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.Thursday, April 17, 187.
The Dead Pioneer.
aueMra bt m oocsttt hastobt.
low aa the acdMH oaks that kmc iliii Ml
Baton taw stalwart wmdnul etardy blow
II tha Broad tana o those who lire to tan
Bowtetrsaae-aowM4 eoamtry wtfUycTOW.
Tab-a thai
that snwardeeBd ,
i toward tbaitaaJnc ana.
IB tho sraaa classes that their deads save wa
aU aa tha wfid Kwn ot those early daya,
lYwhaataaioaVarac tho. aataid sod.
Their snenVry Boats aroaad oar worldly ways,
AadeaOatb wayward faadea np to God.
Lut week there were stxty-eix
deaths la Cleveland the same week
.lat year thirty-fire.
The' arrest -of Frank W. Sanney,
book-keeper of the Globe Iron .Works
Cleveland, charged with embezzling
S2O.00O, ia another example of the Im
possibility' of remaining honest if
man will spend $5.00 a day for whiskey
and cigars wben his salary is only
$1,200 a year. ' Banner is highly eon
sected, and until his fast living led .to
recent suspicion has had the confidence
of his employers, for whom he has
worked ten years.
. The New Tork Tribune of Saturday,
in Its comments on the members of the
Committee on Appropriations says of
Mr. Monroe : "Although he has devo
ted much of his life to literary pur
suits, was for six years In the Consular
service at Rio de Janerio, and showed
a taste and capacity for business which
- eminently fits hinr for this position
The New Tork Herald of the same date
thinks the Committee a strong one, and
that in it the Republicans have a repre
sentation which will be satisfactory to
As an example of the means to grati
fy artistic tastes possessed by some of
our countrymen, we instance the sale of
the private collection of paintings be
longing to Albert Spencer, of New
Tork City, seventy-one of which brought
over $82,000. The highest priced pic
ture, Gerome's "Keeper ot the Hounds
brought $6,000. It is described as
tawny brace of African grey-hounds
before a laughing native in rich Orien
tal costume. A water color, "The Re
publican Sentinel," brought $2,100. Its
author, Meissonier, had written on its
back: "This is the first time I sign
painting with which I am absolutely sat
As a specimen of the Southern claims
now being presented to Congress for
payment, we give the following bill of
items claimed to have been taken by
Major XL W. Botford, and sent him for
approval from some committee of Con
gress: .
80Bushelscorn $300 00
80 " Irish potatoes 30 00
'20 Sweet potatoes 40 00
Total $370 00
The Major says he was not in that re
gion at the time it is alleged the product
was taken, and that the whole claim is
.fraudulent. It is only a specimen - of
what we may expect when the Confeder
ates come into possession of every de
partment of the Government. We be-
. lieve the Northern Wing of the Demo
cratic party- would not desire to pay
such claims ; "but then, ' the question
arises, can the tail wag the dog! . , ...
The Okalona States, edited by an
Ohio carpet-bagger, ia sent all over the
North to the Republican press for clips.
Ton can hardly pick up a Republican
paper but what makes extracts from the
Southern bloody shirt journal. It is al-
so largely seat to the Republican State
; Central .Committees -. for distribution.
The machine ia run by Republican
money collected at Washington. Such
, transparent demogoguery will deceive
' no sensible man. Elyria Constitution.
The above Is a clincher, acd of course
Republicans can have nothing more to
t say. Some - slight corrections ought
however to be made, and first the Oka
lona States Is not edited by an Ohio
" carpet-bagger. .He is a Southerner of
pure blood, fought on the side of the
rebellion during the war, and hia edito
- rials are quoted all over the South with
approval, and are a good exponent of the
feeling of the South. ; He has the merit
of being an honest enemy who speaks
out his principles clearly and fearlessly.
But if the case were reversed, we should
not find the Democratic party trying to
give publicity to his editorials. Oh,
nol That would be demagoguery.
; . 'Mr. Edward Atkinson, of Boston, a
- " "close student of political economy and
. . questions of flaaace,' says that there has
' ' I.J , . not been a time in the last forty years
- i. when the the purchasing power of wages
' ' was so great as it is now.. He says fur
ther concerning 'the iron furnaces and
the cotton mills:
v i "Look, for instance, at the 'iron trade
. . j s 'alone. What does it mean when, daring
. the five years of extreme depression and
of alleged loss, new furnaces have been
constructed in the Hocking Valley of
Ohio, which produced In 1878 75,000
tons of iron, where five years ago not a
ingle ton was made, and furnaces, too,
that are working now at the rate of
100,000 tone per annum, and folly satis
fied, also, with the prices they receive?
The mills of New England are now much
. nearer the cotton fields than they were
before the war, owing to through con
nections by rail. Prior to 1860 sub
stantially all the cotton went to the sea
. ports of the cotton States, and from
v there the cost of moving It to the North
- or to Liverpool varied but little, butat
f the present day a large and annually In
- creasing portion of the oottoa used in
- the North is bought ia the interior mar
kets snd carried in covered ears direct-
. ly to the mills, where the bales are de-
, live red clean and much more free from
damage and waste than those which are
' ' - carried down the Southern rivers on
boats and barges, dumped upon wharves,
- than rnmnrrasnrl to the utmost for
r "v : shipment by sea. As I told my English
friend the other day: 'Within the Uvea
Wmenof middle-age now living the
Ia whaiewer else we may be found
wanting, we can not long be kept back
la our career of material prosperity,
which shall be shared with absolute cer-
taJntv bv vervone who Drugs to tne
work health, tategrity and energy.
It ie probably generally remembered
that some years ago in 1873 Congress
passed a law providing for the erection
of durable headstones over- the graves
of the regular and volunteer forces of
the United States whose remains are in
terred in the National Military Ceme
teries. This law has been carried oat.
and the graves ot the Nation's dead in
these cemeteries are now permantly
marked. At the instance of the War
Department, Congress has recently au
thorized the erection of similar head
stones over the graves of the Union
soldiers who are buried in private and
village cemeteries. This will be done
as soon as the necessary arrangements
can be made, in tne meantime tne
Quartermaster General, at Washington,
will at once proceed to collect the neces
sary information as to where these head
stones are required.
All persons having any knowledge of
the burial places of soldiers in private
cemeteries whose graves are not marked,
are requested to communicate the fact to
the Quartermaster General, and give
regiment, company, and date of death
of deceased, if known. Similar inform
ation is desired from parties in charge
of such cemeteries.
Of course it is not intended to furnish
headstones for graves ever which monu
menu have already been erected by rel
a tires or friends of the deceased.
The Western Rural deserves the
thanks of butter makers and consumers
everywhere, for its enterprise in having
investigated the quality of the average
nroductsold and eaten as a subsitate
for butter, made from milk. Oleomar
garine under the microscope is simply
horrible. - If a substance so fall of liv
ing organirm is made in one factory- in
New Tork City alone at the rate of
100,000 pounds a day, and numerous
other factories are flooding the city
markets with vOe stuff that looks so
like genuine butter that it ia readily sold
and used as such, the public should in
sist upon its being branded with its
proper name.
It is charged that the able articles
written by a celebrated chemist in the
interests of this product were paid for
by the manufacturers, and that the New
Tork Timea was also paid a large sum
to insert them as an advertisement, and
when asked to publish an answer, post
tively refused, giving aa a reason that it
waa purely a business transaction with
them. The artic.e referred to says
that in spite of the - utmost care, small
bits of animal fibre find their way into
the product, and if the slightest degree
of taint exists, it goes on until the
whole mass is filled with living organ.
ism, frightful to behold under the mi
croscope. Experiment shows that the
degree of heat is not sufficient to arrest
the life and growth of these animalcule,
consequently we can never be sure of
its purity. It is also shown that batter
is not liable to the same or similar
growths, however far gone it may be
into decomposition. We would as soon
think of eating uncooked, pork. It is
vile stuff and ought to be vanished from
The publisher has also recently issued
800,000 extra copies of The Rural on
the question of a cheaper and more uni
form system of transportation over oar
railroads.. This matter is being pressed
upon the attention of our legislators for
regulation, backed by tens of thousands
of petitioners. Bend for a free sample
copy of The Western Rural.
Our Vindication.
Since the starting of the American
Dairyman it has taken positive and
strong ground against two prominent er
rors, if we may not call them public
impositions snd swindles. We did this
on general principles and in the interest
of the dairymen and the public. We
did it in the face of much opposition
and not a little abuse when it was popu
lar to go on the other side and immedi
ate pecuniary reward laid in that direc
tion. - We might have consistently re
mained si'ent or neutral and deferred to
acknowledged authority without incur
ring disapprobation on either side. Con
servatism and a narrow self-interest
dictated this course, and not a few of
our friends earnestly, bat we thought
and now think mistakenly, warned us
against braving the opposition of a sort
of public sentiment based on scientific
authority and incurring the antagonism
of those who were declared to have
millions at their command and to be re
solved upon success at any cost.
Bat we preferred to stand on princi
ple, to receive the approval of a clear
conscience and to rely in the judgment
of the future. We think we may safely
assume that we made no mistake, and
that our complete vindication has come.
We opposed, with facts and logic, the
pernicious use of the skimmer in cheese
making, showing that it must inevitably
Srove disastrous to the dairy interest,
owever beneficial temporarily to indi
viduals; and we exposed and pointed out
the evils of that abominable imitation" of
batter known as oleomargarine. Do
not the coarse of the dairy markets dur
ing the past year and their present con
dition justify all that we said against
the skimmer in the cheese dairy? and do
not the revelations of the microscope,
including those of Mr. Michels and of
Professor R. M. Piper, both of which
we have given to our readers, show
that we are right in branding oleomar
garine as a dangerous imitation, to say
nothing of its being an inferior and dis
honest cheat T Are we not completely
vindicated in cur position on both these
questions ? American Dairyman.
Moma, Mick., April 4th, 1879.
Editor Enterprise: I left Hunting
ton on Friday March I7lh, with team
and wagon, bound for Ionia, Mich. Af
ter reaching Bellevue, I went due west
to Haumee Cityv The next principal
point was Jackson, then Lansing, then
direct to Ionia. I completed my journey
in ten days, trhich according to map
statistics is S65 miles. Ionia is a beauti
ful city, situated on the Grand River,
a nice stream of water which is Inhab
ited with large fish of every description.
It is spanned with two beautiful bridges.
The average width f the river is esti
mated at sixty yards. The city ia noted
for its great manufacturing facilities.
At the last cenfUB the population was
estimated at 8.00O. The soil is a yel
low sand; the principal timber oak, al
though beech and maple are found at
intervals. The principal occupation la
raising wheat. Farmers pat in every
fall (according to size of farm) from
twenty-five to one hundred acres of
wheat; bat very few spring crops are
put in, with the exception of corn.
Jhis soil will admit of four or five
crops of wheat in succession, and real
ize large profits.
Tne li rangers are getting strong and
and earnest in these Quarters. Every
man, woman, and child of proper age,
belong to this organization. They have
large halls and store-houses erected
about four miles apart, which are deco
rated with mottoe, fern baskets, steel
engravings, and artificial boqaets. They
have ready market for all their produce
at advanced prices, while the poor out
sider (like myself) must be contented
with what he can get.
There are many beaatiiai lakes close
by, which famish much sport and recre
ation in summer time, fishing, noating,
and duck hunting are frequently re
sorted to as enjoyments.- Some farmers
have started their plows, out were
broueht to a sudden halt by a heavy
snow and wind storm from north-west.
The tall slender tamracks in the dis
tance can be seen nodding and bending
to the raging elements. Bat 1 Tear 1
have already been too lengthy; may
write again at some future time, as
have not mentioned half that I should
like to. Johh W. Rows.
Afrix. 14th, 1879,
Our election passed off quietly. The
Republicans succeeded in electing a full
Board, with the exception of one Trus
tee. Geo. C. McConnell. who heads the
Forlorn Hope in Sullivan.
Mr. HalL of Oberlin. delivered an ad
dress in the Congregational Church of
this place, on Sunday last, which was
very interesting, and all who heard him
were highly pleased.
Our center school opened on Tuesday
last, with Miss Upton, of Elyria, to
wield the rod.
Our Union Sabbath School will be or
ganized on Sunday next, at the .Baptist
Messrs. Mai come & Ricketthave their
new building completed, and the planer
will be pat in this week. This has oeen
quite an expense to the boys, and we
hope it will be a success.
Old SoLoxoir.
Rev. O
. V. Rice waa in Oberlin over
attending the Cook lecture
Elder Shank is convalescing after
severe illness protracted from Jan. 1st.
Dr. Palmer, from Chatham, has come
to Penfield to practice and has opened
an office in the Republican Post Office
Several of our dairymen are working
up their milk at home this season.
Frank Norton has purchased the in
teres t of M. L. Starr in the cheese f ac
tory aouth of the center.
The following ticket was elected last
Monday, April 7th : Trustees, Elisha
Sheldon. Lewis Jones. Hemon Starr
Treasurer, A. D. Lindsley ; Clerk, A. W.
Denham ; Assessor, C. Ensign ; Consta
bles, John Sampson. W. D. Krebs. The
greatest strife was over the office of
treasurer. Both candidates are staunch
Republicans and well qualified for the
office. The defeated candidate, W . t
Langdon, run behind only nine votes.
. April 12th, 1879
Election passed off with the usual
amount of blowing, bragging, and bet
ting customary on such occasions; the
Democrats winning the day.
The noble braves of the post office
war are on the field of action again,
laboring with a determination worthy of
a better cause. They can ba seen upon
thestieets at all hours, with a petition
in one hand a pencil in tne other, "lay
ing in wait for their unsuspecting vie
tim. it seems that they cannot give up
whipped nosy that the office ia moved,
but must keep on fighting, with the
hope and object of getting it back to
its former place. We are not personally
interested ourselves, and care but little
who is post master just so we get our
mail, but as a Democrat has had it for
seven years it is no more than just and
right that a Republican should "try
his hand.
The milliners. Misses Ream & Nay
lor, have just returned from Cleveland
with a full, line of the latest styles of
goods, and those wishing work done
would do well to call and see them.
Elyria and Sheffield were the
towns in the county that gave a
vote for the court houso.
Francis Murphy, of Pittsburgh, spent
a few hours here a few days ago. The
mayor and some of the village clergy
called on him at his hotel.
The Presiding Elder, Rev. Mr. Msth
er, ot Wellington, preached at the M
E. Church Sunday evening.
The Townsend Family did not cover
themselvea with glory at their last visit
here. .
Amos Denison, Esq., of Cleveland, de
livered his popular and interesting lec
ture on "Robert Barns," at the Baptist
Ubarcb. last Friday evening.
Williams Brothers' H.slory of Lorain
uounty will oe ready in a lew days
The finishing loaches are now being put
on the biographies of oar great men
The gas works are being pushed for
ward very rapidly and will be completed
In a few'weeks. About sixty men are
now at work on the same. Business in
Elyria will be better during the coming
two years than ror many years Delore
The farmers in this section make con
siderable complaint of the continued
cold weather, and some of them claim
that their wheat has been permanently
A very serious accident hsDnened
Mr. Taylor at the Bullock's Mills, last
Saturday morning. As he was bending
over the circular saw for the purpose of
applying some oil, he accidentally slipped
and fell on the saw, which cat his shoul
der and arm in a ingntiai manner, vt.
Perry removed the broken pieces of
bones and set the joint. He is now do
ing as well ss could be expected and the
doctor thinks there is a chance of his
recovery. A. W. N.
April 7th. 1879.
The roads are so bad here that I cant
gather much news to send you now.
was in Wellington Thursday, snd
must say the roads were the worst I ever
saw, or ever expect to see again. Was at
the praise meeting in the eventop. at
the new church, and congratulate Wel
lington for having such a structure in
their midst. Here, the churches are
very ancient. The Congregational
Church building is too old to vote, and
certainly too shaky to be safe within
The pastor of that church preached his
farewell sermon yesterday.
Katy Percy was sent home from
Col umbos, where she has been for the
past two months. Her health had been
failing gradually, and Saturday her re
mains were sent to New Loudon, and
brought here, as her parents live here
Yesterday the funeral was attended by
many friends who watched over her
during her sickness here. -
Election is in full blast to day. The
Nationals are quite strong; and think
Huron county will be in their power
soon, lwlll give you the particulars
in my next. r ims,
April 12th
The election was a clear case of "any
thing to beat Grant." The Nationals
combined with the Democrats and went
to the polls with a vengeance, coming in
with only a few votes behind the Repub
lican ticket. This wont do, my Kepub
lican friends, this thinkirg that you are
all right in staying away from the polls
as we are sure or victory every time, in
this case there was over one hundred
voters who did not come near the polls
and we are satisfied they were mostly
from the Republican ranks. The fol
lowing is a list of the elected, being the
Republican ticket : Trustees, Henry
Hayes, Andrew Gridley, Joel Rogers ;
Clerk, R. F. Curtiss ; Treasurer,' W. A.
Adams ; Assessor, S. Y. Kook ; Consta
bles, Loren Spurrier, Thos. Patch.
Is an Internal and external rem
edy, for the cure of all diseases of s nerv
ous nature, deriving its curative properties
from a combination of the BEST MEDI
CINES which medical skill and long ex
perience in the treatment of diseases has
decided to be the true remedies for such
Bo many Instances where severe camel Ehen
maUxra, Neuralgia, 8daCca, Ague In Face, Nery
oui headache, rtc, have been entirely cored by
the Cu retire, that we do not hesitate to say it
will cure every ease if nsed as we direct.
Tne cares performed has astonished the med
ical profeaslon, as well as the patients them
selves, who la many ease arlveai
op all betfte af ever fcefna; eared.
The Curative Is put np In large bottles for
family nsc. and no family shonM be without it.
For Barns, farnlda, S'ata. Wanadm,
Blrntlair, Taof BUteae. Eanrbf, Sara
Threat, Dlpataerl. Catarrh. Bawrl
S'aanplalats, KMaejr Caaaalaiata,aal
all Kervoaa Disease. It la tha
Do rot suffer pain wben you can be so easily
B-raawlst heepa It.
Lfcwson Cb.em.icaJ Co., Cleveland. 0,
LARGE NEW SIZE, CO cents and $1.00.
' Celebrated American
THE countenance is pale and leaden
colored, with occasional flushes, or
a circumscribed spot oh one or both
cheeks; the eyes become dull; the pu
pils dilate; an azure semicircle runs
along the lower eye-lid ; the nose is ir
ritated, swells, and sometimes bleeds ;
a swelling of the upper lip ; occasional
headache, with humming or throbbing
of the ears; an unusual secretion of
saliva; slimy or furred tongue; breath
very foul, particularly in the morning;
appetite variable, sometimes voracious,
with a gnawing sensation of the stom
ach, at others, entirely gone; fleeting
pains in the stomach; occasional
nausea and vomiting; violent pains
throughout the abdomen; bowels ir
regular, at times costive ; stools slimy;
not unfrequently tinged with blood;
belly swollen and hard; urine turbid;
respiration occasionally difficult, and
accompanied by hiccough; cough
sometimes dry and convulsive ; uneasy
and disturbed sleep, with grinding of
the teeth ; temper variable, but gener
ally irritable, Szc.
Whenever the above symptoms
are found to exist,
will certainly effect a cure.
in any form ; it is an innocent prepara
tion, twt capable of doing the slightest
injury to the most tender infant.
The genuine Dr. McLane's Ver
mifuge bears the signatures of C Mo-
lane and Fleming Bros, on . tne
wrapper. :o: ...
are not recommended as a remedy " for all
the ills that flesh is heir to," but in affections
of the liver, and in all Bilious Complaints,
Dyspepsia and Sick Headache, or diseases of
that character, they stand without a rival.
No better cathartic can be used preparatory
to, or alter taking quinine.
As a simple purgative they are uneqoaled.
The genuine are never sugar coated.
Each box ha a red wax seal on the lid with
the impression Dr. McLane's Liver Pills.
Each wrapper bears the signatures of C
Insist upon having the genuine Dr. C Mc
Lane's Livf.b Pills, prepared by Fleming
Bros., of Pittsburgh. Pa., the market being
full of imitntions of the name JHcLrine9
speuca atuereniiy but same pronunciation.
Surgeon Dentists.
Do not neglect to care for and so lose
your teeth. A small amount of money
expended to keep them In good con 11
tlon Is a good Investment. We keep
Tooth Brushes, Powder and Mouth
Washes and will be glad to select for
each of our patients just such as their
care demands.
This Is the time of the year to have
your bad teeth removed before the cold
weather comes and they begin to ache.
We make Gold, Silver, Continuous
Gum and Celluloid Plates (besides oth
er kinds), but find Gold a much better
base "for artificial tec,th than Rubber.
Examination and counsel free.
We will be glad to work for any who
may desire our services.
Teeth extracted without pain by the
use of Nitrous Oxide Gas. 9 -3m
Uolbrook Brothers. D. D. S.
may ro fnnnit on
II H at Uiu. P.
IKiwixi, ft CD'S
Newspaper Advertising
nntTOU TO Spruce
btroeu, vnan navi-r-tislnir
contracts may
he iiiado lor it ia
Sale Dills
Give us a call. '
printed at this office
on short notice and n
most reasonable terms.
Important !
Ss Co.'s.
CORSETS of all kinds. The
best in town for 50 cents.
A new lot of especially
desirable colors and
quality, cheap.
A new lot of HOSIERY, very
cheap, in Ladies, Misses',
and Children's.
great variety.
A lot of Children's Hose, job,
at 10 cents.
Peerless Carpet Warp at 18c
Dross Goods
Of every style sad quality, at prices to suit
the purchaser, comprising Black and Fancy
Silks, very low ; Blsck Cashmeres the best
ever offered offered in this market lor the
Onr stock: of Ladles' Foreign and Domes
tic Dress Goods is very full and complete,
and at prices that cannor fail to satisfy the
demands of aJL
Domestic GInehams in large quantities
from ten cents to a shilling.
Prints In great variety, from four to eight
Domestic Cottons at astonishingly low
nrices. The best bleached cotton at 6V
cents ever offered at that price. Peerless
wraps at w cents.
Cloths and Cassimeres
la unusual variety and Quantity, which we
can make up to order at prices that cannot
tail to please ; conslsung or uvercoaungn
and Suitings for men and cnuaren-s wear,
Alao a verv lsrira assortment Of Ladies'
Cloaklngs and an unusually large stock of
ueaay-maae moaas irom aa-ou upwarus.
Torelgn and Domestic Shawls a fine as
sortment seiectea wiiu great caro.
Our Zsinszi Stocks.
Table Linen from 25 cents upward. Nap
kina nnnrecedentlT low. Towelinas of beau
tiful quality, and of every grade. Handker
chiefs a very fine stock. Some aa low aa
four cent each.
We carry a full line of notions consisting
of Hosiery, Gloves, Collars and Cuffs. La
dles Neck Wear, etc, also a very large
stock of Robert's Needles ana cnuery
which are guaranteed to please in every re
spect. 1 ney are tne very nest in iuo wo
war biock oi
and Groceries
Is ample and the prices aulted to meet the
wants of everybody. An elegant stock ot
Gaxpets and
Oil Cloths
Our spring stock of
Comprises a line assortment, of custom
msde Clothinar. at D rices so much below
those previous to the war as to sstonish any
whose memory may extend back so long a
time. Also Hats, Caps, Gloves, Underwear
and Gents' Furnishing Goods.
department this season we have obtained a
larger and better selected stock of the newer
styles than ever before. We have Ladies',
Misses' and Children's Shoes, also Men's
snd Boys' Boots and Shoes, which we can
sell greatly below any former ligarea. In
fact in all departments prices are more fav
orable for the purchaser than have been
known lor years.
The cillsens of Welllneton and vicinity
will do well to look over onr stock before
purchasing We will try to please all in
showing goods and making prices satisfac
Baldwin, Laundon - & Co,
Tne Best Snown to tne trade.
Utica U. Y. MiHSf or Wamsutta, 2200 Linen, $25.00
f t
t. u
If unlaundried a reduction of $3.00 per dozen.
The "Diamond" is tne leading
and does the bulk of the custom
eastern cities. We furnish a
$5.00 per dozen cheaper than the small factories and guarantee
perfect fit and satisfaction, Measures taken at the New York
Clothing House.
An agent wanted in this locality
The former high priced machines REDUCED to
Thoroogblr warranted and sent to yon f or
Examination Before You Pay For It.
And no obligation to keep oaa. If sot Brm tban any machine you ever had. .
Every Family can now own a
The Old Favorite and
Sewing1 Machine 820.
Aknowijkdgs no Superxob ! ! !
We cannot make a better machine at any price.
The Highest Piemium Awarded the Stitch at the Centennial.
A Strictly Tint-Class Double Thread Lock 8ttten Ma-hlne. more complete In equipments than
any other, and combining nil the late improvemenu, with the old and well-tried Qualities
A Valthfnl VamflT Sewtna Machine la ererr sense of
tlon of plain or fancy aewlna-wlth'eaMand. certainty
.nut in u mr fun iu iuuwmuu.w ruiim tu.
n rn .nn icm in orecr in-e gi cnwic ..wori nriunuen m once it not perfectly Satisfactory. Ki
di ced m Paics Fab Down Bblow all othbb Machines. No extras to pay for. Each-machine t ae
eompanled by a more complrte outfit of numerous and useful attachment fjr all kinds of work (free ot
extra cbara-e) than la trlren with ny other machine at any prlr. The Standard Machine has more soot
qualities than tiM-ar of uouDie tne price, light aid kaht Knr.-n.ia. a child can use It. Stboks ajtb
DraARLS. never out of order. Bnpld and certain In execution. No useless Con or Cama to wear cut 01
make a noise. Will Last fob ibabs. Is ready In a moment, and understood in an hour, Makea the
Double Thread Lock Stitch, alike on both sides of the goods from cambric to leather, uses a Short, Straight
a. .1 Btanaa V? . aa C.r -a, f Anas a, mba aaal 1 w sksiaailaul li K A t i -B.T . m
TL.a. . . ' .... """wVa. iJ ..iica siuutiin. nmi JXKW AUTOMATIC lIXBlOfl. LaslX
Bobbin Ca.Dt.ble of taoidltuf one hundred Tftrda of t bread. A Lirm Kimno Mavrhtn with a. irfih of arm
tfvlntit manTdei.redqumieDdjm
cipic buiu id iwiniivi cunstiu liiiun. sc n, uusj auu juii
luuuvj w ixixie vruris buiu utru v ci uiat iiiucs.
Men, cic juuitrami book, tam pi
to any part of the world. Andrea,
&. new
r Tork.
The New Era
Is made from choice
White Winter Flint Wheat
By Putnam's Patent Process of Prepar
ing:, Steaming, Drying and Rousting,
anil is a perfectly pure prticle, free
from any adulttration whatever.
It can be used by those who cannot
use Imported Coffees, and contains Tlr
tues and health-producing elements
not possessed by tea or coffee.
Physicians nulversally indorse it as a
healthful table drink. A prominent
physician and surgeon of San Francis
co, Cal., writes us, "U is the Wouder
of the Age!"
What the People Say of It.
Haying nsed the New Era Coffee for the
past year, I believe its general introduction
will prove a permanent good.
L. M. LEE M. D.
Dorchester, Sept. 3d. 1873.
Having nsed it in my family for the past
year and tested its excellent qualities, I be
lieve it is a real sanitary boon to people gen
erally. AFRED C. GARRATT, K. D.
37 Boylston St., Boston.
I consider it a most hesthful and nutrit
ions beverage and free from all the injurious
effects of tea and coffee.
" 82 Commonwealth Ay., Boston, May 89, T8.
For ten months I have drank the New Era
Coffee. The palpitation of the heart which
I have experienced from drinking Java Cof
fee has entirely ceased. I think it excellent
N. W. 8TEAR3.
290 Columbus Ave., Boston stay 30th, 1878.
I have used the New Era Coffee for the
past nine months, and so much-pleased with
it that I intend drinking it constantly.
Neponset, July 16th, 1878.
For sale bv W. W. Harvkt.
Ts Praserva and BsasUfy Taw lipases Use
forWood, Iron, Stone or Brick Stracturwa,
for Sample Colon and Price Lists (FREE) to
Euclid Avenue. Cleveland, Ohio.
xiSlyl For sale by Everett & Starr.
G bat's Spxcifio Mbdicixb
recouime n a a a
aa aa nnfailina
care for 81m-
cv, and all dis
eaass that lol.
Before Taking quence on seifAj, laiing.
of Memory, Universal Lassitude. Pain in the Back,
Dlmoe-s of Vision, Premature Old; Age, and many
other diseaaea that lead to lnaanitv, Coaaumvtion
and a Premature Grave, all of which aa a rale are
ft rat eanaed by deviating from the path of nature
and over indulgence. The Specific Medicinejia the
result of s life ot study and many years of expor
ter re in treating theae apecial diseaaea.
Full partieni.irs in onr pamphleta which we da
aire to tend free by null to everyo .
Tha Hi eelfla Medicine la aold by all Drnssista at
V per package, or aix packages for SS.or will ba
aentoy mail on reeeipt in, money Dy aaareasing
No. 10 Mechanics' Block, Drraorr.MiCBT.
CaT-Soid in Wellington by 8. B. Emeraon, and aU
Druggists everywhere.
Huong, Cobb A Co., Wholesale Agents, Cleve
and. Ohio. ll-30-ly
3 se l..h' ? -J
per Doz.
2100 " 23.00
2000 " 20.00
1900 " 17.00
shirt company of Americsg.
work in New York and other
nicer shirt ana rrom 5.UU to
to supply the rapid demand !
First-class Sewing Machine !
the word thmt ran. Mnnnth nA 4am t..Wn
sostronc and well made, and so thoroughly tested
nun inM-.niae tnai leaves our Factory la warranted ror
wurk. It It the bet machine In prin-
cuon use ii once aua you win uae no other. Active Acnts wanted in this
I deliver machines. Extra lnducments offered Clcntymen. Teachers, Buslnes
. samples of work, with price list, etc.. fre. xafe delivery of soods guaranteed
win ue no otner. Active Akcnts wanted In tills
Ayer's r
For Scrofula, and all
scrofulous diseases jEry
sipelas, Rose or St. An
thony's Fire, Eruptions
and 'Eruptive diseases
of the skin, Ulcerations
of the Liver, Stomach,
Kidneys, Lungs, 1'im
iples, Pustules, Boils,
Blotches, Tumors, Tet
ter, Salt Rheum, Scald
Head, Ringworm, Ulcers, Sores,
Jihcumatism, iseuraigia, 1'ain in tno
Kones, Side and Head, Female 'Weak
ness, Sterility, Lcucorrhan, arising
from internal ulceration, and uterine
disease, Syphilitic and Mercurial dis
eases, Dropsy, Dyspepsia, Emacia
tion, General Debility, and for Puri
fying the Blood. -
This Sarsaparilla is a combination of
vegetable alteratives StillingiaIan
drake,Ye!low Dock with the Iodides
of Potassium and Iron, and is the
most efficacious medicine yet known
for the diseases it is intended to cure.
' Its ingredients are so. skilfully
combined that tho full alterative
effect of each is assured, and while
it is so mild as to be harmless even
to children, it is still so effectual as
to purge out from the system those
impurities and corruptions which
develop into loathsome disease.
The reputation it enjoys is derived
from its cures,, and the confidence
which prominent physicians all over
the country repose in it proves their
experience of its usefulness. .
Certificates attesting its virtues
have accumulated, , and are con
stantly being received, and as many
of these cases are publicly known,
they furnish convincing evidence of
the superiority of this Sarsaparilla
over every other alterative medicine.
So generally is its superiority to any
other medicine known that we need
do no more than to assure the public
that the best qualities it has ever -possessed
are strictly maintained.
Dr. J. C. AYER & CO., Lowell, Mass.,
JVaMMewt snadT Unmlytieat CAswaists. .
The Great Cause
Jtt puUiskal, ia a Staled Enrtlope. .Price 6 cU.
a tv. v.. -hMtniraL and Kadies.
cure of Seminal Weaknesa, or SpermatorrboM. in
duced by oelf-Abuae, Involuntary Emissions. InjPO
tency, Nervous Debility, and Impedimenta to Mar
riage generally; Consumption. pUepy. ggBr,Rf
J. CULVkBWKLL. M. author of tho Green
book. etc.
The world-renowned author. In this admlrmb'e Lee
rare, clearly proves from hlspwn experience that the
i,,.. .. nf ftoif-Abnae mav ba eflactuaUv
MmnnZTWTihn.t mMilellie. and Wltbottt 81886(001
surgical operations, bougies. Instruments, rings, or
cordials; pointing out a mode of care at once certain
and effectual by which every aufferer, no matter
wnat mi conamon uir w, wj vujd uuumu
ly. privately and radically.
rsr rht. Lecture will prove a boon to thousands
ana tnousanns
Sent under seal, tn a plain envelope, to any address,
post-paid, ob receipt of alx cents or S postage stamps.
. Address the moiisnere.
The CulverweU Medical Co., -
41 Ann St.. New York,
P. O- Box 4B86.
Mm. BAspitAi, an
s.Ctafk sv.,i.kiM,
Mraat, Cknato sad
Fiaili DhseaM.
CninlttMos rrse.
LadWs sad Oeatto-
A skew wert. priem V
ries b 'Nature. Pbal-
eaofj af MatTiac. Or
IM af Generatles,
Diiaeaar af Tooth a!
Manaeod; a wealth af
choice and valuable !n-fcn-MtUa,
mi inter
both ss-xee. Nothing
own. seed cm dollar
aa- saatptaa r eeu
r a a b c r mod., sod
valaabte lafcwsuutoa
bT .spreM. Kella
!e Praals PIUi, 15
p-T tea Private
MM aad inm tor
and K&MfnCatU Infer
eatioa uttr before
pobtisaed. Ke thtmilj
nbesald be wttfanwi It.
07A44rfN, Dr. A. O.
OLlN', 2U3 Clark St
Ladles daring
:On.11tv. Pl-rTf Ilril...
ak.ei-a rartDMUda li
V? V B-nirts.ooly plain seams to finish.
is to mensura aMsfeta. Il ror ? f
It .H sold slat. BattosafrMwfta A Wirdarcn.
rhlrte.Onlv Trial n ar-ma tn flnt.h-
address on postal card for samples and
circulars a im directions ror aeir-measnrement.
ttlBEKT BBOTHKHat,lSoW.4th6uanclnnatl,0
'lAgta. AMfra. til OUTS St. Bt. Louis, Mo.
A Deodorized extract of Petroleum,
The Only Article that Will Be
storeAAair oa Bald Heads.
What the World lias been
Wanting Tor Cent uric.
The greatest discovery of onr day, so .ss a
large portion of humanity is concerned, is CM;
BO LINE, sn article prepared front petroleum, and
which effects a complete and radical cure in case of
baldness, or where the hair, owing to diseaaea of .
the scalp, has become thin and tends to fall out.
It is also a speedy restorarive, and while its use se
cures a luxuriant growth of hair, it also brings back
the natural color, and gives the most complete sat
isfaction in the using. The falling oat of the hair,
the accumulations of dandruff, and the premature
change in color are all evidences of a diseased con
dition of the rcalp and the glands which nourish the
hair. To arrest these causes the article used must
posseaa medical aa well ss chemical virtue, and tha
change must begin under the seals to be of perma
nent aad lasting benefit. - Such su article is CAR
BO LINE, and, like many other .wonderful discov
eries. It is found to consist of elements almost ia
their natural state. Petroleum oil is the article
which Is made to work such extraordinary results ;
but It is aftex It has been chemically treated and
completely deodorized that it is in proper condition
for tha toilet. It was la far-off Rossis that the
effect of petroleum upon the hair was first observed,
a Government officer having noticed that a partially
bald-headed servant of his, when trimming ths
lamps, had a habit of wining his oll-bcameared
bands in his scanty locks, snd the result wss In a
few months a much finer head of black, glossy bslr
than ha ever had before. .The oil was tried on
horses and cattle that had lost their hair from tha
cattle plague, and the results were as rapid as they
were marvelous. The manes and even the tails of
horses, which had fallen oat, were completely re
stored to s few weeks. These experiments were
heralded to the world, but the knowledge waa prac
tically useless to the prematurely bald and gray, as
no one in civilized society could tolerate the use of
refined petroleum aasdreaaing for the hair. Bat tha
itfll of one of our cbemiata has Overcome the dlffl- .
culty, snd by a piocces known only to himself, he
has, after very elaborate and costly experiment, sue- .
ceeded in deodorizing refined petrnleum, which
renders it susceptible of being bandied as daintily
aa the famous made cologne. The experiments with
the deodorized liquid on the human hair were at
tended with the meet astonishing results, A few
applications, where the hair waa thin and falling,
gave remarkable tone and vigor to the scalp and
hair, j Every panicle of dandruff disappears on
the first or second dressing, snd the liqnid so search
ing in its nature, seems to penetrate to the roots at
once, and setups radical change from the start. It
is well known that the most beautiful colors are
made from petroleum, and, by some mysterious
operation of nature, the use of this crticlo gradu
ally imparts a beautiful light-brown color to the
hair which by continued use, deepens to a black.
The color remains permanent for an indefinite length
of time, snd the change is so gradual that the most
intimate friends can scarcely detect its progress.
In a word, it ia the most wonderful discovery of
the age, and well calculated to make the prema
turely baid and gray rejoice, j
We advice our readers io give it a trial, feeling
satisfied that one application will convince them of
its wonderful effects. PUtdntrgk Commercial qf
Oct. SO, 1877.
The article ia telling ita own story in the hands of
thousand who are uning it with tho moat gratifying
and encouraging results :
W. II. Brtli. Co., Fifth Avenne Pharmacy, says.
"We havo sold preparations for the hair for upward
of twenty yeans but have never had one to sell as
well or give sath universal satisfaction. We there
fore recommend it with confidence to our frieuda
and the general public"
Mr. GtjSTATts P. Hau, of the Ontes Opera
Troupe, writes: "After six weeks' nselamion
vinced. as are also my comrades, that your Carbo
line' lias and ii pr,idnciug a wonderful growtu of
hair where I hud none for years."
C. H. Stmt, of the Jennie Hight Combination,
.vritea: " After using yonr Carboline" three weulta
I am convinced that bald heads can be ' re-haired.'
It's simply wouderf ol iu my case,"
B. F. AB-nnm, eJtemist, Hohroke, Mass.. writes:
" Yonr ' Carbolino' has restored my hair after every
thing else had failed."
Joseph IS. Poxd, attorney-at-law, No. Attlcboro,
Mass., writes : For more than SO years a portion of
my bead has been aa smooth and free front hair as a
billiard -ball, bnt some eight Weeka ago I waa in
duced to try your Carboline, and the effect has
been simply wonderful. Where uo hair has been
seen for years there now appears a thick growth,
and I am convinced that by continuing its use I shall
have as pood a bead of bair aa I ever had. Ir is
rrowins now nearly as rapidly aa hair docs after
t ia cut. - - . .
ri now presented to the public without fear of con- -reliction
as the best Restorative and Beautifier of
he Hair the world has ever produced.
Price. ONB DOLLAR perbottlej.
Sold by sUl DruaTiclsUt.
iule Agents for the United States, the Canadas and
, . Great Britain.
V1MbM. ihwwify
vnd New Dtfattun In M4
seal Brine mm entirely
New mdpOwittTriy bJilU
atd BtTVMUMDt CUI Oaf .
Seataal nr
Ixnpotsaney br tha oahr
tm way, viax JMwA
I dnnTliasil lum tm Lk bbHbw
ctpal teat of the Duttwa, mctimt by AbMrptlen, and em
ting aspect! e luneiic oa im wiiwiiiii vo
ulatonr dDuctOiProfltmt OJaknaaad mrci
oftbo Remedy ta ottetMled with mo peJn or ti
It id avnLrklw disBBOiTcd aad BOOB aSaBMrssHl.
immsaaiiaatasj BsranthinaT and latMiQI all I WRm msmb Hd
nmi avod acrvona onniMttoa wrecked from nt Ha
and cxmnm, ttoppiiiz the drain troaa tho urtava, fat a.
In r the mind to health and aon&d menory, nnm a
thaDainnaaaefflirht, Kerroue Debility, Oonfaaiolr
of Idea, AToraion to 8 oeiety, Xtat. aad tha appear,
anee of pramatora eld aa aoaaltr aeeoasaaayiikt mle
trouble, ajsd retoriric perfect amal Tf r. wkorett haa
bean dormant toryeara. Thia mode of tnatmaat haa aaood
tteteatinvery aara aaaaa-aad ia aov a foaatiiHied
auoceaa 2ni are too much proscribed ia these tiwih.aa.
and, aa many cea bear witaooa to, with bat little if any
paarnuuwittrood. Tbere la do Noiiskniae about thia Prepara
tion, Practical obeerrmtlori enable aa to aoettrVely rtkMima
to that it will giwaaaaiaAoMrm, Pwrima the aisht
i years that it haa bean in (eneral aar, we have thaesiaada
ot tretlmoealala as to ita veJwe, aad It la maw aaaaed
ad by the Medkal FnrfeeeMto ha tha moat Mtaaal
means yet discovered of teaching and eariM thia vary or
alent trouble, that ia wellhnowa mbahetMrwsiM
misery toao many, and vpoa whom quaeta prey with '
thciroseleaa nostra ma aad bis; lwaa.The Samedyla pat a
wrapper by asail staled for fjswrws
rtrectaDernuuwntciireenUsasln sm.is i
eases, (saaVimes
ases) Hum
top emissions, and
Doses kstinf three full mouths, will stop
fbr usinc will aeeomsaav 1ACH BOX.
(Illastratkms, which will euaviaes nWrnoat seiptieal
that thy eau bs tsatond to pwSmS -4
SiSKirofth. dattas or Ula. semasllnZSSasSaia: ,
f - - "r-TIHsTiTm I nl Ii
MsrwstsndtB.ta. ' T. LDUI, UO.
-3- rr.iiiaalsiil Wnisaliond. gilsaBnai af
A ,Hmsi
Tlllll I. !
.Adriee to wivaa, Prostltsboa. Its eaasss, Oaaw.ad
mil Advio. ta liilili iiiiii i iilM as aaoBsaaa.
MariiiaonT iiianatnil. riiuiassl iImiIsi naasiiirita T"
Saont7Xova aad CoBrtAW Iiiisiilaisaaitelgavlasa,
la male and armala, aammSTS jUiiiodaartaB, snarjsBfc
eenatdmd, Law of Btairlat, IwafDraaraa, AVasaTrJclUa
of mairiad womaauoce, meradiaa Mamas Bocsllar ta
Wobsb, tholr aaaSn and liTiiJaav A aaohjor Biliata
and rotnlnaiaai ioaiII.s laTSsn mmwm warn ssllflasi Is
aaviBSB, by mail, saalad Ibr so easaa.
mc-, also oa BperasaTforBal
potency, from Seuasnas a
i toelaty.Ouaraalaa at
Loss ol Sezaal Pown, sea. Biaktac aaarrisrs wapropar
or aaaaapr, Kivnw liiatBianl, aad a (rest aaaay
valaabls reeelsts fbr til. can of all BtrtssSamSSsail SAABS
aias, over tOflntn, so rinli
a taehn oa Bt anSoo3 'ad3 Woin An aood. 10 saatit sr
all uu-m ia oaa nieabr bound vohuaa, 1. nay asaaaaa
SOOpocvi and ovar ISO rUwaWatlnma, aaaaraelaf avory
thina on ths taiaU syHaatBat ia woitk kas4ac aid
muck that la not puaaaua la aayomar wars. TBseasa.
bioed volusas la poritivtly the teal Piaaalar aaadlaal I
poblislied. aad taootdloMtlsSAd afaw aawliia a saa 1
MpoAiKvwvn.Bssii'iiaslsi seiaal mum ,
their money rctimaco. xaaAutnorls an esiisslsBliait
FaysiciAa of roaay years praetiea, (aa la wan k.o J aad
the advies Jtinn, and BuUs sartiiilaiasl and dowa,w
befbaad or anal value In lliiiss liiawlin worn BBBaartnas
of tb Jm. t!t error.loi vidor, or AAT of ta. A.T.W
oos troableijaoaaag aaSar lha hmmdjil -fl 1 leas- se
larS'sir Price la BBsmpaf gllwrnr CmmleT? fOoasal
tAEloA eonSoAanal. aad MM aia aroaaaUv aad lieasH
antwersdwithoBt ehara.) Addrsaai Dr. Bafts' Dlsasa
aary, IS H. Stk 8t-, gt-UmK Mo. CastahlliaaBl lTlTJ
If For sals by News Dsslsrs. AGENTS naatiil.
(DB1BTTIT8 invrBS an Mtaoaa laS-tui ttom "V
RUPTURE ta stna him tCair aaaM aadilil B
and heraby assuisa tbam aba UMrf idlanf
somwhing b last advantaaia, lfa Bllaasi
j TradM
, 1
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