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Thursday, Ja. 8, 18TO.
C. O. C. & I . B. B. Time-table.
Trains leav Wellington Station u fol
low :
Ho U Ctm. Tut. limn as Matt. .8:35 a. m.
Nol a.-M. UMil CtBetBMIt KzpreM,... 3:10 r.a.
Ko. (.-RUM Kansas. 1U0 8:57 r.H.
Wo. l.-CknM Acoosamodatloa. 6:SOr.m.
Loral Frets!. 8:55 a. m. aad 5:10 p. K.
Wo. l-Klltt Imw, etlUIL .... 5:40 a..
Ko. St, UmlaCta.Kxra Mail.... ljar.x.
Ho. a. rHinlaaaTi ruass. 7:51 r.x.
Xl S. ClaTslaad a neossasnilal lija. ........ 8:35 a..
.1:K 7:06 r.a.
Ztooal aai llisctlUaeoua.
Ear Muffs at Harvey's.
C W. Ceiling and wife of Leetonia, O.,
have bees visiting- with O.Hoke.
To Saxb. Tablet, Show Case and
WriUns; De' 1613 A.M. Fitch.
Tuesday the day of the dairymen' con.
ventk 195 team were coasted hitched in
the business part of our Tillage. ;
Gold Dust One Bar or 7 cents at ITsr
vey's. 12 ISwS
'Will some of our subscribers favor us
with txpy of the laat isane of the Exttm
rau. No. 14, Dee. 28, 1878?
Harvey tells Balk Oyster for 80 cents a
quart. 12 ISwS
Loer. A ladies for cape. The finder
will confer a favor by lea vine it with me or at
the KaTawrai&a office. Xxs.W.B.'Wxak.
A rery InteseaUng letter from Polonius
la in type bat was crowded ou and will ap
pear next week as also an article on the
school book question.
Harrey has got a fresh supply of canned
coed. . - 13 IS wS
J. H. Green, one of the editors of the
Medina Gazette has been appointed Post
master of Mod in a bat thia will not Interfere
with his editorial do ties. .
Harrey ha Just bought some of those
cheap overcoats. -
Tbj Cleveland Herald takes another
step forward and farnlaaes It paper pasted
and eat, a very great improvement which
will be appreciated by the reading public.
Harrey can now warm your ears for yon
If yon wOl giro him a chance.
No New York mail hare come through
sine Thursday of last week. This win ex-
puum us reason xoc win wuw aww mwi-
scribed for eastern paper not recelTing
for al cheap. A filacer sewing ma
chine, nearly new. Inquire of A. 8. Tower.
pA-Katw Power ha added to her stock of
farity goods a foil tine of perforated card
board and embossed picture. Give her a
on awn awe law nv iwrwMip mh umm mhv
ly put in.
Carrey's orange are a good remedy for
Biliousness, only 95 cents a doses. 13 ISwS
A, L. Dewey ha opened a restaurant
on door west . ox aobusoa's Daroer-snop
and is prepared to serr warm meals at all
hour. . Oyster la every "style a specialty.
CaD on him when you are hungry.
Anew line of Winter Cap Just received
A compaay of frienda aad relatives of
Mr. and aba. Cyril -"Wndrwortb, urprlsed
them on the 30th anniversary of their wed
ding, which occurred oa the 28th ulL, and
peeaeated them with a haadaome China tea
set ...' - .. .
It pays to buy an Overcoat at Harvey's.
He ha Just received a new supply at re
duced prices.
Bom of the walk were not cleaned for
day after the heavy fan of snow last week.
Borne of them it Is true were owned by par
ties who could not do the work themselves,
but who would willingly pay the authorities
for having it done.
Gold Dust, T coats per Barat Harrey',
which wEl produce the result required by
whrnc - - .... 13 ISwS
' Bar. H. Torbet who was here at Confer
once last fan aad received at that session hi
anointment o missionary to India writes to
Dr. Hoyt from on ship board on the Mediter
ranean, Hot. t3d; la good health and spirits.
He say the Journey so far has been like a
pleasure excursion. J": ' ; " ."
"Harrey cent tea Is the best I can
get for anything Ok the amount of money.
He sells It on trial." . " . . . 12 ISwS ', .
One of the latest noveltiea in letter ad
dresses Is the foUowiagT
..: w "Mi CareliaV-' - . 1
' Bone Forte j i "
;. ; '. Onteory.
which being translated reads; "Ms Caro
line Bone, Fortfrie, Ontario."
Harrey's 90 cent tobacco 1 the best I
know of for less than $1.00. He ha a good
tobacco for SO eent. ' . 13 ISwS ,'
Media criminals do not get horn from
the penitentiary the same day with the Sher
iff, bwt they do not stay long enough under
Gov. Btsaop lenient rule to hardly pay the
State tor the expense of taking them there.
Bachel V. t Been pardoned aad re
turned to l'r oa Kew Tear Day
Harvey keeps Tork State; Buckwheat
Sour. - ; . -. , UUwt
Laat Thunder night win be
a on of the roldast for many years, th
thermometer reaching from IS to SO degrees
below aero. The severe wind which
lasted all of Thursday night mad the eeld
rery penetratiag and In most house It was
sufficient buarne for one to keep enough
Sre to make it comfortable.
E. V. SmaDey, managing editor of the
Clerelaad Herald retired from that position
Jan. 1st, to resume his former work a trav
eling correspondent of the New Tork Trib
une finding that more congenial to hit tatr.
Th paper has rery much improved under
the new administration aad compares favor
ably with any of our western city journals.
tT. Kirk ha sold hi boot aad shoe store
to Frank B. Serage who la well known In
this community and who has 'already had
soma six year experience In th boot and
hoo trade having been a portion of the time
with V. O.' Stone of Clerelaad in- charge of
the ladles department. He will give especial
attention to the finer grades of work and
stock and will keep n full assortment of ev
ery thing demanded by th trade. The same
workmen will be retained. The proprietor
ia amhlttana and enterorlslnf and will
spare no pain to- deserve and secure the
patronage of th public
VaurAau urxa savxd. The Polar
ware of last week overtook three fair young
female who, even in the enlightened and
Christian community of Wellington had not
tasted food far S3 hours, nor known the
halter of a root since th opening of the
Hew Tsar. By the persistent efforts of two
beneroleat women they were rescued barely
la time to save them from starvation and
freeaiag. Their immediate wanta were re
lieved and they' were pieced ia a sltuatloa
where their ooutLaued weR-netug aad safety
measured end their usefulness hoped for.
They war last summer's pullets.
w ...
The following from the Clerelsnd Voice
refer to a former WeUingtonian who I a
well-known member of the Cleveland bar
and whose wife is the daughter of the Hon.
8. J. Andrews: "Mr. and Mrs. O. K. Herrkk
gave their first reception In their new home
on Euclid Avenue, on Wedncsdsy erenlsg of
last week. Their residence I well-sdapted
to such a purpose, nearly three hundred
guest being accommodated without any in
convenience. The upper floor ia so arranged
as to be made Into a roomy dancing hall and
was occupied by the younger guests, who
danced to the delightful music of the Ger-
mania Orchestra."
Prof. Tlce, the distinguished meteorolo
gist and weather prophet of St Louis, has
issued his -Annual National Weather Al
manac for 1878," in which, besides foretell-
Irg the weather for every day in the year,and
clearly explaining the theory on which his
predictions are based, he gives a history,
causes aad effects of tornadoes a chapter
on lightning rods, exposing their general
worthlessness, and explains how they may
be made effective, etc The whole ia of great
interest and practical value to every one, and
especially indispensable to farmers. For a
sample copy, terms to the trade, etc, send
20 cents to
THOMPSON, TICK & CO., Publishers,
8L Louis, Mo.
The second lecture of the Course of thd
Congregational Sabbath-School was delivered
last Monday evening by President Fairchild
of Oberlin College. Subject: "Egypt, the
Country, the People and the Ruins." The
lecture waa finely written, full of instruction
and entertainment and showed that the ler.
turer had traveled to some purpose. The
houre was about two-thirds filled by an ap
preciative audience and we feel as snred that
tf our people understood the high character
of the entertainments afforded by this coune
the house would be full. The conrse only
lacks the advantage of being "far-fetched
and dear bought" to make it a success. We
hope the next lecture Jan. 33th, by H. C.
Hayden, D. D., subject, "An Edinborough
Celebrity," wiU have a full attendance
Recommendations are constantly accu
mulating in favor of the new beverage known
as The New Era Coffee, but in no respect Is
the testimony stronger than with regard to
its healthf ulness as a table drink. It has been
In se at the Boston Hospitals for several
months, and we append the foUowing brief
extracts from various testimonials St hand:
"It certainlr makes a most pleasant and
palatable substitute for the real coffees, and
so far as my observation has extend, its use
is attended with beneficial results in promot
ing the healthy action of all the digestive
organs. A. Huktixgtobt, M. D.
Boston, Mass.
"I have tried the New Era Coffee, and can
with pleasure testify to Its crest excellence
aa a table bererage. Invalids will generally
find it a bland, nutritious snd non exciting
drink." W. A. Douglass, M. D.
San Francisco, California.
Tick's Floral Guide for 1870 is on our ta
ble. It Is handsome In appearance, plenti
fully illustrated and haa a choice colored
plate of a group of peonies. The book is a
dictionary of the flower and vegu table world,
and every household should hare it for fre
quent reference. It ia printed in both Eng
lish and German as are all Tick's publica
tions. SendS cent a tamp and address to
Jsmes Tick, Rochester, N. T. SO cents sent
to the same addre? will bring the Flower
and Vegetable Garden, 17S pages, six colored
plates; $1.00 for the same in elegant cloth
binding. Vlck's Illustrated Monthly Msga
slne, S3 pagea, a colored plate and fine en
gravings In each number I SI-25 a year.
Specimen numbers 10 cents. Vlck's seed
are too well-known to need mention . The
Floral Guide contains lists and prices and
plenty of Information concerning both gar
den and flower seeds.
Who said steal? We didn't. We wouldn't
do such a naughty thing. We only tried to
give some good advice to the editors of the
Musical World at the same time commending
the talent and enterprise of the editor of
the Amherst Free Press. But the Free Press
man assumes that we meant to accuse him of
stealing his editorial correspondence, gets
oa his ear act! says, "you're another," speaks
of us in connection with rocks and crystal
palaces and the eighth commandment and
primary schools and introduces us into a va
riety of figures of speech. . We sent a copy
of his paper to the printer with directions
to copy some real estate transfers and give
credit, but our directions were not under.
stood or were forgotten and we being absent
In Cleveland and not seeing the "proof" the
mistake was not discovered until too late, but
of course we don't expect him to believe
that. There are, however, a few people in
this section who know less of us than be
does, who may be beguiled into a belief of
our ability to speak the truth in small mat
ters when there is not much at stake We
cheerfully bear witness to the fact well
known to the newspaper fraternity of this
section that the Amherst Free Press never
steals its editorials aad further that he is
like George, "he cannot tell a lie." We
would not for the world be understood to
charge him with telling a lie, but he does
srmetlmes talk Just as we do when we lie,
and then again we have heard that "a lie well
stuck to Is as good aa the truth," and we are
half inclined to think some believe it.
.The Slaughter
Of prices at the" New Tork Clothing
House. In order to reduce our stock
before moving Into our new store, we
will sell goods at New Tork wholesale
prices daring the - next two weeks.
Some job lots and remnants of cassl
meres at half price.
Please Stop My-WLat!
Times are hard, money is scarce,
business is dull, retrenchment Is a du
ty; please stop my "whiskey f" Oh,
no; times are not hard enough for that
yet, bat there is something e!se that
costs me a large amount of money every
year which I wish to save; please stop
njy"tobaco, cigars, snuff?" Xo, no,
not those ; but I mast retrench some
what; please stop my "ribbons, jew
els, ornaments, trinkets?" Not at all.
Pride most - be fettered, if times are
ever so hard ; but I believe I can see a
war to effect quite a saving in another
direction ; please stop my "tea, coffee
and needless and ualioailiy luxuries?"
No, no, not those. I can not think of
that SteCiiuco; I must think of some
thing else. Ah 1 1 hare it now, My pa
per costs me nearly three cents a week
one dollar and fifty cents a year I
must tare" that. Please stop my paper.
That will carry me through the panic
easily. I believe in retrenchment and
economy, especially in brains. Ex.
Advertised Letters.
List of letters remaining unclaimed
in Wellington P. On for the week end
ing Jan 4th., 1879.
Luther Barton,' Alfred Carles, James
Hicks, Wm. D. Holden, Hiss Mary
Star, Edie Baker.
When 'ailing far the above please
say Advertised,"
J. T. Ogdkx, P. M.
At Cost.
Boots and Shoes. I will sell a portion
of my goods at cost for the next fifteen
days at No. 8, North Main St.
lClt W. 11. BXBaQE.
Dairymen's Convention.
The Convention brought a large num
ber of people to Wellington on Tuesday,
The streets were lined with teams and
the number assembled mo st have been
five hundred persons, nearly all the
townships In this section being repre
The meeting was held in the Town
Hall and was called to order at 11, A. M.
by Jas. Eglin, of Spencer. An organ
ization was efiected, electing Mr. Eglin
chairman, and J. T. Haskell of Hun
tington, secretary. A variety of plans
were suggested but finally a motion to
appcintone from each township repre
sen ted as a Committee on Resolutions
was adopted and the Committee ordered
to report at 1 o'clock,?. M., after which
the convention adjourned till the hour
mentioned. At the alternoon session
the Hall was thorughiy packed.
Before the committee reported, and
afterward, the remarks and discussions
concerning poor quality of cheese and
low prices and excesslvo cost of manu
facturing,were animated and extended.
The following resolutions were re
ported by the committee:
Whkekas, We have been paying a
price for making and selling our butter
and chee.se out of all proportion to the
prices brought by these commodities;
Whkrxas, Manufacturers hare inti
mated their Intentions to charge a price
in the luture which we consider exorb
itant; and
Wherkas, "We consider unity of ac
tion desirable; therefore
Ittaolrxd, By the dairymen of Lorain
and Medina counties in convention as
sembled, that we will not pay more
than $1.60 per hundred for making and
selling our cheese, and three cents per
pound for making and selling butter.or
one-sixth of the gross proceeds.
Baolved,ThnX the majority of the pa
trons of each factory should control the
sale ol their cheese.
J?eso?re,That the skimming be left to
the mxjorlty of the patrons of eacli fac
tory. Eaolrtd. That we are opposed to the
practice of making 'skim-milk' cheese.
Xaolvcd. That the manufacturers and
salesmen be required to furnish a de
tailed statement of the mauutacture
and sale of these products.
Eaolved, That the dairy men insist on
having their whey."
' These resolutions were passed, and
after remarks from various gentlemen
the convention adjourned about 4 P. M.
For Sale.
FrvK vast cnoica Jersky HxiFEBS,ono)
year old and In calf by a full bred bull. J
Enquire of Daniel Peters on Taylor St. J
Wellington. 13 16tf
W. M. Gibbs.
Oar Dealers and What They are
For the oast 18 rears the Drr Goods
store of Wm. Rininger, corner of Main
and Mechanic Sis., has been one of the
prominent aad actire business interests
of Wellington. Besides this store Mr.
Ktninger has another at Attica, O., which
he has conducted for the past 84 years.
Both of these stores are filled with
choice goods. Mr. Rininger buys his
goods fcr cash and by so doing obtaina
bargalna ana gives his customers the
benefits of these advantages. By deal
ing honestly with all and carrying only
salable goods he haa built up a lucrative
business. In the dress goods department
a fine line of Cashmeres, Matlasse Al
pacas, and other fashionable fabrics are
seen, together with lower priced dress
wear and prints. The moat fastidious
tastes can be satisfied in this department.
All the latest stylea in Dress Trimmings,
Buttons are exhibited, while in Furnish
ing Goods, Hosiery, Underwear for ladies
aud gentlemen. Ties, Laces, Corsets and
everything else kept ia a first-class stock
is found. . The stock of bbawis and
Cloaks is large and varied, and just now
is being sold at reductd prices. In no
tions all the novelties of the season are
on sale and in Knit Goods, Hoods, Nu
bias, Leggins aud Scarfs are seen in
great profusion. The Housekeepers De
partment is stookea with cneviots, len
ims. bleached snd unbleached Muslins
and Table Linen and Toweling. We now
look at the Clothing Department which
we find well suppled with Ready-made
Clothing, Piece Goods, Hats and Caps,
and in Boots and Shoes a large stock is
kept in all grades and prices.- Horsemen
will find Robes. Blankets and other arti
cles needed by them. The display .of
Carpets, Curtains and fixtures is large
and the best patterns are noticed. Crock
ery from the Stone China to the common
delf is on sale, and a lull line or Fresh
Family Groceries will always be found
and are sold at popular prices. In short
the farmer or townsman will find at this
mammoth establishment such goods are
needed every day by them. Every avail
able spot is filled with salable goods and
the riaitor at once observes on entering, a
completeness in every department which
denotes a careful and judicious buyer.
The stock is flrstclass and this establish
ment is a credit to the thrifty village of
Wellington and her people may well feel
proud of It being among her solid inter
ests. Card of Thanks.
I desire to take this opportunity of
expressing my high regard and appre
ciation ol the warm and heartfelt sym
pathy and kindness extended to me in
ray hour of severe affliction, by the
friends at Wellington, of my late de
ceased husband, and especially to those
who so kindly remembered us by the
more substantial token of their regard
for him. Mrs. R. C. Thatcher.
Fremont, Ohio, Jan. 1, 1879.
Notice is hereby given that there will
be s meeting of the stock-holders of the
First National Bank of Wellington, O.,
on Monday Feb. 3J, 1879, between the
hours of 10 A.M., and 12 M., for the
purpose of electing five Diiectors to
serve for the ensuing year.
12 ICt 3 R. A. noBB, Cashier.
Wellington, O., Dec. 31st, 1878,
Agricultural Meeting'.
The Annnal Meeting of the Wellington
Union Agricultural 8ociety for the election
of officers wiU be held in the Town II all, in
Wellington, on Tuesday, Jan. 14th, 1S79 at 10
o'clock A. M. " F. B. Maslt, President.
" K. N. GooDwnt, Sec'y. - 13 14w3
A-Uhma. The tortures and agonies
I endured tor six years, none but those
who hare suffered with this terrible di
sease can know. My life was misera
ble. In desperation I tried Giles' Lin
iment Iodide of Ammonia. It gave me
Instant relief. Used it Internally as
well as externally.
Thomas b ranis as,
12 7 West 27to Street N, Y
Married Forty Tears.
The children, relatives and friends of
Mr. and Mrs. Boice, of Rochester, cele
brated the fortieth anniversary of their
wedding on Christmas. Ail the children
and grand children were present, and a
large number of relatives and friends.
When the company had all arrived, Rev.
Geo. Enspp in behalf of the children
made a brief appropriate speech, and pre
sented to the yoked couple of years va
rious useful articles o the amount of
fifty dollars. Then all sang spiritedly,
"We're Met Again." We then listened
to the following interesting paper by
Mrs. Boice of Huntington:
"Dear friends, we hare met here to
celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the
wedding of this happy couple. Yes.for
ty years ago some of us witnessed the
nuptial ceremony that made the lircs of
these two as one. Let us go back to that
olden time and take a look at things as
they were then, for rerily it is well for
us that we pause and look oaca upon we
past. It is thus we learn more fully to
appreciate the present. Forty yeaia ago
there stood on this spot a small log house,
with one room and an attic, which we
called home, nere our father lived with
his two sons, (oje son bad previously
sought a home in an adjoining town),and
three daughters. Tho father and one
daughter hare long since left us for their
brighter home above, the others are
spared to enjoy their earthly home as
they hare for themselves chosen. This
happy couple hare seen some of the sad
realities of life. One dear son was
snatched from their arms in infancy by
the fell destroyer, death. The other
children have left the parental roof for
homes of their own.cxcept the youngest.
May it be their good fortune, that hie re
main with them to watch toeir final exit,
as they did their father's. One little
grand-son was brought back to them
from the Sunny South, to bask in the
sunshine of their lore for a brief season,
but long enough to have the chords of
lore twined tenderly around their hearts
when death's cold hand was laid upon
him, but thanks to our Heavenly Father,
our friends are not without a solace in the
hour of trial. They hare lived to find a
balm for all earthly ills and griefs. As
the venerable father, Rev. Sage solem
nized their marringe.he prayed that they
might live to build a domestic altar
around their hearth-stone, and enjoy the
fruits of a well-spent ilfe. and now as we
look in upon them to-day, we feel that
that prayer is being answerea.
In addition to the above . paper Mrs.
Boice read a long poum of her own com
position entitled: "Last Evening's Remi
niscences." But it is too long for inser
tion, and an attempt to give extracts
would be doing injustice to the author.
The next thing in order was a song en
titled: "When 1 was One and Twenty."
Then we had a chorus from the children,
When I was Around The Hearth," fol
lowed by a prayer by the Rev.. George
Kev. Knapp aiso enienainea we com
pany by declaiming several pieces.
At this point 1 thought I heard a
thousand voices from the oysters en
treating, "Deal mercifully with us," but
regardless of all their cries they were
eage; ly devoured. Dyspeptic stomachs
also said when they saw such a rich va
riety of cakes and- other things on the
table, "Lead us not to indulge" But
things being to inviting it was too much
for human nature.
Mr. and Mrs. Boice looked elegant yet
very modest. From a distance
they both looked comparatively young,
but a closer observation revealed the
"wrinkled brow," and the "silver thread."
It is sad to see those whom we love so
well growing old.
Rev. Mr. Williams, of Brighton, ar
rived before the party adjourned, thus
evincing his regard for the family in
coming so far on such a cold day. By
request he spoke a few impromptu words
to Mr. and Mrs. Boice and the children.
I was never in a place where every
body seemed to enjoy himself better than
on this occasion. Mr. and Mrs. B., and
all that were there will long remember
the day. In closing I wish that the de
clining years of this couple may be tbeir
best' and sweetest; may they ever be
found on the side of truth as heretofore,
and when life shall have ended they shall
not have lived in vain. D. F. W.
Family Kcuuion.
Among the many family gatherings of
Christmas Day, was the reunion of the
descendants of Eli B. Howk. There
were gathered together children, grand
children and great-grand-children to the
number of forty-five. These represented
the living descendants excepting a son
and his wife living in Scdaliu, Mo. The
grandfather 1 as reached the age of 07
years, and his wife U fire years younger.
They have been the parents of eight
children, six sons and two daughters,
three of whom, two eons and a daughter
are not now living. Theyhave also lost
a grand-daughter. Aside from this
death has not visited them.
All being present, dinner consisting of
the usual supply of good things consid
ered necessary on such occasions, was
served. As early as the house could be
lighted the family met in worship, a son-in-law
read the 23d Psalm also part of the
2nd. of Matthew, and the grand-father
led in an aflecting prayer, after which
the company adjourned to the parlor to
receive the gifts from a heavily laden
Christmas tree, which was the crowning
feature of tho day. - This was estimated
to be worth $'225. Among the most ex
pensive presents were a sewing machine,
a handsome family Bible, a gold chain
and silver spoons, the latter being a gift
from several different persona to the aged
couple. After a merry hour spent in
comparing presents the company sepa
rated with many good wishes and hopes
for the coming year. But one thing oc
curred to mar the pleasure of the day,
and that waa caused by the breaking out
of fire from a pipe, but with prompt ac
tion nothing; mere serious came of it
than the tearing off of a few feet of
plastering, and burning a small hole in
the wall. H. M. II.
Giles' Liniment Iodide of Ammon
ia Cures Neuralgia, Fnco Ache, Rheu
matism, Gout, Frosted Feet, Cliilblaius,
Sore Throat, Erysipela, Bruise?, and
Wounds of every nature In man or ani
mal. The remarkable cures this reme
dy has effected classes it as one of the
most Important and valuable remedies
ever discovered for the cure and relief
of pain.
From over exertion, I contracted a
lain across my loins. My sufferings
were iutense. One bottlo of Giles' Lin
iment Iodide Ammonia cured nie.
T. B.McGkr,
Conductor X. T. and New Haven R. R.
Sufferers from those terrible pains
in the head, back and limbs, caused by
Neuralgia, Rheumatism or other Ner
vous Disease, will be glad to know that
"Lawson's Cckativr" is a complete
alleviator of pain, and can be obtained
of all dealers In mvuiulne. It Is war
ranted when applied according to di
rection3. Try it 50 cents a bottle.
Do Ton Believe It?
That in this town thero are scores of per
sons passing onr store every day whose lives
are luade miserable by indigestion dyspep
sia, sour and distressed stomach, liver coin
plaint, constipation, when, tr 75 cts. we
will sell tueiu Soiloti s Yitaluer, guaran
teed to cure (hem. Sold by Everett A
Starr, Wellington, U.
"He that haf h Ears to Hear, Let
Ulm Hear.
This is a scriptural injunction, but
sometimes that dread disease, catarrh,
will prevent people with -ears from
hearing well. The Constitutional
Catarrh Remedy has cured hundreds
of cases of deafness and has thus been
a boon to many sufferers. For sale by
Everett & Starr Wellington O. and by
Strong Cobb & Co. of Cleveland O.
Ton Must Cure that Cough.
With Shiloh's Consumption Cure
you can cure yourseir. it has estab
lished the fact that Consumption can
be cured, while for Coughs, Bronchitis,
Whoopinz Con eh. Asthma, and all
diseases of Throat and Lungs, It is ab
solutely without an equal. Two doses
will relieve your child of Croup; it is
feasant to take, ond perfectly harm
ess to the youngest child, 'and no
mother can aflord to be without it.
Tou can use two-thirds of a bottle and
if what we say is not true we will re
fund the price paid. Price 10 cts., 60
cts., aud $1.00 per bottle. If your
Lungs are sore, or chest or back lame,
use Shiloh's Porous Plaster. Sold by
J. W. Houghton. 11-17-ly
We Challenge the World.
When we aiy we believe, we have evi
dence to prove hit Sli iloU's Consumption
Care is decidedly the best Lnng Medicine
made, in as mush as it will cure a common
or Chronic Cough in one half the time
and relieve Asthma, Bronchitis, Whooping
Congh, Croap, and show more cases of Con
sumption cured thsn all others. It will
care where they fail, it is pleasant to take,
harmless to the yoangest child, and we
guarantee what we say. Price 10 ceuts, 60'
cents and $1 . If your lungs are sore, back
or chest lame, use Shiloh's Porous Plaster.
Sold by Everett k Starr, Wellington, O.
Nothing short of unmiutakable benefit!
conferred upon tens of thousands of sufferers
com l originate and maintain the reputation
hich Avee's Sarsaparilla enjoy. 1 1 ia a
compound of beat r;getable alteratives
with the Iodides of Potassium and Iron, and
is the most effectual of all remedies for
scrofulous, mercurial, or blood disorders.
Uniformly successful snd certain in its rem
edial effbita. it produces rapid aud complete
cares of Scrofula, Sores, Boils, Humors,
funples, bruptions, felcin Disease, Female
Weaknessees and InegulariUes, and is a po
tent renewer of vitality. For purifvius the
blood it has no equal ; it tones up the sys
tem, restores and preserves the health, im
parts vigor and energy. Jor forty yean it
has been in extensive nse, and is to-day the
moot available medicine lot the snnerios
sick, everywhere. For sale by all dealers.
11-15-ly.) t
The most popular and frairrant perfume
of the day "Hackmatack" try it. Sold by
averects Starr, Wellington, U.
MARKHAM WILSON. At the residence
or the bride, by the Rev. O. V. Rice, Dec 29,
1878, Mr. Reuben H. Markbam, of Farming
ton, 111., to Miss Sophronla E. Wilson, of
Penfleld, Ohio. The couple start immedi
ately for their Western home.
HOUGHTON SMITH. At the residence
of the bride's parents, in Homer. Ohio.
Jan. 1st, 1878, b7 the Rev. Bailey of West
Salem, Walter S. Houghton to Miss Orpha
31, 1878, at 7 P. M.; at the M. E. Parsonage,
Mr. Arlington Stannard, of Wellington, O.,
to Miss Mary S. Myers, of Rochester, Ohio.
TW. 9.1th 1K7H at A P Xf h
nf thm krirlj. namnta Kw Iia Haw 1Ch.1I a
Albright, Rev. Geo- Mather assisting, Mr.
a n i a- a.ai n . . .
ouumcr disc- w iu-ibs Ammm aoamao ail oi
The Entbhprisk acknowledges the receiot
of wed ding -cake.
- - v a as hbuuwivu, avai
trim !- -,. st f K KIA ru
V U W VIIU SB VJ aj istaj,
25, 1878, by Rer. Geo. W. Crofts, Mr. New
ton H. Carpenter, of Chicago, to Miss Battle'
in. w in, ui oauuwicn.
The bride was one of our most attractive
ladies snd has won ahleh reputation aa an
artist. The couple left for Chicago on the
same dsy, and yesterday left Chicago for a
trip to Cleveland. Sandwich, I1L, Gazette,
Dec. 23,1678.
CHAFFEE Mrs. Lou Chaffee was born
in Wad a worth, O., Sept. 20th, 1849, and died
from nervous prostration at the home of her
mother, Mrs. B. F. Locke. In Wellington. O.,
January 3d, 1879. The funeral services were
conducted by Revs. Mather and Thomson.
"In all my wanderings 'round this world ot
In all my griefs; and God has given my share.
. .
I still bad hopes, mv loner vexations naat.
Here to return and die at home at last."
Medina Gazette, Wads worth Enterprise
and Akron Beacon please copy.
BANKING. Mrs. Patience Hart Banning,
relict of the late Elijah T. Banning, waa the
youngest of four daughters of Jesse Hart.
She was born iu Wallingford, Vermont,
April 9th, 1809. Her father soon after emi
grated to Springfield, Portage Co., Ohio,
where she grew to womanhood and was
married. They were among the first perma
nent residents of Rochester, Lorain Co.,
where, with the exception of a few years.
she remained until her death, which took
place on the Sd Inst. She professed religion
at the age of twenty years and lived a con.
slstont christian and died happy in the faith
that has borne her triumphantly over the
many trials and troubles that It has been her
lot to pass through. Her funeral was attend
ed by a large concourse of sorrowing neigh
bors and friends, at the Baptist Church in
Rochester, Sunday, the 5th Inst. E. A. C.
There has been no change in the buy
ing or selling price of cheese. The cold
weather has prevented shipments and
every thing is at a dead lock.
We quote : buying 6 to C) cts (naked.
Billing, (boxed) TJs to 8 cents.
The shipments of cheese for the two
weeks ending Jan. S.h are as follows:
No. of boxes, 1,011. , No lbs, 80,040.
Butter for the same time as follows :
No. tubs, 102. No. lbs. 6,961.
Notice to.Take Deposition. "
TUTi"t?." I Coert of Common Pie-.
JUDSOS: CHAMBERLA1K. Pl ir. 1 pet,too for
FAXX CHAMBERLAIN', Dett. j Invuroe.
Wit bin aul for the County of Lorain, State of Ohio.
The Defendant will take notice that on the 2uth lay
of January, A. D., ifrjn, the ahove named plaintiff
will take the Depositions of sundry wltnessea, to be
used as evidence on the trial of the above entitled
cause, at the office of William O. Saundera, In the
city of Grand Rapids, In the County of Kent, and
State of Michigan, between the hours of 8 o'clock, A.
M. and a o'clock. P. M.. of said day, and that the
taklns of the same will be adjourned tram day to day,
between the same hours, until they are completed.
W. F. HEltltlCK. AU'y for Pl'ff.
Divorce Notice.
ThLneca.0!0 in the Court of Common Pleaa.
JCXIA BOI.OEK. Plaintiff. 1
sKuiu.i i Notice.
J AMESliulxlER, Defendant. ) The said
James Bolgcr will take notice that the said Julia Bol-g-pr
haa Sled In the Cletks office of aald Court her ap
plication for Divorce. As a cause therefor she chaaa;.
ea the said Jamea Bolger with being guilty of adultery
with Rosa Ilawley. that said adulterous Intercourse
between them has existed for more than four years
last past, and that on the 2d day of December, A. D.,
187H, said James absconded with the said $osa and Is
now living with her la a state of adultery. Bald peti
tioner asks for the custody of their two children. M In
itio and Freddie, and for alimony. Said cause will be
for hearing at the next term of said Court, to-wit:
The January term, A. D. 187W. JULIA BOLGER,
- By J. H. Dickson, her Atty.
December 11th, 18T8. 13 wo. end
The New Era
Is made from choice
White Winter Flint "Wheat
By Putnam's Patent Process of Prenar-
.ing, steaming, jurying ana Konsting,
nnu is a perfectly pure article, free
irom any adulteration whatever.
It can be used by those who cannot
use Imported Coffees, and contains vir
tues and health-producing elements
not possessed by tea or coffee.
Physicians uuiversally indorse it as a
nenltuTul table urinic. A prominent
physician and surgeon of San Francis
co, Cal., writes us, "It is the Wonder
of the Age !"
"What the People Say of It.
Having used the New Era Coffee for the
past year, I believe its general Introduction
will prove a permanent good.
L. M. LfcK v. D.
Dorchester, Sept. Si. 1878.
Hsvins; used It in my family for the past
year and tested its excellent qualities, I be
lieve it is a real sanitary boon to people gen
erally. AFREDC. GARBATT, n. .
37Boylaton St., Boston.
I consider It a most heathful and nutrit
ious beverage and free from all the injurious
effects of tea and coffee.
83 Commonwealth Av., Boston, May 89, 78.
For ten months I have drank the New Era
Coffee. The palpitation of the heart which
I have experienced from drinking Java Cof
fee has entirely ceased. I think It excellent
896 Columbus Ave., Boston May 2t)th, 1878.
I have used the New Era Coffee for the
past nine months, and so much. pleased with
it tbst I Intend drinking It constantly.
Xeponset, July 16th, 1873.
jrorsaiebv w. vv. Harvey.
Over 30 Different
And ahont the same of .
HT stocs
J. "Wi "WilTDur's,
And For Sale at
Respectfully Yours,
If you want pure York State
Buckwheat Flour, choice Oys
ters direct from Baltimore, the
best family Flour and Yeast
to leaven it, Vinegar, Sugar,
r ickles, (io blets, 1'eanuts, lira-
ham Flour. Lamps, Corn Meal,
Jugs, Tea, Potatoes, Chow
Chow, Bird Seed and healthy
Candy buy them of Bowlby fe
We sell packing Salt, Salt
petre, Sage, . Extracts, stiictly
pure ground Spices, Brooms,
Queensware, Glassware, Table
Cutlery and Cheese.
When you cret disgusted
with old stale Coffee, come
and buy borne new roasted
and refresh yourself.
Manufacturer of
Wagons and Sleighs.
H aviug purchased the inteieat of P. C.
1 nomas in the carnage business, J shall de
vote mv entire time aud energy to supply
ing everything in my line that the Lecessi
ties of my customers dem iod.
I have a large stock of new and secoud
hand vcarriages which will be sold , at prices
to suit toe times.
Office and Factory at the old stand aa
tonnerly. ihaufcfuiror past favors, I so
licit a continuance of your patronage.
2in40yl- T. DOLAND.
100 uOfl Men and Women are wanted, to make
VW,WWW froln (J to $15 per day. Agvuta are
ow maKing uisi uwuiu.
letsl Address, with one eeot stamp.
Rev. S. T. BUCK, Milton; Pa.
He will also copy old pictures and finish in
Oil, from the common photograph size to
full life-size. The copying of old or defaced
Pictures is made a specialty.
A nice line of cloths just re
ceived at to itch s.
Clothing made and fit guaran
teed at Pitch's.
A large stock of ready-made
ciotning, late and nobby styles
at J? itch's.
A large stock of overcoats
cheap at Fitch's.
Ladies cloakings cheap at
Waterproof cheap at Fitch's.
Ladies' underwear cheap at
Boys' underwear cheap at
Men's underwear cheap at
A large stock of hats and caps
cneap at Jbltcn's.
Trunks, satchels and shawl
straps cheap at Fitch's.
Neck wear and hosiery cheap
Gloves and mittens cheap at
. Jfttcn's.
The best shirts in America
cheap at Fitchs.
Is now complete, and m brac
es the largest assortment
of Useful and Orna
mental articles of
shown in Wel
lington. Our prices
will average 50 PER
CENT, less than last year.
OUR WORK is artistic in
design and superior in fin
ish and quality. No
Fancy Prices be
cause of the
Approach of Christmas.
"Wellington., O.'
The Friend of All I
Hollo-tray's Fills
'I had no anoetlta: Hollowava Pflls cave me s
beany one."
"Tour Fills an marvelous."
'I send for .imtho box. and keen them m the
"Dr. Hollo way has en red my headache that was
"I aave one of your Pills to my babe for cholera
morbus. The dear Uule thing got well In a day."
"Mr nausea of a moraine Is now cured.'
"Your box of Hollow. t". ointment cured me of
nol.es In the head. 1 rubbed some of your Ointment
behind the ears, and the noise has left.
"Send me two boxes; I wsnt one for a poor family. "
"I enclose a dollar: rour price is 23 eenta. hut the
medicine to me Is worth a dollar.
"Send me Ave boxes of your PlEs."
'Let me hare three boxes of vour Pills bv return
mall, for Chills and Fever.
I hare over aoo such testimonials aa these, Tmt
wsnt of space compel, me to conclude.
For Cutaueous Disorders,
And an eruption, of the skin, this Ointment Is most
Invaluable. It does not heal externally alone, but
penetrmies with the most searching effect to the very
rout of the evil.
Posseted of this . Remedy-, every man
may be bid own doctor. It may be
rubbed Into the system, so as to reach
any internal complaint; by these means
It cures Sorer or Ulcers iu the Throat,
Stomach, Liver, Spine, or other part.
It Is an Infallible Remedy for Bad Legs,
Bad Breasts. Contracted or Stiff Joints,
Gout, Rheumatism ar.d all skin diseases.
I.wimixt r.mn Vane are genuine unless the
slicnsture of J. Hatuocb, a. agent for the Totted
biatea. surrounos eacn uui oi run ih viuiuvu..
Boxes at 25 cents, ex cents and $1 each.
CVThers is considerable saving by taking the
larger sixes,
HOLLO TV AT CO., Kew Tork.
13m S"
Utaark a Ksuaji
Tm IfsintMr -is-tl br
1 V " i ..fa., t 1m rmnl Sriin
JsSlri Ntw York iy- CiWrTnj thiT
mm him woth.
T...K mask. t.l Sirtw. rw in re no blearlun
fill Id 1MB .1 um .1 liHM wHI
XcMtbuu. fctcry box liu 1 r.fcxi.rk ottli. oh'iiciaOTt.ss
business jon can engage lau as to 920
per a&y nuas Djr any woraer or el that
sex, riKUl la tbeir ova localities, rar
ticulars and aasLDlea worth Si free. Im
prove vour spare time at this business. Address
btixsox uu. , roruana, jLame. . iwiyi
I am now in daily receipt of
fresh Oysters from Baltimore,
and will sell bulk and can oys
ters cheaper than ever, by the
dish, served up in every style.
For church and benevolent
objects I will make reasonable
deductions, also to merchant.
Please do not forget that I keep a full snr-
ply of Groceries snd Provisions, together
with Frnits snd Confectionery. Tobscco and
Cigars, Lnnch snd Hot Tea and Coffee at all
hours, and no ains spared to accommodate
all who call.
Thankful for vast favors I remain vour
humble servant,
ANT AS MAY" by providing yourselves
with one of our elegant Stoves of which
we have
The Cream of the World,
The old reliable Argand,
The beautiful Golden Star,
The Majestic Garland and
The glittering Gold Coin,
And this is not all !
We can show yon the finest
Made in the world, and wood -
Seating Stoves
Unequaled in beauty, quality and price on
the American continent. We sell every
thing in our line at bottom prices and guar.
an tee satisfaction.
We generally have second hand stoves
that we sell cheap.
Laicpa and lamp goods is one of our
Come and See Us !
Having purchased the large
Wareroom formerly owned by
T. Doland, and fitted it up for
a Livery Stable and furnished
it with first-class rigs, all new,
I am prepared to meet every
want of the public in my line.
Good teams furnished at all
hours and at reasonable rates.
A Rare Chance.
Bush & Belxxen wish to say
ti their customers and the
public generally, that they
contemplate closing out their
clothing business and have de
cided to mske a slaughter in
All desirable goods will be
sold at cost ; those a little off
will be sold regardless of cost.
you don't believe it come and
see for yourselves.
Cash, and nothing else, will
be taken for goods at cost.
Aug. 28th, 1878.
A ilinMe X.-imoovvry
vutl New Dcpau-tui in JJa
iml Scisrnctt, entin-ly
Nctf sUid posiitiT-lvcffcrt-Wc
Bcn-edy tor the pdy
snd pcrinar.ent Car ot
Seminal miralozi &
Im potency by the only
tru way, via: Direct
Apnlit-sALion to th nrin-
rtpal scat of th Diaeaaa, acting by Absorption, and xtr
ti5 itt tpcrif ie influence on the beminal Vesielca Xtfao
ulritorr fhicta, Pro-strata Gland and XTrtnra. The ua
ol th Kcmcdy i atteittlcd with no pain or itnirrrniice
it is quickly dialTCd aad aoon kbaorrieU. producing aa
ix&mcUiata aootbing aad Mtoralive rficct iponth sex
ual and berroos organization wrecked trom aclf-abn
ard cxoees, stoppinc Um drain trou the system, rrstor
inpilt mind to hestta and aoand memory, removing
the Dimneaa of Sight, Nervous Debility. ConxUaioa
of I dec a. Aversion to Society. EtcSto. aud the anprar
ance of prematura old aff usually sccornpanyinx this
truahlc, sim! rvstorinjc perfect Sexual Via or, where it baa
been dovmatwt tur years. This mod of trrmxassrnt has stood
the test in very severs cases, and is now a proiionnccd
rracccars. Dr-ujra are too much prescribed in these troubles,
and as many can bear witness to, with bat little tt any
pernisTtrrnt pxkL There is no Nonsense about thii Prepara
tion, Prartical observation cnablesns to positively truaran
tee that it will cive aatisfaction. - Onripg the sight
years that ft has been in general use, we have thouMods
ot testimonial as to its value, and It ia sow eooceed
ed by the Medical Profession to be the most rational
means yet discovered ot reachinjr aad enrins; this very pre,
alent trouble, that is well knoaa ta be the cause ot untold
misery to so many, end upon whom Quack pre y with
their use! ? nostrums and biaTfees.Tae Remedy is put np
in a nest brx, enough to last a month, and sent in a plain
wrapper by mail sealed for S3- Two bozea. (sufficient to
effect a nrrrnaneitt cure unless in severs eases) f 6 Thre
boxes is sting three rail months, will atop emrssinris. and
rer ore vigor, in the worst cases- 9 7- Full D2LCTIQiS
or nainc will soeoinpsny SACR BOX.
. 4 Send for a Deaeriptlve Pamphlet sarins; AaajbwIeaTV
M Xllastranons,rUcJi wtl( convince Una most sceptical
tSat they can bs restored to perfect manhood, and
rOrted fbrthe duties of Ills, sama as it roreer affected, W
Sent Scaled for stamp to any oaav Sold OKXsT by ths
MariratsiKlSh.Sts. ST. LOUIS, MO.
Sldx Headache
restlisMV vara wj
those Uttl 'Uls.
They also relieve
Diatrem from Dyspep
sia. Jndlgwtton and
Too Hearty Entin.
Ajpertecl remedy tor
pfSnesa, Nausea,
In the lloutn. Coated
Tonene, Palo In the
Side, Ac They regu
late the Bowele and
prevent Constipation
and Piles. The small-
Bold by all Bracgtsts.
r Ttn Vlala by ssatl lor ona dollar.
Wist k H1 C a PaVTIUJ

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