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CJje $nterjp3t.
Thursday, April 17, 1879.
C. C. CJ. A I. B. B. Time-table.
Traiaa Inn Wellington Station aa fol
1. Cm. nai, Kinase aad Man. ...S:5 a. m.
irk . S. Lewie ClartaaaU Xxpreaa,... : IO r. M.
Wo, His In Man.............. 8:57 r. a.
Leoal FYdcbta, A. m. sad S:V) p.
Ho. a Xkrbt i lima. Mall. 5:40 a. K.
Wo. .. Lomls Cta. Kxpreae Mail.... 1: r.K.
' Ho. s.-qiveiaaa' Kumaa. ....... 7:51 p.m.
Ho. S.--CleTeIaad AewnmoiUaoa. B:SS a--
Lase Tretahta. .3:10 7B p. a.
- W. H. FISH KB. Aseat.
4 Charcb Directory..
SMCIPLX CHURCH. Serrtees every Sabbath at
t MRau a. m ana T:uu r.
If. Sabbath School at 11
Proper Meattaa ob Tnaradar arealasa. w. B.
a 0VGRCGA.T10HAI. CHTTBCH. Serrteee ererr
Bahhata at lO-.SO A. M. and T:Or P. M. Sabbath
BeboutatUM. Prayer Meetlac Tharaaaj area
ta. J. A. Italy, aaetor.
mmrnnmT mumru mTntcw. niilLi ev-
err Sabbath at KkSO A. M. aad 7:00 P. M. Sabbath
Sabbath School at IS at. Prarer MeettAg oa Tbara-
aaj eveninea. ji. a. Aioncni. a
Arrived and Departure of Mails.
OberHB. lArrtra Tanadar, Tbarsday aad Batnrday
aavja. ja.
Leave at 1 P. M.
Brbrbtoa. I Antra eallr at K A. M. Leave at
K. ClarhaOeM. i 11A.M.
! Antra Moeday, Wedneetlav and Fri
day at I P. M. Lean Taeeday.Thaia
aay aadflata rtay atBJU A. M.
PeaSeM. )
Speacer, f Antra Taeaday,
Hctterrflla. ( day at 11 A. M
Tbaraday aad Sarar
: LeareatlP. M.
i J
Publisher's Notice. ,
The eddraaa label oa each paper ahowa the data to
which ftha eaeaerOjar baa said, thaas -.
Jerry Smith 1 jan 79
BtsnlSee that Mr. Smith haa paid tor hla paper aatfl
Jaaaary let, 1S7B. Tne aw list w corrected weeair
By eoasalUac the addreaa label erery mbacribrr earn
tell la aa laataat how hla aeeooat ataada, aad wheth
er he haa reealTw proper creolt ea oar book.
THE DIRBT U a new style Hat Just
teeelved at fitch's.
TITCH baa Just shelved mm elesrant line
of Clothing for Mea, Boya aad Chlldrea, at
prices lower thaa ever.
. DIAMOND SHIRTS, 75 centato $1.80
other braads at 59 to OS cents at Fitch's.
SULTANA Is a new patent elastic back
standing collar, never seen before la this
market. Toa can now see it at Fitch's."
Ton caa get two good linen cottars, lat
est style, fresh from factory for n eren
quarter at Titch'a.
Toa caa get a La an dried Shirt for 80
cents at Titch'a.
23 cents will get a fair working shirt and
60 cents a heavy ehevolt with doable back,
made to order, at Fitch's. -
Spring' cloths are la aad Hettk ia busy
making op those nobby salt a at Titch'a.
If yon want a nice tie or craTst you caa
get It at Fitch's. .
Having aeenred the services at a Cleve
land graiaer, who makes graining a special
ty, I am now prepared to take orders la
graining oak, black walnut, chestnut, etc
Orders by mail promptly attended to.
Wan tedGood Teal Calves.
We will pay the highest market price for
good Teal earns, from S to 8 weeks old. Will
also pay top price for good- fat steers and
heifers, weighing from nine to thirteen hun
dred pounds. Tat hogs aad aheep wanted at
all times to be nsed la oar new market. . .
Do Tou Believe It? '
That ia this towa there are aeoreaof pet
on pawing ear store rrrry day whose lives
are naade miserable by indigeetion" dyaprp
sia, soar aad diatraaaad atomaeh, livrr com
plaint, eonstipation, when, t r 75 cts. ws
will sell them Saitoh's . Vital ixer, guermB
teed to cure them . Sold by Everett at
8Urr, Wellington, O.
I "Wish Everybody to Know.
. Rev. George H. Thayer, aa old eitisea of
this vicinity, known to everyone aa a moat
influential citizen and christian minister of
the il. K. Charcb, just at this moment
stopped ia oar store to say, "I wiah every
body to know that I consider that both my
aeU aad wife owe oar Uvea to Shiloh's Con
sumption Cure." It is having a tremendous
sale ever oar counters and ia giving perfect
satisfaction ia all eases of Lang Diseases,
sack as nothing else has done.
Das. at atchbtt V Fbasck. .
Bourbon, lad., Ms I5th, 1878.
Sold by Everett fc Starr, Wellington, Ohio.
"From tbe Veteran Editor of the
. Fredonla Censor.
Da, M. H. Txxna, Tredonia, N. T-, ,-
Dear Sir. I have been using joar
Blood aad Liver Remedy aad Nerve Tonic
daring the peat few weeks, and desire to
say that I like It, I find it admirably adapt
ed for the purposes which you recommend
It, It is sa excellent remedy for billioaaneaa
naually Incident to the change from winter
to spring, tufflclently physicking and yet not
debilitating ss the mercurial reasediea are,
but streogihlng. Instead. Toura truly.
. W. McKxsswr. .
r Tor sale by Dr. B.B. Emerson. -
Br. FenncT's Blood and liver Remedy
aad Nerve Toaks may well - be called
"The ooLquering hero" of the times. It
' Is the medical triumph of the age. Who
ever has "the blaes'' should take itfor
it regulates aad restores the disordered
system that gives rise to them. It al
ways cares BUlkMunest and Liver Com
plaint, Jaundice, Dyspepsia, Constipa
tion, Headaches, FeveiAnd Ague, Spleen
Xolamaerta, Scrofula, Erysipelas, Tim
plea. Blotches, and all skin eruptions
and blood disorders; Swelled Limbs and
Dropsy; Sleeplessness, Impaired Nerves
aad Nervous Debility; . Restores 'flesh
. aad strength when the system is raaaiug
down or going into decline; cures Fe
male Weakness aad Caroaie Rheuma
tism, and relieves Chronic Bronchitis,
aad all Long aad Throat difficulties.
It does these taiags by. striking at the
root of disease aad removing it cause.
. Dr. Fennera Improved Cough Honey
will relieve say cough ia-one hour. -:
Dr. Fennera Golden Relief cures any
pain, as tooU-aobe, neuralgia, oolio or
headache ia f to 0 miaatas, and readily
relieves rheumatism, kidney -complaint,
diarrhoia. dvsenterrv- For sale by Dr. 8.
B. Kmerson. Dr. Fennel's 8U Vitus
, Dsaes Bpeciflo. One bottle always cares.
Tn sal by dealers. . -
On the Verve of tbe Orare.
Such was the condition of Moses A.
Walker, of Derry, N. H., with conges
tion of the lungs and chronic Catarrh.
Two bottles ,of the ConsUtuUonal Ca
tarrh Remedy entirely restored him to
health, and, to use hU own words,
built np mj whole system." The
refoedy Is for sal by Everett A Starr,
Wellington, and Strong, Cobb ft Co
CteTeUnd. : -
Mr. Towers Is convalescing.
Mr. E. S. Tripp has been very
In the last week.
Book Shelves sufficient for several
hundred volumes, for sale. Inquire of
J. A. Daly.
Mrs. J. IT. nood, who has been an
Invalid most of the winter, Is now con
A .union temperance meeting will
oe neia in lne Town Jiau, J'riuay eve
ning next.
Some of the Wellington people
have been to Oberlln to hear Joseph
Cook lecture.
An obituary notice of tbe late Miss
Armenia Herrlck will appear in a sub
sequent issue.
Easter Sur.day was mild snd moist,
with some sucshlne, many sprinklings
and light showers.
Round trip tickets to Cleveland
will hereafter be $3.05, Instead of $2.15
as we stated last week.
Miss Josie Briggs reluctantly gave
a fortnight of valuable time while in
Cleveland, to entertaining the measles.
The whooping cough was thorough
ly spread be I ore many parents knew
uiai mere was sucn a disease in our
The heifer sold by O. 4 F. Parsons
to Mr. Todd, of Vermillion, was ten
months old snd not two years as stated
in our local.
There Is a perceptible growth of
the young wheat blades, tbe middle of
April finding the fields tinted with
fresh verdure.
Mrs. Benham, sister of the late
Mla Herrlck, who died at her house,
has been under tbe doctor's care since
that lady's funeral.
Quarterly meeting service! will be
held at the M. E. Church next Sabbath.
Rev. O. Mather will preach and con
duct sacramental services In the eve
ning. J. M. Otterbacher will make his
residence In the rooms over his harness
shop, where he may te found at all
hours by those wishing to see him on
Wanted. A girl to do general
house work. ' Steady employment and
fair wages glreato one who U willing
to learn, if not already capable. In
quire at this office. y
Tbe Ladles' Aid Society of tbe M.
E. Church, read reports for the first
quarter of this year, at their meeting
last week. We had hoped to have the
figures for this week's psper.
Throwing atones and brickbats on
the roof of a school house Is no doubt a
diversion for the boy, but it is not
good for the paint or seams, or any of
the wearing qualities of the roof.
. Mrs. Lucy Butler, mother of Mrs.
H. H. Howk, bad a shock of paralysis
on Saturday last, by which she has
nearly lost the use of one side. She Is
over 80 years old, and the probabilities
are against her recovery.
- Miss Louis Adams, who has been
confined to the bed the whole of the
last'year, and a great sufferer, all of
that time, has seemed encouragingly
better in some respects at times during
the spring, but is again falling.
The ladles of the Congregational
Society held their first social festival in
the rooms of the new church, last
week Wednesday; snd found It vastly
more convenient and pleasant than any
private house lor Such gatherings.
Arthur F. Dlmock Tueaday morn
ing was leading his horses near Horr A
Warner's office, when they became
frightened at the cars,' jumping ' on
him and dislocating his shoulder. - He
was attended by Dr. McClaran, and Is
doing well. .. . , ',' .
The American Young Folks, pub
lished by J. R. Hudson, Topeka, Kansn
at. fifty cents a year. Is a safe and pure
monthly, and contains dialogues, colo
qules, etc., in addition to other reading
matter suitable for use in school exhi
bitions by boys and girls.
Now Is the time to secure great
bargains In the purchase of New Spring
Goods at Wm. Rinioger's, and at lower
prices than can be named in Cleveland.
Don't fall to call . and examine his
stock of goods, if you wish to save
money, before making your purchases.
" Wm. Curhlon, who has been acting j
as teller la the First National Bank,
was promoted April 1st to be assistant
cashier. This srgues that he has
proved himself efficiont and trustwor
thy, and we doubt not the interests of
the Bank will be suberved by his ad
vancement. . '
Tbe semi-annual Sunday School
Convention or the 11th District of the
Ohio Christisn Missionary Society,
will bo held In UieDlsciplo Church at
Wellington, April 23d and 34th. All
interested in Sunday School "work' are
Invited.' . Sessions te begin at 10 a., m.,
Wednesday tbe S3J.
Our supervisor makes our streets
put on summer airs, by scraping them
thoroughly where dry enough. The
scraper is worn out, It was not properly
constructed when new. ..The Council
should give him a new one Instead of
squandering public money by using a
worthless wornout implement.
George, - Crosier discovered some
thing wrong about his coal grate, and
upon examination It was found that
the set Jng had been imperfectly done,
causing the wood work underneath to
take fire, smouldering C slowly but
surely to a conflagration. It was dis
covered in time to prevent serious
damage. . V .
S. F. Hasting, Es.i., s rusticating
at his residence on Courtland A venue,
for a few days nuralng an Incipient
case of erysipelas, srrUlng from an
Ingrowing toe nail. Dr. McClarran ex
tracted a part of the nail, and the pa
tient ia Improving since the operation.
Moral Do not wear boots too small for
your feet.
Several of those who sent to Ober
lln and purchased reserved teat tickets
for Cook's lecture, were not quite hap
py when they found the seats reserved
for them were at tbe extreme end
from the speaker, In the gallery, and
a poorer selection than they could
bare made If they had purchased tick
ets on their arrival; In fact they were
the very poorest seats In the house.
To retain a nervous system prompt
and energetlo measures should be taken
on feeling tbe first symptoms of rlieum
stism or neuralgia to cure these 01
seases (which can be done by Law son'
Curative), otherwise the nerves become
shattered and weakened that they are
beyond recovery. Price 60c, and $1,
Mr. E. Haskell, of Euclfd, formerly
of Huntington, died of consumption
Saturday of last week. He had been
spending the winter In Texas, but
finding bis health falling bim, he re
turned home the early part of last
week in company with bis wife and
MUs Nettie Keys. Funeral services
weieheld on Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. McNeal, Mr. and Mrs,
Knowlton. and Gamaliel Herrlck, of
Cleveland; and a Mr. Ingersoll and
wife of Elyrla, were among the neicea
and nephews who came to attend the
funeral- of Esq. Howk. J. F. Herrlck
also wss present at Miss Herrick's fun
eral. W. F. Herrlck was called home
from MtVernon, where he had gone
with bis wife to visit his invalid father
Mr. Wm.McClellan, while feeding
hia horse a few days ago, dropped his
pocket book containing $175.00 into the
manger, wnen ne diacovereu nis joss
and went to hunt for his money he
found only a ten dollar bill; tbe bal
ance the horse bad appropriated for a
dainty meal, and 'it Is safe to say no
other horse ever dined to expensively.
It was a heavy loss for Mr. McClellan.
A private letter from Albert N.
Bliss, of Genoa, DeKalb county, Ills.,
(formerly of this State) datedAprll 8th,
says: "uenoa has tbe nncss Duttcr
factory in the West. It Is receiving
over 10,000 pounds of milk daily. It
Is furnished with sixteen pans that
hold 1,200 pounds of milk each. They
run two churns at present. The farm
ers have commenced doing their spring
plowing, but it is rather cool yet for
sewing grain."
Mrs. Alice Maulc g!S this week to
South Amherst, to engage In the mil
linery and fancy goods business.
She adds to her other accomplishments,
skill la the manufacture of hand made
lace, also weaving and braiding hair,
In both of which she proposes to In
struct others. She is every wsy wor
thy the confidence and patronage of
the public, and we doubt not will be
cordially welcomed by the people
among whom she makes her home.
e original Ladies Missionary So-
KW, o
of Wellington, was organized
A. D. 1846, aa a Uniou Society, all de
nominations joining and working to
gether for various objects of benevo
lence In common. In tbe year 1868
the Congregational ladies withdrew
and formed a seperate society, and in
1869 the union organization was dis
banded, and the ladies of tbe M. E.
Church continued a society under the
old name until 1876, when tbe name
was changed to The Ladies' Aid Soci
ety of the M. E. Church, and a new
constitution adopted. At this time
there was but one of the original mem
bers who still retained her membership,
Miss Armenia Herrick, who- died lsst
E. W. Houghton's sugar-house
sod furniture burued Thursday morn
ing about S o'clock. Tha fire was al
most extinguished and everything
made safe when left early In the eve
ning, and as there was plenty of sap in
the pan, the .inference is that those who
went there and "sugared ofi" were
culpably careless as firemen. The
idea Is too prevalent that private prop
erty that Is not under lock snd key can
be immediately appropriated. . But
boys need to know that it is as dis
honest to go Into a man's sap-bush and
boll down syrup, and celebrate by eat
ing, wasting, and destroying another's
property In this way, as it Is to go in
to a store at night and carry off, or
waste candy and cigars, or any other
goods belonging to auotuer. Arrest
and prosecution for all such offence
would be a positive blessing to the
moral health of tbe community.
We bad occasion a short time since
to look through the rooms in Mr.
8troup's new building... We bad often
sdmired Its beautiful exterior, surpas
sing everything in Wellington In taste
and elegance, but we were not pre
pared to expect so fine a suit of rooms
n the secoud story. Tbe front win
dows are of French- plate glass and
give a flue view of the street, opposite
buildings, railroa I depot, etc. The
finish Is In keeping with the exterior,
and the rooms together are very desira
ble for. many purposes. Mr. Stroup
has rented a room across the alley tn
which to store the furs which he buys
yery largely, thus giving the whole
upper story to the occupancy of any
out who may desire to rent them. We
mention this fact because a report has
gained currency that bis rooms were
msde undesirable by reason of use for
storing furs. He will tolerate nothing
that can give an unpleasant odor, and
the rooms will on no account be objec
tionable. '
. Neighborhood News.
A Warning to Candt Eaters. An
Akron boy who had been given to the
habit of much eating of candy, died
from the cumulative effects of the
arsenic in the coloring.
Akron congratulates herself on the
number of reformed Inebriates who
have kept their pledge since the Mur
phy movement began, two years age.
That city also intends to build a new
Tabernacle for the . accommodation of
its mass meetings of all kind).
The saw-mill of . D. O. Swift, at
Oberlln. was burneJ April 8th.
Justice Kennedy, eighty-seven years
old, living at Aurora, Portage county,
was lately received into the Congrega
tional Church, by the Rev. C. L. Ham
The large flouring mill of Good now
& Warner, at Norwalk, was burned
last week.
Tbe West Side Street Ry., Co., have
put In a bid for laying a line from
Pearl street through Franklin Avenue
the Euclid of West Cleveland.
Francis Murphy in his vhit to
Cleveland last week, was the guest of
W. A. Icgham. -
The Cleveland Congregational Con
fere nee meets at Wakemau this week.
The funeral services of the late Mrs.
Prof. Dascomb were held at the First
Church, Oberlln, Sunday afternoon,
April 6th, Profs. Fall child and Mor
gan making addresses; the life and
character of the deceased being a pro
llfic theme for Interesting and profita
ble discourse. A very large audience
crowded the church to its utmost ca
M. C. Ebright, a prominent young
Ashland lawyer, died Monday, after a
brief illness.
The HuJson Enterprise says that
village was visited by a hail-storm a
week ago, In which stones fell weigh
ing over a pound.
The Marray-Obcr Comedy Co.
The Morray-Ober Comedy Company
had a very successful week, closing last
Saturday evening, plsying each night
to fair sized and appreciative audiences,
They are, without doubt, the best
troupe that ever visited Wellington,
and have made a good reputation for
themselves among our citizens.
Mr. Dalton is an excellent actor, and
Miss Murray never fails to win the
favor of the audience by her grace up
on the stage. Mr. Ober is one of the
best com median traveling, and the
ease with which he adapts himself to a
great variety of characters U astonish
We learn that they propose to return
In June and give some entertalnineuts
for the benefit of our band. -
Court Proceedings.
District Court, March Term, 1879.
Judges Cadwell, McMath and Lock-
wood, presiding :
Samuel Sowers vs John Cyrenus, et
al. Error. Heard and submitted,
Judgment of Common Picas affirmed.
Plaintiff excepts.
Menstes R. Moore et al, vs Jerome
Manville. Error by deft, Lesoey
L. Field, Ex'r. Heard and submitted.
Judgment of Common Pleas affirmed
with costs.
Angcline Brown vs L. S. A M. S.
Ry., Co. Error. Heard ami submitted.
Judgmeut of Common Pleas reverted,
and cau-e remanded to said court for
further proceedings.
Edward E. Mussey and Joseph Bar
ber vs First National Bank of Oberlin.
Error. Heard and submitted.- Judg
ment of Common Pleas affirmed with
costs. . Plaintiff excepts.
William H. Rosecrans vs Ellsa Hen
derson. Error. Henrd and submitted.
Judgment of Common Pleas on motion
to re-lax costs reversed with costs.
Edward Davis vs Mary Beeze. Error.
Heard and submittal. Judgment of
Common Pieas affirmed with costs.
Plaintiff In error excepts.
Riley P. Wilson vs Chas. T; Crom
well et al. Motion to re-docket case.
Motion heard on affidavits, and case
ordered to be re-docketed, and referred
to P. n.. Poynton for bearing and de
termination both as to law and fact.:
Festus Cooley vs. Albert Ely. Mo
tion to divide costs. Allowed. Each
party to pay one-half of costs of refer
ees, snd defendant to pay balance.
Willard Searles vs Chas. A. Branson
et al. Appeal by defendant, R. E.
Braman. Appeal dismissed by consent
of nil parties, at cost of defendant,
Ti.e Oberlin Building and Loan As
sociation vs Cornelia C. Bardwell. Ap
peal. Heard and submitted. Decree.
Amount found due and order of sale in
cae of default of payment. Plaintiff
excepts. Motion by plaintiff for new
trial overruled. Plaintiff excepts.
0:to Wltte vs Phillip Lockwood.
Appeal. Heard ca motion of defend
ant for judgment on pleading. Judg
ment allowed and injunction dissolved.
Plaintiff excepts. Motion by plain till
for new trial overruled. Plaintiff ex
cepts. .
Oberlln Building and Loan Associa
tion vs Cbas.F. Murray et al. Appeal
by defendant, L. S. Colburn. Contin
Joseph B. Clark vs John J. Fleming
etal. Appeal. Referred to Lester Mc
Lean as referee and continued. .
Celia A. Mead vs The Oberlln Build
ing and Loan ' Association. Appeal.
Plaintiff has leave to amend petition by
April 30th, 1879. and case referred to
J. M. Hord as referee, and continued.
Calmot Currier vs Henry Currier et
al. Appeal by defendant, Henry
Currier. Continued.
Harriet M. Chittenden vs John T.
Houghton et al. Appeal by defendant.
J. W. Cary. Continued.
Wm. Arnold vs Tbe Citizens Mutual
Relief Association et al. Appeal. Re
ferred to E. G. Johnsoa as referee, and
by agreement money in hands of As
sociation to be paid Into court and
funds deposited so as to draw interest.
Sidney Sweet et el, vs Emily B. Coe
and Amos Coe. Error. Death of
Amos Coo suggested. -..Leave to make
Administrator parly,'and continued.
Adam Uageman vs Antona Hage-
man etal. Appeal. Continued.
Court adjourned April 3J, 1879. .-
A Splendid Offer. .
The New York Weekly Tribune will
bs sent on trial, postago paid, three
months for 25 cents. There are some
hundreds of thouaands of people In
this country who are not regular sub
scribers to .the Tribune only because
they do not know Its merits as a news
and family paper. . We ought to have
a hundred or more names rrom tnis
place, at this remarkably low rate.' It
It jut the paper you want. Leave
your names with the post master or at
this office Immediately, and they will
be promptly forwarded. '
Advertised Letters.
List of letters remaining unclaimed
n Wellington P. O., for the week end
ing April 12th, 1879:
Mrs. Mary Forsythe; Miss Ettie Mil
ler; John Emmons; E. Nichols; Geo.
Royce; WillS. Selman; John Corry.
When tailing fjr the above please
say "Advertised,"
J. T. OODBIt. P. M.
Dissolution of Partnership.
The copartnership heretofore exist
ing between Geo. Fisher and Hiram
Allyn, under the firm name of Fisher
& Allyn, Is tills day dissolved by mu
tual consent. George FisnxR,
Uibam Alltk.
Uarrh 27, 1879. 28-3t.
Dairy Matters.
S. Straight A Son, of nudson, offer
to the patrons of factories operated by
them, to pay as much for the ssme
quantity of milk as the patrons of ten
of the most successful factories opera
ted by the leading Wellington, Ohio,
dealers on the system of making and
marketing for f 1.75 per 100 lbs, and but
ter at 4 cents per pound exclusive of
package In either and both cases, re
ceive net for their milk. A correspon
dent ot tbe Hudson paper calls it "the
newly patented plan of Horr, Warner
& Co.
Harper's Magazine for May.
The May number of Ilarper'a Magaxtne ia
very richly illustrated, containing over one
hundred engravinga that may confidently
challenge comparison. The illustrated aub
jects offer unusual opportunities for pictur
esque treatment. At the outset the reader.
in "A Peninsular Canaan," is transported to
that wonderful region known though it
can scarcely be said to be known at all at
the Eastern Shore," on the Chesapeake
Bay. Howard Pjle, who writes the article.
also Illustrates it with eighteen novel pic-
tares of character and scenery.
The Art paper of tbe Number ia devoted
to "The Study of Art in Boston" an admi
rable and comprehensive treatment of the
subject by George L. Lathrop, with twenty
eight flue Illustrations.
Justice Wilcox contributes an interesting
article, amnly illustrated, on "The Piano
and its Antecedents"
The principal article in the Number, aa re
gards timely interest, la William Winter's
beautiful paper about Stratford-opoo-Avon
now the theatre of a festival commemora
tion on the occasion of tha dedication of the
Shake peare Memorial building. Mr. Winter
happily groups the Shaksperlan association
of Stratford; and the twenty-two illustra
tions of his psper several of which are
from Mr. Abbey's dwellings as remarka
ble engravinga aa they arv interesting pic
tures. One of the Illustrations represent
O'Donovan'a bust of Shakspeare. This pa
per is in itself a beautiful Shakspeare Me
morial. .
Tbe Editor's Easy Chair, besides much
that la interesting In the way of social and
literary gossip, has a timely discussion of
the present outlook of the question of In.
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S of the new Acmo edition of Cham bbb's
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Volumes of the work caa be seen at this
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Ballou's Monthly Magazine for
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wealthy congregation; Its pastor, the
Reverend Father Farrell, a faithful
servant, known by his works, testifies
to tLe wonderful enrative properties of
Giles' Liniment Iodide Amonia In In-
tUmatory rheumatism, pains in the
Joints or loins, for it gives Instant re
Sold by all druggists. Trial size 23 cts
Send for pamphlet to Dr. Giles, 130
West Broadway, N". Y. Sold by J. W.
noughton, Wellington, Ohio.
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For Sale or Exchange.
A house and lot in this village, one-
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lar under the whole of it Will ex
change for a farm. Inquire at this
Anothir Scfterkr Cubed. Dis-
cliai ged from thu Massachusetts Gen
eral Hospital as Incurable, with Inflam-
atory rheumatism In my shoulders,
fingers and feet; suffered fearfully for
three years; tried everything; lost
sll hope. Dr. Giles' Liniment IoJide
Amonia effected a complete cure.
Ellex Smith,
No. 73 Place St., Fall River, Mass.
Sold by all druggists. Send for
pamphlet. Dr. Giles,
120 West Broadway, N. Y.
Sold by J. W. noughton, Welling
EIDT ROSER. At the residence of the
bride s narents.Thursdav evening. April Srd
1879, by Rev. N. S. Albright, Mr. J. P. Eidt
ana Mlse Minnie Koser, all of Wellington.
New Yore, April 11th, 1S79.
The past two or throe weeks has
probably witnessed the most demoral
ized markets for cheese ever expert'
enced, prices being even lower than a!
any time last summer. A fear ship
pers kept in the msrket and kept it from
utter destruction. Values have become
steady agsln ; the outlook has more of
promise. Tbe lateness of the season
and the wise determination of factory-
men to delay opening as long as possible
is having a good effect on the trade. It is
considered that we will have few if
any fine new cheese before June 1st.,
and so aa the old stock, which provf 8
quite diminished, must supply the
wants until then, better prices are ex
Cheese Quotations are nominal now.
Fine to Fancy Fall stock 1 to 8) els.
Fair to good 5 to 0 cts. Common 3 to
4 cts. Illinois 4 to 6 cts.
Butter The market is quiet, but
there Is a fair movement of stock.
Creamery Is weak at the moment at 25
to 28 cts. Dairy, fine old 15 to 18 cts.
Fair to good 9 to 13 cts. New and fine
19 to 20 cts. Fair to good 13 to 10 eta.
Little Falls, April 14, 1879.
Cheese. Tbere was not so large an
offering of cheese as had been expected,
doubtless owing to tbe very bad state
or the roads. Two lots sold at fic,
and two at 6c, nearly all full cream
cheese. These prices are cofflcient in
dication that it will be a losing business
to manufacture skim cheese. .
For tbe corresponding - week last
year 2,300 boxes cheese sold at 8l0c.
every day cheese going at 910c.
Butter. The range of prices shows
no variation, being 14 17c. No Im
provement in prices is probable, but
there is a sharp competition at present
rates, our sales being made up from
figures obtained of thirteen different
buyers or firms.
Old cheese is now all out of the mar
ket, and as new Is" not yet ready we
hare nothing to say this week on the
subject of prices.
The shipments of cheese for the
week ending April 16, are as follows :
No. of boxes, 1,611. No lbs, 69,445.
Butter for the same time as follows :
No. of pkgs. 327 No. of pounds, 19,460.
Wellington Produce Market.
Applea, dried, lb.....aX
Oeeae dreaeed. V lb 00
Hay. et Ion .M w
Hams .moked. lb 8
Hides. arvea. V lb....SXS
Maple 8ngr. V lb...Jlo
Potato- a. m ba 75
Rage,) lb 1
Salt, fine. V bbl 1 40
S.lt, Aahtoe, lb S
Salt, Common, f) bbU. 1 23
Salt, Solar. a bbl.. ....J (
Sbep Pelts, ei lb 23
Turkeys dressed, lb 8910
Timothy teed. ..1 isei 23
Wool. lb .asao
. v aih
Beans a bu 1 su
DDriWDtll, V "U
Chlcariudmsed,V lb.. .6
Clover seed, ba ... SO
imii But-!., iu...... i
Deae. a Rklna,) lb..O0JO
r'H.n..n m IK o
Kmvfdox 8
Feathers, lb 7U
Grain, Flour and Feed.
Bran, V enrt Ss. V too 15 00
Corn In ear, V ba...
Oata. a) bn.....
Clorer aeed. ba ...
Timothy seed. 9 ba.
I nrn. .ntien. dd.
.8 73
.1 SO
Beat wnite. V sacs
Beat Bed, Veack..
No. a. m aaek
.1 SO
.1 oo
.s oo
.2 SO
.1 OO
Graham. V cwt .
tsucawneat noor,...
Bolted MeaUVewt..
Meal. cwt
Mlddllnn, at cwt .....
Sborta. cwt.
Oil Meal, f) cwt
Cora, ahelled. V ba..
n,t. m tin..
lrn. in ear. v uu .
Clorer seed. ba. S so
...out l w
TimolAy seed, v oa...i
aat u agent. Send I cent stamp for particulars.
Bar. a T. Beck, Milton, Pennsylvania.
All Soldiers: wounded or Iniared. can now
obtain pen.lons, under the new law to date
from discbarge. Address at once with stamp
for blanks and new soldier's circulars.
118 Bmithfield 8L, Pittsburg, Pa.
tJfOldest claim agency in tbe State.
Of a eon of ar MEDICAL COMMON 8EN8E
BOOK to any peraoa suSerlas with Consumption.
Aethma, Catarrh, Bronehlita, Cose of Voice or Sera
Throat. Bead name and poet offlee addreaa. wllh two
three cent postage atampa aad state your sickness.
The book Is elegantly Illustrated. 1 PP. 12 mo.
1H7). The Information Ucoutaipa, In toe p prldence
of God. haa eared many Urea. The author baa been
treating diseases of tbe Nose, Throat, and Lungs aa
a special practice la Cincinnati atnoe 1857. Address
Da N. B. WOLFE Cincinnati. Ohio.
J. "W. "WilTDiir's
Cheese -Factory
CJteese Vats,
Curd Drainers,
Milk Cans, ;
Llatichard Churns,
Testing Instruments,
' Cheese Tryers,
' Cxird Knives,
Curd Pails,
Butter Workers,
Iron Clad Milk Pails,
Fairbanks Standard Scales,
Everything that pertains
to the mnnufacture of cheese
and butter furnished at the
lowest prices. Opposite the
American 'House, Weliington.
Ni dealer In Clothing. Bate. Purs or OantleKen s
tarnishing gooda can arrurd to do without
A Large Illustrated 30-page Paper,
liloh furnishes erery month all tha news aad goa
p ar tha trade uaicateo.
Bead fat sample copy to
The Friend of All !
flolloway's Pills!
"I had an' appetite; HoUowaya PUIS (are me a
K.rt . mm.. . .
"Tour Pills are marreloua."
"I send fer another box aad keep them la the
"Dr. Hollo war haa cured my headache that was
chronic.' . , ... -
"I cTe one of your Pit's to my babe for cholera
wuruue. i nc near utue ining got weu in a uaj.
"My nausea of a morning Is now cured. "
"Tour box of Hollowara Ointment enred me of
wine, in tne ncaa. i ruooea some ui yourmnunent
behind th mi. mnA th. nalM lf t
"Send me two boxes; I want one for a poor family.
"I enclose a dollar; your price la SSeenta, but the
uiduiuuc w uw i. wuno a aoiiar.
"Send me are boxes of your PUla." -
"Let me hare three boxea of roar Pflla br return
lumit, iur iUiita ana cer.
I hare orer two hundred sueh testimonials aa these,
but want of space compete me to conclude.
For Cutaneous' Disorders, ..
And all eruptions of the skin, this Ointment Is moat
Invaluable It does not heal externally alone, but
IKsnrun wiiii tue mue eearcuiaa cneci to tne Terr
root of the evil.
Possessed of this remedy, ererr man but
be bis own doctor. It may be robbed Into
tbe system so ss to reach any internal com
plaint; by these means It cores sores or ul
cers In the throat, stomach, llrer. solne. or
other parts. It is an Infallible remedy (or
bad Ibk. bad breasts, contracted or a tiff
joints, goat, rheumatism snd all akin dls-
ln roar act tlimn, .re aauulna nnleaa
tbe signature of J. Hatdock, as agent for the United
States, surrounds each box of Pills sad Ointment.
Boxes at SS cents. 83 cents, and SI each.
OrThera la eofiatdereble aaelna be takhiar tha larser
Havinf? irarch&ped the lar&e
o x o
Wareroom forinerlv owned bv
T. Doland, and fitted it tip for
a Livery Stable and furnished
it with first-class rigs, all new,
I am prepared to meet every
want of the public in my line.
(Jood teams furnished at all
hours and at reasonable rates.
. BtTS.
Calcined ZtXagziesla.
More agreeable to 'the taste and smaller dose thaa
other Magnesia. '.
For sale In government atamped bottles, at
a ruga, in La ana country aiores, ana ry
T. J. HUSBAND. Jr.. Philadelphia.
All Diseases that Lead to It, stich as
coughs, Isolds, .Bronchitis, and all
Diseases of the Lungs, . .
. CUBED BT . ."
Has become known and SDDreetated In erery town
and Tillage throughout the United States sad Domin
ion of Canada. Hundreds of tbooaands of bottles
are annually sold; and thouaands of witnesses testify
to lu unequalled power In healing the -illsf aera It Is
recommended f -jr.
It is harmless to tbe most delicatevchild.
It contains no opium in any form. .
tVDIrectlons accompany each bottle. It la sold
by medicine dealers generally. 2St4
Beautiful Spring
Has come. How the delicate flowers
breathe oot their sweet fragrance. Tone
np the 1 vie (liar) and welcome her with
aweet music each as cats make in the
night . Give ber an appreciative recep
tion. Don't forget it.
It is a good time to plant potatoes
Come to the head-quarters and boy the
pare Early Rose and Peach Blows.
Come in and see with what profession
al exactness we roast and grind Coffee.
All admit that our coffee ia superior to
all others, and our teas occupy a front
seat every time.
Remember we keep the celebrated
Xenia Sugar-cored Hams, and Chicago
Dried Beer.
Never buy Dishes or anything in that
line wlthoot looking at our stock. ' We
have a variety, quantity and quality
luatwiu sun every Docy.
Choice Unskimmed Cheese don't lie
on everybody's counter just now; bat
we have ft. Buy some and take it to
your family, and see if they ean tell
wbat it is.
BOW LB Y & nAIals.
To Tray your SHIRTS of '
Practical Shirt Maker,
Mansfield, O.
N. T. Mills or Wamsutta, 2300 linen, $24.00
". -.- " 1800 " 18.00
As good as any eastern shirt, - 12.00
81x shirts for - . - - . , - . COO
I do mv own cutting; and ean furnish a
better fitting and better shirt thaa you can
get elsewhere. . Measure taken by
F. C. LEACH, Agent,
At Harvey's. Wellington, O.
P. 8. A nice line ot imported ahlrtings.
I am now in daily receipt of
fresh Oysters from Baltimore,
and vill sell bulk and can oys
ters cheaper than ever, by the
dish, served np in every style.
For church and benevolent
objects I will make reasonable
deductions, also to merchants.
riease do not forget that I keep a full anp
ply of Groceriea and Provisions, together
;.t ff,nil..i.J I WfMliAiiMV Vnlt.M,tfk .111
Cigar, Lunch and liot Tea and Coffee at all
hours, mud no iaina spared to accommodate
all who call.
Thankful for past favors I remain your
bain ble servant,
B D. Palmer, D.D.S
Successor to Dr. 3. J. Stedman.
m, .-'
Especial attention given to the
Preservation of th.e
XTa.tu.ral Tee-Lb.
By filling and cleaning.
Inserted upon all the various bases
known to the profession.
CTmAPanass &
. Is found at the waterooms of -
4 7
"WolUagton, O. .
Great additions have been made to .
the stock to meet the demands ot the '
trade. The purchaser-will find a match- ,
less variety of splendid . low-priced
goods as well as the costly. ; -The publio
can see at their showrooms very fine
Which they offer at Yery Low Prices.
Undertaking Department:
We are prepared to furnish everything
in the Coffin and Casket line. " Shrouds tT"
of all kinds kept on band. Having had .
many years' experience In this business i
we guarantee to keep in good condition .,
all bodies put In our charsre for anr '
length of time desired, without change '' -or
decomposition. -
Come and see two of the best work
ing Plows In the country. Warranted
to give satisfaction. Prices reduced. v
Do yon wish to nse Paints and Oilaf '
Ton can find tbe best quality In the '-
OIL, an article that will stand the win
try blasts. . . .
Wonld call attention to Nails. Glass.
or anything in the house trimming line.
I aim to keep the best quality and make ,
these goods a specialty, and am prepar
ed to give you the lowest figures.
Come and be surprised at the low - -
price of the best quality of Whips.-
In Cutlery, both table and pocket. I
can give extra bargains. - ; They are the
Dest makes.
Wishing to close ont my spoon trade,
will, sell them regardless of cost. .
Come and see for yourselves.
Ton may find at all times a larire and
weal selected stock of all kinds of Her.
ry Diston's Saws, warranted, and at
prices down to hard paqr . I am now
marking down goods so low that tbe
necessity or attending auction Is past..
In Brushes I have a large variety and
can give you extra bargains.
BELLS for farms,' schools, doors,
cows, sheep, and those to make you get
up early in toe morning. . ;
I can now offer a large variety of
Shelf Hardware since marking down
so cheap that close buyers will exclaim
"Can it be possible !" yet this is a fact,
and as I am a very modest man and
dare not tell you, all, please come and
see for yourselves.
v - - - -
Domestic Sewing HACiiim
m TT10TYI7 ?? A TTsVB wTi!(fi la hs
'. ' i'v l-i&wfc'i
wsajaaaaaaw' aw.2."v t
a -y.-l 4 w
best snd only thrng of the kind ever used, t -t
now a part ot the machine,- and, with "tbe
new Self-Tureadlng Shuttle, BeU-AdjusUng . .T
ineeaie, new iaae np. wimramwu"
and other lmnrovemenla makea it the beat -
Under-feed Sewing Machine made. I am
also agent for the .: " . ;. :
Davis YMcsl'Tlll
Sewing Machines, each of which haa advmn- . . v
rages peculiar to itself, wnicn reeouunesae
them tor a variety of usee, and stake them
teuend to none in the,Mjrket.'' - "" "V v
' Patties desiring jnactaeswUl find it to
their advantage to give me a call. - All aaa.,;, - .
chines warranted. All kinds ;ef Sewing ; .
Machine Needles and also a, fine quality of ,
Sewing Machtna Oil kept for sale. . .
S. P. HASTINGS, Ag't, -
Office in Benedict's Wock4 Welliagton, 0 )
Jaa. I6h ITT. ,
. Si.
IS ENDED." '- ; '
..- - - ..ar-.- j - . :
ANT AS MAT" by providing yourselves
with oue of our elegant Stoves of 'which t
we have . ; ;2' Vv ; " ' -
The Cream of the Woricl-, J
i The old relia ble igard . :
The beautiful Golden Star,
The Majestic Garland and
The glittering Gold Coin, v -V
' nd this is not all t ;
' " ' ' "-at " ; - J - -. .
We caa show you the finest -
c IXaule in t lie world, tnd wood r v
Heating Stoves .
Uneqnaled in beauty, quality and price oa
the American continent. We sell every
thing in our lir eat bottom prices aad guar. -
anW aatiafaction. '
' We generally have second hand - stoves
that we aell cheap. . -" -
Lnn:p and lamp ooda is one of oar ,
spwialties.v-'"' v- v :
TssMTG 2c
vol U-lS-ly.
t -

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