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Thursday, Jan. 23, 187W.
There is an indebtedneu of $44,000 on
BucLUal College, Akron.
Akron Schools ue seriously depleted
by measles amoDg the children.
It is stated that the Tiffin Woolen
Mills which recently suspended, sank
50,000 last year.
The widow of A. T. Stewart is con
stantly pestered by applicants for mo
ey. Just as we are.
Wlllard's Yankee Doodle," "Stars and
Stripes and the UigLi" are on exhibition
at the MeadTille Loan.
. The clergymen of. Troy, N. Y-, rec
ommend less unnecessary expense at fu
nerals, and protest against the habit of
wearing costly mourning.
Mrs. Mary A. Dennison author of
"That Husband of Mine" is said to hare
made $15,000 from that not over-deep
nor ia any way remarkable, piece of lit
erary work, which goes to show that a
"taking" title is pecuniarily of more im
portance than the book itself.
The central thought of s Sunday ser
mon was: "As the pillar of cloud by
day and of fire by night led and lighted
the Hebrew people through the long wil
derness, so the Bible leads in the broad
way of prosperity and good cheer and
lights up and irradiates the shadowy
paths of sorrow and affliction for all of
God's people."
Bishop Simpson's Yale Xectnres on
Preaching are Terr entertaining and in
strucUve reading. Few men in this
country have a better reputation for elo
quence and good sense combined, and
-vet he resisted for Tears the impression
of duty to preach because he had grown
to manhood thinking that he had none of
the qualifications of a good speaker.
Setter Home Cheese. .
The Mead villa Index thinks that really
good, digestible full-cream cheese would
find so large a home market that it would
not be necessary to get Uncle Sam's cus
tom in. feeding his 25,000 regulars.
Meadville with its thirty or forty gro
ceries has not one which makes a special
ty of full-cream Pennsylvania cheese.
Congressman Monroe does not regard
the bill asking for an appropriation to
repair the William and Mary College, in
the light of a war claim. He had Toted
for the appropriation of (5,000 to build
a monument over Jefferson's grave, and
was quite as willing to do something to
keep a- venerable old college in preserva
tion. The fact that this was an educa
tional monument increased his interest
in it and from thst point of Tiew he wa
in favor of it, and voted for it.
We should hare no objection to help
ing colleges on general principles if the
same courtesy could be extended to all
schools in like needy, circumstances, but
if we are to make a general thing of it,
Uncle 8am will have to adopt some means
to increase his' revenue, ortUe number of
applications would soon bankrupt him.
We think Mr. Monroe made a mistake
There is only one ground on which it
would be reasonable to pay for the dam
age done to that college, and that ia the
ground mentioned in the bill, that it was
destroyed by U. S. soldiers wantonly and
without orders. If our memory serves
us the matter has been along time before
Congress, has been carefully looked in
to, and the claim found to be without any
foundation in justice. If William and
Mary college is needy and there is any
reason of national importance why the
government should aid her, similar or
equal to that for erecting a monument to
Thos. Jefferson, then by all means let us
help her, but when she comes putting it
in the nature of a war claim then we beg
to be excused, and we are glad to note
that enough Northern Democrats were
found to aid the Republicans in defeat
ing such a scheme for repairing their
losses in the Rebellion. -
We think tee gentleman's own
admission shows that he had given too
little attention to the bill to fully under
stand its merits and that otherwise be
could not have voted as he did. .
County School Superintendent,
We are indebted to Hon. L. Herri ck
for a copy of a bill lately introduced in
theXegislature by Mr. Worley of Stark
Co., to create the office of County Super
intendent, which provides for aa election
of that officer the first Mondsy in June,
1879. by the Presidents of the several
township Boards of Education in each
county. He ia to receive compensation
as follows: In each county in which the
youth of school age exceed five thous
and, eight hundred dollars; over five
and less than ten thousand, one thousand
dollars; over ten and less than fifteen
thousand, fourteen hundred dollars and
so on to the extreme limit two thousand
dollars. It is made his duty to visit each
of the ungraded schools in the .county
at least once each year and as much of
tener as possible, to inquire into the
management and mode of discipline
and instruction of the school, the condi
tioa of the school houses and appur
tenances, and to give the teacher such
advice and direction in reference to the
course of instruction, method of teach
ing and discipline as he may deem prop
er: to meet with the teachers of the sev
eral townships for general instmction.ad
vice and coonsel and to meet with the
several township Boards of Education,
and advise and counsel with them and
other school officers in relation to the di
vision of their townships into sub-districts,
the management of schools, the
construction, ventilation and warming
of school buildings, etc., etc.
Provision is made to insure bis compe
tency and such rules made as will secure
co-operation on the part of the teachers,
and a thorough knowledge on his part of
the condition of each school in the coun
ty. The law makes many provisions for
the regulation of the duties of township
school officers, and for the improvement
of our whole common school', system.
The bill meets our hearty approval.
Future legislation will remedy: any de
fects not now apparent, but hereafter
discovered in its practical workings, and
there is no doubt some such plan will
lead to greater thoroughness and efficien
cy. The additional expense to the tax
payers, scarcely amounting tofrom seven
to sixteen cents tor each child of school
age, is so slight when compared with
the advantages that would result from
uniformity and method in arranging the
ceurces of instructions, and the putting
in practice the most improved systems of
instruction that it ought scarcely to be
thought of in this connection.
It is true, as has been urged that per
sonal visitation by a Superintendent can
not be very frequent but by reason of
printed instructions and rules and teach
ing at institutes and conventions he can
so make his influence felt as to make
a radical improvement in our ungraded
schools. Teaching has come to be a pro
fession of equal importance with medi
cine, law or theology, and new systems
and methods are being introduced re
quiring constant study and advancement
In its professors, and making it as im
practicable for school directors or even
former school-teachers, resident in the
districts who might be willing to exercise
a superintendency gratcitously, to be
made useful, as for the pettifogger to
manage a suit in the Supreme Court
Whatever may be the objections on first
view it becomes us to study it carefully
and perhaps to give it a fair trial, when
it can be abolished if it does not give
satisfactory results. We are Informed
that many other states have a similar su
perintendency and that in the main it is
found to work advantageously.
The manner provided for the election
of superintendents takes the matter en
tirely out of politics and permitsthe Presi-
idents to select the best man regardless
of political faith or place of residence.
We are confident that the apparent ob
jections to this plan will vanish with a
better understanding of its provisions snd
an experience of its practical workings.
Magazine Notices.
Demorest's Monthly for February ia an
exceedingly attractive number in iu il
lustrations and filled with IU usual excel
lence and variety in every department.
"Baby land" for February which con
tinues to be the most attractive monthly
for the little folks ever published is on
our table. Parents will never regret the
small sum of fifty cents invested in this
charming magazine. Specimen copies
can be seen at this office and we will
cheerfully forward names of subscribers
to the publishers. , Dontt forget to look
at It.
Ballou's Monthly Magazine for Febru
ary is full of the most charming reading
matter. The leading illustrated article
is by the author of "A Whaleman's Ad
ventures," and treats of the Fijli Islands.
Earl Marble has a poem "Daddy Joe's
Sweetheart," written in a dialect which
will be interesting to Southwestern and
Missouri readers, and which is accompa
nied by some capital illustrations drawn
from life. It is published by Thomes &
Talbot, 23, Hawley St., Boston, at $1.60
a year, postpaid, and for sale at all the
periodical depots in the country.
Peterson's Magazine fur January is
already on our table, a triumph of art,
literature and fashion. Either of the
two steel engravings, "The Playmates,"
or "The Letter at the Gate," is worth the
price of the number. Then the triple
sized colored pattern, "Persian Embroi
dery ia Applique, etc.," the very newest
thing out would be cheep at fifty cent;.
As for- the mammoth colored fashion
plate it is simply unrivalled; and beside
this, there are some tmrty oiner laamon
illustrations. - Now is the time to sub
scribe. "Peterson" is undoubtedly the
cheapest and best of the ladies books.
The price is only two dollars a year. To
clubs it is still cheaper, viz; four copies
for 16.50, with an extra copy gratis to
the person getting up , the club, or five
copies for $8.00 and both an extra copy
and a superb premium engraving,
Christ Blessing Little Children." Spec
imens of tie magazine sent gratis to
persons desiring to get up clubs. Ad
dress Charles J. Peterson, 806,Chestnut
St Philadelphia,. Pa. . ....
Harper's Magazine for ' February is
very superior in its illustrations. J. C.
Beard's article, "The Treasures of the
Deep," S. G. W. Benjamin's "Rambles
in the South of France," "At the Mouth
of the Amazon," by M. Msuris, and
Winter Sports in Canada" by Frederick
G. Mather are specially rich in scene pic
tures. Will Carleton's pathetic humor has
taken a new turn and "Our Traveled
Parson" is a good story in his own home
ly style and happily illustrated by Abbey.
In this number Mrs. Muloch Craik be
gins a serial story, and all her old friends
will wish to read "Young Mrs. Jardlne."
Horace E. Scudder treats on "Education
by Hand," and artists are notified that
the series of papers on the "Old Flemish
Masters" is concluded and to be succeed
ed by another on the Dutch Masters
Mendelssohn's letters to Madam Mos-
cheles, published for the first time, will
be read with great interest. .
Mrs. Rebecca Harding Davis, one of
the best story writers in America, con
tributes a "Story of the Plague", and
Commodore Meade furnishes a biograph
ical sketch of the late Rear Admiral
The Editor's Easy Chair has reminis
cences of Old New York, and discourses
of the Gambetta duel, the Tell legends,
and Mrs. Whitman's poems. The Liter
ary, Scientific and Historical Records
and the always interesting Drawer com
plete the number.
The February Scribner is embellished
as distinctively mid-wiiiicr, and one has
only to glance at Its title-page to be
freshly convinced that '-Snow drifts pile
the window ledge. " The fourth of the
portraits like those of Lincoln, Bryant
and Longfellow is now given in one of
Emerson, and is followed by sn illustra
ted paper on the "Homes and Haunts' of
this Eminent Scholar." "The Tile Club
at Play" fills twenty -two pages . The poet
Stedman has taken a new flight and now
writes of "Aerial Navigation." "The
Fortunes and Misfortunes of Co. C," is
the second of the "Johnny Reb Papers,"
and is well written. The English Car
icaturist John Leech is described by
Russell . Sturgis, and some of his
best drawings have been reproduced.
"Seeking Pasturage" is a pathetic illus
tration in "Studies of the Sierras." As
a master-hand at character-drawing the
author of "Haworth" proves herself
equal to any new venture and this story
is worth reading if for nothing more than
aa a study in fiction.
Boyeson's "Falconberg" is to be con
cluded in April. "The Relations of
Insanity to Modern Civilization" ia a
thoughtful examination into the causes
of the disease, which the author shows to
be: a vicious, imperfect and injudicious
education, the habit of hurry, and the
universal struggle for place and a com
petence, too little sleep, and the unequal
distribution of the means of living.
We must conclude mention of this ex
cellent number by reference to Edward
Eggleston's entertaining group of anec
dotes under the title of "To The Clergy"
and beg the printer to make room for this
much showing his admiration of "Cler
ical discount." "Because he is poor per
haps? But my washwoman is poor and
I never heard of any benevolent tailor
offering her a discount on her boy's trous
ers. Besides ministers as a class are not
poor some of us are not even poor in
spirit. The country min
ister is often straitened, but so also is the
country dector; yet nobody ever, gives
the doctor a medical discount of ten per
cent. Why should we, of all men, be
genteel paupers?"
Two Tears An Invalid Cured.
New Bethlehem, Pa., July 13,1865.
Dr. SI. M- Fenner, Fredonia, N. X.,
Dear sir: About two years ago I bad an
eruption of the skin and swelling of my up
per lip and both less. I could not wear a
boot for nine months. I also bad a bad
cough for fifteen years. I began the use of
your Blood and Liver Remedy, and Nerve
Tonic with yonr Bait Rheum Ointment and
Cough Honey in February last. I improved
so fast that I began work the first ( Atarch.
The cure is complete no trace either of the
cough, eruption or swelling! remains.
J. M. bExXEB.
Dr. Fcnner's Blood and Liver Remedy
and Nerve Tonio may well be called
"The conquering hero" of the times. It
is the medical triumph of the age. Who
ever has "the bluest should take it, for
it regulates and restores the disordered
system that gives rise to them. It al
ways cures Billiousness and Liver Com
plaint, Jaundice, Dyspepsia, Constipa
tion, Headaches, Fever and Ague, Spleen
Enlargraents, Scrofula, Erysipelas, Pim
ples, Blotches, and all skin eruptions
and blood disorders; Swelled Limbs and
Dropsy; Sleeplessness, Impaired Nerves
and Nervous Debility; Restores flesh
and strength when the system is running
down or going into decline; cures Fe
male Weakness and Chronic Rheuma
tism, and relieves Chronic Bronchitis,
and all Lung and Throat difficulties.
It does these things by striking at the
root or disease ana removing its causes.
Dr. Fenners Improved Cough Honey
will relieve any cough in ne hour.
Dr. JTenner's Uoiden Keller cures any
pain, as tooth-ache, neuralgia, colic or
headache in 5 to 30 minutes, and readily
relieves rheumatism, kidney-complaint.
diarrhoea, dysentery, rot me Dy lt. o.
B. Emerson. Dr. Fenner's Bu Vitus
Dance Specific. One bottle always cures.
For sale by dealers.
B.D. Palmer, D.D.S.
Successor to Dr. J. J. Stedman.
Especial attention given to the
Preservation of tbe
XTatural Teetib.
By filling and cleaning.
Inserted upon all the various bsses
known to the profession.
Just publish!, im a Sealed Enrelape, Price $ cU.
A Lector on the Katare. Treatment, sad Umdleal
euro uf brmlDtU Weakness, or bfxnnatorrhcea. 1o-
doced oy BelT-Annar. involuntary emission, impo
leacv. Aerrotn XJenimr. ana iniDeairaau to Mar-
liagtt generally; CuaauiDptlon, k.pllepy, and Flia;
Mental and I'hrtlcal lncaoacltT. Br liOBERT
J. Cl LVKBWiCiX, M. !., author ot tna "Ureem
book. - etc
TtM world-renowned author, la thla admirable Lee
tvrv. clearly Drove from bts own experience thai the
awful consequence of Self-A base may be effectually
removed wit front mrd.c.ne. and without daareroua
eurvical o Deration, bouKU'a, Instrument, linira. or
easralalw; pointing oat a mode of cure at once certain
and effectual, by which every offerer, no matwsr
what hi condition may be, may cure uinaeu cheap
ly, privately ana raaicauy.
tVTht Lecture will prore a boon, to thooaandt
Sent trader In a plain envelope, to any addreaa.
post-paid, on receipt ox six ceuU or 2 postage at am pa.
Addreaa the lMtehera,
The Crilverwll HXedical Co.,
41 Ann St.. New York.
P. O. Box 4586..
We wish to ssy that one of our oldest and
most experienced physicians, after giving
Sr. Seth, Arnol&'s
A thorough trial, pronounces It TAR SU
PERIOR to any Cough Remedy he ever saw.
The doctor had been afflicted with a severe
cold, which would not yield to any perse rip
Lion he could; compound, but with one bot
tle of the Cough Killer, he was so much re-'
lleved thst be came back and bought seven
bottles more. If any one wishes to know
who toe doctor Is we will Inform them by
calling at our store.
City Hall Druif Store.
Corner Second Street and Nicollet Avenue,
XnrKSaroLis, mot.
all druggists everywhere. 8 wo
For sale by Dr. 8. B. Emeison.
tYv8 5
45 Years Before the Public.
Hepatitis, or Liver Complaint,
Symptoms of a Diseased Liver.
PAIN in the right side, under the
edge of the ribs, increases on pres
sure; sometimes the pain is in the left
side; the patient is rarely able to lie
on the left side ; sometimes the pain is
felt under the shoulder blade, and it
frequently extends to the top of the
shoulder, and is sometimes mistaken
for rheumatism in the arm. The
stomach is affected with loss of appe
tite ana sickness: trie Dowels in gen
eral are costive, sometimes alternative
with lax; the head is troubled with
pain, accompanied with a dull, heavy
sensation in the back part There is
generally a considerable loss of mem
ory, accompanied with a painful sen
sation of having left undone some
thing which ought to have been done.
A slight, dry cough is sometimes an
attendant. The patient complains of
weariness and debility; he is easily
staruea, ms teet are cold or burning.
and he complains of a prickly sensa
tion ot the skin; his spirits are low;
and although he is satisfied that exer
cise would be beneficial to him, yet
he can scarcely summon up fortitude
enough to try it. In fact, he distrusts
every remedy. Several of the above
symptoms attend the disease, but cases
have occurred where few of them ex
isted, yet examination of the body,
after death, has shown the liver to
have been extensively deranged.
Dr. C McLane's Liver Pills, in
cases of Ague and Fever, when
taken with Quinine, are productive of
the most happy results. No better
cathartic can be used, preparatory to,
or after taking Quinine. We would
advise all who are afflicted with this
disease to give them a fair trial.
For all bilious derangements, and as
a simple purgative, they are unequaled.
The genuine are never sugar coated.
Every box has a red wax seal on the lid,
with the impression Dr. McLank's Liver
The genuine McLane's Lives. Pills bear
the signatures of C McLa.ne and Fleming
Bros, on the wrappers.
Insist upon having the genuine Dr. C
McLane's Liver Pills, prepared by Flem
ing Bros., or Pittsburgh, Pa., the market being
full of imitations of the name JUcLane,
spelled differently but same pronunciation.
Surgeon Dentists.
Do not neglect to care for and so lose
your teeth. A small amount of money
expended to keep them In good condi
tion is a good investment. We keep
Tooth Brushes, Powder and Mouth
Washes and will be glad to select for
each of our patients just such as their
care demands.
This Is the time of the year to have
your bad teeth removed before the cold
weather comes and they begin to ache.
We make Gold, Silver, Continuous
Gum and Celluloid Plates (besides oth
er kinds), bat find Gold a much better
base for artificial teeth than Rubber.
Examination and counsel free.
We will be glad to work for any who
may desire our services.
Teeth extracted without pain by the
use of Nitrous Oxide Gas. 9-3 m
Holbrook Brothers. D. D. S.
Over 30 Different
And about the same of
' AT
J. . "Wilt ur'sw,
And For Sale at
Respectfully Yours,
He will also copy old pictures and finish in
Oil, from the common photograph size to
fall life-size. The copying of old or defaced
CTClures is maue a specialty.
Baldwin, Laundon & Co.'s
' ' - OF ' V '
. Dross Goods
Of every style and quality, at prices to suit
the purchaser, comprising Black and Fancy
Bilks, very low ; Black Cashmeres the best
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tic Dress Goods is very full and complete,
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chiefs a very fine stock. Some as low as
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ot Hosiery, Gloves, Collars and Cuffs. La
dies' Neck Wear, etc., also a very Mrge
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specL They are the very best in the world.
Our stock of
and Groceries
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Carpets., and
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Bassss vix yllA h j
An agent wanted in this locality to supply the rapid demand !
The former high priced machines REDUCED to
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Examination Before You Pay For It.
And no obMxatloa to keep one. If not bittcs tliaa any machine yon erer had.
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The Old Favorite and Reliable STANDARD
Sewing Machine 820.
Aknowledgf.3 jso Sltkrxor ! ! !
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tion of plain or faiicr ewtng with eae and cfirwfiilf ostronc and well n.ade, and ao tboruQKnly tested
while In ne for years In Thousands of F.-iralLk-. thai. cwU niaculue that Icavr a our Factory la warranted for
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companied by a more comph c out nt of nu nitron aid tnu-fui attachment fr all Kind of work: (free of
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An attractive and new feature of the Weekly Commercial for 1S79 will be an
original Novel by the famous English Author, Mrs. E. 31. Eb addon, the advance
sheets of which have been purchased by the Publishers of the Commercial.
There is also a highly interesting and amusing "Puzzle Department," and
'Field and Stream Notes," Scientific Papers and Agricultural Matter. The
Market News Is made up with care and always reliable.
Tlio Cincinnati Dollar Weekly Commercial,
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made Clothing, at prices so much below
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ia our purcuases ior our
department this sesson we have obtained a
larger and better selected stock of the newer
styles than ever before. We have Ladies',
Misses' and Children's Shoes, also Men's
ana Boys- boom ana unoes, wnicn we can
sell greatly below any former fiarures. In
fact in all departments prices are more fav-
oraoie ior me purcnaser man nave neen
known for years.
The citizens of Wellington and vicinity
will do well to look over our stock before
purchasing. We will try to please all in
showing goods and making prices satisfac
tory. o
the Stitch at the Centennial.
Machine, mora cnmnlt-ts fn ennlnment than
cinlpment than
are Agents for the Cincinnati Daily
O. Subscriptions left with them will
Uian make monry faster at work for ns than at
uythinK Capital sot required; we wlil
t-irt you. tl3 a day at home made by the indua
Irion. Men. women, boys and rfirla wanted
everywhere to work fur us. Now is the time. Cost
ly oiitllt and terms free. Address TacxJk Co., An
gui la, Maine. ll-J7yl
people an cettlnc acquainted and those who
axe not ought to be with the wonderful merit of
that great An iriVan Benaedy. ths
Mxistaiig liniment,
ThU liniment vmiy nmtarallr orlfrinaited la Ameri
ca, where Nature provides In her laboratory soon
surprising- antidotes for the maladies of her chil
dren. IU fame has been spreading for &yeara,
until now it encircles the habitable globe.
The Mexican Slnatong Liniment Is a matchless
remedy for all external ailments of man and beast.
To stock owners and farmers It Is invaluable.
A single bottle often saves a hitman life or re
stores the usefulness of aa excellent hofae. ox,
cow, or sheep.
It cures foot-rot, hoof-su, hollow horn, grub,
serrw-wonn. shoulder-rot, manga, the bites and
sUngs of poisonous -ptllea and intecta. and every
each drawback to at k breeding and bush life.
It cures every external trouble of horses, such
as lanii nrea. scratches, swlnny, sprains, founder,
wind gall, ring bone, etc etc
The r"tw Kustang Liniment is the quickest
ears In the world for accidents occurring In the
family, in the absence of physician, such as
burns, scalds, sprains, cuts, etc., and for rheuma
tism, and stiffness engendered by exposure. Par
tJcularty valuable to Itinera.
It Is tlwelssapest remedy In the world, tor It
penetrates the moade to the bone, and a slnato
application la generally sufficient to cure.
Miry H"W"g TJnimjmt is put np In three
alsea of bottles, the larger one. being proportion,
amy urn the cheapest. Sold everywhere.
Da. Ten: Dear Sir: For ten years I have
been a martyr to Dyspepsia, Constipation and
Piles, Last Sprlug your PUla were recommended
to me ; I used them (but with little faith). I
am now a well man, have good appetite, diges
tion perfect, regular stools, plies gone, and I
have gained forty pounds solid flesh. They are
worth their weight in gold.
JUT. B. UELMPaON. Louisville, Ky.
Is the fruitful source of many diseases, snch as
Dyspepsia, Sick Headache, Cost ivenera. Dysen
tery, Bilious Fever, Ague and Fever, Jauudk-e,
Tutf s PIUs exert a powerful Influence on the
IJver,and wi 1 1 wi t h certal n t y rel le ve t h at ! m por
tant organ from riinease, and restore its normal
The rapidity-with which persons takeon flesh,
wbilenndertheinfluenceof these pills.of itself
Indicates their adaptability to nourish the body,
hence their efficacy in curing nervous debility,
dyspepsia, wasting of the muscles, sluggishness
of thellver-chronic constipation, and imparting
beaUh and strength, to the system.
Onlrwith regnlaritrof the bowels can perfect
health be enjoyed. When the constipation la of
recent date, a single dose of TTJTTS FILLS
will suffice, but if it has become fa abi tual, oite
pill should b. taken every night, gradually lessen
ing tb frequiHsy of Uta dos. until a regular daily
aaovenint ia obtaiDwi, which will soon follow.
olt Everywhere, as Ceaita.
The New Era
Is made from choice
'White Winter Flint Wheat
By Pntnam'8 Patent Process of Prepar
ing, Steaming, Drying and Rousting,
and Is a perfectly pure article, free
from any adulteration whatever. .
It can be used by those who cannot
use Imported Coffees, and contains vir
tues aud liealth-produciuz elements
not possessed by tea or coffee.
Physicians universally indorse it as a
healthful table drink. A prominent
physician and surgeon of San Francis
co, Cal., writes us, "It is the Wouder
of the Age!"
What the People Say of It.
HavlDsr used the New Era Coffee for the
past year, I believe its general introduction
will prove a permanent good.
1. M. M. D.
Dorchester, Sept 3d, 1828.
Havlns- used it in my family for the cast
year and tested its excellent qualities, I be
lieve It ia a real sanitary boon to people gen
erally. AFKEDC. GARRA.TT, n. r.
37 Bojlston St., Boston.
I consider it a most hcathful and nutrit
ious beveraee and free from all tha injurious
effects of tea and coffee.
82 Commonwealth Ay., Boston, xay 29, 78.
For ten months I have drank the New Era
Codee. The palpitation of the keart wLiuh
I have experienced from drinking Java Cof
fee has entirely ceased. I think it excellent
290 Columbus Ave., Boston nay 20th, 1878.
I have naed the New Era Coffee for the
past nine months, and so much - pleased with
t that l intend dnnRing constantly.
Neponset, July 16th, 1878.
f or sale bv YV. W. makvet.
BOOK, to any ponton suiTert g with with Consump
tion. Asthma, Catarrh. Bronchitis, Loss of Voice or
bore inroat. ccuu name ana post oince aaaress.
With two 3 cent postage stamps, and state your sick
ness. The book Is elegantly illustrated. (144 pp. U
mo. IR7lt. 1 The Information It contains. In the nrov-
ldence of God. haa aaved many Uvea. The anther
naa Decn treating oisvasea oi tne oee, xnroat and
Lungs, aa a special practice In ClncUinau alnce 1837.
Addreaa, DK. N. B. WOLFE, Cincinnati. Ohio.
mm4 MORPHHfE tabtt aba.
Intely naiapeadily core!. fuv-
lew. N ttublicitr. So4
fbr tall MifieaUi. Dr
tt . CUT dU, hmy m.
WhT do TflMMIH fhs, wnmw.lnM " '
Baiv, when yoa can make it look Just as well as a
new one with
And don't let the children's hoots look so rusty and
shabby, when an efetyam pwia can ha given
them by either of these Dressings, which you can
get at any Shoe store. It will not soil the aklrts
when wet.
In consequence of their irreat popularity, there
are several imitailoos. To keep peace in the'faniilv,
give your husband a box of
that he may be on sn equal footing.
Awarded the AWfAest wrmsiaswe and amis'
sneatai at the Paris .KxposiLioB. 1873.
For Sale by Dr. S. B. Emerson.
Is an internal and external rem
edy, for the cure' of all diseases of a nerv
ous nature, deriving its curative properties
from a combination of the BEST MEDI
CINES which medical skill and long ex
perience in the treatment of diseases has
decided to be the true remedies for snch
So many Instances where severe cases of Rheu
matium, Neuralgia, Piltllin iSplff lsfii K enr
olls Headache, etc have been entirely cnlWby
the Curative, that we do not hesitate to sayb
will cure every case if used as we direct.
The cures performed has astonished the med
. ical profession, as well as the patients them
selves, who lnt nuusjr eases basd iriwea
up all hope of ever being eare4. ;
The Curative is put np In large bottles fbr
family use, and no family should be without 1L
For Barns, Scaxlds, Cats, Weaads,
Bleedlac Tootnaehe, Earache, Soro
Throat, Diphtherial, Catarrh, Bosrcl
Complaint, Kidney Com plain ta, and
all Hervsas Pismnea. It fa the
Do not suffer pain when you can be so easily
Every Draigsjiat keeps it.
Lawson Chemical Co., Cleveland. 0.
LAEGE NEW SIZE, SO. cents and $1.00.
WdIook, co u Lain ny. uiajs
Mhtrrs. tha folUiwisatr rtinrafa-rw t A
A InTsTa saansr awl jsrantlafta Ar!jJam was
agrtiaJf- competent Wuioan 'hmxI. jcWivciion oi
wv lie, xvTin.rrrCT'i oi virfj:iii:j. iciti
pe ran r iita. corneal b! au4 inrompatl
Die. Sterility in aomtu. cause and
trvatitiriti, Adrtc to brilruom, Adttc to hatband f.
A.'.ric to whrca, rroiiis44m. ti raiMca, Celebaey a4
Hatrimonv cotwpar d, Xnruym duties. Conception. Con
nnvnmii. a ana .uriai4its. iiiitwajimemaiu Mama.?,
in mala and trmata, 6cirnc l KrpnUuct.a, Sing. Irfe
eontidered, Law of Man-iac". Law uflHrom. Lrgai riita
of marriad wonies, a'c. including Ptaaaaaea pecuBar to
Woman, their can an acd trealnwDt. A book for private
and considerate rradJsjr. ot 340 paicrs. wixk full tmt
SraiPC. by aaail, aealed for 60 cu.ta.
VThe Private Medical Adviser.
ra0yTbilia.Oonorrboaa. Oleet.trioture.VarVoa1,
Ac-, also on Sparmat: orlicoa. E exual Debility, aud 1m
potnc7. from Selt-abuae and Kxce-, cautinf Seminal
Smiaaiona, Nervoustieaa. Armion to Hocirty.CoDfuaion ost
Ideas, Ph vaical decay, Dimneas oi a:tLU. lietvetiva Mtaaare.
IaOaa t 8exaal Powrr, etc. mskine: inarriajte improper
or anhappr, ffiriDK treatment, and a creat ananv
vaioable receipt lor the cure of ail private diaaaacs; aama
ixa, over AO platea, tO ceuU.
ft teetor oo Manhood and Womanhood, 10 centtT or
all three is out nicely bound volnma, $1. They contain
eOO page and over 100 Ulnatrationa. etnbracinc every.
aing on the Renerailve lyatein that b worth knovuic and
much that it not pubtishrd in anv other work. The com
btucd volume is mitir-iy the beat Topa.ar Medical Book
published, aud those diautiatied aAer ceUiuy U can htvs
their money refunded. The Author is an experienced
Physician of many years practice, (as is veil known.) and
the advice jfiven, and Kuica for treatntent laid down, will
be found of (Treat value to thoae snffcrine; from impuritiee
of the syatein, early errora.lcat vigor, or any ot the numer
ous troubles coming trader the head of Trtvata" or
Chronic diseases. Sent iu int;.evo'umfka,4jc complete
la one, for Price in Stamps. Sih-er or Currency. Co nU
tation eonfldential, and ieltcra are prumpfly and frankly
anawered withoat charge.) Address t Dr.Burfe' Ditpen
ry, IU S. 6th8t, lraia, llo. (XatabUabed
3" For sale by Newt Doalcrm. AGENTS wanted.
(TR- BX'TTS Invitee all jvr-ons TfTrHri(r from "V
BUITITIE to send him tricir nuifi and address,
aitd hrrvty a"urea titcra that taer will learn W
aomsthins; to their novniits'xo iJct a Tramm
Ta Preserve and Beautify Your Hones Us
forWood, Iron, Stone or Brick Structures,
for Sample Colors and Price Lists (FREE) to
Euclid Avenue. Cleveland. Ohio. .. f
xiSlyl For sale by Everett & Stan.
A Oaks of BSpoUa, a bawl a water sad a bnaa,
WIU. CLSAS ritSTaaal sll pslsasi
wiucLsaS KrrtBES vrusuarfsiii
wiLLrousa sxrTsss.rsaj.
WILL rOUSH aUBsUtSarianaaaa
TtllX Cm sll HasacfcsH ArUelss AW la
imn AS CHXAKB tkaa Soap, laMnastlaBSssMt
Price tOo. Per Cake.
For said by Dr. S. B. Emerson. ..... .
PriTst. HMaital. 1
S. Clftrk SLCSiaaav. I
lit. C7'8p!isitj, sU I
Privsu. Carasis .b4 I
PBI PlMsses.1
Cm.q1i.iIob frss.E
Ladles HA ficKM- I
rhw sT Msnrs, Pajsl.
otacv sr Msnlscs, Or.
Cans of Oaaoratloa,
Diat.se. af Tooth aod
Haokaol; a waaltt at
ebolec and valuable ta.
favMlias. mt lasrravs
tabocbarxas. Votbinc
iSihIts ta aond taata
sod raSaoaasst. Iafcc
ansloa a.v.r baajia
nr., sen. sr delhuj 1
fttr ssmpleB or tewD
t . . b r rwds, mn& I
vslssbl. InajimiiU. I
bv .aprta. Rdlst-1
Ms resisls Pills, as I
IMf box. Private!
boom sbS Bars, fori
Ip.bH.baa. K. auau.
skoald bs vMatt lL
C7AddrMa. Dr. A. O.
OL. SM Clark St.
1 srtlss aanag asa-l
BeatQnaltty. Perfect Ft ttlnar.
Keep's Pmrtly-Mada Dreaa
BlilrtB. onlr TJlain aeama ta Snlssu
STOIC 8HIKTH. t S s-Ib, -.
Hade to measure Msaplete. II zar mW
AasieaBatsrt.kipiat.s.uoMrrs.wltk mA balr doaia.
Bend address on postal card for samples and
circulars with directions for elf-measnremcnt.
VIBCHT HBOTHEItN,18l)W.thBUClIielniiatl,0
Gen'IAgta. AALfra. SaOUvefiUSt.Iin1s.Mo.
Perfoma the Breath,'
made offensive by
Catarrh, Decayed Teeth,
Foul Stomach, &c,&d.
aerevmen. Slnrers and Soeakecs will 'Had
them to give Immediate relief and a clear voice.
uooa xor CUlKlren ; also X011119 ana via snouia
use them; eepeciadly Young Ladies and Men
Bold bv all DruuvIslB tt Confectioiiers. only Be.
TRIX. M'f 'g Co., Rochester, N.Y.
For sale by Dr. S. B. fcmeiscn.
OVFLL, JeslorioysMd Oin.il
Yo.tr. and Oi.l .' I A NCW IN
VENTION inat BMeated for thass.
for Hoxce use I 1
Fret and Scroll Sawirr, Turning,
Borins, Lirilling.Griuuir.c, Tolishmg,
Screw Cutt;n. A'nre u to
Bend Sunn and address
G bay's Specific Mbbicinb
aa.nr Uistf. 1. MDaeiallV TRADE "J
recount. .
as an unfailing
ears for Bim
hal WaacKsas.
OT, and sll dis
eases thst fol.
Before Taking oWe on After Taking.
Ln. as a se
of Memory . rnlyersiU Lassitude Pain ia the Back,
Dimness of Vision. Premature OldjAge, sndimany
other diseases that lead to lnsanitv, Consnmptioa
and a Premature Grave, all of which as ajrale are
nrst canaed by deviating froar. the path of nature
and over Indulgence. The Specific Medicines: tte
reaoit of a life ot study sad assay years of ezpar
MT.ee In treating these spsclal dlaasrs. - -
Full particulars In our pamphlets which WS da
sire ts read free by mail to everye .
The Hi eulflo Medicine is sold by all Druggists at
Jl per package, or six psekages for $5, or will be
sent by mail on receipt of the money by addressing
No. 10 Mechanics' Block, Detboit, Mica.
tWSo'i in Wellington by S. B. Bmarson, and all
Druggists everywhere.
Strong, Cobb A Co., Wholesale Agents. Clevs
and, Qhlo. , . . . - ll-SO-ly
-s r-

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