of five dollars for a five minute
spin in the air. All were delighted
with the trip, so they said. We won
Ella Wagar. of Akron, snent the
week with Mrs. N. L. Fulmer.
Mrs. Anna Waffar. of Akron, is
visiting at H. C. Burdetts.
Joe Hannan and family were call
ers in town Sunday.
Mrs. John Snyder and children re
turned home from Akron Monday.
Clint Waffle, of Wadsworth. called
on Will Bramley Friday.
Several auto loads spent Wednesday
at. thp Cniintv Infirmarv. the occasion
being Flower Mission Day.
Elbert and Mildred waters were in
Sharon Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Raltih Kellev and lit
tle son spent the week-end with Mm
Kelley's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. C.
Mr. and Mrs. Guv Partlon are at
home on the Sam Partlon farm be
ginning the joys of married life on
the farm. That s right you never
hear of a farmer starving-
w. W. Pease of Massillon, spent
day with his friend Miss Louise Beach
Mrs. A. J. Michael and Mrs. Joe
Clevidence visited Mr. Clevidence at
the hosoital in Cleveland on Friday.
Mrs. Clevidence reports her husband
Merchant Tailor
the Odd Fellows, Patriarch Militants, in a serious condition
. i 1 I A ,T T ir
The Opportunity of a lifetime is Wait-
ing tor You ai our uniue
Purchase one of the following Farms.
Money and you will lie happy.
ijtftUk of this, ntf-w y
nf WadSWOrtn, uie uessi, w
size ml only 9 miles west of Akron, the center
of thT Rubber World. Good 7 room house
fLe bank barn 40 x 70. This barn would cost
you $5?00 to build it today also fine sj o. Land
is very productive and lays well. This
farm is located right at a fine paved road to
Akron and Wadsworth and on the Akron milk
route Price is only $9000 on good tenns,
and this farm would be dirt cheap at $11,000.
' Sme and look at it today, tomorrow may be
too late.
No 300-Special-65 acres of real producing land that
raPses great crops, good 9 room house, good
barn corn crib, and other outbuildings. $125.
pTacTtakes this farm and it's , Art Am
but it must go this month. Located just north
of the beautiful Village of Leroy and owned by
Mr. Seeley.
70 acres of real land with a fine large Dairy barn 36 x 80.
7U acres r q gmaJ1 house and other good
outbuildings located north of Leroy.
No 316-56 acres of rich black dirt. This land raises
NO'dlOLLARS andthatisthe kind that you are
lookine for. Good 8 room house, furnace, fair
ban! aid other outbuildings. Will sell stock,
crops and tools and give immediate possession.
Price right
We have a great many. other farms,
make money, buy one of these farms
ing and you will pay more mver uu.
The Allen-Hartzell-Dibble Co.
fencer Ohio Wadsworth, Ohio
Spencer, unio mg QUq
a-nA the a A. R. and it has been" his
hnnst. that, he has attended all the
national encampments for the last de
Both he and his wire are hale and
hearty. Mrs. Wilson is her own
houskeeper and Mr. Wilson is actively
interested in matters of national and
cvc interests. He has served on
at. the countv court house al
most continually since November.
Thfv have two sons, Charles ana
Frank Wilson, seven grandchildren
and nine great grandchildren
Miss King .of Wooster, is assisting
Mr. Swartz in his restaurant. These
hot days are busy times for the restau
,o Tit nnd irp crpam narlors.
Prof. E. J. Miller a nd wife attended
nnimnpnwmfint in Mortran Park Mili
tary Academy where their son Harold,
p-radnated last week. It is near Chi
Mrs. Mav McDowell and daughter,
Irene, of Dayton, are visiting friends
in Spville. and were Sunday dinner
priests of Mr. and Mrs. Charles lay
If you wish to
Land is advanc-
T.ittlo Marie Kendal had quite a
narrow escape from drinking coil oil
an Monday afternoon. She is lust a
little tot and got hold of some oil and
before her mother could get to her sne
drank some of it but by quick work
of t he mother and doctor she is get
ting aloner alrieht.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Sheffler of De
troit were visiting in bevuie on lues
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bostwick arriv
ed in Seville on Monday morning com
PViilaHftltihia in their auto.
JC "
Lttle Francis Hartman took the jit
T1PV fov Wadsworth last Friday morn
ing, all by herself, and spent the day
with Mrs. Anderson and daughter,
Mary. Quite a trip for such a little
Master Robert Hartman has been
spending a few days with his grandpa
ni orrnndma Thomas in Medina.
Hellen Taylor received a card from
her friend Marcella Lehman and they
were camping down near Granville
Had been there for two days. Wal
ter Hay's auto broke down and they
wvb laid un for repairs.
Mr. Alva Drushel and family from
Jeromesville. and Mr. and Mrs. Will
Drushel of Wooster, visited their
mnthpr. Mrs. Emma Drushel. last
Harrv Stuff is noras wen as usuai.
He is an invalid at all times, but is
rpallv worse this week.
That was a fine ram Seville had last
J. D. Hartman and wife and daugh
ter Elenor, of Medina, were Sunday
guests of Blake Hartman and wife.The
two .Hartmans are brothers.
Mrs. B. E. Hartman attended the
funeral of her uncle, E. J. Fenn, who
was brought from Cleveland to Me
dina for burial last Frilay.
Robert J'oster, a graduate phanna- j
Mrs. Dave Kern and Mrs. Merle
Overholt were Cleveland visitors Fri
Ms. B'losy Holser spent the week
end with friends in Kenmore
Mrs. G. L. Hart of Akron, spent
Sunday with his friend Miss Louise
tended morning worship at the Bap
tist church. Mrs. Hart and. daugh
ters anticipate moving back to Seville
about the first of July
Last Wednesday afternoon some
Medina folks were looking for a pleas
ure resort and they stopped at C. E.
Swagler s on Pleasant street under the
shade trees. A good place to stop
There are always home made cookies
and nickles in the oantrv. See :
M. M. McCailev of Columbus, is the
new superintendent and millwright for
the Seville Muling Co., and moved in
to F. V. Lehman's house on N. Center
street last week
A very charming: occasion was the
marriage of Mary Estedda Dix, daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Dix, to
A. Cecil England, at the home of the
brides parents; Thursday, June 10th
The hride was becomine-lv gowned in
white orcandie with silver trimmings
a tulle veil and wore a boquet of lilies
of the valley and roses. The impres
sive, but simple ceremony was per
formed by Rev. R. H. Gardner of the
Methodist church. A delightful
luncheon followed, attended by rela
tives and friends. Among those were
Charles H. Dix of New York, Mrs.
Chas. R. Wolcott of Sandusky, and
Dr. and Mrs. Carl Ulrich of Cleveland
The bride and groom left for a trip
including Buffalo, Niagara Falls, and
Toronto, amid a shower of rice and
heartv congratulations of all
Rev. A. R. Woodworth. pastor.
Regular services Sunday morning.
at 10 a. m. Sunday-school following at
11:15. Evening services will begin at
7:30 p. m., Sermon by the pastor.
Thursday evening prayei- services at
The Childen's day exercises last
Sunday evening were enjoyed by a
crowded house. The program was
cnod and well rendered
Rev. and Mrs. Woodworth entertain
ed Mrs. Woodwoth's Sunday-school
class of ladies and their husbands at
their cottage at the Community Park
Chinnewa Lake last Tuesday evening.
There were about forty present. All
report raving had a delighttul time
Delicious refreshments were seved.
Childen's Day Service at 10 a. m
There, will be baptism of children at
this service and parents having to be
baptized will please be present also.
A short session of Sabbath school fol-
lowmsr the morning exercises. Ep
worth League at 6:30, topic "Living
to Our Responsibilities. (College)
The cnTnmiasinnp.rs in their 3-day
session last week and at their regular
Monday meeting, allowed Dills to tne
amount of $12,842.90.
to supply half of the
$2,000 fund with the trustees of Me
dina township for the repairing of
vnaA Nn hv. he contract ior con
ct vntlrtn nf thp Rarherton-Greenwich
road E-l in Harrisville township, was
awarded to the Ohio Construction o. j
of Elyria, subject to approval by the .
State Highway Department. I
Joe Seymour, states attorney, was
authorized to purchase a typewriter ,
for $112.50, an exchange of the old
machine reducing the cost to $80. j
W. R. Bibbins, county surveyor sub
mitted a report showing approximate
cost of maintaining the engineering
force for one year from Sept. 1, 10.
The amount is set at $11,600 and the
allowed $8,000 which
tUlUllHJK'lW"V.- -
amount was thought by the surveyor
sufficient to. cover.
The commissioners agreed to pay
$300 with the trustees of Wadsworth
township toward cindering the south
. TIT 1 J1 i..nnin tAV
line road in waaswonn wwhbuw
a distance of 2V2 miles on Road 150,
east of center road.
They authorized insuring oi tne
Fair grounds buildings to the extent
of $5,500 and the county trucks for
$425.60. . .
Sheep claims were anoweu io uic
following: , .
John Birbeck, Jr., anaron twp.
brood sow killed $7U.0U.
R. E. Leister, Brunswick twp 1
cow killed $125.00
I H. Kennedy, Medina twp. 6
sheep killed and 8'in.iured $124.00
Harvey Long, Litchfield twp. 1
sheep killed $15.00.
T?lr Wallidnv T.it.rhfield twp. 5
I Hill" iiuu.u,j, . .
sheep killed and 3 injured $105.00 ,
H C. Porter, Montville twp. 9t
sheep killed $135.00.
The contract for construction of;
Bridge 9 Road 63 in Liverpool twp.
awarded to Lodi Concrete Co.
The Clerk of Court was recommend
ed to the Court of Common Pleas for
additional fund of $470.1)11 lor
with your farm lighting plant
no installation necessary, we can
I ! also furnish a SHARPLES pipe
line milker.
Medina, Ohio
Children Cry
The complete Electric light and
Power Plant
Operates a complete pressure water
system. No more pumping oy uanu
V.C. QSGOCD,Medina,0
Phone 2122
till ttUUlllVllMl T
clerk, deputy and bookkeeper hire for
A fifty-fifty arrangement was made
with the trustees of Harrisville town-
......wi;...v anil harkfillincr two
snip 1UI glaums " o
culverts on road 31 in Harrisville
like 50, 000,000 pins are manutactureo
every working day.
Dealers In m
1 PHONE 1171 1
At O. C. Shepard Co. J
Store on Sat. evenings W
If you want to buy norses con
" , . . Tf you want to Duy u -Tho
lnro-pst. nin factory is in Birm- , J. .11 KolnrA huvrn.
ingham, England, where something j ana e tjoN L. CRAWFORD,
Seville, v.
Phone No. 9
We Pay 5
On Savings Accounts
if money remains 90 days, or longer. Interest begins
the day your deposit is made and compounded twice a
All Hmnaits loaned on FIRST MORTGAGE
which makes money ABSOLUTELY SAFE. -
Why Not Start an Account NOW?
The Medina County Savings and Loan Co.

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