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Tkarsdsy, March 6, 1879.
. "' . XDITOKS. .
C. C. C. I. B. R. Tlme-toWe.
Trains leavs Walliiigto Station aa fol
low : . - ,
sTe V-Cl. 1- Xanm end MH ...S-SS -
Xo. a. at. Lewis Omctnaett Express,... S: M . m.
Xo. a,xiht bpresa. fl. :
JTo. T.-Cleralsai AMOMOtolta......... S:Or.K.
Ii piaaaliia SS A- BL and 5:90 P. M.
Wo.- mcM Kl eea.' Man. 5:40 a-M.
Wo. .- LHk Cla. Express Man. 1: r.K.
jTo. a. Clsralasd fiIIM, 7:51 r.M.
Ho. a. Cleveland Acooaunoaetloa, ........ S:ssa.B.
LonlTltlfka,. ..
. ,. . "W- H. FI8HIB. Aremt.
t Church Directory. j
DTBCtrU CHURCH. (mten every Sabbath a
IO JO A.M.1M 7:0O p. M. Sabbath School at 11
M. Prayer MeeMi Thiiisasj even la. W. B.
Sasaath at Hfcso A. M. and 7:00 p. M. Sabbath
ttcheei a U at. Praror UUl on Thursday etca
Ibs. J. A. Iiely, pastor.
err Sabbath at lO:S0 A. M. ud) :00 PM. gsbbath
Sabbath School at is If. rrarar MeMls on Tkers-
Arrival and Departure of Mails.
. , " ' BACK LUTES.
TTmttMtno Antra Monday. Wednesday and Frt-
EnlUraa, . say at 1 P.M. Leare Tuesday. Thure-
Pol. ' J aaj aad Satortay at 8:3oX H.
a..i.ii -
Spencer. (AirtroTotoaay. Tbyjodaf and 8atnr-
HoncmiM, r any at it a- a. urn
.all P. la.
Publisher's Notice.
V i . - t
The address label oa each paper shows tha data to
which too a setts wins paid. Tthaaa
Jerry Smith ljan79
StntSes that Vr. Bmftn Ina paid tor hfs paper' ntfl
Juurr 1st. 1STB. The matOlat la corrected weekly.
By eoaaalttBS the addi eaa label ewry nbaerlher eaa
tell IB aa Ismaat how hla aeeoaat stands, aad whelh
er ha haa ssasHod proeer Tedit oa oar hooka.
Z-oetl 'ttd .lliscdlaOtous.
New London Is seriously afflicted
with Humps. - -' k
Notice Bowjbj Hail's artiflJsJn
this lasne on tlttrd page.
After April 1st Dr. Holbrook's of
fice will he inO. M. Stronp's new build
In, j:--- - - ;-t. r-O' -aj-
Ladies in- want of a nice-fitting
shoe or gaiter should not fail to call on
Frank B. Serage. . 24tl
Tbe ladles of the Congregational
Society are busily engaged In making
the carpets for the new church.
Rev. P. C. Bant says it has not been
a had season for weddings, he having
hiaMelf . married eight couples.'
r-One'of the sick boys of S. 8. War.
net was rery much worse last week and
was expect. d to die, but is mending
Joaiah B. Chapman Esq., of Spen
cer has purchased a lot in Chas. Phelps
Addition and will erect a dwelling as
soon as spring opens. - "' "
i-The little son of the Cushion fami
ly, who lost a daughter by scarlet ferer,
is yet so tit from that disease that the
friends are quite anxious.
The serioes Illness of Mrs. Das
coaab of Oberlin, and of the mother of
Mrs. George - O. Waihbarn of lyri a
were afnong the county jmw ltema of
last week. ; - -, '- "; -
About 3S persons hare united with
the Fir at If. . Chnrch at Oberlin dur
ing tbe late revival and there continnea
to be conversions at the usual evening
meetings of the week-.. , J Z.
Visa Josle Briggs Is in the Cleveland
wholesale millinery house where she
has formerly been and win soon be
back In Wellington with new goods In
time for the spring trade.. 5. .. .- i-.
Frank B." Serage successor to T.
Kirk la tbe boot and shoe business, will
have, la a few days, one of the finest
stock of goods ever put In the Welling
ton market and 'will sell 'at Cleveland
priceaTTr";"? : '' "T:T 11 v
People who drive iipoai the Jilghway
think there ought to be a' JaWprohlbl
ting tbe use of- sleds and boats" without
a tongue." To ineet one of these loaded
nnlsanoas on a track not perfectly level
endangers life and limb , and '. vehicle.
Testimonials' received show that
HLawson'a Curative" Is meeting with
steadily increasing sales and that it la
daily finding favor with the public for
those diseases for which it is recom
mended. See ad. in another column
and try It when you get tick. 'f V
Frank B. Serage has adopted the
plan of doing business on a cash basis.
This Is the only safe plan and we hope
he may be able to continue It. , His c'us
tomera will doubtless find it to-their
Interest for be will be able to give them
better prices than be eoold on the cred
it system.' ; a - UQ. -
One dollar win : buy " one ' oord of
wood, or eight fence-posts,' or one hun
dred feet of roof-boards, or ;four loads
oi saw-dust at Crane t He men way's
mDL . .. Scantlings, fence-boarda and
lumber at oorrepondlnjrly;low . prices.
When in want of anything In their line
call on them. Mwi
Se-Lat Thursday and Friday the coun
' try roada were a smooth track, notley
enough to be nnsale and as hard aa a
pavement. Sunday noon a damp snow-
atorm commenced that soon developed
Into a eoId north-easter, - and before
night It was sleighing again, f And by
Monday noon It was mud again. 1 d 1.
Miss Alice S. Sage - well-known to
tbe ladles of Wellington as a first-class
dressmaker leaves this week to open a
shop in New London. Having labored
here with eminent saecees for tbe past
two years she will doubtless be very
much missed. Wellington's loss will
be New London's gain. . -
Countless sufferer find the balm of
relief, and tbe fountain of their health
and strength In Ayer'a Sarwaparllla. It
is the most potent of all the alteratives
to purify the system and cleanse the
blood. It possesses invigorating qnali
ties,' so that It stimulate the faded vi
talities and purges out the corruptions
' which mingle with the blood, promot
ing derangements and decay. We are
assured by many Intelligent physicians
that this medicine cures beyond all
others of Its kind, and we can fortify
this statement by our own experience.
Pwizaatawaey (Pa.) Argot.
The Cortlandt Avenue residents
may congratulate themselves npon sev
eral valuable additions to .their number
the coming season In the way of new
houses and neighbors. Messrs. M. W.
Lang, S. P. Hastings and Porter Curtis
are ell looking in that direction. Mr.
Chas. Black is making plana for all the
aforesaid rentlemen and when anrlnr
opens business will be lively In that
neigh oornood.
A well-fed tramp applied for work
at sawing wood to pay for his dinner at
a houae on Ashland St., where a beau
tiful pile ' of that handy article was
piled np by the dosen cords, but the
good wife having no wood to saw, ad
vanced him accordingly. He went off,
grumbling, to another house where fif
ty cords ot loga lay waiting for that
same tramp, but did not say a word
about working to pay for a dinner In
this case, but stammered out something
to the effect that he would like "what
was left." He was informed that there
was nothing "left," whereupon he de
parted cursing not loud but deep, but
without the coveted dinner.
H. J. Holbrook of North Manches
ter, Indiana is visiting in town.
Cyrus F. Houghton, of Oberlin, has
returned in very good health and taken
np his duties again la Houghton's drag
The youngest and only remaining
sister of Col. W. F. Herrick, Mrs. Wil
cox, of Oosaport. N. T., Is visiting in
Mr. Arthur Allyn who has been
employed as P. O. clerk for the past
year retired from hia post Saturday to
accept a aituation aa book-keeper for the
Mutual Belief Association .
Dr. Hattle ' Warren of this place
goe to Blyria this week to commence
practice. She is a graduate from the
Cleveland Homeopathic College and has
had one year's practice In the Dispensa
ry in that city. Success go with her.
What Oar Iligh School Gradu
ates are Doing.
We give below a condensed report of
what a few of the former pupils of the
High School have been doing the past
winter at school-teaching: : I
Frank Stevick . class of '77 has just
closed a successful term In Dr. Can nan's
district, Camden. - . -. .
Mr. Ernest Garrett taught the school
In his father's district on the Welling
ton and Brighton road near "Wilbur's
Corners," passing through his maiden
effort with commendable success.
Miss Nettie Craddock and Miss Jen
nie French each taught schools in Hun
tington in adjoining districts. . A favor
able report comes up from the citizens
there In regard to ,llia ebility of these
ladies as farflSieac1iefs.' ',,4 i , .
Miss Ada Peck taught- the school at
"Whitney's.Cornera" In PltUfield. The
fact that Miss Peck has taught tbe same
school for three terms speaks well for
her popularity, the district- being said
to be a little hard to please. -
Miss Alice Avery taught in the "Ma
son district," and will It Is said teach
the same school this coming season. A
good record haa been made during the
past term.
The school In Dlst. No. 8 was taught
by Miss Julia Glllett .a lady who has
made teaching a business for six years
or more. This school was smalU num
bering eight pupll, and two of them
non- residents, attending, a portion of
the 'time only.. The pupils iaa usual, at
the close of this school signified their
appreciation of the servloe rendered by
the teacher by presenting a token of
remembrance in the atape of a silver
fruit knife. ; ' Quite 'a surprise to the
teacher as she had suspected nothing of
the klnL v Each pupil received some
pretty present faem tbe - teacher at
Christmas. 'ijjjjji !t Jl 1 -' . '
Miss Gertie Johns has been an appli
cant for this school for the coming
term, but If the action of tbe Legisla
ture providing that no school shall be
taught when the number of pupils is
less than eight, becomes a law, ihla
school will have to be suspended a few
years until the population supplies a
full quota of pupils ahem I
Reply to Baron Von fVictim.
Ton achpeak you vaa a farmer bold
Und vaa had a ride to acnold,
Pecauae your milk did vaa gone in
Do dot Veluncton Yactory bin
Und makes dot calf ao fat and achloek.
Now aiadt you cot a pile of cbeek
Do aay dot we dook der half
Vor feedeo-of one lecdle calf?
Und yoo vaa Tilling vor to bay
Eln toUar der buaert and aay
Dot vaa bleary vor magic g; der achtoff
Uod tondt care redder ve lief or tie
Nefer gome to dears nor heat a aigh.
Der taJrya den Till mage der achtutf
Und echtufl It Till be ackure enough
Pecan ae vy dey tondt vaa no how
Bo beaaer aa do ran der blough.
Ve tondt vaa eat dot cheeaa mlt ease
atltout der times voa beaaer aa dese.
8 axe und a-half vaa ferry vair
Pecauae you hayaeeta got der lion's share.
Dla year you expects ao get der whey
Tick by eabiminy aind't vair blay,
Pecauae dose hocka ve haef do leedt
Und die whey dey voa always needu
Now ve Unk dot ven ve mage
Der acheeae and patter und dake
Tour eendta vor putter und dwo vor acheeae
Und sell nra veil ahust you do bleaae
Dot you vould see who vaa your vrienta,
Und say ve vaa scnoat sua ply immense.
Do Vellington den pring jour acheeae
Der bricea are goot, you sell mlt ease
Uad beaaer feel or efer vill
Py grinding at der tairy milL -Der
tifltenfta we bays brompt aind't it?
Der geldt you get und echpend it,
Vereaalf der tairya mage it,
Ton tondt got noddlnga alndt it?
. Mura Has VaixjueroaCAur.
He Shoe 'Em. - - - -Mr.
W. HI Serage has removed his
quarters to O. M. Stronp's new stone
front on Liberty St., one ef tbe neatest
rooms In town and in a convenient lo
cality. Mr. S. has a fresh and good stock
of boots and shoes which be is offering
at very "low prices.' Those" lu need
of feet protectors will do well to ci.il
and examine goods before purchasing.
He also has a stock of whips which will
be aojd regardless of cost. - ' 34 wl
- Advertised Letters.
List of letters remaining unclaimed
In Wellington P. for the week end
Ing March lat., 1879.
Ada Hawkins, S. G.' Rogers, Frank
lin Berrett, Rev, Mclntlre. -
When calling tor the above please
say "Advertised," .
v J. T. Ooosst, P. M.
Don't fall to call for that 40 cent
Japan or Green tea at Houghton's, tf
Distribution of Funds.
Amounts paid tow
treasurers,' February
" U. S. D
" corporation.
" U. S. D
M corporation
Grafton .'
" U. S.D
M corporation
" Spec. Dlst...
nshio and other
settlement, 1879
$2381 17
1464 96
683 03
689 78
1184 09
2959 23
Bin 57
6063 67
1063 03
1251 27
1234 20
1011 79
822 22
46 71
884 98
1183 07
830 63
1418 65
1409 60
7464 04
2439 69
1662 00
3175 89
1153 88
Oberlin U. S.D
" corporation . .
17. S. D
" corporation . ,
New London Teachers Union.
The following is the programme of
the Teachers' Union to be held at New
London, Saturday, March 8th, 1879:
B: SO, A. M. Opening Exercises.
9: 40, Primary Heading, HaUie SUney,
10: 20, Ratio and Proportion, Wm. Bracy.
11: 00, Recess of 15 minutes.
11: 15. Physiology in the Common Schools,
Dr. A. D. Bkellenger.
l: 19, r. M., eyntaz, r. cimsue.
S: 00. Reviewa and Examinations. Sarah
8: 45, Recess of 15 minutes.
S: 00. Duties and Responsibilities ot School
Directors, A. A Pond.
Diacuaaion on each topic. Question Box.
and liiscellaneoua Business.
It is expected that Supt. Oakes, of
Norwalk will be present. A cordial in
vitation to meet with ns is extended to
E. N, McCoxxiix, Si-c'y.
A Case of Conscience.
I observed one of our merchants a
few daya since step quickly to his cash
drawer, as a customer was leaving the
store and say to him, "Here, take this
change, I hardly think the goods are
worth the money you paid me for them."
No, it wasn't Turiey.
Mr. J. W. Barnard, better known as
"Wood" Barnard died on the 24th nit.
He has been engaged In making axes for
several yeara.
la it not about time lor the rruit-tree
peddler to pat in his appearance? We
have not beard oi one lor about a year.
Bat perhaps they think the field has been
pretty well gleaned and so will wait tor
another crop of flats. M.
Watson Starr haa moved on to the
farm of his father-in-law in South-east
Mrs. L. P. Starr, of La Grange is with
her sister Mrs. D. W. C. Dickson, who
hss been in poor health all winter.
Watson Lindsley Is just home from
Oberlin College.
Sampson & Son have a fine new deliv
ery wagon.
The infant son of Henry and iva
Cushman Tost died Feb. 27th.
The funeral services of John Haaklna
took place at one o'clock on Monday.
John was a good young man and by hia
natural kindness of heart won a nosi oi
friends. Mr. and Mr. Haakina have
the sympathies of the entire community.
The Baptist "social" was held at the
houae of Mrs. Whitney Clark on Tues
day evening.
Several of our district schools closed
their winter term last week. Moat of the
teachers were of "native origin" and
gave good satisfaction at an a verity a
pnee oi tuirty-two dollars a montn.r
Mr. M. K. Smith returned home with
a fine flock ef fat aheep.
uur new null la doing a thriving busi
ness. .
Chapman Bros., are buying and have
for aale a few fine carriage horses.
The ordinance of baptism will be ad
ministered in the bsntisterv of the Ban-
list church on Saturday at eleven o'clock
by a union of three churches.
Hard colds seem to be all the rage.
Farmers are overhauling their backets
and making every preparation for the
arrival of augar-making.
Mr. Barn ham who has been sick so
long paaaed away laat Sunday morning
at four o'clock. Mr. B. haa been among
ns about twenty-five yeara and leaves a
large circle of friends to mourn his loss.
Gen. Gibson delivered his famous lec
ture "Along the Lines" in the M. E.
chnrch last evening and although the at
tendance was small those Who did hear
him folly appreciated the eloquent ora
We are so nr. and on oar knees hum
bly implore the pardon of Mr. J. M.
Kitchen for our fearful mistake. We
take all the blame upon ourselves, for
we might have known it was a mistake
but aa we had it from good authority as
we supposed, and also knowing that he
was staying in Orange where he was but
little known, we did not know but it
might possibly be the case, but we aee
that that makes no difference.
Fcb.28ih. Smb.
Thinking perhapa the readers of your
paper would like to aee a letter from the
county seat, we propose to send an occa
sional communication giving the matters
of interest which transpire in this local!-
The new court-house is the subject of
all subjects under consideration ; now.
The cheapness of material, the low nrice
of labor, the unsafe condition of our
records, convince the best class of peo
ple throughout the county of the neces
sity of building at once.
Jxtenslve improvements both public
and private are to be made during the
coming aeason in Elyria.
The Exhibition of the Junior Class of
the High School took place in the Opera
House laat Friday evening, Feb. 28th.
At a meeting of the Executive Board
of the L, C. C. T. U. held in this place
laat rriaay it was decided to send peti
tions for the Local Option Law to all
parts of the county, trusting that the
temperance workers in each locality will
take hold of the matter and secure a
large list of signers to the petition.
Of tbe reai estate transfers during the
past week Mr. Daniel Johns tranaferred
to Emma Huffman part of lot 28 in block
2. of D.J. Johns' addition to Wellington
village. Consideration $100.
Oa Friday last the jury was discharged
and court adjourned until Monday when
the court cases were to be tried. A large
concourse of people gathered at the
Court-house Monday to listen to the sen
tences passed upon the criminals. As a
general role tha people are well satisfied
with the sentences and consider them
just and right. The following is a com
plete list or the prisoners sentenced:
Richard Montgomery burglary In Wel
lington, aix years; Frank Billings, burg
lary in Wellington, five years; George
N. Wing, burglary in Elyria, one year;
James L Davis, burglary in Oberlin, two
indictments, five years for the first, one
for the second; Wm. Wight, burglary in
Eaton and Oberlin, two indictments, one
year for each indictment; E. J. Dilling
ham, of Arcade, N. T., burglary in
Obcilin, one year; John Carpenter,
burglary in Eaton, one year. In the case
of the last three named young men, the
indictments were for burglary committed
over two years ago, while students at
Oberlin. The evidence went to show
that since that time they hive lived hon
est and industrious lives, and hence the
court was very lenient with them.
A. W. N.
Rev. M. D. Shutter of Oberlin. accom
panied by his brother Dr. Wm. Shutter
of Carson City, Mich, arrived in tow a
Monday for a few daya vacation and visit.
Mr. Wallace Drake who has been em-
Dloved the naat winter in tha rimer atnra
uf J. W. Houghton in Wellington re
turned home Monday. tW
Our little town is thrown into ouite a
state of excitement over the reported
failure of A. H. Palmer.
Mr. Wilson who moved to Lickinsr Co.
last Fall Is In town again for a few days.
He looks and acts no better for the
"Licking" he has received.
Where can we find a Joseph to inter
pret the wonderful dreams that have of
late been dreamed In Sullivan.
Ho, Pittsfield. Penfield. Clarksfield and
all your other fields cant some of you
advise ua of some plan whereby we can
get our sidewalks improved.
we sent up a report from Sullivan last
week but suppose it did not reach you
in time for publication.
Old Solomon.
The article referred to has not been
received. Ed
a- a
To Parties in Need of Employ
In a communication to na tbe Patentees
and Pronrietora of the Centennial Cake and
Baking Pan ak ua to refer them to a party
who would make a good agent to sell the
above named pan to the people of this and
adjoining counties, and as the best means of
bringing the matter to the notice of parties
in this vicinity who are In want of a business
that is light and eaay to perform, and one at
which there is certainly considerable money
to be made, we Insert this description:
"It is made ot Russia Iron, and will bake
a cake a beautiful brown, much nicer and
more evenly than it can be baked in the old
fashioned tin cake pan, and being provided
with a detachable rim, you can, by simply
raiaing a hook, remove the rim of the pan
from the aidea of the cake without breaking
or injuring it in tbe least, thus leaving the
cake on the bottom of the pan, very conven
ient lor icing or irosung, me bottom ot the
Kin being raised prevents the cake from be
g burnt on the bottom; tbe tube in the
center can be removed by Inserting a common
case knife in the slot in tbe top and turning
it nail round wnen it wui drop ont; there la
also a slide on the bottom by which Ton can
cloie the hole after removing tbe tube, mak
ing a plain bottom pan for baking fruitcake,
bread, biacult, etc, thua practically giving
vou two pa:. a for the price of one. Wilh ail
these advantages over all other pans, sgents
have no trouble at all In selling from ten to
twenty-lire of them per day. Oue agent haa
aold over one thousand of these pans in one
connty and reports that he baa not gone over
one halt of It yet, and we would advise any
one out of emoloyment to write at once to
L. E. BROWN A CO.. 125 and 127, Central
Areuue, Cincinnati, Onlo, mentioning that
they read this notice in our paper, and tbev
will immediately send you a descriptive cir
cular and terms to agents and full particular
as to territory, etc 22wa
The Modern Pharmacist, In order
to Le successful in .the practice of his
profession requires not only a theoretic
al knowledge of classic Chemistry, Mat
eria Medica, botany, but a practical ex
perience to enable him to distinguish
between pure and adulterated drugs,
so that he may conscientiously dispense
to the sick the remedies required by
the physician. AH of the above qualitiea
are united in Mr. G. B. Smith, the pro
minent druggist of -Toronto, Cacada,
knowing and appreciating the skill
ncreisary to combine and prepare Giles
Liniment Iodide Ammonia, he sells and
recommends all snSrrlng with pain of
any kind to use It, particular Diph
theria, Sore Throat, and diseases pro
duced by Blood Poisoning.
Sold by all druggists. Trial size 25 eta
Send for pamphlet to Dr. Giles, 120
West Broadway, N. Y. Sold by J. W.
Houghton, Wellington, Ohio.
Many "Witnesses
Testify to tbe wonderful virtues of the
"Constitutional Catarrh Remady" in
the relief and cure of that disagreeable
and ofteu fatal disease, Catarrh.
The medicine is for sale by Everett &
Starr, Wellington, Ohlo.andby Strong.
Cobb & Co., Cleveland, Ohio.
"Lawson's Curative" is the only
remedy which has stood the test of
years, and which can be warranted to
cure Rheumatism, NeuralglaToothache
Sick or Nervous Headache, and to re
duce Inflammation In Wounds, Bruises,
etc., when used according to directions
Sold by all druggists and dealers In
medicinta at 60 cents and one dollar per
For Lame IWk, siileoi cheat use SHI-
Sold by Everett a Starr.
Toronto, Queen City of the Domin
ion The energy of its inhabitants, the
beauty of its public buildings, seats of
learning, broad and well-regulated
thoroughfares, placed on the shores ot
Lake Ontario, among the many business
firms none stand more deservedly high
than the house of E. Hooper fc Compa
ny, Pharmacists. A rare skill, exten
sive and long experience in the manip
ulating and compounding of medicine,
and a determination that none but pure
drugs shall emanate from their estab
lishment, has carried tbe firm to the
highest pinnacle of financial success.
Giles' Liniment Iodide Ammonia and
Giles Liver Pills they consider as a
most valuable addition, and In all cases
of enlarged joints of the hands or feet,
Neuralgia, Chronic or Inflammatory
Rheumatism, superior to any remedy
now known.
Sold by all druggists. Trial size 25
cents. Send for pamphlet to Dr. Giles'
120. West Broadway N. Y. Sold by J.
W. Houghton, Wellington, Ohio.
I Wish. Every body to Know
Rev. George H. Thayer, an old citizen of
thia vicinity, known to everyone aa a moat
influential citizen and christian minister of
the M. E. Chnrch, just at this moment
atopped in our tore to aay, "I wish every
body to know that I consider that both my
self and wife owe oar livea to Shiloh'a Con
sumption Cure." It ia having a tremendous
sale over our counters aud ia giving perfect
satiafaction in all cases of Lung Diseases,
auch aa nothing e!se has done.
Bonrhon. lnd., May 15th. 1878.
Sold by Everett Starr, Wellington, Ohio,
No Deceptiou Used.
It is strange so many people will continue
to suffer day afer day with Dyspeia, Liv
er Complaint, Conatipation, Sour Stomach.
General Debility, when they can procure at
our store, SHILOH S V ITALIZER, free of
cost if it does not care or relieve them.
Price 75 cents. Sold by Everett 4 Starr,
Wellington, Ohio.
From all parlaof the country reports come
of the immense sales and increasing demand
for that deservedly popular Sewing Machine,
Tbe Old and Reliable "BTaifDARn, the price
of which the proprietors wisely reduced to
$20 including all the attachments, and at
once secured for them a popularity among
the people, far beyond thataattained by any
other machine at any price, the consequence
of which is, agents are leaving the old high
priced machines, and seeking territory for
the "Stakdard." Knowing from exper
ience that with the best goods at the lowest
price they can outsell all other machines,
where the superior quality and low price ia
made known. Tbla splendid machine com
bines all the Improvements. Ia far ahead of
all others In beanty and durability of its
work, ease of management, light running
and certainty of operation, ia senalbly made
upon sound principles, with positive work
ing parts all steel, and can be aafelv put
down as the very perfection of a serviceable
sewing machine. In every particular, that
will outlast any machine, and at a price far
down below any other. It ia thoroughly
warranted for Ave years. Kept In order free
of charge. And sent to any part of tbe
country for examination by the customer
before payment or the bin. we can predict
equally as large a demand for them in thia
section as In others. Families wishing the
best machine manufactured should writs dl.
rect to the Factory, and enterprising persons
wishing to seize the chance should apply for
so desirable an agency. See advertisement
in another part of thia paper. Addreaa Stand
ard Machine Co.. Cor. Broad wav and Clin.
ton Place, New York.
WALKER FRENCH. At the residence
of Francis French, in Wellington, March
4th, 18TO, by Rev. J. A. Daly, Mr. Lucius E.
Walker and Miss Jennie M. French.
BATE3 GOTT. At Penfield. O.. Febru
ary 25th, 1879, by Rev. P. C. Bunt, Mr. Frank
baiea and Mi&a Dora J. Gott, both Of La
Grange, Ohio.
LOVELAND. At his home in this place.
Sunday, March 2d, 1879, of congestion, Mr.
Abner Loveland, in the eighty-third year of
his age.
HA8KTNS. At the residence of his par
ents In Huntington, on March 1st, 1879 after
months of extreme suffering, Mr. John Haa
klna. The sorrow of friends Is mitigated by the
good evidence which he left them, and his
triumphant death through a living faith. The
funeral services took place in the M E. Church
on tbe afternoon of the 3rd, conducted by
Rer. J. Frank Smith, assisted by Key. Fox.
A call upon our cheese dealers shows
us that the order trade Is Improving
with a prospect that the old stock
will be out of the way of the second
crop. Owing probably to the fact that
there is so much cheese In the country
the price does not show any temporary
Improvement, In fact the price is a tiifle
lower. We can hardly give a buying
price, there being scarcely any offered.
Wcquoto: Buying, (naked) 5 to 6
cents. Billing (boxed) 6 7 cents.
Tbe shipments of cheese for the
week ending Mar. 4tb, are as follows:
No. of boxes, 4,033 No lbs, 155,155.
Butter for the same time as follows :
No. tubs, 19. No. lbs.1,128.
Little Falls, N. Y., Mar. 3, '79.
There were quite a number of lots of
dairy and.factory cheese ofiered to-day,
much of it having been offered on pre
vious days. In factory cheese we bear
of 400 boxes Octobers selling at 77
cents; 732 Novembers, come lots con
taining a few Octobers at 5G cents.
In butter we have had the largest de
livery to-day that there has been fur
many weeks past. We find actual sales
of Si packages and 9 packages on com
mission. Sales were made at a range
of 121S cents, roost of the good pack
ages selling at 102,17 cents.
Wellington Produce Market.
Apples, dried, tt....3M
ADDlea. areen. V bo 23
Oeeee draaaed. V lb 00
H.y. too 8 (Ml
Hams amuked, V lb 8
Hides, icreen. lb
Beeswax. n 2&
Heana. V bo 1 V)
Buckwheat. bn 7i
ChlckenadreaMd. lb.. .6
Maple Supir. v lb....llo
Potatoes. bn 75
Haas. lb 1
Clover aecd. bo. .3 UU0 Otii
Calf 6kl-:a. f lb 7
Salt, One. 9 bhl J 73
Silt, Ashtoa. lb s
Salt, Common. bW.. 1 25
Salt, Solar. bbl J UO
Sh-ep Pelta. V lb 25
Turkeys dressed, e lb lO
Tlmolhv Med,..! 1KI 25
Iac n Skina, V lb. .o.v
Duck, dmeed, lb lo
Dalrv. W IB isa
Crramerv. ai lb
Enr.atdoi lu
reataera. lb 7U
Wool lb
Grain, Flour aud Feed.
Bran, e ewt 70. tea 13 00
Com, shelled, 9 ba 40
Cora In ear. bn 40
Best White, m sack
Best Red. ucK ..
Kg. a. a uck
1 SO
Oata, 9 bu 28
1 25
Clover seed. S) ba ...
.s 7a
.1 ao
Graham, ai Cwt
1 (II
Tunothr seed. 9 ba.
3 (VI
a ail
1 on
BiicKwneat Flour, ...
Bolted Ur.L cwt ..
Com, shelled. s ba......92
Com. In ear, at ba..... .H2
Oats,) ba 22
Meal, V cwt
Cuop. cwt
Mlddllom. cwt
Snorts. 9 cwt
Oil Meal, V cwt.
Wheat. no towuo
Clover seed, V ba 3 SO
a uol
Timothy seed, OU...1 as
The Knisely Shirt Co.,
Of Mansfield, O., baa appointed
F. C. LEACH, Agent.
Tor Wellington and vicinity. Tboaa wanting a fl rat
class shirt made to order should give him a call
Sims At W. W. HARVEY'S,
For Sale or Rent.
Tloaae of eight rooms, on Clay 8L, In good order.
Rouse on Cortland Ave., seres rooms, nearly new.
House on Prospect St., eight rooms, nearly new.
All tbe above nave good cellars, fruit and bams
In connection with room for a good garden. Apply to
tt R. J. ROBINSON. Real Rttate Agent.
Administrator! Sale.
I will offer at pnblle aale a House and Lot la the
village of Wellington, on Barker Street, known aa
the Eliza at. Hamilton place, said sale to take place
Saturday, March 15th. 1870, commencing at 10
o'clock, A. at., on the place.
Feb. 4th, 1878. SOwS Administrator.
Oh, by the way,
That ""Whopper Coffee-Roaster
has come and Walter rolls np his sleeves
and proposes to do barrels of sweating
for the benefit of the public. Hence if
yon want to set Coffee that jou are not
ashamed of, before your friends, come to
the Coffee Head-Quarters and jon will
get it Un painted, Unrarished, Unadul
terated, and what is better than all.
Fresh Roasted with the heat of its flavor
not evaporated.
More new Dishes, Table Cutlery,
Glassware, and other goods in that line
received and more to follow, don't forget
it. We can show yon a better variety
than all others put together, because we
make that lino a specialty.
Remember those Biltimore Oysters
keep coming. Thry are always fresh
an'd fine-flavored, and those Crackers
which look down on all others are In
stock, enough for all.
We have Unskimmed Dairy Cheese,
Mincvi-meat ready for baking. Stone
Washboards, as good Flour as is made In
the State, Marrowfat and Navy Beans,
York State Buckwheat Flour, New Or
leans Sugar and Molasses, Corn Meal
Graham, Hams, Dried Beef, &o.,
You are cordially invited to
inspect our large stock of
Tbe Largest.
The Best Assorted,
Most Durable.
Do not be induced to purchase
a single article of
Until you hirve called
Please remember our competi
tors do not pretend to com
pete with us in the
Quality of our Work.
A. (J. tV (J L ( OH II,
Wellington, O.
Cherry Pectoral
For Diseases of the
Throat and Zinnss,
ancb aa Coughs,
Colds, W Hooping;
Cough, Bronchitis,
Asthma, and Con
sumption The reputation it has attained, in
consequence of the marvellous cures It
has produced during the last half cen
tury. Is a Bufflcient assurance to the
public that It will continue to realize
the happiest results that can be desired.
In almost every section of country
there are persons, publicly known, who
have been restored from alarming and
even desperate diseases of the lungs,
by its use. -AU who have tried it ac
knowledge Its superiority ; and where
its virtues are blown, no one hesitates
as to what medicine to employ to re
lieve the distress and suffering peculiar
to pulmonary affections. Cherry Pec
toral, always affords instant relief, and
performs rapid cores of the milder va
rieties of bronchial disorder, as well as
the more formidable diseases of the
As a safbguard to children, amid
the distressing diseases which beset .
the Throat and Chest of Childhood, It
is Invaluable; for, by its timely use,
multitudes are rescued and restored to
This medicine gains Mends at
every trial, as the cures it Is constantly
producing arc too remarkable to be
forgotten. No family should be with
out it, and those who have once used
it never will.
Eminent Physicians throughout the
country prescribe It, and Clergymen
often recommend It from their knowl
edge of its effects.
razpABSD xr '
Dr. J. C. AYER & CO., Lowell, Mass.,
Practical and Analytical Crietnlsta.
The Seif-ThreadingSliuttle and Self-Setting
Needle acd other Valuable I improve
ments are now applied to tire
Domestic Sewing Machine
Which makes it the best Under-feed Sewing
Machine made. I am also agent lor the
Davis Vertical Feed
The New Home
Sewing Mr.chmes, each of which haa advan
tages peculiar to itself, which recommends
them for a variety of nses and n.ake them
eecond to none iu the market.
Patties desiring machines will find it to
their advantage to give me a call. All ma
chines warranted. All kinds of Sewing
Machine Needles and also a fine quality of
Sewing Machine Oil kept for sale.
8. P. HASTINGS, Ag't,
Office in Benedict 'a Block, Wellington, O
Jan. 10th Irr.
mta m oRprrrrE ttMt .
Intel aud apMdil- cartrd. fait
Irwa. publicity. Md stamp
Ibr fall part icuUr. Dr CarlbMa,
UO S. CUrU &L, Chicago, lis.
Hew Pension Law.
All Pensions, by Mf law. brain bark at day of
dlschsnr. K'J'ted -4ses also re-.pened. Pension
ers add applicants, sond two stamps tor new law,
blank, ana Instructions to
K. W. F1TZOEBAXD, Box 388, Washington, T. C
nirc PAPER
Kewspaper Advertising Btm-au (10 Spruoo
KTMil,wuere suvrr. ajnill tj.
t lainsT contract iuav
h uuulo lor it la
The finest and best assorted styles
of visiting cards ever brought to Wel
lington are In our new stock, aad will
ba printed cheap to order at thia office.
The Friend of All !
HoUoway's Pills
I bad no appetite; HoUowaT"s Pills sara me a
hearty one.
Tonr Mils are auu-reloes."
1 sen4 for another box, and keep them In the
'l)r. Holloway baa cored my headache that was
chronic -
I save one of your Pills to my babe for cholera
morbus. Tbe dear little thins got well in a day."
"My nausea of a morning la now eared."
"Yonr box of Hollowsr's Ointment eared me of
noises In the bead. I rubbed some of your ointment
behind the ears, and the noise baa left.
"Send me two boxes ; I want one for a poor family."
"I enclose a dollar: yonr price la 23 cents, bat the
medicine to me Is worth a dollar."
"Send me are boxes of your Pills."
'Let me bare three boxes of yonr Mils by return
mall, for Chills and Ferer."
I bare orer S00 such testimonials as these, bat
want of apace compels me to conclude.
For Cutaneous Disorders,
And all eruptions of tbe skin, this Ointment Is most
Inrsluable. It does not beal externally alone, but
penetrates with tbe most searching e Heel to the very
root of tbe evil.
Possessed of this Remedy, every man
may be his own doctor. It may be
rubbed into the system, so as to reach
any internal complaint; by these means
It cures Sores or Ulcers iu the Throat,
Stomach, Liver, Spine, or other parts.
It is an Infallible Remedy for Bad Legs,
Bad Breasts. Contracted or Stiff Joints,
Gout, Rheumatism and all skin diseases.
IirpoBTAirr CATTTtow. None aregennlne unless tbe
signature of J. Hatdocs, as agent for tbe United
States, surrounds each box of Pllla and Ointment.
Boxea at SScenta, 62 ceata and Si each.
W There la considerable saving by taking the
larger sixes.
HOLLOW AT a CO.. New York.
JtLSt pblisrl, ia a Sealed Enrdop. Pries S els.
A Lecture on the Katnre, Treatment, and Radical
enre of Seminal Weakness, or Bpermatorrhosa, In
duced by self- Abuse, Involuntary Emissions. I in po
tency. Nervous Debility, and Impedimenta to Mar
riage generally; Consumption, Epilepsy, and Fits;
Mental and Physical Incapacity, an. By ROBERT
J. CCLVbRWELL, M. !., author of tbe "Green
Book. "etc.
Tbe world-renowned author. In this admirable Lec
ture, clearly proves from bis own experience that the
awful eousequeucee of Self -Abuse may be effectually
removed without medicine, and without dangerous
surgical operations, bougies. Instruments, rings, or
cordials; pointing ont a mode of cure at once certain
and effectual, by which every sufferer, no matter
what hi, condition may be, may core himself cheap
ly, privately and radically.
KSThls Lecture will prove a boon to thousands
and thousands
Bent under seal. In a plain envelope, to any addreaa,
post-paid, on receipt of six cents or 2 postage sumps,
Address the Publishers,
The Culverwell lle&ical Co.,
41 Ann St.. New York,
P. O- Box 4586.
If you are in want of anything tat tha way of
Pistols Amnnltlon, Onn Material, Fishing Tackle,
or any other Fine Snorting Goods please write for
my Lsrge Illustrated Catalogue and Price List which
I msll free. Tours truly, JOHNSTON'S GaxAT
Wuinm Gtnc Wobks, Pittsburgh, Pa. Ulta
aa. A asx s week in yonr own town. S5 Ontfl
free. No risk. Reader, if yon wan
abasineaa at whieh persons of either
sex can make great pay all tha time
they work, write for paiticalars to H. Halutt A
Co.. Portland. Maine- ll-7yl
The Great Natural External Remedy for
Acute and inflammatory Rheuma
tism, Cout, Sciatica. Lumbago,
Neuralgia A Severe Bodily Pain.
Immediate Relief Guaranteed !
Endorsed by the Medieal Profession as the on'T
EXTERNAL CURE known to science.
Prairie Oil Is extracted purely from tbe vegetable
kingdom, embodying no mineral compound, is per
fect ly harmless In its operation, and Is Infallible In Its
results. The most agravsted and painful cases sre
relieved at oncb after one or two applications, while
In almost every Instance one bottle will effect a per
manent cure.
Fob Outwaso Han Ohxt, no rubbing or friction
Prairie Oil Co., OI Murray St., N. Y.
And Druggists generally.
Pampb'et containing treatise on the diseases and
particulars of the remedy, with testimonials, sent on
application. 12-22yl
The New Era
CO !
Is made from choice
White Winter Flint Wheat
By Putnam '8 Patent Process of Prepar
ing, Steaming, Drying and Roasting,
and is a perfectly pure article, free
from any adulteration whatever.
It can be used by those who cannot
use Imported Coffees, and contains vir
tues and health-producing elements
not possessed by tea or coffee.
Physicians universally iudorse it as a
heitlthful table drink. A prominent
physician and surgeon of San Francis
co, Cal., writes us, "It is the Wonder
of the Age I"
What the People Say of It.
Having used the New Era Coffee for the
past year, I believe its general introduction
will prove a permanent good.
L. M. LEE X. D.
Dorchester, Sept. 3d. 1878.
Having used It in my family for the past
year and tested its excellent qualities, I be
lieve it is a real sanitary boon to people gen
erally. A FRED C. GARRATT, at. d.
37 Bo j Is ton St., Boston.
I consider it a most heathful and nutrit
ious beverage and free from all tha Injurious
effects of tea and coffee.
83 Commonwealth Av., Boston,xay 29, '78.
For ten months I have drank the New Era
Coffee. The palpitation of the heart which
I have experienced from drinking Java Cof
fee has entirely ceated. I think it excellent.
296 Columbus Ave., Boston nay 30th, 1878.
I have used the New Era Coffee for the
past nine months, and so much . pleased with
it that I intend drinking it constantly.
Neponset, July 18tb, 1878.
Tor sale bv V. W. Harvet.
Manufacturer of
Wagons and Sleighs.
Having purebased the interest of P. C.
Thomas in thecaniage business, 1 shall dej.
vote my entire time and energy to anpply-t
iDg everything in, my line that the teoessi
ties of my customers demand
I have a large stock of new and second
hand carriages which will he old at prices .
to suit the times.
Office and Factory at the old stand a
formerly. Thankful for pa.it favors, I ao.
licit a coutinuance of your tron3ge.
2iu40yl T. DOLAND.
St mil printed at thia office
SI I ft 111 I IS on tice and on
most reasonable terms.
Give ns a call.
. I am now in daily receipt of
fresh Oysters from Baltimore,
and will sell bulk and can oys
ters cheaper than ever, by the
dish, Berved np in every style.
For church and benevolent
objects I will make reasonable
deductions, also to merchant?.
Please do not forget that I keep a full anp
nly of Groceries and Provisions, together
with Frnita and Confectionery, Tobacco and
Cigars, Lunch and Hot Tea and Coffee at all
hours, and no pains spared to accommodate
all who call.
Thankful for past favors I remain your
humble servant.
ANT AS MAT" bv providing yourselves
with one of onr elegant Stoves of which
we have
The Cream of the World,
The old reliable Argand,
The beautiful Golden Star,
The Majestic Garland and
The glittering Gold Coin,
And this is not all!
We can ahow you the finest.. ... ,
Made in the world, and wood
Heatiag Stoves
TJneqnaled in beanty, quality and price on
the American continent. We sell .every
thing in our line at bottom prices and guar
antee aatisfaction. .
We generally have second hand stoves
that we aeU cheap.
' Lamp and lamp goods is one of our
Come and See XJ fit X
. vol U-lS-ly.
; Having purchaped the large
"Wareroom formerly owned by
T. Doland. and fitted it up for
a Livery Stable and furnished
it with first-class rigs, all new,
I am Dreuared to meet every
want of the public in my line.
Good teams furnished at all
hours and at reasonable rates.
A Rare Chance.
, Btjsh & B eld en wish to say
ta their customers and the
public generally, that they
contemplate closing out their
clothing business and have de
cided to mi.ke a slaughter in
All desirable goods will be
sold at cost ; those & little off
will be sold regardless of cost.
you don't believe it come and
see for yourselves.
Cash, and nothing else, will
be taken for goods at cost.
; Aug. 28th, 1878.
11-1. u
A Valuable Discovery
and New Departure in Mca
icftl Science, a entirely
New stud posritivwly effect
ive Remedy tor the speedy
aud permanent Core of
Seminal Emissiona fat
Ixnpetency by the only
true wax wist Direct
ArrH(ttion h th nrin
ctpal asat of the Diwaae, active; by Absorption, sod rxer
tinr its specific wfiueuce on the Bezninal vesicles Xj&o-ulj-iory
Dncta, Proetrate Olairdand Urethra. The use.
ot the KetnedyU attended with bo pain or incotiTctiirzrce,
it i quickly dtMolvcd and enon boThed, prcduc c; an.
immediate eoothins: asd leetorative eilect -upon the eex-
ttal and n?rrou orjranixation wrecked from eelf-abu e
and excretes, etoppiax the drain from the ystcm, mtutr
infftSe mind to health and sound zncmory, remoTuij
the Uimacas of 8 iff ht, Nervous Debility, Confusion,
of Ideas, Aversion to 8 ociety, to.to. and the appear
ance of premature old ace usually accompanying this
troulrlc, and restoriiig perfect Sexual Vigor, where it has
been dormant tor years. This mode of traauuent has stood
tbe lest in very severe cases, and is now a proooonced
success. Drugs arc too much prescribed in these troubles
- end, as many eaa bear witness to. with bnt little it any
perms neut good. There Is bo Nonsense about this Prrpara
lion, Prneticat observation enable! us to positively aTuararv
toe that it will giee sstiaflaotioii. During the eight
years that ft has been ia general use, we have thousand
ot testimonisls as to Its value, and It le bow eoaceed
ed by the Ucdlsal Professioa to be the most rational
means yet discovered ot ree-MftK end curing, this very prev
alent trouble, that is well known to be the fuse ot untold
ntsrrvtoso many, and upon whom quacks prey vita.
Iheirupciess nostrumi and big foes. The lUinrdyU put up
In a neat b x, enough to last a month, and sent in a plain
wrapper by mall st-aled rW $ S. Two boxes, (sufficient ta
effet ia peiTTtanetit cure unless in severe cases) 0 Tiree
boxes lasting three full mouths, will stop emitmlor, and
resiore y igor. In the worst cases. $ 7- Full DISXCTIQaKS
for using will accompany SACR BOX.
(Send rVar a DeserlptiTe Pamphlet giving AaatBmtesrV
I' lustrations, which will convince the most sceptical m
that tbey caw be restored to perfect manhood, and
fined for the duties of lite, same as if never affected, m
Sent Sealed for stamp to any one. Sold OHXT by th
Mfrwetsed8fh.8(s. T. LOUIS. fcHX
Wuydo yon evry that iTOt74ootin TrmwrnlUmm
J, when you cu make it look just uweUaia
new one with
And don't let the children's boots look so rusty and
shabby, when an f0w iwlis caa be iriTeai
tham by either of these Dressings, which yea can
Set at an; Shoe store. It will not soil the skirts
whem wet.
; Ia eoneeqnLa of their treat popularity, there
are aereral imitaitooe. To keep peace ia the family,
Kir. jvur assssiH a eoz oz
t ae may be on an eqaal roocmr.
.warded the aWwibas ns-emiatsn and ssto
4el at the Paris Expoaluaa, 1878,
For SJ b Dr. 8. B.fimerson,

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